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Boss. If yous so bigga an' you can krump any'un. An' yous so tuff dat no'un can krump you. Can you krump yerself?

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Wot? Well. If ya krump yerself and that meanz ya won. So you can krump yerself an win, meanin you don' got krumped. Meaning you..can krump yerself but...not get...BOSS! ME 'EADS 'URTIN!

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A'course ya dumb squig, Orks always comes back, 'cause we'z made ta fight and win, so bein' krumped is a part of da natural order, even for da biggest, bestest bosses.

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That ork is a genius.

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Orky philosophy

Wot wud 'appen if we had 'nuff dakka?

Wotz best? blak an' white motifs or white an' blak motifs?

Iz Gork kunnin' an' brutal an' Mork brutal an' kunnin', or iz it da opposite?

Wotz a proppa ork?

Shud' da boss be da most kunnin', da most brutal, or az kunnin' az brutal?

You have four hours.

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If boss iz so bigga an' krumpy how come 'e ain't crumped da biggest humie yet?

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E'd be double boss!

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Cuz ta krump da bigges' humie, youz gotta krump all dem smaller humies foist.

So da boss ain't krump da bigges' humie because we'z gotta krump all dem smaller ones foist, and de'er a lotta smaller humies.

Donchya know dis? Iz jus' propah orky.

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1. Can never hav 'Nuff dakka!!!!

2. Black and white.

3.Gorks brutal but kunnin, n morks cunning but brutal

4. Big, mean and green.

5. Big is best.

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Metuhfysiks: Den we'd use dat dakka ter get more dakka!

Assettiks: Green is best!

Relijun: Mork an Gork iz like dat.

Politiks: Dem's da fings ya'z get da parysite squigs ter eat. Oh- and da boss wants ta talk ter yaz, sumfin' about you'z muckin' about. I dun asked 'im 'bout dese kwestchuns fer yaz so 'e'z should 'ave yer ansers.

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'Course green is best! But uvva fings go wif green, too! Orks is plenty green, but assetiks is 'bout dem uvva colors!

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Red den, cuz if it's green an' red den it's gonna go da fastest an' be da best!

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Wot'd appen if wes got ALL the dakka?

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>Greenskins on the royal blue board of mootankhammen.

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If youze so weeny youze kent krump youze, youze a git.
Fer all da otha nobz, dat dun matter. Doz ya krump ya favrite zappa or favrite klaw? Youze ken, but wud dat make youze a zoggin git?

Da ansaw iz yup, youze wud be a zoggin git. Iz ken krump meself, lots of orksez ken, but meself iz me favrite meself. Aint no orksez dat ken krump me or da krooza 'cept me, an I pridez meself on not bein dat stoopid.

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Aw, mek kweshtunz. Iz gots dis.

>Wot wud 'appen if we had 'nuff dakka?
Den I'd be roight ta muck 'bout fer da rest of da trip. Perty gud werk if I doz sez so meself.

>Wotz best? blak an' white motifs or white an' blak motifs?
WOT. If youze kent see dat dis'ere iz zappy-beem bloo an white, youze needz yer seein gubbinz ficksd. Go seez Grakgut, tell'im ta put in one of deeze. Dun werry, no teef fer dis'un, iz woz sposed ta be fer big kannonz searchy, but Iz fergot Iz woz uzin dem see-big fingz so iz no gud fer dat.

>Iz Gork kunnin' an' brutal an' Mork brutal an' kunnin', or iz it da opposite?
Wots it matta? If dey kent remember which unz which, I aints gotta too.

>Wotz a proppa ork?
Orksez iz da shootiest, da fightiest, da tuffest, an da greenest cept wen deyz all painted otha kolorz. So youze ken do woteva youze boss lets ya till youze da boss, kuz youze an ork. Iz da mekboss, so Iz gots ta do wot I tellz meez ta do. Gud fing Iz loikes wot I tellz me ta doz, or Iz wud gots ta krump me.

>Shud' da boss be da most kunnin', da most brutal, or az kunnin' az brutal?
Dun matter, if youze da boss, wotever ya gots woz gud 'nuff ta be da boss. If youze aints gots 'nuff of da un you aint gots 'nuff of, youze aits gunna stay da boss.

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