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Hello my elegan/tg/entlemen, I have been wondering, what edition you guys played when you played D&D. Have any of you played every single edition? What are your guys's thoughts on AD&D, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition etc. What types of campaigns have you done? Have you had one that was affected by one of the disasters that switched editions like the Time of Troubles, or the Spellplague, and did you switch gaming systems mid campaign? Just tell me what you think of the editions in comparison of one another?

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Most of the people that bitch endlessly in edition war threads have only played one edition

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I don't think they're that different, honestly. Its basically the same game of lootin' and dungeon crawlin' murder-hobos, regardless of edition.

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>Have any of you played every single edition?

I have

My old man owned original copies of everything up to 2nd ed advanced, he taught me to play everything and the history of the systems and told me his war stories. I then bought everything from then on myself.

>What are your guys's thoughts

1. All things revolve around having a competent DM.

>What types of campaigns have you done?

All kinds. My favorite was the "Curse of the Lich King", a long and harrowing adventure. Immediately upon breaking epic level, psionic fusion between Guyrunso the wolfman and Ralimar the pious. Had a super saiyan throw down with the Lich as Guyimar (G-eye-uh-mar) I was the player of Ralimar.

>Have you had one that was affected by one of the disasters that switched editions?

Yeah. Time of Troubles, here. I just said "nope" to the new fluff, and kept or carried over crunch.

>did you switch gaming systems mid campaign?

If you mean 2ed adnd to 3.5 then yes.

>Just tell me what you think of the editions in comparison of one another?

The first three games were awesome and revolutionary proof of concepts that let you pick up adventures with your friends.

2ed Adnd refined that "game" into a beautiful art in my opinion. Tthe DM could fix its problems without the players even knowing what was going on.

3.5 went full retard, but had the easiest math/mechanics. More things were like "universal special rules" and less things were unique. 4ed+ I can no longer tell a mage "You are out of spells. What do you do?" also in general "at wills" are everywhere, everyone feels the same to play.

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I have played all editions, and each has its ups and downs. Each can be made more fun with an appropriate collection of house rules. We did do a conversion from 2e to 3.5e, and it was pretty smooth, because 3.5e is just 2e plus all the splatbooks with a little bit of balancing and consolidation of mechanics. The conversion from 3.5e to 4e was deemed impossible by our group.

Vanilla 2e, with no supplement books except the point-buy system from Skills & Powers, is my favourite from a DM perspective, because it's simple enough to keep in my head. 3.5e is fun from a playing perspective because there are a few more options and the levelling system is more lenient.

I'll never go back to AD&D 1e or original D&D, except maybe for nostalgia. I've found that 4e is too miniature-oriented for my taste; I'd rather just play 40k or Battletech.

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I've played Rules Cyclopedia Basic, 1E, 2E, 3.x, and 4E. One-shot dungeon crawls, epic 1st-20th heroic campaigns, a game with a small group playing the BBEG and another party playing the heroes out to stop them, a campaign where we were evil demihuman spelljamming space pirates, story-driven heavy roleplaying campaigns; from Athas to Toril, to Krynn to Oerth to Eberron to Sigil. I played through both the ToT and the Spellplague, but those events signaled a real-life edition switch and end of the campaigns that they were the meta-representation of.

If there's one glaring difference across editions, at least to me, it can be summed up in "power level" and "character options." It feels to me like characters have become stronger and more ability-focused through successive editions. A first level character in 4E feels a lot different from a first level character in AD&D or Basic. This has other ramifications in terms of expressing differences across the editions, like "lethality" and "high/low magic," but functionally I think describing it as power/option creep is the best way of putting it.

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Thanks for the info guys, now excuse me while I greedily bump myself.

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