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I'm currently trying to build an Imperial Guard list, the problem being I'm pretty new to IG and don't completely understand its codex and force organization.

I currently have on the list one HQ ( a company command squad) and the two troops (two meltavet squads.) The problem I'm having is I have a heavy weapons squad and I don't know how to put them in.

Do I have to
A:) Create a platoon command and attatch them to a platoon
B:)Just throw them into the list as a HW squad
or C:) attatch them to the vet squads to use them

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Pic dump till answer I suppose

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one sec OP lemme fish out my PDF and i'll help ya out.

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You have to create a platoon, which needs a platoon command and two infantry squads. You may then have five heavy weapons teams, of three bases each.

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Also if anybody has a cool paintscheme for a valkyrie I'd take that as well if they're willing to share...

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A HW team is a troop choice that can stand by itself, OR be attached to a platoon.
You can't attach them to the vets unless the vets are in a platoon, which means you need a PCS et al.

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To expand, read the top of the platoon entry in the codex, above the command squad area.

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alright from reading the army section at the back you CAN put a heavy weapons team in your command squad, it's called a veterans weapon team, but i'm quite sure you can only have one of them in that squad.

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I'm now confus, contradictory infos and such.

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What codex are you reading? The only way is is: >>19373181

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Very wrong in multiple ways.

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I'm your man. Here is an old pic of my desert camo Valk.

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Trust me, the second one is the right one. You need them as part of a platoon. I don't know why it isn't clear, it is clearly stated in the unit entry (at least, the platoon entry.) You can always attach a heavy weapons team to squads, replacing two guardsmen, but I assume this is not what your after.

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Here's a couple that are not mine.

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Right, so I have to form a platoon to take the HWS.

But I can also create a veteran heavy weapons team within the veteran squads. Is that advisable, or would it be better to just spend the points on meltas?

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meltas, heavy weapons teams die easy and you should keep them in your platoons where they can be shielded by guardsmen blobs.

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Here's some desert camo done a lot better than mine.

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Have some dakka. And some more dakka.

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Veterans should be on the move unless you want them to last turn babysit an objective.

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I really like this conversion.

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Righty then. I'll save my HW teams untill I get more money to buy more line troopers.

Thanks for the help folks. I have lots of pictures to post in return if ya'll want. I have pictures of models, pictures of vehicles/tanks, or DND character art.

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One more for you since I love Valkyries.

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Sure, we can also answer any other 40k related questions you have.

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You can put your heavy weapons into your veteran and command squads.
Or you can create a platoon where you can take up to five heavy weapon squads (of three heavy weapon teams each).

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You guys answered my biggest question. I'm not a total 40k newb, I have about 2k points in Tau. I'm just new to IG and their mysterious ways.

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Not dat gai, but:

Is the mainly infantry approach still reliable with IG? I loathe tanks but love infantry and I'm feeling hopeful with the new codex...

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I don't see the point in Veteran Weapons Teams. They just bog the squad down and prevent it from engaging up close.

If you're going to use weapon teams, get a barebones platoon (PCS, 2x Infantry Squads) and stuff it chock-full of autocannons and lascannons, or possibly mortars for maximum silliness.

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Oh, actually, I've thought of one more question.

Since a platoon is a single troop choice, does all elements of that platoon have to chose the same target to fire at? Or can squad one shoot at the target A, two shoot at B, etc?

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No idea how 6th ed will affect horde armies but yes I hear IG horde armies are still viable if you fill out on platoons, it would be worth it to take some basilisks if i were you, if you're having static firing positions may as well poor down some S9 AP3 Large Blast ordnance. And since it's Ordnance you don't need a line of site.

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Each Squad or component acts independently.

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But even putting heavy weapons in a veterans squad defeats the point of having them. Their BS4 is great for their price, throwing them in a chimera with meltas seems much more effective to me than heavy weapons teams.

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Awesome, all my big questions are answered. I suppose I'll keep posting pics untill ya'll get tired of them.

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No man, they're all individual squads within one giant form, they can all shoot independently.

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I keep saying I'm done but I have one more in me.

The special doctrines for the vet squads, worth it or overpriced?

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I'd definitely say the melta one is worth it, melta bombs for whole squad for 30 pnts? fuck yeah when it's 50 pnts for marines. Don't forget the demolition charge as well.

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That one was the one I was eyeing. Or the grendadier one to a lesser extent.

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all depends on the Vet Loadouts.

Sniper Vets deserve the Forward Sentries Doctrine
Plasma Vets go really well with the Carapace upgrade
I havent found a really good example for the demolitions yet, other then going straight for the kill on a massive creature or vehicle.

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yah, 4+ save is pretty decent, but there are so many AP 4 weapons out there and I doubt you expect your veterans to survive long, and adding meltabombs just give them that one more chance of popping a tank before they're gone.

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Anybody still with me?

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i have a question here, my friend plays IG, and im not 100% on all the IG rules, but i know you have to have platoons to have troops, and each platoon has to have a platoon command squad. so my question is, do the platoon command squad and all the infantry squads count all as one group of models? or as separate? and can the platoon command squad attach to different squads, because he had bout 30 guardsmen, with a heavy weapons squad in there, and he then attached his platoon command squad to the 30 men and gave them all feel no pain with his health pack. please tell me they cant do that. no average guardsmen should be that over powered.

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No his Platoon command squad counts as a seperate entity and the model carrying the medpak doesn't have the independent character rule, so he's not allowed to leave that unit to join another and give them feel no pain. the only unit that has FnP is the command squad.

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The medic only applies to the command squad. The whole platoon doesn't get feel no pain.

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thank you jesus

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so many sponsons on those russes. :(

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Anyone know where those heads are from?

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I'm assuming mostly Greenstuff. I know the hoods are GS for sure. The heads might be some of the IG/space marine rebreather heads with added gubbins.

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First of all, you don't need Platoons for troops, you can also use Veterans and Penal Legion (ha!). And what your opponent might have done was combined squads, which is combining the infantry squads (and only infantry squads) into big squads. So no, he cannot put a command squad with infantry squads, or heavy weapons teams with conscripts, or infantry squad from platoon A with infantry squad from platoon B. Just infantry squads from the same platoon.

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this is why im glad i play orks and necrons, easy as fuck to organize.

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It's the price we Footslogging IG plays pay to feel manly as fuck.

>that feel when you FRFSRF a fifty man squad onto the Swarmlord and kill it, twice.

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Anybody still here?

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Gonna be second to last pic unless somebody speaks up.

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>yfw you will never have a model this cool

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It is a rather bad ass model.

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Anybody else have problems with the Battlefoam cases where the damn bayonets stick into the bottom of the tray that was stacked on top of it? Every time I go to pull my guys out two or three try to escape on me.

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Yeah, very impressive army. Lots of time and money there.

Anybody else feel like contributing? Starting to run out.

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Some cool imperial guard pictures post here

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Wow, one model that sums up everything I hate about 40k. Impressive.

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If you don't like the fetishistic scifi-Torquemada design of 40k, well, that's like, you're opinion, man.

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So, 40k as a whole?

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is this fucking for real ?
where on earth do those tank pieces come from

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It's completely mechanized as well. Remote controlled, turrets move and everything.

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Oh my giddy aunt, who the hell made those? I want to find him, contact him and ask him how. Mfw.

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