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Got a few questions for you, Tau players/fans.

>Empire Tau

Aun'Va or Aun'Shi? Which one do you prefer?

>Enclave Tau

Do you want Farsight to be the Tau Horus who wants to see the galaxy burn or a 'Commander Shepard'' who fights for the Tau but under his own rules.

Also Tau general...because why not?

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Burn in the Warp, xenolover.

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I wirr not torerate your SHAMFUR DISPRAY, Gue'la!

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Farsight isn't really a bad guy like Horus, He just doesn't think the Greater good is the way to go. In reality we know fuck all about Farsight and why he does anything.

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I see the Farsight Enclaves as something like Japan's brief Aioi Republic during the Meiji Restoration - a rump of disaffected samurai struggling to maintain bushido and turn back the tide. Farsight believes himself to be fundamentally philosophically purer than than the system of the Ethereals.

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The question is not about what we know about Farsight. The question is what do you want Farsight to be.

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I want him to deep-strike onto Terra, plunge the C'Tan sword into the Emperor's corpse and nullify his psychic powers forever, thus collapsing the Imperium from its very core.

...well, you asked me what I wanted...

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A little ambitious, but it is a start.

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I would just like a little information to go off of. Right now he is some dude that thinks CQC is pretty chill, has a huge sword and doesn't like the Tau empire.

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''Each must find their own way. If those in our heartland had witnessed the savageries of the void as have we they would know this. The hand of each of the starfarers is turned against the other; none will join their strength together just to see their ancient enemies prosper. Neither should we''


That is all we got, Anon.

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Back in the day, I subscribed to the "Oblivion Caste" theory that thought that the Tau Empire, with their low psychic power, were actually a creation of the Deceiver and were being groomed to become a Necron vassals - a source of replenishable manpower given that the Necrons themselves were finite in number. Farsight discovered the horrific truth of the Ethereals' sponsor on the Artefact World and rebelled to re-establish Tau independence. The Newcrons have pretty much exploded that theory, though.

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See, but that would be compelling and interesting.

This is 40k writing.

The two are mutually incompatible.

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How do the Enclave Tau get supplied? Where do they get their weapons and tech from? They are cut off from the Empire.

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just so you know, thats not farsight, its a commission for somebodies custom commander, there are a few pictures of him scattered around deviantart including the real model.

back to the main point, i hate ethereals i hate their fluff, and i hate that they have become so important in the Tau fluff, why couldn't i just have a race with the theme of rapidly advancing technology that didn't look like shit?

personally i like thinking of Farsight as the guy who either found out how to overcome the madness that succumbs to Tau when ethereals are not around and wants to get rid of them because they secretly control the entire Tau empire to do their bidding or got tired of the Empires crap sending him off to kill orks when he could be out fighting the real dangers like the Imperium or Tyranids and started up his own empire with his own philosophies.

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Why does OPs map look like britain?

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Please see


For answers to your Tau fluff questions.

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The Tau are the British Empire IN SPESS

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I want to see him brutally murdered by Kharne the Betrayer or Ghazghkull Thraka in a massive wake-up call for the entire Tau Empire as to what they're going up against.

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Are you buttmad because noone plays your shitty board game, faggot?

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No, not really. They are not capitalists at all, but have a rigid, collectivist caste system.

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Aun'shi is heading to the Enclaves. Shit is gonna hit the fan, gentleman.

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Dude. Come on man. Seriously?



Wouldn't the Tau Empire just say that "he fell because he split from the Greater Good." And there would be no wakeup call at all?

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Didn't ask for your opinion, Beta Faggot

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>"he fell because he split from the Greater Good." And there would be no wakeup call at all?


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Yeah, I agree. A wakeup call for the Tau Empire would be losing an Ethereal to Kharn or whoever.

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I like to imagine Farsight as Tau's Char Aznable. He's got his own idea of how things should be run and a different endgame in mind that may not match up with what the ethereals want. He's got charisma, ambition, an army of very loyal soldiers, and the strange ability to keep showing back up long after he was thought to be dead.

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The Tau lose ethereals all the time.

When they lose one, they go all "Oh god what do we do what do we do!?" and then pull a "Okay, fuck those guys, kill them!"

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They lost many Ethereals to all kind of enemies.

Still no wake up call. The only thing that will hurt the Tau is the death of their Pope.

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That's what the mindless henchmen Tau will be told. But if the entire Enclave gets wiped out by World-Eaters or Goffboyz, then the Ethereals at the top are certainly going to realize just how powerful the enemies that exist out there are.

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Good point. It would have to be something bigger. Like maybe if Aun'va got raped by Dark Eldar or ripped in half by a Bloodthirster or something.

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If Aun'va dies, the Tau get even angirer.

So angry they get furious charge and preferred enemy.

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The Tau got mauled by Gorgon and stomped by Calgar. Believe me, they know how of the danger they are facing.

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Yeah I kind of see it. Looks like the homeworld is somewhere to the NE of the north of Wales. That would make the Tau...scouse.

The fuck?

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Doesn't Aun'va wield a weapon of great power?

With his weapon and his personal elite guard he is untouchable.

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Yeah, he's a pretty safe guy.

But in the 5th edition of insta-kills and one-hits, he's pretty fucked when you look at it. Especially against initative based attacks

>Initative 1

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never stopped him from getting stomped into the dirt in close combat the last game i played against them

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Fuck Shadowsun, Retcon Brightsword death

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One thing I don't like about Farsight is his aversion to auxiliaries. He's got no Kroot, no Gue'vesa, and not even any Vespids. It fits with his "every race for himself" philosophy, but I would have liked him to maintain allies or gain allies through straight-talking to them about their realistic chances at survival. What chance do you have alone when the galaxy is trying to murder you a dozen different ways? And those dozen different murders are murdering each other on their way to murder you. Seriously, the galaxy's a shit storm and you either band together to weather it or are swept away by the flood.

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Go about your business, Xenos.

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Oh fuck, fucking field didn't get cleaned.

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Nope, He is lone wolfing it. Allies drag you down especially if they are weak.

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I want Farsight to be the Tau who actually understands how the 40k universe works. The one sane Tau who recognizes Chaos is bad, Nids are unstoppable, the Greater Good is doomed to fail, and no one among the stars can be trusted.

He's waiting and watching for the moment the Ethereals fail, when he plans to sweep in and save the Tau from the ravages their open minded and trusting expansion have wrought.

>How do the Enclave Tau get supplied? Where do they get their weapons and tech from? They are cut off from the Empire.
From factories and farms. On their own worlds. That they control. Like normal people.

Ethnocentrism. GW is British.

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>The Fire caste is capable of battle rage and there have been occasions where the death of an especially beloved Ethereal has enraged an army beyond endurance. This does not result in them rushing into hand-to-hand combat. Instead they advance steadily while pouring an unceasing volume of fire into the enemy. Such an attack will only be halted by the expenditure of all ammunition.
>Ethereal's death in game gives Tau close combat bonuses only.

>> No.19361312

Very true, and this especially contradicts what this page >>19361223
says. Listing Farsight mercs as teaming up with everything under the sun.

Also, is it just me or has Farsight stolen this fine gentleman's sword.

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He's more or less what you just described, he is already there.

>> No.19361318

He retired by hanging himself with the same robe Shas used to kill herself.

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Aun'Shi wins at 40k.
He's tired of fighting, but too damn good at it for the other Ethereals to let him be done with it.
Uploading the epic story of Aun'Shi in a moment, but between him and Farsight (the only special characters they had at the time) I loved the idea of the Fire Caste Tau hating on the Ethereals on some Septs for they're crazy ideas on the aformentioned heroes, they're acceptance of the Vespids on a level far above the Kroot, and general stupidity in the face of intergalactic rape machines coming at them from all angles.
Also, way back article on GW website of a Farsight & Crisis suit conversion with some necron bits looked ace.

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It seems that that suit there is tripping because of the absurd amount of stuff he has strapped to his suit.

>> No.19361438

best Tau, is grumpy old Tau

>> No.19361464

>allying with Orks, Chaos, and Dark Eldar

>> No.19361503

>ballet of death

>> No.19361552

He also had one of the coolest Ethereal models I've seen yet.
After re-reading the old codex, I kind of miss 3rd edition Tau. You know, before Fish of Fury kinda ruined it.

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Tau can not into melee.

Nice to see GW contradicting themselves.

>> No.19361572

The Tau lack huge in their fluff and their souls. They only have mechs to make up for their laughable lack of size!


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Certain Orks aren't hard to see as potential allies. Notably the Blood Axes, who are renowned for taking mercenary work and holding negotiations with other species. There's a reason they tend to mimic other armies, or carry loads of tanks and equipment from other armies/factions. They were paid.

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I hope to the Emperor he wearing underwear beneath those loincloths or else the ''ballets of death'' will cause severe morale and san damage.

>> No.19361629

Tau generally being bad at melee (compared to other races) does not mean that a single Tau could not be proficient at it.

>> No.19361663

Yeah, but he shouldn't reach a level where he cuts an ork nob in half.

>> No.19361698

But it's okay for orks to have the ability to turn armies of guardsmen into squigs?

>> No.19361750

Hey, Its the warp I don't have to explain anything and also its darn funny.

A tau mastering CQC despite his crippling limitations? That's bullshit.

>> No.19361757

What limitations? That he's a Tau?

>> No.19361772


What if the CQC mastery was funny? Like he smacked a space marine so hard he went into orbit?

>> No.19361776

well, yes.

>> No.19361783

And humans can master the warp despite their crippling limitations. To the point of being better than eldar? Also bullshit.

>> No.19361788


As unaugmented humans can be strong enough to snap ravener spines with their bare hands, it is only fitting that a tau can kill a Nob with a blade.

And since GW wrote it, it's canon and everyone has to deal with it.

>> No.19361796


>> No.19361800

So you can accept a second hell dimension fuelled by emotion causing people to turn into tiny gribbly monsters, but you can't accept someone becoming good at something despite some limitations?

>> No.19361819

That tau sprecial character got removed from the fluff in the newer tau codex.

I guess I don't have to deal with it.

>> No.19361847


>removed from the fluff

Having no special character entry is not the same as "removed from fluff".

He's just as canon as Doomrider or sergeant Naaman.

>> No.19361871


i love that drawing

>> No.19361887

No, Its perfectly fine.

>> No.19361895

Cypher, Nightbringer, Deceiver, and Asmodai are the correct references.

Also Gideon.

>> No.19361903

He's probably in an Apocalypse book somewhere.

Considering the Tau and Necron codicies were developed at about the same time, and this is when Necrons were behind everything up to and including the dimples on Tha Empra's cheeks I'm gusessing the Damocles Gulf was a series of Tomb Worlds which, if disturbed, would have been large enough to destroy the entire Tau Empire.

So why garrison the whole system instead of reporting the shitload of Necrons? Simple; Tau are inquisitive and naieve, the tomb worlds would be crawling with Earth Caste who would take every precaution not to wake the Necrons... and fail horribly, destroying their entire race.

>> No.19361904

well in all fairness Tigurius is an extreme example.
he's basically the Merlin of the Imperium.

>> No.19361957

>tau thread

what the hell?

What about the Blood Angels librarian? he is godlike too.

>> No.19361975


(if he is mentioned once more he shall be summoned)

>> No.19361996

the blood angels lib is a superior combatant.

but Tigurius' psychic powers are superior.
what with being able to predict any and all threats to Ultramar, communicating directly with the Hive mind. and being one of the few people to witness the Legion of the Damned (though i don't know if that had to do with his psychic ability)

>> No.19362008

How would a Tau version of the Seven Samurai work?

Do the Tau have an equivalent of Ronin?

>> No.19362022


>Do the Tau have an equivalent of Ronin?
i don't think so. the closest would be Farsight. what with the wandering Fire Warrior

>> No.19362062

This reads like outta of a star wars novel.

A Jedi Knight leading a cadre of clones troops against dire odds.

>> No.19362073

Tau are more Chinese than Japanese anyway.

Though that just makes me think about Tau wuxia.

>> No.19362101

Then I guess that would make the Ethereals warrior monks.

>> No.19362139

Tau Bromance of the 3 Kingdoms?

>> No.19362156


Welp, time for me to get to modifying some Fire Warriors. I can see a lot of possibilities for Tau Merc units here.

>> No.19362182

How did I not see this before? They even share a fondness for painting their biped battlesuits red.

>> No.19362184


>> No.19362223


If only because it would mean Xiatau Dun and Taun Yu

>> No.19362238

Maybe you didn't have the first codex in which Farsight talks about thinking ahead and keeping your opponent at arm's reach, which is similar to Char's 'thinking two or three moves ahead' one-liner?

>> No.19362267


>> No.19362271

Speaking of that guy...

Do you tau dudes approve of his work?

>> No.19362293


>> No.19362295

Tau, IG, and SM player here.

I like him, he breathes some life into the threads.

And it's funny how he reacts to HUGE tau.

>> No.19362323

Forgive me, but who or what is TIDF?

also, dat gif - I love it

>> No.19362341


Tau internet defense force, I think that most people here feel compelled to punch him in the face if they ever meet.

>> No.19362343


>who or what is TIDF?

>> No.19362353

So he's like Sergal?

>> No.19362365


My friend plays a Farsight Enclave army. I'm not going to face him without constantly thinking "Commander Farsight, he is a CHAR" now.

>> No.19362374

Whats "HUGE tau"?

>> No.19362379

This is huge tau.

>> No.19362412

>Giant fat chick tau

Who's responsible for this fetish stuff now?

>> No.19362475


Exactly what does he do to push peoples buttons so much?

>> No.19362501

who would win in a huge battle, hugetau or SISTER HUGE

>> No.19362513

Some dude posted a picture of a fat tau to annoy TIDF and he threw a fit at it.

Then *Poof* it became a thing.

>> No.19362514

Hugetau still has some growing.

Sister HUGE is a boss battle and a half!

>> No.19362523

Requsting a HUEG TAU thread

>> No.19362526

does anyone have the original hugetau writefriendery?

>> No.19362528

we need some necron representation.
Flayed One wearing a fat person?

>> No.19362539

Huge tau the Shas'o

>> No.19362568

Huge Tau vs Great Unclean One

>> No.19362582

sister huge sucks
she's not cute, not funny
there's also those horrifying drawings of her eating her own brain

>> No.19362588


>> No.19362593

Are you sure that isn't just Jabba The Hut covered in butter?

>> No.19362609


He isn't a major pain to the ass like sergal.

>> No.19362616

Aun'Shi, Shepard.

>> No.19362624

>MFW every time I see a hugetau pic I drew reposted

I'll try and have a drawfag thread for her tomorrow morn or so. And general huge shenanigans.

>> No.19362632

well, he is, but he also manages to make it funny, unlike sergal

>> No.19362638

That was in the first book. Ethereals are special, they can fight in melee alright, still nothing amazing. Aun'Shi was the best, and even he wasn't all that great. Maybe useful as a tarpit unit.

>> No.19362677

Sisters of Fattle?

>> No.19362719

>Disagreeing Ethereals enters duels with each other to decide who is more wise and right

I thought the greater good was about unity? why are the ethereals not all in agreement?

>> No.19362736

The system was never said to be perfect.

>> No.19362761

Surely there must be a link to said blowup, I must read it as I've not been paying much attention to the goings on of /tg/.

>> No.19362809

Expect....the tau claim it is perfect all the damn time!

>> No.19362832

No they don't. You could probably read through the entirety of both the 3E and 4E Tau codexes and the word "perfect" will never fucking come up.

>> No.19362848

By the tau, yes, it has been said numerous times to be perfect.

>> No.19362877

From Xenology, but eh.

>AUN: Selflessness, you would call it. The Greater Good. The knowledge that by staring inwards one finds only solitude, but by staring outwards, by devoting oneself to the race and its quest for perfection, there is harmony and peace.
>RALEI: An ongoing quest? So you admit your empire is not yet perfect?
>AUN: Of course not. What is? The Tau’va is the path, gue’la, not the destination.

>> No.19362939

Check the archive.

Here is a link to all TIDF posts http://archive.foolz.us/tg/search/username/TIDF%20%21oXPCqUIBBM/order/desc/

>> No.19363028


That last line is interesting. It seems to imply that the writers opinion of the Tau's dedication to the Greater Good is such that

"Okay, of there is something there that can make a Tau hero turn away from the Greater Good, this is something we REALLY need to be worrying about."

Which isn't too unreasonable, given that humans are pretty easy to turn away from the Emperor (chaos, rebels, various forms of heresy...). So anything that can corrupt a Tau army so thoroughly could probably corrupt a human army with ease.

>> No.19363032

>From Xenology, but eh.

Is there something wrong with that book?

>> No.19363079

Most of it. That book is.... spectacularly bad, in so many ways, it's odd that it would actually get something right.

>> No.19363110

it claims a handful of things that the rest of the canon contradicts.

it's not worse than many codices

>> No.19363119

>Those posts

Sweet throne on Terra...this TIDF character, he seems a bit...off. I don't think he's doing the Tau any favors by being their self proclaimed spokesman.

>> No.19363134

I disagree, while the other codexs are retarded, at least they are usually somewhat plausible. What was said in Xenology is basically impossible.

>> No.19363141

He's basically the worst Water caste ever.

>> No.19363148

The Tau are in civil war?


>> No.19363165

care to give me examples? beyond the case of hooves on the tau, I don't remember anything self-contradictory.

>> No.19363179

Aun'shi was awesome, had better fluff rules, and wasn't nearly as fucking dumb as everyone around him. Also he was a decent close combat character. Unfortunately overpriced.

>Enclave Tau
Well, beyond their rules being shit (almost everything that helps make them useful is taken away) farsight is retarded. It's well-stated he has few earth caste engineers. This means no tanks. If he has no tanks, that probably means he has very little (if anything) in the way of ships, and any defenses he has are likely stuff that is already in orbit.

So... basically.... he has a snowball's chance in hell of doing anything. Also, the whole fact that his entire rulership hinges around him and will implode when he dies, which I hope he does.

>> No.19363182

>I don't think he's doing the Tau any favors by being their self proclaimed spokesman.

That's what everyone is telling him but he won't stop.

>> No.19363188

You would try to make me remember parts of a book I haven't read in almost a decade wouldn't you?

The Techpriest working with a Necron Lord. Sure, he was just lying to the Lord until someone came a long, but I don't really recall him trying that hard to get away either.

>> No.19363236

Enclave Tau are mercs.

They can buy their stuff from their employers

>> No.19363254

that doesn't me as something strikingly stupid. Plus, the magos is insane, and loves his work.

and yes, I am trying to make you back up your claims with something more solid than a vague consensus.

>> No.19363274

No one knew that Inquisitor Ralei was a Necron, least of all Darvus.

>> No.19363285

I want more huge Tau, for some reason I approve of her and eagerly await the day someone decides to make a huge Tau quest.

>> No.19363299

What do you mean a ''bit off?

Are you implying the Great Defender of the Tau is an insane crazy person?

>> No.19363300

Hugging TIDF.

>> No.19363327

Thank you kindly, this shall go into my newly created Huge Tau folder.

>> No.19363386

>red battlesuit
>preference for axes
>preference close combat
>leads a renegade faction

The only thing gw could have done to make it more obvious would be to make his battlesuit three times faster.

>> No.19363432

That would have made it the fastest unit in the game.

>> No.19363438

Perhaps in the next Codex.

Oh..man I wonder what shenanigans will in the next Tau Codex maybe they kill another of the Chaos Gods

>> No.19363453

You say that like it is a bad thing.

>> No.19363466

No, I say that like it would be completely against GW's policy.

>> No.19363510

GW has a policy against going fast?

>> No.19363532

No, against anyone having something decisively better than anything the Space Marines have.

>> No.19363544

this reminds me a long time ago when someone told me that my idea of making firewarriors with jetpacks as a fast attack choice was the same as making them go fast. i still wish for this to happen and will pain them blood eagle red just for that reason, filthy sand rakers

>> No.19363548

>commander Shepherd

You mean a tool who does whatever he's told?

>> No.19363592

If the Tau have no Emperor, then why is their nation called the Tau Empire?

>> No.19363605

because shut up.

>> No.19363625

empire |ˈɛmpʌɪə|
1 an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority, formerly esp. an emperor or empress
empire (adj.)
: [in names ] the Roman Empire.
• a government in which the head of state is an emperor or empress.
• a large commercial organization owned or controlled by one person or group : her business empire grew.
• an extensive operation or sphere of activity controlled by one person or group : the kitchen had once been the ladies' empire.
• supreme political power over several countries when exercised by a single authority : he encouraged the Greeks in their dream of empire in Asia Minor.
• archaic absolute control over a person or group.
2 a variety of apple.

>> No.19363647

>ORIGIN Middle English : via Old French from Latin imperium, related to imperare ‘to command’ (see emperor ).

>> No.19363697

What doctrine does the TIDF subscribe to? Mont'ka or Kauyon?

>> No.19363705

First off - it's Aun'shi hands down and without a fucking doubt. He was the Murtaugh of Ethereals - always too old for this shit, but always getting shit done. Under the old codex, he was the only Ethereal I ever took, because he was the only one who went 'huh, I'm on the battlefield - these standard issue robes & loincloth aren't really going to cut it. I better get a force field' Every other Ethereal just kinda shows up in nothing but a robe and gets pasted by the first deviating artillery shell. I was mad as hell when they replaced him with Space Pope McDongcopter and his Buttbuddies.

>> No.19363713

He's water caste, he doesn't know shit about combat.

>> No.19363737


You don't need to have an Emperor to be an enpire. You could call the USA itself an empire, what with Manifest Destiny and a history of Pacific colonialism in places like Hawaii and the Phillipines.

>> No.19363742

I'd like O'Shovah to be the Empire's Shepard-equivalent, but I just know that with the way that fluff's being written, the next codex is going to come out and It'll be an absolute travesty penned by Derp Ward.

"Farsight found a Daemonsword and he mastered it and uses it to smack everyone around, and he ordered all his auxiliaries away because they are not as chaos resistant as Tau! He's best buds with Necrons and Chaos and he doesn't age and he has Draigo over for weekly poker games."

>> No.19363750

He's not an actual water caste. He's a useless human pile of fat that a rich couple of earth castes adopted because it's fashionable. Kinda like famous actors like adopting Vietnamese and African children, it makes them look like they care about other people, and it's very important in the tau empire to look like you care about other people.
So he doesn't really know shit about anything.

>> No.19363764


There's a lot of other non-monarchical empires, too. France had an empire, so did the USSR, China has its "autonomous zones" (which annoys me why they whinged endlessly about Hong Kong) etc.

>> No.19363770

Tell me about Shadowsun and what you want from her in the next codex /tg/.

>> No.19363775

Her only interesting feature is being a girl. I want her to look hot and moé in the next codex.

>> No.19363784


Pretty much, TIDF is just some tau weaboo fag rolling around on /tg/ spraying propaganda everywhere for those fish faces and ignoring the obvious hypocrisy to troll /tg/ into arguing because we're all a bunch of pathetic lore nerds that have to correct every minute detail.

>> No.19363796

I don't mind the Tau fluff as it stands currently, but one thing that did exasperate me in the Codex Tau Empire was the clumsy attempt to make all of the Tau special characters contemporaneous with each other, which really made a horlicks of the timeline. There are ten thousand years of history in 40k, you don't need to cram every last single event into the past decade.

>> No.19363807

How so?

>> No.19363810

With the tau, you need to make everything fit in the last two centuries, before that, they weren't around. Just like the tyranids, actually.

>> No.19363814

I want her to suffer a major loss and die. Also, XV-25 suits deemed a success based on how long they kept her alive - they're now available to all commanders as a suit option - one less bonus wound, but Stealth Suits are mountable and they can get Improved Target-locks like Shadowsun. If she doesn't die, can we at least get her some better weapon systems than a pair of Fusion Blasters? It always seems like Tau special characters always have the most batshit stupid ideas about getting in close to do damage. Why can't we just have a nice, ranged special character that has some good shooting or morale rules without having some stupid CC-boost tacked on?

>> No.19363819

>people getting mad at TIDF

you guys are fucking pathetic

>> No.19363825


not who you linked to but all of the characters for the last codex were written to interact with each other versus having different characters each with interesting fluff and useful abilities. None of the characters did that. New ethereal special char? because they were so good previous codex? etc etc

>> No.19363826


I think that Shadowsun wants to show up Farsight - she wants to prove that you can have all the martial pride and warrior spirit that Farsight likes and yet still be part of the wider fabric of Ethereals' society without compromise. She's aggressive and bellicose, but she wants to make it work.

>> No.19363827

Oh, hi, how is your diaper fetish going?

>> No.19363845

i don't like diapers, if you're going to point out that i'm a fetishfag atleast be accurate, crungstank

Stop getting so fucking buttbattered by obvious trolls, niblet.

>> No.19363847


Which is a nice foil to O'Shovah, but if she actually had competent rules and wargear as
>>19363814 stated.

>> No.19363859


seems pretty mad.

also what is it with /v/ and shitting up our board again lately?

>> No.19363947

and in doing so, she comes off as a huge cunt. I mean for fuck's sake, she had a huge statue of Farsight built just so that she could destroy it and show everyone that she doesn't like him. That's a huge waste of resources solely for communication.

So, I suggest to acknowledge this fact, and turn it into something meaningful. Like, make her the poster-girl of the Empire, a huge show-off with a lot of backup. Have her participate staged operations made to promote the tau's military might, in which she's tasked with delivering the final blow; make her some sort of artificial icon of the Fire Caste whose displays of heroism and violence are carefully planned by the water caste to make everyone believe that it is possible to be as badass as Farsight in the Empire.

>> No.19363949

Must be E3 related.

>> No.19363962


goddamn, I like this word.

You know what? Just make her huge.

>> No.19363965

What? That statue was built because Farsight was a hero.

>> No.19363976

>Not getting mad at TIDF

Sorry I am no machine.

Dude, derails every thread he posts in.

>> No.19363986


Yar, I could go for this in the next codex, and i'm sure everyone agrees the list needs a huge revamp to fit the fluff of the codex and to make them playable. Where are all the gue'la auxiliaries? I wanna see some humans running around in tau lists for once.

>> No.19363999

You sure? I thought it got built after his betrayal.

Oh, anyway, it's still a big public bitchfit, not the kind of violent propaganda the tau would normally approve of.

>> No.19364017


>it claims a handful of things that the rest of the canon contradicts.

Unreliable narrator + goddamn Necron Lord behind it all. What do you expect?

>> No.19364021

Nope, that statue, was built at their grand coliseum, basically the hall of fame for Tau commanders. She knocked it down because he was a traitor and a tosser.

>> No.19364027

The Holy Roman Empire wasn't Holy or Roman, and while it had an Emperor, it wasn't and Empire. Names lie all the time.

>> No.19364042

And off-stage, she soils herself in fear at the drop of a hat. Just like Samus, once again.

>> No.19364087

I still stand by the theory that Samus in Other M was a bad clone.

>> No.19364102

Which honestly makes that movie less retarded.

>> No.19364184

The onlyway that TIDF derails threads is because you let him do that.

Stop getting mad at 0's and 1's.

>> No.19364263

I blame taufags.

At least we SM guys rein in our idiots and trolls.

The taufags let them run loose ruining everything.

>> No.19364290

Huge Shadowsun?

I like it, it works. Do it!

>> No.19364334


yah and we can give her a special CC move called "roflstomp" where she just puts all her momentum forward and rolls across the battlefield.

>> No.19364336

See, we finally have a reasonable Tau thread when that faggot doesn't show up. I don't think any tripfag on 4chan has such an ability to shit up the general quality of a board when he's around.

Tau would probably not be hated by tg if the fucker just left.

>> No.19364399


Yup, every time we get into a Tau discussion it turns into 'why u no like us?" then TIDF shows up. Personally I love the aesthetic of the Tau and yes while they are not the good guys their attempt is interesting to watch when you compare them to the rest of the races of 40k.

>> No.19364406

which one did they kill already?

>> No.19364433


none man, the gods can't be killed.

>> No.19364436


>> No.19364452

>the gods can't be killed
Really? Tell that to the Eldar gods. Oh wait, you can't, because all but 3 of them are fucking dead, and they either can't talk or don't want to.

>> No.19364461

>Oh wait, you can't, because all but 3 of them are fucking dead, and they either can't talk or don't want to.
Isha is alive actually.

>> No.19364463

Tau hate was not particularly common here until TIDF incited it with his behavior. It's a natural reaction to someone who derails every decent 40k related thread.

On topic, I reckon Farsight will be instrumental in the next Tau codex, whenever it arrives. Never optimistic when it comes to GW writing, but the potential for something nice is there.

>> No.19364474

A bunch of Tau came across a Slaneeshi cult led by a single Marine, whom they then managed to kill after a protracted assault. They thought he was Slaanesh. It's pretty much an effort on GW's part to highlight Tau naivety.

>> No.19364480

Don't forget the Flayer C'tan.

This begs the question....why isn't he here?

>> No.19364492


as has been stated, so much potential for Farsight's character. If they write about his fractured autonomous Empire it'd be great, but I hope they don't fall into the trap of thinking it'll draw away from the rest of the codex or detract attention from the core tenets etc etc. But really, I just want the rules to reflect the fluff they keep ignoring. Tau with BS4, is that too much?

>> No.19364495

I called my commander Shas'O D'uun.

>> No.19364497

>all but 3 of them are dead
Are you illiterate? Isha's alive, Khaine is broken, and Cegorach has left the proverbial building. The other gods are dead. Asuryen, Gea, Hoec, Kurnous, Lileath, Morai-Heg, and Vaul are all dead. Ynnead is technically dead, but that's her default position.

>> No.19364550

If enough Tau believed Slaanesh is dead then Slaanesh will be dead for real-real.

>> No.19364585


> One Hive world eclipses the entire population of the Tau Race
> Believes Slaanesh is dead.

>> No.19364601

Uh.... What? Sure. Have a Tau colony enslaved by Slaneeshi Marines and we'll see about that.

>> No.19364623

If they could convince enough people he was then maybe.

>> No.19364642

So how have Farsight and Shadowsun stayed alive for so long, Tau are explicitly short lived

>> No.19364649

Why? Tau are a small fraction of the universe, and their weak warp presence means to the warp they are smaller still. Anyway Chaos gods are based on emotion not belief. Slaanesh came from an eldar empire wide orgy, not because a load of eldar started chanting 'I do believe in evil soul consuming gods'. Sisters of battle and similar imperial miracles suggest belief can affect the warp, but it doesn't seem neccessery or as powerful (there are maybe 3 imperial 'daemon princes'- the Blood Angels weirdly have two vaguely daemon prince like figures and the sisters one, and hundreds of chaos ones).

>> No.19364676

Greater Good Magic. Aun'Va is thousand years old.

You blaming TIDF for all the tau hate? that's a little unfair!

>> No.19364718


age enhancing technology, because everyone else has it too.


he's right, there are plenty of other weaboo idiot tau fans out there.

>> No.19364720

It's not remotely unfair. You'll find out when he inevitably finds this thread and starts bumping it.

>> No.19364781


>> No.19364870

Aun' Y'nead was sucked into the warp by accident. He was thrown into Slaanesh's place.

He confronted Slaanesh and resisted her seduction. He drove his honour blade through her. She let out a terrifying scream followed by moan of ecstasy and pain.

As the palace was falling all around him, Aun'Y'nead ran to the portal and escaped the realm of chaos.

When he opened his eyes he found himself in a strange new world. A great golden building towered in the horizon. He calmed his heart and marched on to the building hoping somehow it will lead him back home.

>> No.19364882


>> No.19364931

It doesn't matter, we're having a nice civil discussion here with out him, let's just enjoy this moment.

>> No.19364932

First saga of Aun'Y'nead Inferno : Under The Throne's Light, City of Purgatorium.

>> No.19364955

B..but...its fun when he is here stirring people up.

>> No.19364995

What about this guy? Will we ever know the fate of the Firewarrior Kais?

Canon or not I want to know what happened to him.

>> No.19365010

Still in his cell, but there is hope that one day he will recover.

>> No.19365077

Some people speculate that O'Kais in Dc is La'Kais.

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