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Hallo. I'm looking for a group I get my game on with, but I have no experience doing any online gaming. Should I do Skype, IRC, etc.? I have an IRC client for Firefox.

I'm willing to play anything except D&D 3.x and Pathfinder. I'm kind of burnt out on them. If it's a system I'm completely unfamiliar with, I WILL LEARN IT, although I may need some help. I'll even play other types of d20 games.

I'm just tired of sitting around my damn house because the one gaming group in my town decided to break up over bullshit while I was deployed.

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skype is usually the best of the option although IRC is still viable
be patient and someone who can run a game will find this thread

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Thank you. I'll wait.

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Bump by OP.

I have some experience in:
L5R 2nd-3rd edition
7th Sea
Riddle of Steel (not since 2003, though)
Shadowrun 3rd & a bit of 4th
Deadlands Classic
BESM 3rd Edition
Earthdawn Classic
Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition
Star Wars d20
Palladium (Rifts, Nightbane, Heroes Unlimited mainly)

All of these I can make a character in, at the very least.

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How are things like dicerolling resolved in skype and IIRC games?

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Maptool has built in dice, and IRC has dicebots.

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