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Have you played any games in this setting? I would love to play a multiple perspective story of this.

First Character: Jedi Padawan
Second Character: Commando
Third Character: Bounty Hunter

I can just imagine shit getting epic. Also, Star Wars character art?

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I've played Star Wars RPG since I was 11. I don't understand your question or statement.
Best system: WEG or SAGA. Both have merits.
Best fluff/edition: WEG.

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Both systems officially used for the setting - West End Games' d6 system, and d20 - are both lots of fun. They both do something different in terms of character advancement, but they keep true to the spirit of the source material.

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Do you have some questions about the game systems or anything?

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Oh god yes. I cut my GMing teeth on Star Wars Saga Edition. Star Wars has great RPGs. d20 has its flaws with 3.5, but its implementation for Star Wars has been top-notch, and on top of that Star Wars D6 is almost even BETTER.

I ran a Clone Wars-era campaign for a while and had a lot of fun with it. We had a Trianii Scout, a droid Scout/Soldier, a Nautolan Jedi, a Kaleesh Jedi, a clone trooper, and a Zabrak Scoundrel/Jedi for the party. It was cool.

To pick which game you want, though: If you plan to run in the Rebellion era or any other era with very few Jedi, where the Force is hard to learn and hard to use and the emphasis is on outer rim or mid rim stuff, use Star Wars D6. It doesn't work that great for core worlds shenanigans and it's definitely not suited for lots of Jedi, but it's awesome for fringer stuff. Otherwise, use Star Wars Saga Edition. It's just incredible. Be warned, though: with the supplements, Jedi can get pretty broken, but if you build them wrong they can also easily be worthless. Everything else is usually great even if you're sub-optimal.

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There were 3 versions of WEG, and 3 of Wizards.

I only played the last two of WEG. Which were very similar. It was a good system. I really appreciate classless systems. But the vs style of relative damage was silly. A blaster, 50% of the time, had the possibility of doing zero damage to a wookie.

Star Wars had d20, d20 Revised and SAGA. I think SAGA was the best of them all, while Revised had the best books. The campaign guide and players guides were awesome.

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I can't decide which would be more fun to play. Old Republic era, or just before the main part of the clone wars.

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I tend to like Kotor better. The galaxy is less mapped out, the Sith Empire is a present danger, and the Jedi are just powerful enough to be involved with warfare and politics, yet not powerful enough to be secure in their power.

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WEG Jedi's were pretty fucking absurd. But the multicrew ship rules were pretty good. Also, the books as written were great for one) expanding the universe two) adventure creation. Great guides in the core rule book about making adventures, and running large scale battles.

SAGA handles Jedis pretty well, but this guy was right, they can still get pretty broken. But, the attention they pay to the talents and stuff was pretty nice. a great mix between 3.5 and 4. I've had hundreds of great adventures. but my favorite as a player was always a pro imperial one. As a GM, generally fringer underworld stuff, or military themed ones.

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The WEG editions were really similar. 1st edition was quite close to 2nd, which was in turn VERY similar to 2nd Revised & Expanded (by necessity). 2nd Revised & Expanded really is the best WEG version.

Star Wars d20 OCR was decent, but RCR is better. Armor as DR just works better in Star Wars, honestly. Of course, then you have to contend with the Force skills issue that unnecessarily complicated things, as well as the assfucked vehicle combat system. All in all, Saga Edition is ultimately the best d20 version. They got out campaign guides for nearly every era, they put out Starships and Threats of the Galaxy, and they got the class splats and the droid splat out just before the game died. Saga Edition can pretty much be called complete. I'm glad they finished it before it ended.

And I'm VERY glad I bought the books as they released. I have a complete collection, and never paid more than MSRP for any of them.

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Well hold on now. Breaking Jedi requires either brilliant charop or some of the more insane supplements. Force Unleashed campaign guide, Clone Wars campaign guide, and Jedi Academy Training Manual are what break Jedi. Core, they're hard to break unless you just min-max COMPLETELY, and it's easy to fuck up your build and fall behind everyone else. Jedi range from tier 1 to tier 5 depending on how you build, while everyone else is solidly tier 3 (though some Noble builds can be just insane with how many extra attacks they grant to your party).

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the correct answer was either the Dark Times or Rebellion.

Maybe Dark Empire. That could be fun.

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Star Wars is one of those universes where its greatest strength is the sheer variety it presents.

Fantasy: Jedi v Sith holy war
War Stories: It's in the name
Scifi: Space Ships and Aliens
Cyberpunk: Droids and mega-corps
Politics: The senate is corrupt, are you a bad enough dude to clean it up?
Adventure: Lost planets, the outrims, ruins of older civilizations everywhere

It has a good deal of potential for any type of group.

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Why am I the only one posting character pics?

Shame /tg/.

Yes. SAGA was great. I really liked the talent tree systems, and thought the Scoundrel and Noble were great classes. That really made not playing a Jedi fun. And everyone could play one class, with enough difference between them to stay unique.

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By the way, OP, here's one of the balancing mechanics for Saga Edition: dark side points. I recommend that, at least for your first campaign, you enforce the rule of "fully dark side characters go under GM control", and make burning off dark side points require effort and atonement. If you do this, dark side powers like dark rage and force lightning become essentially nuclear warheads: incredibly powerful, but you really don't want to use them unless you have no other choice, because they fuck you too.

If dark side use has no consequences like this, then Jedi are OP, because dark side powers are just too powerful for free use.

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Hey, isn't there a Savage Worlds version of Star Wars, too? I heard that one is supposed to have really good mechanics, or something. I think.

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You're quite right. OP asked for character art, it would be rude not to oblige. In fact, I'll go one better - I'll give character art, and a story...

This was about a year ago (old Minifig's memory isn't what it used to be, so if you want character names you're out of luck) in a roleplaying club some distance away, a small group of roleplayers were coming to the end of a D&D campaign. One of the younger players on our table had suggested he run a Star Wars SAGA campaign, having had some success with a few one-shots. I'd had fun a year before running a Star Wars d6 module, and everyone else agreed a change in genre would be welcome.

It was an interesting party, to say the least; a Zabrak Bounty Hunter, a Corellian Scoundrel who happened to be Han Solo's uncle (mercifully, neither this aspect nor the player showed up very often), a Cerean Jedi (the player had considered playing a Wookie for fun, but was too much of a min-maxer to miss out on combat advantages) and my character, a Bothan Soldier (who I played more as a field medic)

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drawing i did for a character.

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Looks like a skinny gay version of Guile from Street Fighter

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a gambler a character i played

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My longest running saga game was: A moncalmari noble, a Mandalorian commando, and a human jedi.

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thanks? He was an Emperor's Hand. sort of a spice-junkie artifact collector.

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I've played an astromech droid scoundrel in a KOTOR-era game (that was really fun; I would talk dirty to every computer I linked up to and shoot enemies in the crotch with a stun pistol, it was hilarious). I was the hacker/security member of a thief trio. We had a face, a pilot, and me. We infiltrated politically sensitive locations and stole information to use as we would, either to sell to the highest bidder, to blackmail the owner, or to simply leak to the public.

I also played a gritty Mon Cal Rebel noble/officer. We did an amazing Imperial infiltration mission at one point; we got spotted by some stormtroopers, and I just ran right up and rolled Deception: "Offhuman Espionage Unit. We don't have ID. We don't NEED ID. I report directly to Tarkin himself. Do you REALLY want to do this, buddy?" Nailed it, too; it was the coolest shit ever.

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The campaign started in a gambling house/bar on a fringe world. Order 66 had been given a week ago, and this particular world had seen quite a bit of action, some of which most of the party had profited from in one way or another - the Corellian had smuggled a few choice items, the Zabrak had taken a few jobs for either side, and my Bothan had been a field medic for a now-demobbed company. The Jedi hadn't been introduced yet, as he was still trying not to be killed. We were all there to relax. ell, most of us...

The Zabrak was starting trouble, when suddenly Clone Troopers burst in, causing considerably more trouble. They were hunting a spy, who panicked and attempted to cause even more trouble, getting himself killed for his troubles. We had mostly helped, except for the Zabrak who made things worse for himself by claiming to be the second cousin of Darth Maul. Naturally, claiming a connection to an enemy, even one of the old regime, didn't sit well. Thanks to some average rolls, the Zabrak managed to flee.

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another smuggler I played. Smiley Bart here loved to hit people in the gums with a vibro knife.

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William F Buckley as a Moff

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The next day, I was approached by the Imperial Garrison, who wished to reward me for my aid in stopping a Rebel spy. They also asked me to help patch up one of their own... and I rolled a 1. Their reaction was pretty much "... Welp, plenty more where he came from!" but my character decided then and there that he was never going to fail in his duty again.

Later on, we were approached by another Rebel spy. He gave me it to us straight; the Rebellion paid well, was the right cause and if I didn't say "Yes" he was going to shoot us. And so, the Rebel Alliance gained its latest recruits!

At this point, we were introduced in-game to the Jedi and two new players, who were friends of the GM; they played a Mandalorian and a Mon Calamari mechanic repectively. Now, the guy playing the medic had a bit of a history... in a previous ZeFRS campaign, he'd decided it would be fun to steal a few coins from a tax collector in a pirate town. ZeFRS is not the kind of system you'd want to do stuff like that - it's dark sword and sorcery - and his character flubbed the roll, so he had his hand cut off. He didn't show up again, until this campaign. Needless to say, some people on the table were a little wary of letting somebody who'd pull that kind of shit in for another game. Nevertheless, we decided to give him a chance.

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perry mason the ISB colonel

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No, seriously, I want to know if this is a thing or if I'm just going crazy.

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Apologies for the slowness, I'm writing this from memory.
Google says it's an unofficial conversion.
We were told to go undercover at a space station, until we were contacted by another Alliance spy. We worked at some small businesses - me and a few others at a bar, the Mon Calamari at a droid emporium (he REALLY wanted to build his own droid, and hoped for a staff discount for parts).

Our cover was blown when our contact burst into the bar, begging us to help her. Some Clone Troopers followed her in, and we managed to not get her - or ourselves - killed. Having just been fired and getting our fellow Rebel to safety, we embarked on our new, more permanent role: Rebel spies!

We were sent to Yavin IV, to meet Senator Organa himself. He thanked us for saving the life of a valuable agent, and gave us our first mission - go to a Hutt-controlled world, infiltrate some minor gang, and try to get information on Imperial activity there.

Now, this is where it started to get interesting...

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Sorry for the delay; I'm British and the Jubilee concert is on.
Actually, I'm getting ahead of myself; our ACTUAL first mission was to rescue a dissident Imperial officer held on a jungle planet. We landed a stone's throw away from some local species that's probably in an official splatbook or some Expanded Universe novel; they're basically one part Ewok, five parts Mesoamerican.

We agree to help them storm the Imperial complex, as they have some captives in there. We train with them some - the Mandalorian crits training, and is given a few tribesmen to lead into battle.

The day of the rescue arrives. We manage to breach the complex, but the tribe's leader - a Force adept - is killed in the crossfire, and the natives riot. We manage to locate our target, but on the way we pass by the comms room.

A Star Destroyer is orbiting, and need confirmation that everything's alright. The Mandalorian, not wanting to pull a Han, decides not to respond. This leads to the Imperial base getting destroyed by aerial bombardment, with the natives who led us in battle.

Having accidentally an entire species, we moved onto our next job...

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As soon as we got there, we were asked to pay a "visitor's tax" by some local thugs on speeder bikes. We told them were they could put that tax, and they attacked us. We fought them off, and they fled.

Now, what we were SUPPOSED to do was to use that fight as street cred to get us into the organisation of one of the local Hutts. What we ACTUALLY did was most of us give chase on some speeder bikes left by some late thugs. This got us into trouble with the local constabulary, who were of the STOP, CRIMINAL SCUM! variety. An attempt on my part to bribe them only made things worse (I disputed that the police force on such a corrupt world as this would be only too happy to take a backhander. The GM disagreed.).

The Zabrak and Mon Calamari had stayed behind, thus evading the long arm of the law. They contacted Organa, hoping to use his pull to save their compatriots. He disappointed them severely, telling them that everyone captured was fired for gross incompetence.

We had our weapons confiscated (including the rifle me and the mechanic had spent several sessions modifying) were executed for our crimes (breaking the peace, murder, traffic violations)... or rather that was the official version. The Hutt whose gang we were supposed to infiltrate had pulled some strings, and had us officially killed; if we refused to put our considerable talents at our disposal, she'd make it unofficial as well. And so, the Hutt gang gained its latest recruits!

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There's an unofficial fan version.

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After proving ourselves by doing various errands (at least one of which the Hutt had orchestrated, which had the most ludicrous and convoluted trap/puzzle I have ever had the misfortune to encounter in my many years as a roleplayer. The GM admitted he only made it to fuck with us.), we still tried to figure out how the Empire had their fingers in this planet's pie, and how the gang we were unwilling members were involved. At least, we did, until the Hutt let us know that she knew we were Rebel spies.

But it was okay, as the Empire was forcing her to go along with their bullshit because they'd kidnapped her baby son. We promised to get the kid back, provided she changed her allegiance to the Rebellion. We managed to become part of her security force as she went off to meet an Imperial officer we'd met briefly.

The Empire was working on some new super-weapon, being overseen by some Force Adepts. After the Jedi actually managed to hit somebody (his battle plan hasd so far consisted of 1 - brandish lightsaber. 2 - get shot, because Order 66. 3 - use Second Wind while everyone else does the legwork) and literally disarm one of the Force Adepts, the remainder of the Imperials got the hell out of Dodge, leaving the Hutt's son behind (he'd been brought along as a hostage).

We made our way back to Yavin IV, whilst I sent off a message to Organa along the lines of "Hey, remember when you fired us? Well, HOPE YOU CAN HOLD ALL THESE ALLIES!"

I never did get that damn rifle back.

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I played D6, D20 and Saga.
Force adept
These last 2 in Saga and i've to say, they were my favs, and acording to my DM the sniper was broken as fuck, he had to change the ranges of all weapos to 1/4, we laugh when people died because of their own grenades.
All humans or near-humans.

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>I never did get that damn rifle back.

Oof, that hurts most of all.

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Okay, the Jubilee concert's over now, and so shall my storytime, soon...
Well, our GM had pretty much had enough at this point. We'd gone off the rails quite a lot, so he did what every amateur GM does when his carefully constructed story goes tits up; he kills off the party.

We were having a post-mission banquet, and Organa was mentioning we should be a little more proactive. Our Mandalorian mentioned he was a Mandalorian, and Organa was all "Sweet! Get the Mandalorians on our side" to which we went "... Okaaay. How?". Fortunately, there was a plot hook (rumours of Mandalorians on some moon!) and we bit onto it good and hard. This ended up in us getting captured by these Mandalorians, who were planning an uprising under a new Mandalore.

At this point, our Mandalorian decided to challenge the current Mandalore for his title, in trial by combat. Mandalore accepted, being several levels higher than the doofus challenging him.

This confidence was misplaced, given that the GM rolled two consecutive natural 1s. He tried to pass the second one off as a 7, but we knew bullshit when we saw it.

And so, the Mandalorians gained their latest Mandalore!

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In my previous post, I said the GM killed the party. What I meant was, he TRIED to kill us. Oh, how to catalogue the sheer amount of bullshit he tried to pull?

Turned out the late Mandalore had a son, who was coming back from completing some Mandalorian adult initiation ritual. Naturally, some of the party felt discretion was the better part of honour. The new Mandalore disagreed. The party then did one of the dumbest things a party can ever do: split up. One half decided to face the music, the other half was going off-world to get... SOMETHING. Reinforcements, droid parts, anything.

Pretty much the femtosecond the ship got away from New Mandalonia or whatever the fuck this stupid mudball was called, the ship experienced technical problems and was boarded by pirates. I have no idea what happened, because I wasn't on-board at the time. Somehow, they made it back... in time for the Mandalorians to inform us all about some monster that was making a ruckus. As gentlemen, we all naturally preferred death to a scene.

Turns out the "monster" was some giant robot. We did NOT dig this particular giant robot, as it was plated with cortosis. Yes, really. Somehow, we beat it... just in time for the self-destruct feature of the robot (the one that hadn't been mentioned in the logs of the ship that had carried the damn thing we'd found crash-landed) to activate, utterly destroying it, with no hope of recovering ANYTHING. No cortosis, no droid parts, nothing.

Us: ヽ(#`Д´)ノ
GM: (`ー´)

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Oh, and we'd found a huge Star Wars dinosaur. I'm not sure, but I think that was supposed to make up for the robot exploding for no damn reason. It became New Mandalore's new mount, because why the fuck not. It was pretty badass when we rode back into the village. I tried to get the Mandalorians stoked because hey, new guy beat a robot, brought back a dinosaur. That's some serious cool points in my book. Unfortunately, it went down like this:

Mandalorians: ヽ(ー_ー )ノ
Me: ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
GM: (`ー´)

Then the late Mandalore's kid showed up, and THAT was awkward, let me tell you...

New Mandalore: Hi... son! (psst! That's how it works right? Now I'm Mandalore, he's m-)
Mandalorian: No.
New Mandalore: Shit.
Late Mandalore's Kid: I'MMA KILL YOU BITCH! IT'S GO TIME! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
*several crap rolls from GM later*
LMK: I'mma... kill... yoooou...
NM: Nah, I'mma show mercy and shit. That's how I roll -change you can believe in
GM: You know, my dad's been wanting to GM some D&D...

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And that was that. We honestly couldn't think of anything we could do beyond that (some of us talked about using the Mandalorians as our own private army and doing our own thing, but that probably wouldn't have happened). and our GM wasn't in the mood to do much more with the campaign.

I think we eventually decided that, in the campaign's canon, our party just got so much shit done that we pretty much dismantled the Empire before Luke started looking at girls funny. It was literally the only logical conclusion.

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Well... although your GM sucked for trying to railroad you, at least he didn't give you guys a rocks fall ending.

I can only hope to one day run a Star Wars game that's as awesome as that story,

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He wasn't a BAD GM... just a 16 year old GM. he could sort of wing it when we went off the rails, and he knew a "rocks fall" would be cheap, he still decided it'd be a good idea to pit us against bullshit like cortosis robots and lots of space pirates.

Also, thanks for sticking with me. I know I slipped in my posting but... damn it all, your monarch doesn't have a diamond jubilee every other day.

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I'm playing a game as a Twi'lek Republic Captain during the Republic. We're currently investing a Corellian individual after having a fight with the CRIMINAL SCUM pilot and co-pilot of our ship. That said, when can you ever really trust criminals?

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Incidentally, most of my images came from the galleries of swagonline.net, a superb resource of SW character portraits

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only character: Human mechanic/scoundrel who joined the rebels because the Empire banned his homeworlds equivalent of adult swim. I was somewhere in between Ellis from L4D2 and tf2 Engineer. Game broke down after two sessions because GM couldn't find the time anymore and one player was being a douche and preventing any fun or progress from ever happening.

Me, the big ass alien soldier and our human wookie wannabe managed to have a little piece of fun while it lasted.

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I'm sure that's just an acronym and all, but that is not the first mental image that "swagonline" brought to mind.

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