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I require farseers, /tg/. Let's make it fucking rain farseers up in here. Bonus points for Taldeer.

Also Eldar general, I suppose.

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how far can a farseer see?

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in before FILTHY XENOS, HERESY, etc, etc

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About ten feet.

Those glowing eyes lead to cataracts, man.

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If a farseer could see far?

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aaaaaaaaaaand I'm spent

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Fuck Taldeer, it's all about MACHA in this bitch!
Also what's up with that chick's smoking areolas, shit I mean irises. Is she a Cyclops?

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Fuck Space Bella. Macha up in this bitch.

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No, Muju likes smoke custom brushes a lot, they usually blend well with her twirly strokes.

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Taldeer will never be as cute as this.

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Just dropping by to remind you Xenos that Taldeer is dead and her soulstone is resting in a daemonic Lava pool.

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Just as planned!

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Old man farseers are best farseers

Space wizards, man

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Its a better fate than I would have planned.

Silly Taldeer, always bragging about her mon-keigh boyfriend....

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Okay, but be gentle, right?

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You aren't fooling anyone, Macha. We all know that you like it hard and rough and dirty.

Man, eldars are terrible at lying. And yet they insist on doing it all the time.

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'What reputation? Pay no regard to such.

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Where does this guy fit in all of this?

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I seem to remember the Eldar team recovering it at the end of the game.

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Ronahn? He doesn't fit in, he's an exile. He just hangs around being angsty and kinda hot.

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In the Eldar ending.

Which is, of course, not canon.

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How charming..

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In the Eldar ending. Which is not the Blood Raven ending. And Relic will never let their pwecious Bwud Wayvuns lose (again).

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that's not macha.

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But...but without Taldeer.....Ulthwe will be destroyed by the Necrontyr!

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Then again, Taldeer's fate is, IIRC, also only mentioned in the Eldar campaign. If it's non-canon, then it's reasonable to assume that everything mentioned in the Eldar campaign is non-canon.

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Is someone buttmad here?

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It's 40k fluff. Stop thinking about it and just ignore it all and spend two minutes to come up with your own that is 20 times better.

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Actually, the only thing I'm buttmad about is that they killed off the best Spess Muhreen of all. RIP Indrick. You're in a better place now. Dangling from Tahril's belt.

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Getting sick of this. Everytime Space Marines win, someone cries "pltarmor!! GM's favourites!"

Give it a break

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Not counting non-canon endings, when is the last time Space Marines have lost a videogame?

Don't say Rites of War, the Tyranids were the 'real' bad guy.

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IIRC, Fire Warrior would count. After Kais killed the Greater Daemons, the Ultramarines eventually pulled out and Exterminatus'ed the planet rather than fight on and try to bring it back under Imperial control. I'm not sure what happened to the Raptors you fight during the first half of the game.

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Soulstorm as already alluded to.

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Yea, that's a point. The Blood Ravens were beaten during Soulstorm. Still, the fact they're presented as protagonists means they inevitably wind up winning.

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Nah, I play eldar, and I loved the fuck out of every minute of killing what was pretty much a 2000-point army of them in Deathwatch.

The only thing that really pisses me off with eldar vs. space marines is the story of how Calgar, using his almighty knowledge of the Codex Astartes, somehow outmaneuvered someone who literally foretold his every move. The legendary farsight of farseers just went out the window there, didn't it?

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Because it is completely unthinkable that your precious, precious Farseer could have misinterpreted his visions, right?

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more like


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I don't think there was a Farseer involved in the Siege of Orar's Sepulchre. At least, I don't recall one being mentioned. Could have just been an Autarch leading the force.

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from the fluff their Farsight is limited clairvoyance. To really get a good view of the future they've to settle down in a craftworld chair and connect to their ancestors, taking so long the wraithbone begins to grow on their body.

They're not granted visions of the near-future in an immediate sense, like Nick Cage.

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> Because it is completely unthinkable that your precious ultrasmurfs could be bested in any way at all?

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>The Mighty Ar'Ka Cannon
>The impenetrable Nan-Yanoi moon base

With these technological marvels, There is no conceivable way the Tau could have lost the conflict.

They swept the system clean of all the forces of destruction and brought peace and stability to the war torn worlds. Kaurava was embraced as a new Sept in their benevolent Empire.


The fair and graceful El'Dar are always welcome.

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Is there any chance we can avoid this thread sliding into the same ugly mess of back and forth shitflinging regarding the accuracy of Eldar psychic powers that blighted the boards for a large portion of last night? Please?

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Always need more Eldar

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Space Marines Win: Dumb Plot Armor
Eldar Win: Great Writing, 100/10, would fap to it again

Like I said, no matter what, if the Marines win, it's automatically bad writing to you

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Pretty much.

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Eldar had the best powers in 2e. That's all I'm saying here.

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Just wipe it out with pictures.

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The Raptors were mostly KIA, I think. There was only a small detachment, and any survivors would bow to the command of Ardias

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You'd know the answer to that if Eldar psychic powers were accurate enough to tell you.

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Or how about this. 40k fluff is a shitty mess and should be ignored at all time?

Yeah. Let's go with that.

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You are a shitty mess.


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That's what I thought, but I don't think it's explicitly spelled out in the game.

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Eldar had the best everything in 2e, everyone knows that

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Just making a dumb joke, geez

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well, that's because FireWarrior wasn't really all that great at tying up loose ends

I seem to remember a group of them being ordered to stand-down once you bust into the bridge of the Imperial cruiser.. maybe it was expanded on in the novel..

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>Not accepting the God-Emperor as your god, and acknowledging the superiority of humankind

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Wait, wut would happen if the Eldar worshipped Big E?
Could he protect their souls from Slaanesh?

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Certainly not.

But I remember reading that passage and every detail about how Calgar consistently beat the eldar at every turn.

In the time it took to lose dozens of eldar trying to take some shitty tomb, one would think the farseer in charge would sit down, toss the runes and think before attacking papa smurf. Calgar has nothing to fall back on except his volumes of "if this, then that".

This farseer kept sending warriors to attack, which suggests a significant level of certainty. It just comes down to retarded writing to me.

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Quite possibly. It's been ages since I've read the book or played the game.

Regardless of the games actual quality, that scene where you reach the bridge of the Tau ship and see a squad of Space Marines staring down their bolters at you has to be one of the most memorable moments in gaming I've come across.

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Hello, Idranel, have your breast finally started growing?

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The Ultramarines have the most powerful human psyker`/Librarian at their disposal, don't they?
Maybe he foretold the Eldar's movement?

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No. The Emperor doesn't/can't even claim the souls of his own followers upon death. They just dissolve away into the currents of emotion that make up the warp, like anything else.

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>>19348851 But I remember reading that passage and every detail about how Calgar consistently beat the eldar at every turn.

Didn't it boil down to: Thunderhawks (transports) were sent to fight Nightwings (fighters) and beat them in dogfights (wtf?).

Basically, Calgar's tactics were fight the Eldar at what the Eldar are strong at with units that aren't made for that kind of combat and somehow win.

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Have you finally gotten laid, Macha?

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No. Only soul-binding would. And it would probably fail, since Emps doesn't want no eldars to mess up with Humanity's destiny.

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Could be. The tattoos around the eyes are right.

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But it isn't.

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Would be interesting to see, though.

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Lol. Why do I find this image hilarious?

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Did this scenario not repeat itself at the Siege of Somonor?

The El'Dar overconfidence in their powers cost them that battle as well.

Putting faith in superstitious rune reading rather than perfecting one's grasp on fine art of war is foolishly unwise.

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One line says that "Thunderhawk Gunships roared across the skies", "searching for elusive and agile Eldar Nightwings". No aircraft are mentioned again. For all we know, the Nightwings blew all the Thunderhawks to pieces.

And as for the Farseer thing, just checked. It doesn't say whether there was a Farseer present.

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Who is it then, if you know?

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oh, absolutely. It was horrifically difficult if you weren't prepared for it, too. A demi-squad with a plasma-gun is a frightening thing, especially when bolts are exploding all over the place and a chain-saw wielding lunatic is barreling down on you

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A, Slaanesh is such a kidder, eh?

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Wuya from Shaolin Showdown

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Because she looks dumb: her helmet is goofy, her sword is broken and too big for her, he face says "I'm not too sure about this, gais" and she has bare legs. She looks clueless, not prepared to fight, and knee-deep in trouble. Typical eldar.

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Declaring this a Slaaneshi thread

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Totally. You've got to horde Grenades and hopefully already be carrying a Plasma weapon to make it even halfway easy. And even then, I usually end up cowering in the little side-room toilets taking potshots and hoping for the best.

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Actually it almost seems like she's a human, pretending to be an Eldar that had to lead her troops into battle or something.

"No, I'm tottaly a Farseer. See! We beat them Necrons!"

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Indeed. Too bad he is dead, though.

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Aha, gotcha.

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Goddamn Tau, man

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Yes. Struggle if you wish, your soul belongs to Slaanesh

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>Considering getting an Eldar codex soon
>mfw I see this thread

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No, play Space Marines

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Most retarded villain in history.


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No, play a less shitty game.

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Why are you so mean?

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Can someone explain to me why all Eldar helmets look so elongated? Every time I see them, I can't help but think the Eldar has a conehead. Is it some sort of cultural reason, technological reason or is it just the way they make em?

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Go for it. The book's pretty dated, but if you're just interested in casual games, there's still a lot of fun to be had. Look into the units in Imperial Armour Apocalypse: Second Edition for a few more interesting options.

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So, since this is an Eldar thread...

My computer's not good enough to run Retribution, but since the Orks and other forces get fancy wargear in their campaign modes, do the Eldar do so as well? If so, got any pictures of them?

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I would were I a fanboy faggot
I enjoy strategy thank you in my gaming.

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It's just aesthetics, really. Eldar do have slightly more elongated skulls than humans, but not to the degree that they'd require a tall spire helmet specifically to fit their heads in.

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Do not mind us. We are kicking the tails of the scum of the universe while the others factions are (as the Orks say) mucking about.

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>do the Eldar do so as well?

Sure. They're not terribly interesting, though. As far as I can remember, there's different kinds of:

Swords (power and chain varieties), Executioners, Fusion Guns, Long Rifles, Shruiken Catapults, Witchblades, Singing Spears, Staffs, Armour, and Runes.

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Don't forget the Blade of Meh'ri'su.

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Ah ok, thanks
Btw just how strong is wraithbone anyways?

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Being mean would be telling you to play a game that can very easily cost as much as a car, where the rules change, the things you have to buy will probably not be good the next time your book rolls around (which depending on codex can be upwards of a decade), and ,depending on what you pick, you might as well be jamming forks into your eyes for all the good it's going to do you.

This game is way overpriced, incredibly unbalanced, and large portions of it are not fun to play with.

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>We are kicking the tails of the scum of the universe


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bar none the best depiction of Space Marines in vidya

Space Marine comes close, but the bolters just don't carry the same "weight"

Technically speaking that Half-Eldar "space marine" from rogue trader was an astropath, and would have undergone the soul-binding.

doubt it would fly under modern Canon, but there is a precedent..

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To hear some say it? Stronger than the adamantine that makes up the skeleton of Terminator armor. Can't confirm that, though Wraithlords are extraordinarily resilient on the tabletop.

But what it does specially is protect against warp corruption. This especially saved the craftworlds during the Fall.

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Ah nice.

So none with hints of mythology or anything?

Drat. As I collect that stuff.

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Very, very strong. Wraithlords and Wraithguard are, IIRC, pretty much solid wraithbone with a few mechanical parts deep within - that should give you an idea of how tough it is. Most Eldar technology isn't pure wraithbone, but a variety of psychoplastics spun over a wraithbone core.

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This man is your friend.
He speaks the truth.

>> No.19349151

Oh yea there! ^__^

>> No.19349155

There may be, along with some real-world historical influences, but I don't know enough about either to make any kind of statement one way or the other, I'm afraid.

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Everyone knows that torture device is a twisted retard, but he still has good drawings, though

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No problem, thanks.

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That's all my Seers. I think we've got 40-50 image slots left - is there anything else anyone wants?

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>Implying the Eldar, IG, and Blood Raven endings don't fit together damn well.

>> No.19349216


eldar womens

>> No.19349230

Assorted female Eldar it is.

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Any depictions of the Eldar pantheon?
Craftworld images?
Equipment diagrams?

Any of those would be awesome, thanks.

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>> No.19349241


That head is fucking huge

>> No.19349250

Ooh, this is a bit more interesting. For the Pantheon - nothing, really, but I do have interpretations of Isha and Khaine. Should have a good few Craftworld pictures as well.

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DLFG has pretty shitty taste in art. This sin't new. Just deal and don't bother pointing it out.

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>> No.19349289

She saves everything and dumps it indiscriminately.

But yeah, her tastes regarding some specific things are very questionable...

>> No.19349290

And then of course, the Orks steal the Space Hulk, and the Inquisitor's hat when no one's looking.

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>> No.19349302

And I'm not talking about sex, I'm talking about pictures.

>> No.19349309

Moar blanche

>> No.19349310

Some interior shots now.

>> No.19349315

I lol'd. It's funny that people actually have to make that distinction.

>> No.19349318

>> No.19349338

I'll admit, a lot of the stuff I save is pretty questionable in terms of quality. Some of it gets saved because there's a few bits which catch my eye regardless of the actual artistic merit. Others, it's because I just don't have very many pictures of the subject and want to expand my collection a bit. >>19349236 falls into the latter catagory; I've got very, very few images of Rangers and Pathfinders.

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Right, equippment.

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>> No.19349378

>> No.19349389

See the Epic scale Farsee Falcon here?

Someone made a 40k version.

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>> No.19349417

Oh, that's a lovely little conversion.

>> No.19349426

Thank you Based Leaper

>> No.19349427

>> No.19349456

Glad I could help.

Just random stuff now, unless anyone wants something specific, to cap the thread off.

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>TIDF is an avatarfag

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Weapons of a bygone era who have long forgot their purpose and whose eternal incompetence remains as the only constant.

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What are Eldar for 300, Tom.

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>> No.19349707

Looks like that's the image limit, folks. Enjoy!

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>that Image

Bah...First the Tau and now Korra. Why everything I cherish must be defiled in such a disgusting manner?


Yes, and guess which side I am rooting for.

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That you enjoy it is almost enough to make me shun it.

Almost. Polite sage.

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Ha-ha! Awesome.

I bet we will be the only ones not surprised when the mask comes off and it's an Ethereal.

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