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Post your most asinine ideas, /tg/.

"Waifus vs Vampires" related.

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What if mai waifu is a vampire? Must she fight...HERSELF!?

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>The wonders of the steam era have come at a terrible price. The thick smog from the smoke stacks blocks out the sun and has given rise to a vampire aristocracy. Praying on the people 'day' and night, and their affluence, political power, and supernatural abilities allowing them to subvert all laws of man and hold a monopoly over the coal and steam tech industries.
>But from Russia, a spark of hope rising in the form of the apprentices of the genius Nikolai Tesla! Using new, clean technologies and inciting socialism in the hearts of the working class, they will take back Europe from the Night Walkers.
>In this campaign of...
>Steampunk Capitalist Vampires Vs. Socialist Mad Scientists!

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This reminds me of trinity blood for some reason.

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civil discussion of the merits and flaws of different editions of dungeons and dragons.

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I still have money in my wallet, WHY AREN'T YOU TAKING IT?

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That isn't asinine so much as fucking awesome.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Squeal

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Is that Hommando?

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Reminds me of Legacy of Kain with the whole "factories belching out smoke block out the sun and lets vampires do as they please" thing.

Pic definitely related.

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none of the products that make your penis larger actually work, if they did the ones would be common knowledge, like how Viagra makes the penis hard.

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A fantasy setting with very early 1900s technology that does NOT lean on A) steampunk, B) magitech, or C) crazy Tesla coil bullshit (no offense to >>19344608, I agree with those saying your idea is awesome).

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"Roight lads, what we got 'ere is a bloody 'alfling. Dese buggers will knoife ya right in the 'ins. Use your rifle to butt 'im in tha 'ead." ~ Sergeant Malion Nolofinwe of the First Elven Anti-Infantry Battalion

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Bit less Cockney, bit more Welsh.

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Posthuman Hells Angels upload themselves into spacecraft and wander the galaxy getting wasted and starting fights.

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I'm gonna be honest... I've never seen Trinity Blood.
And then perhaps the (voted by majority) best ideas of all editions could be then combined?

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You magnificent bastard.

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A Mass Effect spin-off with an angry Krogan with a fear of flying, a master-strategist Turian, an ironically-named smooth-talking Quarian, and a half-mad Salarian pilot who may or may not secretly be ex-STG.

They re-enact the A-Team.

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And this is their leader.
>eenuffe abhorrence
agreed, Captcha.

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So far, this thread is completely the opposite of asinine.

My idea is an adventure/horror tabletop game inspired by rubyquest or nanquest.

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He's a Taliban insurgent on the run from the law after accidentally blowing up his Emir in a botched burning down of an orphanage. The Taliban turn out to be anti-STAR revolutionaries, killing to prevent the rise of the Subterranean Moon Idols™

She's a time traveler from the 25th Century where the evils of genetic modification has given birth to the sapient platypus/dinosaur overlords who are actively attempting to summon devils from the Nth layer of Hell who serve the dark lords beyond, who desperately need the resources and manpower of Earth to destroy their archenemies, all the mechas who live in animu world.

Together, they fight crime.

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>I'm putting together the beginnings of a Spirit of the Century game. For the first adventure I was going to have the Centurions at the young age of sixteen go to Russia and attempt to get young Anastasia free from the Russian Revolution, it turns out she's the spirit of hope.

>Their opposition would be Grigori Rasputin, the shadow the conspiracy. If things went according to plan the centurions would end up fighting Rasputin on top of a train setting land speed records through the Russian countryside.

>Oh, since Rasputin is the shadow of conspiracy he has control over a massive unkindness of ravens which the centurions would have to fight off.

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The universe has been created by THE RABBIT god so that he may grow divine carrots in it.

To keep growing carrots, THE RABBIT created rabbits in his image and a slave race called "humans".
On one of the carrot-growing planets called Earth, the rabbit commisariat has been neglecting their duties for centuries and amusing themselves by letting the humans build a society of their own and ruling that society through the shadows through their pinguin proxies and a group of humans called "the Illuminati".

You are a rabbit and you were sent to replace the current head rabbit commisar and keep up the carrot production quotas. You face great challenges - the human population is so numerous that the local rabbits can't match them in sheep brute power, so you must keep ruling from the shadow yourself while setting the human civilization up for faliure and rabbitly takeover.

Alternatively, you can play as human investigators looking for ancient conspiracies. You eventually find the Illuminati who are working for the pinguins, but the pinguins are just another layer of deception meant to keep the true lords of mankind secret.

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An RPG in the vein of The Witcher, except you play as a completely average and mediocre dude, and you meet tons of randomly generated crazy shit.

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>waifu is a vampire
This is a fairly good question

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The world has entered a new golden age of prosperity and peace as Mages have become the majority in the world's population. But, normal humans are being bred out. Despite living along side their magical brethren, when a Mage has a child with a non-Mage, the child is always magical. Soon, the human race will be bred out, despite the workings of many scientists and techomancers.

But, you know who to blame for this. It's the conspiracy, man. The Illuminati, the Free Masons, fuckin' WALL-MART! It's all turning against us man! They know where you are, they know what you eat. Shit, they know where you shit! But we ain't gonna take it! We're gonna burn down the Secret Police Headquarters and free the brainwashed populous! Yeah yeah, it LOOKS like a bank, but it's really a secret brainwashing camp, set up by the aliens that live in the Halls of Power, man! The Men in Black, man! So toke up, chug down that cheap liquor and grab yer self a molotov! We're gonna light up the night like it's Rasputin's birthday!

>Play as paranoid hobos raging against the machine from under a bridge, in a world of magic.

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Well shit, I'd play it.

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Just like in that ongoing quest ?

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Fetish Fuel: EXTREME Berry flavor!

A healer that heals via magical breast milk.

Need a heal? Get sucking.

Can also milk self into bottles and hand them out to the party to be used like healing potions.

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So it's basically Unknown Armies?

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Miltank already does that for PKMN.

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Terry Tate, Imperial Commissar
not sure which regiment he'd belong to, though

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A setting where the apocalypse came, all the major cities and landmarks are on the back of mobile arms fortresses, and the world regressed back into caste systems.

All the ground level world is considered poisonous, mercenaries are dropped into old cities to loot for treasure while avoiding mutants/demons/what have you I never really determined what.

The whole mobile cities thing got more fleshed out than the rest of the world, to be honest,

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>Those freckles and dat singing voice.

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>The world has entered a new golden age of prosperity and peace as Mages have become the majority in the world's population. But, normal humans are being bred out. Despite living along side their magical brethren, when a Mage has a child with a non-Mage, the child is always magical. Soon, the human race will be bred out, despite the workings of many scientists and techomancers.

I'm not sure where the problem here is.

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that's because you're not a deranged hobo

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Stop kidding yourself, you don't have a chance, she's too busy making glorious soulfuck with Pip to bother with your neckbearded ass.

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In 2192 a crack commando team were sent to prison by a Citadel court for a crime they did not commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security prison facility to the Terminus Systems. Today, still wanted by the Council, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if nobody else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire: The A-Team.

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>A = Alpha
>squad, group, platoon, legion

Alpha Legion is 40k's A-Team confirmed.

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It is crazy how much better the english dub was than the original.

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>mfw I make that same joke you just did about three years ago at my FLGS
>mfw I have to explain the joke to the stupid thirteen year old I was playing against at the time

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Owlmon. It's like Pokemon but they're all owls, and you "Gotta catch 'em owl! Owlmon!"

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I'll say the dub sounds more operatic, but I didn't mind the Japanese one too much.


>I want to hear her sing the entire movement.

Thus why she is a poor waifu.

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Am I the only one who really want >>19344608 ?
Should we make a new thread and see if /tg/ can get shit done?

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Yes! But more factions! Nationalist werewolves perhaps?

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A completely unexceptional character wanders about doing completely unexceptional things with no greater purpose or meaning because by god we do not tolerate that special snowflake bullshit at this table.

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Rob Halford wants to do an album, but can't get signed because he's too old and gay!?!?

BUT his geriatric old-money record agent dude cuts him a deal: If Halford can seduce his spinster daughter and win her hand in marriage, he'll get all the money he needs to make his musical dreams come true!!!

I call it...

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I wanted to run a Metal Gear game with the Legend system...

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Not mine, would totally play.

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Ok so the Elves have left Middle Earth. The magic and what not starts to leave with them. The Dwarves have left their mountains in search of a "New Source", and wander the now arid realm as nomads. The hobbits have become xenophobic because for some reason the Shire is unaffected by drought. Orcs have become nearly extinct due to constant infighting and cannibalism. Rohan and Gondor have become a trading conglomerate, bartering for goods from Harad and the other regions of Middle-Earth; they have become the richest and most profitable empire and have no had any form of competition until just recently, when a handful of Dwarves discover large quantities of oil.

This idea largely exists because the idea of Dwarves running massive oil derricks and being lead by a Dwarf version of Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood is hilarious to me.

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Bracing for hate.

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Players are various important people, friends of important people, or related to the developers of a new underwater research station, deep in the pacific ocean. Things go south, and it rapidly becomes something akin to the Poseidon adventure crossed with Resident Evil as monsters run loose and start killing people.

PCs are all badasses in some way or another, with a sort of modern fantasy flair-maybe one guy has psychometry, perhaps someone else has a legendary sword...

Anyways, everyone dies, in some way or another. And then the PCs wake back up, exactly where they were 5 minutes or so before everything went to hell. The NPCs remember what happened as well, which causes no small amount of chaos.

>Groundhog Day: The RPG
>insert mystical or scifi justification for the time loop here
>Finally, I can TPK the party multiple times!

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I ignored everything that you posted except for
>Poseidon adventure crossed with Resident Evil
Somebody call Capcom cause this guy's got it.

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>Dwarves running massive oil derricks
Will they have German accents?

>> No.19360425

I was picturing Scottish, but why not? German could work. Also Giant Eagle bones litter the mountains and have been used to construct the mountainside derricks.

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I must've forgotten my most asinine ideas, but I did at one time think it'd be neat to have a dwarf berserker (like Tyrion, not like Gimli) wearing a boar's fur and two hammers who goes into battle smashing knees, tackling enemies and stabbing people in the groin.

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Do the PCs play as the hogs or the hog exterminators?

Actually, it doesn't matter. I'm in regardless.

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Modern Fantasy, using fantasy races to replace real ones.

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God Mode: This healer is male.

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>Hogs grow to 36 feet
>Population estimated at 6 TRILLION.
>That's nearly 41 billion square miles of hog.
>The surface area of the United States is only 3.79 million square miles.

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I once tried to catch a football between my knees.

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Other way around, Socialist Vampires vs. Capitalist Mad Scientists

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