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Ok, /tg/, hate to go all /r/ on you, but my google-fu is weak right now. I need the image where the bard has somehow had a rock baby and the barbarian is threatening to neuter him.

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Ranger. I know the pic you're talking about, but don't have it.

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The bards credentials for being a "Fuck anything" kind of guy are in doubt until we find out whether he has a sister, and whether he has banged her or not.

Incest is nothing to a true bard.

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>Ctrl + F

Rock - Bard - Axe

This will bring you to the pic.

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What always kind of annoyed me about those pictures is how the Bard is always looking like some kind of harem manga protagonist, like he's an awkward, spaghetti-dropping loser who stumbled into all of this by accident and is somehow upset by his own success.

Seriously, just look at OP's picture. That guy should be the smuggest dude in the world, but instead he looks like a ten-year-old posing for a picture with his overly affectionate aunts. He's surrounded by every human bard's dream realized, and he'd rather be at home organizing his sock drawer.

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I think he is more worried that the moms are about to tear him to shreds, most of them look kinda pissed.

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except for the scorpion chick and the centaur, who look like they want to fuck each other.

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It'd be a lot more interesting if he was telling the truth: he's cursed to have him semen magically transported into the wombs of monster chicks, but he has no idea when it's happening, yet the monsters are convinced that he impregnated them. Even better if he's a virgin, yet the unwilling father of dozens.

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It would be interesting, but there are other pics where he is actually in bed with a monster, or has used his talent for banging monsters to subdue another monster. There's even a pic that explains his superpower, Aphrodite force-fed him a laarge bottle of magical love potion so Zeus wouldn't get it.

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Also, the dwarf is a farmer.

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Wait, so these are actually part of a series? I've only seen the rock one and like 2 others, had no idea there was a complete set. Anybody know where it might be found?

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And the reason why he isn't after the elf is because he doesn't even know she's a woman.

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And that's why she's mad. And that is exactly what the artist said about the pic's context.

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Read this post:
Then you might be able to find some.

Personally, I think the Bard is awesome. Especially when he just kinda... does things. I also choose to believe that the Bard is the one who saves the kingdom from that dragon.

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>I also choose to believe that the Bard is the one who saves the kingdom from that dragon.

He is, the author said so. That's why the dragon and the dragongirl is in the group picture. The Bard was one of the King's Men-at-Arms before he decided to leave for a life of adventure.

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Oh. Well, that's good then.

I think most pictures don't do the Bard justice. Yes, I'll always capitalize his title. He deserves it, for pic related if nothing else.

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Hm, good number of possible monster ideas in there. I like these pebble-beasts, and the bit of fluff he had for them...

>Are not as small and cuddly as their name may suggest. Pebble beasts are creatures of legend, inhabiting dry and rocky landscapes. They bond for life and this pair is enjoying a dry bath to reinforce their bodies with a coating of protective stones, usually before a hunt. This armor is stuck to their bodies by a sticky and smelly secretion but the stench will vanish as it dries and hardens, turning it into an effective camouflage. However, these ideal places of small stones of the right size and shape are rare and usually near their lair. They will therefore protect this place and their territory with extreme ferocity, making this half a ton of predator very deadly to any prey or intruder.

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