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What of similar size, eg not a Carnifax or some shit, could defeat a Space Marine captain 1v1?

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Tyranid Warrior Prime w/ dual Boneswords

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A Space Marine Chapter Master

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Necron Overlord

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Idk Kyrus sure got his ass kicked by Apollo.

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Assuming you're talking about fluff, and not rules? The heroes and leaders of most other races have a fair chance. Warbosses, Archons, Necron Overlords, Autarchs, and so on and so forth.

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A Battletech elemental.

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Maugan Ra. Duh.

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jake kabrinski

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Yeah in the fluff

How so? I dont think a nid warrior could touch a captain.

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Are sneaky tactics allowed?
If yes, a Callidus or a Vindicare assassin. If no, an Eversor.

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I was gonna say a UEF Mech Marine but then I remembered Mech Marines are the size of Warhound Titans.

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Are you talking about fluff, or in-game? Because in-game, I dunno, having 1 more S and T than the captain, and a chance to inflict instant death, is pretty good in my book when fighting a character.

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tyranid warrior maybe not, but a tyranid prime has equal weapon skill, more attacks, better initiative, stronger biomorphs, and toxins so horribly potent even a space marine cant stand them

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a guardsman with a melta

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Are AdMech Knights still canon? They could give a shot I think.

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Actually, how would a Battletech Elemental vs SM Captain fight go?

The elemental does have on his side both a fucking jetpack and armour capable of withstanding the equivalent of bolter shots.

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>I dont think a nid warrior could touch a captain.

Why not? Remember that Space Marine Captains are usually presented as protagonists in the fiction - this means they're afforded a substantial level of plot protection. They win because the plot demands that they win. Strip that away and while they're still exceptional fighters, they're far from unstoppable. A Tyranid Prime is physically stronger and tougher and carries weapons perfectly capable of bypassing the Captain's power armour. While that doesn't mean the Prime is *guaranteed* to win, it means it's got a reasonable chance.

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Has a chance, but if the Captain's shields protect him, or if he gets the first shot, that guardsman is gonna take an explosive .99 bullet to the head

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hmmm i didnt think of assassin tactics. Yeah that would do them in wouldn't it.

But as for an Eversor, Lucius, before he went full retard, was the best swordsman in the galaxy. So i doubt any humanoid swordsman would have much of a chance.

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Eversors aren't about swordsmanship. They're rippin' and tearin' with inhuman strength and speed and exploding if they die.

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Any psyker.

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Personally I'd give the guardsman better odds with a plasma gun.

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Possibly, but captains posses the finest abilities of all the space marines. Just your average Space Marine has reflexes that could make them dodge bullets. A Captain has reflexes even faster than that. For a prime i would think it would be a matter of getting in a lucky hit.

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>was the best swordsman in the galaxy.

And unless that was actually stated by an unbiased source, it has to be viewed as an unreliable claim. Exceptionally so, since the Emperor's Children are prone to that sort of boasting.

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Since we're going into crossover territory, how would a Dawn caste Solar Exalted fare against a Space Marine Captain?

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Most Psykers, a Chaos Lord, an Ork Warboss, a Necron Lord...

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The novel "Galaxy in Flames" states Lucius has only ever been beaten once, and that was by Loken who did it with a punch many years ago.

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Tyranids are insanely quick as well, particularly warriors. A prime would definitely be a match for a captain if you strip out the captain's plot armor.

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And what makes you think the Prime doesn't have similar reflexes? With the exception of heavy assault creatures like Carnifexes, or specialist bioforms like Biovores, Tyranids have always been described as exceptionally fast, agile creatures.

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Yeah, from my experience, SM Captains aren't anything too special unless they happen to be the protagonist of a video game. They don't even have much of the fancy toys and powers that other race HQs have, iirc.

Depends on the individual loadout too.

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Space marines can't dodge bullets bro.

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I see your Warboss and raise you a Plasma Pistol to the face

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Loken punched him in the face and it completely wrecked him. Now imagine an Eversor Assassin, which is considerably faster than a Space Marine (and thus hits harder) doing the same thing.

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A dark eldar Archon.

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I think the two of you need to establish at what point in 40k's timeline you're referring to Lucius.

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See the gun about to fire and shifting positions such that the bullet doesn't hit you is essentially dodging a bullet. Actually dodging a mid-flight bullet breaks the laws of physics.

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>What of similar size

Earthshaker shell

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Any Aspect warrior from the Eldar, and if not any Exarch.

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I did mostly when i went "before Lucius went full retard" I was trying to imply "before Lucius turned to chaos" should've been more direct, my apologies

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Yes, but Lucius learned from that mistake, or so he said, and Loken says he doubt he could be Lucius again.

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>SM Captains aren't anything too special unless they happen to be the protagonist of a video game.

Or a novel, or whatever. But you're right. If you look past the plot power and get an idea of what they should be capable of, a Space Marine Captain is on-par with the leaders of most other races. There's obviously a few he's more powerful than and a few he's weaker than, but sits pretty much in the middle.

Oddly enough, I think this is one of the few cases were the rules are actually more accurate than the fluff.

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I think a warrior prime with 4 boneswords could put up a pretty good fight against pre-heresy Lucius - it's like a megarachnid, except with better weaponry.

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Every Tyranid warrior is it's own sentience. Primes are basicly the ones who rose above. Every single Tyranid warrior can borrow memories from the hivemind to help them if they dont know something about something.

Might i remind you that the Swarmlord accompanied by some Tyrant guard and Tyranid warriors, charged Calgar with his honor guard and managed to beat Calgar senseless before his honorguard managed to drive him off. If Tyranid warriors can even breath in the pressence of a Chapter Masters honor guard, I think that atleast Primes can stand toe to toe with a Captain.

Corrent me if i am wrong on any of these points. Maybe the Space Marine codex describes the event differently. :p

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You have a Swarmlord at that point though

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True, he is boud to make them much more dangerus, but still....

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Did Lucius lose to a megarachnid?
oh i also found the only duel he is known to have lost was against Captain Garviel Loken of the Luna Wolves, who brought him down with a punch. In a later rematch, Lucius was victorious.

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The Swarmlord is a hive tyrant, not a warrior. That's like saying a bobcat is equivalent to a tiger.

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Nah, he didn't lose, but he did find them a nice challenge.

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Learning from that mistake won't help when the Eversor is moving too fast for him to dodge or block the blow.

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It's not mentioned at all in the Space Marine codex.

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Maybe elite Skitarii or AdMech Magi

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> If Tyranid warriors can even breath in the pressence of a Chapter Masters honor guard

Yeah but that was no a 1 to 1 fight. There were endless swarms of nids.

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The captain stood alone, the bodies of his comrades piled around him. Even facing certain death, he showed no fear. Sparking energy danced across his bared lightning claws.

“Now you die, like the dog you are,” said Marduk, relishing the moment. The enemy captain tensed himself, dropping into a crouch.

“Face me, heretic,” said the captain. “One on one.”

“No,” Marduk said. The enemy captain seemed momentarily taken aback by the unexpected answer.

“Have you no honour?” said the White Consul. “Do you fear to face me, to be humbled before your brethren?”

Sheathing his chainsword, Marduk reached up and removed his skull-faced helmet. His face, an ugly mess of scar tissue, regrafts and augmentation, was amused. He cleared his throat and spat a thick wad of black phlegm at the captain’s feet. The floor plating began to sizzle and melt beneath the impact.

“Coward,” taunted the White Consuls captain.

“You are the bastard get of the thrice-cursed Guilliman,” said Marduk. “You do not deserve an honourable death.”

“Let me take him,” growled Burias-Drak’shal.

“No,” said Marduk.

“Let me face your warp-spawned pet,” said the White Consul. “In the Emperor’s holy name, I shall cut it down and spit upon its corpse.”

Burias-Drak’shal snarled and stepped forward. Marduk halted him with a word.

“No,” he said. “He wishes to die a noble death. Therefore, he shall not have it. Gun him down.”

Marduk smiled as he saw the shock and outrage written in the eyes of the enemy captain. The White Consul made to leap at Marduk, but he was cut down before he could move, struck from all sides by gunfire.

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>Picture related

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A Magos has so many redundancies though that you'd essentially have to kill him six times before he went down for real (Excepting obvious things like decapitation, although I'm sure some could keep fighting even after that.)

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anything with a lucky roll.

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If you read the whole thing you might notice that I wrote that the Tyranid warriors accompanied him, but that was versus Calgar and his honor guard. Obviusly the Swarmlord fought Calgar, the Warriors were there to help hold the honor guard off. And tarpitting honor guards isent something that alot of things can do in the 40k universe... fluffwise.

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Uhhh is that implying that Marduk moved so quickly it appeared that he fired bullets from all sides?

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His goons fired from all sides, since he didn't want to give the spess mehrun a honourable fight/death

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Which were irrelevent. The actual combat described seemed pretty balanced - the Swarmlord and a retinue of Warriors and Tyrant Guard, verus Calgar and his retinue of Honour Guard. There were other Tyranids involved (a large swarm of Hormagaunts, specifically), but they were used to prevent the Ultramarines reinforcing Calgar's position with Tactical Squads.

You know, you're actually right. When Captains fight, they usually seek to do so in close combat. Shadowsun can easily just keep out of reach with her jetpack, and blow the Captain apart with her Fusion guns. They're designed to take down tanks, so once the Iron Halo's been overloaded, the Captain is doomed.

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That means it wasn't 1v1 then. Because Marduk knew he couldn't take him.

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An "ordinary" aspect warrior? They strugle with "ordinary" Space Marines. Even an Exarch is not very likely. It would depend on if said exarch had the advantage, like the element of suprise, dark reaper exarch versus captain at 500 yards range etc.

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>implying this isn't just you trying to make your waifu a mary sue

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>They strugle with "ordinary" Space Marines.
Not in their area of expertise. A Howling Banshee, for example, will easily defeat an Assault Marine in melee combat. A Dark Reaper will easily defeat a Devastator in long ranged combat.

But, a Fire Dragon is fucked against a Devastator at any range. A Dark Reaper is fucked against an Assault Marine in melee combat.

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>mary sue

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Nah, he just wanted to deny the loyalist scum the GLORIUS HEAROES' DEFF he wanted. The best way to kill the slaves of the False Emperor; forget 1v1, just pump them full of bolts.

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While the shell just lies there he can just shoot at it.

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Fluff Eldar can punch through Space Marines.
I would have said Guardians but that'd be insulting.

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Fluff wise, Avatars of Khaine get chocked to death by Space Marines, sooo
Also, Spess-Elfes are weaklings, I highly doubt they could penetrade space marine amour bare handed.

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You do know that, while Tau suits are hardly as flexible as Power armor, they are in fact stronger. Don't get me wrong. A normal space marine could tear the suit apart if they got close enugh, but a space marine can hardly fire heavy weapons on the run, while suits can fire several heavy weapons while jumping around. And with those chicken feet of theirs, that is quite a feat.

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>Avatars of Khaine get chocked to death by Space Marines, sooo
Dude what.
The Avatars of Kain don't even breath, so how can they get chocked?
And how can Space marines even touch it?
It's fucking made out of molten steel!

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Well, Fulgrim did it once.

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>Also, Spess-Elfes are weaklings
Actually, that's wrong. They move extremely fast. A fucking blur. Do you know what that means? It means they hit extremely hard. Fire Dragons can canonically punch straight through Astartes power armour's breastplate.

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>Avatars of Khaine get chocked to death by Space Marines

By Special Characters. Which immediately distort things, because all Special Characters - regarldess of race - have the heaviest plot armour of all. No matter what you are, you pretty much outright cannot win against a Special Character in the fluff. Even if you try and ignore that, they're still exceptional individuals, so can't be taken as a measure of what the average Captain/Archon/Warboss/etc is capable of.

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But Eldar are faggots, case dissmised

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Fulgrim is a fucking Primearch.
Not a "Space marine" I can understand Primearch's since they're Emperor clones, but normal captains chocking Avatar's of Kain to death?

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A reasonably-experienced Chaos Lord. A pre-heresy Lord would, easily.

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>But Eldar are faggots
So is /v/, but look at him unleash this can of whipass:


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IG just blew a bridge under one.

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Fine, you're right. The finest of the Tau military has good enough tech to take on a Space Marine Captain. I was really just trying to troll TIDF, given his ridiculous behavior in other threads.

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Ruleswise yes, while i admit that Howling banshes can fuck up space marines, it isent exactly a walk in the park. The biggest problem would be getting into close combat before you get a bolter round in the chest. And even if you get into close combat while yes, the avrage howling banshe beats the avrage spacemarine, there will definelty be casulties on both sides.

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master cheif

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But we're talking fluff here.
And fluff-wise Eldar are practically superior on all fronts, and as: >>19336111 says, Fire Dragons can punch through Astartes Power armor, and they aren't even Exarchs.

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A squadron of Leman Russ tanks will do that to pretty much anything. And if we want to get picky, it technically doesn't say the Avatar was destroyed - just dropped into the river. It's immune to fire, so wouldn't be bothered by the burning chemicals, and could just drag itself out later.

A fair point, and one of the few exceptions I can think of. He was matched up against a Chaos God, though, and there's the implication he may have survived.

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>Someone of comparable experience (In some ways) and expertise can beat another

>> No.19336159


Eldar players- don't Howling Banshees strike first with powerswords the first round of combat, though? Aren't they a glass hammer anti-Space Marine unit, like Genestealers?

>> No.19336165

>and there's the implication he may have survived.
I want my Eldrad Wraithseer walker unit...

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Hugetau could destroy a captain.

Does captain even bulk up? No. 0% hugeness.

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Well, that and someone like Farsight is amazing at close combat.

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Yes and yes. Ruleswise, st3 and an average number of attacks means they aren't great unless supported by Doom, though. In terms of fluff, a Banshee should have a significant advantage over a Space Marine in combat, but obviously will be beaten in a ranged dual. Overall, it's very hard to actually rate Eldar in a "who's better than who" debate, as they're so specialised. They're in their element and win hard, or aren't and lose hard.

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A squad of Squats

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genestealers can rip open a terminator.

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>Typical Eldar/Space Marine Battle



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Crunch-wise, captain can beat a Genestealer 1 on 1. If it was Captain vs. Broodlord, though, I would bet on the Broodlord.

>> No.19336220

Just want to say I am an Eldar player here before i ask this:
Punching through power armor... What? As i understand it an Eldar tear limbs of guardsmen, but power armor? If you could dirrect me to such an event that dident involve a phoenix lord i would be most obliged.

>> No.19336230

I'm willing to bet that Samus Aran could give a spess mahreen a run for his money.

>> No.19336237

So curbstomp then?

>> No.19336259

Typhus. End of story.

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>> No.19336273


And if Eldar are so great, then why aren't they human?
Imperium: >8000
Eldar: 0

Ave Imperator!

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Considering most Tau weapons are not very heavy at all..

I mean, you've got the Burst Cannon and Missile Pod that are about equivalent to heavy weapons of other races. And Tau Plasma, Flame and Melta weapons aren't heavy in the slightest

>You know, you're actually right.
main issue is getting to a straight fight with her. Despite Shadowsun's armament, she's more of a CIC-type than a frontline combatant.

Fire Dragon Exarch power, totallynotaGGundamreference.jpg

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>Fusion cannon

Did I mention Railguns?

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Well to be honest in that video it's basically "Whoever strikes firsts wins"
Which I honestly doubt is the case, considering the Eldar first off would never fight as they did, and secondly both the space marine and eldar armor is far more durable than that.
As well as the Banshees not being able to dodge a fucking dreadnought, that shit was dumb.

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i almost forgot hugetau

she's so moe

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You've got Eldar fighting here.
But what about Dark Eldar?
They're both tougher and faster.

>> No.19336306

"while jumping around" implies crisis suits. Crisis suits can't mount railguns.

and broadsides can't fire railguns on the move without additional wargear. Additional wargear which slows their regular movement to a crawl.

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Disregard anything involving bloodravens.
While i did enjoy the Eldar campaign very much in retribution.

>> No.19336308

And even faggier

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File: 196 KB, 600x600, Hugetau BOSS ROUND SPECIAL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty sure somebody is blaming you for her existence.

I don't really care, I just like to draw her.

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>calgar flailing in the air whilst shadowsun hovers just out of reach

>> No.19336323

They also put railguns on drones and pathfinders.

Their melta equivalent is exactly the same minus multimelta version, their flamer equivalent exactly the same minus heavy flamer, and yes, their plasma weapons are less powerful.

But at least they got missiles and shit.

>> No.19336326

the Eldar campaign was silly. Mainly because of how the two craftworlds decided to fight

lazy, lazy writing.
>but it was kinda fun for the rest of it because DoW2 Eldar are boss as fuck

>> No.19336327

B-tech elemental could easily stomp a space marine.

Starship troopers power armor (Though that's pretty godmoded)
Power Armor from...Armor.

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orks can cannonly glue their heads back on half an hour after it was cut off and replace any organ in their body with ones from other orks.
You still dont see orks roll on *gettin' bak up* rules

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>What of similar size

Suits are nearly the size of the marines. Only a bit larger than the Astrates. Well, in that case..

Indeed, A Shas'Vre or Shas'El who is donning the Mantle of the Hero can present quite a challenge for the Astrates Captain. Their determination and willpower (And overwhelming firepower) is certainly a match to the Captain's murderous zealous wrath.

The Shas have a desire to test themselves against Imperium's best. They would like to see what passes for fury among the Gue'la's misbegotten kind. By triumphing over the Space Marines the so called ''Emperor's Angels of Death'' the Fire Caste will prove once and for all the superiority of the Greater Good over the Imperial Creed.

>> No.19336346

people blame me for lots of things. thanks for drawing hugetau, it's nice to have silly tau fanart that isn't horrible diaper stuff or Xeno BDSM

>> No.19336348

What I didn't like about the Eldar campaign in retribution is:
I mean seriously, these are ELDAR, not Orks or Zealots.

>> No.19336355

Chaos sorcerer using Gift of Chaos.

>> No.19336359

We're talking about Fluff, not rules.

>> No.19336362

yeah, the fight with those other eldar was retarded

>> No.19336365

man you have to be one of the most dedicated trolls 4chan has ever had. if you ever put that energy towards something that mattered you'd have cured cancer by now

>> No.19336371

stealth armor is Murren size,
proper battlesuits are around the size of Nid warriors.

>> No.19336372

>Only a bit larger than the Astrates.

Stealthsuits, or the special armour Shadowsun wears, sure. But an actual XV-8 Battlesuit? They're about twice the height of a Space Marine.

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Not to mention
>Kyras carrying a XENO ARTIFACT
This nigga would have been killed for heresy years ago, or at least investigated.

>> No.19336385

any experienced Inquisitor could give helluva fight against space marine

>> No.19336396

fluff wise space marines are supposed to be about 8ft tall without their power armour, which is about 2.5m. A xv-8 battlesuit is only 2.8m tall.

40k model scale is fucked up.

>> No.19336408

That part was... unlikly, but it would hardly be a big feat to put a gem in a pocket. Or even using it as a necklace. Few people know what a spirit stone is, and fewer can recognise one. And noone would question the bling bling of a chapter master.

>> No.19336410

Well, I can see what you mean, but he's not really trolling unless you just get mad at someone being 'in character'.

>> No.19336415

>A xv-8 battlesuit is only 2.8m tall.


>> No.19336428

I suppose you're right.
Oh, and what was with the Eldar heroes being so over powered?
Not to mention the Avatar of Khaine is fucking pathetic in DOW2, you may as well build two Wraith Lords.
And why was Kyras so easy to kill?

>> No.19336429

do you guys think an ork big mech could defeat a space marine captain?

i mean the shokk attack gun could teleport the captain to warp

>> No.19336433

Imperial armour 3, page 172

>> No.19336435

A wraithguard with a roll of 6.

>> No.19336437

A grey knight grand master?

>> No.19336440

Ciaphas Cain: HERO OF THE IMPERIUM could, simply through the power of taking credit from his squad or his ungodly luck.

>> No.19336444

You just replaced one fetish (arguably much tamer one) with another.

Though I do not hate you people for doing the things you do, I do NOT approve of this!

Oh...my mistake I misjudged the size of the Marines.

Puny for ''Warrior Gods'', are they not?

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File: 1.26 MB, 1240x1755, Imperial_Armour_Vol.3_The_Taros_Campaign.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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i didn't do anything

i just laughed at it

diapers are gross cuz poo poo is smelly, bro.

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Well now, that is odd. Especially as the art shows them as being far larger than Marines. I'm tempted to write that off as Forge World getting things wrong, as it goes against everything else published.

>> No.19336496

Hey , I love Blood Ravens...
Zealous wrath is the best wrath and you should not underestimate marines while quoting Avitus

>> No.19336541

Well, even given that height they are still a foot taller, which isn't too far off that image.

>> No.19336561

>speed 50 KMPH
only 50? that seems a little slow. (for you americans thats like 30mph

>> No.19336585

Huh...I guess was right.

Of course, I was right!

>i didn't do anything

Wrong, you are having badwrong fun at the expense of the Tau.
I should not complain. At least these drawings are drawing attention to Tau and helping the people here open their hearts to them. Which is a good thing. You and the other Drawer are doing a service for the Tau.

>diapers are gross

We are in perfect agreement.

>> No.19336599

i didn't draw hugetau though

>> No.19336604

Well, they only move twice as fast as infantry on the tabletop...

>> No.19336633
File: 117 KB, 600x600, 1338241481603.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you like Hugetau now?

Hugetau likes you too.

>> No.19336647

i keep forgeting that tabletop scale is bad, Not too mention all tabletop Murrens are praticly squating.

>> No.19336649
File: 391 KB, 767x753, gotta go fast.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

speaking of Tau speeds, Doesn't 350 KPH (220 MPH) seem a bit excessive for a race that has piss poor depth perception

>> No.19336659

How fast do the Eldar bikes go?

>> No.19336662

The helmets probably fix that.

I mean, I just have trouble thinking about why Tau go into battle helmetless


>> No.19336671

>implying they'll ever squat Spess Merens

>> No.19336674

>computers do everything
>they invented a device that is So complex that is can navigate ANY form of terrain in split seconds, (sensor spines) even chaning terrain and such (withering worldscape+ more necron bullshit)
dont knock tau tech, its legit

>> No.19336677

Everyone likes HUGE TAU :3

>> No.19336680

No, squatting. As in, standing with their legs bent in a funny half-crouch.

>> No.19336704
File: 71 KB, 800x600, img0280z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

see, there legs are so far apart and bent,
and fucking look at that ork, HIS SPINE IS BENT

>> No.19336705

It's called terrain following radar.
I'd be surprised if the Marauder Destroyer doesn't have something similar.

>> No.19336709
File: 72 KB, 600x750, dynamic_entry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blind zealotry is a weakness more than a strength. It has led to the adding of MORE CORPSES under victorious heel of the Fire Caste.

Well, someone did and he has won my ire as well as my gratitude.

Do not mistake tolerance for affection.

>> No.19336722
File: 566 KB, 215x194, skeledance.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was making joke, DLFG.

>> No.19336728


>> No.19336733

...... what

>> No.19336741

HAHAHA! Look, it's the TIDF!

>> No.19336763

James Rhodes

>> No.19336769
File: 42 KB, 300x450, IROMcover33F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

derp, forgot pic

>> No.19336788

DAMMIT JAMES what are you doing on 4chan
let alone successfully finding what thread im in.

>> No.19336934
File: 61 KB, 529x571, GET IT TOGETHER SHAS'LA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I just have trouble thinking about why Tau go into battle helmetless

For the same reasons a Space Marine goes to battle without a helmet. So that his allies and enemies can see the fury in his eyes. To inspire courage in his comrades and fear in his enemies.

Also there is a superstitious belief that unhelmeted soldiers tend to live longer than their helmeted counterparts. I am sure it is just hogwash.


>> No.19336946
File: 55 KB, 640x425, Tau-Fire-Warriors-warhammer-40k-13365860-640-425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But the Tau aren't exactly known for their depth perception. They may see into ther spectrum usually, but I believe that the helmet may cure some of their short-comings in terms of depth perception.

But I suppose that in some cases, the morale boost is worth it.

>> No.19336956

and that is why tau are BS 3

>> No.19337000

Ork warboss.

>> No.19337011

I disagree , blind zealotry means the marine will keep fighting no matter what happens , no matter how badly wounded is he and no matter how many friends have died beacuse all that only reinforces his anger and won't stop until every enemy is dead or his head separates from his body

>> No.19337038
File: 106 KB, 1704x1296, TIDFvisual.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>implying the Tau even have a word for "courage"

Oh TIDF, you so crazy!

>> No.19337263
File: 48 KB, 720x600, carnifax.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where's your precious Omnissiah now, huh?

>> No.19337277
File: 275 KB, 541x967, Lelith Hesperax.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slaughtering a Chapter Master is the only Human kill worth bragging about for a Succubi.

>> No.19337315


> Tyranids have always been described as exceptionally fast, agile creatures.

Not to mention one of the best duelists in the Galaxy is a Tyranid.


>> No.19337324


>> No.19337326
File: 89 KB, 700x541, 1334305656644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that awesome feeling when you kill a DE player's kitted-out CC HQ choice with your SM captain
T3 is a wonderful thing. So are relic-blades.

>> No.19337397
File: 180 KB, 226x636, 1336100574728.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> there is a superstitious belief that unhelmeted soldiers tend to live longer than their helmeted counterparts

I see what you did there.

>> No.19337447


I am a Tyranid player and I approve of this.

>> No.19337598
File: 102 KB, 900x1001, 1328761135579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What in the two moo...

Do you mean the Imperial kind of courage? The one which compels and pushes them to slaughter countless innocence and spread suffering among the stars without remorse or guilt, and then claim to be righteous and pure while their hands are drenched in blood? That kind of courage?

Then yes, the Tau do have a word for it.


>keep fighting no matter what happens

Last stands are the refuge of the foolish and the incompetent. There is no honour or heroism in throwing away one's life so needlessly.

To accept one's defeat (and learn from it) and live to fight another day takes more courage than wasting your life in vain. This fact is beyond the forces of the Imperium and it has cost them the best of their men.

A Shas'Ui would gladly handicap himself for the sake of his Shas'la.

Whatever weakness in Tau vision can be overcame through years of training and experience, so even without having their eyesight augmented these Warriors can preform admirably in battle.

>> No.19337842

The enemys of humanity never give second chances , keep fighting no matter what happens is necessary for the survival of humanity and that is the only duty of an Astartes.

>> No.19337877


Tau are both shorter lived and physically inferior to Humans in sensory perception, speed and reaction time. Once out of earshot of an Ethereal, suddenly the Greater Good doesn't sound so great either (see: Farsight). They can't even manifest psykers. Face the facts, TIDF. Tau are a fail species.

>> No.19337892

i wish there was more hugetau in here

>> No.19337894
File: 140 KB, 963x580, 1338178846805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If they are so fail, how have they not been wiped out yet?

>> No.19337898


Isn't Be'gel the name the Tau use for Orks? Like how the humans are Gue'la, and Tyranids Y'he?

>> No.19337914

>implying orks have a shortage of courage

>> No.19337937
File: 30 KB, 600x408, 1287756771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take a moment to consider that very few of the 19 implants actually make Space Marines more resistant to damage.

Most of them exist to aid them in specialist missions and environments. Escape capture. Posthumously interrogate captives. Eat anything. Walk in vacuum, heat, cold, under the killing light of alien stars.

They have reinforced bones and denser muscles, but ultimately even that is still a frail form in the face of the galaxy. Power armor is fallible. A shot in the eye, a shot in the joints, the neck, the grille, a shot to the power plant...

The 40k game has always worked in the way of 'you fail your save, you are out'. Not hit points. You keep fighting until you are suddenly dropped by whatever happens to get through. Whatever that happens to be.
This tends to be how it works in Deathwatch, too, although the marines are much more powerful. They keep fighting unharmed until finally something is strong enough to get through their damage soak, and usually takes out most of their Wounds all at once.

>> No.19337944

>Once out of earshot of an Ethereal, suddenly the Greater Good doesn't sound so great either (see: Farsight).
I would assume most Tau go about their lives without being in the constant presence of an Ethereal, yet they still seem to be pretty gung-ho about the Tau'va. And no one ever seems to acknowledge the fact that Farsight was already disillusioned towards the Empire even before he deserted.

>> No.19337979 [DELETED] 

Uhh.. How about reinforced bone structure, fused ribcage, blood that clotts over wound instantly, ability to get into "coma" like state, to survive severe wounds and something else, I have certainly missed?

>> No.19337997

Bravery is by far the kindest word for stupidity, don't you think?

>> No.19338002

Bones can only be reinforced so much. A fused ribcage is still bone. It will keep them from being shanked between the ribs, but not from having their guts blown out. Blood clotting will prevent them from bleeding out. It won't keep them from being liquefied in their armor by a tank shell or having their brains blown out or their limbs broken or their organs destroyed. Going into a coma won't help them if they aren't retrieved by their companions.

>> No.19338058

Yet neither dark or craftworld elfdars are anywhere near as gay as the masses of big gay guys in power armor.

At least eldar fags actually have sex with women.

>> No.19338094

Marines are supposed to be on average about 7' tall. Check the Jess Goodwyn life size sketch again. He burned a foot.

>> No.19338121

usually author fiat. A well timed "greater threat" that the big players need to deal with.

The marine in the goodwin sketch isn't really standing to his full height though. Not that it would really give him much extra height (at best I'd put them at 7'5")

>> No.19338134


Stupidity means being ignorant of your fate.

Bravery means knowing your fate, accepting it, and using that fearlessness to achieve something far greater than would be possible if you clung to the possibility of survival.

>> No.19338246

God damn jokes from the '80s about gay poets haunting us to this day

>> No.19338279

havent been here for a while
is TIDF the new Spanish Flea ?

>> No.19338329

I am spanish and that wasn't our fault.
It was all a french plot to make us look bad.
Damn frenchs...

>> No.19338418
File: 77 KB, 568x426, knife1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

''Defeat is the prelude of victory''
''Do not waste what the Emperor provides''

-Codex Astrates

There is some wisdom buried deep in the Imperium too bad it overshadowed by ignorance and hate.

>The enemys of humanity never give second chances

The Tau do give a second chance for all, for they unlike the Gue'la have not forsaken compassion and mercy. Believe it or not, Gue'la, the Tau are not your enemies. This is Imperium's war, not the Tau's. The Tau were made humanity's enemies by the hands of the Imperium while in truth they are its saviors.

>Face the facts

Alright, lets discard all the research by Fio And the Ordos Xenos which point that the Shas are nearly equal to the Humans in pain tolerance and psychical strength. Lets discard the many cases of the Shas out-preforming their opponents even though they are woefully outnumbered. Weakness breeds ingenuity and adaptability it forces oneself to strive to be better and evolve, while strength breeds complacency and laxity which halts oneself's growth and ultimately leads to stagnation and decline.


Do you know what happened on Arthas Moloch? Or Farsight's true intentions?

No, you do NOT. How eager the enemies of the T'au to remind us of Farsight. As if he is of any importance compared to the great destiny of T'au. Once Aun'shi reaches the Enclave, O'Shovah and his men will fall to their knees and beg for forgiveness for their folly.

>Tau are a fail species.

And yet, they are the galaxy's only hope in the crushing grimdarkness.

>Green skinned Be'gel
>Swarming Everdevouring Y'he

Both words means ''incompatible with the Greater Good''.

>> No.19338437

There's a model of a fire warrior winning in CQC? I don't even.

>> No.19338464


Hey! Even Emperor forsaken Tau can get lucky once in a while.

>> No.19338465


No, the Guardsmen is quite clearly about to sever his ankle joint.

>> No.19338476

Don't worry, to attack the Tau has to get closer, and the IG has a good enough position to slice his throat.

>> No.19338488

>guardsman in the middle of throwing his knife
>fire warrior about to hilariously miss his killstroke due to loldepth perception without a helmet
And chances are the guardsman tripped over his own bootlaces rather than any skill on part of the firewarrior

>> No.19338503

To be fair, the tau do receive minimal CQC training which affords them some degree of skill.

But the Imperial guard are properly (Depends on the regiment heavily in this one!) trained in CQC, and the use of every dirty trick known.

In otherwords, running an IG army and Tau army is the best of both worlds.

>> No.19338513


Look where the Fire Warrior's other hand is. This isn't CQC at all, it's some kind of sexual heresy. Heresex.

Alert the Inquisition.

>> No.19338538
File: 57 KB, 596x600, Kroot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like tau, but only because of Kroot.

>> No.19338558

He's not about to win, he's about to get an IG size 11 to the face.

>> No.19338576

''Succes is measured in blood : yours or your enemy's''
I do not hate the tau or any other race but if you attack my people I will fight no matter who started , politics are not my business.

>> No.19338585


"Success" is also measured in correct spelling and grammar.

Sage because I'm being an anal retentive grammar obsessed faggot.

>> No.19338710

Sorry , english is not my mother tongue in fact i'm impressed this is the only grammatical error i've made so far.

>> No.19338805

Doesn't the white stripe on the helmet signify conscripts? They're one of the few things worse than a fire warrior at CQC (technically equal, but worse armoured).

>> No.19338830

so the second mini is an imperial regular from he bestest wargame ever, Warzone, but where is the third mini from?

also tidf is as crazy as a jew. he must be a jew too.

>> No.19338842
File: 220 KB, 1024x723, fall of damnos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A no name chuckle fuck Necron lord bested both Sicarius and Tiberius.

Seriously it wasn't even a contest, the lord just stood there until Sicarius exhausted himself trying to harm him (he repaired so fast he literally couldn;t do enough damage before his next strike) and then the Lord cracked all of his ribs crushing his internal organs with a backhand on par with swatting a fly from your face.

>pic related

>> No.19338897

In the book Necron Lord that felled Sicarius never came across Tigurius.
If i understood the book correctly, it ends with the same necron lord (royarch, if we go with titles) reactivating after being smashed by drednought.

>> No.19338898


The white stripe means he was part of the whiteshields (basically Guard cadets), and probably hasn't been issued a regimental helmet yet.

>> No.19338910
File: 4 KB, 126x124, Dat heresy 2.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This proves that Titus is the new captain of the second company.

>> No.19338928

Actually, it is canon that Sicarius recovered after the whole Damnos thing.

>> No.19338932


>Implying crushed internal organs will kill a marine.


>> No.19338964

Pretty much.

So the photo does make sense.

>> No.19338970

Yeah, it didn't kill him but it fucked him up really good and the whole company piled on his body to try to get him to safety.

An enraged dreadnaught burst through the crowd and smashed the lord and proceeded to stomp on him until he was sure he couldn't come back (he still came back).

>> No.19338972


There isn't a single Necron Lord, named or not, that is a pushover.

Besides, that was the Herald of Dismay, not a no name.

>> No.19339003

Damn it , another failed attempt to rescue the ultramarines from the pit

>> No.19339030

He's a no name in the fluff, literally not even worth mentioning his name in the official codex.

It says necrons awoke on damnos a minor lord lead them to victory against the Ultramarines and they proceeded to wipe Eldar out of the local webway.

>> No.19339038
File: 1023 KB, 534x866, Jerome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If they are so fail, how have they not been wiped out yet?

>he hasn't read the Foundation trilogy

>> No.19339401

It was a pretty good book if only for the fact that it shits on ultrasmurfs the whole time.

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