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You know, the Black Legion needs identity. They have nothing for them. Hell, even the Ultramarines have some culture, what with the Roman themes and their honour. Black Legion has no gimmicks, no inspiration, no personality. If they were less generic I would like them.

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They all wear Terminator armor.

unless abadon changed that.

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Uh, what? They're the Chaos Legion that's probably the most distinctive, and in fact defines most people's idea of what Chaos is -- they're the Kumbaya/Superfriends/"Coexist Bumpersticker" chaos faction. You know, the idea that followers of any chaos god can work with any other chaos god.

Read the first edition of chaos books to see how dissimilar they are. You only think they're vanilla because they're what you think of when it comes to Chaos.

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>no gimmicks, no inspiration, no personality

They are led by an armless failure!

You can make any faction force, realize they suck alone and paint them black and add some diversity!

They were founded by another failure!

They also fail at every crusade.

>They all wear Terminator armor

wait, wat?

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What the hell is with the sudden surge in Gia art?

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>Symbol is the Eye of Horus
>Thousand Sons get the Egypt Motif

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Under Horus it was standard for troops to wear terminator armor.

Horus was pretty kickass back in the day.

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The up and coming 6th edition Chaos codex should paint the Black Legion in a more positive light, in my opinion. People are all too eager to make fun of them.

Not that Abaddon being a failure isn't true. Talos notes it once or twice in either Soul Hunter or Blood Reaver. A shame, because the Black Legion could be completely badass if GW didn't shit all over them and use them as the punching bag.

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Every Black Crusade has been a success. Every single one.

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Partially. I wouldn't go so far as to say they were all 100% what Abaddon wanted, but they've managed to cause quite some damage to the ol' Imperium each time. Black Crusades are never some simple matter. The Imperium always has to divert and reroute entire fleets to deal with big Chaos incursions.

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Only thirteen of them have.
We don't talk about real failures.

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Though I believe that ADB commented that to label all the crusades as failures may stem from a misunderstanding of their intent and goals.

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True, but doesn't he also mention something about the Black Legion always having their own twisted and narrow sighted goals (or something like that?) I don't exactly recall Talos reflecting on his meeting with the Warmaster as a positive thing.

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True, though he later grudgingly admits his respect.

However, I'm referring to something ADB apparently actually said/wrote somewhere. Unfortunately, he frequents a number of forums (and has his own blog), so finding the exact source to back me up is, at best, unlikely.

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Abaddon's goal isn't to destroy the Imperium, that would be stupid. He wants to destroy the Emperor, become the new king, and run the Imperium. He will need all of that infrastructure and all of those troops AFTER he has his revenge, when he's destroying the REST of the galaxy.

If he really wanted to, he could just gather a huge force and march on Terra, but he'd be defeated if he did that. The Black Crusades are just... preparation. The big finale is yet to come.

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I view the BL as the cosmopolitan Chaos Legion. They have a little bit of everything.

Character-wise, the legion spent decades bereft of purpose, shattered by the loss of their beloved father. I would even hazard that only the BA were more traumatized by their primarch's death. Only Abaddon had the strength of will, the drive, the vision to reforge his legion and restore them to their former glory.

Now, in the 41st Millenium, the Black Legion is ascendant. While other Chaos Legions have splintered and broken, the Warmaster's sons remain strong. Other warbands flock to his banner, and the Imperium quakes, knowing it's only a matter of time...

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Oh, I believe I saw that post as well. I've absolutely no idea where. On the Bolter and Chainsword, maybe?


Oh I know, the destruction of the Imperium is more trouble than just overthrowing it. Without the Emperor, Chaos would consume humanity rather quickly.

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>In some ways, I regret writing that scene, partly because of the way it can be construed into adding more derision on top of the "Abaddon is a Failure" meme.

>I mean, Talos is a fairly deluded guy: the son of a great martyr, and just as lost in existence as his father was. He's a soul that literally drips with bias, even through his otherwise astute reflections and musings. So I don't immediately rush to saying Gree's wrong; Abaddon doesn't look great there, because it's so powerfully through Talos's eyes - I feel it's almost sincere enough to seem objective, rather than a character's point of view.

>Or maybe I just didn't get the point across well enough. For that scene, I perceived Abaddon as essentially just doing it as a favour for the Exalted, and although he's very impassioned in the scene, in the very next section, we see him with Ruven, admitting he doesn't give much of a toss either way. I always tend to imagine that it's very easy to annoy Abaddon, but his temper is like a flare: it burns bright, then fades very quickly. The man's a freaking genius, and the blessed of a pantheon of gods, after all. He has more important stuff on his mind.

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I actually don't think Abaddon wants Chaos to have control over humanity. Considering how he's rejected all of the gifts of daemonhood, and has only accepted Marks, nothing more, I'm pretty sure he's just using Chaos as a means to an end. They provide him with the power to take over the Imperium, and after that he (theoretically) kicks them to the curb.

Of course, it's likely that the Chaos Gods are using him just as much as he's using them, so I doubt it'll go exactly as planned, but you never know. But really, what's the point of being king if all of your subjects get sacrificed? It's much better to be in charge of an empire that actually has people IN IT.

You never know, of course, but Abaddon has kept his focus over the millennia better than basically anybody else, except possibly Ahriman. (Kharn doesn't count.)

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the black legion have an identity. They're the all comers Chaos army, the one that the codex is modeled after, that get's a little bit of everything. They're all inclusive and all encompassing.

Iron warriors army? stick to blitties and big guns.

World Eaters? Khorne berserkers everywhere.

Emp's Children? C-c-c-c-c-cocaine and noise marines.

Death Guard? Plague marines.

Word Bearers? Gimme that old time religion.

Night Lords? Batman.

Alpha Legion? There is no alpha legion. Who told you there was an alpha legion? We're all in the ultramarines now- just don't tell the ultramarines.

Every legion has a gimmick.
Black Legion's gimmick is that they get to take a slice out of everyone else's pie.

Every time you try to court all the gods at once and cherrypick your army so you have shit like tzeentch sorcerers and lash princes hanging out with khorne berserkers, instead of being a true believer and dedicated yourself to one god and building a glorious cult army like a real man?

That's you being a black legionnaire.

Because they have their own character, the character of players who want to have their cake and eat it too, and can't commit to the path of glory.

You know, the character of BITCH.

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It's not easy being the boys in black.

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Bump for the biggest, baddest, bestest Legion.

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