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Chaos thread perhaps?

40K, Fantasy, whatever you like. Artwork, models, or anything else is more than welcome.

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How about some wallpaper of the Primarchs?

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6 of the 9 primarchs there are traitors. Why the hell not?

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For the Dark Gods! Praise unto Lorgar Aurelian and the Pantheon!

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Here's an Alpha Legionnaire. I've always like this picture.

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Aren't the Alpha Legionnaires supposed to be secretly good guys?
That looks pretty much straight-up evil.

And who are the factions in this pic?

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Legion of the Damned and Khorne Bloodletters/furies, right? I don't often see furies in 40K art.

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Lol... I was asking you.


Hmmm. I could've easily read that as something else.

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Oh, no. I try to stay away from those as much as possible.

In answer to your question, those are indeed Legion of the Damned marines against Khorne daemons. That picture is the cover art for a book about said space marines.

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Alpha Legion is special, in that nobody really knows what the fuck they're doing at any given moment.

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reminds me of someone else...

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Did someone call me "furry"?

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Alpha Legion reminds me of that secret society from Paranoia.

"who's motives are so secret even THEY don't know what their goals are!"

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Seems this is now an Alpha Legion thread.

Another successful takeover brothers.

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First Claw from the Night Lords books by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

An absolutely fucking fantastic series, I might add.

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I'll need to look into it. Unfortunately I have a hard time wanting to pick up a ADB book after the debacle that was Helsreach...

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ADB is my favorite Black Library author. The First Heretic was a great read, so were the Night Lords books.

Also, here's the actual picture that was supposed to go with >>19312452

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I really enjoyed the Word Bearers series.

The Warmonger dread was the first time i ever saw a bro chaos marine

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Eh, I enjoyed the Word Bearers series too but felt like it was little more than bolter porn. The storyline was rather dry when the enemies of Lorgar weren't being blown up by bolter fire.

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Wow. That's evil looking.

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Might just be that ADB has a knack for Chaos then.

I play BT, so I thought Helsreach was going to be a wonderful book since I love the BT fluff and their style.

...Then I sat through 300+ pages of Grimbaldus being an 8 foot tall whiny bitch about every single event in the book. It seemed very out of synch with the prior fluff and not at all what I'd expected.

Sorry to taint the Chaos thread with my Corpse Love.

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Lord Heisenberg is a pretty well loved leader, lemme tell ya...

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At least some Alpha Legionnaires have seen the truth and embraced the Great Powers.

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It's perfectly fine. Op here of course, I'm just sitting here painting my Night Lords. This thread isn't exactly bursting with posts, so it's more of a general warhammer now.

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it was mostly bolter porn and the basic plots of each book was rather predictable.

but i felt it had solid characters, like Marduk and The Warmonger.

and the looks into the inner workings of the Word Bearers post heresy was very interesting.

also I dug the genuine sense of mistrust between the old legions.

and of course i love how it was in the last book that said that Erabus was fed up with Abaddon's failures and seeking to find a replacement.

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Eh, I suppose. I was fairly interested in the old antagonism between Marduk and Kol Badar, something about Calth? Marduk killed one of Kol Badars brethren and he was pissed?

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well Kol doesn't trust Marduk cause he was at Calth losing while he and the rest of the legion was on Terra.

then when Marduk takes control Kol suspects him of killing the previous Acolyte

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I have a question. After reading Flesh and Iron which show the Blood Gorgons CSM as a more reasonable power than the Imperium, it make me wonder if there are more reasonable Chaos forces that doesn't go full retarded and start sacrificing the populace for fun, use strip-mining tactic on planetary resource but instead spread their teaching and have the planet join Chaos willingly?

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So, what would you guys like to see in the supposed upcoming Chaos Legions codex?
It it lets me take cultists and/or traitor guardsmen, I will be a happy chaos lord.

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I'm about halfway through the book Blood Gorgon, but I've not read Flesh and Iron. A more reasonable force? How so?

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Though it's highly unlikely, I'd like to see a difference drawn between Legions and Renegades...all this fluff about defecting Chapters and still no assault cannons seems ridiculous

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Bands of Alpha Legionaires will often lend their strategic and tactical know-how to planetary uprisings. I wish I could remember the source, but one group went so far as to sneak past an Imperial blockade by masquerading as Loyalist reinforcements to help the rebels.

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Honestly, I'd like to see some personality with the renegades/legions as well as differences between the two. Chaos is, in my opinion, the most varied and personalized army there is in 40K. Sure there are Wolves and Angels and vanilla marines, but they all have different books. Chaos has to deal with just 1 (maybe 2 in the future)

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>I wish I could remember the source, but one group went so far as to sneak past an Imperial blockade by masquerading as Loyalist reinforcements to help the rebels.
Siege of Vraks I believe.

>Unknown to the commanders of 88th Siege army, Vraks had indeed become a draw to the Traitor Legions. One traitor in particular had heard news of the uprising, and the subsequent battles, and had now chosen to join the war. He was Lord Arkos, a former captain of the Alpha Legion. His battle barge Anarchy’s Heart, had crept into the Vraks system and landed his battle brothers at the star port. Disguised as newly deployed loyalist Space Marines they had infiltrated through the Krieg lines and, under the guise of launching an attack, crossed no-man’s land to reach the enemy side, before making for the Citadel. Arkos and his followers presented themselves at the Citadel, offering his support in the name of all the Chaos Gods. Arkos could not only provide the defenders with superb veteran troops, adept at raiding and disruption behind enemy lines, but also training for the militias. Arkos himself could add his own tactical experience to the defensive campaign. His brothers, all unflinchingly loyal to their commander and their gods, would relish the chance to join the war.

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The Imperium forces is led by a Cardinal who is most likely the biggest asshole in entire Imperium. He order the destruction of an entire Imperial Guard regiment just because their commander disagree with his method, order the mass execution of the native populace just so that he could sell the land to wealthy nobles and other more "normal" Imperial citizens. Infact the entire war which cause the death of massive number of people is just his plan to furthur his career because he think destroying the "Chaos" cults and cleansing the planet in the name of Imperium will look good on his resume.
Mean while on the Chaos side, you have this four Chaos Astrates who did nothing but recruit willing people into their chapter and train and supply the people when the Cardinal order the mass execution. And they help the main characters take his revenge on the cardinal and is willing to help anyone who want to join them.
So kind of like the Blood Gorgons as well.

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I have a question for the people of /tg/. I've been wondering about it for quite a while after glancing through the codex.

In one part of the fluff, it says
>Freed from tradition, constraint and responsibility, a Chaos Space Marine can exercise his every whim, whether it is for bloodshed, sensual pleasure, ambition, love or hatred.'

The love aspect of that got me wondering. What exactly does that get at? Conventional love as we think of it? Are there any cases of Chaos Marines having any sort of thought other than conquest and slaughter, maybe towards affection? To think of a renegade marine pursuing love just seems odd.

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Maybe other kind of love. Writing, painting and etc.

>> No.19312738

Chaos Renegades, provided they aren't horribly riddled with mutation and shit, are often just as hostile to actual Chaos as they are to the Imperium. Though love seems a bit odd for a Space Marine of any stripe to feel in the sense we use the word, it's entirely possible that a Space Marine completely freed from any duty could begin to act much more human, emotions included

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>Lord Arkos
>Not Lord Alpharius

No wonder he fucking lost. He forgot the first rule of Alpha Legion: we are ALL Alpharius.

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If you aren't Alpharius, it's because you're an Alpha Legion sleeper agent, right?

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GW seems to like to portray the majority of renegade marines as monsterous reavers. I suppose individual marines may stray from the Emperor, though their intense training seems to breed the majority of humanity out of them.

I don't mind thinking of space marines (Chaos, renegade or loyal) as somewhat human some of the time. Imagining a renegade marine moving towards enjoying things such as reading, writing, painting and affection seems refreshing, provided they still slaughter things that oppose them.

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>Chaos forces that doesn't go full retarded and start sacrificing the populace for fun.

In my headcanon most are.

The problem here is that Black Library authors are little more than the best of a really abysmal bunch. They just don't have any brains between them really. They can write "Grimbald's chainsword cleaved Ripsplatter the Vile's head from his evil corrupted body." fine enough and mostly that's what people who read 40k fluff want anyway.

Hell that's what I read them for so I'm not judging them, they do one thing well enough.

Expecting a truly deep and thought provoking clash between demi-god masters of all war is not something you're gonna get from these writers. Legion being the case in point.

Alpha Legion were once incredibly well developed characters. They were insurgents, they were the CIA pumped up to a million, rolled in viet-cong and dunked in Ninja juice. In my head canon the Alpha Legion are traitors, they believed in Horus and sought to overthrow the Imperium with him. They saw that the rule of bureaucratic yes-men and administratum clerks as the beginning of a slow decay and decided that they had to stop it.

That's the war they fight now. A war against the crippling inefficiency of the Imperium, they seek to overthrow the stifling decay and replace it with the rule of the Individual. Every Alpha Legionnaire is a force of mayhem wherever he goes. They hide on worlds, befriending the rich and influential, or giving hope to the lost and the damned. They find the niche that's ready to be exploited and use the planets own resources to build cells of acolytes and cultists. Every Alpha Legionnaire is a revolutionary, and a single one uses their own intense knowledge of war and charisma of their presence to will a planet's own population to action, spreading chaos by the lightest touch.

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There's a difference between breeding humanity out of a thing and repressing the human urges. While Space Marines go through a lot of training and indoctrination, it is very hard to completely eliminate emotions, and most Marines we see in the books still feel a very obvious fraternal love for their Battle Brothers. If they were removed from the chapter structure completely, and just wandered on their own, whose to say they couldn't feel that with someone else?

Hell, if you've played DoW 2, maybe they end up with a mindset like Avitus: they just want to escape the voices of all the people they slaughtered.

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Unfortunately Black Library would rather portray them as super secret double-heretics who are bad guys that are actually good guys and totally super secret. It's awful.

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I really love the Night Lords books.
most recently because ADB was the first writer i've seen to accurately portray the Codex Astartes. as a tool that is beneficial to space marines. not a book of rules to be thrown out the window so you can be seen as kewl.
>"The vox, what little of it still made any sense, spoke of a bleak picture. Casualties were more than high; the Legion forces still on the ground were being devastated. Squads of enemy Space Marines were fighting with an efficiency that had no place on such a vast scale. Legion claws were shouting of enemy soldiers linking up with their brethren with vicious frequency, forming overwhelming numbers as they stormed through the primary chambers, forcing the defenders into an ever-heightening state of disorder and retreat. Every Night Lord counter-attack was met with waves of reinforcements, as the Imperials fell back in organised withdrawals, sinking to fall-back points already being reinforced by their freshly landed brethren.

>....This is like fighting a virus,’ Talos breathed over the vox. ‘Like fighting a terminal infection. They’re everywhere. They know how best to counter us as soon as we do something. They studied us before committing to this attack. This was all planned to the last detail.’"

>Talos didn’t take his eyes from the fleet engagement filling the heavens. ‘The Codex Astartes was responsible for our fortress falling in the most brutally efficient assault I have seen since the Siege of Terra,’ he said quietly. ‘I would watch your tongue until you’re certain we will survive this, brother. The Navy will be blockading the system’s outer reaches, one way or another.’

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>they just want to escape the voices of all the people they slaughtered.

Shellshocked PTSD marines? That's weak...

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I JUST fucking realized!

Chaos don't have the fucking Codex Astartes!

Jesus Christ! That's a REALLY big deal. The Codex Astartes is literally The Big Book of War.

I've always imagined that Chaos Legions were much better than Loyalists on the assumption that they had way more experience, being older and having fought longer. But now that I think it over they're all using DOS while the loyalists have Windows.

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To be fair, Avitus responds to this phenomenon by going apeshit, defecting, and just about slaughtering all of his closest comrades. It's also less to do with the slaughter and more to do with the fact that he's seen too much of the Blood Raven's bullshit inner workings to believe that there's any real justification for the carnage.


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Agreed. Too often authors and players are all too eager to bash and insult Codex Astartes. I was glad to see marines (and traitors, no less) saying something positive about it.

>> No.19312906


who'd of thought the manifesto and culmination of the greatest tactician the imperium had seen since the emperor himself would be beneficial?

crazy amiright?

>> No.19312914

It is when you factor in his acute meglomania, and general unwillingness to believe that anyone but him could ever have a brilliant idea (see Alpha Legion)

>> No.19312915

experience counts for a lot. it's why those surviving chaos warriors are as effective as they are.

but having the codex and using it properly is basically a cheat sheet for war. I'd imagine it has all the chaos legions dirty little secrets about their weaknesses and failings and how to exploit them.

it's like fighting someone who is way more experienced and stronger than you but know they have a gimp knee and are afraid of snakes.

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>no Codex Astartes
I smell a Black Crusade...

>> No.19312928


actually it says that the codex has in it ideas from Perterabo on siege. and other sources says that even Russ added a bit to it.

so listening to ideas wasn't Guillimans problem.

his beef with Alpharius was that Alphy gave a world 3 days warning before an attack. then was outright malicious in bringing it into the imperium.

basically putting his own men into needless danger and killing innocent civilians just to prove he was just as good as his older brothers.

>> No.19312971

He never respected Alpharius because Alpharius was new, and proposed radical ideas from the start due to his experience in unconventional warfare as a pirate and a raider. Guilliman's Legion had 2 centuries head start on the Alphas, so Guilliman wanted them to be just another Ultramarine cutout, and Alpharius was convinced he found a better way, and Alpharius proved it fairly well when he brought a rebellious world back into compliance while losing less than 3 dozen Space marines in the process.

Also, Russ' writings are predominately complied into his own work, Meditations On the Battlefield (referred to in fluff as The Meditations) by himself. As Russ was against the establishment of the Codex, I highly doubt that his writings were placed in there, as what bits and pieces we have of The Meditations generally comes into conflict iwth the ideas of the Codex

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i'm fairly certain Guilliman lost respect for alpharius post subjugation of that planet. I don't remember when their meeting was so i may be mistaken. and losing 3 dozen marines when he could of lost less or even none simply for Alpharius's own vanity is inexcusable for any let alone someone who is supposed to be a father figure to their men.

also i wouldn't doubt that Russ's own ideas of war would contradict Guilliman's but seeing as Guilliman counted Russ among the "dauntless few" they clearly worked together a lot and respected one another. so I'm sure that while they may not of agreed on many things they must of agreed on something.

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Aren't Alpharius' tactics more or less in line with Corax or Jaghatai Khan's?

What made his so much worse than theirs?

>> No.19313049

it was similar to their what with using small bands of squads that act with a level of independence from the main unit. but much more so in the alpha legions case.

in pre heresy, what made people uneasy around them was doing crap like giving planets warning before they attack to prove they can't be defeated. Also using body doubles on fellow allies. also targeting civilian homes and living districts to weaken the moral of the planet rather than just targeting government and military targets. other legions did stuff like that too but the alpha legion was a much more devious about it. that can be seen as strength and did work for them. but it's hard to write about noble victories when they were won by cloak and dagger tactics behind enemy lines to blow up a hospital.

>> No.19313056

Nurgle bro here, almost finished with my deathguard, thinking ill get some Forgeworld terminators.

Also, what should I equip my 4 plague marines squads with in terms of weapons? they all have the option of riding in rhinos and 2/4 have icons for summoning the plague bearers. usually what I do is unload all 4 squads behind the rhinos, weather the shooting phase with the rhinos taking the hits then I summon the plague bearers, assault with the plague marines, then move the plague bearers into assault next turn

>> No.19313075

Alpharius called bullshit on Gully's paranoia and attempts to seize control of his fellow Primarchs' legions.

>> No.19313086


>> No.19313090

plasma or melta. Sergeants should have combi-weapons matching their unit and probably power fists (though the fists aren't really necessary).

>> No.19313108

Guilliman: follow my "codex" style of organization and attack style because I have more experience
Alpharius: lolno

Guilliman was butthurt, cried about Alpharius being mean to him to anyone who'd listen, and eventually had to disregard the codex (and still mostly fail) to win once against the Alpha legion.

This is all canon from the Index Astartes and horus heresy novels.

>> No.19313122

that doesn't answer his question, man. You're sourcing entirely different events there.

>> No.19313128

Same events. Guilliman tried to bully Alpharius into goosestepping with his flawed Legion philiosophies, Alpharius refused, and Guilliman held a grudge that he'd spout off about to anyone who'd listen. (Army commander in Legion)

>> No.19313130


Alpharius took a year to take down a few rebels that could have been defeated in a week.

Guilliman called him on it and Alpharius got butt-frustrated.

Alpharius is basically a teenager who refuses to take advice.

>> No.19313132

I dunno what books your read pal, but in Legion
Guilliman is referenced once and all Alpharius has to say is that he doesnt like him.

in Know No fear, the only book so far from Guilliman's perspective, Alphy isn't even mentioned.

also It's stated that Alphys tactics brought him into conflict with not only the Ultras but his other brother chapters like the Imperial fists.
in the Index Astartes article it states that they had an argument. Guilliman showed off his victories and said something like "you'll never get as many unless you conduct warfare properly" could be taken as showing off and a dick move. but hardly trying to usurp Alpharius's command more like trying to get him to come around to his way of thinking.

then Alphy got mad cause everyone agreed with Guilliman. so Alphy turned to chaos, attacked the Ultras and got himself killed.

the end. fade out.

>> No.19313164


What he said.

>> No.19313174

>Same events.
no, it isn't

>Alpharius called bullshit on Gully's paranoia and attempts to seize control of his fellow Primarchs' legions.
never happened

for the rest, see >>19313132

alphafags gonna fag

>> No.19313202

>so Alphy turned to chaos, attacked the Ultras and got himself killed.
>and got himself killed.

>> No.19313213


that is how it stands until a new HH book contradicts it.

>> No.19313214

Funny thing about the Ultramarines....they've never decisively won a battle against the Alpha Legion in fluff, and the only successor chapter to ever canonically win were the Marines Errant.

Think about the implications, fluff-wise. (Smurfs are idiots, news at 11)

>> No.19313223

Except that the perfect, infallible Ultras say that never happened.

>> No.19313226


i feel like that's more because the alpha legion doesn't really fight in outright battles.

they're more the "fall back, fade into darkness, harass the enemy till they give up in frustration" type of fighters.

>> No.19313229


I guess killing a primarch doesn't count..

>> No.19313235

Not when you lose your entire force, a good chunk of the reinforcements, and resort to carpet bombing the planet for very little gain.

Against a legion known for using body-doubles and with a spare primarch.

>> No.19313250

they do dispute the validity of the record. I suspect there is plenty of truth to it.

I would think that even if their primarch did die they would want the imperium to think he is alive to keep them crapping their pants at night in fear.

and it's all we got to go on for the fate of Alpharius. it's not like he's been mentioned since. even on the chaos side.

i personally believe one of the two is dead. Maybe Alpharius is and Omergon is has taken up his former bros name. or vise versa

but this is baseless speculation territory. and i know /tg/ hates that.

>> No.19313268


Primarch's have been shown to see right through their disguises in the HH books.

Besides, I don't think a regular Alpha Schmuck would have put up much of a fight against Rowboat.

>> No.19313292



primarchs have an almost psychic connection to their brothers. in many cases a blatant psychic connection.

that's how Horus recognized him as his brother when they first met when Alpharius boarded his command ship.

frankly im still hoping they put a short story in a future HH novel expanding on RG and A's first meeting. it wasn't explained very well in the IA article and had RG acting rather out of character. I imagine Alpharius tried to pull his body double on him at their first meeting. Guilliman didn't buy it and hence why the open hostility toward one another and why Guilliman would start preaching at him. just my 2 cents though.

>> No.19313347


Alpharius could still use Omegon as a body double though.

>> No.19313354

like that would be any less a grievous loss for both his brother and the legion

>> No.19313358


Still amounts to a Primarch kill for the Smurfs.

>> No.19313369


I meant in other situations when dealing with his brothers, but you are both right.

>> No.19313377

now that i think about it
Fulgrim hasn't been seen since his fight with Guilliman by either side.

so mayhaps before Guiliman went down due to poison he successfully banished him.

so that would be 2 primarch kills for the G man.

>> No.19313396

inb4 tau use mac

>> No.19313409


"No, Sanginius, I am not "compensating for something" and frankly i find the remark offensive."

Little did they know, but this was actually the first time Horus fantasized about murdering one of his fellow primarchs.

>> No.19313433


He is talking to Fulgrim, though.

>> No.19313467


Everybody knows, Fulgrim don't count.

And by the way ful and grim? he is foul and ugly? Poor chap, no wonder he decided chaos was the better choice.

>> No.19313558

> he is foul and ugly?


>> No.19313563

>Alpha Legion



>> No.19313593

Yes. Only Alpharius and Alpharius2 knew about the xenos, the others just went along with turning traitor because Alpharius is kewl and says we should.

>> No.19313599


Your sense of humor sucks, dad. Fuck you, imma go fall to Chaos, and then you'll be sorry.

>> No.19313604

The only name the Emperor gave him was Number III.

>> No.19313606

Actually, his name most likely comes from a conjugated form "vulgarim" of the latin verb "vulgo", which means to propagate, and later gave the word "vulgar".

>> No.19313619


"Numbers? You gave us numbers as names?"

"What of it number 5? Numbers are neat, easily quantified and sorted, far better than nostalgic tributes to the past."

"You are certain its not because you suck at naming things, dad? because.."

"I cant believe i am hearing this, ET TU Number nine? No wonder number sixteen is my number one, he have the good graces to understand my choices, at least i have someone i can rely on."

>> No.19313662


"Sure i gave you all numbers. but i made them all roman numerals! cause roman numerals are cool right?"

"Dad i'm just saying we're your sons. couldn't you have put just a little of thought into it?"

"Ugh. look, the truth is I didn't exactly know if you all were gonna live through the process"


"If i named you all it would of been that much harder to flush you if your dna compiled poorly. It was hard enough going through that with your sisters"

"What sisters?"

"exactly. Now shut up, eat your vegetables, and stop asking questions you don't want the answers to."

>> No.19313681

noise marine

>> No.19314209

Yes. But when was the last time you saw a DOS machine blue-screen?

>> No.19314213

I think that would be the Orks.

>> No.19314238

>> No.19314244

>implying orks don't use linix

>> No.19314255

I think that would be the Eldar.
That's just another reason why they're a marginalized race progressing gradually into oblivion and further obscurity.
Well, ever since the massive-server crash 10,000years ago, anyway.

>> No.19314267


then what would the orks use?
a commodore 64?

>> No.19314284

They would use Mac.
Even in real life, Mac's continued longevity is powered mostly by the mass-belief of the... simple-minded.

>> No.19314304

and the Tau?

an abacus?

>> No.19314365

Quick question, not entierly related, but are all Space Marines immortal?
I read something about the KAY-OS marines being, due to their time spend in the eye of terror, but on other sources I read that all of them are. Awnser pl0x

>> No.19314398

No Space Marine has ever died from old age as far as we know, there was one case of a Salamander living for 10,000 years. But they do age and decline after a certain point, this point is later on for Marine of Blood Angel derived gene-seed. Warp shenanigans can do whatever.

>> No.19314455

The Night Lords novels by ADB plus The Lord of the Night by Simon Spurrier have the best depictions of chaos marines in my opinion. I love how they know that they can't defeat most enemies in a fair fight, and always use some way to gain the upper hand. They are assholes, they fight dirty and don't really like each other that much, but they always fight together anyways.

>> No.19314542

can i get a source on that?

the oldest marine i know about is the Blood Angels Chapter master who is just over 1000. and they are known for being exceptionally long lived.

Chaplin Cassius is considered to be damn near ancient by Ultra standards and hes only in his late 400s.

also, according to the Night Lords novel. to them, it's been only about 100 years since the battle of Terra. so time works kinda funky for Chaos. who knows, maybe there are loyalist marines with more battle experience than these veterans of the great crusade.

>> No.19314571

First book in the Tome of Fire series, they find an ancient heresy era Salamander vessel with one really old marine left aboard.

>> No.19314635

I read that novel, don't remember him being alive though. Was he?

>> No.19314646

Yeah, he talked to them and everything.

>> No.19314668

wow. ok.

what was the context?
was he lost in the warp?
was he just chillin for 10000 years outa gas?

or was he full blown crazy?

>> No.19314673

So I'm working on the concepts for a Tzeentch renegade Guard list, and I've got a few ideas for Chaos-y equipment conversions I'd like some opinions on.

-Vox-Casters are exchanged for Telepathic Relays, which will be modeled as a second armored brain case carried like a backpack and wired to the carrier's helmet.

-Med-Kits are exchanged for Gland Arms, robotic armatures extending from a backpack over the carrier's shoulder and wrapped in a needle-mouthed worm.

-Sentinels are exchanged for Stalk-Tanks. Armored sentinels are big and solid, a little smaller than a Chimera, while Scouts are wiry and just over the size of a regular sentinel.

-Battle psykers are Sorcerers, wearing big commissar-esque storm coats and with flames surrounding their heads. The Primaris psyker will have the same getup, but with a suitably impressive staff and an enclosing helm. The battle squad handler will be dressed as a normal trooper, but with a large helm covered in augmetics and a mutated arm.

-The rank-and-file guys will have their CCWs represented with retractable bone knives rather than bayonets or what have you.

-Bodyguards, if I use them, will be Life-Wards. Scrawny fucks looking like nothing so much as genestealer hybrids with integrated arm-blades and Predator-style MIU guns.


>> No.19314725


But was he actually 10,000+ years old or had the time hijinx of the warp reduced that time to maybe a few hundred?

>> No.19314740

>chillin 10000 years in a ship waiting to be found

AAA really sucks in 41st millennium

>> No.19314743

After all the other Salamanders got killed off by Orks he just kind of sat in a room.

>> No.19314760

was he guarding the Holy Grail?

>> No.19314810


>> No.19314845


That's just dumb.
I don't think im gonna read that book any time soon.

>> No.19314915

It was actually a bunch of suits or armour arrayed in a pattern that somehow provided Vulkan He'stan with a cipher to do some shit with the Tome of Fire.

>> No.19315015


>> No.19315038

Anybody? Progress on the heavy stalk-tank btw, with the weapon options lined up beside the turret.

>> No.19315077


>> No.19315089

>> No.19315097

the guy is so old that he's fused into the chair/his armour and utterly out of his mind

Mind, I'd not really recommend the books. There are good moments, but by and large the characters are just -annoying-.

>> No.19316740

>subverting an entire subsector protected by a Chapter
>corrupting Guard sent to free said sector
>turning entire regiments, including a baneblade and stormtroopers
>like a baws

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