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>>19283964 old thread.

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Map reference, with the starting points for all the various tribes (9, so far) on the Eastern Continent.
Excellent map by Indonesian Gentleman.

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Something went terribly wrong with that pic, or my phone just can't display it properly.

Anyways, I think that posting the rules, starting races and biome map is in order.

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Yeah, I'll be trying to load it again.

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im going to bed, but i gotta ask before i do so i can wake up later. Is my tribe too bleak? are any of the characters too ridiculous? is voice too much of a victim (See last posts of last thread)? Nad, im implying your tribe killed my tribes old tribe, but if you do not like me using your characters in that way, we an all assume it was another govkar group that did it. Otherwise they torched my guys in the dead of night, killing everything they could in the open and making a display of it. (if you accept, i think its safe to assume your tribe would have also looted all resources, which would probably just be a fuckton of scavenged bark and branches, food, etc.) also can someone archive the last thread before it dies all the way?

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On it.
As for the voice... they didn't you know... rape her or anything? I didn't think that bit about the skulk having foreign "plumbing" was canon.

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Oh right, I forgot, I already did archive it earlier today, ha ha ha!

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Roll response from last thread:

Ca'rethill scouts had managed to find a natural spring to the north! I'll put this on the map later. Meanwhile, the boomer hunt goes a bit sour, for some of the boomers exploded upon death. They only manage to find enough skin for half the teepees.

The Zal'zaz (I'mma use this one, faster to type) managed to find a cave overgrown with marsh Azrach root networks to their south. It is very suitable for a permanent dwelling. They manage to find a herd of glowy Ramel, but they accidentally cracked the tusks while they were butchering them. Meanwhile, the twins and Pred managed to cover up their tracks good. Unfortunately, no more refugees can be found in the area.

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I don't think that your tribe is too bleak, but I am not really sure about the Gwiliak attacking the skulks that openly. In my mind, the Gwiliak fear the skulks far more than they hate them. They might attack a lone skulk if they have the numbers advantage, but attacking the whole tribe in their home turf seems somewhat out of their current mentality. Though they are quite large tribe, having 30 adults in addition to the children whose exact number I am not too sure about. They certainly could have been capable of the act.
I also stated that there hadn't been any skulk like govkar born in the tribe since Kiknau took the lead, which means about 15 years.

But if you think that your idea would ad some interesting dynamics instead of having the destroyers being some npc tribe, you might be able to convince me. What was your tribe's former strenght btw?

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....I don't think that we should go any further along this path of discussion.
We are probably better off without knowing how that would even work.

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first- if mature subject matter about anything sexual ever comes into a game i play, it damn well better be a footnote, no worse then anything Black Isle has wrote. Not a central theme, or something to be focused on.

the plumbing thing i mentioned was supposed to be a very, insignificant footnote, only valid in the event of a skulk diplomat attempting to gain control over another tribe's leader, etc. pheromones + illusion of a fulfilling relationship. also possible the skulk might actually have a heart. can love bloom? not in 40k son. i didnt want it to be a focus though. if its going to become one, retcon it out of existence violently.

next concern
about voice: i left it open ended on purpose, with it needing no further discussion. People who want the worst out of life can assume, those who would assume pure violence get that, all without ever having to touch the subject and leaving it a highly traumatic footnote in the character's life one way or another. But now i see that with your concern there are likely to be other people concerned about it. So, its up to Nad. The agressors are his race. Either way it goes, its still a footnote, never to be touched again. Just some sadness.

Nad: Totally NPC tribe then. Im going to go with the tribes former strength beingaround 90-110. a good sized community, but most of them while skulks, were not warriors. I imagine a very violent group of govkar, perhaps a coalition of local smaller tribes banded together to remove the perceived threat, lead by a crone (old female). As i assumed from your stories that govkar society, at least in that region, is matriarchal. Long story short, slaughtered. about...20-30 survivors total (including the mutuated govkar of the area, so really less 5-7 govkar.), all of them barely adults, save for predator. and predator...isint all there, and never has been.

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rolled 1, 3 = 4

Probably a good idea.

Also, to get the game rolling (pun fun!) I will be sending out our bravest hunters into the plains. Hopefully they will find something to supplement our lacking supplies of fish.
Anything will do of course, hopefully none of the younger ones go after anything out of their leauge, eager to prove themselves.

But you know how young ones are...

I will also be sending out an old skilled scout of ours to search around the area, see if there's anything of interest nearby.

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rolled 19, 3 = 22

the zal'zaz'siel tribal have found shelter in a well hidden cave. the cold will not kill them, and they have food. They are hidden, and for the first time in days they are safe.

Daughter is sending an exploration force into the cave to find out its geography, and what, if anything lives inside it. The predator has taken to remaining within earshot of voice when at the camp, but the time for compassion is nearing an end for now...the urge to hunt must be satisfied soon.

rolling for cave exploration and cave resources/ dangers

the survivors are not the Zal'Zaz'Siel anymore, they lost that. They are now just the Za'Siel. its a broken version of their name, and fitting. The change was made as they sat in the dark of the cave, their bio luminescence lighting the conversation, reflecting on their loss.

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This is a terrible start...

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In what area was your tribe fromely located? If they were near enough of Gwiliak, it might be that they are in contact or even partook in the act with the tribes who decimated your tribe. The mates of the siblings are mostly form other nearby tribes, or at least not very close relatives. This means that the Gwiliak interct with other govkar tribes.

I agree wit you about the "incident". I think that it is best if we leave it as a minor detail. I seriously do not wan't to start figuring out any more details about the govkar reproduction than is nescessary.

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"the young hunters, not quite the lanky children they once were, but not yet the filled out warriors they were to be set out on a grand adventure. The first for many of them. With spears in hand, they went out assuming they were on their own. An elder hunter, past his prime for killing great beasts, but still keen of mind and swift of hoof(?) ghosted them from a distance. The young hunters made sport of immature ramel, and even a juvenile slizer, each one festooning their prizes to their back. The hunt was not yet over, these were good, but not worthy. On they searched, untill from the sky came savage and black winged bird men. they were not strong compared to the proud Gantu but they were cunning, fast and had the sky to their disposal. Several were brought low, but on they came, in the end the old hunter showed himself, charging into the fray, yanking a spear out of a youths had he attacked with both arms. Each spear found purchase, but in the place of battle lust and wild glee he found weariness of age, and the pain of a full life in his joints. The youths were running now, escaping. Around him there was more and more black with each thrust of his spears. He felt weary, so weary. everything was moving so slow. then it stopped."
"the youth ran, they ran for their lives from the sky demons. The elder had purchased them time with his life, but they stopped as they heard a battlecry like thunder. the elder fought in berserk fury, like the stories, better then the stories. Spears flashing and enemies falling, him atop a pile of the dead while an impossible horde fell upon him from the sky. Still he fought, bellowing his elemental rage, his voice crashing like a tsunami on the shore. Then he stopped. he stood there, and stopped. and fell over."

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...you see children, the elders heart had given out, at the end of a long life, and the close of a long day, he taught one last lesson that would be burned into the minds of those youths till their dieing day.


I'm assuming that the cave they are currently in is near area B. the original tribal location was south of that, pretty much right next to your tribe. due to your earlier request for a nearby skulk participant.

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The legend of the old warrior shan't be forgotten. The tale of U'amahu will be told for generations.
(Hope you don't mind me naming him)

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rolled 7, 17, 6, 10, 1 = 41

>Nufa won the battle, knocking out Daki's smug ass fair and square. Due to the spectacle, only a few couple manage to get it on that night, and it also disrupted the younglings' education. Some have stored the extra food in some of the hollow, hardened Azrach shell that covers its old fruits, while the scouts report that the perimeter is clear.

The following days, the tension between Nufa and Daki is all time high, Nufa flaunting his family's new gear that he won from his sister while Daki grows increasingly annoyed and desperate to reclaim her pride after her embarassing defeat.
She also demands that similar weaponry and armor is to be made for her aswell.

The hive ngung have caught Hakels interest. The Gwiliak have traditionally just collected hanging webs from the canopies, but when one of Hake's children spotted a Ngung spinning their small web nests, Hakel got the idea of trying to get more of these small critters.

Jun is tasked with making more of the rudimentary storage shells Hakel invented, for future use.

Nufa is also attempting to test out the spears and armor on a hunting trip.

Kiknau has ordered Macai to keep an eye out for dead higitains so that their carapaces could be used by the tribe.

Rolling for making more weapons, studying the ngung, making storages, hunting and scouting for higitain caracases.

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>dem rolls.

Damn! I don't want to lose another one of my bug girls goddamnit!
Hakel however, is still a bloody genious.

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Since my first rolls were missed or lost in the shuffle, I guess I will just go ahead and re-start my tribe here so it will be easier. things are naturally a little chaotic as we're getting underway.

Reposting the Rolls
rolled 7, 7, 1, 1 = 16
The Kaze Tribe finishes celebrating their most recent festival of Rain when they realize they have given all the food they had stored to the All Mother after getting too excited. As such, the Twin Hunters head into the Jungle to find something suitable. (Roll 1). Meanwhile, the two fishers head to the river to try to find something that way, as well as explore downstream a little ways. (Roll 2). Frilla heads off to the forest across the river to try and study the Gliding Boomers, with the hopes of finding a way to capture or tame one. (Roll 3). And the tribe leader Kamen escorts one of the elder Singers to the All Mother to return her to the tribe and welcome a new member into the fold. (Roll 4)

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rolled 17, 6, 15 = 38

And crap, I just found what happened at the bottom of a longer post so I will be moving forward then instead!

The hunters, distraught at their lack of prey, forge ever deeper into the jungle and down river. Getting farther from the All Mother than any of them have ever been. Wave and Two-Eye try a new tactic for baiting prey by using a bit of their blood in the water (Roll 1). Shadow and Swifts attempt (Roll 2). Frilla, disoriented from the attack by the Ribboner attempts to make her way back to the village after waking up (roll 3) and Kamen, in disgust and pity for this new offspring, offers it up to appease the all mother since no one had any offerings to provide. And the tribe must make a new member via normal reproductive means. The Gods are not happy with them. It is a sign.

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rolled 4, 20 = 24


(I assume the youth made it back with the food?)
The young hunters return but with sad tidings. The chieftan-ess takes the news hard, she and U'amahu were close, and had even been lovers long ago.

While the tribe is glad to be full of food, what shall be done with U'amahu? They surely cannot leave his body to rot in the sun, to be eaten by predators. Surely so noble a warrior must be returned to the sea, where Gantu dead are laid to rest.

Rolling to find U'amahu's remains for burial,
Rolling to find a new scout to replace him

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Already got that covered, chum. Repostan anyways.

The fishing and hunting trip are uneventful, with only a few catches. Meanwhile Frilla got hit by a fast-moving Ribboner and gets KOed, while Kamen had to deal with a rotten offspring: the new Skulk is locked within its own body, and had to be fed by another. In other words, the new Skulk is a vegetable.

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Yeah, sorry, I found it finally after I reposted and went looking again just to make sure. Then, decided to move forward with some more rolls instead

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Yay! Second Coffee break! These worker benefits are great!
So, is anyone here lurking? I have an acces to a computer for the next 15 minutes, so I am down for some discussion.

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Well, it seems there is no one here right now.
I'll get home soon, and then I can start drawing again. Hopefully, I can get roll results by then.

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Well, I'm still around, I just didn't want to dominate the conversation too much.

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No need to not post your ideas if you hace them, as your input has always been very good.
I think that we might be without gm for a while again, so in the mean time you could post your ideas for the gantu religion for example. We have never needed to roll for developing the belief systems of the races. Rolls are more for actions, instead of fluffing or roleplaying.

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Alright I am at home again, so bumbing to get some discussion going on.

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rolled 4, 2 = 6

The dead Sculcrow Kharum found was something they did not like at all. Myths are nice things to have as long as they stay as things that do not exist but this one.. this sculcrow is real and as everyone knows myth that come real is bad news and never bring good. They thought that this thing must have comed from north as marsh is there and only bad things come from the marshes. They have travelled so far from marshes that they do not want to end up there again and they decide to go more right so that they would circumvent the horrible place. They do not want to go through the rift and attempt to go from the gap there is in the west. They would leave the dead sculcrow there as it would only brings bad luck.

rolling for direction of the exodus ( roll of 1-6 west 7-14 northwest 15-20 north) and another random encounter.

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Alright. Dumpin' religion.

Stage 1
Worship of the sea for it's bounty and the fish it provides, as well as the environment of the plains for the game it provides and the strenght gained from fighting its predators.
> /endquote

This is where the Gantu are now, by the way.

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Nice to have you back in the fray.
>dem rolls.

This can only end well.

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> Stage 2
Slightly dualistic. They have one female diety and one male diety. Their names (note: these may change) are Big Sister and Little Brother, respectively.

Big Sister is the goddess of the ocean (sometimes she is the ocean itself).
She also is the patron of bounty, compassion, giving. Big Sister is the primary diety of the Gantu, and she is seen as the loving protector and guardian of the people.
Big Sister is by and large what anthropologists refer to as "the Sacred Feminine" with maritime elements added. Themes of motherhood and life-bearing and giving powers abound.
Worship of Big Sister arose from the plentiful fish in the ocean, full of life and easily yielding its bounty to feed the tribe. These are seen as gifts from Big Sister, and as such, are not to be wasted (part of this is also because the Gantu have no method of preservation yet).

Little Brother plays second fiddle to Big Sister most of the time but is important nonetheless. He is the god of strength, the hunt (being seen as patron of both wild beasts and of hunters), and warriors. Little Brother's role as the god of strength involves the various vicious predators and other large game that the Gantu supplement their pescitarian diet with. Unlike the ocean, these are gifts that must be worked for, and earned, and by overcoming such challenges a hunter is strengthened and enriched.
While Little Brother is the god of warriors, he is *not* a war god. It would be far more accurate to say he is the god of guards and protectors.

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Well at least the direction is right.. but whatever there is might be quite "FUN"

>> No.19313664

This one's a doozy.

Stage 3
In Gantu theology, the twin aspects of compassion and protection lend themselves to a certain point of view regarding the race's considerable natural brute strength. Physical prowess is regarded as a gift from the gods that an individual may protect those they care about. This can even, in some cases, apply to actual physical muscle mass, the bulk of the adult Gantu being a reward for the maturity to use their new power wisely. Fitness and a bulk is seen as the reward for, or sometimes the call to, a noble heart and kind actions. Without knowledge of excercise and how muscles work, the Gantu are not aware that their strength, size, and power are a result of their active lifestyles, the work of biology rather than the gods.
What constitutes a "good person" and "kind actions" has to do with compassion and a giving nature. A faithful Gantu is expected to care for and tend to those who are without strength, such as children, the sick, the elderly, or to defend those weaker than oneself. They are also expected to freely share what they own and what they have. As the gods see fit to grant us everything, so a Gantu must be willing to share what he or she has if it is needed and asked for. Of course, later, the same Gantu can ask for the item back. This belief has led to a very loose sense of property, as tomorrow, it could very easily belong to someone else.
(Continued, field too long)

>> No.19313676

> Stage 3 (continued)
Said items are also expected to be looked after, so that they may be used by others in the future (and again, that someone might well be *you* someday). In the distant past, in fact, it was once superstitiously believed that anytime a tool or item broke, it was because the current owner was not a giving enough person. Nowadays, though, it's recognized that things do wear and tear, and that eventually things fall apart through no fault of their own. The root word for "break" or "wear down" in the Gantu language is actually the same as "to die/perish", and this is a good analogy for how such wear and tear came to be accepted, the object has seen the end of its life, and passed on. By extension, the word for the intentional destruction of an item is almost identical to the word for "murder", though obviously the one for "murder of an item" does not carry the gravity of "murder of a person".

One more to go.

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rolled 18, 4, 13, 11, 4 = 50

This is a time of celebration! All these wonders... It is truly a sign that the Spirits smile upon us, our ancestors in the above. Even the Burning Moons, whose brilliance seeks to drown out our own, must pay heed to what we have accomplished here!

In fact, the Burning Moons have offered gifts our way; a few days ago, one of our kin was cutting apart a slab of Ramel meat with their axe upon a stone, when the blade slipped upon the rock. The poor Silith was scared half to death when... SOMETHING flew out of the union between axe and stone. It was like a miniature Sun, although it fell to the ground and was smote upon it's soil. We must replicate this, for we have seen similar kinds of it's kin strike burning tongues upon the Burning Plains.

The Burning Moons have other uses as well; the discarded skins of Boomers and Ramel, left to rot in the heat have... Changed. They've become harder, tougher. Some of our kin believe they can turn this into a material they call "Heatskin" (Leather) if given opportunities to test and perfect it.

Full stomachs and a full storage building have given us time to ponder as well... Ponder for the future of our people. Will we be wanderers, forever giving the spoken law to our children until the Void Guardians overtake the Burning Moons? Perhaps, but we must codify this... Me and the other sages of this tribe are taking up discussing turning our language into symbols.

Roll to discover fire, leather, the alphabet, spears, and clearing out more of the vegetation with axes and those not busy hunting.

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>and those not busy hunting.

Meant to say with those not busy hunting. And woot, discovered FIRE!

>> No.19313699

Dude, I *love* your writing style! The name "Burning Moons" is awesome for the twins suns.
The subtle name drop of the "Void Guardians" is great. The lack of information is intriguing, and I *can't help* but want to know more.

Last Gantu religion dump. I have more, but this is what I have written down and can copypasta.

> Stage 4
It should be noted that to the Gantu have never considered their dieties omnipotent or omniscient. they are powerful and far above any gantu but by no means are they limitless. Can the be killed? Hard to say. Can a man kill the ocean, or kill the sun (who, has come to bee seen as the figurative or perhaps literal representation of Little Brother)? Perhaps, but it would be a monumental task, one that would take more than a lifetime to complete.

While this is listed as Stage 4 this fact will be true as early as Stage 2. That said, encountering more omnipotent deities of other cultures will cause the Gantu to have nail down specifics as well as be able to explain it.

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I like it. You really put some thought behind this.
Unlike me with my previous religious tribe, the Zu-nul. All I really developed about them was that they worship the sandworm which they live in and that they have many rituals (I came up with new ones as the game went on).

Though the difficulty of forming true theology around a living and clearly existing creatures that the Suzumou worship as gods is kinda hard. There is no real example from which to draw inspiration from. Even in human cultures in which the rulers were worshiped as gods, they still appeared to be human.

The suzumou are child sized parasitic wasp like creatures, and from their perspective, the immense sandworms are gods. What else could they be? The goworms provide for the suzumou, they are born from it's flesh and only thing the worm asks is tributes of food and service.

Wouldn't you worship a massive sentient worm that is also your home?

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Thanks! Trying out a 1st Person Limited as opposed to the 3rd Person Omniscient that others are using. Currently the narrator is the tribal elder, although that will change as the years pass.

Can't help but notice though; lush vegetation with heavy rainfall means jungle, and jungle means pretty bad as far as developing a large-scale civilization due to poor soil fertility. Either we're going to become stunted compared to other civilizations, the system works differently here and I can still engage in large-scale farming after clearing out forest, or the Silith are going to have to engage in a large exodus to some other lands.

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That's actually not that uncommon a starting point for more primitive religions, and is, in fact, the starting point for the Gantu's veneration of the sea. To them, it yields it's seeming bounty easily and effortlessly.
This contrast to the work needed in hunting a land beast is what developed the idea of earning/rewards and seeking out worthy challenge.

There's even a parallel in real-world ancient Judaism. One of the more ancient Hebrew names for God actually translates to "the breasted god", because, though God is called "the Father", Ancient Hebrews also recognized the aspects of a provider and life-creator in their monotheistic faith.

My dad was actually a pastor, and a student of world religions. He kind of passed down that fascination to me, and some classes about Catholic theology (and their context in, and versus, other forms of Christianity) interested me to no end.
Consequently, I know the ins and outs of Christianity best, but I have a *tiny* bit of knowledge in some other religions, sometimes only enough to know that I don't know jack squat, he heh.

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Well, as my family wasn't very religious and I can't recall myself ever having faith, my knowledge of world religions is largely based on the stuff I learned in school, as Finland has religion as a subject. It touches upon world religions, but mostly focuses on Christianity, more precisely on the relatively small sect of Lutherans who are the majority here. Overall, it is not very useful subject to learn about. It is supposed to more objective look at religion, but how religious the lessons actually are depends largely on the teacher.

Because of this, I imagine that my understanding of religions is flimsy at best, though I do realize the effect they have had on human history and our development. That is why all my species are religious to some degree at least, because that is how they try to make sense of the world. Due to my poor knowledge of religions however, I avoid delving very deep in it.

/off topic rant.

I don't intend to start any sort of religious debate, I just kinda explained from what viewpoint I see the religions in this world. I find your point about the older religion's view on gods as providers interesting, although even it doesn't really translate well to the suzumou, because they don't really have faith. To them, their god is a creature they can touch, smell, see and talk to through their neural tongues. There is no belief involved. There is simply the clear fact that their god exists and gives them sustenance and safe place to live in exchange of food.
Of course, the sandworms aren't actual gods, they can't control the world, but they have a major influence to the desert, which cause the suzumou believe that they are actual gods, as to them the world IS the desert.

>> No.19313848

Hey guys, someone named "Spec" is starting their own evolution game and they've started fluffing out the world here.

It's still in its infancy, and contains only microscopic life for now, but I figured that it'd be right up most folks' alley here.
Us fa/tg/uys gotta stick together, after all, and I mentioned I'd send interested parties his way.

>> No.19313860


I checked out that thread, but it seems to be auto saging.
Though I understood that he was trying to make and actual game about it, instead of this type of thing we are having here.
Though I might have been mistaken, I read through the posts at work and in haste, so I might have misunderstood it.

>> No.19313890

Yeah, I've heard that Finland (and the Nordic countries in general) aren't quite as much into religion.
Us Americans are kind of infamous for it. I'm not a man of faith myself, but even so, the subject fascinates me. I am still interested in religion as a social phenomenon and a byproduct of civilization and development.

Again, with what little bit I know on the subject, so far your suzumou sound like they conform to common trends, *especially* in pre-agricultural societies. Nomadic or pre-farming cultures will tend to have more pragmatic and literal senses of belief, either worshiping physical things or natural forces. Once farming starts and permanent living areas begin to form, the religion may take new forms, such as idol worship. Still a physical object, but now it's a representation of the natural or physical force that is bowed down to.

I noticed that too, but figured just in case, I'd link, but also to fulfill my promise that I gave to link folks who'd be interested.

>> No.19313920

> Yeah, I've heard that Finland (and the Nordic countries in general) aren't quite as much into religion.

Forgot to add "but I withheld taking that as fact until I heard it from someone who is actually from there."

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Well, in Finland people generally belong to the church and hold some manner of faith, but it is more of a private thing and rarely really brought into the public and otherwise as a subject of discussion.
The people who are really passionate about their religion are, according to my experiences, a minority, while the majority hold on to the beliefs mostly due to traditions and such things. That's why I find atheist movements here funny, as they just make themselves look like asses when they oppose a religion that already has extremely little influence here. People just don't give a shit about religion, of if someone holds faith in one.
I myself think that one should be free to believe whatever he or she wishes if it brings happiness to ones life, as long as this faith isn't forced on others either directly, or indirectly through political decisions.

Damn, again, /end rant. Sorry I just kinda got carried away with that.

There is another interesting thing about the god worms. Due to the fact that the suzumou can connect their own nervous system with the worm through exposed neural ends inside the flesh sacks of the worm and the tongues of the suzumou, the worm is able to collect bits and pieces of the memories and minds of it's worshipers.
Eventually, after generations of scraps of suzumou minds flooding to the worm's brain, the worm begins to resemble some sort of infinity circuit. It can even "resurrect" some suzumou, by weaving together the owners original personality traits and memories and then forcibly merging it's own nervous system with the one of a developing larvae growing within it's flesh and flooding it with this remade personality. This actually happened to one individual of my tribe. These kinds of miraculous acts only reinforce the suzumou on their conviction about the divine status of the worm.
Pic related, I made it to kinda represent the act.

>> No.19314010


well my oppinion is that most finns aren't that religious than we used to. 1960-1970 communism was in fashion -> atheism. 1990 there was huge depression so people didn't want to pay church tax -> people leave church. after that secularization grew. Another reason for secularization is that almost everybody belongs to church -> no work needed to convert people -> spiritual lazyness. Also political correctness doesn't let people talk about religion (for example you can't talk about sin when you spread the faith so that people won't get their feelings hurt) so it doesn't work really well. and as my friend said "feministcommunists propaganda has caused spiritual castration".

>> No.19314033

Not at all, I'm interested to hear it.
I actually agree with you about faith, feel free to have it, but leave others alone about it. I mean, I used to be religious myself (okay, let's be honest, I was a fuckin' fanatic), and can understand some of the appeal.
I kind of wish people were as laid back about religion here, or that it wasn't used (or, if you ask me, *exploited*) for political gain or to enforce personal beliefs. It's also downright BIZZARE sometimes how much nationalism gets wrapped up into religion over here.

Hopefully I'm not making anyone uncomfortable, but I get long winded... especially about things I'm interested in, and especially in writing. With writing, I don't run out of breath in my enthusiasm.

I don't know enough about Finland or its culture to be able to say one way or the other, but I imagine it's a little more complicated than that.
I'm tempted to say you're applying more American points of view onto the situation. I won't say that, because for all I know you could be Finnish yourself.

>> No.19314068


Yeah, America is kind of an anomaly regarding religion when compared to the rest of the western world. No offense intended.
It is just strange to watch how much religious rhetoric is used in your election campaigns for example. In here, if you start to appeal to religion, people often get more cautious about you, or that's how I have experienced. I don't recall any religious stuff coming up in our election debates that occurred recently.
Well, there was some stuff about one of the candidates being gay, but it didn't come up much in the actual debates between the candidates.

I do think that Onolkeshan is Finnish, as I recall him using finnish words in his submissions.

This might very well to be the original cause. To be honest, I don't really care why we are so secular. Religion has never caught my interest that much nor has debating about it.

>> No.19314069

> Attempting to get this thread back on topic, I apologize for the unintentional derail.

Yeah, I briefly skimmed through some of the threads, but that bit stuck out to me. I like the scientific explanation you gave to it, how it could happen, as well as how the suzumou viewed it (you made it a point, I even, I recall, to say that the individual wasn't actually Knixi, but the tribe sure thought she was)

I need to go through the threads with more depth though, I tended to just breeze on through 'em, stopping only on posts that caught my eye especially ones with "pretty pictures!*", I am an artist, after all, and am easily drawn in (again, puns!) with visuals.
Kind of meant I stopped on a lot of posts of yours, which is where I found your stuff, and what attracted me towards participating in this game in the first place.

* for the desire effect, say it in the voice of a little kid. For added effect, imagine he's hyped up on sugar or something (yes, I know, sugar doesn't cause hyperactivity, it's all the *other* stuff in candy that does it, but I figure you know what I'm getting at).

>> No.19314100


well it just happens that both Nad and i are finnish. I do feel the same way as you about religion, and overall about everything: Be whatever you are and believe in whatever you want but don't come and shove it on my face. Most of those things i wrote i learned from my friend who studies theology so trust that most of it is at least near the truth, maybe with hint of manly viewpoint and "perkele".

>> No.19314153

No offense taken, I used the word "bizzare" myself.
I imagine it is strange to see religious rhetoric when you're not used to it, but I'm so used to it, I hardly notice myself.

Frankly, its impossible to succeed in national politics without at least being religious in name. This is because one) most people here *are* religious and so naturally politicians, or any random segment of the population will tend more often towards being religious (specifically Protestant Christianity) than not, and two) religious people are such a large portion of the voters (93% of voters self-identify as Christians, I remember one statistic) are religious, that one needs to at least pretend to appeal to them in order to have a chance at office.
To my knowledge, there has NEVER been any agnostic/undecided, or avowed atheist in any higher office, and you can forget any *other* religions, save Judaism.

It's silly, but I feel so well-informed for knowing what perkele means (especially when WAY too many Americans couldn't find Finland on a fucking map).
I apologize for assuming, by the way. Must be that "foot-in-mouth disease" as the joke goes.

>> No.19314173


Thanks for the compliments.
And yeah, let's get back to topic more related to this thread, while we wait for IG to return.

Regarding Knixi, I have big plans for her. First of, the continued manipulation of Zhen Qual, the godworm, causes her to become more and more distant from her "original" personality. This already came apparent when her childhood friend and she argued about her leaving to the nearby gorrirog tribe as an emissary.

Eventually, as the godworm can just keep remaking her her persona again and again she will become some sort of immortal figure to the Zu-nul, each of her incarnations carry parts of her previous lives. What this does to her mind will be seen. Think of her becoming some sort of mixture of Dunkan Idaho and an eldar phoenix lord, as each new reincarnation ads another life to the collective memory pool of her lives stored within Zhen Qual, and then used as building material for weaving the her next incarnation.

She will become eternal, but forever enslaved to the schemes of the Godworm, while her friends and kin die and are forgotten, only surviving as scraps of memories and minds within the worm's mind, while upon her death the godworm reabsorbs her so that it can recreate her again. Not exactly a pleasant afterlife.
Zhen Qual isn't a benevolent being.

>> No.19314206

Oh god... that's...
Frankly it's horrifying, but also brilliant. I love it.
I had to look up who Dunkan Idaho was, but before you mentioned that, it made me think of Ancient Persia.

They had a unit called the "Immortals" who always went into battle with their faces covered. Whenever one of them died, they were replaced with another masked solider. To outsiders, it looked as if the men of the unit could never be killed.
It's actually pretty smart psychological warfare, when you think about it.

>> No.19314239

Religion for me is as intrinsic as civilization itself, it's supposed to be the comfortable buffer between us and the unknown, or even the driving force that urges us to innovate and discover (Newton from my understanding was a devout Christian, as was Darwin until the death of someone close to him.)

That being said, religion within the scope of this game for me is strictly based on how it would realistically come about. I'd say I have a fairly firm grasp on the way religions grow and evolve based on external stimuli, and that'll come into play with the Silith as time goes on. The Burning Moons go from a separate antagonistic entity to another form of the Void Guardians, perhaps siblings within a pantheon that'll grow as our span of knowledge expands. We're in the dawning years of sapience, I don't expect our religions to even be remotely similar now to what they'll be 30 turns from now. The Silith Sun hate and Moon worship might very well turn into some odd fusion of Greek, Judaism, Hinduism and Valar/Maiar Tolkien Mythos.

>> No.19314241
File: 120 KB, 403x397, direction.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I blame GMs for the offtopic as they aren't here.

Kharums exodus will take some time but it's the point. I'm just eager to know what did they encounter.

>> No.19314262


Well, I actually wrote the name wrong. It's Duncan Idaho.

He was a character in the dune books, but you probably know that now as you checked him up. He was remade many, many times as a clone like being called a ghola, which had his original personality and memories.

Although I didn't intend the reincarnation thing to be a reference to this, it kinda became one and I only realized it when I wrote my last post.
The desert already has blatant Dune references in the form of the sandworms.

As I have said, making reference critters is vice. I try to avoid it, but sometimes I simply can't resist the temptation. Desert+evo thread+burrowing little starting creature=sandworms.
There was no escaping from it since the start of the thread. I of course try to keep the development somewhat feasible and gradual.

>> No.19314313

I'm curious to see what such a fusion will entail.

True, but we should try and at least have a *little* discipline.

Also... interesting, your tribe is beginning to veer a little closer to mine. Perhaps the two shall meet.

Well, it was good enough for a Google search that led me to a link that explained the whole thing to me.

I know a little about Dune, enough to recognize a reference when I see one (sandworm, blue eyes, spice must flow), though I haven't seen the movies, I tried to read the book a while back, but never really got "into it".

Reference critters, eh, it's okay to me, especially if it's not blatant, and it has some in-universe justification, like yours does.
It's only natural to draw upon the works of others to jumpstart your own ideas, it's a pretty natural method of creativity. The trick is to know how to hide your work, or to know how to distance yourself from the inspiration or source material. That's something I've learned to do (or maybe just seem good at) over the years in my own work.

Hell, the Gantu are a pretty blatant reference in and of themselves (especially for me, I try to pretend as if everything is purely original, which is of course, utter bullshit), so much so I'm amazed no one's noticed yet. I don't know if the movie they reference was ever popular beyond the States though, so that may be part of it.

>> No.19314333

Welp, that hunter just found a really huge glow Ramel in the plains. And apparently it's really ornery. Rest in peace. The scouts find out that there's predatory Higitains roaming the plains, other than the ornery glow Ramels.

>> No.19314364
File: 106 KB, 800x600, Jun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally I was able to finish this. Damn these distractions!

Anyways, only one sibling to go!

Jun is the most unremarkable one of the 5 siblings. She isn't exceptionally good at anything, she lacks the authoritative and self assured nature of Daki, the fearless resolve of Nufa, she isn't as inventive as Hakel and she lacks the energetic self confidence and sharp mind of Macia.

No-one, except for her mother truly appreciates what her family does for the good of the tribe. Because of her tireless efforts, there is always at least something to eat, the village stays clean because of her family's work and the children are kept in check by her. Unfortunately Kiknau can't reveal how much value she sees in the stabilizing effect of her loyal and diligent work, as she must keep up the facade of favoring one of her children over another.

Jun and her family mostly gather food such as azrach fruits, dahon eggs, keerbs and tubers. All of these foods are disliked by the Gwiliak, as they quite honestly taste like crap, but there is no other reliable alternatives. Jun also keep the village clear from the debris carried by the river and the floods, as well as cleans away parasites living in the huts and checks up the children for them. Without her work, the day to day life of the tribe would become quickly very complicated.

>> No.19314379
File: 37 KB, 713x465, U'amahu Preview.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait, is >>19312435 no longer canon?

B'aaw, and I made a pretty picture and everything...

It's your game, I suppose and I'll be okay (*sniff).

>> No.19314400


I hope and think that IG just didn't see NGs post.

>> No.19314414

Turn incoming fellow Tribals.

>> No.19314432

Why do I just want to give a person and a creature who doesn't even exist, why do I want to just give her a hug? Tell her that somebody cares, that somebody appreciates her... why am I thinking a bug is adorable as all Hell? Is this what you guys call "waifu"?

Why do I want an insect-girl waifu? What the fuck has /tg/ done to me?!

>> No.19314444


Jun is instantly and permanently my favourite.

>> No.19314453 [DELETED] 


Oh... Also concerning the Silith picture I requested yesterday (god I sound like a "gimme I want it.") Perhaps the jaw of a Silith by that point is bigger and more developed to pick up the slack of consistent mandible removal? Sorta like how some ethnicities have big, squarish jaws compared to the more angular ones of other groups.

>> No.19314469 [DELETED] 


The more I start pointing out ways a Silith would be different from, say, a Gwiliak, the more I'm noticing we're developing serious ethnic differences between our races in a manner similar to how an Irishman looks different from an Ethiopian even though the two are from the same species.

>> No.19314555


Hot damn you're developing quite a good photo-album of your tribe. What does a youngling look like for the Govkar anyway?

Also concerning the Silith picture I requested yesterday (god I sound like a "gimme I want it.") Perhaps the jaw of a Silith by that point is bigger and stronger (maybe even squarer) to pick up the slack of consistent mandible removal? Sorta like how some ethnicities have big, squarish jaws compared to the more angular ones of other groups.

In fact, the more I start pointing out ways a Silith would be different from, say, a Gwiliak, the more I'm noticing we're developing serious ethnic differences with the Govkar in a manner similar to how an Irishman looks different from an Ethiopian even though the two are from the same species.

>> No.19314585 [DELETED] 

(want me to delete your repeat posts? I'll delete this one too, and your acceptance too, streamlines the thread and leaves more room before autosage)

>> No.19314637


Oh dear, did I accidentally create a moeblob character?

I do seem to have some skills at creating adorable bug girls. Too bad that there is little real world application for that skill.
How the hell do I put it into practical use?

No worries, I'll get to it.
And good call on the young govkar, I will draw it too.

Btw Ig, are you still here?

>> No.19314659

Believe it or not, >>19314432. Wanted to see what the reaction was to it, before I claimed the comment. (quote: "What brave cowards you all make").

Indeed, I too wonder where our Gentleman of Indonesia has gone. I'm curious as to the result of >>19312718.

>> No.19314723


Well thanks for the compliments. It is neat to know my scribbles can get that kind of reaction out of people.
However I am starting to get worried that people will get the wrong idea of me, due to the fact how much insects, cute ones at that, are featured in my stuff. I mean, I run spider quest, which has lots of cute bugs, and now I have created TWO races of bugs, with cute girls.

Damn you /tg/...You did this to me.

Seriously though, I just like cute things.

>> No.19314770
File: 40 KB, 500x375, funny-dog-pictures-mailman-chase.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I too just like cute things. Penguins and Basset Hounds are admitted weaknesses. I don't care how un-manly that sounds.

I don't know how what waifu* means, or why I think a bug is adorable, she just looks so shy, and I feel bad for here predicament.

* I think it means, wishing a fictional character were real, usually because you think they're adorable?

>> No.19314795


A waifu (male version is a husbando) are fictional characters you have a romantic interest in. This could be as innocent as simply enjoying to look at images of this character, holding them in high regard, to the worst cases where they make dinners for photos of them while taking a body pillow of their waifu everywhere.


>Seriously though, I just like cute things.

You could always go hardcore "badass" with the Silith if you need to step away from the cute, although I have a feeling all that glowy engravings and more humanoid (no mandible) face might make them just as sweet...

>> No.19314799


It's "wife" in a Japanese dialect, it's a weeaboo thing.

>> No.19314840
File: 379 KB, 375x500, WAT owl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> they make dinners for photos of them while taking a body pillow of their waifu everywhere

> weeaboo thing
Hence why I am unfamiliar with it.

>> No.19314859
File: 131 KB, 600x900, Badass Hardcore.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think I'll go with the more "Badass" approach this time.
Have this starting concept.
I'll draw the proper line art based on this.

>> No.19314902


Once again you show this thread your excellence in drawing. Looks amazing so far, looking forward to the end result. Thanks again for doing this, makes me think how the third tribe of Govkar will eventually turn out. Who knows, we might get three distinct yet genetically identical groups of Govkar running around on this continent.

>> No.19314925

I'm thinking waifu is not the word I wanted, now that I have a better sense of what it means... Honestly, I just felt like Jun got the short end of the stick, and that sucks for her. That, and Nad drew her with what I'd call "puppy dog eyes", no weird romance or body pillow shenanigans.
Criminey... once again, the Internet proves H.P. Lovecraft correct. Some things you're better off not knowing.

I think it will be fascinating to see the different directions they all take, culturally.

>> No.19314954
File: 58 KB, 500x400, I Regret Nothing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I am completely unashamed to say this far from my first time drawing a bug-girl.

>> No.19314974
File: 11 KB, 266x200, what is this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goddammit, Anon... that is dangerously close to whyboner.jpg levels.

>> No.19314991


Oh, you want closer?

>> No.19315008

Just woke up and read the thread.

Water secured! As for the boomer hide, only one teepee was in disrepair, so I'll say it was mostly patched up with careful use of the limited materials.

>> No.19315027
File: 26 KB, 180x313, bracing for impact.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


(to quote the Petunia's in Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy: "Oh no, not again...")

And I am sorry, I swear I don't do this shit on purpose. (Though I imagine my despair and theatrics are funny to watch to everyone *else*)

>> No.19315030
File: 14 KB, 679x427, AAAAAAGDSJFJA^GF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



You...you bastard! How could you be that fast?!
I should have seen this coming....
Great art though, as always...
Damn, I can't stay mad at you...you made her look so adorable...

>> No.19315045

It's Jungle Fever 3 all over again... and I may have made it worse...

>> No.19315078


I don't know if it's demeaning the material or flattery when someone goes out of their way to develop increasingly erotic images of something you create.

>> No.19315095


I assure you it's meant to be complimentrary.

>> No.19315113


Well, it's not like I am actually angry about it, the art is very good, I am just a little concerned that the sexy pictures might distract us from the point of this thread. If someone, who is way better at drawing htan me, thinks my characters are worth of making pinup pictures of them, I am not complaining.

Things would go towards proper direction if IG or Ng were here to Gm for us, I reckon.

>> No.19315143


I think setting up an IRC for the Tribal East Continent would be better then posting here and cluttering up turns. Would also help keep us from burning though threads so quickly.

>> No.19315145


Yup. This thread tends to go weird ways while they aren't here. While i'm at it can you tell me any good programs to use for drawing and editing. Paint is all good but is there something better i should try out.

>> No.19315172

Oh my. This is an interesting development. Any more, we'll need the PROMOTIONS label on the gallery.

Although this may be an inappropriate time to bring this up, I came up with a possible mating display for slizers. Like other worms, they are hermaphroditic, so no gender based displays. Since they're known to cannibalize each other, the larger, older ones will often try to hunt younger slizers. When attacked, the young slizer will try to fight the older one. If it successfully escaped predation, the older slizer will cease its hunt and mate with the survivor instead. This ensures that the slizers continue to grow stronger and more ferocious with every passing generation. Since many will end up dieing from this alone, they lay many eggs at once.

>> No.19315175
File: 79 KB, 600x700, 1338238481690[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In this case I think it's meant to be flattery...

Are you the same anon that made the earlier stuff, like this?
Frankly, it's pretty tame, though I can't help but "play along" with the "monstergirls", "whyboner", and "oh-god-the-horror" bit of it. That fetish is part of /tg/ humour, whether I share it or not, and I'll likely keep playing the part, unless others (or I) feel like I'm trying to make the thread about me (which I'm not, attention whore though I may seem). That's the last thing I want.

Well, I use a program called Paint.NET (pronounced "paint dot net"). It's free to download and open source. Think of it like "MSPaint Plus". It's not anywhere near as complicated as Photoshop, but it's got way more versatility than MSPaint.
> http://paint.net/

>> No.19315184


Well I am using Sai. It is wonderful with a tabled, and I keep getting better with it.
Perhaps yes, though I have never used IRC, as there hasn't yet been an occasion when it would have been needed, so I am in need of some guidance on how the thing actually works.

>> No.19315198

> never used IRC
> need of some guidance on how the thing actually works.
Same here, actually.

>> No.19315203


That's actually quite interesting idea. I like it. It fits with the creatures.

>> No.19315207


aaaaand here

>> No.19315238


IRC is essentially a chat-room style site that allows you to immediately join a group and get into conversation without downloading anything or signing up.

For example: Go here: mibbit.com and hit the chat now at the bottom of the page. Once you get to that page hit server next to connect, putting into the box that appears: irc.thisisnotatrueending.com

After that, make up a nickname, put #EVO into channel and hit connect.

>> No.19315265

rolled 20 = 20

Also know nothing. And besides, since we archive all the threads, no important information is lost.

Finding the spring was a godsend, but who knows what also is around the path to it. A small party of explorers is sent to investigate the area around the spring and the path to it.

>> No.19315289

Well something good happened!

>> No.19315318


>Also know nothing. And besides, since we archive all the threads, no important information is lost.


It's great to use when you want to just hold a conversation with someone about an alliance, or to keep "the OOC out of the IC" in threads like this. I used to use this extensively when I was in one of the nation-builder games /tg/ used to do.

>> No.19315337

I'm all for this, but there's no-one in #EVO. Save me derailing this any more.

I am indeed, I'm also responsible for the walruses on Fortune, as you rightly guessed earlier.

>> No.19315348


Scratch that, I was still on Rizon.

>> No.19315371

Well, your art is highly regard 'round these parts. You're style is really recognizable and very pleasing (to the eye, that is).

Feel free to join in on Fortune evolving at any time, (and that goes for everyone, here). Your skill is always welcome.

>> No.19315617

bumpin' for GM

>> No.19316030

rolled 16, 1, 11 = 28

>nat 20 to find the spring, nat 20 in searching around it
I've got good feelings about this place!

Ca'rethill warriors further practice their fighting techniques. They build dummies of wood and hrass to train their kicks and spear work. They also watch their environment, emulating things observed as techniques.

Rolling training dummies, form and technique, and additional training.

>> No.19316129
File: 37 KB, 777x654, 1312889777212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>technique and form

Looks like a reenactment of derp-fu is on the way.

>> No.19316216
File: 302 KB, 700x950, silith warrior.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I can post this without the background if you so please. I added it so that the bioluminiscent glow would be seen better

>> No.19316423

Since there's been a ton of off topic going on, maybe we should collect all the pending rolls in a post so that the GMs when they do return from wherever they've vanished can read them all organized like.

Collected Rolls post links

>> No.19316583
File: 121 KB, 800x600, Cute govkar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hopefully, this govkar will lure IG back.

>> No.19317049

That thing is as adorable as a kitten.

That's a great idea. Good thinking, Gaghiel.

>> No.19317073

Get in here.

>> No.19317203

Alright, alright, I'm doin' it, I'm doin' it.

Why does it say the server is dead?

>> No.19317243
File: 31 KB, 740x538, Info.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


After hitting chat now at the bottom of Mibbit.com's front page, filll out the information on the image I uploaded.

the thing posted into Server is: irc.thisisnotatrueending.com

>> No.19317262
File: 6 KB, 756x396, halp plox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I *did* do that, and it just gives me this.

>> No.19317360


Nevermind, got it!

>> No.19317808
File: 134 KB, 1761x649, this thing is stupid huge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bumping the thread with comparison. Drawbro, NO TRIP and I were discussing pitting the two "rape trains" of Fortune and Primordial Evo against each other. Size comparison.

>> No.19317904

That's... Quite a bit bigger than a bus.

>> No.19317973

A schoolbus is the closest thing I could think of.

>> No.19317989

When we said it was bus sized, I never thought it would be a double decker.

>> No.19318020

Great, I underestimate the size of the Raveshark and overestimate the size of the Demolisher.

Ha ha ha, can I get anything right?

>> No.19318023

Double decker articulated bus.

>> No.19318076

>>19318023 >>19318020
>>19317989 >>19317904
This is better, I think.

>> No.19318104
File: 85 KB, 1256x484, this thing is stupid huge fixed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God dammit.

>> No.19318586
File: 24 KB, 200x285, 200px-FTSM_cover[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19318824


Link to the list of turns for next update.

>> No.19319701

Welp, I'm going with NG then, that's way better and more epic!
Then again I wrote it last night before sleep so yeah, mine kinda sucks.

Any more rolls I haven't replied to yet?

>> No.19319757


All of these:


>> No.19319792
File: 28 KB, 183x208, happy dog face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He returns at last! Welcome, back my good sir.

>> No.19320438

Hey, IG, if it's alright to ask, and I hope it's not a "oh great, a fan with *ideas*, kind of deal", but I had an idea for way, way in the future for you, if your'e interested.
I'd mention it here, but I think it'd be more fun if it was a surprise for everyone when it came, so I'm not sure how to tell you without everyone else seeing.

>> No.19320577

Za'siel finds that the cave is quite enormous, and has enough space to fit their tribe and then some, but it is lacking in resources. They only found a fresh watersource fit for consumption out of three in the cave.

Gwiliak: Daki only managed to get a sickle and a knife made from the remains of the Higitain. Meanwhile, Hakel manages to capture a number of web Ngungs, and managed to coax them to squirt webbing from their cage. Ngung silk acquired!
Jun tries to make containers, but since she doesn't know how exactly Hakel did it, she only made one for fear of failure. Nufa finds that the armor's natural coloration blends into the foilage, and she caught a small floater Dahon. Scouts found a Higitain carcass... but as the scout comes close to it, it turns out it's a massive Skulcrow. The scout had to run for their life, but managed to lose it.

The fishing tactic works, and they get some river Dahon. Shadow and Swift find... nothing. Meanwhile, Frilla woke up with some of the flying Boomers perching near her. She found the way to the village.

Sadly, Ua'mahu's remains cannot be found. The black-winged devils must have carried him away. But, in exchange, there's a new scout, a youth which seem to be blessed. He could track anything that left its mark on this world, and once he sees a track he can describe the creature making it. He's a genius at scouting.

The Silith has indeed been blessed by the Burning Moons! Fire has been discovered!
Leather is hard to make due to the humid weather, and LemUy fungi keeps rotting the skin in the humidity.
They also manage to discover Writing!
Spears are made, enough to arm every adult.
The vegetation is too thick, and the effort only manage to make a small clearing.

>> No.19320600

Don't worry, I'm always happy to listen... I also have a plan for the future, when they discover the Bord Empire... or maybe what was left of it? Hohoho. E-mail field, eh.

>> No.19320632

Get IG on the IRC channel and enter a private conversation.

>> No.19320773

IG, would you mind that? It'd be quicker than email, i think...

channel is here >>19315238

>> No.19320792

I'm in, waiting for you to come in the room.

>> No.19320902

i'm in there

>> No.19321225

I don't know if you're working on results at this moment, but in the case that you aren't, I need some for these posts.


>> No.19321362
File: 92 KB, 569x445, FemGantu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A sad day. We shall honour Ua'mahu in song and dance.

This young hunter could be blessed by Little Brother himself! We will be sure to use his gifts wisely.

Hmm, what to do now?
> while i'm thinking have a picture of a female gantu

>> No.19321407

rolled 2, 11, 16, 2, 15, 4 = 50


Angered by the the fact that she inly received one sickle and one knife, Daki decides to vent her anger towards her younger siblings.

Macia gets the worst of it, as Daki thinks that she failed to acquire more of material for weapon making. Her assault is stopped by the rest of the siblings, though Macia receives few bruises here and there.

Hakel attempts to teach Jun how to build the storages, while his children attempt to weave the Ngung silk strands together into larger sheets.
Daki and Nufa begin to quarrel again, as she says that even with the weapons, Nufa could only bring down one floating dahon. Soon enough, the siblings are brawling again, this time there isn't anything but their prides at stake.
Macai is sent out on another scouting trip, this time down river, mostly just to keep her away from Daki. She is ordered to keep a lookout for higitain corpses, but beyond that, there isn't anything particular she is scouting for.
Jun's family attempts to gather some more food from the nearby areas.

Rolling for teaching storage building, making silk sheets, Daki's and Nufa's brawl, Macai's scouting trip and food gathering.

>> No.19321413


IG could i get result for my rolls also.

>> No.19321422


It seems that Nufa got his ass beaten pretty hard.

>> No.19321688

Near the spring, they find a plentiful amount of Vindra and Azrach bushes, and herds of Ramel. This place is blessed.

The Ca'rethill made training dummies, because kicking each other leads to injury and bruised egos. As they try to develop their form and technique, they... well, let's just say the dummies won against the trainees. After that shameful display, the Ca'rethill warriors train again, and find better forms and techniques to their martial arts.

Macai found the corpse of a gigantic Higitain, slumped near a gigantic, lone Frilla tree. Meanwhile, in the village, Ngung silk threads were made, and the first cloth is made! Daki opened a can o'whoop-ass on Nufa, but the brawl had disrupted Jun's storage-making. The hunters and gatherers were too busy cheering on that they forgot to gather food, and only a few fruits were gathered that day.

Ah yeah, I forgot about the Kharum Exodites! As they head west, the scouts saw that the path ahead is full of Skulks. Little do they know, these are part of a patrol by the Destroyer rattle.

>> No.19321780

rolled 7, 4, 5, 6, 8 = 30

... And so marks the passing of the first season of our travels here. May the Spirits smile upon our efforts, and the Burning Moons continue their blessings bestowed this past cycle.

We have it! The Pride of the Suns, the source of their power! We understand now why they have such immense glory. The heat of our own fires glows upon our bodies with the same brilliance as the Burning Moons, but it is ours to command. Ours, and not the Gods. Was it a gift? We cannot say, for the Suns in their hubris would refuse to answer regardless. We shall spite them then; bigger, stronger fires, whose strength and ferocity shall burn as a beacon, our own glitter of light so that the Void Guardians may see at night, and the Burning Moons may envy! We shall build this fire away from the camp, lest the Burning Moons send the crash of a lightning bolt upon our heads, but we shall build it nonetheless.

The tools of the Prideful Suns shall be used for purposes other then to spite them, however. My grand-daughter, Spirits protect her, suggested we use FIRE to cure our heatskins, and not just letting the Burning Moons do it for us, "We decide our own fates" she said (she has already long since been my decision for successor.) Another Tribal member suggested upon hearing this that we could perhaps see what happens if we left meat in the same condition as the leather, laying on stones by the fire.

The development of spears has given us new... Possibilities. While some suggest that they could use them for more efficient hunting, other suggest they could be utilized in catching the plentiful fish in the waters near our camp. Why not do both?

Roll for big hot fires, leather, fishing, improved hunting, and curing food for preservation

>> No.19321847

rolled 16, 7, 15, 19, 15 = 72


This is your brain on caffeine and not enough rest, kids.

>> No.19321868

rolled 4, 3, 16, 17, 4, 3 = 47


Just as Daki was about the claim Nufa's armor and weapons, Macia returns with the news about the Higitain corpse.
The tribe organizes a retrival group, and Daki takes the lead, as she wants to claim the best bits for herself.

Nufa uses the distraction to regainup his confidence after his defeat. He gathers up his family and goes on hunting again, perhaps to boost his self esteem.

Jun begins to collect food with her family again, as Hakel has taken responsibility of building and improving the storages.
Macia starts to teach the children.

Rolling for retrieving the corpse, hunting, gathering, building and improving the storages along with teaching the kids.

>> No.19322057

rolled 17, 15 = 32

The elder training the new warriors believe that the young trainees were too hasty and undisciplined. Relaxation exercises are added to their regimen.

Meanwhile, the workers in the village try to weave plant fibers into rope. They have string, but they have ideas which need something longer.

Rolling for benefits to meditation, and rope.

>> No.19322080

Shadow and Swift return unsuccessful once more. Something has to be done about this dirge of hunting success. So, the two of them split up and head off in new directions. Shadow heads north up river, looking for wildlife along the way. He vows to not return until he has found better hunting grounds for the tribe. (roll 1). Swift heads back with Frilla to the forest after she returns and they make sure she is unharmed. Perhaps there is something amongst the plants there they could eat. And, with two people, Frilla can focus harder on learning more about the gliding boomers and ribboners (roll 2 and 3). Using their newfound trick for fishing, Wave and Two Eye explore methods of baiting that dont involve hurting themselves. Would a 'lure' work? They start experimenting with new methods to improve their fishing. (researching Fishing Tech, Nets, Baits/Lures, etc) (Roll 4)

>> No.19322094

rolled 18, 4, 19, 6, 1 = 48

would help if I rolled

Also, Kamen decides to attempt something new. With the help of Prophesy she is going to listen to the All Mother's whispers in attempt to gain wisdom of the world and pray for guidance.

>> No.19322139

I apologise for lacking in the subGM department. Work/ life are crushing me at the moment. i try to keep up with the thread and read every post. I see a solution to a problem that has not been addressed. When IG comes on, he has to sift thru a fuckton of posts, and occasionally misses one or two. This can be solved either with a "ctrl+F" for the word rolled, but that may cause false positives. Perhaps a grouping of symbols like *** on roll posts. something we arent going to say regularly, and easy to filter for.

once i get a little better, ill pop in and start up narration once more for the tribes on some of the rolls. I like to give out one or two "epic story [email protected]". though i suffer no disillusions of great skill. I just mix emotion, and visualization well enough to be passable. on that flip, when someone responds to a post that is a roll, an appropriate ### challange should be used. this is all fluid, its just suggestions, fuck this thread is almost done and we have barely started, so we still have some room to interpret and create a functional play guide.
fortune, nad, IG, hell...all of ya, i would love to throw ideas around in real time on irc. ill probably be available this weekend.

>> No.19322379


Don't sweat it NG, real life stuff always takes precedence over internet things. Come back when you have the time for it, no need to over strech yourself.

It seems that we have lost a few players, there was that another Govkar tribe in the coastal marshes, as well as Falk's joords.

>> No.19322788

i appreciate that Nad, but i am not going anywhere. This game, is a pretty good decompression for me.
The courtesan takes voice and the more fragile of the tribe deep into the cave to plant Skulk/LemUy Moss. It is light, it is food, and once it gets going it spreads like wild. Young Buzku quietly observes them from afar. Voice is sad, and he cant help but wish for her a better fate. above them, anchored to the ceiling by vines ending in iron tips is the predator, watching them all. if she were visible they would see the blood coating its frame, down its nails and sticking to its teeth, slowly drying.
the twins have taken to training the more able bodied skulks and even the Govkar that have become a fact of life within their tribe. They have learned unarmed combat well enough, and the govkar provide good practice for their secret plans of retaliation and midnight slaughter....they day their tribe died, in flames, was horrible, but the fire, the death, how absolute the destruction was, to them it was like magic...it was fleeting and beautiful.
the daughter directed her tribe with increasing skill. Her features became more that of a mother then a daughter. So strange though that she had survived something so fatal. Her tribe thought it a blessing. On occasion she whispers quietly, in a strange melody, either unaware or uncaring of individuals noticing the act.

>> No.19322808

rolled 19, 3, 3, 4, 17, 2, 8, 3, 5 = 64

((now for the progress part)) the tribe will be plating glowing moss and plants in the cave as a new source of food, hunting glowing ramel, capturing glowing ramel eggs in an attempt to domesticate the species, harvesting bark and other building materials to create a true home inside the vast cavern. The govkar do not fair the cold so well, even with their skulk like traits and must have fire soon. Buzku has started workign on ramel plate armor, weapons, and other components in his spare time.
rolling for: planting/farming glow moss, hunting for ramel (or any other meat), capturing ramel eggs, getting building resources, fire, simple armor and weapons, everyday tools and containers.

whoever responds to my rolls, i expect no great stories, just simple 1 sentence or so results or less. Its 9 rolls, a lot , so that's too much to ask for detail. Im just trying to make up for fewer posts.

>> No.19322873

the moss takes to the cavern spreading like a river floods, but ignoring the laws of gravity, going onto walls and the ceiling and spreading far into the unknown regions of the cavern.----Ramel are spotted, but they are too far away and too out in the open. Of note, in the colder areas reports of strange blue/teal ramel ((central continent variety)) are reported. with no ramel comes no eggs, or ramel hide and bones to create armor and tools. a great pile of bark was gathered from the local trees, but an over eager govkar lit it ablaze, and the entire tribe learned much about fire that night, some screaming and hiding, others attacking the govkar in the twisting lights, shadows and smoke the conflageration put up. They thought it was another attack. Eventually the panic stopped, and apologies were made, the tribe had lost its stockpile of building materials for now, but had discovered fire. It was Voice, idily poking at the ashes of the fire the next day that discovered burnt sticks in the center of it all. The sticks while blackened, were hard, much harder then any normal wood. Charred wood clubs have been discovered.
problem solved. i DM for myself. its a little masturbatory but whatever..ya know. *shrug* fap fap.

>> No.19323014

Are you still here? If so, can you give me some roll results. I don't really like deciding them myself, and I am currently confined to posting from phone, so I am not that able of even writing long descriptions.

>> No.19323112

The corpse was already descended on by larger stronger creatures that looked like De-evolved govkar. many had only ever been told of these creatures in old legends, but here they were, crushing the corpse up with their massive claws and eating it. in the end, the best piece was nothing, there were many scraps of chitin to be taken as tokens, or if enough were gathered perhaps a single suit of scaled armor could be made. With the strange creatures roaming the lands the hunters retreated back to the relative safety of the families and their camps. The gatherers scavenged a bounty of moss, horrible azarach fruits, and even a few recently dead (by a day or two) ramel. attempts to use mud as a building material failed due to it never drying out, however the tribe now is the proud owner of some bitchin mudpiles. perhaps application of fire will help. The children could not be taught easily in a group, it was ultimately the tribe's leader that, more as punishment and anger then wisdom directed that each tribe member would have an apprentice. one shadow, one individual. an individual can never loose its shadow, the shadow will strive to mimic, learn, and be like their mentor. time will tell how this model of education plays out, considering many shadows will be brought into combat, hunting, and danger because of this decree. Perhaps the children must be armed and armored.
A lone scout observed the intruders, great and strong. powerful...but not quite as smart as the tribe. perhaps they could not be captured, or easily reasoned with, but perhaps they could be exploited.

>> No.19323269

rolled 12, 1, 20 = 33


Thanks man. Unfortunately, Gwiliak tribe hasn't yet learned to use fire. They know of it through the quite common gas explosions and the short lived forest fires they cause, but due to the wet environment the fires are swiftly extinguished.
I might need to modify the whole shadow thing, as there are way too many children to simply follow the adults around. Though there are the mature children of the families who can help their parents around. The children will follow the adults for some time, and then switch places with another child currenlty not being taught. That way, they all get their equal share of education, while still having the opportunity to do their own stuff and learn on their own.

Kiknau orders Nufa and Daki and Macia to lead a small force to investigate the intruding brutish govkars. Nufa and Daki will be monitoring the situation, while Macia, who Kiknau thinks is the smartest one, will try to approach the intruders and desipher their intentions. In case things go sour, Dakia and Nufa are to go and help their little sister.

Meanwhile, Jun attempts to start weaving more of the Ngung silk sheets after learning the basics from Hakel. Hakel starts another project, which aims to create some sort of containers that would help the tribe to store clean water, which is in short supply in the marshes, only really available in the branch pools of the azrachs high up in the canopy.

Rolling for seeing how the intruders react to Macias attempts to greet them, weaving and developing water containers.

>> No.19323276



>> No.19323401

If it is easier, I can do updates myself. I don't mind. But if that isn't how this works, then I can wait

>> No.19323492

I gotta go to bed, but I'll catch up on reading in the morning.

>> No.19323579

Guh, need to work a lot. I'll be monitoring, you guys can choose whether to self-DM (I'll be just popping in when there's an objectionable result), or wait until i can be available again.

The good news is, tomorrow's saturday. I can exert more of my DM muscle on weekends!

>> No.19323591

Sounds good, see you later, man. I gotta snooze.

>> No.19323600


Well, we did deside the rolls for ourselves in the central evo game, but it kinda killed some of the fun for at least me. I didn't mind other people doing it, as long as they were reasonable and followed the guidelines of roll results (roll a 1d20 for attempts at progress. 1-5 is massive failure, 6-8 is a minor failure, 9-12 is a meh with no real progress made, 13-16 is a success, and 17-20 is a great success. failures usually are a disaster of some sort. Story telling and tribal development are rewarded above an arms race.)
and didn't start giving themselves clear favors.

I myself simply didn't find desiding the roll results as fun as having a GM do it, but if you wish to deside the results for yourself go right ahead.

>> No.19323621

rolled 13, 3 = 16

The moment when Kharum saw the Skulks they knew that this might end badly. Gap between the rift is the only way for them as they don't know other way and they must get through it. Kharum will attempt to sneak past the rattle as they are peaceful tribe who detest bloodshed but if this fails they will fight as it is the only way for survival.

Rolling for sneak and if this fails for the fight

>> No.19323672

Shadow makes his way upstream for miles, hunting for a new place with prey. Just as he was about to give up, he heard a rustle. Following it, he discovers a game trail filled with Govnik. It isnt long before he manages to capture and kill a pair and drag them back to camp. This trail, the tribe will remember for ages as the memories are passed down.

Swift's own hunting efforts in the Frilla forests are ruined by Frilla's wild efforts to learn more about the Gliding Boomers and Great Ribbons. She spends most of her time chasing after Frilla and making sure she isnt going to fall out of a tree or get eaten by something and has little to no time for actual food collection. Frilla on the other hand, makes huge headway with the Boomers, and actually manages to train them to come to her with calls and treats. They are quite friendly once you take the time to get to know them.

Wave and Two-eye's efforts were going marvelously at learning how to make fishing more productive when a Giga Roha bursts out of the water and attacks them. Only by abandoning their gear and high tailing it home do they avoid being eaten. All their progress was lost.

>> No.19323704

rolled 1, 12, 13, 20, 13 = 59

Prophecy returns to the tribe with sad news. In their attempt at introducing Kamen to the All Mother, the Elder mistook Kamen's mask as something else and attacked. Kamen was quickly killed and 'returned to the All Mother' before she had time to defend herself. However there should be a new member of the tribe on the way soon. (Roll 1)

Frilla and Swift return to the camp after a long time with the Boomers. Frilla attempts to bring the ones she has befriended back with her, using scraps of food and calls to keep them happy (roll 2)

Wave and Two-eye, determined, set back to pick up the remains of their experiments. This time ready for that Giga Roha. They make a plan to defeat the beast (roll 3) and then reclaim their experiments and continue to test them or if they are lost start anew. (roll 4)

Shadow returns triumphant with food and because of his success, and their recent loss of Kamen, he is promoted to tribe leader. His first duty is to destroy the masks that angered the All Mother and then, he sets out on the journey of the leader. Where he only carries with him a kith fruit from the All Mother and is not to return until he has discovered what it means to be leader (or something interesting/self realization/etc) Roll 5

>> No.19323744

Three ones in a row for Kamen's fate! Wow... Ok. Im going to leave the fate of that one to a GM. Something bad happens when they go to find their newest tribe member. Reaaaaaally bad.

Frilla's efforts draw the boomers closer to the tribe, but they are frightened off as they approach the river itself. It will take more time to learn the ways of these crafty beasts.

Wave and Two-Eye's plan thwarts the Giga Roha, who hurries back to the river in frustration. However, most of the supplies they were forced to abandon were crushed and washed down river. Learning from their past mistakes though, they set forth anew and discover tricks that improve their skills significantly. New tech learned: Fishing Nets, and Baited Traps. (anything more the GMs can decide, since its a 20).

Shadow's leadership journey so far remains uneventful as he passes farther into the wilderness, heading towards the swamp.

>> No.19324118


Shame about your shitty rolls. It isn't fun to kill of characters like that.
>heading towards the swamp.
This is gonna get interesting...

Anyways, I have been thinking about the skulkborn govkars, and how to implement the change of some of the young being one to the game. I kinda want it to be somewhat random factor to the govkar tribes, but I don't know if how to implement it. It could be through breeding rolls that go very bad, or very well, but I am not sure.
I am open to ideas, and if IG or NG have their own plans of how to ad them, I am all ears.

There shouldn't really be any noticeable pattern to the appearance of the skulk like traits. I at some point stated that the genes causing the mutations seem to follow their own rules, appearing, changing, and moving around the genome seemingly at random.

>> No.19324422


>> No.19324695
File: 69 KB, 800x600, Govkar child.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have this, I gotta go now so I can't post anything more right now.

>> No.19324771
File: 31 KB, 698x452, source d'inspiration pour le net.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 1, 3 = 4

While spearfishing, a young hunter notices a number of fish caught in a seaweed mat. He wonders... the fish went in willingly, and they are now trapped, and not just one, two, three, maybe more.

Perhaps this could be duplicated? Used to gather more fish in less time, feed the tribe better?

Back on the shore, the young scout, the prodigy, (I need to come up with a name for him) and the princess (daughter of the female chief) are not getting along. You see, before the prodigy was discovered, it was Princess Taha'alahe who was expected to be the next top scout/explorer, and was being trained for the position by U'amahu himself. She feels passed over for this "boy-wonder". While it isn't a particularly bitter quarrel, as physical creatures, sometimes a brawl is used to settle disputes. Taha'alahe and the prodigy have come to blows (though it is just a scuffle, no real danger to either of them).

First roll is for the invention of fishing nets, second roll is to see if Taha'alahe wins the brawl and regain status as next in line to be the scout leader.

>> No.19324782
File: 646 KB, 295x221, i'm out.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God damn, same roll as when I hunted for food. A one and then a three.
Did I pick up Korroburg luck somewhere along the way? I can't seem to even make a fucking net.

>> No.19324823


Perhaps the fisher is just dull witted? There must be more cabable individuals in the tribe. It's not like you can't just roll again. In the central game, one tribe rolled like 3 or 5 times to discover metal before succeeding.
Just self gm the rolls over and move along, it's no use to stop and wait for Ig or Ng for rolls which results are that clear.

>> No.19324894

rolled 5, 15 = 20

Alright. That sounds like a good plan.

While the young fisher struggles to make sense of how to replicate the seaweed mat, a visiting relative sees his work and asks about it. The young fisher explains and the relative thinks he knows who can help. He recruits his neighbor, a woman with a particular gift for weaving grass and seaweed into baskets used by the tribe.

As for Taha'alahe, she is pinned within minutes. She yields, clearly she was wrong to doubt that the young hunter was capable of doing the job. She still feels ignored, but also knows that, though she will pursue other avenues, at least the tribe is left in good hands.
Of course, Taha'alahe doesn't know her own strength, and the young hunter is put out of commission for about a week, though he takes care to not let Taha'alahe see, he would not want her to think him weak (nor would he want her to be wracked with guilt over what was clearly a mistake).
But the young hunter's pride could prove dangerous, as it is the scout leader who warns the tribe of threats from far away. With no one in such a position, what could sneak up on the Mohu'awane?

Rolling to try again with fishing nets. Rolling in hopes that nothing bad happens while the young hunter recovers.

>> No.19325032


It seems that the secrets of nets still elude you.
This kind of stuff happens pretty often really. It's either funny pr anoying, depending on the instance.

>> No.19325162

Here's the latest map, with landmarks! Whoo! I also added the Crater rattle for easy avoidance. As you can see, the Khanum Exodite could sneak past the patrols, even through the gap in The Rift.

If you feel a landmark's name isn't good enough, or you want to name it in your tribe's language, you could say so, and I'll convert 'em next map update.

>> No.19325198
File: 2.32 MB, 2810x3024, E Cont detailed 02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Herf Derf

>> No.19325208
File: 95 KB, 691x543, how do i shot web gantu style.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I'm admittedly getting a kick out of it.

(Hope no one minds me self-GMing one more time.)
The fishwife cannot make heads nor tails of the seaweed mat. Perhaps she simply cannot adapt her methods into new ideas.

Though the hunter's recovery could've left the tribe vulnerable, it seems, this time, Little Brother watched over the Mahu'awane. No horrid beasties come and try to eat us.

>> No.19325321

rolled 9, 18 = 27

That was me, obviously.

Alright, next I'm going to send out our fresh new scout out to explore. Just going through, making sure nothing big or bad's headed our way, keeping an eye on any young hunters, like U'amahu did. Make sure they don't try and attack a monster, then accidentally lead it towards the village. (Still gotta give him a name)
Maybe he'll find something interesting in his travels?

By the way, IG, can we see the Rift at all? I think I remember you mentioning it being submerged or some such?

Also, second roll will be for the fisherman, his relative, and the fishwife trying to invent the net. Maybe if they all three put their heads together, they can come up with something.

>> No.19325342

rolled 3, 11, 7 = 21

They used every means to get past the foe as they travelled in the night and used the mist as cover in the more open fields. Tribals of Kharum aren't that great at sneaking but they got lucky and were able to avoid getting caught and now they could continue their travel. After the gap they decided to continue on course and keep going westward.

Rolling for exodus (1-6 southwest 7-14 west 15-20 northwest) and as they are still close to hostile territory rolling 2d20 for random encounter

>> No.19325482

You still here IG?

If so, possible roll results for this.
I don't really feel comfortable deciding what would happen from Jun's critical failure at weaving and from Hakels critical success at inventing water containers.

>> No.19325690

Well it seems as if the secret ingredient was teamwork.

>> No.19326063


>> No.19326316

rolled 1, 20, 19, 14, 9 = 63


Ancestors protect us... The Burning Moons have heard our hubris and smote our machinations into ruin. The great fire was a failure, although we managed to put it out before it became anything significant. The Curing of our food resulted in dry, inedible strips, barely worth idly chewing on. The Heatskin was... Worse off, being either something that broke apart in our hands, or was completely unworkable, snapping at the merest attempt at bending it.

Our hunting tactics proved to be... Insufficient, however luckily no one was harmed in the attempts. Further alterations will need to be made. Fishing however was a colossal failure, as one of our Kin stepped on a jagged rock, crippling him for much of the week as I did the best I could to mend the wound.

All of this was in full view of my Grand-Daughter... She said nothing to me as we both saw failure after failure. Am I to give up on these attempts, after all she has said to me? Am I just going to lay back and let the Burning Moons mock our attempts at making our own destiny? No, no this will not be so. We are going to do this again. We will place the meat a little bit further away from the fire, our skins a bit more wet upon flatter stones, and our hunting attempts more focused. We will show the Burning Moons the Silith do not bow down at the first sign of defeat, we will... I will... Show my grand-daughter will can succeed.

Roll for big hot fires, leather, fishing, improved hunting, and curing food for preservation

>> No.19326365

Well you probably just caused a forest fire... Smokey the Bear is gonna be *pissed*.

>> No.19326968

Bump for Justice and Pudding.
We'll keep dicking around on irc so as not to use up thread count with our silliness here.

>> No.19327336
File: 318 KB, 800x600, Jun's nat one.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 8 = 8


I don't know what are the results of the other two rolls, but Jun's nat 1 I can decide for myself.

Jun had successfully made a large sheet of silk from all the web harvested from the captive ngung. As she left the exhausted creatures to rest and walked out of the tree hut she had worked in, she tripped on the long sheet and fell down to the ground.
The sheet was ruined and as the fall was quite long, she might have gotten hurt.

Rolling to see how badly she hurt herself.

>> No.19327414

I think the TvTropes term here is woobie...

D'aaw, I feel so bad for her.

>> No.19327489


The fall causes Jun's arm to twitch. Although the damage isn't tat bad, it will take a couple of weeks at least for her to recover.
This might hamper her efforts at aiding the tribe.

>> No.19327552

rolled 8, 19, 10 = 37

the Rattle is active:

rolling for three hunts to obtain new materials for stronger Regulars and for Mangrove. First, Owl-Face and its group, then a hunting group of mostly former skulks. No-Face searches for prey as well.

>> No.19327729

rolled 16 = 16

Let's see if hackers will let me finish my post this time.
Solomon gave me results in IRC.

Meditation has been added to the regimen of the warrior trainees. They achieve and inner peace, and assisting in helping them learn self discipline, which then helps improve their technique.

Trips are made to the spring and back, for collecting water and Azrach bushes. Plant fibers are taken from the bushes and twisted into rope. With some ropes, a few try staking one of the teepees to the ground, making it more difficult for them to blow away.

>> No.19328101


For once, a good day! We awakened to an awful smell emanating from the firepit. We believed it was the meat we laid out to cure gone bad, but we were only partially correct. The meat was just as rough and dry as before, with perhaps a bit more flavor then last time, but the truly beautiful thing was the strips of hide we left to cure.

Apparently, one of my kin explained, leftover bits of plant extract that are common around this region seeped into the skin from the rock it was dashed upon, aiding in the process of making what we now dub "leather." Supple, tough yet easily workable, we believe we could mass produce this for a wide variety of items. My grand-daughter at my side chirped with glee at the discovery, until even more good news came.

Our Hunters reported back after a night under the Void Guardians that our tactics worked, while it was nothing spectacular it was definitely an improvement over what we had. The true victory was at the hands of our mariners, however. Coming back with excessive bounties from the Endless Sea, they reported a discovery of areas brimming with large, meat-filled fish. We shall be able to add something new to our meals after all!

As the Prideful Suns blush at the approach of the Moons, turning the sky a deep red, my thoughts turn towards the massive fire we shall be creating out in the woods... Everything has been prepared, yet my thoughts keep turning back to the tribe, my people, my grand-daughter. The loss of her mother during the Exodus from the marsh was harsh on her, but I was there, comforting her on the journey ahead. Are the Ancestors trying to warn me?

>> No.19328113

rolled 8, 4, 20, 1, 7 = 40


No, this must happen. Leaving them behind in the light of our Protectors, torch in hand, me and the others set out for the spot where the fire shall be. It was a short trek to the spot, and after a little speech about how this is our time to create a light of our own amongst the Aether, I threw in the torch.

I knew something was wrong the moment the logs almost immediately caught fire, as though enchanted by a Marsh Witch's spell. The blaze quickly overcame our meager ring of stone around it and caught the surrounding forest aflame. Silith ran, some out into the woods, others to the camp to warn of the impending fire. I merely stood there, silent, as fixed upon the lapping flames that reached out as though to burn the Void itself.

I fell to my knees, the fire has surrounded me now. An island amongst an inferno, it will not last. When I will be consumed by this spawn of the Suns, I will not know... I look up as though seeking salvation, only to be met by the cold stare of the Guardians above. Do they disapprove? I hear the flames lapping closer, it's heat upon my shell. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...

Rolls for leather containers, leather armor, ability to harvest plant fibers (for creation of things such as nets, rope, and clothing), direction of the wildfire (bad roll it approaches village) and the final fate of the Tribal Elder.

>> No.19328162 [DELETED] 


Did I just accidentally light the entire forest on fire?

>> No.19328468

rolled 15 = 15


Did I accidentally just light the forest on fire? You know what, rolling to see the magnitude of the fire, with a higher roll meaning a stronger fire.

>> No.19328521
File: 344 KB, 1024x771, 1334170284944.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We are doomed!

>> No.19329011

Alright, the GMs havent weighed in on the 1 roll so I'll go ahead and go for it.

After a few days of waiting for a kith fruit to germinate after Kamen's demise, nothing happens. The tribe gets restless. What does this mean? Is the All Mother upset? The other three All Mother's hands go up to search and discover what happened. Upon entering the Hall of Ancestors, they are quick to find the body of Kamen, decaying in a corner, with visible signs of attack.

Her body never returned to the All Mother because it was Prophesy who had killed her and faked the entire story. The two of them had at one point competed for Frilla's affection, and when Kamen entered the Hall of Ancestors, Prophesy thought she was trying to steal her job from her as well and murdered her in a jealous rage.

This is the first instance of murder among the tribe, who now must figure out a suitable punishment for such a heinous act.

>> No.19329102
File: 115 KB, 1627x1151, Frilla.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 7, 2, 12, 15 = 36

Shadow's Journey towards the Marshes Continues (roll 1). He crosses the Great Rift around the edge and moves onwards. At this point he is out of food, and relying on his own body's photosynthesis and LemUy to keep him going.

Frilla is devastated by the murder of her mate and returns to the forest on the other side of the river, vowing never to return as long as Prophesy is still alive. She instead dedicates all her energy into becoming like the Gliding Boomers, so she can integrate herself with them and learn ways of taming them (roll 2)

The marvelous fishers return to the tribe with vast nets filled with fish and other bounty from the river. With this new tech the tribe will not go hungry for a long time. Wave, in a moment of curiosity attempts to put some of the Oar Kafka she has captured into the All Mother's Pond, to see if she can keep them alive for later. (roll 3)

Swift, in the absence of her brother, must decide Prophecy's punishment and the severity of it. (roll 4)

>> No.19329235

rolled 9, 9 = 18

Hungry and lonely, Shadow continues on. His nights are lit by massive fires in the distance. What are these glowing lights? He has not seen their likeness before. He forges onwards but is too far away to arrive while they are going, and as he starts to arrive finds only the smoking ruin of vast tracts of forest. Perhaps he can find something in this desolate place? (roll 1)

Frilla is too distraught to make any progress. The boomers however dont seem to mind the company, and watch her silently cry in the night. (damnit I wish I could roll better)

The fish seem to live just fine in the All Mother's pond, but after a week or so, they vanish. Someone must have gotten hungry and eaten them. Wave, frustrated, goes out to find more fish for the pond and to find a way to start domesticating these fish so they wont run out if someone eats one. (roll 2)

Prophesy's fate has been decided. Murder is a new crime, and it is horrible. As such, an equally severe fate must befall those who commit it. Swift decides to forever remove Prophesy from the All Mother and return him to the great stillness once more, tearing out his Kith Fruit and then staking him to the ground like the Skulcrow of legend. His withered corpse left as a warning for the rest.

>> No.19329279


>Perhaps he can find something in this desolate place? (roll 1)

Oh, I have an idea of what he could find.

>> No.19330049 [DELETED] 

rolled 3, 11, 5 = 19

Everything hurts. The fire has long left from this accursed spot, spreading out into the forest beyond, but even now in this unimaginable pain my thoughts return to the tribe... The survivors would be arriving now, but how will they warn them? That the Fury of the Sun is approaching, ready to smite those who attempted to supplant them? The only thing now that could save us is the mercy of our Ancestors, or perhaps the waters of the mighty sea.

As I lay dying, I hear a sound far off to my right. Is it... Is it a Spirit, here to take me to the Aether to join my Kin? No, I do not deserve such a fate, I shall be fated to bloat here, under the eyes of the gloating Suns... For a moment, I could swear it is the Old Wanderers of the Marsh, a Witch. I could also swear I see... Clouds in the sky, although crying out to those won't do any good. With what strength I have left, I shall call out to the Witch. Our tribe has never had ill feelings towards them, perhaps it will grant me the mercy of a swift death.

Roll for Survival of the Tribe should Roll 2 fail, Onset of Rain, and catching the attention of Shadow.

>> No.19330051
File: 19 KB, 499x480, boomer skeleton.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bumping with a Wooly Boomer Skeleton.

>> No.19330096

rolled 7, 11, 6 = 24

(Panicked at a set of rolls I got and tried to bury it, here's what I got: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/19311537/#19330049)

>> No.19330135 [DELETED] 

rolled 11, 15, 18, 4, 16 = 64


Quick test roll to see my luck.

>> No.19330288

rolled 8, 7, 19 = 34

Shadow wanders around the ruined swamp for a few hours before he starts to get overwhelmed with fear. Something about this desolate ash field scares him. It seems to remind him of the Skulcrow and he has no wish to encounter them. He flees to the forest again in search of food and to continue his journey, skirting this patch of fire. (roll 1)

Something or someone keeps eating all the fish before Wave can figure out how to raise them properly. They seem to be doing just fine in the pond though. She's getting frustrated by this and gives up for now. Perhaps there is a way to block off a section of the river itself and keep the fish there for a time. (roll 2)

Frilla finally moves on from her grief, and returns to her research. Heading away from the town to try her hand at getting them to answer her calls and starts to tame them (roll 3)

>> No.19330378

rolled 8, 16 = 24

Shadow takes the most mediocre trial of leadership ever. Nothing happens of note on his journey, and just before he is about to turn around and give up, makes it to the far side of the swamps. Clearly this world is larger than he previously thought. There is no choice but to continue onwards... into this strange cold wet land... (roll 1)

Wave gives up on trying to fish farm. There is nothing worthwhile for it. Instead, the tribe begins to start worrying about their leader. He has been gone for far too long. They start a tracking party with the hunters and head upstream after him (roll 2)

(as for that third roll, I could come up with something, but Id rather someone else help me out with the extraordinary success)

>> No.19330379

rolled 19, 11 = 30

Such a minor roll isn't worth IG's nor NG's time. Picture of the results.

With the azrach rope, the Ca'rethill have made their teepees more secure against the strong ocean winds. While they were working on this, one of the logs rolled into the sea. Seeing it float gave them an idea. After fetching it and setting the Teepee back up, some try to build a raft.

Rolling for raft building, and if that's a success, maiden voyage.

>> No.19330388
File: 14 KB, 413x285, shelter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot pic. I love the rolls though.

>> No.19330429

rolled 7, 16, 18, 16, 1 = 58


Rolls I got here were 7, 11 and 6 for the following:

Tribe escapes to the coast with everything important, onset of rain to stop the flames, and calling out to get Shadow's attention.

>> No.19330569

Gaghiel, if you're still here, we have an IRC channel running if you're interested.

>> No.19331491


>> No.19331921

Anyone still here?

>> No.19331970

I am, at least.

>> No.19332156
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in another place, in a more distant time from now::

An Enclave scouting force presses onward to the eastern continent, determined to find new and exciting resources, adventures and a chance to fight in ever more savage wars in preparation for tomorrow.

((frowg and Ry'lai scientists with thumbs up in front of a nuclear explosion: making a brighter tomorrow!))

>> No.19332257
File: 735 KB, 972x642, Shadow's path of leadership so far.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 20 = 20

Posting the path of Shadow's journey of leadership so far. Including the mysterious patch of burnt swamp he discovered.
His trip into the snowy lands is uneventful and he is unable to continue on, forcing him to backtrack to the swamp. His spirits are at an all time low as his journey seems to be a failure. Is he even cut out to be a leader? He continues forth.

Also, still waiting for a GM for my nat 20 result for making fishing technology, and the 19 on my training of Gliding Boomers

>> No.19332291

Far future I assume this post to take place in.

Also, chat's still up.

>> No.19332355

Woo! Finally. Going to save that one for the gents too!

>> No.19332685

That picture... is AWESOME... I can't wait for civilization stage now...

>> No.19332766

whats a good hassle free chat program for IRC so i can get in on this?also repost information for server room etc please

>> No.19332919


>> No.19333009

Okay, seems to be working again.

>> No.19333027

The ramel hunt was a failure, but that wouldn't stop the tribe from trying again. The attack on the ramel was a three part ordeal. Voice and Courtesan would take the others to steal eggs, while the Govkar led by Buzku would attempt to lure and subdue smaller ramel to bring back to the cave alive for farming purposes. Finally Predator and the twins would lead a detachment of Skulks to slaughter a few ramel for meat.

The caves were dark and light from the moss was good, but for exploration into the unknown more light was required and it had to be portable.

The daughter was concerned that the cave may eventually be stumbled upon and a repeat slaughter may happen. to correct the situation a more aggressive form of hiding must take place.

Finally, life isint perfect in the new home, but life must go on. And it has, over time relationships have been built and couples have paired up.

rolling for: ramel egg theft, ramel herding, hunting, lanterns, camouflage, and reproduction of skulk, reproduction of govkar exiles.

>> No.19333053


Waiting for results

>> No.19333098

I know my rolls are pretty simple, but I just want to know how awesome my rafts are.

>> No.19333129

Fishing becomes part of tribal culture due to how viable it is. A diet of moss and swamp plants can now be augmented with fish. the skulks drop their tentacles into the water and wait for a nibble. then its far too late for the fish. as the old addage goes "give a man a fish, feed him for a day. teach him to fish, feed him for life" your skulks will never worry for food again as long as they are near water with life in it.....beware the river monsters.

the gliding boomers are friendly, almost dog like, and more then willing to cooperate with frilla. one of the largest boomers, clearly an alpha surprises frilla one day. It rams her from behind knocking her onto its back, then with a leap takes off with her in tow. you have domesticated, or at least entered into a mutual relationship with the boomers as well as discovered mounts that are gliders. ((looks like you have a regular jane goodall))

>> No.19333178

Hey nongent, hopefully it's not nagging, but could I possibly get a response to this roll? >>19325321

Whenever you get to it, I know you've got a whole bunch to catch up on.

>> No.19333249

Riding a boomer just sounds like a bad idea, considering that they're walking bombs with relatively weak legs.

>> No.19333258


The way southwest was fraught with danger, and the ever looming skulcrows. two tribal members were dragged off screaming during a strange thick fog, the rest fleeing, knowing it was far too late to save them. the journey continued on, and for days there was nothing in the ash flats, then they came across a caravan of Joords. They were friendly enough, and even shared their camp with them that night, offering food and drink. song and story. The joord seemed to appreciate the fact that their entire tribe moved, instead of living in one place, even if it was only to find a new permanent home. Encounters with several bands of aggressive joords later on tested the tribes skills in combat, but they were defeated and chicken was eaten that night.

The long walk as it came to be known tempered the tribe, they learned they would do what it took to survive, even if that meant eating the bodies of their defeated enemies...which were actually...quite tasty. you now have the trait, eaters of the dead.

The defeated enemies also provided salvage. Tools, weapons, a few had primitve armor and clothing made from scraps and rags, with a little work it could be converted to the tribes use....and with that, it started to rain.

((where do you eventually want to settle? also next time i would throw in a roll for how far you travel.))

>> No.19333332

Anything happen while testing awesome rafts?

>> No.19333379

life is full of dare devils. dont use it if it you dont like it. I dont want to force anything on anyone, i just put the offer out there. though the explosive nature of the boomers was accounted for, and it is not a safe way to travel, but a useful emergency measure.

the scout still was haunted with the images of old U'amahu. he was expected to to carry his spears, and with that his struggle and gift. overhead giant ribboners flew, their smaller cousins following them. During his thoughts he went near the inland delta where he was attacked by a Giga Rohas. it had grabbed him by the legs and was pulling the scout ever closer to its crushing maw. Two spears thrown, and neither did any damage. He was going to die, and if that was his end, he would meet it on his terms. He planted his feet and launched himself head first, into the beast. The impact stunned the creature and himself. In a daze he repeatedly rammed his snout blade into the monster while holding on for life. bladed tentacles lashed him but the pain was not worth the distraction. He was winning. Each blow brought stars to his eyes as he met the creatur's shell with his face, and finally grabbed a tentacle. With a jerking motion he ripped it free from its former owner. taking the bladed end he rammed the barb into the hole he had been making on the creature. down it went, deeper untill his arm was elbow deep into the wound. Finally he hit brain after a frantic moment of messy brawling. With a spasm the beast died. And the young scout passed out. when he awoke it was sunset. The creature was still dead, but he was covered in numerous scars from its bladed whip like tentacles. Perhaps females appreciated scars? Picking up his spears he headed home.

>> No.19333431

After a long day of work the fisherman and his relative had accomplished nothing. Stress gave way to wrestling. A little too rough, and the fisherman lost a few teeth, no worry though. He knew they would grow back. Gantu always lost teeth, and they always grew back. The thing was that the teeth got stuck in the net. and there an idea was formed.
spiked or barbed nets worked great. if your tribe moves quickly they can salvage the dead giga rohas for meat, armor, and weapons. The young hunter had pigments rubbed into his many fresh wounds along with sea salt. He was tattooed, scarred, and a man.

>> No.19333445

rolled 13, 9, 13, 16, 17, 1, 18 = 87

from the last post.

>> No.19333470

the raft is simple, nothing more then a dug out log, but with a little more work it becomes elegant, in a very rough way. While not sea worthy, its good enough to go out into calm waters, and along the coast. congratulations.

with that. is anyone else missing roll results?

>> No.19333482


>skulk reproduction nat 1
>govkar reproduction 18

It seems that your tribe is gonna experience some major population shift.

>> No.19333503

I am. they are earlier in the thread. I already self gm'd for the nat 1 (post with the picture of jun), but the roll of 12 and the nat 20 are still without results.
I can't really link to that post, because scrolling through these threads on my phone is a pain in the ass.

>> No.19333508
File: 99 KB, 840x523, e6d291_2479140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nongent you are a champ! I had been struggling to think of a way to introduce tattoos, then you go and do it for me.

COMING NEXT, drawfaggotry! and moar rollz.

>> No.19333518
File: 8 KB, 233x409, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey, i didnt want to come across as a dick. i wasnt even irritated. i just was pressed for time. With that said, here is some more fluff now that i have a second.
The raft test was excellent. With the knowledge the tribe put fourth a group effort, and laid down many experiments. Water shoes, aqua stick, and more...these did not work. what did work was the house boat. The house boat is exactly what it sounds like. a floating home. when lashed together with rope and plank walkways it forms a floating community, but considerably less mobile, while offering benefits of increased fishing and options for permanent connections. Welcome to water world my little joord friends. ((please correct me on what the hell their actual race name is if i'm wrong.))

While in shallow waters the tribe members found a dead body in the water. how it got there was not known, neither was that it did not seem to be recently dead. indeed, it was still leaking blood. When hauled aboard it was discovered to be a female, pregnant. Another joord cut it open to find eggs. the eggs were a sacred thing, children, even from this strange creature. perhaps they could save the children.

>> No.19333548

rolled 14, 6, 9 = 29

Okay, rafting around the coast. I knew that I'd be making no voyages out into the sea quite yet. Drawing is going to be different than the type described do to the type of prevalent trees on the beaches.

On the branches of the Azrach bushes used for making rope, the silk Ngung nests can be found. Usually these are just picked off and disposed of, but one begins to unravel in the hands of a rope maker.
Another rope maker experiments with making thinner strings. Not as strong as the thick rope, but more flexible.
Problems are still had with that fourth ratty old teepee. Boomer skins are difficult to collect, and even with being reinforced with ropes and stakes, they can still collapse.

Rolling for the discovery of silk, making string, and better construction methods.

>> No.19333564

Hey, nongent, did yo see the irc channel we had set up? Here? >>19332919

>> No.19333576

And I didn't want to come across as criticizing about riding boomers. I was merely thinking of their explosive nature and soft cartilage skeleton. I also remember them being not that big. Pig sized was it? I need Nad on this one.

Also, IRC is up.

>> No.19333580

>dose rivers constantly splitting apart
Oh god what the fuck?

>> No.19333600

enough eggs are gathered and brought back to the cave to start a viable population of domesticated ramel. The herding efforts are met with failure as grown ramel are fucking stubborn. hunting yeilds two dead ramel and out of luck, a few ribboners. Glowing compound is made from grinding up cave moss and adding in skulk blood. This stuff glows much brighter then normal cave moss. when smeared into a patch of existing cave moss it will permanently change the biology of the moss to glow brighter. This is then planted in random locations as well as wrapped around an azrach branch to act as a sort of non flammable torch. The tribe manages to create impressive camouflage netting with vines and local plant life, setting up these nets around the swamp further obfuscates their location and creates a confusing and subtly maze like environment for non locals.

Breeding was a mixed bag. The Govkar mutuants will increase in number up to 20 if all eggs are viable. The stress placed on the skulks is still showing its effects and their numbers do not increase.

>> No.19333623

I don't think that the gliding boomers would be very suitable for riding on, because of the exact reasons no trip gave. I also imagine that they are even lighter built and somewhat smaller than the other boomer species, because of their gliding nature.
Their flying cabability could have other uses of course though.
Couriers for example.

>> No.19333642

rolled 4 = 4

Daughter and voice were working on the netting when a sharp branch embedded itself into daughters arm. Voice saw the gel like green skulk blood ooze out, then begin to pull itself back into the wound. With some effort the two removed the branch and Voice saw the damage done. It was a deep wound, and purple ichor leaked out as the self sealing blood saught to do its job. Purple...purple.. no, skulks dont bleed purple voice thought to herself. She looked at the arm closer and in horror. This was not normal. This was like the vile blood of the skulcrow, it was not a sacred thing! Daughter looked at the terrfied voice and put her hands on either side of her head. "shh.,..." not that she could ever tell. "this changes nothing...but how did you think I survived loosing my kith? I am only straddling the entry between this world and the next...its not as if i am dead." the odd joke and her smile was calming to the scarred voice, though even now she noticed the Daughter's teeth past what would normally be seen where sharper, and larger then normal. The grin spread, becoming unsettling, at first she thought she was in danger, then it became apparent what was going on. This...was unexpected, but not bad. With how mangled her body was..no one would ever find her to be worthy. Voice let daughter lower her down to the floor.

rolling for Skulk breeding with the possibility of new traits

>> No.19333660

This bizzare creature was a curiosity to the Ca'rethill. While its form was similar to their own, it had this thick, shaggy stuff instead of sleek feathers, and a toothy mouth where its beak should have been. It... disturbed those who found the thing. As they do with all other beasts of Ommarn, they cast it back off into the sea outside of the bay.

Forgot to mention this in my last post. The women of the tribe begin to perform a cosmetic procedure where they pluck the vestigial flight feathers from their wings. The feathers begin to become a more masculine feature.

>> No.19333666

not this time...damn. why wont skulks reproduce? guess you can lead a horse to water...in this case, you can lead a skulk to..yeah.

so im sitting in irc.thisisnotatrueending.com #EVO with hollywoodjoe and @chanserv. am i at the right place?

>> No.19333674

No... You shoude have Fortune and Nad.

>> No.19333707

rolled 20 = 20

Have one more Nat 20 to determine here for any industrious GMs. (Thanks NG that was awesome!)

Frilla's brief trip on the Alpha Boomer was a shock and a thrill. It gives her ideas she never dreamed possible. The boomers are too small to ride maybe, but there must be other things out there... Maybe someday... the Great Sky Ribbons maybe. Hmm... her thoughts are filled with opportunities as she hurries back to the Tribe with the flock of Gliders in tow. They are quick to find a place amongst the All Mother, climbing about and soaring between the supports as Frilla trains them to hunt for small prey like we would a hawk. With the fishers bringing in fish by the trapload and Frilla's boomers now hunting for Dahon in the sky the tribe is quickly becoming content. Now, if only their leader would return.

Swift, in the absence of her brother, approaches the All Mother and asks for guidance for a new member of their Tribe. With Prophecy's withered husk drying on the riverbank, they are in need of a tribe member to step up and become the next Prophecy. One of the singers comes forward and offers herself to the Tree. Does the All Mother accept?

>> No.19333713

Have to go to mibbit.com first, then click on server and add in that Irc stuff to the field that opens up. See the post here: >>19317243

Also holy balls another 20!

>> No.19333807
File: 73 KB, 668x453, GantuNetter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sapphic bonding, in my evo thread?

Alright. Taha'alahe, despite not being head scout has decided to look again for the remains of U'amahu, her mentor. While the rest of the tribe cannot spare their hunters, one lone Gantu may be enough. Or so she hoped. She hoped her mother understood. She had to. The two had once been lovers after all.
Though the chief had eventually found love elsewhere (that's where Taha'alahe came from, after all.)
If nothing else, she could escape from the one who took her place as scout leader. Yes, he deserved it, but so did she. He shouldn't have got it. She didn't care how handsome he was, she... wat. Where did that thought come from?

She shook her head. Not the time to think of such petty rivalries, not when her teacher was denied the final embrace of the Mother Ocean. (continued)

>> No.19333888

While Taha'alahe searches for the body of her mentor, the new nets work wonders for the village. Gantu catch bigger fish and more fish than they ever dreamed.
The tribe eats well, and life expectancy rises. Rolling FIRST: to see if Taha'alahe finds her mentor, and SECOND: to see how big the tribe grows with slightly more reliable food source.

>> No.19333900

Shadow suffers in the burnt swamp section. falling over, sweating, and passing out...he awakens feeling sick, wracked by illusions of melting ground and colors in the sky. Still he presses on, vomiting several times. His skin begins to peel. It would be easy to just die now, but...no, he will push on. The days progress, and more skin is lost, he wont even look down anymore, disgusted by what he knows is happening to his body, but he feels strangely energetic. Stronger. Why, why now, in the twilight of his life does he find the strength he has sought. At least he will make it home, perhaps to be seen one last time by friends and family. Upon arrival everyone is staring at him, shocked. "you burn" says one tribe member, its only when he finally stops to really look at himself does he realize he is an inferno skulk.
As the singer walks up to the tree vines reach out burrying themselves in her back. the process is not normal. This is not how it should happen. The vines continue to work their way into the skulk, the process seems to cause no pain though. Finally the singer speaks" I am the memories of your past" the tree has blessed this host with a sort of life line, a leash. The sacrifice was not for that one to make, but was made all the same, the least that could be offered was a degree of freedom.

>> No.19333912

rolled 20, 12 = 32

Herp-derp, forgot dice.

>> No.19334024

Swift's eyes fly wide as the All Mother does not choose the next prophet, but instead a Voice! The All Mother's will becomes known and the tribe can listen to her wisdom directly. No more will they fear the whims of their guardian. They can hear it straight from her mouth. The 'Elder' becomes little more than another face amongst the crowd as this new voice becomes an active (if immobile) member of the tribe. The Hall of Ancestors quickly becomes a center of activity as the All Mother delights in spending long hours teaching the tribe her wisdom and telling them tales of ages past. Truly a glorious age has begun.

Shadow's new found power sends him speeding home across the countryside He triumphantly returns home to the elation of the tribe. He marvels at all the things that have transpired while he was away and is quick to offer Frilla a place at his side. The 'next elder' position is no longer required, so Tribe Leader's mate is good enough. The two begin to take the blessings of nature and put them to good use as Shadow begins to produce a number of new children from his Kith Fruit.

>> No.19334043

the tribe grows slowly, increasing its size by about a third of its overall population.
Taha'alahe wanders the beaches, and inland near where her mentor made his last stand, she had seen it too well. She walked from that place to the beach. She had no idea what she was doing, and her heart hurt, her mind felt so cloudy. She stabbed the sand over and over, her spear tip broke off...great she was out to find her murdered teacher, and instead murdered her spear. the waves lapped at her feet, the tide was pulling back. there...sitting in the receding waves were the broken bones of her mentor. scattered. She looked at them all, there was no dignity, or shame. just a broken body of someone she loved. almost a cruel fact, then anything intentionally hurtful. It wasnt him, but it was a represenative item of U'amahu. She collected the bones, making several trips to the site of his last stand. there she burried them. The bones were cracked and healed many times over. Her mentor lead a hard life. The joints were rough and worn. He must have ached constantly. As she picked up the skull the horn broke off...a final indignity. A warm breeze passed over her. No, her mentor was saying something. It dawned on her. Her broken spear. U'amahu would always be with her. The horn was fixed to the top of the spear with time and patience and love. She returned home after covering over the bones.

>> No.19334063

Did you miss this.

>> No.19334110
File: 24 KB, 578x495, Great Sky Ribbon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 5, 4, 6 = 15

Inspired by everything thats happened, Frilla leaves Shadow to tend to the new children of the tribe while she takes Swift and Wave out into the Forests again.

Swift sets out to hunt for prey, while Wave takes time to guard over Frilla as she sets her sights on finding the Great Sky Ribbons. But first she must catch one and learn about it. And thats where Swift and Wave come in. Swift finds the prey. And Wave uses one of her fancy new nets to catch it. Then together they can learn all they can from these majestic beasts (roll 1 to find, 2 to capture and 3 to learn from it)

>> No.19334146

rolled 20, 8, 14 = 42

the hunt ended in failure as a Higitain crashes the party and attacks! The plans ruined the three skulk must now fight off the beast as it rampages towards them, intent on making a meal. (Roll 1)

Two-eye has heard rumors of a Giga Roha hunting near the shore of the clearing, and sets out to locate the beast and finish it once and for all. He takes a few of the newest tribe members out to teach them the ways of fishing as well. (roll 2)

Shadow and the All Mother's Voice spend hours discussing his adventure, and the news that the world is much larger than they could ever have thought possible sends them into debate on further expeditions out into the world. As such, they prepare a few of the young Kaze to set forth and find out more about the world. A trio of them working together set out towards the south this time, to see what can be seen at the bottom of their world, when the jungles end (roll 3)

>> No.19334181
File: 2.05 MB, 2810x3024, Exodus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 13, 12 = 25


I haven't decided yet where they would settle down or even if they will. Let's just see where this travel takes them. As for rolling for speed. I just hope there won't be too many 1s.

Why would these birds keep attacking us? we haven't done any harm to them and still they come at us with bestial rage. We do not enjoy carnage, we detest it, but still we are forced to fight. Last week we lost Gnath and Jheer. What did they ever do to anyone? Before that Xath and Wdeer, Both were great parents and friends. Why are we tested so much while we do not want to bring harm to others.

It was great storm. So harsh that you could only see couple meters ahead when you tried to go forward. Kharum lost their way in that storm and without their knowing they made a slight turn to right which changed their travel direction from south to north.

Direction is now fixed to northwest. Roll for travel speed and for once again random encounter

>> No.19334185

Heading to bed. Leaving the fate of these rolls in the hands of the GMs or anyone who wants to help take part in the development of the tribe

>> No.19334199
File: 22 KB, 556x452, 1338113358676.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nad: pic related are the strangers. brutish, sentient, and unsure of motives
Your tribe maintains a neutral stance with the invading tribe, they are not causing harm, and to fight them would cause unacceptable losses..they dont seem very interested in communication at the moment. mostly foraging for food. Macia approaches, and gets back "handed" their language isint the same, but key words are "reproduce away!" it is said with a level of contempt that makes it clear they have no wish to talk, nor to fight. just to be left alone
the research into weaving goes well, and in a nights worth of work Jun has created form fitting silk body wraps, as well as a silk tent. more silk bugs will be needed...the containers made by Hakel are large and well built. Creativity took over and a woven silk mat was included in each one, separating the water tank into two containers. Your tribe now has the ability to filter water. Much celebration, mating, and fighting was had that night. Hakel and Jun are starting to gain influence in the tribe for their contributions to "Society"

the joord manage to take Ngung and feed them excessively. the high protein diet encourages them to make excess silk. attempts to make string, or build with the new material are met in failure due to constancy playing with their new pets.

>> No.19334270

They were pretty cool bionicles.

>> No.19334305

The rain does not let up, it is apparently the wet season, walking is slow, but the tribe eventually bumps into the volcanic mountain range. the vegetation in the area is edible. They come across a tribe of the strange dark birds. these ones are a little taller, and a bit more sinister looking. however they are all resting, and they have many eggs. The tribe members are at a loss...they could keep going and risk being attacked from behind, or preform a sneak attack, murder this tribe, get food and loot their equipment.

the party prepares for the worst when the charging Higitain trips and breaks its own neck, leaving a near perfect corpse to be harvested for food and material. sometimes life is funny like that.

The scouting party finds what is at the edge of their forest. a blasted flat land of ash, beyond that a coastal forest, though they travel no further, there is land in the water, further away.

>> No.19334366

rolled 18, 7, 18, 12, 14, 9 = 78


Macia is ordered to keep a watch out for the gohroks. It is rare for these creatures to come this deep into the marshes, or that is what Kiknau thinks. She fears that the brutes might start causing trouble if they begin to settle down here.

Macia's task will be to monitor their movements and activities from the canopies, away from sight. The bulky creatures are most likely unable to climb, so she should be relatively safe in the trees.

Nufa is ordered to take his hunting far away from the gohroks, so that no unneeded conflicts would ensue.

Daki is tasked with preparing the defenses of the tribe in case things go ugly.

Jun, despite the fact she fell from the tree house and muddied the sheets, managed to repair the damage done to them, and with the aid of her family, she was able to produce many silk items. Her family has two tasks now, first and the primary one is to gather food, that they could perhaps store in the new containers Hakel made. The secondary task is Jun's personal one. She tries to find more of the Ngung bugs for silk production while gathering food.

Hakel attempts to improve the containers. He tries to fashion the silk sheets Jun made into some sort of air tight lids over the containers, so that ngungs and other small creatures couldn't get in and contaminate their water and food.

Rolling for monitoring the gohroks, finding new hunting grounds, preparing defenses, collecting food, finding more silk bugs and improving the containers with lids.

>> No.19334405

rolled 15, 10, 11 = 36


Even if Kharum do not enjoy killing there were some who wanted to revenge the loss of their loved ones but as there were no proof of that it was these birds who attacked them others were able to calm these individuals. They would continue their travel and take the risk of being attacked from behind.

As the mountains blocked the way to west the Kharum kept going towards north as they thought they were going south.
Direction north. Rolling for Attack from Joords (low roll means that they do attack and high mean that they didn't even see the govkars) and for how long do they get. also for random encounter

>> No.19334417

Your little town is now and impregnable fortress!

>> No.19334427

18, 7, 18, 12, 14, 9 = 78
Rolling for monitoring the gohroks, finding new hunting grounds, preparing defenses, collecting food, finding more silk bugs and improving the containers with lids.

the gohroks are like a parody of the govkar. arguments are solved by savage fights and sometimes killings, the observations are going without any detection. new hunting grounds are scarce, something has spooked the prey away. The tribe's camp areas are fortified extensively with spiky walls, pits filled with water and more spikes and other traps. about 20 new silk bugs are found, making jun the happiest govkar lass ever. such big bright eyes. so happy. attempts to use silk as a container cover dont go over so well. perhaps if some sort of resin were applied to the silk that would work.

>> No.19334488

Phew! I have returned, how are you guys doi-
>dem Skulk reproduction rolls
>all dem nat 20s alternated with nat 1s
Hoooly schnikes! It seems like the Skulks are kind of like Wood Elves, what with their longevity and low reproduction.

>> No.19334534

rolled 12, 3 = 15

Welcome back, IG, I assure you we have not been idle.

>> No.19334577

rolled 15, 4, 15, 6, 10, 15 = 65


Nufa is confused by the lack of prey. What could be the cause of this? The gohroks are in completely other direction of the swamp. They can't be behind this! ( Where exactly on the map are the gohroks located?)
Nufa attempts to investigate the cause of the lack of prey.

Meanwhile, Macia continues her efforts to investigate the gohroks. Despite her mother's orders to keep her distance, the brutish creatures have started to intrigue her. During one night, she attempts to approach a lone younger gohrok that is lazily eating some azrach bark at the outskirts of the forest opening in which the beasts currently reside.

Dakia continues to prepare, seeing this as an opportunity to empower her family. She begins to train the adolescent children to fight better, even the ones from the other families.

Jun begins to make more of the silk sheets for use of the tribe. Her family continues the gathering efforts.

Hakel tries to use the sap of the azrach trees to harden the silk sheets so that they would form better lids.

Rolling for Nufa's investigation, Macias attempt to approach the gohrok child, Dakia's training session with the kids, Jun's weaving attempts, her family's food gathering and Hakel's experiments.

>> No.19334620

rolled 9 = 9

In honour of U'amahu's memory, the tribe has carved a monument to the great warrior.

Rolling to develop a tiki/totem pole, then heading to bed.

>> No.19334641

It would seem the gohrok are moving in a large circle migration patter around the swamp, effectively covering the entire area. Macia approaches the child only to scare it and have an ear get cut in half by a defensive reaction. To top it off the child screams and alerts the tribe. Dakia trains the kids how to use their claws, and weapons in an effective, conservative fighting style. Jun doesnt do her best at weaving, but prior experience allows her to make a small amount instead of a vast quantity. (in the future you dont need to make rolls for things that you can already do well. Jun is pretty knowledgeable about the material at this point, but had a bad day) Food is scarce, looks like its back to eating dried azrach fruit. The experiment is a success, the lids work great, and on top of that they can be used for throwing. It makes a fun game trying to catch and throw the lid.

>> No.19334647
File: 17 KB, 400x242, 1326893363036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My tiki...

>> No.19334664

the tiki-pole was erected, and had a good start, it is still crude but more work on it will likely yield art....and indeed the tribe continues to work on it as a labor of love, and while it is not beautiful immediately, over the years it becomes so. it will be the center of a great many tikis.

>> No.19334778

i'd love a response to >>19333470 still. not nagging or anything.

also: i am driving cross-country for the next few days, so i'll probably only be viable for a few hours a day. not that the Skulcrow are a really huge part of the story...for now.

>> No.19334782

rolled 2, 7, 14, 4, 1 = 28


Nufa refuses to go back to the village empty handed. He attempts go south, further away from his home than ever before. He is accompanied by 3 of his children and he leads this hunting group towards the edges of the marshes in his attempt to find prey.

Macia frantically attempts to flee before the gohroks reach her.

Daki finds the new game of lid throwing interesting. She the throwing lids might have some potential as weapons. She attempts to throw one of the lids at Jun, who is attempting to make some sort of hammocks out of the silk sheets hanging between the branches.

With his newest invention already in use by the tribe, Hakels again moves on to other projects. The glowing moss is ever present, but usually it is washed away by the tribe because they see it as the taint of the skulks. Hakel, however, after seeing all the lights the other creatures have, has started trying to figure out how to use the moss to illuminate better. He gathers up all of it he can find, wraps silk sheets around it and tries to tie it to the end of a stick.

Rolling for hunting down south, Macia's escape, Daki's lid throw at Jun, Jun's hammocks and Hakels new invention.

>> No.19334865

owlface "only" manages to drag back an entire fallen azrach tree. the skulks kill and drag back numerous gohroks, and noface hauls in an adult ramel...in time, all will be well. the Skulcrow have had an interesting development. Excess corrupt lemuy ichor is being stored in crudly dug pits. at times alpha skulcrows and above have been observed wading in and submerging into the pits to emerge later, seemingly revitalized. one can only wonder what would happen to a creature thrown into one of those pits before the usual dessication process happens.

see the below post. its a continuation.

>> No.19334887


>nat 1 for SCIENCE!


Only Daki is successful and the only thing she succeeds at is bullying her little sister!

>> No.19334908

Nufa and the children get lost, it will take some time for them to get back, but they have provisions to last them, and they may learn new things yet. Macia gets cornered and chased up a tree. it is apparent the beasts cannot climb, but they can slowly rip the tree apart with their massive claws, attempting to jump to the next tree is a good idea. Daki knocks out Jun with the lid. poor jun. she falls over into the hammock which is not yet tied together and all her hard work becomes unraveled. the glowing stick works decently, but the tribe's matron view it as HERESY *BLAM* Hakel is exiled from the tribe for a period of a week to survive on his own and reflect on his actions for daring to associate the anything having to do with the witches.

Im out, all rolls fall to IG, or another subGM

>> No.19334998

Thanks Ng! You are great. You left me with lots of stuff to work with! The situations in where the siblings are will provide me with loads of interesting narrative opportunities. I applaud you sir!

>> No.19335460


Nice to see Jun is still fantastic as ever.

Also any chance to see results for rolls here? Or should I continue to self-GM:

>> No.19335913

Anyone here?

>> No.19336421
File: 179 KB, 800x600, Laughing skulks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bamb, gonna go away for a while

>> No.19337017
File: 28 KB, 896x552, raft.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems that all the Ngung have been rebuilding their nests along the posts of the teepees. Since the other two projects weren't making much headway, those working on them were called to assist in silk collection. So far, it's only been used as thread for teepee repairs in the place of boomer skin strips. With the ease of collection, the two return to their previous projects.

Rolling for fabric weaving, thin rope/string, and better construction.

>> No.19337022

rolled 13, 1, 16 = 30

Forgot me dice!

>> No.19338608


>> No.19338683

rolled 13, 1, 16 = 30

Rolling for fabric weaving, thin rope/string, and better construction.
fabric is created, but its weave is quite coarse. the fabric threads are unsuitable for anything thin, being in nature like twine. recent breakthroughs in construction enable lager two story teepees. It was discovered adding central post that is buried into the ground will support things put onto it.

>> No.19338939


As the fires burned, the tribe ran. A few individuals were lost, but the most important things were carried with them. Rain fell across the region, heavy and true. perhaps not all was lost. The witch could not hear the wisper of the injured govkar, however a lone skulcrow came up to him. Its empty eyes stared, grabbed him by the ankle and pulled him off. The final mercy the world offered was to let him die before he was impaled on a stick.

The tribe would have a rough road ahead of them. Their former village was now a scorched pit. What they still had was their knowledge and their lives. It would be time to relocate. There had been rumors of another tribe who had gone on such an exodus. But first the they must sift thru the ashes of the village to see if there is anything they can recover. The elder was a a tragic loss, as were the others, but his ambition paved the way for progression, and while not immediately appreciated, the tribe would remember him for generations to come.
skills you will not need to roll for anymore on are making leather, plant fiber making, containers or fire. your tribe is quite experienced in that.

>> No.19339027


Requesting result

>> No.19339632


For the first time in his life, Nufa has gotten lost. He ventured to fast and too far to these unknown southern marshes. He is too prideful however, to admit his mistake to his children. He continues onwards, trying to locate some sort of recognizable terrain feature that would allow him to get back to more familiar marshes.

Macia is scared. The bestial gohrorks would do rip her apart, or worse, if they caught her, she was sure of it. Their maddening roars and the rhythmic sounds of their head-butts and claws tearing to the tree she is hiding in cause her to panic. This is her first time in this kind of situation, sure she had faced dangerous creatures before, but always with support from either her siblings or mate, but this time, she was all alone, against both numerically and physically superior creatures. Her only changes at escaping would come from her speed, agility and intelligence.
In desperation, she takes the leap to the next tree.

Jun is knocked out cold, to the pleasant surprise of Dakia. She imedeatly starts searching for Hakel, so that more of these lids would be made. Instead, she finds him being in the middle of banishment ritual. Not knowing what's going on, she interrupts the ritual temporally, but after being brought to speed about the nature of the situation, she laughs with glee and pulls one of Hakel's children to the side and demands that additional lids are to be made.


>> No.19339656

rolled 6, 13, 12, 18, 20, 17 = 86


Jun is woken up by her mate and children. No one had noticed her absence from the banishment ritual. She slowly collects herself, and continues to work on her project, despite her massive headache and the fact that many of the sheets are now smeared and torn.

Kiknau directs the banishment ritual with heavy heart. She knows that her son only intended good with his naive attempt to harness the foul taint of the witches, but this kind of transgression against the tribe should never be taken lightly. She knows that Hakel is smart enough to survive the ordeal, and she hopes that he learns his lesson from it. The witches and everything related to them are not tolerated! They must be banished, purged and destroyed! That is the only way to safeguard the children of the tribe!

Hakel, is confused, angered and scared. He only tried to help, but now, he is being sent away? As he moves to the swamp, he swears that he will return with more knowledge than ever before, so that his mother will see that even though he is unjustly punished, he is still able and willing to help his tribe. Perhaps, this way, his mother will finally see him as worthy.

Rolling for Nufa's attempts to find back to more familiar terrain, Macia's leap, seeing if Daki manages to get more of the lids, Jun's continued efforts and recovery from being knocked out and seeing if Hakel manages to find a some shelter in which to hold out for now.

>> No.19340000
File: 145 KB, 666x884, 1338470624404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Direction north. Rolling for Attack from Joords (low roll means that they do attack and high mean that they didn't even see the govkars) and for how long do they get. also for random encounter
The joord's were only pretending to sleep,as the tribe got further north they attacked from the skies, but they had been expecting easy kills. The survivors of the tribe were all quite battle hardened, and after a short skirmish turned back to the enemy camp. They killed the guards and spared the mothers. The Strange Dark Joord took their eggs and flew off. The camp was stripped for useful equipment and materials. Bed rolls, various bags and containers, and other stolen equipment was found. It would seem these creatures were preying on travelers for quite some time. they rested for a day at the camp before burning it to the ground.
all tribe members now have bedrolls, backpacks, satchels, various tools, and a collection of hatchets, spears, and nets as well as a scrap or two of improvised armor. it is safe to assume all the dried food that was found will keep them well supplied for a while. As they continue "south" the weather grows colder and they encounter noords at a distance, neither party seems interested in interaction.

>> No.19340237

Nufa's continues to blindly stumble forward for days then weeks. Hiding from monsters, killing at opportunity for food. His children and even he learn much about survival in this ordeal. terrain gives way to a volcanic region, and in the distance he sees other govkar. His tribe sent out a search party! Excellent. he would play this off as him exploring new terrain and be rewarded for his new knowledge of the unexplored regions. ((its Onolkeshan's tribe))

Macia leaps to the best of her ability and lands in the next tree, smacking face first into its trunk and landing in a tangle of branches. the beast men so busy tearing down the tree she was on never even notice. as she reaches up to rub her face she notices she has broken off one of her tusks. ((or mandible's, whatever they are.))

Daki makes more lids, but they are irregularly shaped, and imperfect. with a little more azrach sap they may preform as disposeable seals for long term storage. better then nothing.

>> No.19340250

jun presses on, her headache fading fairly quickly. She took the tattered and ruined remains of her silk and did something magnificent. Each one was woven tighly and masterfully, the various stains on the cloth being knitted into the construction...it was the azrach sap that got onto the silk that inspired her. Soaking the cloth in more sap she began to layer, soak, and layer again..as this strange construction dried she had created silken laminated armor. good for you jun. good for you. the concussion mader her forget about her previous attempts to make sheets untill she had finished. hopefully this would make up for it.

Hakel wandered for days until he came across a burned encampment. husks of long dead skulks lay strewn about, or torn apart with disregard and hate. bits of skulk moss grew here and there, and as he ventured further into the grave site he found a mother tree. he had only ever heard about these. It was ruined, a hundred charred corpses hung from it. it itself was charred. one of the less damaged of the corpses moved...it twisted slowly, ever so slowly, its eyes opening, it looked at him. each movement caused charred portions of its body to flake away. hanging limply, upside down, it reached for him, infinite pain in its eyes. It was not a threat, but still...

>> No.19340428


It happened so fast; the smoke, the wailing, the running, the flames. Somewhere in the midst I was picked up by one of my Kin, I do not know who even to this day, but he or she carried me to the beach where we would watch the Fury of the Suns destroy all we've held dear. Some called it a portent, a sign of our hubris, I call it desperation on the part of the Burning Moons, but it was nonetheless the wrong call. We forced the hand of beings beyond our comprehension, and grudgingly, we gave them tribute in the end.

As the rest of the tribe sifted through what remained of our village, preparing an exodus to wherever the Void takes us, me and a few others went to the origin of the flames, where the Tribal Elder and some Kin went to fight against the tyranny of the Suns.

>> No.19340435

rolled 15, 17, 14, 1, 11, 12, 4 = 74


We came across the ring, and many charred bodies of our Kin, a man with us shielded my eyes as they carried the bodies away, but I saw enough... Enough to see our Tribal Elder, my grand-father, wasn't amongst the bodies. Wherever he went, it was by the guidance of the Ancestors

(NOTE: The Tribal Elder, originally vilified due to his creation of the Fury, was ultimately recognized as being accepted passage by the Void Guardians to the Aether, becoming Dundarin, the Spirit of Guidance.)

As we looked through what remained of those who started the fire, I noticed a glimmer near the fire's stone circle. One of the stone's had cracked under the Fury's immense heat, releasing an ooze of... Something; it reflected light like water, but was harder then any stone we've seen... What could have caused this?

I left the origin with the rest of the kin, ooze in hand as we saw the tribe was finished sifting through the destroyed village. We have a long road ahead of us, and after giving those who perished a prayer, we left our home for whatever new one awaits us as we followed the coast.

(NOTE: It was unbeknownst to me at the time, but as we prepared to leave some continued to try and perfect methods in leather working and plant fiber making that were underway prior to the Fury, their results will be cataloged following further chapters.)

Roll for discovery of metal, clothes, leather armor, salvage of the village, curing/preserving food, fishing nets and the difficulty in initial Exodus (will be rolled each time we are in travel.)

>> No.19340456

rolled 8, 8, 14, 8, 18, 16, 18 = 90


Alright, these are my final updates before I hit the bunk.

Nufa, believing that the govkars he sees are from his tribe, approaches them. Perhaps the desperate need to find back home overwhelmed him, and caused him to drop his guard this way, but regardless, he begins to try the get the attention of the other govkars.

Macia, despite the horrible pains caused by the broken tusk, attempts to find her way back to her tribe. The pain causes her vision to get fuzzy, and makes her mind foggy. She continues onwards, hoping to both find back home and to not attract the gohroks.

As Hakel's children refused to make more lids, despite Daki's threats, she is forced to make them herself. The resulting crude lids could perhaps still work? She attempts to test them out, by throwing them at Jun. Again.

Jun has worked long and hard on her new invention. She is attempting to present it to Kiknau. Her family in the meanwhile, have started gathering food from larger areas, as Nufa and their hunters haven't returned jet.

Hakel approaches the skulk, trying to decipher what the strange creature was trying to do. His revulsion and fear of the witch was overcome by his curiosity. He carefully pokes it with his foot.

Kiknau is worried. Now 3 of her children were missing. Nufa hadn't been seen in almost 2 weeks, while Macia had failed to report back to her for 4 days already. She had also sent Hakel away personally. These fears caused her to be somewhat unmoved by Jun's display of her new invention.

Rolling to see how Nufa makes his approach, seeing if Macia finds back home and if the gohroks notice her again, Daki's throw, Jun's attempts at showing off her invention and her family's food gathering, and finally rolling for Hakels attempts to figure out the charred skulk.

>> No.19341458
File: 488 KB, 582x707, Expedition 2's path.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 10, 15, 11, 12 = 48

(quick question before I continue with Frilla's band. How big are Higitane? I was thinking Rhino sized maybe or bigger?)

The scouts return home with news of water that flows all the way to the sky! What a marvelous discovery! There are other lands on the far water that are too far to swim too, and the creatures in this water are strange and unknown. The water itself seems poisoned though.... perhaps it is a test for the Skulk. Truly this paradise where the water meets the sky must be where the gods reside. This calls for further exploration. But how to get across such a distance of water. They turn to experiments. Finding things that float, ways to propel something down river... They begin to try to build a rudimentary raft (roll 1).

The raft building itself has brought them to another conclusion... it will be difficult to make much progress without some way to harvest trees. But their claws are insufficient to cut down a tree, or dig them up... If only there was a way. They try using rocks and that leads them to further experimenting (roll 2 for trying to develop simple tools like shovels and axes)

The explorers are sent out again. They said the land went on for a long ways, now it is their job to make this land known to their tribe. They must set out at once and explore the length of this new shore to the south. Two teams set out. One to the South East, one to the South West. (roll 3 for east, 4 for west).

>> No.19341543

rolled 7, 16, 14, 9, 6, 6 = 58

the raft floats! But... thats about all they can say for it. It hits a rock after a few hundred yards and quickly falls to pieces. They will need much better materials if they are to get one that can work.

They discover basic tools. Axe heads and shovels definitely seem to get the job done and before long, they have a few trees and branches they are able to chop into shape for a new and improved raft. Wave chips in with one of her fancy nets to bind it all together. And this new raft is set in the river (roll 1).

The Higitane is brought back to camp after some struggle. It is the first of its kind they have managed to recover in one piece. It is brought to the chamber of the All Mother for her wisdom. Frilla wishes to learn more about the beasts and, with the all mother's help, sets about disecting it. Taking time to learn what it is and if it can be useful. (rolling for learning basic biology, harvesting its parts for tools/etc, and possible compatibility with lemUy spores)

The journey of the two exploration teams makes it to the edge of the jungle without event. They split up and head in the directions they were bidden. Who knows what they will discover! (roll 5 east, 6 west)

>> No.19341641

This raft certainly works, but no better than the previous one... Their design is all wrong. They need to learn better ways to bind the logs together. Something isnt working right, and they set out to experiment. Each of the skulks involved set forth to compete with one another to make a raft and the best one will win. (roll 1 for researching raft design, roll 2 for learning better ropesmanship, and 3 for rudimentary boatsmanship)

The tribe learns an astounding amount about Higitanes. They also discover the differences between plants and animals. The parts are put to good use. The plates from its armored hide go into making new armor for the hunters under shadow's training. The tooth bar makes an excellent sawing tool and is promptly put to use in the raft project. However it would seem that Higitane are incompatable with the LemUy spores. Which is sad.

The journey continues on. The team heading west encounters volcanoes! Such a terrifying sight is thrilling and dangerous at the same time. A hungry Bagr chases them away from exploring too long and they hurry towards the ocean! The team to the east hits a snag when they hit the great rift. Unable to cross such a span, they skirt around the edge of it, looking for a way across and end up backtracking quite a bit. (roll 4 west, 5 east)

>> No.19341654

rolled 16, 12, 14, 16, 6 = 64

and.... the rolls

>> No.19341676

Leaving the outcome of these to the GMs, because they are significant tech evolutions, and possible encounters with other Tribes.

>> No.19342245

rolled 15, 7 = 22

Some of these don't quite fit what I was attempting, and since teepees are very much like tents, two stories just shouldn't work.

Weaving silk by hand works to some extent, but the sheets are loose and fragile. With a little time and practice, they manage to make some strong enough for making a simple garb. It's still fairly fragile.

In terms of construction, it's found that interlocking grooves prove to be quite a sturdy technique, although more reliant on collecting wood.The building are a log framebound in boomer skins still. They just hold better during monsoons.

As for what you said about twine, I assume that was from the roll of 1. I think that needs a redo because achieving twine would have been a perfect result.


Plans are made for the construction of proper training grounds for the Ca'rethill warriors. Wood is stockpiled and the land is plotted on the small island indicated on the map.

Rolling for stockpiling and land-plotting.

>> No.19342634

I think we've hit autosage, so the thread's archived.

>> No.19342819

I'll set up the new thread after gathering some into

>> No.19342827

We have.

Can't stick around tonight I'm afraid, but I think I can manage one development before bed.
Should I post it here or wait until next threat, you think?

>> No.19342866


Go ahead and post it. Foolz will catch the post if Suptg doesn't.

>> No.19342886

Alright, I will.

In the meantime a spooky silhouette of the tree Hakel found during his exile. It was such a great mental image that in the future I plan on making a picture out of it.

>> No.19342910

Herp derp, herpity derp.

I doubt anyone will get the reference it the filename, it's so stupidly obscure, but hey, if anyone recognizes it, congratulations, you have a memory for useless trivia and unimportant lines in Disney movies too.

>> No.19342928
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Oh for God's sake... twice? This is why I need to go to bed at a non-ridiculous hour.

>> No.19343043
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Alright, here goes.

A young male, eager to impress the girl who has caught his eye, searches for a gift that will express how he feels. Ah, young love.

Meanwhile, Polahu, the scarred scout leader is assigned to comb the coast this week, to explore these uncharted areas and see if there is anything that might benefit the tribe. He's more cautious now, since the Giga Roha attack, more alert and keen, so that no danger sneaks up on him. He is exploring the area on the map marked red.

Rolling for the lovestruck fisher to invent pearl diving.
Rolling to see if Polahu finds anything useful in the unexplored areas or if it's just plain, old charting out new lands.

>> No.19343109

rolled 7, 17 = 24

Goddamit, forgot to roll. What is up with me and forgetting things tonight?

>> No.19343239


Some rolls that need to be resolved whenever, whether it's in this thread or the next.

>> No.19343340

New Thread

>> No.19343407

Nevermind, autosage bug.

>> No.19344119


new thread.

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