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I don't feel like I'm very good at painting so can we have a horribly painted minis thread to cheer me up?

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Damn those look like they were painted by a three year old.

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>saying >>19310183 is poorly painted
Hiding under your bridge must have damaged your eyesight.

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>>19310183 here
>>19310457 Has a poor sense of humor.

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That is an amazingly talented three year old.

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I fail to see how such obvious sarcasm could go over anybody's head. Then again it's probably just trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls. Because all forms of jest would appear to be trolling now. And here you go OP have another pic.

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By terrible painting I feel I should just contribute my own work. Ok it's my own from about 1997-2000ish but I've not improved much. Well, the red predator isn't mine. But why the hell didn't I base stuff?

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I don't know how /tg/ went 10 posts into a paint thread without saying it.

Really though OP, thin your damn paint. You want a very, very tiny amount of paint on your brush, it should be almost dry. Google Dry Brushing. It looks like you are globbing as much paint onto your brush as possible.

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How have you never seen that picture before? Its not OP's paintwork.

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"Thin your paints" only comes up in paint critique threads. This is a display of terrible paint jobs, so it would be redundant.

Also, OP didn't do those models.

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AHAHAHAHAHAh these crack me up so good!

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Here is my Slaanesh marine work in progress. It's pretty shitty.

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Tom the Librarian, complete with jump pack.

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These cheer me up. Dem eyez

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oh god what
My little abomination or something?

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That's a jump pack?

I honestly couldn't tell from the paint globs and all the shit in the way.

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Why is there an Iron Kingdoms character with greenstuff breasts in that command squad?

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This pic remains a mystery online the forum it was originally posted to.

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Failhorse predates ponies, but I guess it might have been made by a fan of the old cartoon. You know what, I've never actually heard the story behind it.

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I like the paint job, don't like the pose

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rolled 14 = 14

II think it is not related. IIRC, it was done to troll people at the table... The guy who posted it or some guy in the same thread said that it was valid, because it needed at least 3 legal miniatures pieces or something like that.I might be wrong

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is that ghoul shitting himself?

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Grand Inquisitor Edmund Nigma?

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Because the dude who painted them is in the picture to the left.

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It's looking pretty damn good, bro.
I'm loving the sexy, sexy horns.

Here's my GK who I am dreading to continue painting

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Just call me desdinova, eternal light.

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I think he's a rebel, thinning your paints is overrated and for noobs

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The Keeper of Secrets?

On the other side, the one on the right is kinda hot.

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I call this picture: "Pining for the fjords."

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The quote is from an elegan/tg/entleman who claims to have introduced him to 40k

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Is that The Riddler?

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Oh god that quote killed me
and this explanation only made it funnier

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I like to think that it was the daemon prince that painted it.
Those eyes of his are fucking horrific.

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Is this an actual paint thread or just a terrible paint job thread?

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rolled 96 = 96

the second

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Oh holy shit he painted that bright blue dryad as well? I'm going to take a wild guess here and assume he has some kind of breast fetish.

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Are you that bad at painting that you can't tell the difference?

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thought so

well people are also posting their own paintjobs, so I thought it evolved

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Anyone got that picture of the pink and gold chaos predator? The one where painter left the bits he wanted coloured grey unpainted, and apparently decided his work was so good he'd post it online.

That'll make OP feel better.

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It's because you'd have to be an asshole to post your own paint jobs in a "good paint job" thread.

It's just them being modest.

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The full pic of that includes butt-fingering.

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In fact, paint the model again, using liquid latex instead of paint. If you don't know where to buy liquid latex stop being such a fucking normalfag.

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without a doubt the worst paint job ive ever seen. Do you even know what dipping is?

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Needs some Devlan Mudd

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Devlan Mud is the greatest substance on the face of the earth for minis

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I actually do

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Yeah, I do too.

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>terrible paint jobs thread
>LordLysander thread

same thing.


>I'm going to take a wild guess here and assume he has some kind of breast fetish.

he has a furaffinity account named bigbouncyfurries.

he is also probably gay, and overcompensating with the "LOL I LOVE BIG TITS THE BIGGER THE BETTER AMIRITE GUISE?" thing.

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>mfw I used Agrax Earthshade for the first time today

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I don't see that one botched up Baneblade anywhere in this thread.

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it gets funnier/worse.

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I want to feel bad but thats just too funny

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I'm so ashamed.

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Aside from commisar who looks just too much joyful I cant see anything bad.

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Everything about that picture bums me out.

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As awful as the anime quotes are, I must commend the very legible painting.

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You must have taken a good whack to the head if you think that paintjob is anything about "why"

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anything but*

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Is there more to this?

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Oh, yes. Yes there is. Starts somewhere around the middle of the first thread.


Enjoy, but remember: there are no brakes on the rape train.

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This Baneblade?

Guess who painted this?

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filename gave it away.

I bet that was purchased in the weeks leading up to him getting fired.

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Nope, this was purchased from the money he gets from his job as a coattaker at a dance club

>mfw I see a screencap based on a post I made.

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LordLysander thread?

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>his job as a coattaker at a dance club

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>LordLysander thread?

see OP:

>can we have a horribly painted minis thread

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I am personally offended on how he described the imperial guard in one of his comment. case being: Thinks Sas, navy seals...
seriously ?

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Yep, he got employed somewhere else after being fired for theft.

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Sometimes I think that people like LordLysander and CWC exist just so that whenever I think I've got a firm grasp on how the world works, they will be mentioned to remind me that I KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW

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Gaze into the abyss /tg/.

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Don't forget Luke, Plagueson of Nurgle!

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Remember, when you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you.

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the place where he told the owner he was taking money from them?

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oh god no

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Mother of god...

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rolled 82 = 82


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I read that poor bastard's tale on suptg about a year after he posted it here. I then realized that I was at the same university as they were during the same time period. I then realized that I almost joined Fragsoc and therefore only narrowly avoided meeting that disaster of a human.

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That's the one

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i want to feel pain
link it

>> No.19314846


no, you don't. this is not a good pain.

>> No.19314867

Do it anyway.

>> No.19314872

If you won't, I will.


Enjoy sitting in the shower trying to scrub the non-existant filth away.

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>two more links

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The horror that is Luke, Plagueson of Nurgle cannot be contained within one or even two threads. It required that many threads to tell of his malignancy, and even then the whole tale could not be told, for the OP could not bring himself to speak of certain horrors

>> No.19315037

I am an evil man. A sick person of multitudous fetishes and I have, at some point, got off sick shit that would leave unprepared futalovers of /d/ clawing their eyes out. I am now terrified and lubing up the biggest buttplug to protect my innards for I know a scat-wolf is out on the prowl.

>> No.19315126


That's pretty much all you can do for those sorry excuses for miniatures.

>> No.19315130

That story scared me. Not the scat, the pus, the mold, the grease, or any other aspect of Luke.

No, the fact I got a boner from that last bit of writefaggotry at the end haunts my dreams.

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This is more of a modeling thing than a painting one but I've been doing a little kitbashing. How bad is this? I'll post a couple shots. The epoxy in a couple places looks little messy but I'm betting it'll clean up when it gets some paint going.

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Rotated a bit.

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And the ass, which when compared to the rest, looks a bit plain. I think I need some exhaust pipes or soemthing.

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I...have finished the tale of Luke. Is bleach safe to use on skin? Because I feel dirty. So very dirty. Even the guy that worked in 40c heat in long sweater does not compare.

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Since you brought up kitbashing, also, sorry for shitty mobile camera

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One hell of a looted carnifex, that. You should feel great, anon.

>> No.19315793

Thanks, bro.

>> No.19315863

I thought my old roomate was the most godawful thatguy ever, as he was fat and disgusting and an ass.

After reading the Sticky Legend of Luke, my only response is this:

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after reading the complete tale of Luke, Plagueson of Nurgle (I'd only read one of the threads when it was posted), I poured myself quite a generous helping of tequila for 3 in the afternoon.


>> No.19316497

Looks awesome!

My only input is that it could look a little more "attached" to the Carnifex's back. At the moment it just looks like it's sitting on him.

>> No.19316526

Yeah, it kind of looks like it's on a chair or something. Some chains or something could help with that and make it looks sufficiently ramshackle.

I'm also the guy from >>19315296 and was wondering, should I put another claw arm on the right side? It feels a littly dakka heavy.

>> No.19316876

I got some chains at hand so I might try to use that.
Another thing I consider doing is extending the back armor.

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>And finally, no. He wont appear on a register for another few years, if he passes at all. His grades at school wern't quite good enough to get him straight onto a medical course, so he was doing a master's in chemistry first, THEN stuying Medicine. We probably have another 3 or 4 years yet.
>3 to 4 years
>11/28/09(Sat)19:13 No.6911643
Sweet jesus

>> No.19317155

I'm personally hoping that he flunked his studies.

>> No.19317405


I wouldn't worry about it. I went to grade school with that faggot who posts as madcapellan on the official Battletech forums and he is exactly like he was when he was like 13.

his biggest accomplishment in life was being an MP for like a week or two before they realized what a sack of shit they had on their hands and gave him a medical discharge.

and he was nowhere near as much of an AIDS burger as this Luke.... thing.

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As the Anon who first mention L,PoN in this thread, I would like to apologize to all of you for your experiences while reading those threads. Yes, bleach and alcohol are perfectly acceptable methods of scourging. I personally used sandpaper with bleach, washed that off with boiling water, doused myself in ammonia, and used the resulting gas to purge my lungs, as the air in my room had become befouled by the thread's very presence on my screen. There was no salvaging the computer

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finally read the whole thing
Took a while because of the shower and tooth brushing breaks

>> No.19321618


they are the Oltramorons

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