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I awaken, stretching. Lancer lays beside me, and I pick up my cane, sliding out of bed. My leg still feels weaker thanks to Berserker's claws, and my hand is scarred despite David's healing.

The phone rings, and I pick it up.
"My lady."
It's one of my agents. "You asked me to call you in the event a conflict rose between the Servants in Seattle. According to reports from others under me, Rider and Saber are approaching the Space Needle. It may be they have agreed to some sort of honourable combat." he reports. "Do you have any orders?"

Lancer is waking up, grumbling to herself with folded-back ears. I can hear cooking - and smell it - in the kitchen.

>> No.19288906

Head to the kitchen nonchalantly.

Ask for any intel on Caster's demons or Caster himself

>> No.19288926

Who's cooking?
Emiya for some reason?

Orders. Watch and wait for now. If one takes out the other, or they ally against caster, call us right away.

>> No.19289012

Why would Emiya be here? He 'rested up' on his own.

Wait, is this post Heaven's Feel if Man of Swords is in a doll body? I thought he gave up magic in echange for a queit life with his waifu.

>> No.19289042

That's why I typed "for some reason."
You'd think he'd be off "recharging" with Sakura.

>> No.19289063

>implying she isn't back home in Japan.

Master, what do you know of Emiya and his friends. We seem to have some collective knowledge rolling around our intangible brains, but your insights into this would be helpful.

>> No.19289064

Turns out it's Archer. He gives me a little wave.

"Keep me posted if anyone is removed from the battle permanently." I say, "Or if Caster becomes involved."

"Yes." he says, then hangs up. I change into my suit again and get breakfast, while a sleepy Lancer enters the room. In her bright green undergarments.

Archer sighs and pushes her back into her room before David wanders in, wearing footie pajamas and holding a stuffed animal.

The food's good. Never had a seafood breakfast before.

>> No.19289149

D'aaaw! My mental image of David is too cute!

We should probably thank him for fixing your leg up. It still hurts, but it appears to be functional.

Has your Magic Circuit count been affected at all by this?

>> No.19289209

Agreed. We need to thank him. Maybe a hug or something, Liz.

>> No.19289247

Also, do we know of anything involving the Church doing things re: caster & his demons?

>> No.19289291

I think they aren't doing shit besides covering it up as well as the can.

>> No.19289338

So much for Good Crhistian Soldiers doing their duty and slapping the fuck out of demonic monsters.

Master, you've never had a seafood breakfast? On the West Coast? What is with you woman? COme on, surely mom or dad would've done something liek a seafood breakfast at least once.

>> No.19289358

I think the fact that a biblical figure is doing it gives him a free ride. Shit still sucks though.

>> No.19289589

Eh. We're not native to the area, we moved here and set up shop. Washington has an embarrassment of leylines. So we bought some land, built a family workshop. Or at least, Dad did. Mom was always quiet and never said much.

I finish eating, then give David a hug. He squirms against me, then returns to his meal. Making my way to the deck, I find Archer waiting, his sword out, cleaning his nails idly. In the distance, at the city, I notice a fire has broken out, which is being taken care of as he watches.

"This is one of the first Holy Grail Wars I've been in that actually feels like... a war." he says. "Do you not feel the same?" he asks.

Yeah. Even in my studies of the previous wars, I never found them to be on such a scale to merit the title. But I guess "Holy Grail bar brawl" doesn't exactly evoke the same image of noble combat and honor they were shooting for.

And that's when we notice, in the distance, one of the buildings moves, as if it just decided to hop across the street.

>> No.19289603

Looks like Saber is gonna start chucking buildings to deal with Rider.

>> No.19289628

Get a telscope. Look closer. get in touch with one of your contacts and ask WTF is happening.


>Archbishop heresek

Master, I hear a distant Orace speak to me! I think a high-ranking Church clergyman is in on some corrupt conspiracy business that goes against Curch teachings!

>> No.19289701

Have Odie carry us to a high vantage point to overlook the battle. Secretly. Bring binoculars. Better yet, bring a riflescope. Preferrably with rifle still attached. You DO have a rifle, don't you, Master?

>> No.19289731

Anyone else thinking this would be a perfect opportunity to take Rider out and maybe score points with Saber to form some kind of a temporary alliance against Caster?

Assuming they ARE fighting.


Then again, if they really HAVE set up an honor-duel, that line of thinking could backfire.

>> No.19289736

Actually, sniping might not be a bad idea for master. Since he leg is still on the mend, perhaps trying to emulate Archer from the Fight At Range talent might work out.

How mobile are you, Master?

>> No.19289766

Saber. We take out Saber. Chucking buildings is bad news for us. Caster is our next target if we secure an alliance with Rider.

>> No.19289778

I have Archer take me to the top of the yacht, where I look through a pair of binoculars. It's still very far away, but at least I can make out enough to tell some of what is going on. The thrown building is crumbling, but a white horse blasts from one of the windows. Rider has drawn his twin blades, and is riding directly at Saber - who is clothed in greenish armor with a long cloak, weilding a simple blade one-handed. He parries the initial rideby assault easily, with enough force to open Rider up - were it not for his other sword.

I do not carry a rifle - and besides, neither Master seems to be present. There's nothing for me to shoot effectively.

Saber reaches behind him, under his cloak, and retrieves a horn, while Rider sallies a charge with a cry.

I can act now - their defenses against Archer would be minimal and mostly ineffective.

>> No.19289822

I want to say 'attack' but I'm still scared the fuck out of Caster. Could the Lancer & Archer double-team the bastard and finish off fake!Solomon?

At the very least we should inform Lancer as to what's going down... she might have to call to action soon enough, if Shit Gets Real enough

>> No.19289823

Do nothing. We take out the winner, if it's Saber, and congratulate and ask for a temporary alliance with against Caster if Rider.

>> No.19289847

Let's just take a look first, aight? We can move in for kills later.
A good place to watch from is recommended. Better if we or at least Odie can make kills from that position, and better yet if we can remain hidden while doing so. Sniper tactics.

>> No.19289859

Seriously, guys, Archer himself suggested he might be able to take Saber in a single fight if only his ultimate fighting technique wasn't known to Rider.

We should take out Rider and try to ally with Saber. If we can't do that we at least have Rider gone, which means our ultimate fighting technique is back up a rank.

>> No.19289874

That....makes a whole lot of sense.

Taking out Rider seems like a plan.

Do we have any agents of ours reporting in, Master?

>> No.19289875

Not a bad plan, except that if it doesn't work, we are right fucked.

>> No.19289885

That's why Im saying we look and wait, for now.

>> No.19289916

Prepare for sniping nonetheless. But yeah: getting Archer or Lancer to take a closer look sounds okay by me.

>> No.19290009

... of course prepare. thats what i said. y u no read post.

>> No.19290055

I want to incite some controversy inside master Eliza's head. Her little outbursts tha tthe others can hear are hilarious.

>> No.19290061

Well, if they're throwing buildings around, innocents get hurt, and that generally voids the "honor" part of an honor duel, so we're well within our rights to intercede and kill the fuck out of Rider... assuming we even cared about honor in the first place.


>> No.19290082

>Take out Rider

>Watch and learn

"Archer. Which do you think we should eliminate?"

"...I have a plan." he says, drawing his bow. He fires, and I watch. "He is El Cid, yes?"


"Then what would happen if I shot him in the heart, do you think?"

He fires before I can say another word. The arrow lances across the water, kicking it up with its speed and passing, before launching back into the sky.

And as I watch, it slams into Rider's heart, through his armor. He slumps over, but doesn't dissipate - and... And holy shit that is a lot of prana. Like a wave, it flows out of him, flowing over his army and their vehicles, casting them in brighter armor, their weapons grow greater and more beautiful.

"El Cid rode to his final battle dead, strapped to his horse. His greatest Noble Phantasm - is one that only activates in death."

And then Saber blows upon his horn, the sound blasting over the bay while a light shines behind him, opening to a great hall. Knights and men-at-arms, men clad in armor and weilding spears and sword, emerge.

The knights of Fionn.

It's all I can do to sheild my eyes as the armies clash, the bikers riding their enhanced motorcycles in and leaping off at the final moment to attack with now-magiced automatics. The Knights cut them down, but there are always more, it seems. And El Cid, still dead, pours out more and more prana by the moment, as his horse charges on.

>> No.19290105


Go Odie!

>> No.19290133

I knew there was a reason I liked Archer. Master Eliza might chide him for recklessness, but fuck that. This is AWESOME.

See if we can come in for a closer look. This shit is rather cash, methinks

>> No.19290135

Independent action... discuss matters with us first, Odie. Now we have an army of bikers wrecking the city. Like usual, except worse.

>> No.19290188

Damned right. Fucking Archers, they think that because they're independent they can get away with this shit.

Slap his ass, then get Lancer & the kid informed Bad shit is Bad!

>> No.19290194

>letting el cid get his super phantasm off

>> No.19290207

Because it will end when it kills Saber likely, or his master from prana drain.

>> No.19290220

Because it would go of anyways and now we're not there to die to it?

>> No.19290249

Because we have a nice large lake between us and his army. Worst happens we hop on Big O's magic boat and run away for a few hours. It's not like they can catch us. Rider is dead, maybe Saber will also die, if this works we've got fucking Caster left and that's all I can think of.

Worst case we have Saber left and with KoL:T he can beat Saber in close combat.

>> No.19290250

Divide and conquer, yo.

Though I'm sure the Church is not going to be happy about this. Fuck 'em. Let the mayhem distract them while 2/3rds of the last remaining enemy Servants kill each other. We then confront the survivor and offer an alliance in offing Caster.

Does Saber or Rider know that Lancer is allied with us? We could use this to our advantage.

>> No.19290255

it only goes off if someone decides to shoot him in the heart with an arrow, it was restricted to basically whether or not if we wanted it to happen, so no, it wasn't going to go off and all wse did was screw up the city.
though killing saber and riders master sounds good i'm not sure sacrificing the city for it is worth it though.

>> No.19290267

I believe a cigar may be called for at this point.

>> No.19290276

Are you EGO?

>> No.19290296

No. He isn't. It's part of El Cid's legend. He was shot in the heart, then put on his horse in his armor to ride into battle one last time and to give his troops a boost in morale.

>> No.19290322

That's... kind of a shitty NP. As in, only useful if you are in the final battle for the Grail AND you think it can take out the enemy master and any of their support. Let's just hang back and smoke em if we've got em.

>> No.19290323

Master, I think you know what this calls for!

>> No.19290327

>not knowing el-cid's legend
get on my level pleb.

>> No.19290347

I am forced to agree, El Cid is dead, Saber might die from this, probably not but a man can dream, and all we have to do is sit on a boat. A drink and cigar is called for.

>> No.19290367

We're like a boss, on a boat, and just had sex (With Lancer). This is turning into a mix up of Lonely Island songs.

>> No.19290369

My point was that who exactly stated that you had to shoot him in the heart you goddamn idiots. EGO said activates on death, not from being shot through the heart. Please keep your idiotic ramblings to yourself when you have nothing to add.

>> No.19290390


>> No.19290393

OR you could try calming down, not being a dick, and stop posting. Preferrably all three.

>> No.19290404

"Damnit, Archer, ask when you're going to pull shit like that!"

"What would you have said?"

"That's not the important part, and you know that!"

"Very well." he said, resignedly.

"...Take me closer, if you can find a safe location."

He nods, then heads down. He steers the Yacht towards nad, slowly, as I watch the battle. The Knights are not incredibly showy. Most of them have single-target phantasms, which hinders them in this battle greatly, while the magic bullets rip through. While scores of men on El Cid's side fall, the first part of the battle is not well-won. One after another, the Knights fall, and dissipate back into the Horn. Saber himself joins the battle, but it becomes growingly evident that his skill is not enough.

Against any other Servant, Saber would have won. If he had used the Horn against Archer, or even Lancer, we would have fallen. But an army of such size and strength is too much even for McCool, and all he can do is flee, while the Prana font that El-Cid provides runs low. Finally, his prana runs out, and he dissipates against a rising sun into white fog, a heavily wounded Saber watching as the army falls apart and leaves a ruined street and burning buildings pocked with bullet holes.

"It is won." Archer says with a smile as he joins me on the deck again. "Rider is gone, and I am stronger for it. Shall we chase down Saber, as well?"

>> No.19290421

Whats your fucking point? Do you even have anything intelligent to add? Why the fuck would you think I don't know his legend?

I could sit and swear at you all day and I'd be a less insulting asshole than you who assumes that people don't know shit just because they actually LISTEN to the one in control rather than assume retarded shit like you.

>> No.19290424

Yeah. Then we need to gank Caster's master.
Or Caster himself.

>> No.19290436

((Woah shit nigga calm the fuck down))

>> No.19290445 [DELETED] 

I assumed you'd looked up who El Cid was. Apparently, you didn't.

>> No.19290451

Yes, if we let him recover he could pull this shit on us.

Just make sure he goes down.

I think Archer and Lancer can take out Caster together, they aren't built for it, but I don't want to give Saber a chance to rebuild his Prana and summon his army on us.

TAKE HIM DOWN, fill him with arrows, hold off on using your final skill for now, we don't need it to finish him off and he might have a command seal left.

>> No.19290457

I'll calm down when fuckface profusely apologises for assuming I didn't know El Cid's legend and stop being a total dickhead about his anal retentive views.

>> No.19290462

Appropriate reaction, my Master.

I would advice you tell odie to finish off the wounded Saber quickly. Preferrably so that he never sees his end coming. Honor has no place on the modern battlefield.

No, you're definitely the bigger asshole. Please go.

>> No.19290498

Honor still matters to Odysseus, in a sort of way. I don't think he'd have a problem with it, but we ought not to forget that he too has standards all the same.

Still,I agree. Eliminating Saber would make things easier.

>> No.19290500

Fine. I assumed you didn't. It was wrong of me. But that isn't an excuse for you to become a total cocksucking asshole.

>> No.19290540

I wouldnt tell Odie to kill babies in their sleep and eat them. That said, people have become better at war largely because they don't battle one-on-one anymore, but use advanced tactics. Honor still exists, kinda, but its different now. Basically doing things for the right reason is good enough. Thats kinda what I meant to say, but this is so much work to type out and Im lazy.

Are you 12 or 13?

>> No.19290542

Then whats your excuse for being a total cocksucking asshole? I went by the assumption of what EGO said and you guys began screaming and flinging shit for absotely no fucking reason because of your anal retentive attention to detail instead of being calm and discussing normally.

>> No.19290581

"Take him out." I tell him. "Caster is our next opponent after this. We can't have any distractions."

"My lady." he says, drawing his bow. One, two, three, four, five arrows rocket at Saber. He could have fended one, maybe two, possibly three. but not four.

Three of the arrows slam into his chest, sending him stumbling back. The fourth lodges into his neck, and the final arrow slams into his forehead. With that, he falls over, and dies.

And that's when I notice the speedboat coming at us - in the confusion of the battle I had not seen it. It's enclosed, so I can't see who is inside. But it's definitely not familiar.

>> No.19290610

Well, I assumed that it had to hit his heart for it to activate. Seeing as you can't lead an army sans head. And because, you know, it's part of the myth that EGO is using for him. I safely assumed, and it turned out I was correct. Now shut up and DEAL WITH IT.

>> No.19290612

Yell for them to identify themselves, tell Archer to take out their propulsion.

>> No.19290624

Ask him what he sees on the boat. If it's someone we don't know, we take them the fuck out.

>> No.19290645

I support this.

If anything, anything at all seems off, be prepared to kill every last person on it on suspicion of being Caster's master.

>> No.19290662

>I safely assumed, and it turned out I was correct.
Nowhere in the thread does anyone say you are correct you fucking self-important autist.

>> No.19290689

>Arrow hits him in the heart
>Activates his noble phantasm.
How the hell am I wrong on this? It's blatantly stated.

>> No.19290696


>> No.19290701

Stop arguing with idiots. Drag you down, etc.

>> No.19290726

Are you seriously too retarded to discern between "this happens" and "this is the trigger"? Are you fucking really going to go that far just for your own anal retentive attention to the tiniest details of his legend? Fucking self important autist.

>> No.19290767

>Are you really going to actually assume that the phantasm reflects his legend?
Yes. Yes I am.

>> No.19290792

Then nothing I could possibly say could make you look dumber than you do now.

>> No.19290799

Then you don't know how phantasms work.

>> No.19290843

"Identify yourselves!" I call to them. One of the windows rolls down, and Archer moves quickly while a hand is flung from the window - strings, glowing silver, race from the pale fingers. Archer pulls free his sword and chops them away, while I pull free my weapon - but the strings latch onto the side of the boat, pulling in the speedboat closer while I aim and shoot into the window.

The bullets find no mark, and the rooftop opens - a white-haired man built like a tank launches from it, white filligree wings holding him aloft just breifly as he pulls out an automatic, aiming at me. Archer pulls out his bow, but not before the Einzbern fires.

I fee the bullet's impact on me shoulder, sending me stumbling, and another two strike lower on my arm. The Einzbern attempts to sheild himself with his wings made from silver latttice, but they are blown apart by Archer's arrows. One, two... Five, seven arrows slam into him, and he careens into the water. Archer walks over to the side of the boat, aiming the bow into the waters.

"Nobody move." Growls a new voice. I feel a gun pressed against my neck, and I smell leather and oil.


"Einzbern's a smart asshole." the man growls. "Lots of info. Enough to find you. Enough to know when to come for you. And enough to know he can win without his Servant." Rider's master says smoothly, while Archer takes aim. I feel the barrel press harder.

>> No.19290850

Which noble phantasm of anyone in the 4th or 5th war accurately portrayed something that happened in the legend of the hero? I can mention one out of 15 and he was fake.

>> No.19290900


>> No.19290901

Srsly guys, just stop this bullshit. You're bothering EGO and it's kinda annoying me too.


>> No.19290909


Aw shit I knew not having your girlf-... actually I knew not having your girlfriend around would bite us in the ass. Would burning a command spell to power up archer be a feasible solution to this mess? Juiced up servant can outspeed a gun mechanism right?

>> No.19290932

Excaliber: Sword that can cut anything, check. It just uses god damn laser beams.
Gae Bolg: Spear that always pierces the heart, check
Avalon: Sheath of Excaliber, heals all wounds, check.
Knight of Honor: Lancelot could fight with a god damn stick and win, check.
And I'm only starting here.

>> No.19290981

>None of those are anal retentive to detail like you were
You just keep proving me right. Done. Maybe one day you will grow up and stop screaming at people for no reason.

>> No.19291003

Bad luck gun to fail to fire by means of too light primer strike. It happens to be a single-action only gun, because bad luck.

If we cannot do that in time, command-spell odie to put an arrow in the guy's brain before he can pull the trigger.

I want his head for this. (BTW, this is rider's master, right? Einzbern is then Caster's master?)

>> No.19291005

>Anal retentitive
All the weapon had to do was pierce El Cid's heart. It didn't have to be an arrow. Dude, your the one who can't admit he was wrong on a small detail.

>> No.19291075

You're the only one that's autistic enough to continue this because you can't admit you made a mistake.

>> No.19291102

Someone forgot to take off their irony blinders today.

>> No.19291229

"You shouldn't do this." I find myself saying. "It's a stupid move."

"Oh?" he asks, as I subtly pour more and more bad luck into the gun.

"He'll kill you. He's Archer class. Killing me won't save you from him."

"Stupid bitch..." he growls, and pulls the trigger.

The bullet doesn't fire, and his gasp of surprise and shock is just enough to allow Archer to fire. The man falls over, dead, and I brush myself off.

"Are you unharmed?" Archer asks, and I sigh.

"Yes, I'm fine. Where is Atalanta?"

She sighs, stepping out and throwing a very dead Einzbern onto the deck from her spear.
"He was trying to crawl in." she mutters. "Just would not die."

>> No.19291263

Oh hell yes. Time to check in with the church. We might just have won this battle. We need to confirm that Saber and Rider are really gone.

>> No.19291278

Make sure he's dead honey. These Einzberns aren't always quite human, you know how it is.

So, we're down to just Caster, not bad for a days work, though getting shot is rather depressing.

First we should confirm with the Church that it's just us and Caster, can't be too careful.

>> No.19291303


Give that lion a pat on the head because god damn she deserve it.

David is okay? If so, Church time

>> No.19291387

Also, we got fucked up. We need a healer to get the bullets out.

>> No.19291409

So this is going far too well. When are we going full suffering mode?

>> No.19291417

Oh yeah, we keep on getting injured during this.

Well, on the bright side the only thing we have left to deal with is Caster.

Also we need to have get back to Shirou on the whole keeping Atalanta around after the grail war thing.

>> No.19291460

Oh yeah, that we do.

>> No.19291481

I agree. Not enough suffering. Though it wouldn't surprise if Atalanta stabs the shit out us after Caster is defeated for maximum drama.

>> No.19291491


And so a Lancer win the Grail.


>> No.19291494

I keep thinking its going to end up like F/Z and Atalanta will end up cursing us on on her deathbed while we become a blank shell of a human being.

>> No.19291496


Seconded. But at least Eliza isn't winding up half-dead after every fight like a certain Master from the previous HGW. Plus Mistress doesn't act pants-on-head retarded either.

>> No.19291523

I agree, I'm happy that our Mistress isn't pants-on-head retarded, perhaps panties-on-floor lesbian, but we can work with that.

>> No.19291531

Oh the Irony!

>> No.19291534

Oh, right.

The pain suddenly returns, no longer held back by adrenalin, and I nearly fall - the arm that got shot was the one with the cane. Archer comes and steadies me.

"So I lied." I manage, laughing nervously. "Einzbern there - " I shoot the head, just to be sure, "-Hit me with his gun. Can you get the bullets out?" I ask.

"Sure." Archer pulls out his sword.

Removing bullets is painful work. Slow work.

"There's something strange about -" he manages, before the silver bullet explodes in his fingers. Explodes perhaps isn't the right word - It's more like it turns into a silver-looking urchin, lone spikes lancing out, thin as needles. I cry out as the ones in my arm do the same, whimpering in agony as I feel the spikes slide through muscle and bone.

It hurts. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!

Archer swears as he looks over the damage, muttering in sme language I don't understand. Helplessly, he looks to Lancer, who doesn't seem to know what to do either. I can feel the blood soaking my sleeve, warm and wet, but the primary feeling is pain, so much pain.

>> No.19291551

FUCK. We might lose an arm. We need a doctor, or David at the very least. Keep it together Liz, keep it together.

>> No.19291575

Archer, remove these things from me. We let them stay in it'll be worse. There are only three to remove, I can live with this. We can't heal me with these things in my arm. Archer, remove these from my arm and don't pay attention to how much I scream in pain.

>> No.19291590

Jesus. I thought the servants were the ones supposed to be taking all the heavy hits.

We're getting fucked up. Since when were we the tank?

>> No.19291613

As long as it's not the arm with the Command Seal we shouldn't give a fuck.
And what the crap are they doing? Bind off the arm in question, then let's use David on it.

>> No.19291631

When we started fighting for our friends

>> No.19291660


>panties-on-floor lesbian

I LOL'd. Eliza's description reminds me of my ex-girlfriend's best friend Sarah: small, slender bordering on flat, short hair (Sarah had a pixie cut), kinda emo in a "woe is me" way.

>> No.19291661

Spiked bullet urchin things, embedded in the flesh.

Kinda need to remove them first, without killing us from sheer shock. Don't ask me how though. Looking like we might lose the arm.

>> No.19291685


In that kind of panic I wouldn't really blame our mastah to pop a command seal for the neareast hospital, just saying, give nthe description the fucking arm is as good as done, trying to remove the bullet may very well prove to be counter productive.
Get the boy in with his healing magic.

>> No.19291690

Shit. We've become Shirou.

>> No.19291716


Nope. Lizzie isn't pants-on-head retarded. Big difference.

>> No.19291738

Oh good. There is still hope for us then.

>> No.19291759


I hope those fucking things aren't poisoned.

Have Archer get them out, then have David lay on hands again.

>> No.19291769

"Tourniquet." I say, clearly. I have to focus. Being a magus is all about focus. Don't let the magic run away from you. "At the shoulder. Open the arm and pull them out. Carefully." God, it hurts to talk. To do anything. "Then get David. It's not real healing magic, but at least..."

Deep breaths, Eliza. "At least it will cease the bleeding."


"She's still alive. I can feel her supplying mana."

"But, there was so much blood."

I groan, looking around. I feel so weak. My arm is a series of scars, a pattern like lightning cracking my arm apart. It hurts to move it. But I can, and it isn't the arm with the Command Spells.

"We need to get to the church." I groan out. The silver spikes lay around me, covered in blood. Along with the floor. And most of my clothes. And Archer. And David. I feel a little faint.

"Are you alright?" Lancer asks.

"I'll be fine." I growl. "I just need a wheelchair."

"Are you sure?" Archer asks.

>> No.19291786

No, we're just Heaven's Feel Shirou, not Fate Shirou

>> No.19291807

I'll be fine, though once this is over I am taking a vacation and not getting injured. We need to confirm that Saber, Rider and their masters are all dead and out of the game. I don't want this to bite me in the ass.

Thanks for the medical attention, especially you David it must have been hard. Give David a hug, Archer a hug, and Lancer a kiss.

Now get me a wheelchair and I'm sitting out of next fight, you guys can deal with the horde of demons.

>> No.19291817

We're fast wheels now?

Ah man.

>> No.19291819


Actually fuck the church, have her rest for god sake, overworking is just going to end up killing our mastah.

>> No.19291824


Sshhhhh....don't let Mistress hear that.

>> No.19291856

It's fine, it just means that Lancer will have to lovingly carry us around more. There are worse consequences.

>> No.19291872

>"We need to get to the church."

...eeeeeeEEEEEhhhhhhhhh!? *Pan up to the sky*

No, actually we need to go to the needle and confront caster. If wouldn't even say that we need to confront him.

I want to parley with him. He's the goddamn King Solomon, before we do an all out attack on him I think the best course is to find out what he actually wants.

>> No.19291960


We can take a break tomorrow. As long as Caster doesn't pull any shit, we can use tomorrow to relax, heal and plan.

>> No.19291996

That reminds me:

>> No.19292009

Being Kayneth is suffering.

>> No.19292113

Yeah. We should totally make
Eliza's Theme.

>> No.19292136

i cry evry tiem

>> No.19292145

Nah, I'd go with

>> No.19292146

"I am sure." I say. "Right now, we need to ascertain whether Rider and Saber are truly out of the running. We can plan our method of attack tomorrow, and relax and rest then. Right now, we have to make out position clear."

Archer looks worried.

"I will make sure you can see your wife and son again." I look him in the eyes. "Just trust me for now."

"Yes, my master." he says with a nod. "It would just so happen I had prepared for the need of this..." he mutters, heading belowdecks.

"Lady gonna be okay?" David asks.

"I'll be fine, David. I got hurt, but I'll get better." I give him a hug, and this time, he doesn't shy away. Archer returns with the wheelchair and I slide in, letting my arms rest. Ah. Much better.

I'm not about to meet him. That would be exposing myself to far too much danger.

"Get a dingy ready." I tell archer as I make my way to them, Lancer pushing me along. David wants to push, but he's too short. Getting on the boat and heading over, I notice more of the city is catching fire.

What have we done?

>> No.19292156

Man, those scars are not making Eliza look prettier.

>> No.19292172

We'll look distinguished.

>> No.19292190

What we've done is minimize casualties. We did the best we could Liz. All we need to do now is kill caster or his master. Then, we use the Grail for Odie.

>> No.19292200

I would like to note that this one isn't entirely our fault. They were the ones who decided to have a fucking army vs. army battle in the middle of town. This really is a Holy Grail War, not a Holy Grail Scuffle.

Get to the church, avoid fires and destruction.

>> No.19292213

Not in a positive way, though.

>> No.19292227

It's okay, bro. Every single one of us does too. If Kayneth only realized sooner that Mercury-Moeblob-chan was the only one for him..

>> No.19292238

Eh. We'll look hard core. And we can always cover the scars.

>> No.19292320


Atalanta won't care & her opinion's all that matters. She'll probably make a sex game out of it; use a Sharpie to make artwork out of Liz's scars or something.

>> No.19292353


...Liz really is the bottom of the relationship huh?

>> No.19292358

That she is. Not that we're complaining.

>> No.19292359

Are you suggesting that we're Kariya level of ugly?

>> No.19292376

Aside from the eye, he doesn't look half bad.

>> No.19292378

That's not really something to care about, at this point. We make it to the docks without event, and make our way to the church.

"It seems the War has not been kind to you." the priest states.

"Considering what could have happened, this is a miracle." I respond. "I need clarification on masters and Servants remaining."

"Only the masters and servants present, as well as Caster and his master, remain alive and participating." he says.

"Are you certain?"

"I am. Even if the Command Spells were transferred, I would know." he says. "It seems that things have definitely grown out of hand. Agents from the church will arrive within the day to assist in dispatching Caster and his demons." he comments. "Is that all?"

>> No.19292394

Could you give me more details on what Agents are arriving, how many, and what sort of assistance they are providing?

>> No.19292396

It's time for a vacation Liz. We need to wait for the Church. Demons are their jurisdiction. Plus, it's about damn time we got a day off.

>> No.19292409

>I'm not about to meet him. That would be exposing myself to far too much danger.

Don't be silly. He is Solomon. He was known for being wise and just. I'm pretty sure that if we show up alone and without a servant he would be not only intrigued but rightly compelled to speak to us. He is a King and we're looking for an audience and the chance to parley with him.
Yes, it might sound risky, but how would YOU react if you were the most powerful entity around and something like that happened to you?

Also, as the most intelligent part of your familiar, I also propose this for a different reason than to defeat him.
Until now we thought that there are only two paths before us: Help the stupid brat dismantle the grail OR win the Grail-War.
But here is a third option: Use Caster's immense magical knowledge to hack the grail. To hijack the whole Holy Grail War. Why should we be forced to play along with the rules other people 've set up.

Screw the church, screw carrot-top.

>> No.19292442

Screw the rules, I like it.

>> No.19292445

Ah, man. I thought of something real bad.

Atalanta tracing her tongue over Eliza's scars, starting from her face and gradually getting lower and lower....

If Eliza squirms, she gets punished.

>> No.19292456

Screwing the rules is what fucked up the last grail. And for one thing, dealing with Solomon is not a good idea. Even with Odie, we'd probably get tricked into a deal we don't want.

>> No.19292459

We should definitely not meet him alone.

Remember this isn't King Solomon, this is a false summon of him, we have no idea how much they have in common. Also we're his only big opponent left, if his master burns a command seal like a smart person we are DEAD.

>> No.19292473


I think the proper terms for the top & bottom in a lesbian relationship is the "butch" & "femme".

>> No.19292493

I'd like to believe that we could be alpha in bed sometimes

>> No.19292520

"Can you give me more details-"

"No." he says.

"Then that is indeed all."

I turn to leave, making my way out.

As interesting and intruiging as the option is, I think I will err on the side of caution, especially because of >>19292456 .

I told Shirou that I wasn't going to misuse the grail - and I am keeping my word. With that task complete, where should I head now? I suppose I could help look for survivors or clear out the minor demons from some areas, or just return home - or perhaps update Shirou on the events thus far.

>> No.19292535


Perhaps so. Generally the "butch" is the girl that looks & acts like the guy while the "femme" is the more feminine girl in the relationship.

Though in this case, we have a very hot-looking liongirl as the "butch" and a "femme" that's kinda androgynous-looking.

So Attie & Lizzie will probably switch roles once in a while to add some zest to their relationship.

>> No.19292545

Rest at home and then contact Shirou.

And then be surprised at the lack of suffering

>> No.19292559


>> No.19292561

Return home, update the Man of Swords. He should at the very least know that we are close to our objective. Also tell him that he can trust us not to fuck over the grail, and to see if he can find Caster's master. We need to end this war as fast as possible, preferabley before the church agent's start wrecking shit.

>> No.19292587


I like this idea. Even with the help, Eliza needs rest. Also update Shirou on our progress.

>> No.19292606


Oh please, why would you listen to anything carrot-top said.

>Remember this isn't King Solomon, this is a false summon of him, we have no idea how much they have in common. Also we're his only big opponent left, if his master burns a command seal like a smart person we are DEAD.

If he isn't a complete retard he should be shitting his pants already after all the servants and master we have on our killcount. And there we go walk-.. rolling right into his homebase. We just have to make clear that we do not wish to actually win the Grail-War. because we don't.
What we wish for is a way for a Servant to stay permanently in this world and the other to go home to his family. If he is as powerful as we think caster is and also equppied in the power of the Grail that should be done easily. Remember, more than a wish-granting-device the grail is actually a neverending source of magical energy.

And now imagine someone who has access to spells and magic from the Golden Age of Magic with a source of mana that never depletes.

>> No.19292607


>> No.19292670

I don't like dealing with Carrot Top either. Something about him not having an actual body creeps me the fuck out. Ironic coming from someone without a body. But in this case, I think he's right. And plus, Liz, remember what happened when the grail was messed with in the third war. We don't want to fuck this up and end up leveling all of Seattle.

Another thing is that I have the feeling that if we cross Shirou, then we'll regret it. We'll seriously regret it. He's well connected to the Magi Association, and that could mean serious repercussions if we piss him off.

>> No.19292680


Why do you keep involving him? We don't have an obligation nor should we want to. It's like everyone goes full-retard as soon as Mr. People-die-if-they-are-killed is involved.
It's like running to the DMPC as soon as something is fishy..

>> No.19292700

He gave us info on Caster. It's only proper we return the favor. And grill him for info on Caster's master.

>> No.19292716

He has more experience than us when it comes to wanting to keep a heroic spirit tied to our world.

Plus he's more of an information dump, and he's not fighting our battles for us.

>> No.19292728



>> No.19292764

Getting the DMPC involved is a sure way of getting railroaded.

>remember what happened when the grail was messed with in the third war. We don't want to fuck this up and end up leveling all of Seattle.

Do I have to remind you that we were SO close too actually going all Pompeji on Seattle? We have demmons and large parts of the city are burning from what I understand. Leveling the city right now would be an act of mercy. I mean.. did you hear the priest? They are actually looking for reinforcments right now, this should give you a little taste of how FUBAR everything is.
We don't have much to loose but so incredibly much more to win. It's like fate itself is nocking at our door.

>> No.19292811

If we wanted to get railroaded, we would have accepted his offer to help him destroy the grail.

Siding with Soloman wouldn't be out of the picture though. If Shirou does try to destroy the grail himself, we might as well let our selfishness take over.

>> No.19292823

Again. Leveling the city is an option we discarded. Our Mistress isn't the kind of crazy magi that would eliminate a city to obtain the grail. OK, she MIGHT, but the point is, she said no when it was an option. That's the key. We could go all ruthless and shit, or we could avoid a clash with an extreamly powerful enemy, Caster, by eliminating his master instead of the entire city.

>> No.19292860

>It's only proper we return the favor.

No it's not. Whe should'nt give a fuck. As soon as he showed up we should have NOPE'd the last time, but somehow everyone thinks that getting carrot-top involved or even listening to him is a good idea.

>He has more experience than us when it comes to wanting to keep a heroic spirit tied to our world.

And we know that because of what if not metagaming?

I feel like I am the only who tries to steer us away from obvious metagaming since this quest started.

>> No.19292892

>And we know that because of what if not metagaming?

Because we asked him in the last thread?

>> No.19292914


Are you the same faggot that almost earned us death by UBW last game?

>> No.19292921

Equivilance Exchange.
You scratch our back, we scratch yours.
And for one thing, we didn't listen to him. We aren't going to destroy the grail like he asked us to. We're going to use it for Odie. Liz doesn't have a wish, we don't need the grail to keep Atalanta in this world, and Odie's wish likely won't corrupt the grail. Bam. Problem solved.

>> No.19292941


More and more tempting it is to approach Solomon. But I can't. The pain clouds me quite a bit. And if I'm to talk with, and work with, Caster? I need to be at the top of my game. So I'm going to go home.

The trip is uneventful, as usual.

>And we know that because of what if not metagaming?

Actually, Shirou's exploits, if you can call them that, were well-documented by Rin Tohsaka, with collaboration from Sakura Matou and "Rider". It's due to these documents that the church judges for a Holy Grail War are so carefully selected, among other things.

We return, and I give Shirou a call.

"Ah, Eliza. Sorry, I can't really move at the moment. What's the status?"

>> No.19292972

Rider and Saber are dead. We took them out. Caster has raised the ire of the Church. They have agents inbound. Any info about Caster's master would be really nice about now so we can kill the bastard and end this war.

>> No.19292997

Rider, Saber and both of their masters are out of the picture. The Church is gearing up to take down Caster, they dislike his demons.

Do you have anything on Caster's master and have you made any headway on information about keeping a servant around after the war?

>> No.19293197

>Actually, Shirou's exploits, if you can call them that, were well-documented by Rin Tohsaka, with collaboration from Sakura Matou and "Rider". It's due to these documents that the church judges for a Holy Grail War are so carefully selected, among other things.

I see. I'm fine with that answer.

>"Ah, Eliza. Sorry, I can't really move at the moment. What's the status?"

Don't tell him to much. Rider and Saber are dead. That should suffice for backscratching.

I also have the feeling that HGW is somewhat turning into a joke. Am I the only one who wonders how many Executors you need to take down 3 servants?

>> No.19293297

"Rider, Saber, and their masters are dead. Church is roused, thanks to Caster. Have you any info regarding them? Or keeping a Servant around?"

"Yeah, I looked into that. Seems my initial suspicions on both were correct. Caster has holed up in the International District, in some bookstore that links up with a grocer. Big place. As for Servants... It's simple enough. Just have to change where most of their prana comes from, it's not that hard of a ritual. Naturally, either they'll be much weaker or you won't be doing much casting, but..." he pauses.

"I heard some gunfire. Are you alright?"

"I'll be fine."

"I've said that myself while missing an arm, Eliza. Really. Are you okay?"

"I'm perfectly capable of handling the rest of this War myself."

"Alright, alright. Once I'm charged, I'll be out helping in the city and checking in on Caster's domain. You need any groceries or the like while you lay low to recover?"


"I can see you from here. Dolls these days have excellent eyesight. You're in a wheelchair."

"... Just some groceries would be fine, thanks."

"Great! I'll see you in the morning, then."

Stupid motherfucker... I hang up the phone and wheel away from the window, somewhat angered as my arm twinges again. Nnngh. Is there anything else I should do today?

>> No.19293311

The Church has always in some way meddled in the war. This time though, it's pretty blatant.

>> No.19293331

Have some of our agents check out the international district and the bookstore/grocer. From a distance, just get as much info as possible on it.

Then we spend the day resting, healing and spending time with Archer, Lancer and David.

>> No.19293377

Asshole. Well, he does sorta owe us his life, this might be him repaying the favor. We can exploit the shit out of this.

Now, I don't think there's anything we need to get done. I could be wrong, but it seems that way to me. Get some sleep Liz.

>> No.19293395

Tell him to buy some expensive shit.

If he's going shopping we might as well take advantage of it.

>> No.19293429

I like the way you think.

>> No.19293464

He is a stupid motherfucker. Should have killed him when we had the chance.

And this is why I said fuck the church. It was pretty obvious that they supported one master or another. My guess is that it was Einzbern-Humunculus. Now that everything got out of hand they obviusly want to contain it.
Call me paranoid, but I actually think that even if we manage to kill Caster and win the Grail-War the church wouldn't let us simply walk away from that. And there is a big chance that IF the reinforcements arrive and IF they manage to defeat caster and contain it we would be the next target.

Approaching Caster may turn out to be the best solution for us.

>> No.19293495

Note that if we take out Caster, and get the Grail, we can use Shirou's connections to escape the church, or his ablilities to fight them off. I don't think any Executor would like to face one of the few mages capable of activating a reality marble. They can't harm us without risking the wrath of the Magi Association, if we ask for refuge. This is going to be one hell of a few days. We'll need to pull out every trick we know.

>> No.19293650

The Einzberns always finds a way to screw everyone over. This is nothing

That one guy is not going to be the last of them though, they still want to reach Heaven's Feel.

>> No.19293662

I don't really think that Association knows shit about Shirou and his Reality Marble. And if they knew they probably would have hunted him down or sealed it because it's too dangerous to have for a magus.

>They can't harm us without risking the wrath of the Magi Association, if we ask for refuge.

The Association couldn't give less of fuck about that.

Also: Stop. Relying. On Emiya Shirou. Right now. He is not our saviour. He is not Buddha-Jesus.

>> No.19293668

Another reason why trying to keep a hold on the thing is a BAD idea. Homunculus assassins sent by the truckful to kill us.

>> No.19293727

Like the Accociation wouldn't take the oppertunity to examine a Servant.
And no, I'm not relying on Emiya. I am using him. We can exploit his connections, and if worse comes to worst, he's a disposable asset. Plus, he's been in a grail war before, you can't discount that bit. Or the fact he has the ability to seriously fuck shit up.

We can use him to our advantage. We just have to pull the right strings of his puppety body.

>> No.19293784

Wait, Atalanta is Davids servant, not ours. Will we be able to bind her to us in some way or will she be leeching prana off him for the rest of his life?

>> No.19293815

Can we get a status update for King of Lies: Triumphant? Is it back to its former rank?

>> No.19293819

>Not using a powerful ally that'll definitely help up
>Instead wanting to opt to appeal to a complete unknown especially since he's a false version.

We're pretty close to the goal and we want to take the safe route, is that so bad?

>> No.19293835

We can make a contract with her.

>> No.19293850


I contact one of my agents to scout the area where Caster is said to be located. If he can be found, he is to provide Caster's master with the phone number of a disposable prepaid phone, bought solely for this purpose and delivered to me as soon as possible.

The order is acknowledged.

It is true that the Reality Marble Shirou holds is one that is not openly known. My contacts in the school were able to procure a copy of the documents that specify its existence - it seems that Shirou has an ally there aside from Rin, though who it is, I don't know - Sakura is not part of the faculty or enrolled.

I move to the bed, and Lancer lays beside me.

It seems I have two choices.

I can utilize Shirou's abilities and connections to my advantage, remaining here with Lancer to watch the Grail that may appear next, and grant Odysseus his wish.


I can contact Caster, and work with him to maintain a fully-powered Lancer in this world, and give Archer his wish. However, Caster knows that the grail must be claimed, lest it dissipate. I doubt he'd simply let it go. He's an unknown element.

However, using Shirou to my ends limits my abilities and my avenues post-war... ergh.

This is not an easy dicision.

>> No.19293871

No we can't because he hasn't any great connctions in the first place.

>Or the fact he has the ability to seriously fuck shit up.

Not really. He probably had it while still in his real body but now..pf. We actually don't even know if he can use his RM. Because like I said: A reality marble is beyond anything a magus can achieve. If the association knew about it, they would fuck him up badly and that's only if the church wouldn't get him first. It's like True Ancestor-Level style of bullshit. You don't a guy walk around with that.

>> No.19293881

>it seems that Shirou has an ally there aside from Rin

I bet its Waver

>> No.19293936

Caster is an unknown variable. We can't trust him. Emiya is a known one, and one that we can exploit to a much greater degree without risking ourselves.

I'd rather not involve ourselves with either. Both have the potential to seriously fuck us up. But if I had to choose, I'd go with Emiya. Less risk of a horrible death.

>> No.19293946

Thing is, Word of God says he still has thr RM

>> No.19293949

>he hasn't any great connctions in the first place.

Rin, Rider and Waver are pretty decent connections

>> No.19294065

Good call on the manner in which you're approaching Casters master. His reaction will tell us a lot about his disposition towards us. I say we at least wait for his reaction, see what he and his servant are like, that sort of thing. They're complete and total unknowns for us, we do not know shit about them. Stories about Solomon portray him as both a wise, benevolent ruler and a greedy vindictive motherfucker. We need more info before we can make this decision.

As for the two choices... Eh. I'm inclined to side with Emiya here, if only because he's a proven survivor. Fucking him over is a surefire way to get at least two extremely powerful magi on our asses. He's also unlikely to stab us in the back provided we're careful about how we handle this.

>> No.19294112

Contact Caster.

I mean.. come on! We got drunk as shit, summoned the best goddamn servant while having a hangover and even did that whtout a goddamn catalyst just to fuck with the other, older mage-dynasties and as a giant "Screw you!" to the Association and now we actually want to run to them for the help?" Who Dares wins" should be our Family-Motto because every single time we dared so far in this Grail-War we got out of better, stronger and alive. So what if we're injured and in a wheelchair, big deal, the other guys are pretty much worse off, being dead and all.

Screw Emiya Shirou, screw everyone who tries to get in our way. Caster is the way to go.

>> No.19294139

Whatever you do, rest up first. You can't do shit if you're holding the others back by being in a wheelchair.

Also, ask Lancer if she still thinks you're pretty now that you're all scarred and shit. Make her kiss your booboos all better. Science has proven that lesbian lovemaking has amazing curative properties.

>> No.19294168

Uh, we used the Oar.
And well, we got off better. Not stronger, and alive is in the barely catagory. Who Dares Wins isn't our motto. It's Who Deals the Cards Wins the Hand. We pulled some very lucky hands. And we've been rigging the game from the start. Also, NO ONE LIKES THE EIZENBERNS. NO ONE. We got into our position through sheer luck. It's time to play it safe. Caster is not playing it safe, and allying with him is a surefire way to get the Church on our ass. Not a good plan if we want to live to see the next month.

>> No.19294187

If we ally with Caster we are going to have EVERYONE on our ass after the war, we play Emiya and get him to do what we want we can have a nice life of peace and quiet with Atalanta afterwards. We don't need her to be full powered servant, that's not what we love about her.

>> No.19294196

cont' >>19294112

YOU are Eliza Alexander. You have your allies right beside you. You have David, Atalanta and Big O. Siding with Emiya would be like spitting on everything you alone achieved so far. We should actually take pride in all the stuff we achieved on our own.

Do you really want to betray that for some meatpuppet-clown that tries to play hero and butt's in on other people's business?
Don't listen to them, shit starts to get real and suddenly they go "Oh woe me, we need Emiya Shirou" while disregarding your own strength.

>> No.19294210

I'd say go with Shirou - we'd have to contend with the unknown with Caster and his Master, not to mention the very real possibility of the Church deploying Executors against us. Or even the Assembly. Bleargh.

>> No.19294237

It won't be spitting on everything. Its the only option that DOESN'T likely end with us getting nailed to the wall by the Inquisition. Just to start. Caster is BAD. FUCKING. NEWS. Summoning Demons, and using them to attack the town. FUCK HIM. THAT WAS OUR PLAN.

Uh, you might want to forget about that last bit Liz. No plans for your loyal familiar to suddenly turn evil and become a God - King. None at all.

Ahem. Anyway. Emiya is less likely to cross us. That's a big deal man.

>> No.19294248


And yet Caster is an even more surefire way to get your ass killed, face it Shirou a known factor and even if he rejected his ideals of hero in Heaven Feel's he can still be trusted.

And quite frankly, I think Sakura is scarier than Caster.

>> No.19294285


I damn sure wouldn't want to cross Sakura. Considering what that girl has gone through in her life, her sanity has always been hanging by a thread & that thread is named Emiya Shirou.

>> No.19294290

Thinking ahead a bit, it might be a good idea to come up with ways we can fight Caster if it comes to that. What we know about him so far is:

-He can summon fuckhuge amounts of 'fake' demons to fight for him. No clue on how powerful they are, but they'd probably overwhelm Odie and Attie by sheer numbers if we try to take them head on.

-He can summon two actual demons to advise him at all times. They need to be controlled by his ring and a binding circle. Again, no clue on how powerful these guys are. We also don't know what would happen if one of the controlling factors were to be removed. It might unsummon the demons, but going by Solomons legend it'll just turn them loose in the world which would be a very very bad thing.

Frankly, I can't see any way of beating the guy in a straight-up fight with the servants we have left. Taking out Solomon's master would be the safest option.

>> No.19294302

Our plan also wasn't to side with Emiya Shirou, but suddenly you all pussy out.

>> No.19294315

Hey. WE aren't the one in charge. Liz is. We just provide advice. And await our inevitable acension to godhood.

>> No.19294335


Well for one thing Shirou is a known factor while Caster is unknown, and the redhead is actually pretty handy, can take care of himself and got connection.

What the fuck does Caster offer beside ''might or might not overrun us in demons''.

That's the card were dealt with here and frankly, I'll go with the survivor of the previous war.

>> No.19294336

We have the church coming in, they can probably deal with the fake demons. With those tied up we can easily send Lancer and Archer to take out Caster and his bound major demons if they're of the fighting type.

>> No.19294347


This. We're just a sentient, lecherous familiar called Bob the Skull.

>> No.19294348

That was before we were injured to the point of being in a wheel chair.

At this point in the war, having another powerful and known ally isn't a bad idea, especially because we're injured.

>> No.19294427


Only his goal is to desmantle/destroy the fucking grail before it is used. Yeah. Instead of approaching the guy wo already turned the HGW into a gient mess, let's go and trust the meatpuppet that wants to cheat us out of our right because "Wubwubwub, something might corrupt the grail."

There is absolutly no reason to trust Emiya more than Caster. None. At. All.

>> No.19294459

We take plenty of pride in the shit we've done on our own. We looked a goddamn Shagnasty in the eye, shot it in the throat and ripped off its disguise with our BARE HANDS. All on our own.

I don't really get why you believe siding with Caster is any better than siding with Emiya. We don't know shit about Caster and his master. They most likely want the grail for themselves, after all. We know we can take Emiya, and he's not all that likely to stab us in the back when the chips are down.
I don't think anyone is suggesting he actually helps us with the fight against Caster, he's merely offering us information. It's not that different from us using a network of informants, in my opinion.
Accepting help from an outside source who has proven to be somewhat trustworthy (not to mention one whose ass we have kicked to the proverbial curb) isn't the same as begging a guy for help and disregarding our own strength.

We are in this war to win it, not to show the world how big our dick is. It's not about pride or foolish grand-standing, shouting how we don't need anyone but us. The only thing that matters is that we're victorious in the end. If that means accepting information offered to us by Emiya, then so be it.

>> No.19294460

Shirou is fine with us using it, as long as we promise to keep an eye on it until the next war or something.

>> No.19294519

I'm not suggesting we TRUST Shirou, just that we make use of his intel and connections while we have the chance. He has a vested interest in seeing us win this war. We've shown him that we're not bad people and we don't plan on misusing the grail. He might want to stop us from using it once we've defeated Caster, but I don't believe Shirou is the type to stab us in the back. He's got too much honor in him for an outright betrayal. He might challenge us to single combat or something once the grail is about to be summoned, but we've already proven we can handle him in that regard.

Between Emiya and Caster, Emiya is inherently the safest option. Better the devil you know, and all that.

>> No.19294527


I offer you red Lamborghini if you kill a guy for me. I promise I will give it to you if you help me out.

Totally legit, right?

>> No.19294544

Depends on the guy. Depends on the model. Also depends on if you do a little dance for me.

>> No.19294546

Time to disregard Mr. Summer & continue the Holy Grail War.

>> No.19294567

If it was from anyone else but Shirou, yeah.

It's not like we're dealing with Kerry.

>> No.19294619

If we were, we wouldn't be here.

>> No.19294621

didn't he have a kid?

>> No.19294667

Illya is his kid

>> No.19294688


Actually Kerry being ehre would probably have turned this into a pretty interesting game of cat and mouse, problem is he would probably have targeted David first chance.

>> No.19294713


That or just accidentally Mount Rainier from thr get-go.

>> No.19294721

What is the name of this Anime?

>> No.19294733

A Kerry influenced by Iri wouldn't do that though, David is only around 5 or 6.

He would probably take advantage of our feelings for Lancer first and foremost. Like how he took advantage of Fast Wheel's feelings for Sola


>> No.19294734


>> No.19294745

I would take Middle-Schooler Taiga over Ilya any time. Just look at her. Even Iri is gay for her.

>> No.19294758


Would he actually find out about that? Faast Wheels didn't exactly hide the fact he had a wife, but our sweet, sweet Liz here enjoyed ehr tumble in relative secrecy

>> No.19294775

Is EGO asleep??

>> No.19294776

And that's just to start with.

>> No.19294778

Our little exploit with shagnasty probably would've given it away. Especially since she's not our Servant as well.

>> No.19294779

did the IRC just commit hara-kiri, or is it just this godsdamned iPad?

>> No.19294791


>> No.19294802

((Fate Zero. Good shit, yo. ))

I'll go with Shirou, but not an actual alliance. As far as I'm concerned, getting Odie is family again, and keeping Ata with me, are most important. Her level of power, and the ease of it, don't matter.

I will use his information, I will finish this war, then if he sees a need to call on me to defeat a broken Grail, then I'll do it - but not because it is him, but because I won't let anyone hurt my friends.

The Agent arrives with the phone, and I take it.

He nods.
"The Master is not what I expected." he says. "A young man, maybe sixteen. Lives alone, dark apartment. A mage of some talent, it seems, most capable at crafting familiars. He knew where I was and asked me to see him right away. He did not know who I served for certain, but given the few choices..."

"I see. And the demons?"

"Most left me be when he knew who I was. He cited professional courtesy."


The phone rings in my hand.

>> No.19294805


True. Arthur as Saber in this war would have made it pretty different I'm sure, not just plot hax, Excalibur is fucking broken as all fuck after all.

>> No.19294818


Well, answer it, Mistress. It's impolite to just let it ring.

>> No.19294831

>people being idiots and trying to go with the guy that is actively leveling seattle and is purposely trying to piss off the church.
>no clue if he will backstab or not
>siding with emiya shirou who is a full blown retard oftentimes and is only here for a goal utterly contrary to ours
nope, how about they both die, we fight off the lot, take the grail and get the odie wish going, then do what we need to do.

thats really our best option for us not to get fucked in the ass, burn everything down, claim the rewards, give no fucks.
screw railroading, we win via how we have been winning the entire time, backstabbery and being overall awesome.

>> No.19294835

Answer the phone, try to get more information than we give out. Ask how he's doing.

>> No.19294852

Answer. Careful with what you share with him, though. Solomon and his two demonic advisors are probably listening in on the conversation trying to gain information from us or maybe even influence us with magic somehow.

>> No.19294866


And then we have someone than can keep a fully powered servant summoned without the Grail hot on our ass.

Good going.

>> No.19294874

I'd agree with you if killing Emiya didn't mean we got at least two EXTREMELY powerful mages who will stop at nothing to kill us.

>> No.19294877

Okay, this HAS to be in the next fic.

>> No.19294914

I don't understand what you're going on about with WE MUST ACHIEVE OUR GOAL, MASSSSSTERRRRRRR.

She doesn't have a goal. The original goal was "Well, i have a vague preference for not dying" and the new goal is now lesbian antics and getting Odie his family. Shirou might be a jackass, but what he wants isn't mutually exclusive.

>> No.19294915


Your wish is my command, massah.

>> No.19294949


what he wants is essentially for Mistress to act as a watchdog during the next War.

>> No.19294993

I answer.

"So you're the woman who took out both my enemies." says a young voice on the other end. "Were it not for my own measures, I'd be a little scared to leave my apartment, given how you did it. Congratulations, you let me see Solomon looking surprised, a rare treat. So."

The sound of a chair creaking.

"The score, as I see it: We have a mystery man with a boat as Archer. I'm betting Odysseus. A woman with a spear is allied with you. Or, more than allied, heh. And a young man with an interesting spell." he says. I can hear the clacking of figures on a table. "Finally, we have Shirou, who just left on a motorboat to go to town. I presume he wants to dismantle the Grail." he says. "And the Church comes soon with Executors. It certainly seems I'm working from a position of weakness, doesn't it?" he asks.

The chair creaks again.

"However. I think you should understand something. You're still alive because I like you. Because your windows aren't tinted. Because the sounds you and her make. Because It is incredible to watch what you can do. I haven't moved in this war, because I never had to. However - if you make me, I will come down upon you, upon that doll, upon the boy, upon the sailor, upon you, the cripple, with an army matched only by the church. And I'd hate, so very much hate, to do that, and ruin my entertainment. So."

he chuckles. "Continue performing for me. And I'll ask Solomon to give you a... royal pardon. He'll give you what you like, even the grail. He's already gotten what he wants. All I ask is for a continued performance. What do you say?"

>> No.19295026

I'm trying to think of the right way to put this. Fuck you with a rake.

Look at you, you're creaking on a chair and pretending to play chess as a metaphor for this war, aren't you just precious. Bring it little man, take your pardon and shove it up your ass.

>> No.19295029

But then who was phone?

>> No.19295032


I do not like this man, only us should be able to shamelessly spy on our mistress love making.

But it might be best to lie to him, because we can't resist his army coming right on our ass, not until the church reinforcement get here.

>> No.19295036


Exactly what the fuck do you want from us, boyo? Specificsmwould be nice.

>Implying there's a chance in Hell we're gonna play along with the condescending, spying little fuck

>> No.19295045

Hey buddy, adult ppv is $10 a show. Send me my $20, and then we can talk.

>> No.19295052

read this, i think it works well for us actually.:

>> No.19295059

No, fuck him.

>> No.19295061

I'm inclined to agree with you were it not for the fact he has all this intel on us. By saying 'fuck you with a rake' we'd be painting a bright red target on ourselves. We can't deal with that as we are now, and we can't risk putting David in harms way either.

Play along for now and try to get more info before burning any bridges. What's his name? What does he mean by 'continued performance'?

>> No.19295134

>Pretends he deduced Odysseus' identity from his NP
>Makes a point of not mentioning Attie's identity even though he can easily figure it out if he's this clever
>Can apparently HEAR Mistress + Attie's lovemaking
He's spying on you magically and can hear everything you're saying. Stick to communicating with Odie telepathically and writing important shit down on paper.

>> No.19295135

Dang. If only there weren't so many apartments in Seattle....

>> No.19295158

"First of all. What is your name?"

"Call me Thomas, for now, Eliza." he replies.

"Alright, Thomas. I'm not sure I fully understand. What do you mean by continued performance?"

"Hm. Well, to put it simply, just continue to act as if you never met me. That you don't know I'm watching - and don't tell anyone, either. It's a wonderful reality show. And every night... It's like clockwork, really." he laughs, a sinister one. "We will withstand the Executors, me and Solomon. I doubt they will be a problem. And the Grail isn't even necessary for Solomon's wish!" more laughter. "So I give you yours, and everyone wins. Isn't that great!?"

He laughs more, then leans again.

"What do you say? I watch you. As much as I like. And the war ends, without ceremony or noise."

>> No.19295172


>writing important shit down


>> No.19295192

Yeah, man, sounds cool. Win/win for everybody, am I right?

>> No.19295198

Why is he asking our permission to watch Us: The Pornining?

>> No.19295217

Yeah, >>19295134 was right, he can see and hear everything we're doing. ...does that mean he knows about King of Lies: Triumphant? Ask Big O to give us a status update on that.

>> No.19295225


uh. This WOULD give us the advantage, in the end, because Solomon would be crtitcally weakened by the end of the War...AND we get unlimited prana from the Grail, and thus could off him at our leisure...

>> No.19295250

Given that Eliza said Lancer's name during one of the sex scens, and it was explicitly mentioned that it was canon. We should assume Thomas knows who Lancer is also.
Ask what Solomon wished for, that fact that he doesn't want the Grail seems far to good to be true.

>> No.19295288

I'm slightly interested, what is Solomon's wish, I'm curious at this point.

>> No.19295299

One subscription to the E&A T&A channel will run you 50 bucks a month, sonny Tim.

>> No.19295309


> if you used the IRC, you wouldn't need to ask that...

>> No.19295332

We know where he lives. He knows that we know where he lives, yet he's confident enough that he's not moving an inch. Solomon must've fortified that apartment with enough magic and summoned demons to make it safer than Fort Knox.

An idea is starting to form in my mind. I'll get back to you shortly.

>> No.19295348


depending on the location, we could accidentally Mount Ranier...

>> No.19295370

"What... What is Solomon's wish?"

"A new kingdom." he says. "One he can rule without issue. We're already working on it." he adds. "Let me tell you what. Come to my apartment tommorow, any time. You do that, we have an agreement. And then, you sign a little peice of paper, and it'll wipe your memory of this call entirely. So I win, and you win. I won't bother you ever again, and you get the grail. And, since you won't know who I am or where I live, I won't get nuked by the Grail..."

he chuckles. "I'll let you deliberate on that. In the mean time, I will assume any non-church, non-association attack is your doing. Have a nice night, Eliza."

He hangs up.

>> No.19295384

>>19295332 here. I call this 'Operation Distracting Lesbianism'.
Agree to his terms. Inform Odie of everything telepathically over dinner, ordering him to keep a straight face while doing so. Have a steaming hot lovemaking session with Atalanta. Whipped cream, dildos, the works. While Thomas is watching the two of you going at it, fapping furiously, burn a command seal mid-coitus to teleport Odie to Thomas' house. He slits the guys throat and we're in the clear.

>> No.19295397

Hell yeah, sounds like he's got this planned out. I say we agree, this can work out for everyone.

Or we could bite his fucking face off and devour his soul. Either one works.

>> No.19295406


oh, fuck's sake, that's too easy. Eliza, since we (meaning Bob) are a separate entity, we can remember for you.

Failing that, write it down before you go.

>> No.19295431

Ask him what is Solomon's Wish then. While, as he probably knows himself, you aren't are hero kind of person yourself, unleashing hell on Earth would kind of bothersome for your own wish and you would have to face off.

Since Solomon & Thomas already have what they want and can give us what we want.. Why exaclty does he want to hide that he knows us?

>> No.19295444

Wait, what if it's one of those things that erases her memory of the thing and sticks around to wipe new instances of finding out about the agreement?

>> No.19295447


I so love your thinking, this familiar is now shamelessly indulging in mental images.

>> No.19295457

A bit late there, sport.

From what I can gather, he's just a perverted little fuck who thinks he's hot shit. He craves entertainment and watching us and Atalanta during hot lesbian lovemakings is apparently really great for him.

>> No.19295461


Anyway, I told you guys that Caster is pretty hax and we should stick to him.

>> No.19295467

It's really great for us, too.

>> No.19295470


Then she has her trusty familiar to remember FOR her.

>> No.19295490

I forget, does she trust us enough that she would follow our battle plans without question?

>> No.19295502

>going for the perverted hax caster demon summoner asshat.
>who oh by the way, gives our master no privacy and sounds like an arrogant fuck
mentillate and plan to off him guys, he is bad news and you guys are being dipshits about this.

>> No.19295525

Come on guys, why are we submitting to this asshole?

Lets get input from Big O and Waifu here.

>> No.19295532

Well, it looks like we have someone to kill.

We're going to need to get more data on his lodgings but I don't think he can deal with the church banging on his door and us attacking at the same time. He's an arrogant prick, but much of that is probably bluster and bluffing.

>> No.19295533


even if she doesn't, Word of EGO says we can literally take control of her body, however briefly.

>> No.19295547

One of his terms was that we don't tell anyone about this deal. We can tell Big O telepathically, but we need to assume that he can see and hear everything we're doing from now on.

>> No.19295568

>much of that is probably bluster and bluffing.
I'm not too sure about that. There's not much you can't accomplish if you've got one of the most powerful summoners in history combined with what appears to be a perfect way to gather intelligence. He's able to prepare for anything we want to throw at him.

>> No.19295569

That might be a bad idea, though. What if Eliza doesn't buy our explanation of why we had to take control of her?

>> No.19295572

True, but we're totally not doing what he wants.

Our hero Kerrytugu would be disappoint.

>> No.19295583


>> No.19295624

Agreed, but I still think we shouldn't piss the guy off too much at this point. The ONLY reason he's offering us this deal is if everything can go back to the way it is now once we sign the piece of paper. Eliza telling the others would ruin his entertainment, so it'd blow the deal. In our current state, we're incapable of defending ourselves and David against the demon horde that fucker can send against us.

>> No.19295628

Dude, we are not ruining our relationship with our mistress.

We're her familiar, not some half-assed love interest with uncanny levels of power.

>> No.19295641

Some time ago:
>Oh noez, guys, let's not side with caster, he seems like a bad idea, there is no way to tell what he will do.
Let's team up with the densest magus in the Nasuverse!
>Talk to Caster's master, has no interest in fighting us, will even give us the grail
Oh shit, let's kill him guys!

..Really, guys? Really?!

>> No.19295651


You know once everything is done and over and we get out happy end, we MUST take over our mistress body at one point for shenanigan.

>> No.19295662

Its not the same person.

I was always against siding with Caster and still am. Now even more because his master sounds like a little prick on the level of Shinji Matou

>> No.19295673

No. No no no. Not happening. The pain I've endured so far is plenty, thank you.

... You can't be serious. I mean, it might work. But...

I mean...


It's just, so... Lewd.

If the Geas is well made, I'd ignore your promptings entirely. I would not even register them. That's how strong one is, when you power it yourself.

I agree. Even the lewd plan above might not work - he might have his guard down, but Solomon won't.

I have no idea what to do.

I'll ask Archer, then.

I mentally contact him, and tell him about the call.

[I like this lewd plan.]

[Oh for god's sakes!]

[Relax. I can see where the merit lies, it's honestly sound. The problem is that if Caster can exist without the grail, it means he doesn't truly need the Master, either. We can't remove Thomas and expect Caster to vanish - he'd only kidnap more people to fuel himself.]

[So... what do we do?]

[I am not sure, myself.]

Did you miss the part where he watches me have sex? Because he does that.

See, that's why I won't allow it!

>> No.19295713

Yeah. I actually thought that we will use that one time to Yuri-Rape Atalanta...

Also, why do we want to fuck him over so badly? Let's first meet up with him and talk with him a bit more. If he really is a cocky guy in his puberty then he is pretty predictable in the way he will act.
If Solomon and him are going for a new world order.. why not join him? I've always wanted to be el presidente.

>> No.19295715

Ugh. I don't know, maybe there's a situation where King Solomon would find it wise to kill the shit out of Thomas and then make his own truce with us?

>> No.19295720

1. He's a creepy voyeuristic teenager who has spied on us this entire time, using us for masturbation material.
2. His terms state that he'll keep doing this if he gives us the grail, and we won't even remember it.
3. We will only be a source of entertainment to him. Who's to say he won't kill us once he gets bored? Eliza won't have any memory of him, so she'll never see it coming.
4. He may even be lying right now. Maybe he'll kill us the second we set foot inside Caster's domain.

We should not trust this asshole one bit. We don't trust Emiya either, but we know we can take him if it comes to that.

>> No.19295723


>implying doing this once for her own good would ruin our relationship
>inplying the Mistress is pants-on-head retarded enough to dismiss a spirit of intellect for a little thing like brief posession.

>> No.19295729

Archer's got the right idea, here.

I say we withdraw from the war and live the rest of our days having sensuous love with Atlantia.

>> No.19295744

Mirstress does seem like the type who values volition and personal agency very highly.

>> No.19295762

I like the sound of that. Perhaps we can find a way to negotiate directly with the king.

>> No.19295780

I don't really want Solomon to get what he's looking for, it seems unwise to let him loose on the world. Also it involves trusting teenage asshole Master, who we really can't trust to keep his word.

We don't want either him or Caster around, they're too volatile, things could go too wrong if we don't take them out.

>> No.19295792


Caster's not the one watching you schlick, Mistress. The obnoxious, jumped-up boychild is the target here. And if we can lure Solomon outside, Atalanta can come charging in at .85 C and fuck him up pretty good.

>> No.19295804

>>Did you miss the part where he watches me have sex? Because he does that.

...And your point is?
We watch you have sex, too, and you don't want to kill us. Me. Us. Whatever.
Dohoho! If we had a corpreal form we would even join you!
Hey, wait a minute.. that's a great idea for a wish from the Grail. "Give Bob a Body."

Anyway, we knew already that mages have no sense of right and wrong but wanting to kill him because he spies on us and is somewhat cheeky sounds kind of stupid to me.

>> No.19295815


Whoa there, I'm pretty sure our huntress would provide quite the challenge, especially when our Mistress will be struggling to regain control

Ah but such an idea is still so invigorating, we need to claim victory. and as for how... I think for now the best thing would be for Liz to rest a bit, and probably make a move along the executors.

>> No.19295833

People from the church will arrive 'within the day'.
Thomas asked us to meet him 'at any time' tomorrow.

Monitor his home but don't take any hostile action yet. Have Atalanta take us there as soon as the church shows up and the fighting starts. I doubt Solomon will be able to focus on scrying/spying while engaged in combat, so try to take him out with a well-placed arrow to the skull.

>> No.19295860

Are you out of your mind?!
You want to join a fight between a bunch of Executors & Demons?

>> No.19295881


Spies on us, watches Mistress getting it on with Atalanta (WE're the only ones allowed to do that, dammit!), will continue to spy on us until Eliza's tits start sagging, threatens Eliza, and plots world domination.

And besides. He's cheeky.

>> No.19295893

No, I want to pick off the guy who's summoning the bloody things from a distance while the executors and demons are fighting.

>> No.19295899


The Church Executive has the authority to order a ceasefire and have the remaining masters hunt a troublesome foe, doesn't he?

Sure were allied, our mistress is tumbling the lion, but in the end Archer and Lancer Master are still competing.

Frankly the fact we weren't drafted is worrying.

>> No.19295903


Seconded. He probably wants to coerce us into helping him.

>> No.19295907

He's a smug little son of a bitch. Just hearing him made me want to punch him. I want to chain him up and punch him forever.

>> No.19295920

"Hey, what about the Exe-"

The whole boat shakes as a loud explosion rips across the bay. I'm wheeled quickly to the deck, where I see...

The Space needle crack in half, and begin to fall. Standing nearby...

I get a pair of binoculars, and look through them, to see Solomon standing on a building near the shore. He looks a lot younger than I expected - as old as Archer. His beard is full, and he's somewhat more attractive. He wears robes of gold, actual spun gold, which carry runes. Watching the tower fall, he lowers his hand and turns to look directly at me, with eyes that pierce my soul. At his sides are a bird with exceptionally long legs, and... a lion head attached to a wheel made of legs?!

And then he smiles and nods at me, before walking away - or at least trying to. A woman with wild hair, weilding a broadsword, leaps from THE STREET and swings at him - he lifts his hand as the bird bobs up and down, a white shinging light blocking the blade. He lifts his other hand, the lion head roars, and a blast of purple-white fire blows her away, into the street.

Where Shirou finds her.

He and Caster exchange stares.

>> No.19295947

...oh, fuck all kinds of duck.

>> No.19295970


What in the actual fuck, everyone seeing that? That fucking redhead... FUCK.

Get a move on?

>> No.19295985


This could be the opportunity we need.

Odysseus, if you see a certain killshot, take it.

Atalanta should be prepared to Spear of the Boar at Warp Factor Fuck You if she sees an opening.

>> No.19295990

We should probably take him out now, he's out in the open and we've got other people on him.

We might want to focus on killing his demons if that's a possibility. Let Shirou and Braveheart Girl distract him.

>> No.19296017

Atalanta will have to aim for the head, though.

Those robes probably have some heavy protection,

>> No.19296019

...What the fuck did just happen?!

>> No.19296028

The lion thing is Buer. He commands large amounts of demons and has the ability to heal pretty much everything.
The bird is probably Stolas. Also commands legions of demons and has an affinity for poison.

Seriously, don't fuck with these guys.

Also, keep your guard up around Emiya. He might not be willing to hand you the grail quietly now that he has an ally.

>> No.19296049


on second thought, this may not be the best of ideas.

I said IF we see an opening. I manifestly did NOT say " damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!1!"

That would be a short route to a messy demise.

>> No.19296058


Yeah, no. I'm voting for "Staying right where the fuck we are and just watching it from a safe distance."
It's not our fight, we shouldn't.. Actually we should wait how Solomon is holding his ground and if things start to look bad for him help him out.

Yeah, fuck this shit, I'm not helping Emiya and Swordgal, if we can get all we want from Solomon.

>> No.19296078

If we take Caster out here then we still get all that we want, without being beholden to Caster. Also we don't have to deal with King Solomon trying to take over the world, it would seriously Eliza's honeymoon to have demons taking over the world.

>> No.19296080

Who the hell is that chick, wild hair made me think Aoko but the sword...

>> No.19296088

Let's think about this.

Fuck Emiya route: We get a lot more powerful enemies and help Thomas the Wanker.

Fuck Solomon route: Emiya and his powerful allies note down our assistance, we have to deal with Solomon and his demons (who probably would not be as motivated as the vengeful allies in the fuck Emiya route).

>> No.19296096

Agreed on the "wait and see" part. Helping Solomon out is fucking retarded, though. We want him dead. Emiya isn't much better, but at least we know we can take him out if needed. No way we're going to let Solomon and his little fuckwit of a master run rampant and watch us shag our girlfriend if we can just as easily eliminate them with a single arrow.

>> No.19296127

Guys. Guys.
Solomon is here, busy fighting Shirou.
Thomas is still at his house.
We know where he lives.
Atalanta can move at the speed of fucking sound.
Go over there RIGHT THE FUCK NOW and put a bullet in that pompous ass' brain.

>> No.19296145


>The dude with a fuckton of bitches

Charm the shit out of him. No, really. Feminine Wiles = SUPAR EFEKTIVE

>> No.19296162


I don't think its going to work, our dear, dear mistress is quite the awkward one you see. In an adorable way, I'm sure the Lion would agree.

>> No.19296183

Plus she is flat like a pancake run over by a steamroller.

Solomon don't go for the skinnies.

>> No.19296184

No, there is a good chance that Emiya will try to fuck with the grail before we get our wish.

>Fuck Solomon route: Emiya and his powerful allies note down our assistance

Which powerful allies? His is still not the goddamn Association, would you stop this shit already? He is not with the Association, nor is he with the church. He may have one or two allies within the Association but that doesn't mean that the Association is on his side. Goddamit, people.

>No way we're going to let Solomon and his little fuckwit of a master run rampant and watch us shag our girlfriend if we can just as easily eliminate them with a single arrow.

And probably get out emptyhanded and without a wish. Yeah. Sure sounds like a good idea. We don't care if he and his master goes on a rampage. It doesn't conern us as long as we get our wish for Ody and Atalanta can stay here.

Right now the chances are higher that we get our wish from Solomon.

>> No.19296187


if it was Aoko, the fight would already be over

>> No.19296199


>> No.19296209


The Five Sorcery are that big amount of bullshit are they?

>> No.19296228

Yes because the CN/CE route is well known for providing all the happy lesbian endings.

Have you considered considering more than one step ahead? If nothing else, it might help you counter people's objections.

>> No.19296245

>Which powerful allies?
Rin and Sakura, two of the strongest members of two of the oldest magical families in the history of magic. They would stop at NOTHING to get terrible and bloody vengeance on our asses.

I'll agree with you that Emiya will probably try to fuck with the grail before we get our wish. However, I don't believe he'll succeed. We've shown we can handle him, after all, although this new ally of his is somewhat disconcerting. Odie should be able to handle her now that King of Lies: Triumphant is back up to A-rank, though, especially with Atalanta's help.

I do not trust Solomon's master one fucking bit. Going with him and signing a piece of paper that makes us forget he even EXISTS just leaves us wide open for a suprise attack later on.

>> No.19296250

His rampage would send down the fucking Association on our heads.

Shirou dying? Not too bad.

Solomon and Thomas getting their way? THE CITY IS FUCKED.

>> No.19296254

>if it was Aoko, the fight would already be over

Only one sure way to find out:

Eliza, tell Ody to fire all he has at the woman!

>> No.19296265


You mean Akiha, right?

>> No.19296274

Observe how Shirou and Caster interact, if there is a good opportunity send Lancer and Archer to gank him, Archer shouldn't use KoL:T, too many people watching. Focus on taking down his goons, if we take them down he'll have a lot less power.

>> No.19296346

No, actually it would send out the Association on THEIR heads because at this point Eliza, David and Atalanta will chill out somewhere on hawaii.

>Have you considered considering more than one step ahead?

I'm doing that the whole time and that why I think that joining church or association Or Emiya is bad.

- Help out Solomon
- Get our wish
. Get the fuck out of there.

Its not that hard you know.

>Rin and Sakura
>Strongest mages

No. Not really. Rin probably. But not Sakura. and even if we still have a Servant and as we know Servants are somewhat stronger than mages.

>> No.19296372


It's hard to tell, but at least I can read lips.

Shirou is talking. Same bullshit as usual, stuff about not involving innocents.

Solomon replies that he made certain the tower was empty with another demon before attempting to drop it on the Executor there. He goes on to say he plans to rebuild the city anyway, so any damage will eventually be repaired or inconsequential.

Shirou seems a little confused, then asks, if the woman is no longer a threat, if he may remove her from the situation.

Solomon nods, stating she is not his concern any longer.

Shirou leaves, but not before he says something regarding the level of devastation and a necessity to report it.

Solomon shrugs. Whatever friends you have, boy, he says, they cannot hope to match my sorceries. Bring them here, so I may show them the splendor of Solomon the Wise.

"Do you always do the funny voices?" David asks, and Atalanta giggles.

"Shh. That's just how I read lips." I mutter, lowering the binoculars. "It seems we will have to do something soon. This place is about to get even more dangerous."

"I was not aware that was possible." Archer remarks.

"Oh, in a word like this? It's always possible." I sigh. "Let's just hope the Association doesn't mark me for this shi- stuff." I amend, noting David's prescence. "Even so, I'm really uncertain where to go with this. And Legion isn't helping, much."

>> No.19296376


This is HF Sakura. The one with GODFUCK INSANE prana reserves from the Great Grail. She can kick massive ass.

>> No.19296383


You seem to forget that sakura has Rider. Has much as you seem to idolyze Caster and his dipshit of a master, those two will double cross the fuck out of us.

How can you not see that?

>> No.19296425

We need to take out Caster, I don't want there to be any kings taking over the world when we're done here.

This is a decent chance to gank Thomas, it'll not hurt Solomon that much, but it will require him leave the comfort of his Atelier more often.

For taking Solomon on we'll want as many other people on his ass as well, just to make our lives easier.

>> No.19296442


We're sorry, Mistress. It's late, and this one's mind isn't working. But here goes.

Solomon strikes me as being the decision-maker in the Master-Servant relationship here. Tommy probably has only a modicum of control, and that only through his CS.

Try to drive wedge betewwn the two. Divide and conquer, as it were.

>> No.19296453

Is it bad to imagine Eliza being voiced by Shizuka Itou and saying the silly impressions outloud?

>> No.19296455

Thomas needs a knife in the neck pretty badly.
Solomon, however, doesn't seem that harmful. Maybe we could let him have what he wants?

>> No.19296515

I'm inclined to agree, but we shouldn't be too quick to trust Solomon.
Also be careful when plotting shit - Thomas is probably spying on us.

>> No.19296521

>those two will double cross the fuck out of us.
..For what benefit exactly? Both already have what they wanted. Am I really the only one who sees that it would be a complete and utter waste of time for them?

I don't give a fuck about his master. So he watched us have Sex. He admits that he is a voyeur. BIG. FUCKING. DEAL. Who gives a fuck?!
He is also shitting his pants. Why do you thing the stuff about the memory-erasing stuff? Because he is fucking afraid that we will shit him up, no matter how smug he is trying to appear.

>How can you not see that?

How can you not see that summoning demons doesn't mean babyeating evil. He is motherfucking King Solomon. That's why I wanted to parley with him in the first place, because it's so fucking clear that he has a bigger agenda that you really don't have to be Einstein for that.

>> No.19296529


After all the shit he pulled off I'm pretty sure international eyes are upon the ruined city, were in the fucking usa, once someone with a True Sorcery show up, game is up.

But in the end we should try to corner Emiya and have him explain what the fuck this business was, who that wild haired woman is, because I think the doll is trying to pull a fast one.

>> No.19296553

I rub my forehead. I can't think of anything. I'm getting a headache. "Let's just... sleep on it."

"One problem." Archer says, pointing out to the bay.

"Oh god, no, Shirou." I mutter, as he approaches the boat, the injured woman laying inside. She's no one I know, for certain - long black hair, a busty figure, a long, wide blade, and a build to go with it. The robes fit her well, playing down the muscle and playing up the figure.

"So what should we do? Send him away?" Archer asks, shocking me from my reverie.

>> No.19296569


And what make you think he wouldn't go for the grail anyway? allying with him mean pretty much bowing to his master, the guy can pop a CS and boom, sudden attack and we are fucked before we can make our wish.

We can't trust him, he may be a king, but that doesn't make him above treachery, we coulds always become a torn in his side, so god damn stop trying to go to the enemy.

>> No.19296570

Fine, let them on the boat. it'll give him a chance to explain who she is and what he's going for.

>> No.19296598


Let them in, he got some explaining to do.


Wait that master is spying on us, have Archer speak with him and relay information through telepathy?

>> No.19296610

You know... That would be the chance to get rid of that annoying redheaded twat for sure. You just have to shoot him. No one will ever know.

>> No.19296620

>Because he is fucking afraid that we will shit him up
Which is EXACTLY why he might turn on us. From what he's told us, we know the only thing he cares about is his own entertainment. He likes what we've done in the war so far and enjoys watching us fuck. Okay. I can live with that. It's perverted, but fuck, I can live with that.
What I'm wondering is what will happen once he grows bored with us. The fact that he's scared of us will not have changed, and he'll more likely than not kill us off because we're still a potential threat.

I say deal with him now rather than take the easy way out and wait for him to stab us in the back when we don't even remember anymore.

I don't think Solomon is evil, exactly, but he didn't get to be the legend he is by being nice all the time. I'll grant you that he's not as likely to turn on us, but it's his master I don't trust. At all.

>> No.19296634

What's with you and hating Shirou? Heaven's Feel and UBW Shirou aren't bad at all.

>> No.19296672

Because he is goddamn caster. He is so much hax when it comes to magic that he doesn't need the grail in the first place.

>We can't trust him, he may be a king, but that doesn't make him above treachery, we coulds always become a torn in his side, so god damn stop trying to go to the enemy.

If he really spied on us all the time he should already know that we don't care about that. Because, frankly, we don't. We're not Kiritsugu, we're not Emiya Shirou. We don't have a problem as long as someone doesn't try to get in our way.
Solomon and teenieboy did respect that so far.
Emiya on the other hand not really..

>> No.19296744


Even if it seem he doesn't need the grail, there is no damn way to be certain he isn't after it anyway.

At least shirou is willing to give us our wish, the chance of Solomon and his Master betraying us are way, way higher.

>> No.19296751

I didn't have anything against him until it turned out that he wants to disassemble our grail. Also his self-righteousness is annoying.
In his hometown Knock yourself out, bro. But this is our city, our grail and our goddamn HGW, he should go and eat a dick.

>> No.19296802

Let's see. We can't trust the guy who told us that doesn't need the grail and will grant our servant his wish. Because.

But on the other hand we can of course trust the creepy puppet-guy who tried to persuade us to dismantle the grail that he will FIRST let us use it and then destory it.

>> No.19296842

it just occurred to me, between us and our ally we have 4 command seals we can use. that's 4 no sir fuck you attacks. unless i'm missing something we can probably use them to kill caster.

>> No.19296857


Sure let's take the enemy leveling the city at face value and trust when he say he doesn't need the grail. We don't know Solomon like Atalanta, so he can't be trusted.

Still sime like Liz made her pick anyway

>> No.19296863

We can 'trust' the guy we already know we can take in a fight, whose motivations are well known.

We can't trust the power-tripping voyeur who knows where all of our weaknesses are or the King of Taking Over The World because those are not sane people.

>> No.19296872

Okay, so you're saying there is not a high probability of Thomas using a command seal to get Solomon fucking us left and right with demons, should the Master Wanker get bored of us?

Because there is, and he would, and we'd never see it coming because it could happen at any time.

>> No.19296929

>Let's see. We can't trust the guy who told us that doesn't need the grail and will grant our servant his wish. Because.
And you believe this fucker's word because? He wants to put a spell on us that he claims will erase a part of our memory. We have NO idea if this guy is telling the truth about ANY of this, and it may be an elaborate ruse of some sort. The spell might be something else entirely, or he might kill us the second we set foot on his territory. And even if he IS telling the truth, there's no way we can be sure he won't come back later and kill us off anyway. We have ZERO REASONS to believe ANYTHING this guy is telling us. The fact that he's a creep who lives only for his own entertainment further cements the fact that he's likely to change his allegiances on a fucking whim because it seems amusing to him.

>But on the other hand we can of course trust the creepy puppet-guy who tried to persuade us to dismantle the grail that he will FIRST let us use it and then destroy it.
I'm not saying we trust Shirou either, but at least I'm fairly certain he will not stab us in the back before the grail is actually activated. He needs us to win this war before he can do anything. Nobody is suggesting we take orders from him and obey his every freaking whim, or listen to his stupid plans. Just that we do not kill him because that would piss off at least three very powerful people whom we do not wish to fuck with under any circumstances. We can use the guy right up until the point where we don't need him anymore.

>> No.19296987

>Let him on

At least you fellows can agree on something.

"Fine, let him on. And his injured cargo, as well." I say. They bring him up, along with a few bags of groceries. The injured woman is picked up, carefully, by Atalanta, and taken inside. Archer checks the groceries, while Shirou thanks me.

"Don't thank me. I'm not about to let you take her to your hobo hidey-hole."

He laughs in good nature, while Archer retreats to the kitchen. Shirou follows, making a very pleased sound when he reaches the kitchen. I guess it's true, then, he just loves to cook...

Meanwhile, I head into the room - our room - Atalanta has the woman in.

"There's surprisingly little damage, given what she withstood against Caster." Atalanta remarks. "Just some burns, and they're pretty minor."

These robes... She's definitely an Executor. How many were even sent? Three? More? And where the hell did Shirou get groceries during what must seem to everyone to be the goddamn apocalypse?!

"You look angry, Eliza."

"No wonder." I mutter. Between everyone arguing in my skull, learning that some creepy highschooler has seen me and my girlfriend naked, and then offering to let him go on watching, the city is in damn ruins, and everything is rapidly going to hell in a handbasket!

"Are you going to be alright?" she asks, moving closer, her hand on mine.

"I'll be fine. I just want this damn war to be over with as soon as possible."

She sighs, and the woman begins to rouse.

>> No.19297031

>Pair of lesbians playing nursemaids to a third chick
I smell a threesome coming on!

>> No.19297039


Tis the curse of a multi persona familiar my Mistress, once we argue, we do it worse than a coven of soccer mom.

In other words, were pissing our pants

Its time to get some information on who this lovely individual is, and I so dearly love our.... I mean your lion.

>> No.19297056

>has seen me and my girlfriend naked

Well. At least she finally acknowledged Atalanta as her girlfriend. I wonder if she would start to wag her tail if you told her that out loud.

>> No.19297124

Definitely don't trust Thomas. Chess metaphor villains are never good people. It's just a fact.

On the other hand, he seems to have us by our incorporeal balls. Until we can figure out the means by which Solomon or Thomas are acquiring this information, it'll be hard for us to work around them. Demons are a bitch like that. And he's clearly equipped to handle at least an Executor or three.

On the plus side... maintaining a Caster can't be easy, especially not with Solomon's showboating. This guy is either a fucking prana fountain or running low and hoping to put us out of the game before trying to run Solomon fucking kills him.

>> No.19297131

Pretty much this.

Thread is in autosage, btw.

>> No.19297137

Caster is usually really good at finding alternative sources for prana. It's one of their draws. Though Solomon may have put his hax into other things and is relying on him for prana.

>> No.19297168

How do false Servants usually handle the whole 'not being the actual X' thing, anyway? And... is it possible a second Caster could exist in a situation like this, like with False Assassin and Assassin?

Just things to think about. But we do appear to be autosaging, yes.

>> No.19297203


I turn to face the newcomer to the boat.

She frowns.
"Where am I?" she asks.

"You're on my yacht, Executor. I'm the magus Eliza. And you're going to tell me what the Church has planned."

"... My name is Lisa." she says. "That's all I'm willing to share right now."


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