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Someone was nice enough to leave this statue of an angel.. opposite your front door. So when you open your door, this is what you see. Staring at you.

I bet it was /sp/ they're trolls trolling trolls after all

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I'm doomed, basically. I just need to hope there's a second one somewhere, so I can find a way to trap them facing eachother.

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I bet it's an actual angel that got cast down because god was mad. Maybe he turned it into a pillar of salt, try licking it to see how it tastes.

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That's fine I'll just never blink again.

That or hope it sends me back to some time relatively recent so that way I can use my sports knowledge for gambling

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Eh it's not so bad. You could get sent back to the 20's when things were pretty awesome.

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I go about my daily business, all the while pondering where I'm going to put a stupid angel statue.

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>Walk backwards into house, never breaking eye contact
>Take mirror off hallway wall
>Place on floor underneath statue
>Grab other, smaller mirrors, like those compact things the womens use
>Tape to its eyes
>Dress it up as a clown
>New Lawn Ornament

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Exactly this.

You might be able to figure out a few companies that will survive the depression in good shape and invest in them. Also knowing a few of the all time great teams in football(both kinds) and baseball will certainly give you a massive economic advantage. From there you can become super rich and by the time the 50's roll around you could be fucking Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland.

Also some basic scientific knowledge would go a huge ways as well.

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oh shit

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but .. i'll miss you, /tg/
(then again I can safely bet against the Red Sox to not win fucking anything for 80 years straight. imagine the accumulator on that one)

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Go up to it without blinking and piss right on its goddamned feet.

I'm fucked no matter what but at least I'll go down on my own terms.

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I get the stocks thing, but I doubt scientific knowledge would help you much unless you're already an engineer of some sort

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wait.. how would this one work? You have to keep staring or it will forget you?

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>See it
>Wind up in the 20s with no idea how the fuck you got there or what you were running from

Not THAT much of an improvement on the angles, but whatever

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[A Boston area bookie in 1918]
>Hey Frank I'm putting down $1000 that the Redsox don't win another world series for the next 50 years! If they don't win one this season you give me $500, if they don't win next season you double that, and so on. If they win one I'll pay it all back to ya!

>Oh and I'm doing the same thing for the Cubs.

>Oh and I'm putting down $1000 that several Whitesox players will be found to be intentionally losing games next season. What odds will ya give me on that?

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No, you try to kill it on sight because of species-wide implanted post-hypnotic command, but then fail because it's quantum locked.

You eventually die of exhaustion. Thanks a fucking heap, Doctor.

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Nobody blink until the Macarena plays! Then RUN.

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While staring at its feet, I ask some friend or family to bring some large mirrors and some strong adhesive tape. It's trapped as long as it's in there and sunlight gets in.

Then I load it unto the back of a truck and bring it into the house of mirrors at a local abandoned fairground.

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It's only locked when you look at it right? What if you close your eyes and start punching the air in front of you?

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Honestly even basic biology would be pretty revolutionary at that point in time.

Remember that DNA wasn't discovered until the 50's and Penecillin wasn't found until the late 20's.

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Then it moves too quickly for your hands to reach it.

You're back in the 50's before your arm is even fully extended.

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Oh my god 173 has family.

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I never understood this at all. Maybe it's just that Moffat can't write monsters for shit. All of his monsters are unstoppable, unkillable, and have a wide variety of supernatural powers, even just from his shows during the Davies era. The Angels have gotten even progressively worse, if that was possible.

Honestly though, why can't you just break them apart? I mean, seriously, they turn into stone when you're looking at them. Stone is not invincible, stone is just stone. Cut it into pieces, then look away, and suddenly BLAMMO. Dead Angel.

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Not an expert or anything, but how would you possibly get noticed enough to tell people about biology? You'd have no medical degrees, or even any records that you exist. You'd be some crazy nobody ranting on about wonder cures and things microscopes probably can't even see yet

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Don't forget vaccinations.

Anybody with a college education should know how vaccines work. That would be huge.

Hi I'm Anon. I discovered DNA and Penicillin cured Polio, and I'm the majority owner of the 16 largest corporations in the world. Also I own the Yankees, Steelers, Manchester United, Detroit Redwings, and LA Lakers.

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What if you punch first, then close your eyes?

So it runs into the punch and dies

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Dude, you have NO idea

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Honestly figuring out the concept is the hard part. If you know its right proving it is just a matter of talking to the right people or figuring it out yourself. Go find Watson and Crick or Alexander Fleming and explain everything. Also get them to sign a contract giving you most of the money made from the discovery.

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I was just going to advise just keep staring at it and get a fucking bat. Just keep smashing its face. Hell, just push it on the road, that will break the wings off. You can probably stomp the arms off if you weigh enough or have enough lower body strength, or are just patient enough to keep trying over and over again.

>> No.19284079

You don't seem to get it.

It only EXISTS when observed.

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You could totally get those degrees. In fact I'd bet they'd be relatively easy for most people that have graduated highschool in this day and age.

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Then beat the fuck out of it while its there. Stone's not unbreakable.

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Well Moffat knows that the 11th Doctor is nowhere as awesome as the 10th so he needs to bring in supermosnters so that his Doctor Sue can look bad ass beating them.

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Quit punching. Touching it sends you back in time.

Close your eyes from 20 feet away while firing an automatic weapon at it.

He likes when things are fairy-tale-like. Monsters in fairy tales are usually unbeatable, or at least look that way.

My problem is that since he took over, every gag is a plot point later on. Everything comes back. Everything that's said turns out to be a reference to something else.

At least Davies knew how to make a joke, and then let it stay a joke.

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Don't you have to take a certain amount of years regardless of your knowledge?

Not to mention how much you're gonna have to fight the professors since what you know will conflict with the "current" knowledge by such a large margin.

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>Face not covered

Clearly it's not a Weeping Angel. Just a creepy statue on my front lawn

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Its 4 years of your life. Learn to fight your battles and you'll be fine. Just don't get Typhoid Fever or Wooping Cough.

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How strong are these angles anyway? Could I just chain it to the floor or encase it in concrete or something?

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One of the episodes suggest that they can move in supernatural ways beyond just the speed. They went through a monitor or something. So I'd argue at best that would slow them down.

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If I could remember the name of the guy who made them I'd give you a better story, but these sculptures are apparently based on babies born with radiation sickness.

No fucking clue what's going on with the horse though

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For me, the worst thing is this.

In "Blink," Moffat was totally stumped. He couldn't figure out how to beat the Angels. Yes that's right. In an episode he wrote, HE COULDN'T COME UP WITH A WAY TO DEFEAT HIS OWN MONSTER. It was the director of the episode who said the painfully obvious solution of "just point them at each other, then." However, in the later episodes featuring the Angels, this weakness has been completely forgotten, or ignored. So not only was he unable to conjure up a weakness for his own pet monster, he retconned that weakness the instant he was in charge.

The guy is just a bad writer. He may have good ideas here and there, but he desperately needs an editor who is willing and able to veto him.

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... but but but Moffat is awesome and cool and stylish and his Doctor is bad ass and dark unlike that RTD guy where everything is a gay sex joke and the 10th doctor was an emo :(

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That is fucked up.

173 IS one of these sculptures, right?

>> No.19284151

Yes, the original pasta on /x/ (before SCP was even created) was just a photo of one of his sculptures, and a creepy-as-fuck caption to go with it.

>> No.19284159

Yeah, one where most of the paint chipped off. Not sure what the story is on 173 himself though. If he's was bought by some collector or if the artist intentionally sandblasted it off or whatever

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>The guy is just a bad writer

Let's not get carried away, here. He can be an amazing writer, when he's writing one-offs. The Girl in the Fireplace is like crack. The Empty Child was great. So was Silence in the Library.

Hell, even some of 11's stories are great.

I just think he's better when he's not writing the whole season. The quality of his content decreased as soon as he was basically handed the entire show, rather than just handling sexy one- and two-shot episodes.

>he desperately needs an editor who is willing and able to veto him.

This, right here, is what I call the Lucas Law.

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>his Doctor is bad ass and dark

You clearly skipped Human Nature.

>> No.19284197

He's very creative and he writes excellent dialog, and a lot of his ideas are decent, but all of his episodes are fundamentally flawed in some way. Empty Child and the Library both suffer from the unstoppable-monster-with-fifty-different-super-powers syndrome, and Library has the even more unfortunate distinction of being the introduction of River Song. AND since River gets killed but still gets to live forever, you know from the get-go that she's going to become a recurring Wesley, and we're probably going to have to stick with her forever. While they're both fun episodes, they could be massively improved. Blink is a similar case, in that the Angels are the least interesting or important part of the episode, the best parts are Sparrow meeting all of their victims, and the videotape scenes.

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So... can the angels actually get through materials? What's to stop me, y'know, dropping it into a solid block of cement?

>> No.19284223

They're very strong, but if they're stuck in cement then they'd have to be comparable to the Hulk or the Thing to be able to break out, because they wouldn't have any leverage. But it might not kill them, either, as I'm not sure if they even have bodily functions in their invisible state. Since they feed off latent time energy, though, they would theoretically starve eventually if nobody was observing them... but the guys in the Byzantium stuck around for ages without being observed and didn't starve, so who knows.

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the real question is , if turning to stone is their defense mechanism... what hunts angels?

>> No.19284240

>or even any records that you exist.

>I go to New York city
>say I'm an Irish immigrant, named Spank-Ass McGee.
>Move to Chicago and become a private eye.
>Begin the reign of Spank-Ass McGee, the man that single-handedly brought down the most notorious gangster in Chicago with his uncanny knowledge of the gangster's most secret hide-outs.

Who says my love with the 1920's won't pay off!

>> No.19284241

Nothing I think. The Doctor said they're as old as time itself or something close. They do that so nothing ever can hunt them before they can hunt you

>> No.19284245

cast animate stone

fuck an angel

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dr who sucks, this isn't scary whatsoever, and youre all faggots

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There is no shame to admit you hid behind the sofa when the Daleks showed up. Don't worry they're fictional and they can't really hurt you.

>> No.19284277

never actually watched dr who, but someone showed me the part with the statues and i couldnt help but wonder what the fuck was so scary about them

>> No.19284290

The Daleks aren't really scary anymore, though. The only episode that had genuinely scary Daleks since the revival was the first season episode "Dalek." That was because the Doctor was terrified, and therefore, the viewers were terrified. Which is how it needs to be, and how it was done in the old series. Because on their own, Daleks are just big trash cans with a plunger for a hand and a ray gun. Even when they're out murdering people left and right, you need the character reactions to them to actually make them genuinely terrifying. The reboot didn't have much of that, and they've been getting progressively sillier and sillier. Which is a shame.

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>My problem is that since he took over, every gag is a plot point later on. Everything comes back. Everything that's said turns out to be a reference to something else.

Reminds me of that horrible The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fanfiction that got released as the last book.

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So what are these angels?
I never got to watch Dr. Who.

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Some weird time beasts. When you look at them, they become invulnerable statues. When you look away, even to so much as blink, they come upon you. When they get you, they ditch you at some point decades in the past and feast upon the energy of the years you would have lived in the present

>> No.19284350

Just watch the Blink episode online it stands alone pretty well and is one of the best episodes of the series. Its what got me on it.

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Oh no, a picture of an Angel becomes an Angel.

Oh no, most of us have a memory of an image of an Angel, thus our memory = Angel.

Why so bad Moffat?

>> No.19284366

It may make you feel better (or worse) but Adams was working on a "fix book" that would have better resolved the ending of HHGTTG, but he died before it was finished. The fifth book was so shitty because Adams was severely depressed when he wrote it, and it shows. He'd gotten all of his issues sorted and from all accounts the sixth book would have been much cheerier.

>> No.19284377

One of the novels goes into a little more detail.

If you're not a Time Lord, they throw you back to a timeframe so that your potential time "runs out" and you die of natural causes within hours or at most days of the moment you were thrown back from.

The mini time vortex created by that weird loop is what they feed off of.

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Weeping Angel vs 173. Who wins?

>> No.19284391

The pig men.

>> No.19284413

What if you are a timelord though?

>> No.19284455

I'm not talking about the fifth book. I'm talking about the sixth, written by Eoin Colfer, which was worse than most fanfiction.

>> No.19284469

But didn't the black chick in the show live her whole life?

>> No.19284472

That doesn't explain everyone in Blink living for 30+ years in past, though. Hell, the girl lived for like 60 years post-Angel.

>> No.19284513

I roll Initiative.

>> No.19284521

Either way they're still in a block of cement. They're not going anywhere fast. Although they'll probably end up stuck there for thousands of years until a plucky kid unwittingly unleashes them and must quest to defeat them. But that's not my problem.

>> No.19284522

Well you're gonna fucking win that. You may as well roll initiative to hit a tree

>> No.19284533

>Encase angle in concrete
>Instead of getting launched to the twenties you have a two ton slab of concrete rocketing towards you at light speed

>> No.19284547

>Huge wad of matter moving at lightspeed
And then the Earth was a sun.

>> No.19284558

>ignoring implications
You must be new here.

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>> No.19284581

>Place Mirrors behind you via assistant. Step aside from mirrors, without breaking eye contact.
>Pour concrete over Weeping Angel. Wait until cured.
>Remotely remove mirrors via crane.

>> No.19284608

But now no-one can observe the angel...

>> No.19284663

If you want to observe it so badly you're welcome to climb into the concrete mould

>> No.19284675

I rub my dick over its face, hands and tits.

>> No.19284697


Angels can punch their way through solid fucking steel if they have a decent charge going. I don't think that concrete is going to stop it.
Why bother with the concrete at all, just stick with the mirrors.

>> No.19284701

What if we encase it in Solid Mirror?

>> No.19284713


How fucking uncanny, I literally just finished writing a rant about that book in a thread /v/ was having about Eoin Colfer.

>> No.19284720

I meant the sixth book, I quoted the wrong person.

>> No.19284727

That depends, though. Is it going to be the 1920s or 1520s? Big difference.

>> No.19284740


We'll need low level light for that to work. Luckily an angels darksight is probably pretty good so we're probably okay at night.

>> No.19284795

Wouldn't that just make a bunch of new angels? You know the whole, anything that holds the image of an angel becomes an angel.

>> No.19284989

and they're looking at each other.

>> No.19286164

Do they hate the book just as much?

>> No.19286180

/v/ hates everything

>> No.19286196

>Do this
>Instead cum on it.
>It will be too afraid of moving to wipe the cum off.
>Cum on it each day of my life.
It's going to be a glorious life.

>> No.19286306

Weren't those Angels practically starved to death? Had they more strength, they'd have rigged it so the food died shortly afterwards, but instead they decided to make do.

>> No.19286335

>but these sculptures are apparently based on babies born with radiation sickness.
that only makes it creepier

>> No.19286359

Sounds like a good idea to me.

>> No.19286375

Holy shit, call SCP ASAP.

>> No.19286409

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. We need FIFTEEN MORE PEOPLE to stare these bastards down until help arrives!!!

>> No.19286419

Found it! Reverse image search is your friend. Artist is Izumi Kato.

>> No.19286421

Doesn't explain the shit on the floor

>> No.19286432

Cleverly disguised as an art emplacement so people will be staring a it all day

>> No.19286451

Oh, that's fucking it. Bright is getting it this time, putting 173 in an art gallery is Too Fucking Far.

>> No.19286517

I don't know why, but I'd be kind of freaked out if SCP-173 was a statue of Souflikar.

>> No.19286701

Hey. If it gets loose it's just going to kill hipsters that hang out art museums and art critics. They are highly expendable.

>> No.19286808

I would love the SCP-173 clones to get their own articles.

Maybe some faction tried to reproduce that SCP in order to kill people? They could be weaker copies - They only move when observed.

>> No.19286813

Their speeds increases with amount of visual attention.

Imagine how creepy it would be if you were the only person in the room and suddenly you saw very slight movement at the edge of your vision...

>> No.19286819

Well there's one where 173 starts breeding for no reason and numbers in the hundreds.

They wipe out most of the world.

Article itself is kinda lame though

>> No.19286961

>Article itself is kinda lame though
you mean 99% of the pages?

>> No.19287009

Well, yes, true, but I just browse the top rated page and the featured ones anyway.

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