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Pathfinder Online

I´ll host a pathfinder online group today and im looking for players. Setting will be in a northern climate with lots of snow and mountains, for contrast to the ragin summer here.

Game will be over skype, just add me on chris10292
Ill explain the rest there and in the commencing
Fantasy art dump:

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Players will start at a low level and will have to overcome hard challenges

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All classes from paizobooks are allowed. I just dislike powergaming

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Waiting for OP

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Magic will not be abdundant, but also not totally unacessable. Still magic is not seen kind upon by society

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Op is here, just waiting on skype

Everyone is welcome, i just want everyone to understand the basic principles of the game.

Also i got an dice bot for skype

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simple ambient music will be provided via mumuplayer if anyone is interested.

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Any more questions?

ill continue the dump then till ive got enough players

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similar efreso

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ighstts Part

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Also, everyone can join in into the art dump, ill be glad to share.

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Airships are involved too

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely is it that I could play a viking?

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What time would we be playing at?

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Madame theremTh

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10, i would not directly call it a viking but you can play with the principles of a viking warrior


Today, about 21 UTC+1 i propose but we can change it if needed

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sent you a skype message.

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pentsy 153.7

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not received, see if the skype name is correct:


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bakomusha btw.

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I am in. I have wanted to play in a frozen setting for a while. Would a dwarf fighter be good?
Add me on Skype silverjudas

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As have I.

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Sent you a request, OP.

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wow, group full i suppose thank you for the quick response

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Just found this, added the names I saw in here
-is game full, or do you still have room for one more?

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That was really fun guys. See you on thursday.

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