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Dear you,

I've started painting Warhammer 40k models a few weeks ago, and for now, I've only painted 4 Space Marines. While I did make a lot of progress and a lot of mistakes, painting Space Marines which are almost monochrome isn't too satisfying. Therefore, I would like recommendations on bigger models, mainly for painting purposes; it doesn't matter if I can't use them in my army of Blood Angels.

What models would you recommend? I mostly want good-looking things (though monsters can look great, of course.)


ITT: we discuss cool models to paint.

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I'm probably going to buy a dreadnought for my army, but I'd like to paint something that isn't red for a change, or maybe a demon.

Any cool demons?

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get a bloodthirster and paint it something other than red.

this we command.

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tzeentch daemons tend to be rainbow coloured.

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It's what I was thinking of, wasn't sure about the name.

>how the fuck do you paint so well

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>demon colors ideas

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Dear You.
Exactly one year ago I started WFB. So far I have painted around 20 Dwarfs. I now have 5k points of unpainted Dwarfs, over 50 points of unpainted Protectorate of Menoth models and around 4k points of unpainted Space Marines. What now?

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What about this?

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thats a lie.

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What now? Well, finish up! Lazy butt.

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Holy shit... that just makes me want to give up...

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Funny thing is that whenever I go "fuck yeah, time to paint some miniatures!" I end up leaving them undercoated and taking different minis to undercoat next time.

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Aleks, you're a faggot.

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It's the most satisfying part because you don't fuck these up as easily.

>painting Marine eyes

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Here, have a laugh and a self-esteem boost.

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This will sound weird, but bear with me.

I use coffee granules for the eyes. You glue them on.

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thanks bro

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My fucking sides... Oh god

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Pretty much all the big (and small) things in 40k are boring monochrome vehicles and infantry, there is only one exception.

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Officially the funniest image I've seen on 4chan in well over 60 months.

>was gonna correct to 6 months, but 60 is true too

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Explain please.

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This is how you paint faces. Three colors: a brown, a fleshtone, and white. It looks better from a distance than any vain attempt to dot in the eyes.

The point being that don't fucking complain about dotting eyes.
And don't worry about it too much on space marines either, just make sure you steady your hands, haven't had too much coffee, and have eaten recently.

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Come on, there are more of these posted here.

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Post them!

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Use that thing against me, and I'll lose by default. I can't stop laughing, I'd be rolling on the floor before I can throw any dice...

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A beautiful selection of the most gloriously painted miniatures can be found here:


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That man has way too much wrinkles.

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Definitely Aleks.

>all caps
>no period

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>That man has way too much wrinkles.

To *many* wrinkles. Too many.

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>painting eyes
>implying my marines don't wear helmets when all of them do
Except for that fucking librarian. I dread the time to paint him.

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Not that anon but if you consider "wrinkleness" then that changes the meaning subtly and is ok.



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By eyes I mean... the helmet's eyes.

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Epic lols.

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pretty much how i imagine ultramarines tbh.

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Wrinkeledness, for christ's sake.

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But......we are the emprah's finest.....

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Aleks detected.

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Wraith lords are fun to paint from the Eldar Army. Check out Dakkadakka and see the other painters. Get inspired. Welcome battle brotha.

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pfff whatever fag, come to Ultramar and we'll see who's better!

Pic related, it's what's gonna fuck up your shitty little Monolith's.

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Is there a difference between a tactical squad and a combat squad?

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One burns better.

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Tactical Squad is a troop choice in the codices. Combat Squading is a rule that lets you split a ten man unit either in reserve or during deployment that separates them into 2 5 man squads.


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A tactical squad is a 5-10 man squad of Tactical marines.

Should this squad number 10 men, they *may* break down into two 5-man *combat* squads.

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I was on the WG website and they listed two squads under those two different names, with some differences.

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On the website, its just to separate the 5 man and the 10 man squads.

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All righty, thanks!

Guys, what about some mythical creatures? My girlfriend has a cockatrice, which I find to be a rather ridiculous chicken/dragon creature, but I'd love to painting something this size.

Got any minotaurs?

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How many points are 5 tactical marines?

How many 5 assault marines?

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Tactical squad:
1 Sergeant
4 Marines

=90 pts

Assault squad:
1 Sergeant with Jump Pack
4 Marines with Jump packs

=100 pts

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Noes, it looks like a dragon Jew.

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>paint ALL of the helmet in the eye's color
>then paint everything except the eyes in the helmet's regular color

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It's what I've tried doing last time. I failed though because the paint is either too thick and hides the details, or it's too watery and it hides the details too, and when I remove it, it's all removed.

Fucking shit is hard yo.

I need a smaller brush.

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Guys,sorry for in interupting your thread but I haz a 40k question but I do not want to shit the frontpage of /tg/ with it.

How many space marines are there in the whole galaxy?And I mean both loyal and traitor.All I need is a rough estimate.

Much appreciated in advance.

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Mabye a million or so?

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Size 0 brush.
Tiniest of tiny beads of paint on the end (not thinned).
I mean really fucking tiny.
Grip the model in your left hand, with the brush held between your thumb and your index & middle finger, lean your right hand against your left wrist.

Align the model's eye and you paintbrush tip.

SLOWLY lower the brush towards the eye by levering your right hand against your left wrist.
Slow your descent, slower, slower, until it's virtually still when it reaches the eye.
As soon as it touches the eye, leave it still, for a couple of seconds.
Gently lift the brush away *JUST AS GENTLY AS YOU APPLIED IT*.

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I don't mind questions about 40k in my thread, you're welcome to any question.

I know the Imperial Guard can vary from several BILLIONS in a SINGLE day.

Space Marines probably don't vary as much in numbers, but I don't have a single clue. They're elite, so by far not as many, but who knows exactly. I can't even tell you by chapter alone.

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Approximately 1 million loyalists.

Number of chaos Space Marines is absolutely unknown.

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Duly noted. Thanks!

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Angels are dying/succumbing to the red thirst/black rage...

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Less because they can't reproduce and their armor is inferior

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OP here.

I still don't know how to play the game; how many points do you need to have a functional army?

It seems an "HQ" is actually a unit, no bases, in this game. What are absolutely essential in an army and could you, for instance, have ONLY tactical marines?

Can units separate from their squad and move individually or never?

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Does the number for the loyalists count scouts, since they're not fully fledged space marines yet?

(with the exception of yiff scouts)

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You don't need a smaller brush , you need less paint on your brush and for that paint to be thinned .

I'm not claiming to be any good at painting but I believe this guy is good enough for table top , for his face / skin I did the following :

1. Cadian fleshtone (thinned)
2. Reikland fleshade (wash)
3. Ungor flesh (thinned)
4. eldar flesh (drybrush)

I didn't bother with doing the eyes themselves as they're so tiny on IG that unless it's a helmetless model there's no point .
All done with an army painter regiment brush (fairly large).

Inb4 GW paint rage , I get a pretty hefty discount at my LGS so it's cheaper than anything else and they do the job (still use model air for drybrushing though).

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They reproduce! Don't they enslave humans and turn them forcibly into Chaos Marines?

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Search for the rule book and codex pdfs online and start reading. Maybe go to the local game shop and watch a game?

1 HQ
2 Troop choices

Minimum to be legal.

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Go medieval, preferably early, when everyone run with their colourful tabard, and each of them were different. Or bretonnians.

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>I still don't know how to play the game; how many points do you need to have a functional army?
You can play games at almost any point value you and your opponent agree on. 250 or 3000, whatever you want.

>It seems an "HQ" is actually a unit, no bases, in this game. What are absolutely essential in an army and could you, for instance, have ONLY tactical marines?
You must have an HQ unit and two troop choices. There are also heavy support and fast attack units. I recommend downloading the rulebook and checking it out.

>Can units separate from their squad and move individually or never?
Nope. "Independant" units can, but that's a different thing entirely.

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So basically, I need an HQ and I'm ready to go (get my ass kicked).

I have 2 squads, tactical and assault.

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It confused me as fuck as well when I was starting out. Who would name a unit HQ? That fucking means headquarters in any kind of military lingo.

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Maybe it's like a mother kangaroo and units hide in its front pocket.

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Model another marine and paint it blue and use the librarian. Cheap HQ in the BA codex.

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Well, yeah, but only the smallest of small games.

The average game probably consists of 1500-2000 points.

You'll need a rulebook (current edition is 5th) and the codex for you faction (basically lists all your specific units, point costs, and rules).

>> No.19263267


I do my Blood Angels codex. I didn't buy the rulebook because I heard the new one was coming soon.

What do you think?

>> No.19263283


find the pdf or go to a game store and see if some1 will play you.

>> No.19263285

The new one is coming soon, you can wait or not, up to you.

But you can always find a torrent of it for free in the time being, and play some casual games with friends to learn the ropes. If you don't have any friends who play, they can use legomen or whathaveyou as stand in models.

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I would also suggest watching some battle reports, it's what I did back when I wasn't sure about buying into the game.

I don't claim to have a comprehensive knowledge of where to look, but http://www.miniwargaming.com has some high quality batreps that are easy to follow and understand.

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I did watch many of their videos, they're good.


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