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Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could post up a scan of the page for the storm talon. I havent gotten my white dwarf yet but I want to incorporate it into my list.

Aesthetically it is a space potato but I still like it. It kinda looks like a clunky attack helicopter. Plus the imagery of firing hundreds of rounds from the assault cannons is cool.

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Obligatory edit

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May be weird but seeing this actually convinced me to get a Stormraven. It doesn't look /that/ bad, it just doesn't really fit in with other marine vehicles like Land Speeders, and is a bit too small to carry off the design.

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Another way that could have been improved would have been to add wings between the engines and the main body. Like in an Osprey.

That and extending the tail section a bit would seriously alleviate the Smart car look the real model has now.

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Technically the StormTalon did everything wrong, I took a look to see what parts I could recolour and steal from the Valkyrie and the Vendetta and the Vulture gunships, and I found out those models all actually look good.

I tried to make it look more like an Apaché/Hind but all I could really copy paste was the front gun to make it a sort of celbow carrier wing. I atleast edited out the turret and the support feet on the turret which was retarded.

I think if you boy a Storm talon and a Valkyrie or Vulture, and just start casting like crazy you can make a very menacing looking plane. I basically just converted the Storm Talon to look more like the popular Orca from C&C.

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Look at it, it's PERFECT. Sort of I guess it can be more sleek and less boxy, let me get on that real quick.

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I think it would have looked much better with an engine where the turret is. As it is, it's too forward heavy and looks like it'd just flip over.

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Has shitty quality pics of all of the fliers' rules.

I think if you were to take off all of the guns, and possibly the engines as well the model would actually look really good. You'd obviously have to put them back somewhere, but I think some smaller weapons in more subtle places would work fine

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the other eddit looked way better, that's just... worse than the original

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happy to help, OP

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Not OP but you don't happen to have the other fliers by any chance? Thanks for these though

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>Buthurt creator of original wingading flim flam 2000 hours in photoshop.

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>my edit
not very good, guns are a bit too far forward.. but I really like the Talon's overall look.

Just needs a transport plane to use that "escort" rule with, since regular marines don't get the Stormraven

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Once I stopped think of it as a plane, but more a craft like a blight drone, the design became less terrible in my eyes

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those who live in glass houses..

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I think the main problem is there isn't enough room in the cockpit. It looks so small that I doubt the Space Marine could've got inside in the first place.

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didn't it get an entry similar to the storm talon in an earlier WD for regular chapters to use as a fast attack?

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that's what people were hoping for. but the stormraven is still only BA and GK

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Thanks dude. Thats epic!

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Aren't those nose mounted assault cannons a bit too big as well?

If you compare them to the size of the pilot, they look megahuge. Terminators aren't *that* massive compared to regular Marines, and they can carry a cannon one armed. I can't see an assault cannon that big mounted on a Termie.

Just saying because that big ass turret contributes to that weird, front heavy look of the whole thing.

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I'm sure you could probably use it anyway in friendly games. Besides, the new edition of 40k is aparrently coming out soon so it won't be long before Space Marines get even more units.

I kinda miss third edition where everything was so much more straightforward.

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So is the imperium still stagnating and regressing or has GW quietly thrown that out since the idea kinda hinders spamming new toys to the kids

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Dreadnought ass cannons are bigger than termie ones. Guess they chose that version

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It's more of a 'they've always been there, just nobody used them'

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they get new tech everytime they find a STD template*.

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I take it that's a 'no' on the other units then...

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The new stuff they pump out is mostly just integrated into the existing product line and assumed to have always been there.
A few modified variants of existing tanks are new developements of the Mechanicus, I think.
They are still pretty stagnant overall, but not presented as all that dogmatic, anymore.
In the RPGs, there is mention of big private companies producing weapons of their own design in cooperation with and under oversight of the Mechanicus.

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If Orkz were to loot a Stormtalon would they use it as a bommer? The ST doesn't at all look like the kind of vehicle that can go at hyper fast speeds.

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If it can't go fast enough when they loot it, they will add engines until it goes almost fast enough.
You can never make it go fast enough, because like dakka, there is never enough speed

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Fucking love that model, I want to take a list just composing of them and doomscythes.

Damn, if you can fit in a solar pulse or two it could even be competitive. (super sonic av11 tesla destructor spam ftw)

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>The ST doesn't at all look like the kind of vehicle that can go at hyper fast speeds.

Which is funny because it does still have the super sonic rules in spite of being designed to look like and act like a helicopter, close support rules and all.
Any pilot or engineer will tell you that a helicopter can't break mach1 (speed of sound).

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Plus, the stormtalon is pretty much flatout better than the razorwing jetfighter for less points. In short "fuck you i'm a space marine".

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I'm tempted to buy one, paint it, and hang it up in my kids room as a mobile

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I scanned these and the storm talons ones earlier in the thread, I thought the previous scans/pictures were of low quality so i made my own.

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So wait, space marines get more shit and we still have codices in 3rd and 4th edition?

Wow. GW. Wow.

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and finally the points cost.

Also the reason why they were in two separate batches was because i posted the ork ones in a single thread request that died after 6 post, while the stormtalon ones were posted in a 300 post thread i only found after the first thread.

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to be fair, the storm talon is all jets and doesn't have a rotor which is why at high speeds helicopters have too much drag to pass mach 1, it was the same with rotor driven aircraft.

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eldar what?

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That looks fun as fuck, and all the models look awesome. Better prepare the wallet for a beating

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Any Eldar stuff in that WD?

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I tried

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>Eldar stuff
Ahahahahahahha, no.

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that actually looks pretty good

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Pretty good.

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Why shooty thing no swivel?

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Sorry, my mistake, they do have room to swivel in that last edit.

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I personally don't like it. Shit can swivel without having an incredibly bulky piece of metal there, just looks like a bit of grimderp.

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I made that last edit, it's fixed and unable to move in that housing. It's like the stormraven with the option to take bolter or melta. I figure the pilot can turn the thing and shoot at whatever the hell he wants with a flyer like that

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Fuck I hate the stormtalon even more now - why does it get to be around the same cost as these orks flyers (plus cheaper than the Razorwing, Voidraven and Doom scythe) while being flatout better?

I know the answer is simply "lol marines" but it pisses me off when marien stuff just HAS to be cheaper (and typically better) than the xenos equivalent. I have no problem with the stormtalon existing (I think its stupid though) but at least cost it sensibly.

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i honestly think the dakkajet with the extra twinlinked supa-shoota is best.

9 twinlinked st 6 shots at bs 3 if its not jump infantry or a skimmer.

not bad, not bad at all. also with the 30" range you can stay out of the way of most small arms fire.

i think its interesting how these fighters are all paper thin armor and no real defensive bonus while forgeworld fighters are tough as nails with their cover and 6's to hit. the difference is also about 100 points though.

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