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I want to try out this whole "roleplaying" business. Something 40k related. Is there a way to do something like Dark Heresy with people online? over IRC? something like that?

I'd like to play as a Culexus assassin thats been turned into a child by Tzeentch, or as a lost Grey Knight trying to become a Paladin and find a way to "save" Draigo at the same time.

Are either of these possible? Im hoping shit will go like pic related

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Start a quest thread.

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also, is it possible to be a Grey Knight Apothecary

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hmmm, guess Ill have to download the book first

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Yeah, but they roll with the Paladins anyway.

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For clarification, starting a quest thread isn't a great idea. He was joking.

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Deathwatch might be more your speed.

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Im pretty open to suggestions. Just want to give it a go

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I don't think there are any rules for Culexus assassins, but you could probably through something together.
Grey Knights appear in the Daemon Hunter splat.

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Dark Heresy = You're a bunch of nobodies, only slightly more valuable than the common man (as in, the only privilege you most certainly have is a nice funeral), struggling and taking on challenges that are way abover their level. You're underdogs, and have to be creative to survive

Deathwatch = You're space marines, shooting xenos and heretics and daemons oh my! Much more focus on tactics in combat, and you can take on pretty much everything if you make the right moves.

I don't really favour one above the other, they're both pretty good, but they have vastly different playstyles

There are also Grey Knights in the Daemon Hunter supplement for Dark Heresy

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Maybe Ill get my girlfriend to join in and get some awkward secret Grey Knight/Sister of Battle romancing going. Keep it hell subtle so the GM cant really do anything about it

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Deathwatch sounds like more fun.

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Black Crusade is the most fun, IMO. You can also both play "normal" people or Space Marines.

But you play Chaos.

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Don't. It's just awkward. And doesn't fit with the fluff.

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Dark heresy is where you're the captain of a planet sized ship arent you?

I remember the first game I played as chief techmarine from the Steel Legion. Shit was good fun, I accidentally missed a heretic at point blanc and shot one of the other players in the ass with a laspistol. Shit was amazing.

We did about 3 sessions before a plague marine killed all of us

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Fair enough.

So is there a IRC those does these, how do I get this shit started

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>some awkward secret Grey Knight/Sister of Battle romancing going
If you love her enough she'll give you a hat!

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That's Rogue Trader.

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>Dark heresy is where you're the captain of a planet sized ship arent you?

Rogue Trader.

>Steel Legion


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I just liked the idea of a death machine Grey knight and a zealous executioner Sister of Battle being awkward and shy around each other

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...oh wait, it was a Krieg techpriest, they have those right? ...

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Oh, it'll be awkward alright.

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Rogue Trader.

Even then, it's more Master and Commander meets Time Bandits than combat involving space marines/grey knights.

Not to say it doesn't happen, but personal combat is somewhat dwarfed when you're in command of 15k-50k+ people at the helm of a spaceship that shoots shells the size of modern warships. Also, there's more important things to worry about. Like CAPITALISM and HERESY.

Pic related, a typical Rogue Trader character.

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Im starting to like the idea of roleplaying more and more

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Why? Seems like a reasonable idea.

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oh man, whats going on here?
Is this from Wards retarded fluff piece about the GK killing SoB

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crying from laughter.

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was there any reason for it?

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/tg/ hates that part of the stuff, especially the way they smear blood over their armor for protection. That's downright Khorne worship here.

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It wasn't retarded, and it wasn't Khornate. Pure/Holy/Magic Blood is a thing Grey knights have used before.

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It's definitely fun, and if you're like me, you'll love seeing characters work their way up from nothing to something extremely powerful. You're also able to run anything, from serious, down to earth games to over the top, ROW ROW, FIGHT DA POWER shenanigans.

Our current 'campaign' began in Dark Heresy, resulted in an almost bad end, involved a warp accident that caused us to travel back before the bad end, and all sorts of hilarious alternate timeline shenanigans have ensued while transitioning over to a Rogue Trader power level.

>pic related if the Inquisition ever captures the party

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I've been collecting GK for about 6 months, never heard about this. Wheres it from? I only read about half of the fluff at the start of the GK codex.

Why the fuck would GK kill SoB or smear blood on themselves, thats desecration. Why Ward. WRRRY

I mean, the SoB and GK are the most fucking over zealous, zenos hating, alien killing motherfuckers in the galaxy

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>Why the fuck would GK kill SoB or smear blood on themselves, thats desecration.

Blood of the innocent has been shown to have the power to repel daemons, the Grey Knights used the Blood to help protect themselves from the effects of the Bloodtide.

>I mean, the SoB and GK are the most fucking over zealous, zenos hating, alien killing motherfuckers in the galaxy

Grey Knights don't really give a shit about xenos, they fight Daemons to the almost the exclusion of everything else.

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They felt they needed further protections against the energies of the Blood Tide, so they performed a ritual that required coating themselves in the blood of pure individuals in order to offer them that protection.

Which makes perfect sense if the rest of the book hadn't been constantly shoving in our faces how incredibly pure and uncorruptable the GKs already are.

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Seems a bit unspacemarine like honestly

the point is to save humanity not bathe in it

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yeah GK are based on the idea that they're incorruptible

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>Seems a bit unspacemarine like honestly

You obviously don't know too much about Space Marines, especially the Grey Knights.

Kill millions to save billions.

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>unspacemarine like

The Flesh Tearers, Space Sharks, and Marines Malevolent would like a word with you.

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No Grey Knights has ever fallen before, but it would be foolish of them to not take precautions.

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So anyone want to join me for a Death Watch game with Grey Knights

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I would if I knew how to play it and where we're going to play it.

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me too....I was hoping someone should say "Ill be GM! everyone heres the IRC channel! lets do it!"

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My Deathwatch is a bit rusty: do the rules give stats for Nemesis-class weapons? Aegis armour no, that I'm quite certain of

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Are we not instantly noticing that OP is a troll? I mean, any character turned into a child (by a god, no less) will only end badly, and then the most SUPER SECRET chapter trying to be the goodliest of the good to save the super-sue from the warp?

I mean, the term is thrown around like a cheap hooker in an army camp, but both reek of Mary Sue from 10 miles away.

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There's a difference between a troll and a retard.
And depending on how he/she plays the character it can be perfectly fine.

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I can't see why a Grey Knight going on a Paladin Quest and trying to find a way to save his Supreme Grand Master is a Mary Sue.

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Actually I just liked the idea of a child assassin who has to roll for boo-boos and while having the knowledge of his life, is 4 foot tall.

Also, Tzeentch sorcerers mess with people all the time. Hell, chaos lords and leaders pull curses on niggers all the time

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Of course they are mary-sues but I just ignored it. If somebody in the internet tells you that your character consept is retarded, it's not the same as being told the same by a GM in person

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Summer's here, bro.

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Yeah im sure all GK want to save Draigo

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Benefit of doubt. The pitfalls of the hobby would be new to someone just starting out. God knows I want to keep my first character's backstory hidden from everyone I play with now.

Also, 40k kind of lends itself to over the top characters, if only so they can be crushed later.

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Dark Heresy: Daemon Hunter has stats for all the nemesis weapons

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I would disadvice ANY newbie (GM or player) from Deathwatch/Grey Knight shenanigans.

It's not that the game is very complex (most of it is pretty intuitive) but the sheer amount of stuff both PCs and NPCs have make it really hard to get a hang of it from the get-go

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what should I go for? Gamewise and character wise

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Whats a good game for heretics

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I wouldn't mind playing a game as a heretic.

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Black Crusade. It's all about Chaos, baby.

Dark Heresy has acolytes.
Rogue Trader has explorers.
Deathwatch has BATTLE BROTHERS!
Black Crusade has heretics.

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We could have 4 dudes, recent cultists who each align with one of 4 dark powers.

For some reason, the dark powers take an interest and start a betting game on who will be the most successful/last the longest while the cultists try and gain the most favour and beat their pals.

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Well... it depends on how much you want to stay in the 40k universe

If you absolutely must, Dark Heresy is the easiest one, not because of complexity (it's about on the level with the others, but the rules are a bit dated), but because it's not horribly bloated; in Deathwatch, for example, a creature will have a statblock that looks like pic related, and the characters are even more filled with stuff that you can't just tell what does.

If you're willing to try something else, THE best entry-point in my experience is Lady Blackbird

It's free, small, simple and, most importantly, you don't need any other preparation than printing it out and giving it a once-over.

So yeah, it depends. I started with Dark Heresy, and looking back on it it wasn't an ideal entry-point either

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Sounds great actually.

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Heretics game would be hilarious, trolling commissars, making fun of loyalists. Being abdominal and doing terrible things, but at the same time, being really chilled and relaxed about it. It'd be like Friends except everyones joke is killing loyalist scum

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forgot the damn picture

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>Black Crusade. It's all about Chaos, baby.

Too bad the alligment mechanics suck. I get that they were afraid of taking ideas from Poison'd, but alligning to diety not by actions but by purchasing skills is atrocious. You can never be tough Slaneeshi axeman or charirsmatic plaguepriest of Nurgle.

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>Being abdominal

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...I collect Grey Knights and Darks Eldar and play tabletop, this doesnt look that bad.

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sorry im studying for an anatomy practical exam off to the side

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I think heretics would definitely be laid back. Non of this lolserious stuff, chaos is all about being chill imo

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Then you're jaded, and you could probably begin with DW just fine.

There's a lot of things in that game that's junk, as well as a bunch of things that are crazy awesome.

My biggest beef is the stupid amount of time spent on combat at high-ranks. Hell, in my game at the last session (which ended right before ascenscion, with a TPK) it got near 3.5 levels, it was insane.

I really dug the compact system though

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...I wonder what space marines do in their spare time

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Pretty sure spacemarines, fight, fight, shit, fight

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Here we go again...

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Is there any fluff for SM downtime

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There's the "daily schedule for a marine" thing. 4 hours of sleep, fighting, eating, and classes about threats. It's basically real life boot camp, but for life.

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space marine codex from 3rd edition

they have fifteen minutes of free time on the average day. How they spend that time is up to the marine, be it "tuning his weapons", "contemplating the weight of his duty to the emperor" or simply "doing more training because you can never have enough"

And even though it's the codex-standard, many chapter masters don't even allow those fifteen minutes

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any long term service leave to go fuck some whores

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Like said, 15 minutes downtime by 3ed fluff.

What they do during that time?

Well, there's the usual and then the /tg/ fluff.

I don't know much about the usual.

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Officially lights out at 2000, lights at 0400, for a total of eight hours.


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Yeah, I dunno what's in the peanut butter shot, but it doesn't give the "don't need to sleep" organ.

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the rewards for long term service are hammering a metal stud in your forehead every 100 years

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I assume you meant "24 hours".

>> No.19250561

Pretty sure he meant 4 hours of sleep, then described the rest of their day, and called it "bootcamp, but for life"

And it was fairly accurate. I am just sayin'... we "officially get 8 hours of sleep"

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And after 400 years you too can sound like this glorious man.



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He sounds so much cooler with the helmet on

All marines do. Dat vox distortion.

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Also I can't imagine Spess Mehreens getting smoked/dropped.

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>can't imagine space marines getting smoked/dropped

Where is that comic... "describe the function of Lyman's Ear"...

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I think it was taken a little too far in Retribution.

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I've got it, hold on..

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Nah, what they did in ret was use AWFULLY casted voice actors for the "main" enemies

Why did the scout have a deeper voice than the marine? Why? Why do the DoW1 Marines sound infinitely better?

Hmm.. I can't seem to find it.

This vexes me greatly.

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>Nah, what they did in ret was use AWFULLY casted voice actors for the "main" enemies
Although I really did love Kyras.

>> No.19250753

Angelos overshadowed him

I'm still angry we never got to have him as a (controllable) protagonist in Dawn of War 2. Ret would have been the perfect place for it, too

>and no the last mission of 2 doesn't count, even though it was super cool

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>I'd like to play as a Culexus assassin thats been turned into a child by Tzeentch.

This is your fetish, isn't it?

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>Why did the scout have a deeper voice than the marine?
That did make me lol. Though Sergeant Lysandros was actually played by Paul Dobson (Gabriel Angelos, Sturnn, DC Eliphas, Chaos Space Marines etc.), in a voice that's closer to his own. It's funny when novels and such describe Marine voices as megadeep, then you play the games and hear guys like Thaddeus.

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Well, he was the youngest of the group by at least a hundred years or so.

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"It must be... magnificent. To see a planet writhe and scream. To feel it convulse beneath your own feet... witness it dying with living eyes. Such marvelous spectacle... the skulls... it is my gift. In time, perhaps I may share this gift with every last living soul in the galaxy. Until then... hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

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I wish you played as him during the Chaos campaign.

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Since we're going onto DoW.
Did anyone find that the Eldar campaign's hero units were really overpowered?
I mean The autarch was practically with the right equipment.
And the Warlock could destroy nearly any unit so easily it made me cry.

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#darkheresyooc on suptg. If you have irc, the server is irc.thisisnotatrueending.com.

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Not him.
But I'm a IRC newfag.
May I ask for help?

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