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I rise from my bed, stretching. A little sore, I dress and step into the kitchen to find the Servants cooking. I smell, and hear, a deep fryer cooking vegetables, as well as the scent of recently cut cheeses. The room hisses and pops quietly.

"You missed a report from an agent this morning." Archer says, serving me. "Caster is starting to make his move. Rider and Saber fought hard, but were forced to retreat."

"From what?"

"Demons. Brimstone smelling, horned, red-skinned, pitchfork weilding demons."

I nearly choke on my food.
"H-how many!?"

"According to your agent? 'Beyond count'. But we did receive some intelligence on Saber. He seems quite capable at throwing things, and his swordplay seemed, to him, a bit underwhelming for a legendary figure." he says. "I think he was forced into a secondary role, my lady. This bodes well."

"It does?"

"Yes. It means that he is, ah..."

[It means my Noble Phantasm may be excellent against him, if we slay Rider.]

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>Shitloads of Demons
>Saber throwing things

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The priority should be to take out the demons, primarily Berserker.

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Wait, isn't Finn the one who owns Calabolg? Am I thinking of someone else?

>> No.19239236

No, Caladbolg is Fergus mac Roich. Same mythology, different guy.

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Yeah, we should use Rider and Saber to help take them out.

>> No.19239253

I don't want to kill Rider until at least we finish Berserker off. I don't want that THING winning the war.

>> No.19239263

What was Saber throwing?

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Wrong legend.


Saber sounds a lot like Fionn mac Cumhaill, based on the "underwhelming swordplay" and "throwing things."

Anyone have any ideas about Caster?

Also, it's good to see you again, Eliza. I was wondering when you would call upon us again.

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Caster sounds like Solomon, all those Demons and stuff.

>> No.19239315

He might be. Or he could just be playing us.

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It might be Solomon, in which case we should go for him after berserker's gone. I don't relish going one on one with that man, because it won't be.

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It could still be Faust. But if it IS Solomon, then it wouldn't suprise me that since he's basically the root of all Demon Summoning that he wouldn't have a Gilgamesh style ability to summon and Demon ever summoned by anybody ever.
This would be bad, as amongst other things it's a way of getting around the no Gods or divinity level entities rule.

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>Demon ever summoned by anybody ever.

I can thing of many horrible things that can happen.

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"What was Saber tossing at the demons, exactly?"

"Cars." he says casually. "Is there not a joke about this city...?"

"There's never parking in Seattle." I reply dryly. "Well, there may be some now. In any case, the Church may intervene now. Whether that is a good or a bad sign remains to be seen."

"I see. How should we move forth?"

"Our primary target should be Caster or Berserker. We need that white ash, and Caster might just drown us in numbers. Rider might be up for temporary alliance." I offer.

"Might be." Archer adds. "Or we could use this moment to take out Saber. We might not be able to catch him between a rock and a hard place like this again - and fighting him on even ground is not something I'd like to contemplate."

>Also, it's good to see you again, Eliza. I was wondering when you would call upon us again.

Please, spare me. It's only been one night - one you were privy to, despite my attempts at warding. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

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Solomon would be a bitch to take down. We'd need to call in air support on the bastard. Or get Shagnasty to fight him somehow...

>> No.19239365

Yeah. We need to get Rider on our side. Once Berserker and Caster are out, then we stab him in the back. Preferably the spinal column.

>> No.19239366

Oh but we did my dear.

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The other reason he's final boss tier is the Wisdom of Fucking Solomon, because of that I find it very unlikely that were ever going to be able to bushwack him, or that we can hope that he's going to do a Joeseph Curwen and summon something that's beyond his means that will screw him in the dealmaking phase.

Fuck, it wouldn't suprise me if it was Solomon that persuaded Shaggy to eat his own master.

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Hardly. Last night makes me think that perhaps these trysts with Lancer are clouding your judgement. That name slip was especially problematic.

>> No.19239399


What we need is one massive fucking Henderson to take down Shagnasty. The literal kind, with explosives and buildings.

But, more to the point, This is a near-perfect scenatio. All we need to do is decide who the priority target is, and ally with whoever's fighting him at the moment.

And Eliza, remember, time passes differently for us. One night for you can be many days to us.


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Saber can be saved for later. If we can take down Rider, then he should be easy if we get into range for King of Liars.

>> No.19239424

I still think we should get Odie to steal a battleship and pummel the piss out of Shagnasty.

>> No.19239437

Rider we can deal with because we know his weaknesses. Saber is an unknown, and so is Caster. Better the enemy you know, than the one you don't.

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LUK: F (Below human standard)

Skills -
Independent Action (EX) : Odysseus can function without mana from a Master

for as many as ten years before dispersing.

Tongue of the Cunning (B) : Odysseus's words ring true, regardless of

context. Anything he says is taken as the truth, unless evidence is brought

forth against it within a few minutes.

>Eye of the Mind (True) (B) : Heightened insight that was refined through experience.Capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament. So long there is even a 1% chance of a comeback, this ability greatly improves the chances of winning.

Bow of the Ox
Anti-Infantry Noble Phantasm
Rank B

A bow that only Odysseus can draw. The arrows go where he wills, and never lose kinetic energy. While only five arrows may be controlled at a time, he may loose more without controlling them.

Bag of the North Winds
Utility Noble Phantasm
Rank A

A bag full of storms and winds. When opened, unleashes a torrent of wind so great that it can dispel many weather, fire, and similar magics, as well as blow foes or allies away. Can be used many times, but is not very prana efficient.

King of Lies, Triumphant
Anti-infantry Noble Phantasm
Rank A (B)

A fighting style that cannot be emulated, reliant on deception and lies. The basics of it involve extreme close quarters, dirty fighting, and, somehow, remaining in the shifting blind spot of a foe at all times. Loses one rank for every person that knows of it, though this penalty is only applied after the use that reveals it.

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We know Sabers swordsmanship is sub-par for a Saber. We know Odie's is exemplary for an Archer. Rider has to die for Odie's noble phantasm to work.

This is all meaningless right now, however. We should focus on getting rid of the skin-changing demon first. That thing shouldn't win.

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Spirit: Atalanta
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Strength: C
Endurance: C
Agility: A
Mana: C
Luck: D

Crossing Arcadia: N/A
Can move while jumping over all kinds of obstacles on the field, including enemies. Is not inhibited by difficult terrain.

Aesthetics of the Last Spurt:
Can anticipate the enemy by letting him take the initiative and then confirming his actions. Increases basic stats as combat continues.

The Golden Apple:
Draws the enemy near by displaying a treasured item. While similar to a Noble Phantasm, it has no specific legend - thus, this Skill can be assumed to be similar to a bluffing skill, and the ability to percieve the same.

Noble Phantasms:

Spear of the Boar
Rank B

The spear that wounded the Boar of Calydonia. Can strike anything, despite Agility status or evasion skills, and wounds will always bleed.

Blistering Speed of the Huntress
Rank C

Atalanta's skill in footraces is legendary. When traveling in a straight line, she moves at a speed that is such that renders her invisible and 'unstrikable'.

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I think we should watch and wait for now. Saber and Caster are probably the most dangerous Servants right now, we wait for a chance when the face of directly, intervene and then off them both an the same time when they're distracted or weakened from the fight.

Fuck chivalry!

Also Rider's Master seems to be a Biker, I don't think that there are many Bikergangs in Seattle so it shouldn't be to hard to locate him. Set our Agants on him and try to find where he hangs out.

Send Big O out to keep an eye on caster/saber/demons, if they clash again, we want to know it.

>> No.19239478


Goddammit EGO

Atalanta's Lancer

>> No.19239480

I think that would just irritate the skinwalker

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>> No.19239499


Besides, Servants aren't immune to normal weaponry, its just hard to hit them due to them being stupid fast at times.

>> No.19239500

Oh boy, here we go...

>> No.19239503


Pretty sure Saber is Fionn, mate.

Eliza, I suspect that Saber is Fionn mac Cumhaill. Based on the shitty swordplay and penchant for car-chucking.

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>> No.19239538

I don't get it. Why doesn't it respond to shagnasty like it does skinwalker?

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>> No.19239547

You fuck, you're doing it on purpose.

>> No.19239551

Whelp game over.

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>> No.19239564


"Archer. Take David and get to the island." I say, acting quickly. "Make certain he is safe. Lancer, we need to move."

Lancer nods, throwing off her apron and summoning her armor, wide-headed spear in hand as I climb onto her back. Archer picks up David, who laughs, and we nod to one another.

Lancer leaps from the boat, and as soon as she touches water, blasts along it. So fast! So incredibly fast! I can't breathe, even as we approach the docks, she leaps up onto land.
"So what now?" I ask. "David is safe..."

She smiles. "I used the wood furnace." she says, holding up a marinara sauce jar full of ash.

And now I see the devastation wrought on the city. Cars slammed against the pavement emit columns of smog. Distant sirens wail constantly. There is no one in sight aside from a few scrambling police officers.

And the green-robed monster, dashing at us now with its claws unfurled, ready to strike.

>> No.19239583

Now you're doing it on purpose and it lost all the funny.

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>> No.19239598


... OK so are we gonna get a cameo from a Magus on a roadtrip at some point?

>> No.19239599

Cast a giant glob of Fuck you (Bad luck) at him and throw the Ash at him

>> No.19239607

Great! Stick your spear in there and hit him with an undodgeable attack. I want it's heart on a platter.

>> No.19239608


Eliza. Ash on the lance-head, arrows, and swords.


Atalanta, pull back far enough to hit him as hard as you can.

Odysseus, try to hold him in place with swordplay.

Eliza, Ash on your bullets and open fire.

>> No.19239609

Are you implying an Emiya cameo? Because this situation is certainly growing to something Counter Force would be summoned to.

>> No.19239620

Injun Joe, McCoy, or Dresden?

>> No.19239638


Would have to be Listens-To-Wind

>> No.19239644

You shouldn't fall in love with her, after all we all know how Lancers end up...

Also: Am I the only one who doesn't trust Atalanta? I mean.. For fuck's sake, one of her Skills is based on Deception and just because she is shagging our master.. no, probably BECAUSE she is shagging out master I think that something is off.
I'm not saying that we should attack her or something, just don't trust her.
After all she was the chosen one of Artemis, and we all know what a huge backstabbing bitch Artemis was.

>> No.19239658

Dresden did fight a Shagnasty though. He didn't win, but it was kinda close.

>> No.19239666

>that pic

>> No.19239670

It is unlikely that she will betray us. Archer has enough Independent action to last ten years. Plus we are giving her what she wants. David's safety. Betraying us would likely hurt David, as he has grown close to us. That's like half your family killing the other half. Not good for a kid's mental health.

>> No.19239671

Seriously, we met her twice and our master was already banging her. Our master, who was a 25 year old virgin. For basically no reason. We don't even know WHY she apparently has such a thing for Liz.

Something just might be fishy here.

>> No.19239678

I think she is just insuring there is someone to look after David. Atalanta has an extreme softspot for children according to her legend.

>> No.19239680


>> No.19239688

Actually, he lost fairly handily. At the end of the fight, Shangsty was mostly unharmed and Dresden was about to die.

>> No.19239701

I've gotta re-read Turn Coat then. I took it that Dresden was holding his own, but was slowly losing. Then Injun Joe shows up and kicks Shaggies ass.

>> No.19239713


It's irrelevant. We may be Bob, but Eliza ain't no Dresden.

>> No.19239719

That's basically what I'm saying, jep. Well.. Not that our Master isn't bangworth (Though she's flat as a board. Calling her "petite" I nearly choked on ma laughter ).

>Plus we are giving her what she wants. David's safety. Betraying us would likely hurt David, as he has grown close to us

Oh, I didn't say that she would betray us NOW. But as soon the bigger, more powerful threats are gone, we should watch our back.
I don't want to get gae' bolg'd.

>> No.19239721

"On your spear!" I call, leaping off and preparing a truly fantastic blast of Bat Luck. My scalp writhes as I summon the Prana from the area, and myself, watching him turn to face me. His claw rises, and then -

Out of nowhere, Atalanta slams into him, gouging a wide tear in the robe and the skin at his belly. Then she turns, and bodychecks him at full speed, sending both of them tumbling.

It's at this moment that I come to a realization.

Fearful Legend only works when he fights those that invoke it. Otherwise...

I watch as Atalanta slams his head with the shaft of her spear, roaring as a lion as he is backed away.

And then, I fire. And the monster grins, turning, stepping oddly.

The black miasma strikes at her, a shudder rippling through me as I notice the spear is now clean. A solid kick lands on her belly, sending her tumbling, and the ash bottle flies from her hand, shattering on the harsh pavement.

The monster laughs, stepping closer. His skin disguise seems to hang loose, revealing black fur beneath, and where his lips were torn, needle-like fangs. He reaches into his skin, pulling out a strange bauble - a glass and solder sculpture of a spider.

Fear paralyzes me, but I shake it - I only have moments to act!

>> No.19239748


Heh. This battle is ours.



>> No.19239750




>> No.19239766

>firing into melee


>> No.19239775

>implying it's not -3 to hit and if you miss by 3 or less, you hit an ally instead

>> No.19239776

You know what would be bad luck for him? If the wind picked up and blew that ash in his damn face.

Could we make that happen?

>> No.19239780

Listen to this one of us Liz. He almost seems to have first hand experience with Shaggies.

>> No.19239792

Odie could do it. Mind you, it would drain prana like a bitch.

>> No.19239794

is... that Halo's missile launcher?

>> No.19239796

- Put Ash on ourselves.
- Tackle him now.

He will not expect that, the motherfucker!

>> No.19239799


This is good, too. Eliza, if you haven't already released that spell, blow the ash in his face, as well as going for the skin

>> No.19239806

Nah. No front grip, or rotation engine. Or opening hatch.

>> No.19239807

Halo's missile launcher has 3 tubes, so no.

>> No.19239814

>3 tubes
Uh... No. It has two.

>> No.19239823

I must have confused it with another game's missisle lawnchair then, my mistake.

>> No.19239824

it has 2.

It looks similar, but more like a slimmed down version with no rotator

>> No.19239860

On this topic, do we have access to any anti-tank weapons?

>> No.19239886 [DELETED] 

(( www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwkMgYZ8crQ ))


"Get off him you mangy motherfucker!" I roar, grasping the ash that I can, ignoring the pain as the glass cuts into me. I leap onto his back, shoving my ashen fist into his maw. "Eat it, you son of a bitch! Eat it!"

Releasing the ash onto his tongue, I feel his claws slice into my legs, but I don't care. This monster needs to die! I pull out my gun, chambering the round by pulling the slide with my teeth as I push the weapon into his mouth.

The trigger pulls. His grip tightens. My free hand grasps the cold skin disguise. Come on. COME ON!

The bullet fires, and the monster roars while hurling me aside - I pull away his mask.

It's like a hound. A dog. A menagerie of canid and vulpine features, black feathers mixing into dark fur, a huge wound torn into his cheek and the side of his head. He's not dead, but Atalanta has escaped.

He turns to me, and the feeling from Frightful Legend fills me again as he stares at me with red eyes. My left hand won't move, it hurts too much. My right leg screams in pain and bleeds openly.

>> No.19239898

(( www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwkMgYZ8crQ ))


"Get off her you mangy motherfucker!" I roar, grasping the ash that I can, ignoring the pain as the glass cuts into me. I leap onto his back, shoving my ashen fist into his maw. "Eat it, you son of a bitch! Eat it!"

Releasing the ash onto his tongue, I feel his claws slice into my legs, but I don't care. This monster needs to die! I pull out my gun, chambering the round by pulling the slide with my teeth as I push the weapon into his mouth.

The trigger pulls. His grip tightens. My free hand grasps the cold skin disguise. Come on. COME ON!

The bullet fires, and the monster roars while hurling me aside - I pull away his mask.

It's like a hound. A dog. A menagerie of canid and vulpine features, black feathers mixing into dark fur, a huge wound torn into his cheek and the side of his head. He's not dead, but Atalanta has escaped.

He turns to me, and the feeling from Frightful Legend fills me again as he stares at me with red eyes. My left hand won't move, it hurts too much. My right leg screams in pain and bleeds openly.

>> No.19239900 [DELETED] 


>> No.19239914



*Guitar solo*

>> No.19239916


>> No.19239919

Keep firing!

Also Call Odie, with a CS if need be

>> No.19239939

Big O, fill this fucker with arrows.

Where did Lancer go, we kind of need her on this one.

Shoot him will bullets, all of the bullets. Aim for his ash coated mouth.

>> No.19239979


>> No.19240010

Check if Atalanta is somewhere close by, if not, it's time to use a command spell to summon Ody.

>> No.19240015

>Taking our eyes off of Shagnasty
Bad idea. We want this fucker dead. Lancer is probably preparing one hell of a charge.

>> No.19240018

I only have one hand to fire with.

I can't steady my shots. So I fire as best I can, one after another. He jerks away from each blow, beads of blood appearing from minor wounds that seal themselves - but I do open another wound on his other side, causing him to scream in pain, and begind to rush me.

"Servant of the Bow. Aid me!"

He appears, his fist rising and slamming into what is left of the monster's jaw - And his blade is next, severing it.

A series of body blows, and he's pushing away the monster from me. Atalanta arrives beside me, looking worried, concerned as the beast roars in indignation, then dives into the waters of the bay.
"Are you okay?" Lancer asks softly, kneeling beside me.

>> No.19240035

I'm fine, do not let Shagnasty get away. FINISH HIM OFF. Follow him. Do not let him escape or live through this.

To Archer mentally (If necessary use your boat, but if you can catch him with just arrows and movement do so.)

>> No.19240036

Crap. He got away. Yeah, as long as we didn't get an artery cut open, we should be fine. We're out of the fight for a while though.

>> No.19240061


>> No.19240064

Nevermind us. Check if Lancer is still under the feect of our Unluck-Spell and reverse it. We don't want some Anvil falling out of the sky on her AND us.

Then tell the Servants to finish IT off and make sure he is dead.

>> No.19240075

I think we should let him go. It'll take time for him to heal. But if we can finish him off...
Yeah. This bastard needs to die. Let's make this fucker breath his last abominable breath.

>> No.19240085

I'm not sure if we should use Prince of Lies, Atalanta might have seen it right now but I'm not sure of that. If he can finish it off by spamming arrows using Bow of the Ox so much the better.

>> No.19240098

No, not prince of lies, BOAT!

>> No.19240113

I am perfectly cool with using boat if it looks like Shagnasty will get away if we don't. It may reveal Big O a bit much, but Atalanta was going to find out sooner or later.

>> No.19240130

Like A Boss time to kill Shaggie?

>> No.19240141


>> No.19240166

All in favor then of running Shaggie down in the boat then ripping his heart out while he begs for mercy?

>> No.19240178

[Archer! Your boat! Is it indestructable?]

[Yes. Completely.]

[Good. Summon it on my command. You'll know where. From there, it should be obvious what is necessary.]

"SKINWALKER!" I roar, and the creature leaps from the water again.


The boat simply appears, huge and shining, to slam atop the beast, which screams in pain. It's as I thought. The former immunity is weakening. The Fearful legend is little else than a paranoid fear response. Odysseus unsheathes his weapon and approaches it, but Atalanta stops him with a word.

"Give me at least this, King of Lies." she says, smiling as she licks her spear, rolling it in the ashes I could not gather. She holds it aloft, and invokes its name - something I fail to comprehend - and sets it.

She slams the spear into the creature. I know this because I watch it erupt from its maw. The boat vanishes, and she laughs wickedly as she tosses the body from the spear where it was impaled. It fades into nothing.

"That. Was for Eliza." She says. "The location was for me."

>> No.19240190


YES! I got off work early for Memorial Day weekend & can't believe I made this quest!!!

>> No.19240193


I agree with the other guys. Reality marble-time.

>> No.19240213

Thank you m'dears, nicely done. Now if both of you forgive me I'm going to pass out and take a short nap. I think we got him this time.

>> No.19240223

You do know how to pick'em Master.
Sorry about that joke.
Looks like you are going to need some healing, only three targets left. Let's take out Caster first. Summoning an army of demons is not a good thing for us. But first, we need to ally with Rider or Saber. We'll need the firepower.

>> No.19240229

Fuck me. We really just pulled a Zelretch with a boat.

>> No.19240247

We don't have one. Odie and Atalantia don't either. Oh, and Atalantia knows who Odie is now. Just a heads up Liz.

>> No.19240249

We literally Dropped a boat on his ass.

>> No.19240268

Yeah, it's kind of all out in the open at this point.

Though I think Big O arrived, kicked the Shagnasty in the face, then Atalanta came back and it dove in. She might not have seen KoL:T, not sure on that count though.

>> No.19240281

We should ask Odie about whether or not he used King of Lies Triumphant.

>> No.19240283

Or she already knew and hid it from us.
I mean, I wouldn't associate summoning and dropping a boat on someone with Odysseuss.

>> No.19240295


Well DONE, Eliza!

So, Since everyone seems to know who everyone is, this strikes me as a good time to ask Atalanta a bit more about her capabilities and skills.

Also, let's go back to that yacht we "borrowed." If we stay on the water, it'll be that much harder for anyone to attack us.

>> No.19240296


How badly is Mistress Liz injured?? That was pretty reckless but effective nonetheless.

Food for thought: more fanservice = more faithful service from your familiar.

>> No.19240322

I love it when a plan comes together

>> No.19240333

Fool! What we need right now is more drama! There is clearly not enough misery to go full-nasu in this HGW.

>> No.19240342

I don't see how this is /tg/-related, at all. "Hurr it's a quest thread" doesn't make things /tg/-related. This is completely /a/.

>> No.19240344


Plan? I thought we were making this up as we go, like Indiana Jones.

>> No.19240365

So to sum up the grail war currently:
We have two servants on our side.
Assassin and Berserker are out of the picture.
We know for sure the identities of three of the remaining five servants: Rider (El Cid), Archer(Odysseus), and Lancer(Atalanta).
We suspect that Saber is Finn Mac Cool, and Caster is Solomon.
Right now, we have the momentum. An alliance with Rider and his master is the best choice at this point. We take out Caster, then Saber, then Rider as a double cross. Bam. We just won. All in favor of this plan?

>> No.19240366

Shhhh! Don't tell that to Eliza, you idiot! We are a wise and almighty familiar and all went just as planned.

>> No.19240377

Trust me, it's more /tg/ related than MSQ.
So fuck off.

>> No.19240380


I wouldn't spill the beans like that. Just ignore my last post, Eliza.

>> No.19240387

It's a pretty recognizable ship. Though she might have started to put the pieces together this really cemented it.

So all of our little gang knows who is who.

Also we will probably want Rider for Caster, first it gives him a good chance of dying which is nice, second we are severely lacking in anti-army phantasms and aren't personally equipped for that type of fight, Rider has an army and could be very useful for this.

>> No.19240400

That still leaves Saber. But a good King of Lies Triumphant should take him out.

>> No.19240402


That has merit. Remember one thing about the Caster class: they're powerful mages but soft & squishy, generally the weakest at actual combat.

>> No.19240421

Well, that's why you try and geek the mage first.

>> No.19240436

>implying I give a shit what the single sage in my thread thinks

>Damage report:

My leg is bleeding, and I don't think I can move it. I think he hamstrung me. And my hand is a mess.

"The boat. We need to get back to the boat. Plan."

Archer nods, creating the boat again, this time on the water. We all get in, Archer carrying me.

"Do you have spare pants?" Atalanta asks.


"Good." she says, before gripping the bottom of my injured leg's pant leg, and tearing it open cleanly.

Archer just whistles to himself as Lancer mutters and dresses the wound efficiently. "Hand." she adds, then cleans that wound. "You should not have done that. You should have let me die there, summoned Archer. That would have been safer.

I frown.

"She's right. This is your fight, but you must understand where your part is. Lest you be left wearing half your pants and bleeding into the bay. Black's a terrible color for you, by the way." he adds.

"I... I need strong allies." I say. "If I'm gonna last to the end, I need allies and people I can trust."

Archer barks a laugh.

"You know as well as I do how silly that last statement is."

"In any case, I need to recover quickly. There's a lot more to do today."

"I think you should rest. We've defeated Berserker, after all." Lancer states.

>> No.19240438

>Right now, we have the momentum. An alliance with Rider and his master is the best choice at this point. We take out Caster, then Saber, then Rider as a double cross. Bam. We just won. All in favor of this plan?

No. Now we heal up and regenerate our MP. Aftert hat we set out Agents on the Bikerguys who's the Master of Rider, he's in Bikergang or even the head of a Bikergang, and probably not a full magus. Locate his hidout.

Meanwhile send out Ody to spy on Saber/Caster/Demons and wait until they clash again. They are the biggest threat to us. My idea would be, that we wait until they clash again, wait until there is a winner and then finish then off when they're weakened after the fight.
Rider is an old-school Chevalier, he won't attack us when there are demons skulking around. Also, there is probably something going on between the church and the Einzberns.

>> No.19240470

Exactly, but we can't engage him in an actual fight when he has a horde of demons in the way.

We throw Rider and his biker gang against the demons, and buy us time to shove half a dozen arrows and a spear into Caster's fucking face.

This of course happens after more info gathering and some time to rest and recuperate. If we do it right we might be able to force Rider and Caster to fight without even having to make an alliance.

>> No.19240473

Fine. But still, we need to keep up the offensive after we recover. It's better to get Rider on our side NOW than later. We just killed Berserker. He won't argue with us when we say that Caster is the biggest threat we're facing. A temporary alliance with him is our best bet at ending this war quickly.

>> No.19240476


Seconding the need to heal. It could've been a lot worse but Eliza is hurt pretty bad.

>> No.19240515

Rest sounds good. We should get back to a safe location ASAP and dismiss the boat, no need for everyone to see it close up.

>> No.19240531

>Black's a terrible color for you, by the way

Liz wears black underwear?

But yes, we should rest for the time being. The war has only just begun and we have taken out 2 servants.

>> No.19240534

Alright then.
Seems the plan is first we heal up. If we're lucky, Caster's gonna take one of the other servants with him before going down himself. However, if that doesn't occur, we need an alliance with Rider to take down Caster and maybe Saber. Then, we take out Rider. That gives us the grail if David backs out and Atalanta contracts with us. Bam. War won in under a week.

>> No.19240544

>"You know as well as I do how silly that last statement is."

While he is right, at least my suggestion of tackling him wasn't out of sympathy for Lancer. I hoped that it would give Atalanta time to recuperate and that we wouldn't have to waste a CS on this.
Having two Servants is also better than having one servant.

>"She's right. This is your fight, but you must understand where your part is

We know where our part is. The decision was made out of pure calculation. You should tell him that, Eliza.

>> No.19240592


I like both of these. We've made excellent progress so far but Eliza is seriously hurt. Maybe use a couple of our agents to contact Rider's master & see if he's open to an alliance against Caster as well as Saber.

Eliza needs to rest & heal those wounds. With her leg messed up, I doubt she can even stand unassisted, much less walk.

>> No.19240621

I chose black today. I don't really have a favorite. Anyway!

"I made that decision to get involved out of calculation. It just didn't go as planned."

"... I understand." Archer says. He picks me up and leaps from the boat to the yacht, and Lancer follows. "Any orders while you rest?"

"Contact my agents. Tell them to search out the base of Rider's Master. You should keep an eye on the battle that is ongoing between Saber and Caster. Avoid conflict unless a certain kill is clear."

"My lady."

"And David?"

"Is safe. I'll fetch him before heading out."

I'm lead back to my room and laid down, Lancer sitting on the bed beside me, seemingly in deep thought.

>> No.19240675

>Maybe use a couple of our agents to contact Rider's master & see if he's open to an alliance against Caster as well as Saber.

Rider's master has shown us that he is pretty untrustworthy. No alliances with him. He obviously either cares deeply for his gang, sicne he went heads of heels for Assassins Master, or is a very prideful person.
My idea was more along the way of: "Find out his location and his standing in his gang" and then threaten him out of the HGW or we'll slowly kill and crush every person he ever cared about ever.

>> No.19240718

So we all know who the others are in our little group and either know or have damn good ideas about the identities of the rest.

In case you were wondering it wasn't that hard to work you out, take a huntress, who cooks a dish with golden apples, uses a spear and can't lose in a straight footrace and it all kind of falls into place.

As I said earlier I'm not planning on betraying you or David, we'll deal with that problem once we no longer have Caster and Saber breathing down our necks. Honestly I'll probably wait until Rider is gone as well. Once it's you and Archer then we'll have to talk. I'd have to be a bit of an idiot to not take advantage of having two servants available to me.

>> No.19240816

Threatening his gang sounds like a bad idea.

>> No.19240881


Seconding this. Offering him an alliance is a good idea but threatening his gang is not. We know Rider's master will try to backstab us again but he's useful & with luck he gets killed off by Caster or Saber.

>> No.19240897

We do really want Rider against Caster.

The best we can get is Rider and Caster duking it out, preferably without them knowing that we caused that.

Maybe a kidnapping on the sly and an anonymous tip that Caster did it, people are really likely to believe that Caster is the one who kidnaps and sacrifices people. Or just getting them in the same place at the same time, watching the fireworks and once they've exhausted themselves and their forces Lancer and Archer go in for the kill on the remaining one.

Second best is forming an alliance with Rider or one or both of them knowing we brought them into conflict.

If nothing else works we could threaten the gang but I'd rather not.

>> No.19240986

Rider against Caster without us having to do anything is the best case scenario. Thus, it likely won't happen. But if it does, we may be down to just one enemy.

>> No.19240996

I reach out to take her hand - foolishly with my bad one.

"Are you alright?"

"I... I'm fine." she says quietly. "I'm just..." she sighs. "Every servant we kill is another step towards me leaving." she says quietly. "Leaving David, and leaving you."

"Please. I'm not that important."

"But... you are. You've no idea how many times I've been through this rote. Masters like you are rare. Very rare. I only know of one, maybe two - and you're the first I've met."

"You're sounding like a bad romance novel. We've only... Us... It's not..."

"You don't want to believe in that sort of thing. Because it never turns out well."

I look away with a grunt.
"Any painkillers?" I ask. She nods and rises from the bed, walking away.

They're right. It was a stupid move. But I've never felt that... That emotional before. That fire. I've not felt such... things for anything in my life. Everything was a duty, or something that had to be done.

So what am i feeling, now?

...Doesn't matter. We need to ally with Rider if we've to stand any chance against Caster, or Saber. Phone, phone... It's not on the stand, buggery.

Lancer returns with the pills, handing me the phone.
"It was in the kitchen." she says. "I thought you might want it."

And then it rings in my hand.

>> No.19241019

Oh boy, here we go. When has the phone ringing for us ever been a good thing?

>> No.19241029

Answer the phone, don't say anything immediately.

If it's one of our agents they'll give us info and don't expect a response. If it isn't then we let them spill their hand before we do.

>> No.19241047


I agree with you.


This. Or just say, "Yeah..?"

>> No.19241048


Why Rider? We don't care about Rider. Rider is weaksauce and even Lancer could kill him probably. His master is probably not a full-fledged mage either. FUCK RIDER.

Biggest Threats are Saber and Caster.

>> No.19241074

There are two reasons. First he knows about KoL:T, second because of him having an army of his own he is more effective against Caster, and his hordes of demons, than either Archer or Lancer would be.

If we can get Rider and Caster to fight we either get KoL:T back up to A rank, kill Caster or both.

>> No.19241075


We know that. What we're saying is: Rider vs. Caster, then Odie & Attie mop up the survivor while he's weakened from the fight.

Divide and conquer, anon.

>> No.19241078

Because Rider is EL CID. Rider is one fucking powerful hero. He possesses one hell of a master, even if the master isn't a full scale magus. His master got his hands on conceptual weapons. Whatever happens, he's a threat. One we can use to our advantage by allying with him, if only temporarily.

>> No.19241083

>And then it rings in my hand.
I'm betting Sakura's purity that it's the church.

>> No.19241103


Way too late for that. The worms popped that a long time ago, before Sakura ever had those stonking great tits.

>> No.19241126

You can't make a bet using something that doesn't exist. That'd be like betting pocket lint.

I'm standing by my explanation that Rider's men having conceptual weapons is due to Rider. Something about the men of what he considers to be his army being granted enhanced stats and E rank Noble Phantasms/Conceptual Weapons. El Cid was first and foremost a military leader.

I really don't think that a Biker found a giant cache of magic biker weapons.

Ok guys I've got an idea. We get Caster and Rider into battle with each other, then in the middle we kill Rider. El Cid is famous for leading his men from beyond death for one last charge, I'm willing to bet if we kill him right then, a pile of bad luck and half a dozen arrows dropping from out of the sky being shot from half a mile away by Archer, his men will just swarm all over Caster's demons and we mop it up afterwards.

>> No.19241148

Either way, it makes him one hell of a threat. Giving other people noble phantasms? That isn't good for us. So the weaker we make him, the better off we are in the long run. Pointing him at Caster does that very well.

>> No.19241215

He's dangerous, I think Archer and Lancer could still take him, it'd be tough but they could.

But we don't have the capabilities to take out Caster is so nice a fashion, we don't know everything Caster is capable of and it's likely to be much more esoteric than Rider. We point them at each other and we'll either have dealt with someone we would have serious trouble with, or gotten KoL:T back to A and learning a lot about Caster's capabilities. Honestly given that El Cid has the leading his men from beyond death legend behind him, I wouldn't be surprised if we got a double KO. I love double kills.

>> No.19241242

Doublekill is the best case. Rider just getting eaten by demons is the worst case. It's still better for us that he attacks Caster though, like you said. Either we learn about or opponent, or don't have to deal with one of them either way. Win win..

>> No.19241245

I answer, but I don't say anything.

"Go back to the island." says an anonymized voice. "If you want to win this war, a secret there will be necessary."

"... Who is this? How can I know if I can trust you?"

"... Call me the man of swords, for now. Just get to that island."

He hangs up. Weird...

"Strange call. Urging me to return to the island where I set up a base." I tell Lancer. I'm not sure I understand. She shrugs.

"I think you should rest, for now. Leave the information gathering to your agents and Archer. You can sit here and plan and heal."

I nod as she gently pushes me back, unfastening my shirt. Who the hell was that on the phone?

>> No.19241259

>Man of swords


>> No.19241282

There's the Cameo. Looks like we should follow his advice. Better than nothing.

>> No.19241294

Get to the island! Men made of swords fight for Justice!

>> No.19241307


Or it could be Saber leading us into the most obvious trap of all time. Or to challenge us to an honorable duel, only for the Master to probably burn a Command Spell to make sure we end up dead. Going after him would be beyond foolish without some proper precautions.

Now go make Uncle some coffee.

>> No.19241312

I'll rest tonight Lancer, tomorrow morning I'll check it out with you and Archer, could be a trap but it could be a boon in waiting. Not sure yet.

And I have been planning, we do this next thing right and get the details hammered out we can make life much easier for ourself.

Additional note for the plan to get Caster and Rider at each other, if we say kidnap one of Rider's men or family then have Big O call and say Caster did it and was planning on sacrificing him, he'll believe Big O and assault Caster. We can play him like a fiddle.

>> No.19241318

Forgot my picture.

>> No.19241346

>Using a phone
I don't think so boss. First off, why US? It would be better to call Caster's master if it was a trap.

>> No.19241377

We are the only person who seem to value life? Emiya isn't know for his reasons

>> No.19241403


Since we already established that Atlanta kind of sucks as our bodyguard, teach her how to use a mobile phone and then send her instead to go and keep an eye on Caster/Saber/Demons.

Eliza, Archer and the Boy will investigate the island. If something goers wrong, we have Archer. If something goes even more wrong, we will tell the boy to use a command seal to summon Lancer. I do think, though, that we shouldn't miss our chance when it comes to a showdown between Saber & Caster.

>> No.19241404

Then yeah, it's likely Emiya. He must be pissed that another Grail War is going down.

>> No.19241422


I'm thinking the same thing, but how do we get there? I doubt Eliza's healed enough to stand or walk. I guess Atalanta or Odie carries her.

>> No.19241443

Crutches then?
Or we could have Odie carry us, with David on his back.
And if it is Emiya, we'll likely end up with one hell of an ally. Or one scary as fuck enemy.

>> No.19241501


>Lizzie riding piggyback on Odie or Atalanta

All of my HNNNG....!!

>> No.19241547

Archer will have to carry Eliza. Also bring the Kid along for his onw safety and just in case so we can summon Lancer if something goes wrong.

>> No.19241592

"I need to get to that island." I say to Lancer.

"Sorry. You're not going much of anywhere at the moment." she says, finger idly sliding along my belly. "Come on, let's get you under the covers."


"You'll have time. Don't worry, I've a plan."


She nods.
"I'll have David use his magic to accelerate your healing."

"Isn't that dangerous?"

"A... bit. But he's confident it'll work out." she says. "And then, we can go to that island with Archer. What did you find there the first time, anyway?"

"Something dark. Sinister. It's hard to explain, exactly. I need to..." I try to get up, then wince.

"I could carry you. But I'm not about to redress you until you're healed."
I look down at my lingerie and nothing else, letting out a sigh.

I could insist on going now, I suppose.

>> No.19241617

Well, we could go now. After we get a coat and some damn clothes on. The lesbian antics can wait for the moment. It pains me to say that, but that's how important this could be.

>> No.19241648

At least give me a robe or a nice coat. We're going to go check it out, it looks like it'll be really important and I'm not adverse to you carrying me. We'll have Archer on standby if we need evac.

>> No.19241649

What if its Gilgamesh?

>> No.19241653

He's dead Jim.

>> No.19241721


Find out how long David's healing acceleration magic will take to work. Then we can go back to the island as planned.

If it is a trap, we want Archer focused on fighting, not worrying about Eliza's safety.

>> No.19241772

Yeah, no. We'll have to do it first hing tomorrow. Showing up before a potential friend or foe in lingerie is a No-no.

We probably should talk with Ody since we have to stay in bed anyway. In private. We need to talk about what he intends to do with the grail, what his wish is. It would kind of help us to deal with Atalanta later, but don't tell him that of course.

That reminds me, what was our own wish again?

>> No.19241826

We really don't have one. We joined it due to family obligation and are planning on winning, but we have no idea what we're going to do when we win.

>> No.19241894

Well, It might be for Atalanta to stick around so that David can have a family now.

>> No.19241911

David, the boy with two mommies. One is an alcoholic and the other is a catgirl.

>> No.19241916

Yeah, we're probably going to spend our wish on keeping Atalanta with us and David. Also making sure Ody doesn't leave, he has 10 fucking years of IA without the grail involved, we ought to be able to extend that.

We're going full Nasu for our ending aren't we?

>> No.19241942

That we are. That we fucking are.

>> No.19241955


Sounds like a plan to me.

>> No.19241963

"...Fine. Get David to do it." I manage. "If you're going to insist on this..."

"Good. I had a feeling you'd listen to reason~." she says, throwing the covers over me after kissing my neck once. Nnngh... I get the feeling she's toying with me.

The boy enters, and walks to my side, his hands gently touching the blanket.

His eyes close and.

Pain. Horrible, searing pain. I can't even cry out, my vocal cords clamping shut at the agony. Oh god, oh god, why!?

"David, David, stop!" I hear on the edge of my perception.

"Oh no! Lady, lady, are you okay?!" David asks. I manage a stiff nod as he's told to turn away and the covers are thrown aside.

... It worked. At least, on my leg. There's scar tissue, more than from normal healing, but...

"Incredible." I manage. For someone so young to manage results like this... I try to move my leg and I wince a little. "A cane..." I mutter. I keep one on hand, excessive magic use often makes nerves unresponsive for short times so it's a good idea for any magic user. "And clothes. We're leaving now."

It doesn't take long for everyone to get assembled and dressed. Archer expresses worry, but he saw Saber, Caster, and Rider elsewhere, so he's at least sure that at worst it's a Master.

We stand at the shore.

>> No.19241982


THIS! This is our wish. Keep Odie & Atalanta in this world. Them + Lizzie + David = one big happy family.

>> No.19241985

Liz, let's try not to piss "The Man of Swords" off. It kinda sounds like a bad idea.

>> No.19241990


Do I have to remind you guys that for going full-nasu the suffering has to reach critical mass first? Only after that can get a good ending. Or something like that. Most endings leave a bitter aftertaste in my mouth anyway.

>> No.19241999

Archer, scout out ahead of us, make sure nothing is strange. Move out with Lancer and David, stay close to them and be very cautious. Don't go anywhere that hasn't been vetted by Archer first.

>> No.19242009

Find the sworded man!

>> No.19242019


Of course. Halfway through HF I was getting downright depressed but at the end I said, "Best route hands down!"

The best happy endings are the ones you EARN.

>> No.19242038

Actually my Idea was to especially piss him off. Calling out here, silly name, not telling us anything.

>> No.19242043


Stay alert. There's no telling who or what awaits us. We've already survived one deathmatch today, and that was because we were prepared. Let's not get complacent yet.

Also, While we're waiting, I want some more detail on Atalanta's abilities. Let's ask her what she's capable of, so that we can more effectively utilize her in battle.

Finally, reassure her that the end of the Grail War is not necessarily the end for her. Maybe, just maybe, it's only the beginning.

>> No.19242081

Which is EXACTLY why we shouldn't piss him off.
Anyone that actually goes by a silly name is either an idiot who we can exploit, or someone with enough badass exploits to back up his claims and make people forget the silly name.

>> No.19242110

Or in Shirou's case, both. An idiot who is very good at what he does, and what he does is make swords.

>> No.19242147

As we walk, I ask Lancer about her abilities.

"Primarily, I am a single-shot straight-line assaulter. I am best at observing a foe and determining a single weak point, then using that to my advantage. For instance, Archer is weakest from the sides. More likely his left." she says. "Finally, my invoked Noble Phantasm is capable of such speed that any approach and any attack is guaranteed to work."

"Atalanta was able to slay the beast because she watched the way it moved and struck with supreme speed." Archer supplies. "That is her great myth behind her Phantasm."

"...Yes, correct. Of course, if you see it coming, it's easy to prevent." She says. "Simply by being aware."

"So this is Eliza." says a hooded figure, approaching from the darkness.

All of us move to attack, but he holds up a hand.

It has doll joints. Like on a toy, but infinitely more precise and specific. "I'm not here to hurt you. I want to show you something. Come with me."

The others look at me, as if to ask for permission or to see my actions.

>> No.19242169

We go with him. We still have the advantage of a reletivistic speed servant.
He won't try shit.

>> No.19242176

You're correct, this is Eliza. Ask if it can give us more details on who summoned us out here.

Follow the figure, keep cautious and keep very close to Atalanta and Big O.

>> No.19242191


Eliza, take care. Make sure your gun is ready to hand, and subtly make sure Atalanta and Odysseus are ready to react to any threat.

Other than that, if he does anything fishy, blast first and ask questions later.

>> No.19242202


Look like Heaven Feel is the end Ego went with the quest.

A shame

>> No.19242206

He trust us. We should at the very least not act until he actually TRIES to kill us.

>> No.19242248

...You clearly didn't understand the ending of Heavens' Feel then.

>> No.19242269

>implying Heaven's Feel is not the best route

>> No.19242279

That is depressing.

>> No.19242285


But I did


Having to put up with Sakura was a pain in the ass, but the end was fantastic. I just wanted UBW good end with Seiba still around ;_;

>> No.19242308


Well, at least we get Rider...

>> No.19242320


It aint the same.

>> No.19242344


Oh, you'll get no argument from me there. Altria remains my waifu, but let's take what we can get, hmm?

>> No.19242367

"I'm Eliza. What is the meaning of this?"

"... Something I tried, something my father tried, to destroy has returned. I can't let that sit, now can I? I've been granted this trip by my..." the doll pauses significantly. "By my teacher. I've been allowed to handle this personally, as a favor. You're aware of the history of the Grail, right?"

"...Yes." I respond, following him into the facility. I notice his movements are slightly jerky, strange.

"Then you know that the Fuyuki Grail was utterly destroyed and dismantled. Another should not have appeared - the rituals to make it were supposed to be destroyed. I sacrificed many things to see this happen, Eliza. So... You might understand my feelings when I heard of this one."

"...No, I don't." I reply honestly. He stops, and so does everyone else. "I haven't really had feelings that would make me want to traverse half the world, or leave a prestigious place of study like the Clock Tower. Emiya Shirou."

A chuckle from under the hood.
"She always did say I lacked subtlety in everything i did." comes the sound of resignation. He pulls down the hood, and his eyes meet mine.

So intense, that glare.

"I'm here to give you a decision." he says. "I've studied the workings of this specific Grail. It isn't corrupted yet - but it could happen next time. So I'm going to ask you - Will you help me dismantle this Grail?" he asks, "Or will you fight to use it?"

>> No.19242373

>Waifu isn't A-10

>> No.19242374

>Has Rin
>Still wants Seiba

No. Not only didn't you understand the ending and took too much of it LITERALLY, but you also have a shitty taste. FSN Seiba is pretty much the worst girl in the entire franchise. Even Nasu agrees.

>> No.19242397

We make no garentee's. We want a reason WHY to destroy a magic wish granting cup.
"Because" isn't gonna cut it.

>> No.19242439

I don't know. I don't particularly have a wish to fulfill but I'm not going to just destroy a magic wish cup.

If what I want can be done without it I see no need to keep it, and I'm not going to be dumb enough to get on your bad side right now.

I'll help you with the Grail if you help me win and try to find a way that I can stay with my companions afterwards.

>> No.19242443


That depends.

Eliza, decision time. What is your wish?

If it's simply to keep Atalanta (and possibly Odysseus) in the world, then no, we don't need the Holy Grail. You make a contract with Atalanta at the end, and that's that.

However. If you want something else, something that requires the Holy Grail, then you obviously can't do that.

I am of the opinion that, given you started out as an alcoholic nothing and have, since meeting Atalanta, become a relatively happy person, simply keeping her in this world is enough.

But of course, it's your decision. I can merely advise.

>> No.19242448

This isn't the Fuyuki grail.

>> No.19242455

Start laughing. Now. And make sure it's a laughter full of contempt.
Also: Fight.

Man. Actually you should probably shoot him right now. We came here just for this shit and this kind of pisses me off. What a tool. No, seriously, shoot him. Eliza.

>> No.19242467

Why do you want to kill shirou?

>> No.19242478



>> No.19242489

If we want Atalanta to stay, we don't need the grail. And considering the Berserker that got summoned this time, we might want to destroy this sucker as soon as possible.
I still want a reason WHY we should destroy it aside from preventing another Shagnasty from popping up.

>> No.19242521


What the hell is there to understand beside Shirou abandoning his ideal and sacrificing much to destroy the corrupted grail?

And Nasu is a huge Seiba fag, he agreed, don't bother him about it

>> No.19242525

I don't want to kill him, I just want to shoot him. Also he deserves to be shoot because he dragged us after a exhausting and difficult fight with berserker just to bore us to death. Fuck him.

What even enrages me more is that the rest of us is actually really pondering if we should help him.

>> No.19242531


He's dead, mate.

WAIT. Eliza, ask Shirou what the fuck he means "It could get corrupted?" The von Einzberns aren't likely to make THAT mistake again...

>> No.19242556

>Not going to fuck this grail up as well
Yeah. Good luck with that.
I guess we need to pop this thing before another END OF THE WORLD situation arises because of it.

>> No.19242557


He has to know a way to help make our wish come true without using the Holy Grail if he wants our help in destroying it. Ask him if he does.

I'm not sure if I want to fight Shirou. He has UBW and Sakura supplying him with energy. That fight could go VERRRRRY BADLY for us.

>> No.19242563

Bob, the Einzberns are fucking crazy about the Grail.

They'll do anything to get it.

>> No.19242570

Help isn't the world I'd use. I want to utilize him against our enemies and get our happy ending. We don't particularly need the grail for what we're looking for.

Having him against us would be a serious fucking thorn in our side, having him with us is an advantage.

>> No.19242577

The grail was corrupted when Angry Manjew was summoned and entered the grail. He had the wish "Let him be the source of all evils in the world" engraved on his soul, so the grail granted that, and was tainted by his presence.

Unless he is summoned again, there won't be a problem. Even summoning other villains won't taint the grail because they don't have that wish on them.

This current grail is safe to use. Emiya is just projecting his experience into this war.

>> No.19242579


Agreed. That's how the Grail got corrupted to begin with: the Einzberns tried to CHEAT!

>> No.19242594

So, we should destroy this one then?
I think that's a good plan.

>> No.19242604

"You realize this isn't the same Grail."

He nods.
"Yes. I do. However, there are problems that might arise. Complications. Issues."

I think for a moment.
"If I can keep my companions... After this is all over... Is that possible without the Grail?"

"That can depend on many factors. But I don't see why I couldn't try. Though, they would not reach the same level of power." he sighs. "And if you have no wish, as I suspect, why would you need the Grail?"

I look to my friends. Lancer seems to be apprehensive, but Archer looks to be on the verge of anger.

"Why did you drag us out here?!" he asks.

"Because if you're going to help me destroy the grail, you're going to need something capable of disrupting it once it's manifested." he says. "That thing is here. But if you want it, you'll have to help me."

"... Who could possibly corrupt the grail? The Einzberns wouldn't dare..."

"Would they?" he asks softly. "People like that, that build short-term sentient beings just so they can fight and die, you think they wouldn't do that again? And even if it is pure, who's to say that the next one, the one who wins, that their wish won't do something terrible, or horrible? No. Something this big, this powerful, is too dangerous. I cannot allow it to persist. So are you with me?"

>> No.19242615


Not saying Alex won't work overtime trying to get it. Just saying he's not gonna summon a spirit of "Ultimate Evil" and fuck the Grail up. That would mean he wouldn't get it.

>> No.19242619


If Shirou knows another way for us to keep Attie & Odie in this world so we get our Nasu ending, then I'm okay with that.

But first Eliza should ask if he knows one.

>> No.19242638


....Are you a goddamn retard?

>> No.19242646

Yeah. We'll destroy the thing. Better no grail than a potential ticking time bomb.
Fucking hell. WE could have gotten a body. But I guess we all have to make sacrifices Mistress. That ones ours.

>> No.19242653


Eliza, before you answer, it might be a good idea to speak with Atalanta and Odysseus, separately in necessary. We need to get their opinions (and the reasons for them) before we answer Shirou.

I'd hate for you to be killed by your own Servant, or by your lover, over a stupid mistake.

>> No.19242661

LIZ! TEAM HUDDLE TIME! See what the others want

>> No.19242666

Mental communications with Archer and Lancer are necessary. Talk to them, ask what they want from the grail.

If necessary tell Shirou that we have to confer with our companions quickly.

>> No.19242668

No. Fuck Shiro. He doesn't get to make the rules because he's the main character, because he isn't anymore.

Grail on, motherfuckers, Grail on. It survived Shagnasty, so, there's not really a lot of chances for it to go hard wrong again.

>> No.19242683


Stop tempting Murphy's Law (or EGO, for that matter), dammit!

>> No.19242684

No, no we aren't! Fuck him! And fuck everyone who thinks it is a good idea to help him!

I fucking don't believe you guys.

>> No.19242691


I'm okay with helping Shirou as long as Archer & Lancer approve. If he can help us keep our companions in this world without the Grail's power, then we don't need it.

His concerns are valid too: when has the Grail ever brought anything positive to anyone? Practically never. In fact, it brings the opposite: ruin & death.

We can't beat him in a fight since he has UBW & his waifu supplying him with magical energy. I bet Shirou can wipe the floor with all of us, Odie & Atalanta too.

>> No.19242725

UBW is badass, but I'm fairly certain Shirou isn't immune to what's basically a Gae Bolg, and Big O doesn't even need a weapon to rock him, temporary [B] or not. He's tough, but he's still made of, you know, human.

>> No.19242741

This seems to be heavens feel Shirou. He has a doll body.

>> No.19242746


>> No.19242751

>when has the grail ever brought anything...

Never. Because the people fighting for it are dicks.

1st war: Everyone backstabs each other and no-one is alive to claim the grail.

2nd war: Same shit, different assholes.

3rd war: Grail corrupted, entire war thrown into chaos and nobody knows what happened.

4th war: Corrupted grail summons evil spirits that cause serious shit.

5th war: Same deal as 4th, with a holdover spirit and a corrupt overseer fucking things even more, and a false grail as well.

Frankly, the grail doesn't bring anything. Its people who bring ruin.

I want to see the grail completed.

>> No.19242757


No way in hell can he beat two Servants at once with that doll of a body.

Shirou never WAS strong enough to do that, and he got weaker when he had to use a doll.

We could take him. It'd hurt like a bitch, but we could do it.

>> No.19242759


Actually, in HF, his new body is a construct from a puppet master. Technically Shirou is not human anymore.

>> No.19242761

>Gil could get Re-summoned

Gil still counts as a hero, he can be summoned anyways.

>> No.19242775

You disgusting, goddamn, wuss.

>Have to goddamn servants
>Against one squishy mage

Please leave your balls near the entrance on your way out of this thread, you clearly don't deserve them.

>> No.19242785

Shirou's working on guesswork and prejudice. We open his eyes. Forcibly if necessary. This is his chance to make right on his ideals.

Fuck 'im.

>> No.19242799


Once a hero is summoned through the grail, they cannot be resummoned if I remember right. Arturia was the exception to the rule, however.

>> No.19242806

Yeah. And remember how the wars he was in went? Horrible. Both ended in massive destruction. We want to avoid angering Mr. "I have a freaking reality marble." I don't know about you, but us getting stabbed to death isn't that good of a plan.

>> No.19242814

Ok then, imagine if because this is a new grail, he could get summoned again. See the problem?

>> No.19242816


You remember wrong. There's nothing stopping consecutive summons. All you need is the right relic and the consent of the spirit in question, and they always go for it because it's the fucking HGW.

>> No.19242817


>> No.19242820


No reason to get nasty.

I agree with you, to a point. The Holy Grail IS a tempting prize.


If we don't need it, we can fight smarter. We can afford to take fewer risks, as our goal isn't to win per se, but simply to survive with our "family" intact.

But that's only if THAT is what we want. If we want more, we have to take it. And that means FUCK YOU, SHIROU.

>> No.19242826


[I should not have to tell you: No. We should not help him. We should destroy his Doll, or cripple it. This is not his decision to make.]


"... I don't think this is a very good idea. Individuals outside of the war may oppose it."

"...She is right. Several groups believe this Grail is the true one. The Einzberns have allied with the Church to secure the Holy Relic."

"A counter-point. The Grail is not the problem. It is the individuals. If the monsters win, then it is the fault of the monsters. The Lottery is not evil because sociopaths can win it. The same logic holds true for the Grail. We don't need to destroy it, just the people who don't 'deserve' it."

"And are you prepared to make that judgement?"

"You are. Archer has his own wish, and so does Lancer. Are you going to stand in their way? Or claim them evil?"

(( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd9nGGN45yo ))

At this, he seems stymied. "I'm not going to let you crush the dreams of my friends, or my allies, out of paranoia, out of 'what could be', Emiya." I growl. "We've fought hard, we've lost a lot ourselves. Just because you've lost so much, doesn't mean we have to bow to your broken ideal."


He turns away, and begins to walk.

"Trace. On."

>> No.19242838

Fighting him is a death sentence for US. That's the problem.

>> No.19242840



I hope we can reload after this.

>> No.19242847


Oh, come on. This is pitiful.

Shoot him in the back of the head before he completes the incantation.

Failing that, King of Lies Triumphant.

Take this chump down.

>> No.19242850

Oh fuck. We're dead. Sure, he might die as well, but I don't think that matters to him as much as destroying the grail.

>> No.19242859

Son of a bitch Emiya, why the hell are you going after me first? You could say, go after the fucking Einzbern, he's the dangerous one you should have a grudge against. I have done nothing to you, I even came out to talk with you in the middle of the night and you attack me. Real mature.

>> No.19242862

awww SHIT

>> No.19242865

>Introduce Shirou
>Suddenly the whole Plot goes to shit.
>Meta, Meta everywhere

HE DOESNT HAVE A FUCKING DOLL-BODY. HE NEVER HAD. How the fuck did even manage to finish the VN if you don't understand shit about what you're reading?! It's just that his body was made artificial and .. oh god, why am I even trying to explain that to you.

I'm out, Shirou showing up killed this quest for me.

>> No.19242879

WAIT WAIT WAIT. He might not be trying to kill us. Yet. We have a few seconds. We have two servants with us. Killing us is death for him as well. He isn't suicidal.

>> No.19242880

Shirou is powerful, but we have two servants here.

He could hold his own against one at a time due to plothax.

We've got this.

But if he starts that chant, have Archer put one right between his eyes.

>> No.19242889


See ya, summerfag. You won't be missed.

>> No.19242891

So this. What a bitch.

We come out in good faith and this is his response? What a chump.

Fuck him. Lethal force, immediately and without prejudice.

>> No.19242902

F/HA bro. Shirou's body is gone at the end and his soul gets stored in a gem of kind. They then say they're taking the gem to a doll maker of some kind to get him a body again. Deal w/ it.

>> No.19242903

Is he? He's a broken hero. He might be crazy enough to think he can take two Servants, assuming we're running both of them and thus prana-fucked.

>> No.19242911


We are talking about the same reckless, hotheaded Emiya Shirou who never looks before he leaps, right?

>> No.19242920

For all we know, he CAN. Or he'll jump into his marble with us, or do some crazy shit. He might have prepared this whole island as a trap too. We never had to follow through with not destroying the grail.

>> No.19242922


YOU don't understand, his body was made by a PUPPET MASTER.

Its a real fucking great one, almost if not lifelike, but its still a doll/puppet nontheless

>> No.19242934

Yes. An Artificial body. Like Homunculus artificial. Not an actual doll.

Nice try, /v/.

>> No.19242939

What I'm saying is, that if we die, so what? He doesn't win that way. Killing him is going to piss off a lot of people. A lot of well connected people.

>> No.19242949


>> No.19242962

Wait, is there anything stopping us from blowing the Grail AFTER we get our wish?

>> No.19242971

If we die, that's one fewer guy fighting for the Grail. He might consider that a positive. There's a chance for negotiation, but if he doesn't soften, we're best served by doing whatever we can to end the fight brutally fast before he can go all tracemaster on us.

>> No.19242976

I don't think so.
Win win for both of us.
Let's propose this Liz. It's better than us killing each other over nothing.

>> No.19242977


That could work. Killing him will gain us nothing but Rin and Sakura hunting us down like dogs.

>> No.19242986

So we negotiate then?

>> No.19242997


For God's sake, just shoot the fucker. If you don't want to kill him, have Atalanta K.O. him.

>> No.19243008

We negotiate. But I'd have Odysseus keep his shit strung, because if this goes down poorly, we need to drop some King of Lies Triumphant all over this motherfucker and at LEAST knock his ass unconscious, if homunculi can be.

>> No.19243024


That's what I'm thinking. There has to be a way to reconcil Shirou's concerns with what Liz wants.

It's better than:

A. Getting ourselves killed; or
B. Killing Shirou and having both Rin & Sakura out for Lizzie's head.

>> No.19243026

Alright. Liz, you getting this? Bob has come to a consensus.

>> No.19243030


Changing my vote.

But if he isn't negotiating, fucking cap him.

>> No.19243035

That seems to be the plan.

>> No.19243075


Yes. Do we really want pic related out for our Mistress' blood??

>> No.19243084

((>This just in, I watched the animu and never read the VN
Nice going. Just as well you're leaving now. ))

[Archer! Disable him. We need something to send back to the clock tower.]

[Where is his soul?]

[Not in the arms or legs. Destroy those.]

"And to think I admired your father." I mutter, pulling out my gun as i gesture for Lancer to support Archer, who hangs back.

He holds up well. The dual swords shine as they emerge from his hands. He chops away arrows as they rocket towards him, and he dances away from Lancer's attacks.

But he's slow. The artificial body only does so well, and it's only a minute before his extremeties are pinned by arrows and Lancer's spear is at his neck.

It's at that time that I stop them.
"Maybe you are not aware." I say, as I approach. "But I don't have a wish. I'm fighting for my family, that's all. If I had one... It'd be for these two to stay with me."

[No. I'm sorry, but I cannot stay.]


"My wish is not one of regret." he clarifies. "It is... A desire for more time." he admits. "With my family. With my son. In my lands." he says. "Is that 'evil'?" he asks Emiya. "Is that worth it?"

There's a long pause.
"Atalanta?" I ask.

"I want to keep what I have." she says simply.

>> No.19243091

"So there you have it. Shall I place myself under Geas? The next Grail, true, might be different. But our foes here are clear. Caster, Saber, and Rider. They'll destroy this city if they are left alone. Can we let you down, now? I can't imagine that feeling pleasant."


"Good. Archer."

He rolls his eyes and snaps his fingers, letting them vanish.
"We will watch this Grail. We'll make sure everything is good and uncorrupted. Sound good?"

He nods.

"... Don't tell me. You actually burned out your speech."

He scratches the back of his head nervously and nods. It seems his magical ability is limited in this body, and I palm my face.

>> No.19243098

This is a fair point.

But yeah, if he won't back down, I say we drop a fucking boat on him, take him out Shagnasty-style.

>> No.19243125

Does Emiya need a mana transfer?

>> No.19243136


So keeping Odie in this world is right out. But at least we can live happily with David & Atalanta when this war is over.

I'm a little sad but okay with this. It would be selfish to keep Archer here if he wants more time with his family.

>> No.19243151


He's got Sakura for that. Evidently his new body is anatomically correct since the end of the VN implies that those two are fucking like minks.

>> No.19243165

Wow. That went surprisingly well, all things considered. We need to keep our promises though. We'll probably need some Association protection after this war is over.

>> No.19243169

Minx is the singular. Minxes is the plural.

>> No.19243172

Shirou is powerful but UBW is only OP against Gil, because Gil does actually master his weapons he just owns them. With two servants who are both masters of their weapons rather than just owners he can be beaten

>> No.19243186


Good. Now, Eliza, ask him if he knows Caster's identity. Because I have no fucking clue.

Also, based on my own observations of Saber's fighting style (plus knowledge of the related mythology), I've come to the conclusion that he is Fionn mac Cumhaill.

And acknowledge Atalanta's sentiments somehow. All the poor woman wants is to continue with you and David.

>> No.19243187




>> No.19243190


UBW is good on a 1v1 regardless really, Shiron can trace a weapon that has all the servant weakness and go to town as well.

Its just that here he was being assaulted by a range attacker and a very good warrior, there's only so much he can do.

>> No.19243250



Also let Archer know that Liz understands. She should respect his desire in this.

>> No.19243260

Mink is an animal.

Minx is a flirtatious girl.

totally different meanings.

>> No.19243307

Acknowledging Atalanta's desires is a good thing, I agree. Let's do that. Odie's though... That might be worth the wish. It isn't pure as pure can be, but it isn't corrupting as well.

>> No.19243319


Confirmed for troll.

Basic Instinct (1992)

Catherine: What do we do now, Nick?
Nick: Fuck like minks, raise rugrats and live happily ever after.
Catherine: Hate rugrats.
Nick: Fuck like minks, forget the rugrats, and live happily ever after.

>> No.19243386

We wait for a minute or two, then move on to asking questions.

"Can you talk now?"

"Yeah." he says, guiding us through the area.

"Who is Caster?"

"The fictional version of King Solomon. Technically a false Servant, but since he's based on a real thing... There's something about this Grail that feels more, uhm, 'loose' than the others. More open. Servants not eligable for other Wars, might have entered this one."

"Do you know his capabilities?"

"The king of Magi is capable of creating a very powerful territory effect. In it, he can 'summon' " here, he makes air quotes, "demons. Not real ones, though. The ones out in the street are fakes. The real ones need his ring and a binding circle to control, and they advise him. Only two at a time, though."

"I see."

[I understand your wish. We will fight for it as hard as we can.]

[As if there was any doubt? You may be quiet and dour, but you've a passion like my own wife. I know I can count on you.]

As for Atalanta...
I simply take her hand and smile at her.

"I actually came here before the War started." Emiya admits. "There's something I was working on using local leylines. Call it a term project." he smiles at me as we enter another room, which is lit up. "I remember someone tapping my little power grid, before. I'm betting it was you. I think you likely wondered what was making it? And the feeling you got, coming down here?"

He grins as he opens a door. Inscriptions are all over the place, along with generators.
"That feeling was a lack of prana in the air. Because I was using it to power these generators. My project is clean energy based on magic. It's... not easy. At all."

>> No.19243429

Wow. Someone has been busy. Ask him if he knows a way to kick Caster's ass besides the obvious.

>> No.19243446


Guys. I just had either the best or worst idea ever.

What Emiya Shirou has built down here amounts to a Magic Engine. What if...

What if we could miniaturize it, make a second one, and attach propellers to them.

Then strap them on.


>> No.19243483

Uh... I am not sure if I'd want that.

>> No.19243488


Does this mean you can use this as a power source, Liz?


Ask Shirou how exactly this thing connects prana.

Because we could use it like a giant magic vacuum and fuck not-Solomon's spells up, all the while giving you a power boost.

>> No.19243491


Since Shirou is our somewhat-ally for the moment, maybe we should get his thoughts on our Caster vs. Rider "divide and conquer" idea.

>> No.19243530

Confirmed for idiot.


>1535 - impudent woman

>> No.19243532

Using it as a powersource is a bad idea. Using it to take out Caster though...

Well, it's all in the name of SCIENCE Shirou. And if it works, we both win!

>> No.19243542


Meant collects, not connects. dammit.

>> No.19243608

"Is this the Caster weapon?" I ask. "Remove the power source?"

"Not exactly." he says, and snaps his fingers. The formerly blue runes turn red. "I've also, as a side effect, discovered how to turn electricity into Prana. The station isn't mobile, but it is useful." he says, walking over to a closet full of red canisters. He begins to fuel the tanks. "Simply, the exhaust for the generators is enriched. From that, the prana escapes into the air. With a few generators going, I can create and area where magic is much easier to work, and larger spells are much easier. Also makes this body a bit more useful." he says. "At any rate, I'm sure you can see the uses for a room full of prana. Not only that, I can trace at least twice as effectively in this environment! I'm sure my teacher will at least be impressed by the side research. I hope."

>> No.19243642

Impressive. Very impressive. Useless as a weapon for us though.

What does he think about siccing Rider on Caster.

>> No.19243666

Damn impressive Shirou. Too bad you're the only one who can use it, since prana is an individual energy and mages can't pool their powers without that certain ritual.

>> No.19243673


So, Eliza, could you hypothetically make a kind of "prana battery" with this, vis-a-vis Tohsaka Rin's (you remember Tohsaka. The nice girl who visited last year) jewels?

If so, do so. The ability to "reload" your magic mid-battle could come in handy, as well as being able to overcharge spells.

If not, meh.

Also. HEY, BOB! Who's our next target?

>> No.19243686


This. Shirou's not exactly the tactician type but he is a veteran of the previous HGW so any insight he provides on whether or not the plan could work would be helpful.

>> No.19243695

Caster. Taking him down by siccing Rider on him might just kill two birds with one stone.
Then we'd go after Rider or Saber, depending on if Rider survives his fight with Caster.

>> No.19243728

Yep, that sounds about right. Once get get Rider out of the way KoL:T is back up and Lancer and Archer can rip his guts out.

After that we pull of magic shenanigans to take out Lancer, give Ody the Grail for his wish, bring back Lancer with our wish and then we smoke a cigar.

>> No.19243743

Actually, we just get David to withdraw. That I THINK will activate the Grail. Then we give Odie his wish, and Liz gets to have hot liongirl sex. Oh, and David gets a family.

>> No.19243763

Would that work? If it would then hot damn, we should probably ask Shirou about how that works, he's a veteran so he might have a bit more of an idea then we do.

>> No.19243780


A bit LG of me, I know, but I balk at the idea of deliberately luring El Cid into a trap when we don't have to. I vote we try to maneuver Saber into trying to kill Caster again, then hit them both in the back simultaneously.

No fuss, no muss, two Servants down for the price of one, and only Rider left to go.

Just as planned.

>> No.19243782

Grail only grants one wish.

>> No.19243783

"You do realize Prana is individual energy. Saying an area has no prana is just saying there is no usable mana, it's just shorthand."

"... I should have realized that."

"Well, in any case, it's impressive work."

"However, I was wondering: What do you think about sending Rider after Caster?"

"Doable and sound." Emiya says, "But be warned, it might blow up in your face if you do it sneakily and Rider finds out."

"How should we go about keeping Atalanta around?"

"Have David concede, but keep feeding her Prana. The important part of her will go back to the grail, and her physical form and personality will remain. She won't exactly be a Servant anymore. I think. I'd need to look up my notes." he says, scratching his head. "I mean, Sakura said she could do it with Rider. But. That's Sakura."

>> No.19243794

I'm going by what I'm getting from the VN, especially UBW. The grail activated after there was only a single master with a valid contract (Rin) was left. So it should work, but Shirou would know more about it than humble Bob the Skull.

>> No.19243826


So ask Sakura, dummkopf. There's such thing as a telephone.

And let's not be too hasty about sending Atalanta back quite yet. We need her combat power.

There's no need to be sneaky, Eliza. There's not even a need to act at all, yet. Either Saber or Rider will eventually attack Caster again. All we have to do is wait until they do, and then strike when both sides are weak.

>> No.19243838

Alright. That clears some stuff up. The plan is sound as fuck, we already knew that, but it's nice for Liz to hear that from someone OTHER than us. It might backfire a bit, but otherwise... Yeah. It should work.
Then it's just Saber. And for that, let's just go for broke and pull a Kitsirugu on his Master. End the war with a BANG.

>> No.19243844


YES! Asking Shirou for his opinion was a great idea. Yeah, Rider will be pissed but his Master has already allied with us & betrayed us once.


I'm okay with this as well. Since Shirou is here, we might as well have an audio-only cameo by Stonking Great Tits.

>> No.19243969

"Fine, I'll call her." he says, holding up his hands. "However, I'm still needing to charge. I'm sorta spent right now, and I had enough pushing myself too far for my life." he says, which earns him a chuckle.

"Alright. Seems to me there's not much to do now, except wait." I say. "We should return to the boat for now and anticipate the next clash between the remaining three."

I stretch.
"So... a sort of day off. Comparatively. This will be nice." I take Lancer's hand and return to the boat with her, David, and Archer.


>> No.19244005


Another day when you don't die messily. Well done, Mistress. We shall stand ready and await your call, when next you need our guidance.

...Oh. And have fun with Atalanta. *Leer*

>> No.19244051

So, Who's still alive we need to worry about? Just Caster, Saber, and Rider, right?

>> No.19244073

When's next thread? Or at least when-ish?

>> No.19244117

So, when is Emiya gonna jam it in us?

>> No.19244132

Never, we've got Atalanta, why would we ever want a doll inhabited by that guy?

>> No.19244148

Uncertain. I'll try to announce this time.

>> No.19244157


Never. Because

A) Emiya is a fucking doll

B) Sakura would kill Eliza messily, and we'd be out of a job

C) Eliza claims she's bi. pffthahahahaha
GTFO the closet, Liz.

>> No.19245110

So, no Tiger Dojo?

>> No.19246177

Well, no one is asking anything of import.

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