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Undead Knight get

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Close enough.

>> No.19234984

You were half on it.

Let's try me now. I'm Whetten from the land of Onesoli.

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>No Gnomes

Why even fucking bother?

Halflings are just tiny elves, whereas Gnomes are maximum awesome in a small frame.

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Use dice or gtfo.

>> No.19234987

> Last number of your post
Why? Why, when we have a dice roller right fucking there? To what possible end would you invoke the post number rather than a d100 roll?

>> No.19234988

Eh, what's the worst that could happen.

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>captcha nityor divergences

lets do it!

>> No.19234994

I'll just go ahead and roll.

Though since this is /tg/, the lists can be expanded and we can just use dice.

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>> No.19234997

I am Yarderei. Homeland says "disgraced" so I think I'm an exile.

>> No.19234999

giversoc was

>> No.19235000

Goblin Priest PortunN from Harleigh, reporting in!

>> No.19235001

I thought it would be more fun. Roll 1d100 if you really want to.

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>> No.19235010

Who am I?

>> No.19235016

A barbarian of indeterminate race.

>> No.19235022

*human of indeterminate class

>> No.19235023

Coppock Pamalso

>> No.19235025

Yay, my first trips!
Also, Goblin Merchant named Diversoc. His home was, so it's probably destroyed. I like.

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>> No.19235030


I am Society, a human knight from Mstemar.

>> No.19235032

Yeechno 28

>> No.19235036

I am a [ ] [ ], named Mackintosh! I hail from the town of NtClai.

>> No.19235047

I am Otemter of Oxford, good fellows.

>> No.19235049


>I am a Machine Conjurer named Mackintosh! I hail from the town of NtClai.

My god.

>> No.19235056

rolled 9, 3 = 12

Echngt III

I can dig the royal name.

>> No.19235059

>Lizardman Fistfighter

I fucking jelly.

>> No.19235064

>my first trips!
I don't know which is more repulsive, the fact that you're so new that you haven't gotten trips before, or the fact that you think trips matter.

Also, I am Pes of Egingion, and my nature shall be revealed by the dice.

>> No.19235072

Captcha: knotianf medes

>> No.19235084

Why not?

>> No.19235090

rolled 4, 3 = 7

Why not.

>> No.19235092

I am North, of Agregio.

>> No.19235093


Elf Archer? I am destined for faggotry.

>> No.19235101

Lioners from Cthathe reporting in.

>> No.19235106

Lizardman merchant. Nice. Care for some skooma?

No, screw that. I'm now Holsedt, of Anthers.

>> No.19235110

Orc Elementalist. Read the red text. And now you're a goblin fistfighter.

>> No.19235113

>expecting greenskins to read

>> No.19235119

Alright, lets do this. Puallys from Buffalo

>> No.19235127

Ngshbal from Lord

>> No.19235130

Well shit.

#17 from Cylismo rollan.

>> No.19235131

>Human Merchant

Well shit, time to marry the redheaded baker's daughter.

>> No.19235134

Let's do it

>> No.19235135

Currant From Ckeen

>> No.19235136

>named #17
>is a machine
How fitting.

>> No.19235151


Machine Fistfighter, Cylismo division, unit #17, reporting for smashing.

>> No.19235164

rolled 123, 19, 32 = 174


>> No.19235167

rolled 25, 10, 179 = 214

Dwarf Elementalist
Mite B Cool.

>> No.19235173

Leonhard of Forthca - what am I?

>> No.19235178

Stermail, from People

>> No.19235182

Stermail, the Undead Archer from People

>> No.19235190

I'll take you, you bucket of bolts
Coppock of the Pamalso-folk never turns his tail from a fight

>> No.19235199

Leonhard of Forthca is an undead fistfighter - hadouken!

>> No.19235212

I am 1857 from the land of Llentsz. Rollan.

>> No.19235213

dogs revitye

>> No.19235220


>> No.19235228

I'm stealing the name Leonhard so... hard.

>> No.19235233

I want the worst combination possible. This means I'll invariably get either the best, or wind up with something boring.

>> No.19235252

Fist-fighting Machine?

Name is Chay, Home is Lucien.

Huh. Not bad. Did I do that right?

>> No.19235259

I am $5.00. from Ivietn

>> No.19235260

Roll for Justice!

>> No.19235267


>> No.19235268 [DELETED] 


>> No.19235279

So, Five Dollars (Styled $5.00.) the halfling merchant.

Kind of works.

>> No.19235293

Nursing Odrawse repoting

>> No.19235302

Ecusovi. I come from some Groves.

>> No.19235306

The mighty Fish or rmagests I wonder what his profession is.

>> No.19235314

I'm a lizardman apparently. Was expecting elf. Would make sense to live in some groves if I was a wood elf. So, Elementalist or Conjurer? What are the powers of those two?

>> No.19235324

Well as the pic is from TES, it does actually fit because the Argonians come from the Hist, which are sentient trees of spooky weirdness.

>> No.19235327

But Lizardmen are seperate from Argonians. Haven't you played Arena?

Also TES doesn't have elementalists or Halflings.

>> No.19235330

>> Inascis Colonies.

>> No.19235333

Epowners of Monroe rolling...

>> No.19235362

Captcha: Bronr nkstac

>> No.19235406

Well let's do this

>> No.19235452

I am Jurernme of 525
Let's assume that is my apartment number, or concentration camp number if I am of monster blood.

>> No.19235489

A halfling knight...the enemy will be cut off at the knee caps.

>> No.19235492

>ofthqu Its

>> No.19235500

Ofthqu, goblin knight from Its

That... actually sounds kind of interesting.

>> No.19235506


>> No.19235510

rolling for the lulz

>> No.19235511

Rolling. Captcha: conscience, uragRece

>> No.19235516

Why the fuck not.
>plomep of never

>> No.19235519


>> No.19235525

Undead get

>> No.19235530

Crieth from the Land of Ceduredn

>> No.19235552


>> No.19235562

Stinli of Views, Halfling Knight.
Sounds pretty coolio.

>> No.19235833


>> No.19235864


>> No.19235906


>> No.19235917

I am Gyrotr of the lands of N'eft.

>> No.19235920

ummmm alright
i am sculptor from omiendim

>> No.19235953

I am Tivibro of the great city "Mechanism"

>> No.19235968


>> No.19235978

Gspeek of Brow, Dwarf Archer lives!

>> No.19235987


>> No.19236042


>> No.19236051

Orsuca, Lizardman Elementalist of Bra

>> No.19236064

Anggske from Meribah

>> No.19236075

Elementalist Dwarf... thats pretty cool. Name is nice too. Incoming NPC.

>> No.19236093

rolled 47 = 47

My name is Ittiss and I hail from Send.

>> No.19236117

Why the hell not?

Captcha: recieved rkeyrma

>> No.19236150

Let's get this rolling.

>> No.19236158

Uscures Levelove, Halfling Rogue. This is awesome.

>> No.19236189

call me Roupior of Con

>> No.19236196

Making my next character according to this!

>> No.19236208

My name is Twenty-Two
My Home is Wagerr

>> No.19236212

William Itingtc
Sounds awesome

>> No.19236219

7.504.809 oftsumme

>> No.19236223

archer get (name is Hungry, from Utuson)

>> No.19236247


Lizardman fightfighter, Hungry, from the mysterious lands of Utuson.

>> No.19236273

Welp, he's hoping...

captcha: Portation ksndhs

>> No.19236286

rolled 53 = 53

I am Generally of Iculyti.

>> No.19236296

Oh boy, I'm gonna be a lizardman prostitute!

>> No.19236298

sepagi from flatbush actually sounds kinda cool

>> No.19236301

rolled 10, 3 = 13

Staryng Agents

>> No.19236339

I am the great Servivio of Torsional!

>> No.19236370

Home: narysta

This will decide my next d&d character

>> No.19236379

Gonna try!

>> No.19236384

filler text

>> No.19236385

From 1971.

Huh... I'm a time traveler...? Or world traveler? Oh my...

>> No.19236388

I am "DECEAFED" from the city of "TEACESTO".

Somehow I just know this thing is going to make me something stupid. On the other hand, I'm already getting ideas.

>> No.19236394

Undead Merchant, TingGe from And.

"Would you like a human finger?"

>> No.19236403


Orc Archer, trapped behind enemy lines after a siege. Played dead with a bunch of other corpses. Eventually snuck into the city's registrar, and found his death papers.

Unfortunately, it was an elf city, and they write all loopy and shit. So that "S" was an old-fashioned one that looked like an "F".

Figuring his death papers had his name on them, he just wrote "Deceafed" into the name section of his falsified documents.

Now he walks around attempting to convince everyone he's an elf to keep up the charade. About the only things going for him are the fact that A: He's damn good with a bow and arrow, and B: Anyone who questions his looks are immediately browbeaten with "I HAVE A SKIN CONDITION YOU INSENSITIVE SODS"

Ahahahahahahahaha I love this so much

>> No.19236446

Vanse Fontang

>> No.19236473

That.. Doesn't make much sense

>> No.19236487

adams alsoats

>> No.19236488


>> No.19236494

My name is AntWhy from save, let's see who I am...

>> No.19236517

Adams, the orc rogue from Alsoats.

Okay with this, I guess.

>> No.19236518


An elementalist goblin.

>> No.19236523

Eccentric Theymi
Halfling fistfighter halfling fistfighter

>> No.19236524

I, am Thenequ.
I come from a strange place.

>> No.19236541

Lorenzo de Wstore

>> No.19236576


>> No.19236584

Rolling because

>> No.19236608

I am Ambiguous of Rlitat, the undead merchant.

>> No.19236622

I am Striplac of the 7 isles.

>> No.19236628

I am Cold.
I hail from sbicyce.
They say it's cold there.
I never felt coldness.
I am coldness incarnate.

>> No.19236632

öllker sallahe

>> No.19236639


>> No.19236642

ölker sallahe

>> No.19236648

>> No.19236650

Ciesrle:Machine Merchant, from factory A.N.D

>> No.19236656


I forgot the name: Curare

>> No.19236668

No, I refuse to play an elf or a goddamn warforged.

>> No.19236673

Oh fuck Op youve made me want to play oblivion again, I didnt even finish Skyrim yet.
Also rollan

>> No.19236700

alrigh lets do this.
Name: Erascou
Home: 426. I'm gonna go ahead and wrie this as Fort Wentysix.

>> No.19236707

fuck that i dont want to chose, rerolling

>> No.19236716


>> No.19236740

Italco de Gaspar

>> No.19236752



Knight or Merchant I guess.

>> No.19236763

Dopisma from Psychical, the... something

>> No.19236773

I am Valley, from the hoontain

>> No.19236778


dwarf fistfightan, like a boss.
i like it

>> No.19236781

an undead fistfighter

>> No.19236786

C'mon, Goblin Priest

>> No.19236803


>> No.19236805

My name is Guardia of Maryus!
Prepare to die!

>> No.19236806

79 get

>> No.19236814


Machine fistfighter, Recorui of 108

How may i tenderize you?

>> No.19236835

Some Duellist-Class, because awesome name.
If it has to be something of the list...

>> No.19236847

rolled 10, 9 = 19

>captcha resigine clair

>> No.19236850


>> No.19236851


>> No.19236860

Resigine is a goblin shaman from a tribe in the forests of Clair.

>> No.19236871

rolled 10, 6 = 16


>> No.19236877


Dwarf Barbarian

>> No.19236878


>> No.19236888

Rolling rolling rolling
>I am Essatne from GJM

>> No.19236896

And yet another freakshow enters the tavern...

>> No.19236907


I can grok that

>> No.19236920

>ccuressu college

>> No.19236933

>Caesar Siredel

well, that went well.

>> No.19236938

Ccuressu the Lizardman Fistfighter, currently working his way through College via scholarship on the Boxing team.

I can dig it.

>> No.19236948

This will be my next RQ character.

Hougdne (How-Deen), goes by Dean.
From, Ewesvag.

>> No.19236953

Re-Roll, because generic.
Klymotse, from Ases-ki.

>> No.19236958

Name Rsitepre, homeland of The Suffrages. Sounds grim.

>> No.19236961


>> No.19236966

Why the hell not?

>> No.19236971

>rudfurt edgewater

>> No.19236976


Rsitepre, halfling archer from the Suffrages. The Suffrages are barren scrubland that halflings were forced to after the last war, where life is hard and food is scarce. Rsitepre became a poacher and a keen marksman to feed his family, now he's adventuring and sending money home to help feed his people.

>> No.19236977

Whoop. Forgot captcha. For real this time. (Dwarf conjurer would have been lame anyway.

Polydorus of rstCen

>> No.19236981

That is almost exactly what I always play anyway. Wooo.
Would have liked this capcha more though
>Species Airtuth

>> No.19236983


Name Bitrate Home Eat-in.

how horrifying.

>> No.19236989


Name 1522 Home orthcko

how horrifying.

>> No.19237023


>> No.19237055

Viducati of Caedwalla, MACHINE KNIGHT OF JUSTICE.


>> No.19237083


Samples from Itarep

>> No.19237106

Behold!! I am the mighty Ingooopy from the great land of Was

>> No.19237117


>> No.19237119

awesome get

>> No.19237120


>> No.19237121

Roedren of Seato

>> No.19237124

Human Rogue for me, gooby pls

>> No.19237127

I am is Been of Riderna and I am a...

>> No.19237138


>> No.19237139



>> No.19237145

... Rogue Lizardman

>> No.19237152

Hmmm, let's see.

>First word

>Second word

>> No.19237155

I am Iscities of And. Lizardman Conjurer.

>> No.19237158

Alright chums, lets do this!

>> No.19237169


>> No.19237170

>knight halfling

>> No.19237171

awlin 4 ork priest!

>> No.19237173

Oh boy, what'll happen?

>> No.19237177

rolled 83 = 83

May the dice Gods smile upon this concept.

>> No.19237178

W00t undead barbarian named Maize from tailathis

>> No.19237180


I am Niguardo of Paa! Merchant Dwarf.

Niguardo's got all the watermelon and casadillas you good possibly want in his rolling stereotype cart

>> No.19237182

Woo, Halfling archer!
Need cover fire?

>> No.19237183

Person's from Riptural, reporting, sir!!

>> No.19237192

also the Citrus MArines approve of this delicious post of tangy vitamin C epicness to kickstart a morning

>> No.19237202

Ferioris Dayiust

let's see

>> No.19237208

Let's do this!

>> No.19237222

I am And from Modescu.

Guess my character's a nip who doesn't quite get English.

>> No.19237228

i like this idea. roolin. roolin.

>> No.19237232

Warwick! of wdsinc
Warwick was a damn good name (the ! was in the captcha). lets see what I become.

>> No.19237240

A lizardman knight. Guess that forked tongue makes English difficult to practice. Given he's named after an English word and is a knight I envision him as a silly human-wannabe. He has seen how mighty humans are from their repeated defeats of his people in battle and left his clan to live as a human. After killing some travelers, he has assembled a suite of armor. Now he introduces himself as Sir And.

>> No.19237242

My name is Undsoh, and I come from.... 1480.

time travel!

>> No.19237244


So, Ferioris, male elven knight sworn to the autumn court of Dayiust.

>> No.19237245

late roll

>> No.19237246

Dude we're halflings. We HAVE to be together! Community is our cocaine, bro!

now give me a hug. That will give me +4/+4.

>> No.19237255

Rolling for mechanical Rouge named Fisto.

>> No.19237261

Lreacen 18 the halfling preist.
I'm ok with this.

>> No.19237270

Priest Halfling huh? Welcome to our ever-growing army, brother/sister!

>> No.19237286

rolled 46 = 46

Ifoura of Some. jesuschristhowhorrifying.jpg

>> No.19237294

I'm scared.

>> No.19237304

Samesla the Goblin Elementalist from Origin

>> No.19237307

I am Sixty One, from the land of Ecokesp, and I am a...

>> No.19237321

Testimony Splendid

>> No.19237325


>> No.19237329


>> No.19237342

That's the strangest name for Lizardman barbarian I've ever read.

>> No.19237348

Trowel from Asbefte

>> No.19237350

I am Dentagn of Advances

>> No.19237352

I am a goblin knight named Ognques from the great city of Conse!

...Now I actually want to play this character.

>> No.19237354

Elementalist Orc Trowel, from the land of Asbefte. Yeah, sounds about right.

>> No.19237355

Undead merchang GET

>> No.19237359

Why not?

>> No.19237368

but iyadst

what kind of name is but?

>> No.19237384

Doing this. Come hither, oh dice roller, and give me the stuff for my next mercenary!

>> No.19237390

Just waited for goblin to pop up, since predicting post number on /tg/ is easy as shit

Uldrei of the usurpers

>> No.19237402

Centerno, from the Kingdom of Legislators.


>> No.19237403

Let's give it a go.

>> No.19237404

rderidhe largest

Now that is one hell of a home.

>> No.19237411


>> No.19237412

Alright, give it up for Seed of Pectari, the [ ] [ ]!

>> No.19237418

Arohoe the human barbarian from the Kingdom of Meetings.

>> No.19237420

The human knight. How boring...

>> No.19237430

Yeah I'm picking elementalist.

>> No.19237431

Let's see...

>> No.19237479


>> No.19237496

I am Kshaper from Adapt. The land of the dark tundra.

>> No.19237520

I want to contribute but I don't want to effort.

>> No.19237521

Huh. I am Hapilli from the town of Analytical

>> No.19237535

I am 27, from the land of Urersel

>> No.19237552


Machine Priest 27, how fitting

>> No.19237561

Alright, let's see what I am according to some random generator.

>> No.19237596

lets go!
>2A Flavie

>> No.19237684


>> No.19237702

Come on Machine/Undead Elementalist/Conjurer.

>> No.19237859


>> No.19237918


>> No.19238011


>> No.19238015

Dsonte, from 1076). That fucking vanguard post is a shitty place to live, but I don't have much choice when the thing is surrounded with hostile wastelands.

>> No.19238214

My name is Itsetspe. I come from the land called And.

>> No.19238227


>> No.19238235


From Coberty!

>> No.19238239


From Coberty!

The Machine Priest!

>> No.19238240

Raft is my name
Delemsa is my home.

Now what am I?

>> No.19238241


>> No.19238257

Autumn, elf barbarian from the land of ntsuba

>> No.19238266

Raft the Elven Merchant from Delemsa, here to bring you the best quality berries, hemp rope, rope bags, and of course, lumberjack complaints.

>> No.19238272

year hermski

>> No.19238295

Know of Urkeve

>> No.19238313

rolled 2, 5 = 7

Makes more sense to roll a 2d10

Mariano of Thooport

>> No.19238735

rolled 27 = 27

I am Riends, hailing from the town on Neethei. I am [] [].

>> No.19239190

rolled 37 = 37

Why not.

Name: Meectsl - Worse names.
Home; Sect. - Some sort of military or government sector?

>> No.19239210

rolled 2, 6 = 8

>XIII beezhe

>> No.19239222


>> No.19239225


(captcha: ndeanor luspection)

>> No.19239237


2 - Knight
6 - Dwarf

XIII, dwarven knight of Beezhe. So badass, he has a number, not a name.

>> No.19239240

oh boy here we go

>> No.19239241

Lizardman Priest named Ndeanor of Luspection

>> No.19239248

Astumul of Confidence, a lizardman knight. Huh

>> No.19239258

This will only end in tears

>> No.19239259

Kuropea Chief

>> No.19239266

Transform and roll out.

>> No.19239270

Sure, I'll go.

>> No.19239275

> Dwarf
> Conjurer

Red Edustria

That's a great name. Thank you captcha.

>> No.19239276

Kuropea the halfling merchant of chief

>> No.19239285


>> No.19239288


>> No.19239373


>> No.19239378


>> No.19239416


Probaly the Undead Archer from the town of Ass Elfs.

>> No.19239435

ities. aseopy

>> No.19239458

>ities. aseopy

machine priest ities from aseopy, well wut

>> No.19239461

Poem of Hipcemen rollan.

>> No.19239468

I am Notivair of the city Submitted.

>> No.19239477

And I am a dwarf archer.

Great. Now I'm just wondering if the name "Submitted" has a deeper meaning to it, signifying something underground - "sub" means "under" after all.

>> No.19239481

Goblin rogue please

>> No.19239482

cprong from the town of wine.

>> No.19239486

Well, fuck

>> No.19239489

Louvis of Terpngu here.

>> No.19239498

Nonrldw from Phonecia.

I can dig it

>> No.19239518

rolled 2 = 2

And no selection of sex/gender? Why do things halfway?
1=Male; 2=FM

Ekengi, from Was. Just waiting on the other details.

>> No.19239648


>> No.19239662


>> No.19239681


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