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Post your favourite pieces of Warhammer artwork.

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Fuck yeah.

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I can never find it in a decent resolution online; but that one piece in the 3rd edition rulebook. Black Templar with a powerfist and bolter, holding up a ruined standard and looking like hell while casually knocking off shots

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Dark Angels fanboy for life.

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shit sorry for the links to posts. I use it to bring up the quick reply but then forget to delete them

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...huh. I don't even like most of these, let alone any of them being 'favourite' material. But I could swear I have seen some Warhammer artwork I liked...

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This is our favorite pieces of art, not yours. Obvious Troll is Obvious.

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> let me just get out my reading hammer

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my personal fav

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I am appalled by the distinct lack of John Blanche up in this motherfucker

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>come at me bro

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No trolling intended, was just an observation. I think I'm more a Blanche fan, most of the other stuff feels a bit... generic, I guess. The genestealer heads are fun, though.

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There is a disturbing insufficiency of Karl Kopinski in this thread.

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Not enough fantasy goodness

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Burn them with HOLY PROMETHIUM!

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The only way to deal with furfags.

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God damn, why are all of these ALMOST the right aspect ratio to be a wallpaper, but can't be cropped without losing important details or blown up without harming quality.

If anyone has wallpaper-ratio versions of artwork I would suck your cock tenfold. I'm a 16:9 master race.

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I too am in the same boat

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that's a nice piece you have there

I think i'll take it, keep posting if you have more please

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Personal favorite

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i like it though.

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dornian heresy time?

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What better time of the day?

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actually those 2 are the only dornian heresy art i have

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Oh god Death Korps of Krieg... of all WH40K's armies they're the ones that make me go nuts

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Silly Traitor Guard, I guess even the Chaos need throwaway grunts

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I would but I'm running out. I've already posted most of what I've got.

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thats a tau

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My bad, I wondered why a Traitor Guardsmen was situated in a pod. Clearly it was a battlesuit

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no problem.

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Not enough fantasy.

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ok thats enough.

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these bolters look less like actual guns but like a piece of industrial equipement.

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I cannot understand this fascination towards the Warhammer 40k universe. Is the cathartic violence? Is the obvious parody of all the science fiction tropes talking about brilliant futures (which never existed in good sci-fi)? Is the misunderstanding the setting having a right wing agenda subtext?

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well they are built for 8 foot tall super solders.

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Its the pauldrons.

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you're over thinking it.

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>Implying Bolters aren't over-sized rivet guns with more of a bang

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I would not be surprised if bolters were essentially a repurposed STC design of just that.

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It is the scale and depth. Anything can happen, and it does, all day, every day, at 250% maximum awesome. It is the over-the-top-80's, super-gritty-90's, and depth-demanding-2K's all blended together into one multimedia story. It harkens to the classic tales of the Gothic Age, the epic fables of Northern Europe, the darkness and detached sentimentalism of WW1, the corrupt tales of the urban underworld, the mind-warping fantasies of Lovecraft, and all while maintaining a sense of dark humor and romantic heroism.

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Maybe I am, but I am worried. I had read not long ago the article written by Norman Spinrad in Isaac Asimov's SF magazine titled "Emperor of everything". At first I laughed at it, but then started to analyze the message and then started to get worried perhaps Generation Y will not be like Generation X and Spinrad wasn't wrong at all.

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Yep, thats 40k allright.

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don't forget the gregorian choir of enraged neckbeards that accompany it

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>Anything can happen, and it does, all day, every day, at 250% maximum awesome.
>250% maximum awesome.
How old are you?
>Gothic Age, the epic fables of Northern Europe, the darkness and detached sentimentalism of WW1.
Is curious, you sound like the typical literary critic from Nazi Germany.

No, really, WH40k was a joke which has over inflated into something which could become a vehicle for ideas which can be pernicious for a non prepared mind which can misunderstood the setting. There is a difference between making fun of facsism pseudo culture and other very different is becoming an accidental vehicle for pro-facsist mindset.

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I prefer to imagine scantily clad SOB singing, but the neckbeards drive the point home.

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Seriously, are you autistic?

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Scantily clad ladies are boring. Sure they're sexy, but they just sit around.

The screams of the fa/tg/uys as they roll in the muck is music to my ears. Especially the ones who "leave" (but not really) and play other games (but like to compare them to 40k at every given opportunity).

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This was the picture that got me to start a Necron army 10 years ago.

Still playing them today.

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>Derp, I can't think about a better counter argument as call someone names.

George Sorel was autistic, motherfucker should had cut his own hands before write his crap, perhaps we wouldn't had guys like Mussolini or Hitler around in the first mid part of the 20th century if that motherfucker didn't "revised" Marxism. "Derp, I am a closeted homosexual catholic and I hate science and technology, let's say Marxism is awesome if we get rid of the scientific and rational part and just take the violent revolution thing, yeah, because a masturbate to Homeric heroes and I want modern society be aristocratic and warrior like...herp derp..."

W40k is fun, the problem is when people start to put it into everything, like someone who has only eat fast food his entire life and cannot live with ketchup and mustard in every meal. Or worse, they cannot see the joke behind the setting or in the subtext.

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>There is a difference between making fun of facsism pseudo culture and other very different is becoming an accidental vehicle for pro-facsist mindset.

First of all, oh, no. Not accidentally and unwittingly having a mindset that could be conductive to fascism! Fascism wouldn't have been a thing in the first place if human nature wasn't pretty conductive to it in the first place, you know. That's nothing to worry about by itself, any more than horrid, gory violence in video games warping the minds of our youth.

Secondly, why does it have to be either of those options? I don't care about the FASCIST FASCIST FASCIST part of W40K either way; I'm more interested in the faux-medievalism and over the top aesthetics, which have been shaped by many other influences as well.

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> How old are you?
26, why?

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I got into it because i dug the concept of a universe where there are dozens of factions and absolutely no good guys.

>> No.19234934

So you are into it thanks to the kitsch?
Oh yes, forget most of the people here live in North America and doesn't have access to fucktons of boring, repetitive, Gothic cathedrals around.

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Sure is summer in here.

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Sadistic fun is not for me, yes.
However WH40k setting still haves Rogue Traders which still have the charm of space opera and age of sail adventure.

>> No.19234971

>Sadistic fun is not for me,

then why are you on 4chan?

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I've got one in my neighborhood (picture related)

nothing on the european ones (which I've seen many of first hand), but it's a nice landmark, You yuropoors don't appreciate what you've got

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Oh Emperor, my sides!

How old are you, did you just arrive or some shit? Do yourself a favor and repeat this phrase. "Lurk more, post less."

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Hey, WH40k can be either seen asa parody if you like it that way or can be thought of seriously, if the setting appeals to you. there is no need to be shitting on one or the other just because you don't like the alternative.

If I think ow 40k seriously, it does not mean I'm a retard who is amazed by over the top shit, and If I think of 40k in a more ironic way that does not mean I'm a stuck up asshole who disregards other perspectives.

I think that /tg/ is a testament to the co-existence and combination of the two views, judging by the amount of comical and serious material we've seen produced here over the years.
We've seen funny, romantical, serious and downright bizzare quests, stories, drawings and so on. I can be engaged with 40k and treat it seriously when I want to but at the same time i'm able to poke fun at it and laugh.

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You are fucking small time, yankee.

>> No.19235005

No, you are just new here.

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If I'm amazed by over-the-top shit, it doesn't mean I'm a retard.

>> No.19235008

I think you mistook me with someone else.

>> No.19235012

canuck, actually

But I did say that it's nothing on the european ones.

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No, samefriend. You've got the same typing pattern as that earlier guy, mind not shitting this thread up?

Norway stronk, you smalltime.

>> No.19235038

>You've got the same typing pattern as that earlier guy

seriously, try some other method for spotting people, since now you are just being retarded.

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Is go time!


>> No.19235054

Either that's the cathedral in R'lyeh, or someone really fucking needs a new camera.

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Fuck yeah, look at DAT ROSETTE!

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File: 55 KB, 600x398, 50-Most-Extraordinary-Churches-Cadet-Chapel-Air-Force-Academy-Colorado-USA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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File: 125 KB, 531x800, 50-Most-Extraordinary-Churches-Chapel-in-the-Rock-Arizona-USA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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You are all smalltime

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File: 37 KB, 372x252, cathedralpalma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck yeah, Europe strong!

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File: 99 KB, 600x430, 50-Most-Extraordinary-Churches-Thorncrown-Chapel-Eureka-Springs-AR-USA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


oh wow. more Gothic churches. how exciting and original

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Your in a 40k thread nigga. You get bonus points for gothic architecture

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fair enough

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I'm starting to think you're just looking to start an argument about fascism. No one was talking about marxism or sorel or anything remotely related to it until you barged in. Save it for your political theory classes and coffee shop meets; we just want to look at pretty pictures.

>> No.19235308

you idiot, if you haven't noticed, he did not post shit after that. its you who is shitting up the thread by replying to him.

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Distinct lack of Guard in this thread.

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