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"Murder, theft, and worse trouble orc camps,"

Oh cool, 5e is putting rape right in the core books.

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Hey guys this barbaric horde commits rape! Oh no! This is horrible and cannot have any literary or historical foundation!


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Why is rape worse than murder OP?

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Why do you need GRITTY REALISM in a game about pretending to be an elf?

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(There are no core books for 5e yet)

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Source on the quote or STFU and GTFO.

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Rape isn't more gritty than murder and theft.

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Bro, you play a band of murder-hobos. Murdering is your whole job in many campaigns. But rape? That's a nit low, don't you think?

Basically this game (among other things like pop culture in general) treats death as "no biggie" but rape is more of a "ah, shit nigga! You just fucked up!" kind of thing.
Op has fallen for it and doesn't think for himself.

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I don't but I'm confused why this is an issue at all. It makes sense to me. Orcs are bad guys with a predatory culture.

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If you want to play in a world where rape doesn't exist, go ahead. The core books didn't say "orc camps have rape orgies every monday", it said "Murder, theft, and worse" - which leaves plenty of room for interpretation either way. Basically, they're just suggesting these camps have little in the way of morals.

As a rape victim, though, I think just pretending rape doesn't exist is fucking stupid.

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It's in the bestiary for the playtest.

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Is a modify memory spell to rape the same as a resurrection spell is to murder ?

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As a rape victim, I don't want to be suddenly reminded of rape when I'm playing a game for fun.

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Maybe "or worse" means torture?

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>As a rape victim, though, I think just pretending rape doesn't exist is fucking stupid.

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If it was torture, why wouldn't they just outright mention it? Rape is the only thing that they'd hide like that.

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As a rape victim, I'm hungry.

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then that's what works for you, and you don't have to have it in your games. It's the opposite for me. It's not that I want to hear about graphic depictions of rape, it's just that I have no qualms with the idea that barbarian hordes probably contain rapists.

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>I don't want to be suddenly reminded of rape
It's okay if there's foreshadowing ?

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So make that clear to your dm or party, but barbaric hordes rapin' and pillagin' is a classic trope.

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of my rape? Fuck the hell off.

me too, bro.

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Dude, not cool.

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Where do you think Half orcs come from? You think human mothers want to fuck full orcs? Seriously?

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>implying human mothers

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I'd bet that the discussion will die down between 100 and 150 replies.

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one player of mine has a half-orc character whose orc mommy and human daddy love each other very much. Fucking cute, imo.

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Well yeah, guys cant get raped

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It's not because of morbid and perverted curiosity, it's just for potential use as inspiration and source material in my campaigns.

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obvious troll is obvious

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Humans will fuck anything, bro.

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You're a sad, sad little man.

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I'm more interested in the wording, actually.

Murder and theft in an orc camp? You mean, just like in your typical real or imaginary human city?

This calls for an orc paladin to clean this place up. Theft is particularly heinous - you'd think the orcs would be content to steal from other people and then divvy up the loot or something, but they steal from each other too? Urgh.

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What classic books have rape hordes as a thing?

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....you have heard of the vikings, right?

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Runequest has rape hordes!

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No, that was an orc.

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> 4e

> 5e adds subtext back in.
More trolls trying to start shit. Stop replying.

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He was talking from personal experience. He tried, you know.

He has not yet discovered buttsex.

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...you have heard of at least ONE of every war in history, right?

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Vikings aren't a book. I mean, yeah, rape happens in real life. So does dying from a horrible infection after being wounded in battle. That doesn't mean it's good for epic fantasy fiction.

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why wouldn't rape happen?
>The hordes of darkness are ravaging the land! looting, murdering and enslaving but not raping because, y'know, demonspawn just are not comfortable with that...

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Why is no one focusing on a more pressing issue? It's been decided by the developers that an entire race of people are barbaric savages incapable of any action more complex than looting and pillaging. And yet these people are genetically similar enough to humans that they can produce viable offspring together. This is racist, guys.

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Runequest deals with it in a far more mature way than vague creepiness, though.

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> 2008-2009
> Complain about Half-orcs not raping.

> 2012
> Complain that they are raping

YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. But seriously, stop replying to people. Yall' niggas postin in a troll thread.

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>their BBEG did not skullfuck someone to death

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>Yall' niggas postin in a troll thread.
Yeah, we know. So what ?

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>thinks it's perfectly okay to have rape in d&d
>wonders why more women and kids don't try roleplaying games
>wonders why hobby is dying

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>hobby is dying
>has more people doing it now than ever before

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Because it's a fantasy game, and the only things that happen in it are what the author puts in? Why does rape need to be included?

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Real life nomadic warrior tribes tended to be more egalitarian than the people they butchered.

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OP, if you're going to starta new thread could you include this download link in the OP for those who have not yet downloaded it.


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why does war and killings?
Why not make it a pristine utopia where everyone are friends?

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> 4e had no rape
> Mfw your argument is paper thin
> Mfw you're just a shitposter.
Go fuck yourself with a rusty shovel.

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>has more people doing it now than ever before
haha, no, sales have been steadily been going downwards.

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It is perfectly okay. If your group is fine with it, which is why it's implied, not explicitly stated.

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cus everyone are downloading the books

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So wait...

What are we talking about?

Whether or not orks rape or whether or not it should be in the game or somthing else?

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But it's still pretty obvious, it's just not directly stated so they can wiggle out of it when people call them out.

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>economy is shit
>people dont spend their money on books

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could an elf rape an orc
that is what we are discussing

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>>post blog article with no citations

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oj all of ye really twisted writefags and drawfags, I summon thee

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I doubt an elf could overpower an orc in such a way unless it was a strong elf and a fairly weak orc, probably having not reached maturity.

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The real problem is that D&D orcs have always been an allegory for black stereotypes and serve as a way for suburban teenagers to indulge in their racial anxieties.

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I'd say they simply represent a more primitive barbaric society, not pertaining to a particular race per se.

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What If the elf put somthing in the orcs drink, and then raped it?

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>Germanic-like barbarian race with Berserkers

Yeah bro blacks are know for dressing in bear pelts, using axes and pillaging shit in Europe back in the day.

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I think there's some basis to his point.

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Even better!
srsly though. Elfs are tricky bastards... they could use weakening poison arrows, snare traps...elf tricks!

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>They are a separate race
>Race is defined by being dark skinned, athletic and violent

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>elf X orc shota
>I can't masturbate to this

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Magic? Rope or chains?

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Magic ?
But orcs have only +4 strength, while wood or wild elves have +2, IIRC.

>> No.19225109

eh, magic is kinda boring.

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The 5e fluff has orcs poisoning the surrounding land by just existing. It's stupid.

>> No.19225117

>Dark skinned
In D&D they are either green or gray.
Because white medievel men weren't athletic and violent nor were parts of cultures that indulged in this.

>> No.19225124

weeaakening poisons/drugs
mithril chains!
elf tricks...

>> No.19225125

My elf has a strength of 28, I think it's possible.

>> No.19225132

Herbal roofies.

>> No.19225134

originality in my D&D?
Perish the thought!

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>Elf druid used vines
>Orc warioress is ensnared
someone make this happen

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>Athletic and violent, oh and dark skin, must be black allegory

You're hearing hooves and thinking zebras. Pretty much every society today were once athletic and violent societies. Skin colour wasn't a contributing factor.
Stop projecting your own racist views onto others.

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Huh. Could be interesting, actually.

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I want story-tiem too, but Will not happen.

Alas elfs like the Blair ones or the shitty ones?

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Jesus Christ what the hell is this?

>> No.19225279

How does one determine rape results? Is there a rape mechanic?

>> No.19225280

we can get 5+ pages of bug erotica but not a little elf-on-orc action...

>> No.19225311

When the wizard shouts for the monk to rape the enemy wizard...he MEANS IT

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I mad.

This one gets me everytime.

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Elf-in-Orc it's pretty rare, I have Orc-in-Elf, but not the contrary.
A pair of Elfins and a Sorcerer, alas an unspeakable horror next door.

>> No.19225383

excactly! This is why we need Elf on orc!
post what you got nevertheless

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Any preference,Straigth, Loli, Shota or Yaoi? Yaoi and shota it's pretty rare, I will have troubles searching it, but straigth and loli are very popular. I mean orc-in-elf.

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orc sex is probably very...basic...
whereas elves have spent years mastering the, ahem, finer points of lovemaking.
That oughta catch an orc off guard

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/d/! I've missed you! Sorry I haven't come to visit lately, but it was so good of you to pop round. I'll go put the kettle on for you!

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>Elven men don`t wander into orcish territory in search of children to sodemize and take to their shitty tree cities.

>> No.19225661

Fuck's sake! WHERE did you find collection of Blair's works? SHARE!

>> No.19225667

>this is what elves want you to believe! Guard your preteen daughters orcs!

>> No.19225751

I'll eat my own hat the day I see an elf chase after an orcish vixen. Elven men prefer men or women that look like small men. Why do yo think elven women look so petite. Its evolution

>> No.19225838

someone post the picture
you know what picture

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Normally in torrents, but you can try some rules, chans and the like.

This one? You sick bastard.

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Orcish children wander into Elvin territory to sodomize Elven men and women.


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n-no...the one where the elf stares at a curvy woman and a female elf says she does not know what "you guys see in human women"

>> No.19226026

Without rapes, dildos, anything? Well, I will search, bur will be hard and I don't promise to find it.

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>OP "subtly" implies that rape is worse than murder

I love summer

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Why the sage?

>> No.19226901

>Why the sage?

Why not? Would you feel less threatened if I posted with an invisisage?

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Hate to say this here, but...


>> No.19229167


.... it's in the thread.

>> No.19229325

Cant see any link nor names, beside "blair", what you could understand is not enough.

>> No.19229354

If you've been here more than a month, you know fully well that we've had this debate multiple times over winter and spring.

>> No.19229409




does anyone else think that the having advantage and creatures with negative attack modifers is silly?

.... it's not like makes the attacks hit all that much.

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Bah. Look, when you throw rape into the mix with a group of people at the table, you need to make sure they're all mature enough to know and properly carry out how their characters would react to the witness or knowledge of a rape.

I think in most groups, it's asking for a giant de-rail and bickering much like that found in this thread. Better to exclude it entirely, because, you know what? It's not relevant. If I wanna go traipsing around a fantasy land as a half-orc, do we -need- to talk about my heritage? And if we do, and it was rape, we have to go into all this hullabaloo about 'Yeah, those damn stupid orc tribes that regularly raid villages and capture women to rape for the rest of their lives.' Isn't that a bit dark and distracting? If I were a character in a setting like that, I'd either sigh and hope we ignore it and don't touch on it again, or go full white-knight and become a Paladin of the order "You Rape, You Die." Honestly, you're just asking for autists like me to get hung up on all the murder and rape going on and try to mount a crusade against all the evils.

So for Simplicity's sake, can't we just ignore it and go fight an undead lord or dragon of some sort? I just want to pretend to be a hero for a night, do we have to bring in all these atrocious real-world problems?

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I think it has to be something special of america, because i havent seen in my life someone freaking out because somebody talk about rape in a role game.

>> No.19229631

>and worse

If they're specifically referencing rape than them being too pussy to name the deed speaks ill for the writing.

3e was marxist enough when it referred to the player character as "she". Remember when DnD's monster manual had a barechested bitch held by a demon and a Conan-like warrior preparing to save her?

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It's not just the U.S. that has rape on the brain when it comes to gaming. This is Scandinavian.

Jesus Christ, dude.

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I dont mean that the Us talk about rape. What i say is the opposite, that everybody on /tg/ is always freaking out whenever someone talk about "sex in rpg". I dont know what is the problem with some reality in games, with orcs raping women when they raid a town. You dont describe it, and thats all, but you dont need to erase it from existence because "is weird".

>> No.19229700

We still cling to our petty morals. To me, there're few greater breaches in personal freedom than the unwillful entry into your body by another person. If I am in a situation were I'm able to prevent that, I would. Rape in role-playing games is like... Well, I feel like if it were there, I'm obligated to prevent it. It's distracting. It's a rage button. And I don't want my game to devolve into a massive circle-jerk of killing rapists, or raping everyone. Both are value-less and disrespectful. I'm an emotional person. If I have to deal with it, I will, but why should I have to?

>> No.19229719

Less of a troll thread, more of an orc thread.

>> No.19229728

Thats true, i forgot how players can be trully psycopath in games.

But beside that, you dont need to make rape the main problem in your game. You just say "the orcs have raided this town. It seems that orcs have killed the guards, raped the women and eaten the children. Their tracks leads to..."

It is there, you dont make a big deal about it, and it wont be it.

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God, I remember that fucking scenario. We had no idea what we'd signed up for, only time I've ever seen a con-game group just collectively "nope" and leave

>> No.19229810

If there's the detail of orc raping women in there, it suddenly becomes MUCH more personal. On the one hand, it's a trigger word to make me emotionally invested in killing something. On the other hand, I hope there wasn't supposed to be any intrigue or plot. Because my character's existence is now geared toward destroying an orc tribe. I know it's silly, but it's a fantasy world and you've presented me with an evil I'm capable of destroying. Maybe you're more desensitized than I am, I dunno. I'm weird. You'd call me a hypocrite if you saw the porn I get of to, or perhaps suggest I have a guilt complex. It's just easier to have a setting where orcs are a legitimate civilization and not just some mindless group of murderers, thieves and rapists that do whatever they can get away with. Then we don't have to even worry about it.

>> No.19229823

Little backstory, if you please?

>> No.19229921

You know what the biggest problem with using rape in TRPGs is? It's not that it's skeevy and kind of messed up, it's not about maturity or lack thereof, and it's not even about lack of sensitivity to rape victims.

It's fucking lazy writing. It's trying to be shocking and show how evil the bad guy or whatever is, and it's just fucking lazy. There are plenty of ways to make a villain villainous, and going "he's a rapist" is about the laziest way I can think of. You know that just bringing it up is probably going to make someone uncomfortable or outraged, but there are ways to get across that someone is bad without bringing up rape,

>> No.19229924


I'd be emotionally invested in killing them anyway considered they already murdered two thirds of the town anyway, and they saved the much more painful and scary death for children. I mean, considered they already raped and murdered their way through town, I get the feeling they're probably not above killing the kids before they ate them.

That being said, I'd really only be annoyed if it was a universal theme, like ALL orc bands are made up of child-killers and rapists, instead of one or two bands and the rest vary from "stereotypical Native America shamanistic nomads" to "loosely associated band of murderhobos who give out skull medals to anyone who can get a 'raped a family to death' achievement" levels of dickery. Partly because I hate the idea of anything besides outer planar creatures and demons being a race of completely evil, and partly because I hate the species of hats thing.

>> No.19229956

Oh, no, in fact it is the same for me. It makes me be more brutal and that kind of thing. But that is a very personal situation. In the long run, dealing with rape in the background just make the setting more real, and you give your players, if they want, to deal with it more personally, getting involved with the victims, or doing as you do, getting offended IC and roleplay a more rude and brutal character.

>> No.19229976

Or meaby is something that just happend. Getting a town attacked by vikings and letting all the women untouched is just plain unrealistic.

>> No.19230003

It was at Fastaval (a Danish con), and I was like 15 or something

So we get into the room, and get into different playgroups sorted by age. We get the scenarios (it was a bunch of short ones, but this is the only one I really remember, we didn't play any of them) and head of to our room; it was GM-less, more LARP than traditional tabletop (which isn't unusual).

So we start reading, and it's all a bit hazy, but I seem to recall the scenario text basically saying "Pick which one of you gets raped. The others are rapists"

I haven't dared sign up for a "for mature players" game since

>> No.19230007

Thats the thing, not having it everywhere, but not erasing it at all. Taking rape and child eating to a "regular, normal level". Some enemies does it, some doesnt.

>> No.19230150

>Getting a town attacked by vikings and letting all the women untouched is just plain unrealistic.

Might be unrealistic, sure. But does a game really lose all that much by pointing out and highlighting mass rape?

>> No.19230170

I fail to see the fun in that. Unless everyone's jacking off and hasn't a trace of shame or decency.

>> No.19230196


You can't because no one wants to rape you.

>> No.19230200

I dont know, dude. Vikings rape, so they do it in the game. It is not about fun or not having fun, we just have it there. The thing is that we dont actually thing about it.

I srsly cant understand you and how you get all nervious because of any sex-kind of action in a RPG.

>> No.19230252


I would figure having multiple people interested in raping him would make it even less fun, considering the entire purpose of rape is the target isn't supposed to enjoy it. Then it's just a surprise gangbang with angry pillow talk.

>> No.19230273

Kinda making it worse, bro.

>> No.19230351

Perhaps that's the problem; you don't think. I envy you, really. I wish I could just brazenly ignore any controversial subject matter's implications.

>> No.19230430

I dont ignore them, i just dont make a huge ball out of it. If they rape, it affects me ooc and ic, as if they kill any women (kind of a whitenight). But i just keep it IC.

>> No.19233832
File: 185 KB, 843x1134, Cool_Mermaid_Surprise_Buttsex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try searching Boys of Blair, bro.

Alas why we are only discussing Elf/orc rape? We have a lot of murderous and violators species in D&D, eager to plunder and rape for some inch of land, for fun or because an evil lord say so.

>> No.19234169

Specific site, or just Google?

>> No.19234301

These I'm posting are from an old torrent, but I think than some chan, rule34 sites and the like have some nice pieces.

Goggle it, doesn't hurt.

>> No.19234330

Well I wasn't thinking of fapping tonight

But oh well

>> No.19234362

Clearly orcs are derivatives speculators.

>> No.19236120


>> No.19236211

Sure it's a motivation for a quest or something. I just don't want to sit through 10 minutes of someone describing it in explicate detail.

>> No.19236940

"...and worse..."
So torture, forced indoctrination, hating anything different, neglect of anyone not powerful enough to fight back.... Orcs are the Teabaggery Party?

>> No.19237439

Tried Google, got a bunch of random stuff about the town of Blair. Yes, even with quotation marks.

...then I turned off Safesearch.

First result's a beyond-primitive Angelfire site for a gay magazine, and then I get a couple sites that "aren't available in my country."

Throw it on MediaFire and then on /rs/?

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But if it's a slave, it's considered rape or not?

>> No.19237471

>thinks it's perfectly okay to have rape in d&d
>wonders why more women and kids don't try roleplaying games

Game of Thrones on NYTimes bestseller list and does huge ratings for HBO, huge DVD/BR sales and huge download numbers.

Women love it all over tumblr.

Filled with rape.

You think women are immediately turned off by rape? Have you EVER been with one?

>> No.19237485

Well, that depends.

Do you need your couch to consent before having your way with it?

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Well, bro, I have something for you.
Go e-hentai. Regist with any account with false email. Then go to exhentai.org, and search blair.


>> No.19237515


There. Now you can stop asking for the source.

>> No.19237523

Corporate embezzlement
Exploitation of the legal system
Bribery though lobbyist
Money Loans
Slurping your soup and eating with your mouth open

There are things worse the forcible genital contact.

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Bro? Was useful or not?

>> No.19237595

I should probably do that one of these days, but I don't remember the site that gave you disposable emails.

I could use that add-on designed so you can use a single generic set of accounts, but dense motherfucker that I am I didn't bookmark it.

>> No.19237604


>> No.19237610


The thing is, half-orcs are mongrels. No human would willingly mate with an orc. Even Evil characters tend to have better taste. The only way the race could possibly exist is rape.

>> No.19237619

>Corporate embezzlement
>Exploitation of the legal system
>Bribery though lobbyist


>> No.19237621


You forgot a major one:

Not using a coaster.

Also, stripping the fighter down to just "Attack" and having no other fucking options.

>> No.19237635

Bonus points if the CEO and CRO are Ghengis Khan and Attilla the Hun

>> No.19237650
File: 43 KB, 525x635, 1329201933077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With false email I was meaning any email, it's easy and the pr0n it's countless. A true BONER paradise.

>> No.19237674

i have raped female npc's in game as a gnome shit was funny teach those fucking drow who is boss

>> No.19237689
File: 22 KB, 394x407, 1329953849977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*High Five*

>> No.19237692

Okay, obviously you're part of some organization and you want to tell me about it.

Alright, I'll bite. What is BONER.

>> No.19237715

after all use rope is a skill for a reason

>> No.19237727

Rapists gonna rape is pretty much my attitude to it.

That said, it really is a very individual/specific group thing. It's best to just avoid bringing it up if you think you're playing with people who could either react badly to it or react with too much enthusiasm (or worse still, both). I like to think most people could be reasonably mature about it, though, in which case it would remain a detail.

Of course, if we were playing a game set in Glorantha, chances are I'd put in some rape anyway. Firstly, can't have broos without rape (literally), secondly, gotta give the Babeester Gor woman something to do.

>> No.19237746


On one hand, you are vile.

On the other hand, Drow.

>> No.19237807
File: 36 KB, 450x349, 1329751078736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is boner? BONER my friend, will be a site with all the fetish, deviations, porn o whatever make you hard in one site. It's a simple idea, but nearly impossible to do. Our commissars will inform you when the time it's right, until then enjoy!.

>> No.19237937

i will point out that if we had women in the party i wouldn't have done that it was a bunch of 20-30 males

>> No.19238194

those are the "chamber larps" or whatever, don't know the proper English term. And yes there are games with rape and such but those games are supposed to be serious one where you after the thing actually think about the whole thing, it's like experiencing the "whole thing" in a controlled weakened state.
But the games like that are usually the rare ones.

>> No.19238211


So am I getting this straight, you're saying there are Rape LARPs?

I have no idea whether to be horrified or impressed.

>> No.19238231

Why not both?

>> No.19238274
File: 1.86 MB, 330x270, smooth_entrance.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19238356

there are even gangrape larps in scandinavia, I have a pdf somewhere which tell more about this stuff

>> No.19238386

>there are even gangrape larps in scandinavia, I have a pdf somewhere which tell more about this stuff


I had the PDF several years ago and lost it. I've been emailing the creator regularly about getting a new one but he never responds.

>> No.19238428

here it is, although I did not read it yet, only another hungarian larpfag started it.

>> No.19238657

excerpt from the pdf

>Case st udydy 1: Gang Rape vs. Fatat Man Down
>Both of these games use powerful techniques to create an intense and uncomfortable experience for the players. The crucial difference between these games is that while every participant in Gang Rape must read all the material beforehand, in Fat Man Down there are nasty surprises and even abuse of trust regarding safety words. In Gang Rape everyone is informed of the techniques used and thus can imagine what the game will be like and participate consensually, while in Fat Man Down this is made impossible on purpose. The closing remarks of Fat Man Down clearly show that despite the apparent contradiction, it is made like this on purpose: ”Also make sure that everyone, especially the player playing the Fat Man, is in on what is going to happen. Ganging up on one player is a powerful tool, roleplay-wise as well as psychologically.” At the same time, it can also be argued that just reading the rules of Gang Rape does not prepare the participants thoroughly enough, as very few players are capable of imagining what that combination of game mechanics and themes will create just by reading the rules. Overall both of these games aim for such an extreme experience that extra caution is required to avoid unethical or unsafe choices. A clear difference in how informed the players are when playing makes Fat Man Down more questionable compared to Gang Rape. However, these are not the most unethical games around: they both clearly state their nature in the game material.

>> No.19238744

So, wait. Does that mean there's actual intercourse involved in this shit?

>> No.19238772
File: 214 KB, 1600x900, 1325563639124.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a rape perpetrator, I approve.

>> No.19238779

you mean actual sex? no.
There are even some rape games where you are not even allowed to touch the other, you can tell what would you do in the situation (and games like that are mostly 18+ too).
Some of these games are very close to "anonym XY meetings"

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