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Hi, I would like to start a drawthread if that's alright.

Please keep requests relatively simple, but I will do my best with any request, and reference is always good. Please also keep in mind when requesting that I'm not very good at this and I usually draw just cute things.

Thank you!

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A Night Lord with a bomb, just like this picture

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Draw her punching through someone with her powerfists

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I'll repost from the previous thread:

Boone encounters Xeno, clumsiness and d'aww happen. I leave the details to you.

Or just draw TIDF and his adorable, curvy little sister. As you know, he hates fun, and the implication that some tau girls might look hot.

Or maybe this: A dark eldar Archon is opening a gift box sent by Vect, expecting it to blow up in his face, or something worse. In fact, it contains Krieg-chan. Shipment mistake. Somewhere else in Commorragh, a whole district is incinerated. Vect is disappoint.

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A cute eldar banshee

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This, but drawn in your usual style.

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Marchosias (pic) saying "Wanted some faggy shonnen guy? TOO BAD IT'S JUST ME, THE LORD OF CARNAGE! RIP AND TEAR!"

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A bishounen tau.

>> No.19220830

Something like this if you can but with marchosias.

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Draw me a cute female Necron cryptek

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Lydia, a half-elven girl of twenty or so, with shoulder length reddish hair and green eyes. She dresses in fairly simple clothing: a sleeveless brown leather tunic that drops to just above her knees over a brightly colored shirt with billowy long sleeves, and close-fitting leather pants with a sturdy pair of matching boots, almost knee-high. Her demeanor is probably best described as "cheerfully amoral." She carries a number of daggers, but they're all well concealed unless she's using them or showing off.

If it helps, she's my rogue in a Pathfinder campaign, with the Charlatan archetype. Very much the party face, though not so much the brains.

Pic is a pretty good reference for hairstyle and colors, though the clothing isn't quite right.

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A ridiculously fluffy, huge and fat pigeon.

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Here you go sir

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We needed you. We needed you here.

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a cutesy goblin pirate wielding a scimitar in one hand, while aiming a double-barreled flintlock with the other hand

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Thank you

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Draw Inquisitor Dedede with a Daemonhammer, please.

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Sorry this took a bit long, sir

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But 40k is British as fuck...

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Punching the Emperor? That's at least double heresy.

I'd love to request something, if I might, fair drawfriend. A Dwarf in powerarmor holding a chain or power axe. Kinda like the attached, but with power armor.

He's going to be an NPC in a rogue trader game I'm trying to put together (futuring Tech Heresy! Yay!)

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Could you make a group portrait of our dark heresy group that survived all the way to ascension?

The Inquisitor: (reference in pic)
Blackadder in space essentially with the clothing being made of Mesh, proudly displaying his rosette in the chest with a rubik's cube in the middle.
His equipment consists of two bolt pistols, a digi-menta on his right hand and a psy-focus and divination focus, buth shaped as rubik's cubes, the one with 3 and the other 5 rows.

The Crusader:
The only character with no rererence picture.
The crusader is a tall muscular man, about 1.95 cm tall, dressed completely in the best quality grey power armour with midnight blue edges, ingraved with hexagrammatic wards and ordo malleus ciphers.
On the left arm there is mounted a warded buckler designed to be used together with the Thunder hammer that has become his signature weapon.
And for ranged combat he has a large sacristian bolter with an inquisitorial I etched on it.
The face is completely covered in different scars, the scalp covered in deep cuts and the face sprinkled with burn scars.

The Rogue Trader: (reference in pic)
The rogue trader we work together with, and the inquisitors rival is a slightly tall man with black mesh clothes resembling a ww2 SS uniform with a black carapace mounted on the chest.
In his belt he keeps a serpentine power sword, and slung across his back is an angelus bolter. His face can be seen in pic related.

The Vindicare: Says it self...


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The Sage: (Reference in pic)
The sage is an arbites turned scholar, now wearing a black coat made of mesh (see pic related) instead of his old arbite armour.
A cylindrical cogitator can be seen implanted on the right side of his head, and all the hair has been replaced with wires connecting the cogitator to the brain and cybernetic left eye.
His right arm is cybernetic and contains a power blade that can be shot out of the arm through the leather gloves he wears.
As a weapon he uses a modified shotgun capable of auto-fire at extreme rates.

The Interrogator: (Reference in pic)
The interrogator is an older administratum clerk and merchant with golden "fairy hair" which is caused by his void-born origins. Face is (pic related).
He wears a dark administratum robe with a mesh combat cloak underneath, and a hexagrammatic warded carapace breastplate and a spectre rifle at his side (folding stock spec ops rifle essentially).

The Primaris Psyker: (Reference in pic)
Has originally been drawn as in pic related and the only change is that he is skinnier, and his two swords are in a back sheate.

>40,000 offgide
Well this IS about 40000 years of the guide yes

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You REALLY want them all to be kawaii uguu?

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Here you go, sir

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Here you go, sir

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Requesting a couple of minions based on the character in pic goofing off together.

>> No.19221378

goddamn this is kawaii, nigga.

But have you ever tried drawing chicks that look cute AND sexy?

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I'll have to decline sir, I'm sorry

Here you go sir

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Thanks you sir.

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Repostan from previous thread: this, but with kobolds, please?

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Here you go, sir

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Here you go, sir

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These are both excellent.

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That's amazing! Thanks!

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How about a picture of the Madoka girls at ye olde gaming night, with Kyubey behind the GM screen? For added effect, he can simply be saying "The Paladin falls" while Sakaya throws her sheet, pencil, and dice into the air in rage.

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Do you dare enter my magical realm?

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Here you go, sir

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This is one mighty pigeon

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We just finished a 40k themed RPG, two players fell to chaos, and the Loyalist psyker was killed by one of said players.

The survivor was Lord Inquisitor Valen, the cigar smoking, moustache wearin' mothertrucker.

If you could draw him standing ontop of a destroyed chaos dreadnought with a berzerker at his feet I would love you forever.

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I second this request.

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Could you draw a long haired ball jointed doll in gothic clothes riding a roomba?

>> No.19222206

Here you go, sir

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>> No.19222329

A young female city guard dealing with travellers coming through the city gates.

>> No.19222359

How about a cat mascot for the Grey Knights? :3

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You may not have noticed this, but Protoculture tend to draw requests in the order they've been given instead of picking out specific ones.

>> No.19222414


Here you go, sir

And I'll take a short break to eat something! I'll be back in twenty minutes!

>> No.19222429

thanks! looks fantastic :3

>> No.19222472

Thank you.

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A fantasy orc in a Victorian era suit with top hat.

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I'm going to have to request what I requested earlier. A Vindicare holding a cloak seemingly baffled, an inquisitorial stormtrooper trying to help him put it on, an eldar fellow in a trench coat smoking an iho stick and to top it off what looks like a Magos-esque fellow with an iron hands heraldry robe missing an arm staring at them all like they are retarded, all standing close together of course. God damn, I love my dark heresy group.

>> No.19222539

A gritty, dirty, badly scarred Dragonborn ranger in leather armor. He fights with a spear and a fairly large leather shield. He's got a backup spear and some javelins on his back. He's a little more down and dirty lizard-folky than big noble dragonborn type. He has a tail and is darker brownish colored.

>> No.19222605

Four magical girls playing mahjong.
One of them would be smoking a kiseru. A japanese pipe.
Pic related.

>> No.19222704

A shorthaired half-elf who is acidstained and is missing an eyebrow holding up a newly crafted potion, zelda style.
He is carrying a leatherduster and his arms are covered in bandages.

>> No.19222731


Also interested , love pipe smoking girls.

>> No.19222965


Here you go, sir

>> No.19223107


I apologize for the lack of quality, this was really difficult to draw, the reference picture resembles a particularly disturbing nightmare I had

>> No.19223111


could you make one of them hold a strange pipe like this?

>> No.19223130

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I haven't been in a drawthread in ages and ages! Draw me a female barbarian with scars from weapons, please - armored to your taste, although preferably no significant facial obscuring. :D

>> No.19223249

I'll take a brief nap. That last picture did me in a bit, sorry D: I'll be back to finish the requests, though!

>> No.19223273


thanks op! nice work, really.

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Mr. Foster as a little girl in the angle like in the pic, pleading for a hug

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>> No.19224517

This is awesome. Thank you drawfag. Thank you kindly.

>> No.19224544

Right hand looks a little odd, but not too bad.

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Just woke up. That look AMAZING. Thank you so much drawfriend Protoculture!

>> No.19227556


Here you go, sir

>> No.19227622

Sailor Arkham and her Knight Butcher
Sailor Arkham is a skinny girl pale and psychotic looking with a Lovcraftianish spiral oval tattooed on her right cheek.Shes wearing a full body cultist robe cut in place to somewhat resemble a Sailor Suit. Her weapon of choice is a weird three pronged spear
Butcher is a big dude built like a MMA fighter . The guys wearing a gasmask that seems to have melted into his skin, a dirty brown floor length duster , combat pants , and underneath the duster an armored vest covered in Butcher knives and meat cleavers . He's got a copy of the oval spiral on all his blades and his right eye .

>> No.19227639

Yay! It's perfect!

>> No.19227754


How long does it take you ro do these? Drawing pictures just in black and white like that... I should do that, it would certainly help me with my linework.

>> No.19227883


Oh, depending on complexity, it usually takes me 10-30 minutes for one, sometimes longer if I'm putting in details!

>> No.19227994

Hey Proto, requesting a short haired robot girl.

>> No.19228024


Uh, might as well request Sanakan in a thong, by the way.

>> No.19228046


That's still fairly fast, and you're quite good at this.

>> No.19228325


Wow, this came out really nice. What nightmares though?

>> No.19228460


Here you go, sir

>> No.19228953


Oh that's just hilarious

>> No.19229046


Here you go, sir

>> No.19229310

Draw a gun shooting a man.

as is a gun
holding a man
and shooting projectiles from him.

>> No.19229711

A 5'6" chinese woman of about 25 - 27 with a great figure and black bob cut hair. She has large scars over her right eye (with cybernetic eye replacements), her right shoulder down to her breast, the left side of her back (near where her cybernetic arm connects to to shoulder blade), and many smaller scars elsewhere.
She has three major augments: semi-bulky matte black cybernetic arms (that look like they were designed by Aperture from Portal) covered with eggshell-white armour, and a sleek chrome cat tail. The right arm is slightly bulkier and stronger looking than the left (and contains a hidden compartment that holds a pistol in the inner upper arm).
For clothes, stick her in a military style armoured vest with ammo pouches and a combat knife on the right shoulder, and olive drab military fatigue pants.

It's for my shadowrun character (give her an AK-style carbine if you feel like drawing guns) in the same game as >>19229046.

>> No.19230210


Here you go, sir

>> No.19230295

This girl playing Clue with Sherlock Holmes and Arsene Lupin

>> No.19230332

Marseille stuffing her face with donuts

>> No.19230346


>> No.19230389

Got bored, so I colored her. The highlighting on the hair is off, but eh.

Thanks again for the character portrait, kind drawfriend!

>> No.19230422

Cross posting this from another draw thread.

Please and thank you!

>> No.19230478

Filia as a Khornate Berserker, If you would be so kind.

>> No.19230514

A star wars stormtrooper in your style. Anything else is up to you.

>> No.19230585

I would be forever grateful if you could draw a BBEG for me, he's only had vague descriptions up until now and I need to show my players SOMETHING because a bunch of them really dig visuals. He's what I've given them so far:

He's massive, six feet and eleven inches tall, and broad-shouldered, with ashen skin. He's wrapped from his neck to his waist in skintight bandages covered in bloody sigils, and the bandages that wrap his arms unravel as they reach his wrists, revealing long, sharp fingernails, like needles. His steel-studded belt bears a large biohazard buckle and his worn, blood-spattered pants end in ragged edges. He's barefoot, his toenails scraping the pavement like the talons of some bird of prey.

He has scraggly, unhealthy-looking shoulder length hair, and as he removes the bone-white gasmask that covers his face, you can see taht his eyes have no pupils or irises-only blood red orbs that seem to hunger endlessly for misery. His mouth is stretched in a far too wide smile, long teeth like knives glittering horribly in the streetlights.

An action pose would be nice-he should be tearing off a gasmask and reaching out as if to tear someone's heart out. The mask should have either a skull motif or be shaped like a skull.

Again, many thanks! Even if you don't take my request, it's endlessly entertaining to watch other people's characters come to life under your talented hands.

>> No.19230608

A flyer for recruiting bodyguards for a dwarven archaelogical expedition, that seems like it's trying just a little too hard to emphasize the very low chance of dying a slow, painful death.

Somewhat in the style of this.

>> No.19230812

Can I get my Dark Heresy character drawn, please? He's guardsman of questionable sanity with a split personality who just finished Pyroclast training and gets his jollies off of fire and explosions. His left arm is a bionic arm after his actual arm was seared away as a part of the training. He wears standard issue Imperial Guard flak armor painted a smoke grey with 'CAUTION: CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE' written on the chest. The actual uniform, which he's ditched the blouse of so he's just wearing the t-shirt underneath, is coyote brown. His hair is brown but he kepts it shaved. He has two bandoleers, one filled with different grenades and the other filled with shotgun shells. He always has a fire-axe and a shotgun from his time in the Tranch war on his back, a flamer which he may be romantically involved with, and a grenade launcher which he may be cheating on the flamer with. Oh, he's also 6'2" and fit. Feel free to do whatever sort of pose/background/lack-there-of you want. Thank you in advance.

>> No.19230833

I remember this drawfriend. You're one of the better ones out there.

I'd like to request a better version of this, a character in a game I DM. I drew her myself, but I'm no artist.

>> No.19230990

I'd need a Kobold with a few specifics.
~Carrying cane.
~Regal-esque Clothing, tattered.
~Tattered Cloak, hood obscuring face.
~basic build like pic.

>> No.19231027

Need to refrase that, I would totally LOVE to have that done, and it is in no way a NEED, But it would be a wonderful gift.

>> No.19231563


Here you go

>> No.19231843

A Tau girl holding a cheeseburger and looking at it as if she's about to take a bite.

>> No.19233109

Bumping this request.

>> No.19233726


Here you go, sir! I apologize for the delay, I took another nap D:

>> No.19233749

what is this style of drawing called?

>> No.19233962

I would first like to say thank you for your consideration.

I'm playing 4e with friends back home via Skype, and I am playing a Female Halfling Battlemind, speced with scale armour, a pike, and she likes to teleport. Long story short, we have invested a lot of time into creating this original content universe and shit, were we are all demigods or some shit. So, can you draw her? I give you free artistic license and shit, but In my head I see her with frizzled and/or charred/singed hair.

Again, thank you.

Pic unrelated; hes the last man standing

>> No.19234066

Re-requesting this Dragonborn.

>> No.19234080

>no skittles falling out of the pouch with a bullet hole in it
I'm disappointed.

>> No.19234167

Me too.
And they aren't skittles, but space candy that gives you PERKZ.

>> No.19234424

Here you go, sir

>> No.19234492

Still here...

>> No.19234503


working on that right now, sir.

>> No.19234512

Can you draw a guardsman that's a woman without the helmet on please?

>> No.19234514


>> No.19234554

I know, it was supposed to be simple, but i won't be pushing. Draw this girl (pic related) in an Abara-Nihei style armor. I would be grateful. In link below, you got more reference material. Don't rush, i'm patient.

>> No.19234598

Since somebody's here;

I'm playing a tengu in a weird west pathfinder game. Basically a chinaman on the set of a western, except she happens to be a crow. (Not that I have any idea how a female bird would be portrayed.)

Four-foot-four, wears a rice hat, has a fear of contact with other people, so probably hunched over and doing her best to look unobtrusive. Black feathers, of course. Heavy poncho, maybe point her revolver at something from under the poncho. Probably wearing some kind of loose clothing, I'm imagine a very loose one-piece affair that's tied off at the wrists and ankles.

Optional things to include: backpack and travelling supplies, a 1950s ford pickup, small gunsmith's kit.

>> No.19234622

Not an artist, just dropping in to let you know that that's fucking cool.

>> No.19234705

Is this thread even alive?

>> No.19234714


Here you go, sir

>> No.19234724


>> No.19234807

Could you maybe draw a picture of an Iron Warrior with a Fem!Tau slung over one shoulder?
If too complicate, just a Fem!Tau would be groovy.

Your art is fair awesome, by the way.

>> No.19234871

It's called a blueberry.

>> No.19234877

Yeah, i'm seconding that. And make her look hot, not just cute.

>> No.19234904

Here you go, sir

>> No.19234912

I'd really like my current DnD characted to be drawn. A Warforged Fighter, with a black desperado hat that covers most of his head (and the sign on his forehead) and a robe that goes down to his knees. Though I only want a mug-shot of him and that's it. Here's a full description of him just in-case (down at the bottom): http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=372293

Also, I want his eyes to be regular-human-like close, sort of like this: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110131201749/dndawokenheroes/images/9/94/Warforged_%28main%2
9.png but more with a focused expression on his face.

That's pretty much it, really. Thanks.

>> No.19234933


>> No.19234951

Suppose it's too late to get a request, but I'll try anyway. It'd be neat if you could do a picture of my half-elf/weretiger sorceress/rogue. She's got short blonde hair striped with black, pointy canines, and wears leather sewed together in large, irregular patches. Also carries a striped quarterstaff. Expression should be a combination of smug and mischievous. Thanks in advance.

>> No.19234966

Nihei is strong in this one.

>> No.19235002

A japanese caster reading from a prayer strip, please! Her hair is white, her kimono is powder blue, and she's a pacifist. The rest is up to you!

>> No.19235263

Here you go, sir

>> No.19235281

An imperial psyker clutching his head in pain while eating ice cream.

>> No.19235329

Guess I will request this from the other drawthread you had.

Requesting a female teenage(18-19) vampire trying to fix an old jukebox.
She is dressed kind of cybergothy(It is for a shadowrun game) and she has her burgundy hair up in a messy bun.

Or if you think it would be more cute you can just have her leaning on the jukebox and smiling.

>> No.19235356

My City of Heroes character. I can draw her at least semi-competently, but I've always enjoyed seeing other people's interpretations of her.

The skullface is supposed to be natural skin colouration.

>> No.19235364


>> No.19235371

Requesting Crazy cat lady. Pathfinder game I'm playing, she has two cats.
Pic is related... kinda... saw this, then started making a character around it, then ended up with a crazy cat lady.

>> No.19235585

Would anyone be so kind as to draw Elesh Norn as a mecha?

>> No.19235614

> kal.png
I'M ON TO YOU. I thought you two knew each other.

>> No.19235622

what do you mean? more robotic, or simply bigger?

>> No.19235639

Like a Gundam.

>> No.19235653


>> No.19235689


Here you go, sir

As amusing as this is, sir, I'm going to devote the rest of the time I have with solo requests, as group ones really take up a lot of time.

>> No.19235726

Any chance I can get a bald, scholarly scribe in a monk's habit with a look of utter loathing and hatred on his face? If possible, it'd be nifty if he was making a noose and his robes had a wave-design trim, but I'm not picky since it's the murderglare that's most important.

>> No.19235735

Requesting a cute girl of your choice holding a remington 1858 the way you want , but with trigger discipline if she's not firing.

Nice drawnskills op!

>> No.19235814

cheers mate!

>> No.19235990


Here you go sir

>> No.19235991

Bumping for great justice.

>> No.19236193

Both of these are awesome. Description, an picture alike.

>> No.19236209

Bumping the thread with a request: A kobold fighter putting a dragonborn paladin in an armbar or similarly humorous wrestling pin/lock. Bonus points if the dragonborn only seems annoyed. Thanks!

>> No.19236428

Is...is Protoculture still here?

>> No.19236546

A super-busty elf monk holding one fist out. Hair in ponytails and dressed in a more Western style (vs a more Eastern style Monk), for example Final Fantasy Tactics or Diablo 3 I would consider more Western style.

I hope you are still drawing in this thread Protoculture, thanks again!

>> No.19236647

Here you go sir

I'm still here, it's just that I'm slowly winding down. I've been drawing since last night! D:

>> No.19236662

Wow, this is still going? You are a machine, Protoculture.

>> No.19236702

Some kind of an indian boy with long hair mounting an old turtle, with mounting equipment if you like and maybe with a lance
A nice landscape would be nice too

>> No.19236743

Hey, Protoculture, please draw me (mexican, kinda overweight, perma-DM) exhausted and sleeping at a desk, covered in DMing material of various games, with little children players tugging at my sleeves and shit asking for sessions and mini-sessions and new games and stuff.

I know you're busy and it's not-so-simple, but it's cute and you're like king of cute stuff.

>> No.19236807

Requesting a female elf Fighter.
Solid heavy armour + zweihander deal.
The armour would be goodlooking but a little scared and chipped.
The sword is simple but wellmade.
The Elf has blond hair. if you could it would be cool if you empasize the slight creepyness of elves which is the case in Pathfinder.

>> No.19236817

Since you're good with cute, perhaps you could help me with this. These are concepts for AI avatars in cyberspace (think that Animatrix short). I need a refined/improved version of any of these, whichever one you think is the best/cutest. I tried to give the impression of a glowy Tron/Cortana look, but...

Perhaps the AI is looking in wonder at some file or line of code (represented by floaty tech-shapes and numbers).

I realize that by this point you're probably burned out. Good show on the drawthread, Protoculture. That's fucking dedication.

>> No.19236882


Here you go, sir

>> No.19236904

Could you draw this man right here, but as a Knight?
The catch is that he is in his twenties and thus will look a little cuter.

>> No.19236998

Aw man, did I come late to a drawfriend thread again?

If not, can I request a Kobold in an Imperial Guardsmens uniform?

>> No.19237005

Wow OP all of these look awesome.

My request is a human male barbarian type guy. Huge beard, shaved head, bear skin cloak including him wearing the bear's head like a hat. Wielding a sword and a simple shield. Covered in blood/tatoos/wounds and hopefully a huge grin on his face. Muscles and shortness a plus.

>> No.19237015

Mind if I rerequest >>19235726 ?

>> No.19237162


Here you go, sir

>> No.19237172

A hyper-intelligent ape man, the moment before his sanity cracks.

>> No.19237593


Its is getting quite late here (I'm in Japan), but the exciting possibility of having Protoculture do my character is enough to keep me awake

>> No.19237618

how do I donate to your car/schooling/video game fund

>> No.19237627


Here you go, sir

>> No.19237688

Wow, this thread's still here? This is one dedicated draw friend.

>> No.19237710


>> No.19237739

>> No.19237974


Here you go, sir

>> No.19237997

Caster from Fate Stay night as a Defiler Caste Infernal Exalted, caste mark up and looking kinda dramatic with her cloak flared out.

>> No.19238045

I did this for an RPG long ago but I never got to use her, so she's yours, sir

>> No.19238056

Holy rack. What was the character like?

>> No.19238066

Requesting the character in this picture in any armor you can think of.

>> No.19238086


A very punch-happy drunk, I think was her personality. Yeah, something like that.

>> No.19238130

I knew that left pic seemed familiar.

>> No.19238149



>> No.19238174


Xration is one of my favorites, so I use a lot of her work for reference. Especially for coloring, too, although that never really pans out.

>> No.19238190


That is so awesome!! Thank you very much Protoculture!! It is even better than I could have believed.
Haha you really made it worth staying awake...
You are amazing my friend, 1001 "thank you"s to you, sir.

>> No.19238201


I'm sorry I couldn't have given you something on the spot. I'd have rather you got something a little more polished.

Go to sleep! It's unhealthy to stay up so late!

>> No.19238305


Thanks again Protoculture, it is perfect!!
Oyasumi nasai.

>> No.19238365


Here you go, sir

>> No.19238392


I'm gonna have to request a drawing of Xeno hugging a bunch of scarabs: "itty bitty beetles, itty bitty bugs."

>> No.19238425

I like the digitization and the "Power Lines." I'm leaning towards a less-human-looking overall design; the one with the haircut and boobs was an early idea (kind of regret the boobs), but it is indeed shiny.

>> No.19238473


Ah, I see. I'll try to come up with a better answer when I've gotten sleep.

In any case, it is time for my nap again! I've been drawing for more than 24 hours, I apologize for everyone I skipped, and for those I've done more than twice, I'll try my best to get to your request next time!

Thank you for your kind words and support, I enjoyed drawing for you.

>> No.19238501

I'd like to request a gothic lolita necromancer with insanely long hair, affectionately regarding a skull

>> No.19238533


Aww damn. I missed the protoculture thread AGAIN? Well I'll make this request anyway, The character for a game I joined is basically a nautical Kamen Rider, who fights with an anchor and a harpoon. Could I get something like that from you?

>> No.19238536

it's been a pleasure too!

>> No.19238537

Well, you're doing stuff for free, so I'm not one to complain. You're doing great work regardless

My concept was to make the AIs look like People, not Humans. They're like digital lifeforms or whatever, so that's why they have the big forearms and no mouths or noses, and the odd floaty bits. It makes them look simple and cute, but also reinforces their alien-ness.

>> No.19238595

... That outfit works too.

Though, one thing, and it's just a minor thing. Both her eyes are cybernetic. Do you mind changing it so that she has golden-brown irises instead (since that's what she currently has in game and I'm not about to ask you for one in every possible colour she can change them to)?

And thanks for remembering the huge disc-shaped panels on her biceps; because I didn't.

>> No.19238968



>> No.19238999

A Blood Raven feeding a Raven with bird food

>> No.19240021

Bump with this

>> No.19240087

Hullo, Protoculture. Could I please trouble you for a robot priest baptising an adult human? Thanks.

>> No.19242066


>> No.19243771

Requester finally back. This made my day. Thank you so much.

>> No.19243816

>> No.19243857

Draw me an old man in a cloak. Eyes would be huge eyebrows (in effect, very large eyebrows instead of eyes), long hair, long beard/moustache, and gnarly staff, Like a wizard.

>> No.19243877

Thanks to how cybereyes work in shadowrun, she can technically do this.

>> No.19243878

Now with less trollface.

>> No.19243902

Shit, last half eaten.
Please draw me an old man in a cloak. Eyes would be huge eyebrows (in effect, very large eyebrows instead of eyes), long hair, long beard/moustache, and gnarly staff, Like a wizard.

Thanks so much in advance!

>> No.19244247

Now with more trollface.

>> No.19244263

psst, guys, don't get too excited.
Protoculture's gone for now.

>> No.19244266 [DELETED] 

Chick with snake eyes, a butch haircut, and dragon claws for hands and feet. Outfit is fur-lined and covered in belts.

She's a draconic sorcerer!

>> No.19244564

can you draw a 20ish year old tom sawyer with blond hair and an evil grin

>> No.19244637

Gonna bump my request

>> No.19245180

Xreation is female?! b-but. the adorable things. then the raping. and the porns. and the bellies. and... and... gfhgfjhcgv....

>> No.19245299


>> No.19246715


>> No.19249225

Oh wow, this thread is still alive? D:

I'll try to do some of the requests until we hit autosage!

>> No.19249283

You will never escape this Drawthread.

Requesting just for the hell of it Little Girl Mongol Rider

>> No.19249408

A thin man in armored motorcycle gear, wielding a futuristic but classy elephant rifle with a bayonet. If his helmet is off he has a long, angular face with a prominent nose and a ponytail.

Bonus points for some futuristic 2-wheeled vehicle.

>> No.19249453

Welcome back Protoculture, we have been preparing for your celebrated reuturn!!

My request:

Voluptuos black-haired girl with long straight hair cut in a fringe just above her eyes (like a classi Japanese "maid").
Eyes are pale white (she is mostly blind) and she wears 6 wicked looking swords arrayed outward on her back. Dressed in sexy-ish charcoal colored robes (or kimono if you would prefer).

Huge thank you in advance!!! Welcome back Protoculture!!

>> No.19249487


Or just draw her butt

>> No.19249784


Haha, I'm actually pretty sleepy so I can't draw a lot D:

Still, here you go I guess

>> No.19250633

...If I was as good at drawing as Protoculture, would fa/tg/uys love me?

>> No.19250757

Thank you man

>> No.19250773

Probably not. In case you haven't noticed, it isn't really his skills that are appreciated, but his dedication to moƩ and to /tg/

>> No.19250871


I'm actually not big on Moe, but I love Protoculture's threads.
And I don't agree I think he is probably the best here, and his dedication is indeed appreciated. Assuming you like his style, I think he is the only artist that is able to draw all /tg/-relevant requests.

>> No.19250907

Only because since the last few months,nearly no good drawfag showed up. Even within his specific style, Protoculture is decent at best.

and the word isn't "artist", it's "drawfag". He's very obviously not the only one able to draw /tg/-related things, but he's the only one left who's willing to make them moe.

How long, and how often have you been on /tg/ anyway?

>> No.19250917

I was wondering you'd be willing to draw a warforged making faces at an elf paladin behind his back. (How a warforged would make a face at someone, I'll leave up to you)

>> No.19250943


"Your Mother"

>> No.19250955

Wait, you seriously thought he was one of the best drawfags, technically speaking?

>> No.19250985

Children, children.

You're both being dicks.


>> No.19250988

>Only because since the last few months,nearly no good drawfag showed up.
I'm sure it has nothing to do with how fucking hostile the board has been these days

>> No.19250993

I don't know what you guys are talking about. Protoculture is my favourite drawfag.

>> No.19251023

Somebody who gets it!

Honestly, any drawfag, even the ones who aren't very good, are still working for nothing just to make their fellows happy. We should be treating them with great respect just for doing their best!
We should be supportive of our bros. Good artists come from crappy artists who don't give up, picture fucking related.
If we demoralize our drawbros, of course they won't want anything to do with us... We need to show much love to our peoples.

>> No.19251028

he's one of my favorites as well, but it's clearly not because of his technical skills
it has always been hostile. In fact, three years ago, it was much more hostile towards drawfags.

>> No.19251066

>and the word isn't "artist", it's "drawfag"

People really insist on that stupid and completely immature terminology? Really? I mean I recognized it as part of the lingo, but insisting on it just seems all kinds of downright stupid.

There's not even a good reason for it other than "it's all for the lulz XD". Bonus points for using that justification and simultaneously despising trolls.

>> No.19251073

>to make their fellows happy
That's extremely fluctuant and arguable.

>doing their best
extremely fluctuant and arguable. Many drawfags simply don't have the time and motivation to do their best. And even doing your best isn't worth a "great respect" in my opinion, simply a moderate respect.

>we should be supportive of our bros
what if they aren't our bros, just people who draw stuff?

I don't want to demoralize him; there are other drawfags, who don't seem to be even trying, and who don't seem to have potential, that I wouldn't mind demoralizing incidentally. But I don't want hi to be praised for abilities he hasn't demonstrated yet.

>> No.19251107


then let's see some of your stuff. show all of us this "technique" you're talking about

>> No.19251156

let's see...

the guy who did these pictures:
probably has better technical abilities: he whipped up in 5 minutes drawings about as good as things that take Protoculture twice that time. His strokes also look less clumsy. And yet you're not praising him.

>> No.19251190


I drawfagged a handful of times, and I bet there's one or two people who would recognize what I did.

I can tell you a couple of things about it. First, you do it for yourself in the first place. You do it because you're bored, you do it because you want practice, or you do it because you like to draw for people.

And do recall that if there's drawfags that have awesome potential, they might actually consider charging people for sketches. Keith Thompson for one isn't going to go on /tg/ and draw shit for free. So cut us some bloody slack, there's money to be made with drawing.

so don't demotivate us. Critique us. Improvement is always nice.

>> No.19251191

I like protoculture, he did. A few requests for me, and even quickly fixed small alterations totthe picture when I forgot things to ask.
I always like green marine, he drew fast, colorfully, always added his own brand of humor to his work
The scientist has a fun drawing style
Though I've never liked technocrists erratic jagged style of artwork, and the content therein.

>> No.19251197

Just fuck off the thread, please. Let the rest of us enjoy his work and you can pollute your surroundings with your opinions elsewere.

>> No.19251208

>so don't demotivate us. Critique us. Improvement is always nice.

>> No.19251215

Stroke economy is not the base measure of an artist's skill.
You are trying way too hard to be an expert right now.
We get it, your taste is great, everyone else is shit, etc.

Take a look at this picture. The strokes here aren't clumsy, either.

>> No.19251227

I agree with everything you said. But I want to emphasize the fact that, just because it's free, doesn't mean it should be praised, and too many people believe the contrary.

>> No.19251238


oooooh. you mean someone who's art, if it even IS his, is in another thread entirely, and wasn't even a part of the discussion until you brought it up?

still waiting for something from you to enlighten us, here

>> No.19251263


You should praise the skill of those who have it, and appreciate the effort of all those who do it. I personally don't care if people praise me, because I know my art is only so-so and if you go to /ic/ you'll find a hundred artists better than me. But I would at least like people to thank me for my efforts.

Now if you don't mind, I have to hook up my laptop and tablet. I feel like drawfagging.

>> No.19251310

I am one of those people, because it is free, we get OC and I think it is worthy of praise.
>just because it's free, doesn't mean it should be praised
Your opinion is an opinion.
I want to praise the drawfags I like and I shut up if there is drawfags I don't like.
Btw, what is your point?
>But I want to emphasize the fact that, just because it's free, doesn't mean it should be praised, and too many people believe the contrary.
Should I assume your point is that we shouldn't praise free, OC stuff from people who put in an effort to draw shit we want? Because if that is it, you are... I don't even know a proper word for it, but just... be quiet, dont sap the creative energy with your negative viewpoint from drawfags the rest of us like.

>> No.19251424

As long as we're putting in our opinions on people providing art on request, I'll go ahead and mention mine. As far as praise or whatever for it goes, it should NOT turn into some kind of circlejerk. Artists can go to DA for that. About all that's needed is thanking someone for taking the time to actually fill your request. I'd say that much is less praise than simple common courtesy. In other words, I kind of think people are interpreting the word differently.

As far as intentionally demoralizing or discouraging artists, why would anyone do this? It's not helpful in the least. All it does is make people bitter and less likely to do things. Something constructive or the like is always good, because most people who do creative work like to improve. Going out of your way to make an artist (or writer, or whatever else) feel bad about themselves just makes you an asshole.

>> No.19251562

That's precisely my point.

Don't compliment people for doing stuff for free, compliment them fairly on their technical skills if they have some, criticize them if they don't succeed at what they're trying to do (like, if someone is trying to draw proper anatomy and fails, you may point it out, if he does it right, you may also point it out. If he's not even trying, don't mention it).
If they actually want to progress, a lack of praise won't discourage them. If they are good, they will feel appreciated for what they can personally do, not for a "generosity" everyone is capable of.
Is that not fair? This way, only lazy, incompetent drawfags will be discouraged.

you're trying to draw a clumsy ad hominem by implying that I need to draw better than Protoculture in order to be able to see how good or bad he is. This is a blatant fallacy.

>> No.19251655

So what you are saying is that basically you are an autistic nit-picker?
I am just happy when one of my requests gets draw and I'm willing to look past faults, because hey! I got something I wanted for free that looks close enough or spot on to what I wanted and I want to give the drawfag in question some praise.
If you are so desperate to critique and be realistic and objective, go to /ic/ and find a drawfag who asks for it.
This thread hasen't been subjected to gratitude-circlejerking, it is plagued by, currently, you and me bitching thanks to you. The latter thing is a problem, not the former.

>> No.19251755

say "elitist", it's more accurate, and just as much of an insulting buzzword.
/ic/ is barely more helpful or objective than /tg/; if it happens to be better in that regard, then I have no business with it.

I'm trying to educate people like you who breed mediocrity by thanking drawfags for qualities they don't have, simply out of thankfulness for getting something at all; no matter its quality.

Nitpick, be severe, criticize, but be fair. This way, we'll have better and better drawings from drawfags who actually want to progress.

But then again, I do feel that I'm the only one on this board who wants to see better original content. If I must rustle the jimmies in the process, so be it.

>> No.19251828

He might have better technical abilities but I'd rather have protoculture draw my requests than this guy 10 out of 10 times.

Those barely look like finished sketches.

>> No.19251848

We aren't getting anywhere so I can sum up my opinion like this.

If you continue to hold your opinion I will consider you an autistic nitpicker who is one more reason drawfags don't want to hang around /tg/.
The more drawfags we have, the more likely it is that you will get your elite drawings you want.

>> No.19251927

so everything must conform to your idea of what is good or else it's crap?
yeah....good luck with getting people to go along with that.

anyways, enough of this. anyone have a request?
try and keep it relatively simple, please.

>> No.19251935

>encouraging people to quit if they're not perfect
>not breeding mediocrity

You're everything that's wrong with the world and everyone hates you. Fuck off.

>> No.19251971

I don't think it's because of people like me that SOME drawfags went away. According to the many drawfags who left, it's mostly because of mods banning them, sometimes because of people insulting them (as opposed to criticizing them), and also a lot because they simply moved on to more ambitious projects than drawfagging. As far as I know, I'm the only person complaining about a lack of fair, intensive criticism.
No. I gave you a good criterium to criticize things: if the drawfag tried to achieve something, but failed, tell him. If he succeeded, tell him.

>> No.19251997

you're twisting my words
negative criticism will only discourage lazy incompetent people. We don't need those.

>> No.19252047


Constables James Corrigan and Brian Doyle. Corrigan is tall and lanky, with an arrogant grin plastered on his face almost constantly. His fingers are tipped with wicked claws, and a large flintlocke pistol is slung low on one hip. He wears sturdy leather armor underneath a navy blue tabard. Doyle is a half-orc built like a brick shithouse, with an impressive pair of tusks. He carries a swordcane and is incredibly dapper. They'll probably be posed back to back. Think buddy-cop movie poster.

>> No.19252062


Er, minus the "e" on flintlock, of course. Have a buddy who goes by that name about the internets, got used to typing it that way.

>> No.19252067

No, he is spot on. People dont GET better if they dont work on it, you don't have a magical affinity for drawing at birth. It is constant, ongoing work.

>> No.19252093

but won't it encourage people to stagnate if you don't point out their errors?

>> No.19252099

I want a 9 foot tall ogryn with a techpriestess on his shoulder. The priestess doesn't have any visible augmentations and her hood is drawn up over her head. The pose and conversation is pic-related,

>> No.19252109

as far as i can see, you're just as insulting as the rest of them.
you keep saying "you're not good enough" and "your technique is lacking" without actually trying to say just what it is that they can do to improve.

"achieve something, but failed" looking at the thread, i can see a great deal of art in which protoculture has quite successfully achieved what has been asked of him. have people let him know? yes, by saying thanks for his effort. again, just because it doesn't conform to what style YOU think it should be doesn't mean it's a failure

because goodness knows that artists will just keep taking your whining time after time and will continue to draw instead of just going somewhere else.

>> No.19252124

But you have been saying we should not thank the drawfags for their efforts all along. And most of us say "FUCK YOU AND FUCK THAT" to you and your opinion.

>> No.19252188

I have been saying that you shouldn't be thankful for having them do a drawing. You can of course respect the fact that they're trying to improve. I said it.

Protoculture succeeds, because he's not trying to do very hard things: he's fast, which is good, and his graphic style is slowly getting more self-assured; but in both things, he's less good than the other dude I linked to, who isn't getting thanked, while protoculture is, to incredible proportions, such as " he is one of the best drawfags". I felt that was unfair.

>because goodness knows that artists will just keep taking your whining time after time and will continue to draw instead of just going somewhere else.
If they can't take so very little, they're pussies.

>> No.19252217


Basically, complainer guy, it's just you.
Everyone else pretty much agrees you're an asshole.
I think I can speak for everyone on this when I say... Your opinions are as shitty and asinine as you are, and are invalid because you're a horrible, horrible person.

>> No.19252238

>invalid because you're a horrible, horrible person
Ad hominem. Here we go.

My opinions are right because they can provide us better content, and are a legitimate way of treating drawfags. And persons in general.

>> No.19252252

That is self-evidently false. Being rude and insulting is unpleasant to anyone

>> No.19252257

imma bet that that's you, or someone you know, and you're just mad that you're not getting any recognition.

seeing as protoculture is the only drawer that's been on recently makes him an obvious target.

working on this

>> No.19252266

>I have been saying that you shouldn't be thankful for having them do a drawing.
But it IS something to be thankful for, you fuck-stick. Take this in another context:

Someone did you a favor when you asked him to, and the first thing you do when it is done you say: "Nah, not good enough."

What you do is say: "Thanks for the help!" and when he is gone you either live with it or you do the final touches yourself.

>> No.19252268

rude and insulting =/= severe

and just because it's unpleasant, doesn't mean it will drive people out. it will only drive away those who can't take it, and don't actually care about producing good content.

>> No.19252269

> My opinions are right because they can provide us better content, and are a legitimate way of treating drawfags. And persons in general.

> My opinions are right
> My opinions are right
> My opinions are right
> My opinions are right
> My opinions are right

>> No.19252279

Roseblack in a bikini made from a black rose bush: straps of thorny vines, cups and panty made from leaves and bra and panty topped each with a black rose.

>> No.19252307

>My opinions are right
Just... just gtfo and never come back.

>> No.19252314


Alright. You want better content? You want drawfags to do the best we can do? Then give us money. Pay me and I'll gladly draw something to the best of my ability (and the best of my ability has been described from "very promising" to "fucking awesome"), but we draw things like this for free, for fun, and for you.

You want better content, tell us how to improve, or at least point out the specifics of what is 'wrong'.

Your opinions are not bloody right, they're your bloody opinions. And don't you bloody dare demotivate us from doing what we bloody well like doing: making bloody drawings.

>> No.19252331

>rude and insulting =/= severe
Yes it does.

>and just because it's unpleasant, doesn't mean it will drive people out. it will only drive away those who can't take it, and don't actually care about producing good content.
It's dishonest to equate "don't actually care about producing good content" with "aren't willing to wade through a slurry of mental diarrhea to please an oversensetive hypocrite". And that's leaving aside the fact that deliberately making an ass of yourself IS "not producing good content".

>> No.19252332

but it's not what is happening. Here, the drawfag is the first to come, and spontaneously offers his services. he's responsible for the reactions he gets.

If someone goes up to you and promises you something, and that he doesn't actually give it to you, are you supposed to thank him?
no, not me at all. No matter my actual motivations, what I suggest is still valid, stop trying to discredit the person instead of the argument

ad hominem again, putting a neckbeard face on my person won't make my opinions any less right

>> No.19252353

So if anyone does anything at all, then anything you do is justified if you call it a "reaction".

In fact, actions are justified by the consequences they themselves have, not what they are a consequence to.

>> No.19252381

Okay, I'll be a little more specific: protoculture should try, rather than being able to draw very simple things very fast, to draw complex things no matter how slowly, and then to use the experience on his least ambitious productions.

opinions can be right, depending on how close to truth they are. Not that there exists an absolute truth, but for the sake of communications, we're using words, with conventions regarding their meanings, and my opinion is more adequate to this meaning. Therefore, it is right. That's not a very big ambition, and if you read what I type out, you'll find out too.

>> No.19252414

what do you mean by "justified"?

I'm simply saying that if you offer something to someone, you're doing him something. You're the first to act, if something happens because of that act, you're responsible for it. If you offer to make drawings for free, you're responsible for the requests you get. If you fulfill them, you're responsible for the feedback you get.

>> No.19252423

Amen, drawfriend.

I draw because it's good practice, it kills time, and elegan/tg/entlemen usually request some fun shit. And sure, I like it when I've made someone's day by drawing what they needed. But I sure as hell wouldn't keep at it if they were all entitled little shits like this guy.

>> No.19252426

>Okay, I'll be a little more specific: protoculture should try, rather than being able to draw very simple things very fast, to draw complex things no matter how slowly, and then to use the experience on his least ambitious productions.

Nope, not necessarily. Complex things take a long time, and drawing simple things very fast is a very useful exercise in depicting motion, shape and depth. What he's doing are effectively glorified thumbnails, and the faster you can do that, the faster you can put a hundred ideas to paper. If he wants to practice anatomy and complexity, he doesn't have to drawfag for /tg/ and can just look up pictures of naked people online for anatomy references.

>opinions can be right, depending on how close to truth they are.

No they can't, it's in the name. as soon as an opinion is right it becomes a fact.

>Not that there exists an absolute truth

and THAT is a MASSIVE assumption.

>> No.19252447

There was a drawthread here. Its gone now.

>> No.19252455

good riddance

okay, then my opinion is actually a fact, because it corresponds an absolute truth. satisfied?

As for protoculture, maybe he could try out basic exercises, like drawing circles eyes closed and whatnot, rendering complex shapes with as few strokes as possible... And quite definitely working on contrasted shadows to give his drawings more depth: you can sometimes see that he struggles to make features stand out from each other, it might help.

>> No.19252459

protoculture is sleeping

>> No.19252488

No, not really. Congrats, your attitude would only clear the way for the spastic masses of untalented twelve-year olds who could care less about your opinions. I hope you like stickmen and animu fills.

>> No.19252497

I draw here sometimes because, even though I'm not very good, I'd like to think that my effort can make my fellows happy with my effort.

>> No.19252505

okay, so, according to you, either you're a 12-y-o who doesn't give a shit about anyone's opinion and ignores criticism, or you're a lazy drawfag who takes technical criticism as a personal insult and will move away rather than listen to it?

>> No.19252523

Oh wow. So drawfags actually don't give a damn about progressing.

>> No.19252531


I beg your pardon?

>> No.19252533

Whoops... screwed up my sentence at the end there...

Anyway, guys, I think we might as well give up on this fuckstick. Let's just stop feeding this shitty troll.

>> No.19252540

one guy wants to make people happy, one guy isn't willing to listen to criticism if it's voiced in a harsh way, one guy wants you to pay money for it

>> No.19252577

sorry about the wait, and the general quality.

trying to get used to my tablet

>> No.19252578

You are presenting a false dilemma. This is not a situation which calls for only those two choices. I have no problems with receiving input on my art and suggestions for improvement, what I have a problem with is the lack of recognition of effort which your 'perfect drawfag scenario' calls for. Someone draws something for you - no matter the lack of technical skill - you be fucking thankful, man. Go ahead and politely point out some problems, but be fucking thankful at the end of it. It's a common goddamn courtesy.

>> No.19252580

How you have enough IQ to breath is beyond me

>> No.19252638

What the hell happened to this thread ?!

It was so peaceful...

>> No.19252641

It's common courtesy, but it's illegitimate. Unless the drawfag explicitly asked me to thank him for the basic effort of doing something if I request him stuff, I fucking won't. I didn't ask him to open a drawthread, he did it on his own. By opening a drawthread, you state that, under certain conditions, you engage yourself to draw. It's your own fucking decision, and as a requester, I shouldn't be held responsible for your initiative. the requester can only be held responsible for the specificities of his request, not for the fact of asking for a drawing, since this fact is freely, spontaneously offered by the drawfag as he opens his drawthread.

>> No.19252655

Let me put this in simpler term:

"Stop being mean to the nice people who draw things for me."

>> No.19252668


The requester can be held responsible for who he asks to draw for him.

Don't ask a plumber to make you an oil painting and such. If you want better art look for a better artist.

>> No.19252673

okay, then:

"stop paying for free things"
the act of drawing is offered by the drawfag unless he states otherwise. Whether you pay him in money or in recognition, it's the same: if he didn't ask for it, it's illegitimate.

>> No.19252675

That's all there is to it.

Stop being mean to the drawfags.

We don't care if you disagree. We don't want your opinion on the matter. This is not open for discussion. Your sort of negativity is not welcome here.

>> No.19252715

yes, that's what I meant by "the specificities": if the drawfag fails to complete your request, you're at least partly responsible for the failure. But the drawfag is responsible for getting stuff requested, so, the requester shouldn't thank him for having his request done. He should thank him for having his request fulfilled the way he wanted.

I think we both agree on this, right?

>> No.19252724


yes, and you could also thank them for their effort because it's just common courtesy. After all, no one can draw as well as they would like.

>> No.19252739

>All I'm saying is, they're responsible for my actions and I'm not, because I choose to do things as a "response" to them.

>> No.19252748

No, you shouldn't, because of what I just mentioned.

Does your boss thank you if you fucked up, just because you tried? No, he fucking doesn't. You applied for a job, you offered him your services. He trusted you, if you didn't do the job correctly, he'd be really stupid to thank you regardless.

>> No.19252767

Wait. The same guy who supports 'taking your time with requests' also supports 'doing ALL the requests in a thread'? These things get flooded with dozens of requests. The fuck is wrong with you.

If you want quality that quickly, get the fuck out of drawthreads and go use Google.

>> No.19252784


I think you forgot the bit where the MONEY comes in.

You're requesting a free sketch, not a commissioned painting. I don't know if you've noticed but artists have been getting paid for work since the dawn of fucking man. Look at a magic card, that painting wasn't made for diddly squat.

>> No.19252793

Beggars can't be choosers.

>> No.19252799


>> No.19252812

What? No, I'm not suggesting the drawfag should do all the requests. He's free to choose which ones to draw, or even to simply draw one. Unless he promised otherwise, of course.

generally, as long as you leave the drawthread open, it implies you're still willing to draw. So, if you leave the thread permanently without closing it, then it's wrong.

A drawthread open is simply as statement: "I will draw SOMETHING". It's a promise, an engagement, that's valid as long as the thread stays open.

>> No.19252845

I simply tried to take a situation in which courtesy wasn't a factor.
It's true, in a way, that money replaces politeness.
And my point is that the opposite shouldn't be automatically assumed.

>> No.19252915

When you think about it, your boss isn't buying your services, he's buying the right not to thank you.

it sounds horribly stupid. It would be less stupid if people didn't assume by default that you have to thank them if they choose to do something for you.

>> No.19252950

Thank you

>> No.19252960


Actually he also bribes you to do the best you can do. If you half-ass your job, you gonna get fired. There's a lot of people out there who can do what you can do and who want that money.

>> No.19253206

I'm not paying for anything.

Except maybe courtesy, or at least a lack of rudeness.

>> No.19253263

First time drawfag on 4chan.
This thread gave me an idea to draw something.
Just for fun, use as you will.

>> No.19253271

One way to look at it is you can be an artist without being a drawfag. Drawfags are the job slot here. Besides, around here, _fag is not an insult; just a descriptor. Drawfags are people who offered their drawing services on request to [this thread] for free. Writefags, likewise writing.

Are any drawfags still around?

Would someone please draw my shadowrunner in her social guise.
Notable characteristics: Female, albino (so white-haired- which is in a tight braid down the back of her neck), cybernetic eyes and glasses, gills, a finny tail, opposable toes (think gecko-shaped feet). Average height, on the fit side. Likely to be sticking to a wall or ceiling with hands/feet.

Wearing a corset and skirt.
Same game as >>19235263 and >>19229046 , pic related (second one. Feel free to artistic-license the tail to some other manner of scalyfinny) Next post, reference geckofeet

>> No.19253297

We're autosaging, p. 6

>> No.19253589


>> No.19256783


Hey, thanks! No need to apologize, either. Still worlds better than I could do.

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