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You've always thought about doing it, but always stopped because you didn't want to be seen as "That Guy."

What are your deep, dark secrets in gaming that you WANT to do, reputation or perception be damned?

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I wish to blanda upp.

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I've wanted to play a slutty female character who seduces everything, in a non-erp game.

The Evil King? Seduce.
The Dragon? Seduce
The Lich Lord of Rottingdick? Seduce.

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Play a serious, respectful, honest interpretation of Ranmaru Mori in an L5R game, with perhaps a little artistic license borrowed from the video game interpretations.

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To pretty much play this and not have anyone notice. Sadly, I will probably never have the balls to pull it off, and my entire group will lynch me if they catch on

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Be the little girl.
I do it anyways.
Fuck 'em.

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I want to play a female PC.

Actually, it probably wouldn't even be a problem, but I haven't really bothered with my current group because it's not that important that I want to put up with the modest amount of bullshit that might ensue.

Because I'm not That Guy.

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To play a female cleric of a fertility goddess.

Not because I have a thing for pregnancy, but because I think it could be interesting to roleplay, different from my usual things, and an interesting dichotomy in a party that is gonna have at least one psychopathic killer in it if my usual group is any expectation.

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I'm in a campaign where I think my character and another should totally hook up, but I know if I make the first move or even talk to the player about it they'll probably see me as a creep.

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This version?

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Acquire a harem and ERP that. Of course, I wouldn't want to ERP with my group, only with at least moderately attractive females, or those I can pretend are moderately attractive females. And if in person perhaps as a prelude into sex.

Yeah, obvious virgin over here.

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>You're playing a drow girl, raised by dwarves? What the fuck, man?

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It's /tg/ related. Don't be a dick.

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Rape this girl i play 3.5 with.

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Brown girls
That weird niche between normal and musclegirl
Straight shota

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>/tg/ related

Don't you have some homework to do or something kid? Or are you just visiting from Reddit?

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Pretty much. In fairness to the Musou interpretation, he's pretty much just a faithfully devoted retainer who doesn't realize how pretty he is - and historically, Ranmaru WAS a pretty-boy and in a submissive relationship with his lord, Nobunaga Oda.

Ranmaru is a completely dedicated samurai who admits at one point that he uses a nodachi even knowing it doesn't give him much room to defend himself because he's good at it, and even if he gets hurt, it's what serves his lord best. He just happens to also be a gay [or possibly bi] bishonen.

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You could, as long as you didn't call her Rarity or do some other sort of blatant LOOK AT ME I'M PLAYING A PONY GUYS maneuver.

But that's not possible, because ponyfags are terrible human beings.

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I've always wanted to play a stripperific female swashbuckling rogue trader that uses her charm to seal business deals and her blade and gun to seal hostile takeovers. I have however never gotten the opportunity to play it.

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I want to play a completely serious, well thought out campaign with interesting quests and dynamic characters.

That just so happens to have sex, drugs, and potentially gratuitous violence. So basically an ERP without the focus being all around the sex act itself.

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No. Pony content is allowed on on /mlp/ and /b/.

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I came up with a Rozen Maiden adaptation of Maid RPG, the eroRPG undertones were really low, but still my table thought I was a creep, they told me I should drop the idea or they would never play with me as a DM.

I dropped the idea...
but I still want to try it.

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That's basically what I'm playing, except the sex rarely goes beyond "and then they have sex."

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I would play that game bro. I know that feel

I'm something of a deviant; I know, it's terrible

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>eroRPG undertones were really low
They shouldn't have been present at all.

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I'd like to play in a Samurai Warriors game as well, so I sympathize. I'd probably want to be Hideyoshi.

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It doesn't sound THAT terrifying.

I'd probably shrug and go along with it.

But I've been on the internet too long.

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I want to masturbate under the gaming table without getting caught.

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Glad to see there are people on /tg/ that know quality

Seriously, why are there so many open ponyfags on my /tg/? When did all the manchildren and subhumans get allowed on this board? I swear, the mods need to do something about it

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Same here actually, except it's a play by post.

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Online or meatspace?

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Seriously, Hideyoshi is my favorite of the Three Unifiers and one of my favorite SW characters in general. Sansetsukon all up in this bitch. I just think Ranmaru would be really fun to play.

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Online, if yours is as well, mind giving a vague idea of what the campaign is about?

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My former DM had quite a hardon for level 25 characters in 3.5. Sometimes for character battles, sometimes for campaign ideas that he would scrap in short order(usually before the first session).

Knowing he also had it in his that it was his duty as DM to kill the party, I set out to make something gamebreaking without being too obvious about it. So right off the bat, no Wizard and no Druid. He had a penchant for underestimating Clerics, so I used that. The original plan was to use Chuck, the Ruby Knight Vindicator, but I thought to myself:
>Well hold up, what other neat things can we do with swift actions?
So I started flipping through PDFs. Thankfully I didn't have to go far, Complete Champion was up at the top.

You know, Ordained Champion is a pretty neat class, especially the part about being able to spontaneously cast War Domain spells at reduced speeds. Flame Strike takes only a swift action. Ruby Knight Vindicator can generate swift actions like no tomorrow. This became my Emergency Button. I put Trogdor the Burninator into an anagram generator and there was his name.

You have no idea how many times I wanted to push that Emergency Button. He was always flaunting his cool character ideas, doing this and that and whatnot, going on and on and on. Each time I resisted, not wanting to show my best cards, not wanting to forever be That Guy who could take characters that could just unravel his campaigns and fly them under his radar. Of course, I made do with all the other absurdly good Cleric spells, but Emergency Button was that one itch I never got to scratch. Maybe it was for the best.

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Make Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night in D&D. Call everyone Mongrels, sit around doing nothing but OOC brag about how OP my character is, IC doing nothing but mocking the party.

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>What are your deep, dark secrets in gaming that you WANT to do, reputation or perception be damned?
I want to participate in a game of Magical Burst with people I know. I have appearances to keep, so this will never happen. Going even deeper into that, I want to make a magical girl of Chainer, the character from MtG.

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This is a terribly dated summary of it. Since then, the party has tried to up their hero status by taking care of the local gang war problem in the city's red light district. Yes, there was sex to be had.

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Why the fuck would you want to do that??

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>Pic related, what the mods should do to ponyfags on /tg/

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I've always wondered where you can find PbP's that aren't either in a dead forum, or one inhabited by some odd fetish/full of mary sues.

The one I'm involved in deals with some interestingly well-written homebrew concerning traitors and border tension.

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It'd be a moot point. There could be no ponyfags on /tg/ and we'd still rip threads apart looking for them.

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i really wish ponyfaggery would result in a permab&

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Playing a vaguely magical-girl-esque game of the Dresden Files RPG. I, naturally, am the somewhat brooding tragic loner guy who joined the group mid-season, because that's what you do.

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The mods should pull a /fur/ and make a Pony RPG general, and permaban anyone who posed in it

When that happens, the entirety of /tg/ will improve tenfold, and we don't have to deal with greasy manchildren anymore

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>In a thread about openly discussing the "forbidden topic" you've always wanted to try in an RPG
>Get upset when someone posts something you don't like

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>Doesn't read the rules
>Things ponies can be discussed on /tg/

Behold! The wild summerfag!

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>Complaining about greasy manchildren
>on /tg/

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>That weird niche between normal and musclegirl
Where between are we talking about here?
I'm unsure if you are mah nigga or not...

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that post would be great if you said thinks

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In fairness, I've had one anon say he would allow it.

So I might yet get my chance. I just know the moment I bring up 'gay samurai submissively devoted to his lord', bam, I'm the creepy guy at the table. I just find Ranmaru an interesting character, both historically and in the Musou games [in the Basara games, he's just kind of a brat]

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I want to play in a game based on Monstergirl Quest, but no one would ever speak to me again if I brought it up.

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>Doesn't read the rules
>Thinks ponies can be discussed on /tg/

Behold! The wild summerfag!


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I think that if they had knowledge of who Ranmaru actually was they would find it less creepy. If they find the gay creepy, point out that Shingen Takeda had sexual relationships with both men and women. They had a different attitude about homosexuality back in ancient Japan.

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>Skill Focus: Dressmaking
>not Basketweaving
Your build sucks

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It's ponyfag shit, it sucks regardless

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>pony hate derail

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what is this gif from

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a kind of PC that other pc will look at and think
*sniff*I will never be as rigteous as that dude*sniff*
I want to play somebody as manly as Gai Daigoji from Nadesico with same levels of intellect and sanity as him. I want to die in third session with friends looking at me and saying *damn anon that was one might fine death of you*
Unfortunately i am not manly enough to pull it off good enough so i reckon i go for just playing a Warblade with Iron Heart Surge that OVERCOMES pain and magic with pure WILLPOWER!

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Why are you sympathizing with the ponyfags? Do you have a confession to make?

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My everyday life. That's the title. My life isn't quite that ludicrous.

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I've wanted to seek out the mary sue/barely contained sexual fetishist sections of the inhabited gaming world and partake in them, playing a completely normal or possibly "nice" character to cause as much buttmad as possible. Remember the story of that stoner character that got a player to try to private chat sex him up, along with a bunch of prissy vampires wrecking their shit because the totally normal human can't be touched? I want to be that guy.

The only thing keeping me from this is not knowing where to look, so I don't even know if this counts for the thread.

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Yeah, that's how I feel too. It was... less weird, back then. It was bog-standard shudo which was only commented on because Ranmaru was apparently a particularly good looking dude. The historical record's practically jealous of Nobunaga.

And funny you'd bring up Shingen - I'm a fan of his as well. Cool strategist, interesting guy, and he had an awesome rival, which always helps a character stand out.

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Quit trying to derail this thread you neckbeard loser. I hate ponies too, but I don't throw an autistic temper tantrum when somebody so much as posts a picture of one. Grow up and quit shitting up threads like this with your blind, manchild rage.

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For someone who claims to hate ponies you sure love to turns threads into dedicated bitchfests about them, don't you?

>> No.19216177

Obviously, you don't listen too much to the rules. Thanks for aiding and abetting some of the worst scum of humanity with your apathetic attitude

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I want to play in modern-day Dresden Files game as Leonard Powers.

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Play an Alchemist, get the Brew Fleshcrafting poison feat, in pathfinder. Poison everyone's food every once in a while, shift them slowly, changing them more and more into beasts, the fighter into a troll, the rogue into a displacer, the ranger into a gnoll, slowly but surely changing them all to creatures unacceptable and evil to all- But enjoying every advantage of their changes.

Fetishes are horrible yo.

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Has he done anything that breaks the Seven Laws? Because otherwise, I don't see why not.

The Council might not like that sort of flagrantly lazy use of magic, but there's nothing explicitly forbidding it.

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Do you want to be the little fox girl...

I want to be the little fox girl...

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The rules say you can't post flaming outside of /b/, so obviously you've never read them either. Cry some more though, you anal-pain is wondrous.

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heresy era deathwatch.

Oh right i'm actually going to do that. yay!

Well i'm going to try. need to work out how to GM first.

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If it's against the rules report it. Don't throw an autistic hissy-fit and derail a thread because people like things you don't like. Christ you're a pathetic and stupid manchild.

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(Different guy here) You really need to calm down man.

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Let's see.

>Thou shalt not kill by use of magic.
I know he's killed, but I'm not sure I remember if he killed with a spell. Probably, knowing him.

>Thou shalt not transform others.
He does this frequently, though transformations DO work differently in the UA universe.

>Thou shalt not invade the mind of another.
Hoo boy.

>Thou shalt not enthrall another.
See above.

>Thou shalt not reach beyond the borders of life.
Should we cite the time he resurrected Mark, or himself?

>Thou shalt not swim against the currents of time.
I recall him referencing the use of time travel, but I don't specifically recall him using it onscreen.

>Thou shalt not seek beyond the Outer Gates.
Seeing as demons are free to roam the world, this may not apply any longer.

Summary: Leonard would be under a warden's blade before he had a chance to piss himself.

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Well, his main view on the world is that every person is truly terrible and the only law one needs to follow is 'the law of chaos'.

He proceeded to then use magic to smash a shop window with a trash can.

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Guys I wouldn't bother with him, I think he's a self-hating troll who likes to stir up pony drama. He did this on another thread and he's doing it on this one. Ignore the little bugger and he'll eventually retreat back to the depths from wench he came.


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Shingen's cool. I like most of the Samurai Musou characters. Kotaro Fuma, he didn't seem to fit into the setting very well, what with him being a demon (i guess) with extendable arms. Yes, I know that the game had a lot of goofy stuff but he just stuck out to me.

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If the foul ponypic has a statline designed for use in a traditional games, isn't it by definition /tg/-related? If it's not, then what are all those letters and number for?

>> No.19216317

That just means he's a loose cannon that doesn't play by the rules.

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what i WANT is a group who has the mental dexterity, breadth of historical knowledge, and familiarity with specific types of art and fiction to ALLOW me to enjoy playing a nonstandard character.

basically i want my friends to get on my fucking level.

but they just won't, and i'm not enough of a douche to overlook the fact that it's unreasonable of me to expect them to do so.

still, it's pretty fucking frustrating to watch them turn absolutely everything into a moronic slugfest.

>> No.19216367

Yeah, but like he said - the Wardens would be ALL OVER that shit.

Also, the Seventh Law may still apply - Demons don't count as 'of the outer gates', that's all Outsider stuff.

The stretchy-arm thing is a well known ninja myth - Rurouni Kenshin references it too with one of the Shinsengumi who wears banded gauntlets to create the illusion that his reach is shorter than it really is. So that's where that came from. As for him being some sort of demon... yeah, who knows.

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i want to pay a 14 yo female wiz

with my very own transformation sequence

>> No.19216391

To be fair, the Dresdenverse has been intentionally vague on exactly what's beyond those Outer Gates.

IIRC, Harry only ever describes it as shit that makes his worst nightmares (naagloshii, anyone?) look like baby ducklings by comparison.

>> No.19216393

want to play a fat character, like rufus or e. honda

>> No.19216403

I want to play a semi-historical campaign based on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. PCs would be slavers.

>> No.19216476

Well, aside from He Who Walks Behind, the only mentioned Outsider

Who, if Ghost Story is to be believed, is SERIOUS fucking bad mojo, like top-level holes-in-reality dangerous.

>> No.19216482

I just want to play a game that actually has a a metaplot and actual role playing outside of dungeon-raiding to its completion. I haven't been in a group that's wanted a game like that in at least 7 years.

>> No.19216495

>MFW I am playing a 14 year old transforming light-controlling wizard RIGHT NOW



>> No.19216501

That depends on the group.

>> No.19216514

Always wanted a transformation-related game. Maybe something in submarine, o rjet fighter, or motorcycle, or all three.

>> No.19216539

I want to play a female dark elf with a thing for lizardfolk or half dragons. Naturally, I'm never going to do it.

>> No.19216547


As an Autobot I have often played Decepticon with my sparkmate and would like to do so in a game as well.

>> No.19216549

Why not full-?

>> No.19216569


my group thinks im a pedo s if i even talked to them about it, it wouldnt go over well

>> No.19216572

That too, but I've never had a GM where dragons weren't slabs of EXP and loot that lived in caves and only functioned as villain-of-the-weeks.

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Transformation, bro. It can be all those things and more!

>> No.19216608

I've always wanted to play in an ERPG where it wasn't focused on smut, but just acknowledged that was a thing and could exist. More adult- than erotic-.

>> No.19216609


>> No.19216614

Really? I'm a fan of fucking with my party with gregarious Coppers [or is it Bronzes] who just won't shut the fuck up and other such unconventional dragons. The way I see it, it's Dungeons and Dragons, it should have DUNGEONS, and it should have DRAGONS, god damn it. Do I have 'em slay the occasional white? Yeah. But dragons are high-int villains and should act like it. Like that fucking troll of a red from BGII who has you murder an entire party of Paladins [including Ajantis from the first game] through the use of illusions.

>> No.19216631


Yeah, I kind of bummed.

>> No.19216653

I read the Draconomicon.

I just don't have a local gaming group. The scene in Tucson is pretty restrictive, there's like, ONE FLGS, it's weird for such an artsy college town.

But yeah, I dunno, dragons just seem like such a fixture of the setting that I feel bad if I don't toss at least one interesting one at a party from time to time.

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I want to run an adventure like a Disney movie, with original songs and music. I have a friend who is a composer, and I'm not bad with lyrics.
Of course, I'm sure my current group would give me a look like pic related, but sometimes when I read through Grimdark Songwriting, I think "wouldn't that be awesome, to just, at the climax of the action, to just belt out "Impossible Dream" from Man of LaMancha"?

I'd also like to run a d20 modern or some other game and slay god. You know, the Almighty. Problem is, at least 2 of my players are Christians and I don't want to offend them with something like that, they're my friends, you know?

>> No.19216661

Is there a transformation thread going right now? derp

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File: 39 KB, 605x567, Turbo-Teen-Cartoon-Photos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's play TurboTeen!

>> No.19216669


Could always try hunting for one within the depths of the Internet, however I think it'll be hard to find that line between raw sexual fantasy and asexual hero quest.

>> No.19216684

I was going to play a paladin based on Don Quixote but I didn't because I figured he would annoy the other players too much. I wish I'd done it now.

>> No.19216700

DARE to dream, Anon, do it, for I cannot as DM!

>> No.19216704

I try and do the same thing myself. But... I just have never had a GM who did the same thing.

I've read the Draconomincon too. It's the kind of thing to leave me feeling kind of depressed over all the missed opportunities or cool things that could have happened.

I'm getting kind of off-topic, though.

>> No.19216709

So if I said I wanted to roll a Futa, would I have to take it to /d/?

>> No.19216723

realize i didn't post a reaction pic here, oh well.

>> No.19216754

Stole over $3000 of merchandise from GW over 2 years.

>> No.19216761

I want to run an ERP game about chainmail bikini-wearing women and the mighty-thewed barbarian men fucking them. I'm going to try to get one going over IRC tomorrow night.

Wish me luck.

>> No.19216811

MIGHTY THEWS are all the rage.

>> No.19216820

They're the best part of the male body. Not going to lie.

>> No.19216837


Throw an invite our way and we might very well join in, if this thread's anything to go by.

>> No.19216850

A game about yukkuris that wasn't all "hurr durr smashy smash" and more in the tone of "imagine a world filled with epic level adventurers and monsters. Now imagine kobolds trying to survive in that. You are the kobolds." Even started working on an homebrew for it before I realized what a terrible fucking idea it all was.

But still, some nights after I've had too much to drink, I start to wonder...

>> No.19216852

Men should be HRRRGH. Women should be VAVOOM!

Frazetta had that shit right.

>> No.19216876

Anybody want to try to organize one?

>> No.19216878

I want to get a hat. But I know I look terrible in them and I'm already overweight and have a ponytail. Dangerously close to stereotypical man child.

>> No.19216915


I'd sign up if a GM came out of the woodworks.

Hell, I'd put quite a bit of effort into a character.

>> No.19216917

I'll post in this thread tomorrow, or make another to announce it.

I plan on my ERP game being a lot (A LOT) more sexually explicit, sorry to say.

>> No.19216940

I could, theoretically, run a mediocre Pathfinder game, and serve as a vehicle for that. I don't think I'm very experienced, though, so I really should be a last choice.

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I want to play an evil party in a high fantasy fuck huge world setting that really is a coalition of assholes with perhaps the token moralfag (doesn't have to be a hard line paladin, could just be a druid or rogue who doesn't really think killing someone is worth her end game goals).

Yes there will be rape, extortion, murder, looting of villages, human sacrifice, sabotage and random acts of asshollery but it will be handled in an appropriate way.
No I have never met a single person who is interested in an evil party that didn't want LOLSORANDOMCHAOTICKILLSTUFFANDRAPEITFORFUN with no roleplay what so ever just because they're CE.

Goddamnit if I can play a CE character properly then there's no reason 3-4 other humans can't.

>> No.19216971


How sexually explicit are we talking here?

>> No.19216980

[ ] Play silly pop culture monks. Geese-inspired monk, Kenshiro-inspired monk.

[ ] Play a Kamen Rider-inspired warforged

[ ] Run a Battletech campaign that secretly follows the plot of some mecha anime. Or probably SRW OG.

[X] Play a muscle wizard.

I'm thinking about it and it actually sounds like it'd be a lot of fun. You might have your work cut out for you though.

>> No.19216990

Ummm. As explicit as you can imagine.

>> No.19217004


I know plenty of dudes ripped like Thor who wouldn't be able to pull a hat off. Don't sweat it.

>> No.19217017

>I'm thinking about it and it actually sounds like it'd be a lot of fun. You might have your work cut out for you though.

It'll never, never happen though, for two reasons. First, I'd need to have the right system and that would involve making one to my taste. Two, I'm done with yukkuris and the associated community.

>> No.19217025

I want to play a charismatic character who converts enemies/underlings to his cause through reason, offer of decent compensation and general awesomeness.

The problem is that I've tried to do this and everyone at the game table, especially the GM, thinks I'm a retard. Cue goblins/bandits/mercenaries fighting to the death in the name of loyalty to their generic, card-board-cut-out boss, who usually doesn't even have a god damned NAME.

>> No.19217050

Being a Christian myself, I believe I may be able to help with this. What you need to do is make God obviously evil. It's difficult to explain, but as long as you distance his actions from what we believe. For example, don't say Jesus controled people's minds to get them to hallucinate that he did miracles, but make him a tyranical uber mage who turned water into blood and forced party members to drink it at staffpoint. This should make it clear that you're not trying to insult or imply things about their religion, but simply run a cool campaign. Or should, if they're reasonable people. But, most importantly, talk it over with them, and make sure they're okay with it.
Anyway, as for OP's question, I really want to play/run a game with super complex crunch. Like "do an algorithim to see if you hit the guy" level complexity.

>> No.19217095

Oh come on.
>Your hat has blown off your head! Are you a bad enough dude to get it back?

>> No.19217127
File: 29 KB, 195x112, Picture 10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to play a pony campaign.

Not fucking kidding.
Ive wanted to start an mlp campaign for a while, first it was a one shot joke (g1 ponies being my reference) then when the show came out, it made me want to make a legit campaign of it. Thing is, If i start advertising a campaign where you play fucking ponies and the object is NOT to kill everything in sight, but rather think your way around problems, i can see two things happening:
1.Everybody hates me
2.nobody joins because hurrgrimdarkonlynoroleplay

of course, i expect you guys will react just as harshly to this post.
I pity your ignorance and shallow life.
>inb4 reported for being on topic

>> No.19217135
File: 37 KB, 300x348, YHVH.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related

>> No.19217153

>[ ] Run a Battletech campaign that secretly follows the plot of some mecha anime. Or probably SRW OG.
This is something I'd love to do but nobody I know likes mecha at all...

>> No.19217165

I blame /tg/ for this strange goddamned obsession. It was spawned from some thread ages ago and it has only grown since. I want to run a D&D game where all the players are doing all sorts of ERP shit behind my back. I don't know why. Maybe some kind of two DM deal where I'm left blissfully unaware of all the ERP details. yessss....

>> No.19217172

I fortunate enough to have a group in which I can play almost anything without ridicule so long as its either funny, interesting, or otherwise entertaining. I've played all kinds of ridiculous things with nary a comment of reproach. I love my gaming group and they are definitely one of the best things to happen to me.

>> No.19217176
File: 262 KB, 826x667, 1334292654450.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay you HAVE to be trolling. No Christan wouldn't find this offensive. I'm a fucking atheist, and an angry one at that, and I find this mildly offensive.

The only way to do it is to leave Jesus out of it entirely, and retcon the battle between Lucifer and God, in which Lucifer wins and assumes the role of God, slowly tricking people into evil, and the players are Cardinals who found out about it through some bullshit at the Vatican. God is trapped in Hell through bullshit devilmagic, and the group has to save them.

This game is sort of lame, but that's what you have to do if you're going to clearly state that it's the Abrahamic god. It's all kinds of fucked up to expect people to be okay with roleplaying the murder of a being they see as their benevolent protector. Jesus, do you people have no fucking clue about common decency or social norms?

>> No.19217182

I'd aaaaalmost go for a pony game only if it had the premise (lifted from /tg/ long before bronies and shit) "the suggested endgame is that it turns out the ponies are actually pairs of people in costumes, put on heavy drugs."

>> No.19217197


So like, you're doing a clean-cut campaign but have sneaking suspicions the half-elf sorceress is totally banging the Human ranger in private chat while they're out on "guard duty?"

>> No.19217198
File: 71 KB, 300x346, 1335928534280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're obviously asking for it here, ponyfag scum. Go die in the darkest hole possible, furfag

>> No.19217216
File: 98 KB, 400x333, 1277629120717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The rules are too strict.

watch this


there....my picture? from a movie...not /tg/
if i ask you about a metroid rpg, are you going to get buttmad, report me, and spam with spiderman? fuck no you wont.
ponies is no different, the rules are entirely too strict for half the posts on this board, yet those posts go on anyways. It means that ANY content NOT STRICTLY /tg/ (which would include many drawfag threads) is not allowed. Its your responsibility to stop getting so fucking angry over someone liking something you dont.

>> No.19217223

Sounds suspiciously like my game.

>> No.19217233
File: 94 KB, 1022x768, 1278418924905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19217240

yes. I want this so much.

>> No.19217241

No, you don't understand at all.

Posting ponies is EXPLICITLY banned on all boards but /b/ and /mlp/. Even if it's just a reaction image attached to a productive post, it is against the rules.

>> No.19217255

Don't be a faggot. Only person getting buttdevastated is you. I bet you report tits too.

>> No.19217259

>Thread starts off okay
>A wild pony post has appeared
>Forever shitstorm


>> No.19217260

I've always wanted to be the damage-dealing thickhead, but I always take support roles nobody else wants. I enjoy playing them, but it would be nice to take center stage for once.

>> No.19217267

To elaborate further if there was some kind second EROTIC DM. I would just be suspecting the interactions bet wen the pcs and any npcs. Or any encounter. EVERYTHING IS SUSPECT.
yessss... this is my fetish

>> No.19217268


I don't see how they could notice. As long as you're not so overt about it. It's not like they would be familiar with the show.

>> No.19217269

So...youd only play a game about ponies if you knew how it ended?
that...defeats the purpose?
I hope you get that stick out of your ass.

>> No.19217273

I'm not even him. But you're being a faggot and shitting up a thread completely independent of being a brony.

>> No.19217280


Reminds me of a cuckold fantasy, only instead of watching the act you simply listen to it through the door while jerking furiously.

... It's beautiful. It's something that wouldn't be too hard to pull off either, since it eliminates the difficulty in finding a DM who'd be willing to allow ERPG into the campaign.

>> No.19217285

I like the idea of that two DM deal and I'd be happy be the 'naughty' DM. Email in email field.

If you're interested in ERP over IRC at all, actually drop me an email!

>> No.19217290


>play a character with a happy childhood and no tragic backstory, and is only doing this because he lost his previous job and needs to eat.

>> No.19217297

Kiss a Solitaire

>> No.19217303

I'm DM, and my girlfriend and two of our other friends (also female) are the players. My girlfriend and I roleplay original characters together all the time, in and out of the bedroom, all our turn-ons are aligned, shit is so cash. We would fucking love to use a couple of our characters in a game, but our fetish would be a little too obvious, and I don't want to completely weird out our friends.

On a related note, you guys that have partners, do any of you guys roleplay your characters in the bedroom? I've always wondered how many people do this.

>> No.19217306

I want to play a PC at all.

>wants to be the musclewizard

>> No.19217313

Ideally in my "perfect" world you'd run it as a game catering to bronies then troll them by revealing they were acting as nutjobs who just held up a gas station, got into a car chase on the freeway (they were chasing the cops, not the other way around) and were tripping balls the whole time, not embarking on stupid pony adventures.

Sage because this thread is going to shit. Fuck /tg/.

>> No.19217322


I actually do this with every character I've made, the most tragic of which was when his parents died due to disease and was taken in by the village's blacksmith.

>> No.19217325

I'd be interested in a game like this.

>> No.19217329


Not in a way related at all to our D&D characters, no.

>> No.19217330

Back in high school we did this with my druid and my boyfriend's ranger, who were married in character. It was quite exciting actually.

>> No.19217335
File: 491 KB, 450x275, ohmy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my. I never actually thought about putting the idea into play. Well, now you've given me something to think about.

>> No.19217336

jesus fuck this show.
I never finished it and this post makes me want to despite how bad it is.

>> No.19217342

No, i DO understand

what you said is the problem. Mods arent sweeping posts for this shit, its the rage filled fa/tg/uys who think they are too manly for it reporting the posts for no fucking reason

/tg/ thinks that /mlp/ is coming in here spamming in trolling.
I havent seen it once, and ive been going to /tg/ at least once a week for who fucking knows how long.
What i HAVE seen is shit like the other day, where the guy posted the board teams, and the MERE FACT THAT /mlp/ HAD A TEAM DERAILED THE ENTIRE THREAD

you guys are fucking pussies when it comes to this shit, mlp isnt giving /tg/ cancer, fa/tg/uys are giving mlp cancer.

And for the first time ever, i can say i enjoy a board more than /tg/, because you guys have shit it up so much with your unreasonable rage.

You say they ruin YOUR /tg/, but /tg/ has only ruined itself.

by the way, i dont have pony pics, im not a brony, im just not a fucking faggot who gets angry because they dont like something thats popular.

>> No.19217349


Why do you need the "naughty" DM in the first place? If the point is the other DM is left unaware, and the primary ERP interaction will be PC on PC... Well...

... Actually I realized PC on NPC would probably be far more likely, fuck.

>> No.19217352

Play a child character. I want to play out a character going through more or less a dulled version of what happens to Ender in Ender's Game (since the plot entirely on me, that would be lame). In short, I want to take it seriously.

No one at the game table will ever see that as anything other than "omg pedo" or "comedy relief/d'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw" material though.

>> No.19217357

Playing a female gnoll cleric the way she should act; as a big, scary, alpha bitch. Not even my thing but everyone would think so. Same with my idea for a teenage half-elf psion, or all of my Changelings, or any of my furry-ish character concepts.

Group knows I'm a furfag but I keep that shit separate. They all like my shifter samurai. Slow progress.

>> No.19217358

What entails a musclewizard exactly?
>deep dark that guy secret?
Play an evil character. I've only played one evil character and everyone hated me because I played him to the T. I enjoyed it a little too much.

>> No.19217364

Well it is your fault.

maybe not you, but comon, they guy posted a character shit that contained a crossover, and immediately it turned into BURN THE HERETIC! shit.

>not supporting the horus heresy
i dont even

>> No.19217370

I want to play Unknown Armies: Magical Girls in Akihabara but I know it won't turn out well.

>> No.19217371
File: 264 KB, 712x712, youki tasofro_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go for an entire game playing a character based on the touhou universe, yet be completely serious about it

I nearly pulled it off once, but the game died. An aged samurai who took his granddaughter's place in a religious cult that controls their village when they wanted to indoctrinate her, doing the whole ONE MEMBER OF EVERY FAMILY thing

The inspiration? Youki Konpaku

The next game I get into, I'm going to see if I can't go with a character based on Ichirin

>> No.19217377

Yeah, I was thinking about NPC on PC stuff.

I'd like to hint to the other DM that those female prisoners will be stiff and sore from sleeping on the floor. But, you know, with some subtlety.

>> No.19217382

The people who post pony pics aren't fa/tg/uys. No self respecting fa/tg/uy would have pony pics ANYWHERE on his HD. The only people who have them are ponyfags

Goddamn, are you stupid or something?

>> No.19217391
File: 53 KB, 468x576, 1312264513461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we were so close to Getting back on track to...

Anyhow. My Dream is to one day not be the DM of every single game i play. its my dark Secret.

>> No.19217395

Yesssss. Honestly. I don't even know why I like this idea as much as I do. It isn't actually a fetish of mine or anything, I just find the idea so hilarious that I absolutely must do it. I mean could you imagine hearing about a game like this? it makes me giggle like a 5 year old. The best part is, I've been meaning to run a game anyway and this would be the EXACT same on my end as running a normal game. Oh gosh. I might have to start planning out a campaign now.

>> No.19217403

Just remember to play a person and shit'll go down just fine.

>> No.19217415


Just a concern of mine before I show real interest in this; how gratuitous are you concerning the whole ERPG aspect of a campaign? This may sound silly since I'm looking for ERPG in the first place, but I'm not exactly one to be in on the whole, "massive tits everywhere fetishes abound."

>> No.19217423
File: 80 KB, 960x721, they_really_are.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ERP DM jacking off in the corner
>lazy troll halfheartedly talking about ponies
>that one kid who just can't ignore shit
>at least 4 people who can't understand that the things you jack off to for 2-4min. at a time cannot be drawn out into a multi-session campaign
>absolutely zero interesting discussion

kinda mad over here

>> No.19217437

agree, fuck /tg/

Though i dunno, that might be funny... do a whole pony campaign only to end up high and surrounded by cops in the end...a bit like the brony pizza party video.

only thing is, nobody is going to join, and everyone would still hate me, even if it turned out to be a joke. I think the only reason why people went along with my initial interest was because mlp wasnt out then, so there was no hate, it was just "lol my little pony" and people thought it would work for the sheer stupid irony.

>> No.19217448

You should hook up with >>19216876 those people.

>> No.19217455


You like it, along with a lot of other people, because it basically opens all the potential doors in a campaign without detracting from the campaign's quality itself. A lot of people are turned off by ERPGs because they're something you go into with the express purpose of sex.

With the whole "One DM for this, one DM for that" you can have your cake and eat it too; why choose between having a romantic sojourn with a love interest or an interesting campaign, when you can have both?

>> No.19217460
File: 1.49 MB, 1654x3443, musclewizard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not knowing about Muscle Wizards

>> No.19217469
File: 211 KB, 600x900, 1314053581370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


More specifically, I want to play a character who hides his physical power as a sort of secret weapon compared to his mediocre magic power. Ostensibly a caster and a weakling until he Falcon Punches a rampaging monster to a standstill.

>hard mode: the other characters don't realize it until I've started laying waste to beasts with my bare fists
>Dante Must Die mode: the grand reveal come when I turn on the rest of the party and unexpectedly hand them their ass in physical combat, Biscuit Hammer style

>> No.19217488


Solution: Have your musclewizard wear a pair of oddly designed gloves with heavy magic (useless magic to fool detection spells) so the players assume those are what give you your immense strength.

Turns out the spell is a power word that causes them to instantly gain large amounts of weight (for when a player inevitably tries to steal them.)

>> No.19217494


No True Scotsman?

>> No.19217496

Talk a DM into running a game where the players can't/don't know each other's stats and shit. They'll just think you're a shitty caster until BAM.

>> No.19217500
File: 97 KB, 421x512, 1267395042309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yea, while the pony campaign is what i want as a GM, as a player?

I want to fucking act.
holy shit so bad do i want to role play hardcore like that...i want to do it as a GM too, but id really like just one character i could really get into

shame is, its embarrassing...if it was just my players, fine, but we play at a shop, and the room isnt soundproof. the one time i let it slip and a character was arguing with a player, by the time we finished, half the fucking shop was staring through the door making "what the fuck faces"

>> No.19217503

OK. Let us do this thing.
I have sent you an e-mail. Let us be the DMs and do the things that need to be done.

>> No.19217513

I want a purely sex-focused campaign, but most people aren't into that so having two DMs should provide you the balance you seek while giving me the 'naughty' stuff I want.

I hope that makes sense.

>> No.19217521
File: 1.64 MB, 1280x1280, 1333068742435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I may be the forever DM, but I've been secretly craving to play as a furry character, preferably something like a sexy shark-girl or Ram-Man. Good thing I'm a closet furry and no one in my group knows!

>> No.19217528

I'm fairly certain /vg/ has ERP generals.

>> No.19217530

A female changeling rogue who was raped as a child and so pretends to be a male cross-dresser to keep other people sexually distant.

>> No.19217532

My good man. I have done this on dungeons and or dragons third point five edition. I will admit though, that it was done through cheating. Instead of being physically strong, it was just a matter of layering on buffs, permanent buffs, a template, a graft or two. In the end the strength was more magical in nature than not. That being said I could punch out a dragon without casting any additional spells.

>> No.19217540

I agree with
what kind of faggot thinks all fa/tg/uys must be the same?

Well then, by your logic, im no longer a fa/tg/uy, im simply not socially inept enough, and im far too clean and handsome
>mfw i can enjoy multiple forms of media in a range of tastes because i dont spend my life memorizing the history of the emperor and going on /tg/ to tell everyone that they are not allowed to violent my views of what they are.

but hey, thats your thing, whatever.

>> No.19217552


I might just not ever really announce my stats beyond what is strictly necessary. Most of my players play casual enough they don't really metagame, so usually people don't know each other's stats. Hiding in plain sight, as it were.

Still, though, foreverGM.

>> No.19217553

So a man starts a thread about ideas you have that you don't want to reveal because you might be THAT GUY, and one or more posters reveals secret scenarios that involve ponies.

Why did /tg/ start this thread if they're just going to jump all over someone for liking MLP? I'm sure if this thread was filled with horrible fetish shit and monstergirls and FATAL bullshit, the butthurt would be kept to a minimum.

But nooooooo, someone tangentially mentions a cartoon show and all of a sudden rustle ALL THE JIMMIES.

Faggots, all of you.

>> No.19217561

>ponyfucks whining about the rules

Tell you what. Once upon a time, on a much younger 4chan, moot created /fur/. This was initially assumed to be some sort of prank for April 1st, as furfags were reviled even then, but when it remained up for a bit, furscum started filtering in.

Then Moot closed the board and permabanned everyone who posted in it.

So for you newfag ponyfucks whining about being confined to your concentration camp, remember that once upon a time you'd be deliberately fucked with just for being obnoxious furfag scum.

>> No.19217562

I want to play a dwarf who has consensual sex in the missionary position while sober with someone whom I did not hire for 2 gp.

>> No.19217573

I just sent you an email too. Did you get it?

>> No.19217578

I wish to play a vampire game where the party is competitive and fighting to control the city, but not all fags or assholes.

>> No.19217581


>implying you'd be rulefagging if this were a sexy monstergirl thread

Faggots, all of you.

>> No.19217586


Sounds like the ERP game might be for you.

>> No.19217588

Are you still a furfag if you want to play something anthropomorphic, but setting apropriate and not sexual? Example, gnolls in DnD.

>>19217521 definitely not this

>> No.19217593

Yep, just composing a message.

>> No.19217603

>gnolls aren't sexual

How can you resist dat pseudopenis?

>> No.19217614

yeah my GF dressed up as my characters Char 20 bimbo love interest =D
shit was so cash.
she dyed her hair and got contacts and everything

>> No.19217617

that guy.
Im not trying to derail, but you cant want assholes like this to just fuck up every topic with their spiderman spam, can you?

anyways, i sometimes wonder how many fa/tg/uys actually get to play characters, most of the time its always that same complaint "i wish i could just play a godamn game instead of dming it"
I like D/GMing, its fun
but fuck, sometimes i dont want to do all the work, sometimes i just want an adventure...too bad every time i join a campaign, it goes about 4 sessions before dying...im apparently a kiss of death, so ive learned to stay out of other peoples games.
I swear, im not even that guy or any guy like it, im not the plot hole guy, or the question everything guy, im usually the quiet one who just does his job and stays in character (im one of a rare few around here that even do), and im always getting requests to join campaigns, as im known as one of the better roleplayers around here...yet still, the groups die around me.

>> No.19217630

I don't know why you seem to think "furry" is an innately sexual term. It's not going to mean you're irrevocably going to go YIFF YIFF YIFF YIFF if you do, certainly.

And no, it doesn't mean you're necessarily a furry even then.

>> No.19217644
File: 719 KB, 1440x900, 1280722969752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19217652

Kidnap all of my players in my group, hold them in separate locations for a year, and abuse them in different ways, then bring them back together for a game of Changling: The Lost.

>> No.19217655
File: 57 KB, 554x374, nofriendsnomagic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19217664

Im not trolling, i actually want a pony campaign...

Is there something wrong with wanting a campaign where things cant be solved with a d20 roll and a sword?

If i said i wanted a furby campaign, would you object similarly?
a guy mentioned he wants to play some magical girl from an anime, why isnt he a troll?
If this isnt interesting, why did you bother to point it out? dont you have other threads to attend?
I think were still pretty much on topic with the thread, if you didnt like the topic, leave, if you dont like the ideas, share your own

why did you even make that post?

>> No.19217689
File: 139 KB, 620x877, 1270340365236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Playing the guy (or chick) who is significant fuckbuddies with the monstrous male character (not orc or troll, but more golem or demon, possibly a ghoul) who would by played by my boyfriendu. Something horribly dangerous but under magical, voluntary control by the more human character.

Trolling with 'do they or don't they?' not optional.

D/s hell yeah

>> No.19217693


I really like that idea. Especially the image of him having taken them off before being revealed as a traitor or somesuch. The party position themselves between MW and his enchanted gloves.

>their faces when MW takes out with his first punch
>there was no magic in the feather! the muscles were in you all along!

>> No.19217700

Cant tell if troll..

so ill ask, i totally mean this:
Are sharks considered "furry"? or "scalie"?
they arent either...so what are sharks ans dolphins and such considered?

also, so its still on topic, theres a furry rpg system, i cant remember the name, but its probably not hard to google, and im sure there are plenty of people online that will play with you, other than that, why not play a gnoll or something?

>> No.19217721

everybody knows about /fur/
and nobody said there was a concentration camp

the problem is that you fucks cant stop derailing shit for no godamn reason. you arent pissing people off because you hate ponies

>> No.19217724


They're all anthros, so I would say that they fit into the furry fandom equally well. Scalies are considered to be a subset of furries, for instance.

As for my characters, when I do play, have all been human. Alignment and class vary, but I've been pretty sterile with my racial selections. I just can't resist that bonus feat.

>> No.19217737


anybody who says otherwise is just a HURRDURR YIFF IN HELL FURFAGS troll/closet furry.
Its long been a fantasy staple to include anthropomorphic animals, and some of them are pretty cool (werewolves and gnolls are the shit) so wanting to play something other than the usual bullshit we see every day should be nothing other than an indicator that you arent a massive pussy and have a craving for a break from the norm.

>> No.19217741


Not the sharkgirl poster, just popped by to saw you are refering to Ironclaw.

It's a mechanical mess. Modular design at the expense of literally everything else, leading to Ivory Tower shenanigans and handfuls of mixed dice. You could replace all the furries with humans, elves, dwarves and so on with literally 10 minutes of work, but that wouldn't change that you were playing a piece of shit.

2/10, would not play.

>> No.19217785

Why not ask the DM for a bonus for playing gnolls?
Im not sure how the monsters as pcs things works, as ive never ventured far beyond vanilla on anything, but if they dont come with any racial bonuses, i dont see why the gm would be opposed to giving them one, if if they do, i dont see why he would be opposed to changing it.

With something like a gnoll, you dont just get an invisible cosmetic change, its a cultural change, gnolls wont behave like humans, they wont fight like them, they wont talk like them. Its another opportunity to play from a new perspective.

>> No.19217834

Ah, okay. I didnt know much about it, just that it was a system catering to furries.

With how they (furries) are, i assume they would play it purely for that, and might make it easier to find a campaign for.

>> No.19217838


I don't have any games that I'm not GMing right now. I would have to wait until my next term of college to even begin considering that.

>> No.19217879

ObliviousDM and I have begun working out the details of our dual-DMed campaign. It will be fantasy and either 3.5 or Pathfinder it seems.

We'll keep you all up-to-date.

As an aside, for those interested in just ERP, feel free to email me as well. Email in email field.

>> No.19217880

I want to create a competitive standard magic the gathering deck, and alt art every card in it into ponies and other girly, little kid shows, to troll the serious business at my FLGS.
but then i'd be the guy who likes Ponies, which, while i must admit that i have watched and enjoyed a few episodes, i am not enough of a fan to want to be known as such.

>> No.19217900

I don't have any fetishes that belong in a game. I've been involved in ERPs before, and my penis just doesn't have the attention span to sit down and roll dice to see how many orgasms I have due to the hot barbarian pounding my hot lamia ass. I can just go read some erotic literature if that's what I want.

I do have a nonsexual fantasy though. I'm transgendered, so I usually play female characters, and I exclusively participate in campaigns where sex and sexuality never matters. It's what I enjoy, and if that makes you uncomfortable, that's your problem, not mine.

>> No.19217912

well im sure this will incite rage (not really, nobody left in this topic, sadly) but why not just make some furry DMnpcs?

They dont have to be fucking annoying mary sue bullshit. I have a vast collection of DMnpcs i use so that the world can continue even when players are not there. If something is designed in a way that the players are having too much trouble, an npc that had been established previously can always help. Right now ive got an npc that travels with the party as their walking dictionary, she fights, but i keep her fighting separate, in the background. Ive three times had NPCs that /tg/ would rage at me for having, but not once have my players had problems with them, and when one died, they were actually pretty pissed off so much that (incoming greentext to replace italics)
>one of my players decided his character would dedicate his life to continue the npc's legacy

If you can play it right, no when to hold them, know when they are truly needed, then an DMnpc could not only be fun for you (as you dont have to enter a new campaign just to play) but it can be fun for your players, as they may appreciate the added level of roleplay from your end.

>> No.19217923

I play as a gnoll in my current session. It's fun, because I am only barely tolerating the other characters because I feel I can use them for my ultimate goal (killing a dragon as directed by my God/Lord Yeenoghu)

>> No.19217925

>no when to hold them
that post was a mess.

>> No.19217940


This is some interesting advice, but I don't think I'll have a DMPC travel with the party. I'll probably introduce some different races though, or quest hooks and all that jazz.

>> No.19217965

FF6 or Morrowind based/inspired campaign. I don't know that I'd be seen as "that guy" half so much as I don't think I could pull it off to the proper level of awesome.

>> No.19217968

then dont do it with ponies?

There shouldnt be a problem with that association, but sadly, people have made it such, party because of how fucking awful bronies can be.

You should alt art though, fucking care bears, furby, strawberry shortcake, whatever.
Some people take mtg too seriously... id like to see those people rage over a carebear alt art'ed to a jace. (or whatever is the big card now, i havent been up to date with mtg in a while)

>> No.19217985

aside from that pointless end note that sounded weirdly like it was meant to grab attention, i laughed at this post.

>> No.19218000
File: 79 KB, 753x1000, silt_strider.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19218012

This thread went to all sorts of places. I'm most impressed by the people carrying on good conversations while the rest of this shit goes on. Anyway the solution for most of these seems very simple: play with /tg/! everyone wins. Hit up that gamefinder thread

>> No.19218017

Muthsera outlander, welcome to Vvardenfell.

>> No.19218035

Am I the only one that felt like Red Mountain blowing everything all to hell was just a bit of bullshit?

>> No.19218046


Less than 9 years after you finish fixing the whole damn country? Fuck no you're not alone.

>> No.19218047


TECHNICALLY it was the Ministry of Sound or whatever that rock was called. It finally fell when Vivec disappeared, and set off Red Mountain.

>> No.19218050

I was kind of sad, actually. The first Elder Scrolls game I ever played was Morrowind, and I played it a lot. To learn that in Skyrim kind of sucked.

>> No.19218066

Prospective player standing by.

>> No.19218079

At least the Telvanni are still kicking ass and taking names, they can restore the wonderful weirdness of Vvardenfell.

>> No.19218090

I want to play as an awakened Digestor.

>> No.19218110

Three Panel Soul reference. classy.

>> No.19218126

Its all whatever works for you, even if you just introduce those races, you still get to do some playing when interacting.

Another idea is adding in a side-villain (i assume you already have a big bad) of that race. you can play him without needing to do it constantly, or without fearing you may overstep your bounds with player comfort. My current villain doesnt sit on a throne waiting for the players to kill him, hes very active and is constantly making attempts to fuck them over, every 3 sessions or so he gets to show up with a familiar feeling for the players announcing his arrival. I get a kick out of their reactions, which are usually "Oh fuck, not now, why now?" followed by everyone declaring that they are drawing weapons and standing back to back. Whats especially fun is that he doesnt ever fight them, which is part of why i think they fear him, they have no clue how powerful he might be, they just know that he isnt your average baddie.

its not only possible to DMnpc without interrupting the game, but also able to roleplay a good villain without ever needing to make the players feel powerless by just plain wrecking their shit (that works in books and movies...but in games, knowing you cant do shit without a fucking magic sword is pretty annoying and makes your character and his stats seem less important than the holy maguffin)

So thats my other suggestion, it allows for good roleplaying with your players (which most will appreciate) while being difficult to fuck up.

>> No.19218150


Not quite. Telvanni are all dead. You meet the last two members in Skyrim.

>> No.19218179

Well im not only one of those still posting, but im also one of those posting about ponies eariler, and think everyone deserves credit here, because the pony hate never resulted in spamming shit or reporting shit (only sages) and the pony posts were not in the least bit trolling, and were completely on topic. The argument wasnt even that bad, it was just a few people raging that made it seem like that.

This is the first time in a long time (since at least before /mlp/) that ive seen a thread stay up after the pony rage began (which happened a mere 9 posts in)
/tg/ has impressed me tonight, im glad the thread wasnt deleted.

>> No.19218187

I want to play a 7 foot tall Viking Warrior in an Erpg, preferably with furries, traveling the land killing Hentai monsters and evil overlords with my axe, killing anyone I don't like, and generally derailing the fuck out of the plot.

Overlord: "Finally, young heroine, you are in my grasp. Time for me and my pets to teach you some respect!".


Tentacle Monsters: "OH SHI-"

And then I would name my Axe the Banewolf, and bro it up with the Dwarves before finding the nearest Viking-analogues and uniting the Tribes into a badass kingdom before going on a conquering spree and essentially building the Mongol Empire but with Vikings.

Sadly, I lack the courage to go digging through erp servers looking for an appropriate game.

>> No.19218210

I want to play Maid RPG.

Where my PC is a bear.

Not a beargirl.

Not a furfag.

Just a bear.

>> No.19218231

Seriously? What the fuck happened?

One of them had better be Divayth Fyr.

>> No.19218256

The proper Telvanni family is dead, the faction still controls Eastern Morrowind. At least, that was my understanding.

>> No.19218259
File: 56 KB, 374x600, 1305258722273.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to play an unthinkingly racist and casually sexist but highly educated buffoon of an aristocrat who's horribly out of touch rational society, isn't evil, and doesn't 'get over' these flaws as part of his character development. Or understand why people think otherwise. Clearly, they're all ignorant fools.

But ha ha good luck with racism (in a fictional character!) not sending all the wrong kind of messages. On top of the natural misconceptions that might arise, my group hates characters that might stir up conflict in the party, even purely social conflict. So that shit's not happening. Oh well.

Picture not really related, I guess.

>> No.19218399

Just make him racist towards fictional shit?

One of my players was racist...not even casually, he actually wrote a "final solution" paper about how all the non whites would be exterminated
>he had control of a being who could basically force people to follow him
>does some trickery to amplify the effect for a large audience
>rolls a perfect roll
>suddenly army of powerful racists at disposal

Not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome. The other players tolerated it till that point, at which they fought against him...was certainly interesting when party infighting involved actual combat, especially when the players repeatedly tried to convince him to turn back from the "dark side" so to speak.

>> No.19218456

I really want to team up with someone and play the squire while they play a knight. The knight molests my character every night in secret.

Would want to see how long it took the other players to figure this out. The GM would have to be in on it too.

>> No.19218469

An Amazon.

A lesbian Amazon.

And I don't mean some pretty anime lipstick lesbian with a perfect body that seduces all the lovely girls.

I mean a fucking 7 foot tall Arnold-as-Conan-the-Barbarian weightlifter ohmygodchecktoseeifshehasballs angry as shit "I'll murder you and rape your wife" Red Sonja BULLDYKE lesbian Amazon.

>> No.19218499

Yeah, I'm not looking at the character's motivation being anti-race, just at him (possibly her, doesn't matter) having an absurdly condescending and kind of obnoxious. 'proper place in the world, lower than me, because I am a proper person unlike you green mongrels' and all that. It's like the best (worst) parts of aristocratic entitlement and race superiority complexes boiled into one.

Therein lies the problem; I'm probably not clever enough to make it really engaging and even if I were, my group would nope it out of there at the concept, regardless of execution.

We had a guy play an extremely devout cleric on pilgrimage and it pissed the rest my group off because they're wimps who hate organized religion, even in fiction. It's like they can't separate personal philosophy from the character somebody's playing. They seriously got passive aggressive about it and I'd rather just play something more straightforward if it's gonna stir up shit all around.

Maybe I could get away with it if I played a halfling or an ogre or something. Or based the character on Lovecraft.

>> No.19218535

Play a girl squire and I'll be that knight.
Would love to see how characters react to having traveled with a rapist for months. I'd get them to like me so they'd feel like monsters when they figured it out.

>> No.19218565

Oh man, especially devious if girl squire because the party will think you're all progressive and shit.

>> No.19218574


Lovecraft theme sounds good, and could be really interesting. You could even give him the Innsmouth look.

>> No.19218618

Wait, they're so anti-religion that they can't handle a cleric in a game where gods explicitly exist?
>Maybe not all of, but many of my whats.

>> No.19218707

wow, i thought that was cool until rape...

fuck you

>> No.19218740

An average guy who ahppens to be gay. He get's it in his head one way or t'other that this ain't quite right. So he start's manning up. Working out and expressing masculinity in every possible way. He becomes a massive super hulk but in the end he can't control his desires. The result being that when under severe emotional duress he finds lesser men and rapes them.

>> No.19218744
File: 105 KB, 360x329, 1321748257368.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, they can handle a cleric or fictional gods.

What they cannot handle is the idea of a religious hierarchy that has power because of shared faith instead of their illusory vision of a world where super-rational-logical/cynical behavior guides all actions of all people all the time.

I'm pretty sure several of them have some serious drama in their pasts in regards to religion/familial obligations and such, and I've tried making pretty much every argument there is as to how this is an absurdly silly and frequently hypocritical mindset to hold in regards to dramatic storytelling and, by extension, roleplaying, but it never goes anywhere and I've long since given up. I just tiptoe around their stupid preconceptions about how things should/should not be and everyone's happy. They're pretty fun people otherwise.

>> No.19218753

New rule to propose to my group: if we unanimously believe that one of us is trying to force their fetish in a game, we bitchslap them.

>> No.19218762

im tired of playing good parties, i want to play an over the top violent, collateral damage everywhere, chaotic evil game where we're allowed to do whatever we want, barring that it continues the story, that is, but i wish one day my dm would say "make a character for the new story arc, but they have to be chaotic evil" i would have so much fun

>> No.19218784
File: 415 KB, 624x352, 1311631112378.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Games I've run:

>D/s-related Pathfinder game with people I know from the scene in real life, setting loosely based on Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty novels
>Dark Sun 4e game with time travel loosely based on Chrono Trigger where the PCs' quest was to go back in time and prevent the world from getting all fucked up and turned into the Dark Sun setting in the first place...the different time periods they could travel to were other 4e settings (Forgotten Realms, Points of Light, Eberron, Gamma World)
>Many epic Traveller games based on various sf series

I'd be happy to help anyone out if they're trying to make whatever fantasy game a reality, I've got plenty of free time right now. Unless it involves furries or ponies.

>> No.19218801

Pedophilia, mostly. That would be lovely.

But also fucking and dominating sissy little girly boy faggots.

>> No.19218817

Tell me about the first campaign.

>> No.19218843

no furries or ponies?

so what about strawberry shortcake?
not kidding, i honestly want to know

>> No.19218875

Well, not many games lend themselves to pedrofilia though, is the problem...

>> No.19218887

burn an entire village of homosexuals alive

>> No.19218897
File: 190 KB, 436x600, 1337126460958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The campaign was actually pretty damn normal, half my players were complete newbies, so I wound up putting them through a sample dungeon crawl and putting them up against monstrous versions of jerks we all knew from the scene, unfortunately it was cut short by my having to move out of the area before we got to all the intrigue/kinky stuff/etc I had planned.

Also, we kept getting distracted...the party was balanced gender-wise, we were all poly, and the venue had a truly excellent selection of adult beverages...I guess I can't really say I regret that it descended into group sex half the time.

Regarding Strawberry Shortcake: in principle I would find this acceptable but I know nothing about Strawberry Shortcake.

>> No.19218905

I love playing girly boys, but from there the personalities vary. My games with my girlfriend always contain erp as well as just normal gamage all the time.

I just wished she'd throw the dick at me more often...

>> No.19218936

Burn every degenerate in this thread alive.

>> No.19219003


Man, I feel bad for you.

>> No.19219040
File: 69 KB, 854x480, 133256851418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always wanted to play a Troll in Pathfinder.

A Troll based only vaguely on Ogrest.

Raised by an elf after a raid, he vows to try and collect magical jewels to bring this girl he loves back to life.

Never been allowed to play an actual monster with legitimate goals. The Troll would need some work, considering the regeneration and all that, but still, it'd be fun. Hell, I remember reading the draconomicon and thinking how awesome a dragon campaign could go.

>> No.19219045

whoa man calm down. It's a bit more about tricking the other players than it is about my fetish for being raped by men in armor.

>> No.19219078

I want to roleplay. I want to make the table into an improv theatre session: mannerisms, accents, in-character dialogue, the works.

>> No.19219092

I hear ya.

I would actually enjoy some real roleplay at the table.
It'd be fun.

>> No.19219127

>and an interesting dichotomy in a party that is gonna have at least one psychopathic killer in it

I dunno... I mean, playing the priestess of something like Bastet or Ishtar means that you can be a brutal bitch when the occasion calls for it, and your patron goddess will approve of it.

>> No.19219133
File: 46 KB, 423x405, graceful.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've always wanted to play a troll that compulsively trolls everyone he meets. Like he's otherwise a good heroic PC, but whenever he opens his mouth it's to say whatever will make people rage the most.

>> No.19219144

You would love my campaigns

too bad my next one is probably going to be ponies.

>> No.19219261

Well, my GM desire does not belong here but I'll post it anyway.

I want to run Kobold Camp: The RPG

>> No.19219307


I've played in a kobold campaign where the point was to set up our dungeon complex to make it difficult for adventurers to clear out, we had to go track down and capture monsters to keep in rooms and pits to protect our females and eggs. We also set a ton of traps. Turned out pretty damn awesome.

>> No.19219364

I'll play girl squire with you, anon!

>> No.19219379

I would love to play in a pony campaign. It's got a lot of potential for fantasy adventure

Just sayin

>> No.19219445
File: 101 KB, 320x239, zentradi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pretty much. In fairness to the Musou interpretation, he's pretty much just a faithfully devoted retainer who doesn't realize how pretty he is - and historically, Ranmaru WAS a pretty-boy and in a submissive relationship with his lord, Nobunaga Oda.

Ranmaru was a thrill-seeking slut, man. I've read the novels. Dude fucked every man that was pretty and dared to look at him while his master was nearby. The idea, that he could get both him and his lover killed for high treason, probably gave him enormours boners.

>> No.19219453
File: 883 KB, 1000x1550, 133050896147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally an excuse to post this picture.

>> No.19219476
File: 1.01 MB, 1100x1705, babby sister 6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better post the updated version that doesn't look like ass.

>> No.19219576

>getting the dick from girlfriend
nice, even if it's only occasional

>> No.19219606

I want to be the evil guy in a good campaign.
I want to be the schemer, the guy who betrays the party.

I want to be fighting against my friends, secretly and betray them in a way that they'll never forget.

My character would need a damn good reason to do it, because I'm not just playing the role of villain, but somehow, the party has made this guy into the secret villain.

>> No.19219631

are you >>19218535 ?

>> No.19219678

I've always wanted to play the role of the stereotypical "pig" cop:
Lazy, sleazy, corrupt, and quick to abuse the nightstick as I see fit.
Same with "Paladin"-type classes. I've always wanted to play the stereotypical "corrupt lawman".
It's only worked once on an IRC game because I kept making jokes and keeping it light in OOC as my character would do everything short of kicking puppies.

>> No.19219739


I once played a telepath psion in 3.5 that I based on Bester from Babylon 5. Basically, I was the Thought Police. I carried a wand of Mind Thrust as a 'sidearm' and had gloves of object reading, and devoted all my power slots to stuff useful in interrogations and forensic investigation.

I got a ton of mileage out of a power called something like 'brainlock,' if the target failed a Will save I could keep it from taking any actions as long as I sustained it each round as a standard action. Before combat I would cast some energy shield power on myself that'd smack anything that hit me for a good amount of lightning damage and once I brainlocked the biggest enemy I'd walk around the battlefield trying to provoke attacks of opportunity from the other monsters, especially casters with weak melee attacks. I also had a special dagger that I could use a power point on to add 2d6 damage whenever I hit, so I would stand next to anything that might provoke opportunity attacks.

>> No.19219758 [DELETED] 

My girlfriend plays the foppish hedonist rich boy wizard that my action-girl wood elf ranger is banging. At this point, the party knows. We usually erp it out later that night online, and it's kinda nice to get the dick.

>> No.19219779

My girlfriend plays the foppish hedonist rich boy wizard that my action-girl wood elf ranger is banging. At this point, the party knows. We usually erp it out later that night online, and it's kinda nice to get the dick.

I'd love to make it a bigger deal... even lure another player in... but this isn't an erotic campaign and won't be one.

>> No.19219817

Atheists are hilarious sometimes. Especially when they can't get it through their thick "enlightened" skulls that organized religion is not the "source of all that is evil" and that there's more to faith that "delusion".
>Seriously, I'm not nearly as believing or as non-believing as people think, but I know damn well idiocy does not exclude beliefs or non-belief. Also, I know damn well that a person's creed is not a way to measure their character.

>> No.19219891
File: 158 KB, 640x517, trollpathetic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Stop trying to stir up offtopic shit tripfag

>> No.19219919

Hey, we already got Ponyrage, a furry post, and That Guy'ing. This was the most logical step. Soon enough, we'll have a lovely ca/tg/irl show off her goods after TIDF shows up.

>> No.19219975

I can only speak for myself, but I prefer that religion have a minimal role in my games mostly because I find it annoying. It's something I have to deal with in real life (and being in the deep south, I don't exactly get to see the best that religion has to offer) and I prefer not to burden myself with it during fantasy-fun-time. But then I've also never been a big fan of the Greek gods and so forth that tend to serve as the basis for RPG gods because they are inconsistent and tend to undermine the world you have going by pulling a deus ex machina and disrupting the order of things. They're like great big Mary Sues designed to troll the reality of your game.

>> No.19220223

What's the appeal in getting the dick?

>> No.19220716

There's a number of ideas I've had bouncing around in my head for the past few character-creation sessions. Most of them have been more or less lifted directly from /tg/ storytime threads.

>Bard that was putting on a play about the heroics of a Paladin that gave his life to save the country from an evil Lich, gets caught in the armor by the adventuring party, goes along with them because he's afraid of their wrath
>Mad Russian Psion, out on a mission to get excellent material for a book after critics pissed him off by hating on his previous works, which unlocked his psychic potential through sheer rage
>Gnomish fighter that comes from a long-ass line of arcane casters and has none of their aptitude. Adventuring to find something nice for his twin sister's birthday, lest her wild sorcerous talent result in his favorite tavern getting burned to the ground.
>Child sorcerer with the power of IMAGINATION, accompanied by his Summon Imaginary Friend spells

>> No.19221106


Related to that first one, I always thought it would be funny to play an ordinary non-fighting monk who gets swept up with an adventuring party and is too scared of them to tell them the truth.

>in his first battle he freezes up out of sheer terror
>they win handily anyway
>everyone assumes he's buffing them with secret battle meditation techniques, don't let him leave
>this goes on for years

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