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[ ] Asexual- Orcs reproduce from spores or spring out of the ground fully formed, or are the corruption of members of a preexisting race.

[ ] Hypersexually- Orcs fuck basically anything that holds still long enough and can typically successfully produce offspring from just about anything.

[ ] Brood Mothers- Orcs breed with rarely seen orc females who simply exist to eat snack cakes and squirt out snotlings all day, and are genetically incapable of doing much else

[ ] Savage- Orc females are technically equal to orc males but kept as slaves or breeding stock exclusively

[ ] Modern- Orc males and females live together in a more or less egalitarian if brutal and shitty society

[ ] You never ever ever wanted to think about this ever and will continue that policy now.

[ } Other

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[X] Don't give a fuck about Orcs since Goblins are far superior.

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[x] Hypersexually

I guess, I don't really care though.

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[x] Orcs? What orcs?

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[x] Savage
Orcs are generally speaking unpleasant lot, and this both reinforces that theme and makes orc females more sympathetic (they're still cunts, though).

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After all, Orcs are designed to incorporate all those stereotypes of savage people without us enlightened folk objecting to it.

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I dunno whatever fits the setting I'm in, though I do suppose that Savage or Hypersexuality is the most common.

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I want to say 'modern,' but not so much because of an actual modern view and more because I like orcs to value power more than gender. So a female can easily rise in the ranks as much as a male if she happens to be strong, and is free to rape and pillage the countryside as much as any man.

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>[X] Hypersexuality

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I have them as something that will rape for the sake of raping something, but not their own kind on a whim.

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Does Hypersexuality mean that an Orc can fuck a cow to get an offspring out of it?

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>this is how broo function

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Depends on the social structure and socieites that I'm workign wit. Orcs a la Spelljammer will be different than desert orcs will be different from oceanic orcs will be different from....

You get the picture. Trying to define all orcs as one thing alone is stupid. OP is an unimaginative shitspamming moron.

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Now don't be silly, only humans get to have several cultures. All other races have stereotypical monocultures, it's them rules.

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Disturbingly, yes.

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I feel as though the assumption is the very base generic western western europe kind of setting.

Admittedly, if you generisize to that degree, the answer is obvious.

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I'm not talking monoculture here, I'm talking biology. Humans have a thousand different cultures but on no part of the globe do you get a baby if a guy jerks off in a mayonaisse jar.

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Even then, both Lotr and D&D have generic settings, yet they have quite different orks that work quite nicely.

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Then don't make half of the answers based on society.

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Learn to read.

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Savage and Modern Orcs have the same biology.

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>see pic
>Hate both, point ears and tall women
>Be dorf with dorf women master race.

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[X] Reverse Savage- Orc females are technically equal to orc males but nothing prevents them from brutally forcing sexual relationships with a male they're fond of, disregarding its species

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True. Once you go a bit beyond the hedges.

The orc you'll meet in a dungeon crawl who you'll fight without hesitation and the orc bandits who ransacked the generic village probably fit in line with being the same savage stuff.

Don't always need variety. Sometimes, the main bad guy is a lich and you fight a dragon at the end of a dungeon where he has a big pile of gold.

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>[ ] Modern- Orc males and females live together in a more or less egalitarian if brutal and shitty society
That's how it works in the campaign I'm in now. Orc rulers are all called kings though (more accurately 'something'-king, like Skullking or Madking), it's a loanword from another tongue.

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>[ ] Savage- Orc females are technically equal to orc males but kept as slaves or breeding stock exclusively
Where is the Amazonian reversal of this, OP?

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Though, also, there's a separate major group of Orcs which aren't independent anymore and they are probably less gender equal, because they picked up a lot of conservative traits from the society they were adopted into - but still, everyone is ostensibly equal and there aren't rape parties or anything. So I guess that still counts as Modern?

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>Disregarding its species

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[X] Other (Tribal Matriarchy)

Orcs are primitive tribal warriors who pose a threat to the more civilized races by sheer size, strenth and ferocity. The females grow even larger than the males (right up to 270cm) and are aggressively dominant. The most powerful female usually leads a tribe. The males try to impress the females in combat so they get picked as partners. There are no monogamic relationsships, female orcs impulsively pick partners to mate with in the aftermath of combat. Orc pregnancy is short and far less complicated than in humans. Being heavily pregnant is a minor inconvenience for an orcish woman. Female Orcs birth between three and eight younglings, which become independent from their mothers within a year. The entire tribe takes equal care of younglings.

Orcs are able to interbreed with humans but rarely willing to do so. Male Orcs in general find human females unattractive and in the rare case one takes a fancy in a human he would expect her to take the initiative. An orc woman would only choose a human partner if they fought side by side for a longer time or if a human should defeat her in honourable combat. In the last case changes of behaviour occur in the orcish female. While she will still be aggressive and dominant to those around her she will show submissive behaviour to the male that defeated her, and become obsessed with impressing him. She will try to mate with him regulary over an extended period of time.

Orcs do not integrate well into human society, so such occurences are very rare

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Except amongst the Mayonnaise Men, of course.

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[ ] orcs came from another dimension called <what you like>, from a portal summoned by an ancient warlock.

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That doesn't give us any information on how they reproduce though.

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So it's total fetish shit.

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[x] Asexual- Orcs reproduce from spores or spring out of the ground fully formed, or are the corruption of members of a preexisting race.

[x] Hypersexually- Orcs fuck basically anything that holds still long enough and can typically successfully produce offspring from just about anything.

[x] Brood Mothers- Orcs breed with rarely seen orc females who simply exist to eat snack cakes and squirt out snotlings all day, and are genetically incapable of doing much else

[x] Savage- Orc females are technically equal to orc males but kept as slaves or breeding stock exclusively

[x] Modern- Orc males and females live together in a more or less egalitarian if brutal and shitty society

[x] You never ever ever wanted to think about this ever and will continue that policy now.

[x} Other

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This one would've been more explicit

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[X] Sandorcs

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they don't reproduce, since they came from another dimension governed by another rules wich doesn't involve sex.

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Wait, like, no sex at all, or slutty virgin 'it doesn't count'?

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>they came from /tg/?

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So then it's asexual. And still unrelated, outsiders in Planescape have sex too.

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Since orcs are not a player race and challenging an orcish female to single combat is a pretty foolproof way to commit suicide I wouldn`t say that the "fetish" side of things is very present at the game table.
OP asked specifically for sexuality and I described it.

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since when were orcs NOT a player race?

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[x] Other

There are only male orcs, and reproducing with a female of another species will inevitably produce a male orc, leaving them to propagate mainly through rape. Because of this, tribe hierarchy is based on perceived fertility, and often contested and established with ritual combat among males that ends in a display of forced homosexuality. This is also the fate that has befallen many an unwary adventurer who found themselves with no choice but to surrender to an orcish force, for in their conquests of battle orcs have little care for gender and even less for consent.

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Now, THIS is fetish fuel

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it's not asexual, there are no female... orcs came from another dimension it's quite simple, imagine like in the other plane they are ice cream and when icecream across the portal they're subject to our rules.

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>come back to thread
>no other posts about goblins
Stupid /tg/! You're all stupid!

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>There are only male orcs, and reproducing with a female of another species will inevitably produce a male orc, leaving them to propagate mainly through rape.
it was good till here.

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I`m not talking about DnD here, I`m talking about my homebrew setting. Orcs are not intended as a player race in that setting.

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Your setting is shit then

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Take this, but replace rape with unfeasible seductive powers and make them all bishounen, or otherwise attractive archetypes.

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>Opinions etc

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>it's not asexual, there are no female...
Yes. That is exactly what asexual reproduction is.

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I get what you mean, and it doesn't exactly apply here, but I feel strangely compelled to point out that most methods of asexual reproduction involve ONLY females. Certain lizard species, aphids, etc.

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Nah. someone had to tell you that. Your players probably don't have the balls to do it because they really want to play, but that's the nice thing about online boards. You can be told that your setting is shit without any prior bias.

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1/10, I`m sorry, thats the best I can do.

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Do you know what asexual reproduction means?

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You made a race that, if it had no male, would fit perfectly into Monster Girl Encyclopedia.
You are that GM.

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I don't do Orcs.

If I want bandits and barbarians, they'll be human bandits and barbarians.

I find them boring and an excuse to KILL MAIM BURN for the adventurers without feeling remorse.

My pick for "objectively reasonable to kill" monster are the various and different flavors of undead.

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Who says orcs have to be objectively reasonable to kill?

I never get this 'only human' stuff. Do you also only want humans in your sci-fi?

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Oh, you, no need to flatter me. It was either this or a troupe of minotaur courtesans operating out of a travelling brothel called the Greatswords' Sheathe.

Come one, come all! Money back if you don't come at all!

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No, I think it would be better if the orcs had a seafaring culture and that they all would be pirates.
Green, swarthy, rape-pirates, preying on ships and coastal villages alike.

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But orcs are not "bandits and barbarians", orcs are a somewhat primitive but shamanistic people with atribal society!

Yes Warcraft 3 gave us the greatest idea of orcs ever.

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Many Orcs were enslaved by a Human-Elf alliance, so they breed at the discretion of their owners. There are several slave 'ranches' were Orcs are bred to produce smarter, or stronger slaves. Household Orcs are typically castrated to make them more docile, though some purchase them intact either believing them to be stronger, or to perform amateur breeding. Breeding with intent to distribute is technically illegal, but largely unprosecuted. Orc children are highly valued as raising them from youth tends to instill greater loyalty. Use of Orcs of either gender as sexual slaves is highly illegal, due largely to lobbying from the Brothel Guild which regulates the sex trade.

The ones who remain in the wild sort of practice the savage style, with certain modern elements. Families meet, daughters get married off to form alliances or for wealth. Orcs are polygamous, the most powerful having large harems. Powerful females often take male harems, though these are less common (for every 2 male harems there is 1 female harem of equal size).

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Since I'm not into orc chicks, I prefer their sexuality to be something I don't have to give a shit about unless it somehow is actually important to the story or my characers personal interests.

>> No.19209095


Apologist marketing horse shit. Besides, their way of life still puts them in conflict with other races.

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When competing for a female's affections, two or more males may engage in ritual combat with the female's (or her family's) permission. This combat may end at first blood, submission, death, or other prearranged terms. Orc women are not 'property' and thus if their husband dies they become independent and may choose a new spouse themselves (or remain single), or return to their families.

Orc reproduction takes the same time as human reproduction, but fertility rates are much higher. During times of 'peace', ritual combat is very common place as the competition for females is fierce. With Orc harems commonly being 2-4 wives large, and up to 20 in the case of powerful warlords, many males do not gain the chance to reproduce. During times of war, the large number of unwed males forms the bulk of many Orc armies. The result of this is that the Orc population is typically 60% female, to 40% male.

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So the second to last option then?

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Any fantasy race would fit into Monstergirl Encyclopedia if it had no males.

The Orcs I described are not even attracted to humans. Actual sexual relations between the two races are so rare they are almost unheard of.

God, why am I defending this against obvious trolling?

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>Asexual reproduction

Great. If somebody can find a way to work pedophilia and bestiality in we'll have run the gamut.

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Orcs in the homebrew I am working on are roughly equal gender wise. But females only take a few months to pop out a kid or three. Male and female orcs will rape other races at will, producing hybrids who are typically more orc than whatever the other race was. Also breeding slaves exists, but some female orks have their own breeding slaves. Lastly it is possible for orc shamans to reproduce asexually through certain rituals.

In this setting though orcs are the most closely related to humans and elves, Humans are the normal evolution, orcs are the evolutionary branch that joined with certain natural forces and wild magic, and elves joined with stable magical forces. Fun fact, half orc half elfs tend to explode as children from magical overload, taking out many such hybrids as adults though they are fucking brutal berserkers.

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I think it's already done


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hahaha oh man this kid

scrape some sand out of that vagina kiddo

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[x] like a boss

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nice 3d custom girl skins

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Orcs reproduce by tumor. As orcs age into their late 40s, they develop 1d6+1 large tumor like structures on their upperbody. These structures may appear on the arms, chest or back, and rarely on the neck or head. These are actually womb like structures that grow at different rates. During this time, the older orcs are allowed rest as a reward for the lifetime they spent serving their species. After 1d8 months (roll for each structure) the womb bursts and a newborn orc emerges. The toll of these births typically causes the host to die 1d4 months after the last structure has burst.

What the fuck did I just type.

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Anytime any company changes or retcons canon for the sake of marketing to a modern audience or catering to demographics that didn't exist previously I flip the fuck out. Original artistic vision being compromised for business makes me rage, I make no excuses. As far as I am concerned its the same as those people who want to rewrite Mark Twain to remove racist words from it even though it stands as a testament to that era and should remained intact.

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FATAL orcs?

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Grow out of the communist phase, kid, people can still do good things while trying to make money. Adding depth to shallow characters is a good thing.

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They reproduce when a particular kind of parasite finds its way into a human host.

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what i was trying to do before it's exclude this 'sexual' thing from campaigns, it's TOTALLY irrelevant, and i feel most here agrees with that.

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Beatles for example, was only due to a marketing ploy which changed their entire image.

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Most representations of Orcs in gaming I've seen deal with them as brutal and cruel hordes of murderers that will fuck your shit if you don't keep them out of your borders with a sustained war effort.

If you send them an ambassator, they'll probably return his bloody with horrible throat lessions due to throat penetrations.

Y'know, Chaotic Evil warmongering monsters.

If the game drops the CE-only focus, they'll be just a regular, although somewhat violent, shamanistic tribe that Anon already indicated as part of WC3. In that case, I'd drop the race and make a different kind of noble savage. I go with lizardpeople: a pragmatic people with lots of Otherness, so the seem kind of difficult to deal with or absorbe into human culture and with an abtruse (at least from the human POV) diplomatic system. They wage wars within themselves, they wage them against humans when they make transgressions against their complex laws and rules, but they are quite obedient to their laws and won't be inmediately hostile with outsiders, provided they don't break any of their laws. Wanton violence against them would be unjustified and immoral.

So, I don't do 'human only' stuff, but I find Orcs quite boring. I've elves as weird and reclusive aliens that came from the moons and find intense human emotions distasteful; dwarves, halflings and gnomes bundled as "terrestrials": they aren't intrinsecally magical, so people deal with them as another ethnic group (mostly, they consider them thieves and fourth class scum), but they contribute to society through manual work; &c.

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>An orc woman would only choose a human partner if they fought side by side for a longer time or if a human should defeat her in honourable combat. In the last case changes of behaviour occur in the orcish female. While she will still be aggressive and dominant to those around her she will show submissive behaviour to the male that defeated her, and become obsessed with impressing him. She will try to mate with him regulary over an extended period of time.

>mfw Orcs are tsundere

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[x] modern

>> No.19209348

Now that you mention it, I like the Brood Mother idea, it explains why you don't see orc women as much, and it adds an extra layer of disgusting instead of just being green elves.

>> No.19209355

It all comes down to power.
Physical, magical...whatever. As long as you can enforce your will on others you are in the right.
This is true for both sexes.

>> No.19209365

I started typing about Orcs in my setting here but there isn't really any point, you don't care.

>> No.19209373


I wouldn't mind hearing about them. I like listening to other people's homebrew fluff, it gives me ideas for my own.

>> No.19209393

thats actually more or less how bugbears work in my game. Well except they have no real culture to speak of and their sexuality starts and stops at "causing as much misery and pain as possible" so they rape pretty much anyone they dont just kill or torture.

They are not creatures native to Midgard though, but made by the big bad evil enemy of the gods yaddayadda.

And yes...it is played as being horrifying.

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Asexual, but with fully functioning sexual organs so they can pic related

>> No.19209431

what the...where is all the sexy orc pics?
not even skyrim screenshots...

>> No.19209432

In my current campaign Orcs have gender roles similar to the Wildlings from "A Song of Ice and Fire".

>> No.19209439

There isn't really anything that needs to be said, or that I could say concisely, other than: there does not need to be only one culture of a particular kind, nor should races have only a single culture.

>> No.19209487

I don't really care about orc sex, but if it came up I'd say savage. I don't really like orcs being portrayed as greenskinned elves with pointy teeth, as so many artists do these days, I prefer them to be monstrous like the orcs in old D&D or WHFRP.

>> No.19209488

[x] Hypersexually

rape everything

>> No.19209520

So orcs in your game are green niggers?

>> No.19209589

[X] Savage

More noble savages, if anything. Like, each Orc has a role in society, with both males and females being breeding stock, by their fertility, looks are just a bonus (although that won't stop Orcs talking about which Breeder they wish to mate with). Of course, if two Orcs love each other they may marry, but this generally involves a fight between the suitor and the mother/father depending on gender, or some sort of fear of prowess ("Look Mr Runs-by-Daylight, I killed a 100 bison in one hunting trip!").

But, when the fights out, everybody suits up and gets to the foightin'. Breeders are slightly discouraged, because we need more Orcs to fight.

>> No.19209595

So FATAL Orcs are one of the few races that DONT rape people then?

>> No.19209670

This would be a general thing, changes with setting and/or location. Space Orcs would be real bastard traders, traveling in moving shopping centre convoys. When an Orc can sell Water to a fish and hooves to a horse, he will be beating off the girls with a stick.

Goblin is term for a pre-puberty Orc.

>> No.19209715


Yes. They would not be able to maintain their population levels in the face of genocidal player characters if their women are anything more then baby factories.

>> No.19209740

>[ ] Savage- Orc females are technically equal to orc males but kept as slaves or breeding stock exclusively
>Kept as slaves
>implying primitive people actually did this.
Fun fact, the more pressure you have on you to survive, the less likely you are to do retarded shit like not let 50% of your potential work force do anything productive.

A pregnant woman can still harvest roots and berries, skin and butcher animals, refine those skins into usable products, cook, fetch water, start fires, and basically everything else that isn't fighting or hunting.

>> No.19211683

>Brothel Guild

I am far too okay with this.

>> No.19211708


I didn't know freelancerraiko frequented /tg/.

>> No.19211778

I tried to put orcs in my fantasy setting once.
Somehow I ended up with savage mushroom people instead, not even 40k orks, genuine mushroom people, with caps and everything.

They go crazy when they drink blood and feed on wood.

My elves hate them, well, the wood elves anyway. The others would likely not care about the trees unless they "owned" them.

So, my setting has no orcs.

Does have goblins. Labyrinth style, and the leader of any group of goblins get a magic and bishonen/bishojo upgrade... well... more a hair metal david bowie upgrade.

A lone Goblin is kinda stuck halfway though. This would be the motivation of a lot of Goblin adventurers, being alone makes them look better.

Oh, also the more goblins a goblin king/queen lords over, the more powerful and beautiful they become.

>> No.19211812

'Orcs' are just the end result of some goblin kidnappings that have been 'Souped Up' with alchemy and their brutally primitive cybernetics/surgery.

They are generally sterile, but often aggressive sexually (assuming they weren't castrated for better control.)

>> No.19211827

I like the way you think. As a general rule I try to add some kind of a unusual turn to a standard fantasy race before including them in a campaign, it keeps things fresh.

>> No.19211865


The idea of the goblins is fucking brilliant anon.

>> No.19211894

Orcs are hillbilly rapists, exactly like in Deliverance.

They reproduce through spores.

>> No.19211900

Tolkien Orcs: Shitloads of immortal once-elves who reproduce by magic and rape.

>> No.19211912

Except that's not how Tolkein orcs reproduce.

>> No.19211923


>> No.19211961

>No fun allowed.

>> No.19212019

Thank you, now my ego feels enflated enough to natter about some of my other ideas.

There is a saying in the world of Kigan.
"If all else fails, a dwarf can eat his house"
My dwarves eat stone. The womenfolk are all bearded. And I mean up there, not just downwards.

There is a subrace of humans called the Kithan, they were magically engineered to have impossibly beautiful faces, to look at thier faces is to go into a coma, so they all wear masks.

All the time.
Thier nation is basically run by an acting troupe and every Kithan can at least sing well. Basically if thespia was a thing. The mountian knight dead serious folk hate thier guts.

My "humans" are decended from wolves

Speaking of wolves... my gnolls were created via magic experiments, they were "adopted" by the great world wolf, so they built a city on his back.

>gimme a sec to get my derail-rail face on.

>> No.19212067

This is good stuff, keep it coming anon.

>> No.19212082

I hope you all realize the implications of Orcs and Humans being genetically compatible. By going around mercilessly murdering a race of people you can breed with you're commiting genocide on a member of the same fantasy hominid species. It's super racist, guys.

>> No.19212103


>> No.19212107

Not necessarily true. Tigers and lions can breed together, but they're still different species. Horses and donkeys, too. Half-orc hybrids might very well be sterile, depending on setting.

>> No.19212109

If the people you are murdering are rapist savages who will not mind do anything unspeakable for a shiny coin or more rape, nop.

>> No.19212138

Except humans murder other humans all the time for non-racist reasons too. Try harder.

>> No.19212160

But... /tg/ is /d/ with blue background.

>> No.19212167

Nope, not for a long time. Get on with the program, anon.

>> No.19212174

I roll with fantasy "races" being particular subsets of humanity.

"Elves" are humans with a particularly light, fast, and agile body type, also made visible by pointed ears (the pointed ear is a byproduct; an aberration contained within the genes for the elf body). Appear all around the world, ranging from 1% of a given population to 90% of a given population, although there is one isolated racial group where elves are not present at all. In many cultures, elves are basically looked on the same way gingers are in real life.

I've been considering doing something similar with orcs.

>> No.19212192

[X] Asexual- Orcs are beasts of war and should reproduce without a mate!

>> No.19212196

Yeah, but in this case you're murdering them for a racist reason so I don't see how that's relevant.

It just bothers me that you have a whole bunch of sapient bipedal people of different "races" and they're all totally interbreedable. Yet their personalities and abilities as well as their interaction with one another are very strongly defined by their race. If they're all really so closely related why does their race matter so much?

>> No.19212237


Wolves and coyotes can interbreed, they aren't the same species, they are just able to interbreed. They tend to get less fertile and gain genetic diseases, however there are two types of coyotes that are actually hybrids, one which is mostly wolf, the other which is mostly coyote.

A species is only those individuals which are able to interbreed without a great deal of issues. If your orcs and humans can interbreed but the result is a loss of fertility or other issues within a few generations they aren't the same species. Even if you can make a stable race out of them with enough time and interbreeding to find a balance they aren't necessarily the same species, and the stable end result is itself an altogether new species.

>> No.19212249

I like asexual if only for the massive WAAAAGGH potential.

>> No.19212262

Anything but asexual

That just seems down right retarded.

>> No.19212273

What's the point in Elves having gods if they don't have souls?

>> No.19212285

Just admit you like the idea of orcs fucking.

>> No.19212290

[X] Savage- Orc females are technically equal to orc males but kept as slaves or breeding stock exclusively.

Orcs are meant to be unlikeable. If any beast race should be asexual, it's trolls.

>> No.19212297

Remember those wood elves I mentioned earlier they have wings, spesifically butterfly wings, huge ones. Most of the wood elves seen outside forests are wingless.

Why? Outcasts have thier wings removed and are cast from the forests. Reflecting that, any Elf that loves his or her wings goes into exile usually, if only to avoid the pitying stares of thier kin.

On the subject of crossbreeds , in kigan any being of three or more races' blood is branded as a "tainted"

Tainted are feared and reviled for thier appearance and for the power they sometimes have. (a Lizardperson/elf/mushroom person would be physically really really strong).

That and the evil beings of Kigan like possessing tainted because of the "better" bodies they often have.

There is in effect three main families of humanoids.
The Brunach(beast peoples)
This includes vitterfolk(trolls, huldre), Seehi(lizardfolk) and pretty much any race that is related to a beast.

There is the Alafyr (Other humans?)
This includes dwarves, elves, goblins, and anyother humanform beings that don't fit in the last family.

The Nighom (humans)
Considers of various beings we'd consider human, but some are a bit more interesting than Palletswap Notblacks/whites/reds/yellows

Anyway, I'm off to watch animal documentaries.
Also I'm a slow poster.

>> No.19212299

I don't see any problem with that. For instance, IRL whites and other humans deal with blacks on same principles, so I'd say its just realistic.

>> No.19212303

Fabulous prizes?

>> No.19212333

>no Orc Stain
>WTF /tg/?

[X] Asexual. Penises are currency and decoration and everywhere.

>> No.19212362

Dohoho, this setting it's amazing, a pity the few comics...

>> No.19212366

>I bet the French did this

>> No.19212379

Dude's Canadian

>> No.19212433

>just as I said: Frenchman did it

>> No.19212465

[X } Other

Orcs are born female and as soon as they are born they quickly begin to develop. As a result they are fully capable of reproducing at age 8-10. Female orcs mate with pretty much the first male orcs they see as soon as they mature and will fuck a multitude of male orc until they get pregnant. They double, triple and can rarely even quadruple ovulate, which means they can carry several children at the same time from different fathers (This is an evolutionary reproductive mechanism that ensures as much orcs as possible). When they reach the age of 15-16 they reach menopause and spend an year or two as asexual, during which they lose their female trates and develop male ones due to hormonal control. Their ovaries and female sex organs quickly degenarate and what's left of them becames into male ones (clit becomes dick, ovaries become testicles and so on). One this change finishes they are now males for the rest of their lives. Due to this metamorphosis while female they try to reproduce as much as possible and are stay pregnant most of the time.

>> No.19212487

I like it.

>> No.19212608

They're going to have to live fairly long to learn how to fight, build, hunt etc. if all they do is reproduce until ~15.

Unless all of that is instinct or something.

>> No.19212665

They could learn some of that that stuff while they're asexual. And the rest like pillaging just comes naturally.

>> No.19212695

My orcs are the rarely born, carnivorous third gender of goblins, which form a warrior caste.

>> No.19212804


Consider the following. They are no female orcs. Instead they are two distinct populations of male and hermaphroditic orcs. The hermaphrodites can only be distinguished by their sexual organs. Hermaphrodites can reproduce with other hermaphrodites (they impregnate each other) or with males.

>> No.19212891

A caste that is obsessively loyal to whoever their overlord is, as long as their traditions rights are honored. This means that the biggest export of the subterranean goblins (a pale, transluscent skinned race with large eyes and a brutally pragmatic culture bound by iron clad tradition) is Orc loyalty contracts, as once sold the orcs are some of the most reliable and ferocious warriors in the land.

Orcs accept this because it is how they are raised (by other orcs), because they are treated like honored vassals (and get very irritable if they don't get this treatment. They'll take shit if all their lord has is shit, but they better get some of the nicest shit, though the lord gets first pick of course.) and because orcs think of themselves as tough, dutiful, and accepting, so any orc too independent or cowardly to accept their place usually gets murdered or driven out.

Goblins have agreements of trade and military service (that is, they agree to give soldiers and military service to their ally) with the Dwarves who dwell closer to the surface, as the dwarves have access to steel making and many trade good/food, while the goblins have numbers and orcs. As such, most orc mercenaries serve Dwarven nobles. This bond is further augmented (and started it) by a shared religious philosophy based on self discipline, which was spread long ago by its founder, a goblin mystic.

Orcs who've spent time on the surface tend to be more laid back and flexible than orcs still with their birth-tribe though.

>> No.19214468

orcs wimminz are all pretty and orcs mens manly they fuck a lot andmake babies all the time.

>> No.19214807

So how come you never hear about gay orcs?

>> No.19214830

orcs are Spartan - it is not gay, it's just sharing in the bond between yourself and your war-brothers.

>> No.19214883


Yeah, but what about with other races, species, whatever?

>> No.19214935

Well in the case of space marines, they are in fact gay.

>> No.19214942

Penetrating is not gay. Being penetrated by anything that hasn't proven to be more powerful/crafty/etc and thus, capable of benefiting the clan, is, and is heresy against Orc culture.

>> No.19214949

You fight with me, you are my brother.

You fight against me, you shall die.

>> No.19215017

If we're talking Orcs either of these
[X] Hypersexually- Orcs fuck basically anything that holds still long enough and can typically successfully produce offspring from just about anything.
[X] Modern- Orc males and females live together in a more or less egalitarian if brutal and shitty society

If we're talking ORKS then this
[ ] Asexual- Orcs reproduce from spores or spring out of the ground fully formed

>> No.19215111

Elves are Athenian and totally gay.

>> No.19215336

I prefer them as a mix of savage and modern.

The two sexes are roughly equal in their society, but they are both brutal - if they find you worthy, then they will do as they wish with you, and you either accept that or overpower them and take them instead.

A male can command a female to drop whatever she's doing and submit to his desires, and she either can do so, or try to beat him up - if she wins, he backs down, if she loses, he claims her as reward. However, a woman can do the same thing to males, such commanding is not exclusive to a single gender. The balance is tenuous, but it is there. Rarely, a male or female may demand submission from one of their own sex if the mood strikes, but this is not too common, nor is it seen is strange when it is done.

>> No.19215588

And yes, such commands are given to clan slaves as well, who are captured as prisoners from combat with other races - the difference being if a slave tries to fight back, they are killed.

>> No.19215758

>you will never be an orc matriarch's willing slave

>> No.19215818

All orc females in my setting die within 15 minutes if there isn't cum in their system. Consequentially, they are insatiable sluts, marauding across the western wastes and viciously sucking any dick they come across, regardless of what the dick's owner wants.

The chief purpose of orc raiding parties is to get dick-slaves for the matrons.

>> No.19215907

fetish shit.

>> No.19215944

It's actually amazing. I would play an Orc Stain game in a second. Even the minor characters are cool as shit.

>> No.19216166

Also: Orcs in Orc Stain are just born, they just emerge from some kind of hideous womb factory. I'm not sure that's been mentioned in this thread as a reproduction mechanism yet.

>> No.19216400

Like this?

>> No.19216427

I just made an orc stain in my pants.

>> No.19216481

why would people not want to be male sex slaves that get their dick sucked all that they want?

>> No.19216504

In fact...

>> No.19216518

>> No.19216528

Shame they still havent released issues 8 or 9 yet. Its depressing when its a comic I massively enjoy.

>> No.19216536

Dude later turns out to be some kind of biotech Vietnam vet. Biotechnology is fucking everything in this setting, from coke cans to grenades to bikes.

>> No.19216546


>> No.19216559

The main non-Orc character is some kind of evil poison witch alchemist. The race she's from seem to be some sort of female counterpart to the all-male Orcs, and come in a bunch of different types much like the Orcs do.

The comic is awesome. Art-wise it's fantastic and the setting is so weird and crazy and great. You never know what kind of strange thing you're going to see next, but it's all cool.

>> No.19216573

Ha, you want to bitch about lack of releases on a great single creator comic, you bitch about Nonplayer.

I have never wanted to read an issue #2 more than I did immediately after finishing Nonplayer #1. It's been more than a year...

>> No.19216620

Dem teeth. so hot!

>> No.19216647

>You never know what kind of strange thing you're going to see next,

a penis. the next thing you're going to see will be a penis.

>> No.19216657


maybe if i was playing FATAL or something

>> No.19216692

Wait, is this the comic with money made of sliced up orc-cocks?

What the hell is with that?

>> No.19216697

I actually think the whole gronch obsession is kinda neat, it's like a send-up of all the hyper-masculinity Orcs and the straight outta Heavy Metal attitudes while at the same time being completely logical within the confines of such a setting.

Orcs collect dicks. Who cares? It stops being surprising pretty quick, and is one of the less weird things overall.

>> No.19216872


oh, i agree with you completely. but it's hilarious to watch someone who has never read Orc Stain before slowly realize how omnipresent the concept is within the art itself.

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