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Sup, /tg/.
Got tickets to Comic-Con this year, but only for Thursday and Sunday, and everything else was already sold out. Naturally, this sucks. So, I come to you wondering if there's any 40K related stuff (or /tg/ for that matter) going on outside the con on those days.
In return, I post up some Adeptus Mechanicus pics.
If there isn't, or this isn't the best place to ask, Adeptus Mechanicus thread anyways.

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More bumpin

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You just made my day OP. Unfortunately I dont know anything about Comic-con.

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I'll be there with my gf in 40k cosplay.
(I'll be an Inquisitor, she'll be a psyker)
We couldn't get tickets to the con, but I've got relatives out there who have no problem letting us crash their for a couple days, so I figured we'll just hang out around the con. I've heard that just as much action goes on around the con as inside the con itself.

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Okay, sounds pretty cool. I have an Aunt and Uncle who live around there I could talk to about crashing there. Would you mind if a Commissar joins your party?

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>I'll be there with my gf in 40k cosplay.
>(I'll be an Inquisitor, she'll be a psyker)

I dont know if you should get in the way OP, this sounds like some pretty kinky shit right there....

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>Why you dont let the Techpriest send distress signals

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No problem, bro.
I'll run some Dark Heresy too, if it suits our fancy. Keeping this thread up incase anyone else sees it.
I've heard Dragoncon is the main 40k con, though.

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Thanks, man. This will pretty much be my first time going, and I wanted it to be as much of a memorable experience as possible, considering the circumstances.
I'll be dumping more pics, meantime

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Same here. I've been saying "I'll go next year" for about 3 years now, so I'm finally gonna do it.
Do you know anything about the events outside of the con?

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Okay, not-Admech, but this is the 40K Costume I use (only one so far)

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Do you have any other pictures?
From this angle, it looks like your shirt is really loose, you should have it taken it a bit.

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Not on me, at the moment. I would have to wait until I get back home in a few days for that. Oh, well.

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alright, I'm heading off, now.
Thanks, anons. Hope to meet you guys at Comic-Con.

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