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S-stupid Inquisitor-san! I'm not purging heretics for you, I... I just... I mean I just work for the Inquisition and... I mean for the Ecclesiarchy; whatever, it's the same! So, d-don't take me for granted, okay!

And first of all, y-you're just a big radical meanie! W-why don't you just go hang out with those xenos girls if you like them so much? Sh-shut up, I'm s-serious!


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This isn't really that funny anymore.

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>not liking overused ellipses and stuttering

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needs more of this.

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The Gorgon did it better

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Just take it, baka Mon'keigh! W-what? N-No, of course not! I didn't make it for you, it's jut a sh-sh-shipment error! I just thought I should get rid of it!
Oh, for Asuryan's sake! Just take it and go away, I'm very busy! Y-yes I am!

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no, it was never good to begin with

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Stop being so tsun-tsun, Anon-kun!

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I just want to fuck her in the ass.

You just know tsunderes want it to hurt.

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W-Where did you get such a silly idea?

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inb4 freeform ERP.

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Well, dayem

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>implying I'll ever go dere for you
I'm as stubborn as a mule. It's bad and I hate it, and I will not hesitate to voice my honest opinion.

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Is that a male naga?

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No, it's a kitty

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Disappointing. Apparently the El'Dar are not so eloquent and articulate as I thought, or perhaps this specimen is addled.

Oh well...back to my shift.

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read the damn filename. Slaaneshi daemon princes often look like nagas.

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But it's not funny at all...

>or perhaps this specimen is addled.
As usual.

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Guardsman! You're a man of the Imperial Truth and would never lie to an officer. Tell me...

Are my boobs getting bigger?

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Yes, ma`am, they are. I`m currently off-duty, so if you need anything, I`ll be in my bunk.

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What the hell is this? Boobs do not work that way. You must be some sort of Chaos abomination!

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There's such a thing as too big.

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Ma'am, I think the Navy can spot your breast from here and mistaken them for a Hive.
Why can't we have a DFC commissar?

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In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only cold shoulders and implications of love

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But she is. Disgusting fat chest.

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Good, for a moment there I was worried I was getting fat.

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Fortunately, there is little Xeno. Even if she's shy at times, she doesn't hide her feelings.

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Fat women are disgusting

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>dat grid

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Ah, indeed she is. I think I'll request a transfer.

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Get out of here, STALKER

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Why is she blushing purple and not a denser shade of blue?

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she's a necron/tau thing.
green and blue makes purpleish colors.
green from the energy, blue from the skin.
The difference is also seen in human when it becomes red, it's from the iron rich fluid in it's body.

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>green and blue makes purpleish colors

So it's true, basic color theory is really an occult knowledge that only the initiates of the esoteric arts can access, and not something everyone learns in middle school.

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place your bets

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What are you talking about Guardsman, I'm lighter than ever.

And it feels fantastic!

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you guess... We win anyway

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>she doesn't hide her feelings.

Me too! I never hid my feelings toward this crime against T'au. She is a vile and horrid little thing. Whenever the Tau or Necrons are mentioned SHE is there. A bloody eye sour. An unspeakably annoying bastard child of a miserably uncreative mind.

You know what would be great? If that thing vanished from sight and mind. That will never happen much to my chagrin a group of fools seem to adore this abomination and keep pushing her into everything.

For Aun's sake GO AWAY XENO!

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your anger is music to my ears

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>Me too
It's "me neither" and it's not very elegant. Isn't the tau education system supposed to be flawless?

>She is a vile and horrid little thing. Whenever the Tau or Necrons are mentioned SHE is there. A bloody eye sour. An unspeakably annoying bastard child of a miserably uncreative mind.

You sure you're not talking about yourself here? Maybe you're projecting your repressed jelliness against your sister on Xeno.

>a group of fools seem to adore this abomination and keep pushing her into everything.
Soooo jelly!

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>this actually could be a plotline in Galaxy Angel

>> No.19196972

How so?

For those who don't watch galaxy angel

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Maybe if GW actually comes out and says that the tau have no tits, rather boldly, and then produce cannon art with tit-less female tau it could have some impact.

Also burn in the holy light of the emperor you heritical xeno scum, and have a nice day.

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>doing anything bold besides selling more junk at outrageously high prices

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It's a lighthearted comedy where weird stuff happens on a regular basis, and no-one takes it very seriously. I could totally see Expanding Forte Crisis as the main plot for a story.

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I am not mad or angry, and certainly not ''jelly''. As If IT is worth an emotion out of me.

I am just resentfully apathetic towards THAT thing. That is all.

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We're not just going to shoot those Tau bastards, we're going to cut out their living guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks! We are going to murder those bastards by the push!

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They do other things, like fuck with game balance in absurd ways. Release fluff that makes little to no sense, and screw with their customers seemingly just because they can.

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You're literally shitting yourself with apathy.

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Which brings up an important question. How much grease is in a tau? and if you were to convert a tau's biomass into promethium how much would you get?

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So something like Forte finds a Lost Techology gas powered Minigun that turns the human body as a power source so after over using the gun, the weapon causes the gas to build up in Forte's body, causing her to blow up like a balloon?

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It depends on the caste and sex.

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We should write a letter to GW about that.

>> No.19197030

Also, can you really call it a Crisis? Forte seems to happy enough

>> No.19197032

>Galaxy Angels
Good one. Almost had me going there.

>> No.19197033

>business as usual

>> No.19197041

Apparently, they do that because they have a bunch of shareholders who don't know shit about what they're investing in, and make the company do stupid shit based on vague assumptions and greed.

>> No.19197063

So are they going to get her back to normal or is best just to leave her like that?

>> No.19197066


Tell them it is important to a rogue trader game.

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The Emperor is now a little girl. A LIVING, breathing little girl with all his divine powers. WHAT HAPPENS.

>> No.19197100

they keep it on the golden throne.

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Chaos is officially FUCKED, as is whoever is unlucky enough to have her take residence in his house and walk in on her while showering.

>> No.19197123


He uses his powers to project an illusion of not being a little girl. And deep down inside he finds happiness, also he may or may not somehow get paired with an average random teenage Japanese guy and become a part of a harem romance drama.

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He gets raped by jailbait Abaddon.

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That's heresy oniichan.

Everyone knows the empress would disarm abaddon and rape her.

>> No.19197164

Still incompitent at being jailbait... Or sex

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Captcha ate the empress.

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The Emperor is now a LIVING, giant, inflating Forte Stollen with all his divine powers. WHAT HAPPENS?

>> No.19197206

Probably leave her like that, tie her to a post and charge money for blimp rides.

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The reason of my utter rejection of the ''blueberry'' is my desire for the Tau to be unique. They added many ''Unique'' features to the Tau in an effort to make them more than ''Blue humans''. This will all come crashing down the moment they add those ugly and clumsy lumps of grotesque flesh called ''Mammary Glands'' (Even their name is appalling) to the perfection of the Tau form.

Human anatomy is incredibly boring and dull. I do not want them pushing it on the Tau and in the event they do (I hope they don't and be more imaginative) it will not turn me away from the Tau, but It sure will disappoint me.

And yes. I hope you burn in searing plasma and have your remains devoured by hungry Kroot, Gue'la filth.

Truly, Gue'la?

You are attempting to Intimidate me with the indisciplined, cowardly, and slavish masses of the Guard? If you posted Astrates maybe your threat would not be so laughable.

Indeed, and I should practice my apathy by dropping from this thread.


>> No.19197242

You know, I could see them doing that.

The storyline works I must say

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Ha, give me 10 Imperial Guard Regiments and I'll wipe the floor with Tau's pathetic excuse for an army. See your fancy grav-tank? How does it feel when it gets wrecked by a tractor?

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Wow TIDF you not only missed that I said, No tits on tau, making a rant about tits. You went full rage, you are truly a class act. Never change TIDF, Never change.

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You know what really rustles my jimmies? That the GW invented Tau as a new weeaboo faction, instead of using Hrud/Skaven and wasted a magnificent opportunity.
Think about it, commie rats in space! For the Greater Good of the Thirteen!

>> No.19197296


No, that would suck.

>> No.19197352

One minigun welding inflated Forte is more than a match both your guardsmen and Tau

>> No.19197390

Fuck you.

I'm not sure what would have been better: the Hrud or the Space Skaven. But either way it would have been a lot cooler than the tau. Maybe nor very original, but at least not inappropriate either. I'm not saying that the tau are original (by sci-fi standards, they are less original than other 40k races) but simply that they look like they are in this context.

>> No.19197405


Hurd, ok.
Space skaven? no that is the one that would suck.

>> No.19197413


>by sci-fi standards, they are less original than other 40k races

Arrogant but dying race of elves
Green orcs
Bug horde
Robot horde

Chaos might get a pass, but if unoriginality is grounds for removal xenos get the boot, all of them.

>> No.19197417

Space Skaven would be extremely relevant to 40k. The problem is that they might be redundant with the already-existing armies, but they fit the ambience perfectly.

>> No.19197428



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Being "space fantasy" (in other words mushy soft scifi) isn't a free pass card. You think bug hordes are original? Or space elves? Or killer robots?

They aren't.

>> No.19197457

blue space communists aren't either. The tau are bog-standard aliens from the 50s. Without the cool retro-futurism

>> No.19197468


Relevant to the ambience? I guess, but relevant in any other way? not really. Also space skaven would be more immersion breaking than a genetically engineered race(eldar) having tits.

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I'm not saying Tau are original, I'm saying all 40k xeno factions are unoriginal.

Imperium and Chaos do stand out in the genre to justify themselves though.

>> No.19197479

They are. Slightly. When you encounter aliens in fiction, the first thing you meet, the basic alien race, is a humanoid thing with analogous technology and culture, somewhat threatening but ultimately very similar to a human. The tau. The star trek aliens. The humans from somewhere else. Then, you encounter other, stranger kinds of aliens: barbarian conquerors, ancient mysterious aliens, the mindless bug/robot horde, the eldritch abominations...

>> No.19197495


You need to relativize this statement. Some races are more original than others. Either in their core concept, or in their characteristics. When the writers thought about making the tau, they were planning to put Star Wars (the very essence of sci-fi in our culture, even if it does lean towards space fantasy) in 40k.

>> No.19197500


Starship Troopers comes immediately to mind as an example of a bug horde alien being the most prominent. Star Wars is for the most part human vs human (the alien characters behave exactly like humans but look different, and the faction leaders and main characters including antagonists are human) and Star Trek contains space elves (arrogant version and hollywood logic version).

>> No.19197506


40k is just as much sci-fi as Star Wars is. Both are soft and slide towards fantastic from realistic, but there's no essential difference in genre.

>> No.19197508

I have to agree; it would really be hard to explain their existence in a satisfying way, and to play them in a distinctive way. But goddamn it's really sad not to have miniatures and fluff to go with those sketches of gasmask and trenchcoat-wearing, warpstone-gas-addicted little critters.

>> No.19197524

I suppose you could label both as space Opera, but the difference is that where the Force is an inexplicably important plot point that feels more shoehorned than anything, 40k makes magic a really fundamental and relevant element of its whole fluff. Also; where Star Wars uses character and story archetypes from fantasy, 40k rips off whole races, concepts and dynamics from fantasy.

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The Emperor is now a giant piece of furniture... no wait that actually happened.

>> No.19197534

Just as sci-fi, but a lot more fantasy.

>> No.19197553


Many sci-fi settings have things with mysterious and inexplainable powers. 40k is just doing it with gusto but older soft sci-fi like Doctor Who does it pretty often too.

40k doesn't constitute its own genre just because many of the factions are transplants from the company's fantasy game.

>> No.19197684

Not my point. My point is that between space opera and space fantasy, there is a difference. It might not be essential, or even clear-cut, but 40k doesn't differ from star wars simply because of its dark tone. Star wars is more vanilla than 40k, and is more widely accepted as sci-fi than 40k is. And it's precisely because 40k is not a very specific genre that you can compare it to other, more conventional examples of sci-fi as being stranger.

So, to get to the point: if the tau are taken from a more trivial version of sci-fi, they are more generic than other races.

Because, of course, if you consider 40k as a kind of fantasy setting rather than sci-fi, the tau are obviously extremely original.

>> No.19197716


40k is a specific genre, it is soft sci-fi.

Darkness and abundance of weirdness like the warp do not make it not-scifi, and it is not influential or original enough to form a separate genre. Therefore it can be judged with the same standards as other genre-fiction.

And no matter how you look at it, taking a fantasy race and putting it into space is not very original.

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Every time there is mention if tau in a thread, TIDF comes along and shits it up.
Even If the thread was already shit, he somehow makes it worse.

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Whatever happened to that 40K harem project? The one were you play an inquisitor dealing with 5 daemonettes and a tsundere Sister of Battle?

>> No.19198463

There idea ran out of steam, I think.

Thread archived here, I think

>> No.19198497

Nobody mentioned the Tau. He just came by himself.

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