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Anyone up for a steampunk inspiration thread?
Looking specifically for arms, armor and military theme in general. Bonus points if it's a weird piece of real world tech.

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maybe more diesel than steam, but no one can say it wasn't wierd

>> No.19195355

Tzar tank.

>> No.19195370

mfw when I am OP and I forgot this thread because I am ADD as fuck...

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>implying steampunk isn't shit

>> No.19195525


Also if you think anything in this thread is even remotely "steampunk" at all, you have no fucking clue what steampunk is.

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>in b4 a bunch of crybaby faggots whining about classism and/or what they *think* steampunk should be

>> No.19195563

Steampunk is like SKUB

>> No.19195579

in during trolls making arguments about the definition of an ephemeral pop-culture term, and qualitative judgement thereupon.

>> No.19195587

I think the fact that it's shit is far more important than its exact definition.

>> No.19195618

hence "qualitative", or do you not need to know what a thing is before you make judgement about it? If that be the case, then, as a matter of philosophical interest, from what givens do you draw conclusions?

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I'd much rather see this lovely young lady without all the silly gears shit.

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The gears, what do they do?
Not a damn thing.

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>I'd much rather see this lovely young lady without anything.

>> No.19195686

The obstruct the view, generally making the viewer unhappy.

>> No.19195703

Yep, that's what I meant to say. Thanks.

>> No.19195711

The one exception to the rule that steampunk is shit.
And even then, it was still buggy as hell.

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why is the Announcer from TF2 on the cover?

>> No.19196660

She has to make a living you know..

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