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You are CPO Kukyendall, Radio Witch and Torpedoman's Mate, and you have just been told your friend is still alive. This incredible turn of events catches your full attention, much to your cellmate's dismay. As you converse silently with Lt. Miranda Kellos, Lt. Rae Caulders waves her hands in front of your face, calls your name, and eventually gives up, settling for staring at the ceiling of your nondescript room.

"Did you just say 'Henrieta'!?" you ask.

"Yeah, I was heading down to the infirmary when the Tullibee got hit, and-"

"Have they done anything to you two!?"

"No, not really. Henrieta's been rather shy about the whole ordeal. Your friendly Martian stared at me a few times, got me a bit frustrated a few times, but other than that..."

This is brilliant news. Two more people you thought were dead are still alive! Unfortunately, you realize that this is also a bad thing. They were still on the Tullibee; if they're here, Martians had to retrieve them... and two more witches in captivity means twice as many subjects to gather data from.

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For the rest of the "day," you talk with Miranda, getting back up to speed. You take occasional pauses to include Caulders, but she just grunts, annoyed that she can't directly take part. As best as Miranda can put together, the Tullibee got hit, ruining the rear of the boat. She was on her way to the infirmary (Captain's orders), close to the launch chamber. Frantic, she burst into the chamber, looking for a substriker to exit the sub with when she heard Henrieta's frantic pounding. Projecting a shield around the outer lock, she got Henrieta out and the two of them tested other launch tubes. Finding none still clear, they had a moment to think...before the doomed ship was boarded.

Sighing, you bid the two of them goodnight, informing them of your intentions to escape. The coordination between your two groups will have to wait until tomorrow. Caulders is in the corner, still annoyed at you for being able to talk with the only other witches (you hope) on board.

>What do you do?

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Talk to Caulders

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Talk to Caulders.

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Talk to Caulders

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Make sexual advances towards Caulders.

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Wrong quest, mate. Strike Witches Quest isn't today.

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Talk to Caulders.
Being annoyed at us simply because we're able to talk with the radio Witch is unprofessional and is not helpful to our situation at all.

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Make a lot of sexual advances towards Caulders

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The hell with it
[] Make the sexual advances

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while hilarious, i don't think the martians should learn about Human mating/copualtion... THEY MAY USE IT AGAINST US WITH SEX ASSASSIN ROBUTS!!!

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do this

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Plot world domination with Caulders.

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We need to plumb the depths with Caulders.

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Plot breakout with Caulders, Before or after making sexual advances

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You can't have Caulders distracted like this during your escape attempt. You better work through any group dynamic issues right now. You turn to her. "Caulders, what's up?" you ask casually.

She doesn't move and only answers after a short pause. "Nothing."

"You're not fooling the only other person in here, Caulders," you say. You're not going to let her leave it at that. If she has a problem, at the very least you should know about it.

"I said it's nothing!" she said, a little more forcefully this time. You continue staring at her, your eyes locked like a death ray. "...Fine!" she says, cracking under pressure. "I just...everything's happening around you, going your way. You got into the program first. You were the crew's favorite on the Tullibee. You survived with the least amount of damage. You found a way to talk with these...freaks that have us. You find that your friends are still alive against all odds, and you're the only one that can talk to them! Meanwhile, I nearly die, wait around for you to start our escape, and can only twiddle my thumbs in the hope that maybe, just maybe, I can drag my sorry ass out of here on your coattails!"

You're a bit surprised at this outburst.

> Response?

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Have an image.

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read >>19191822

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The Thread has spoken Kotters.

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Non-lascivious platonic comfort hug. ...no, seriously.

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We... need to fix things with Caulders. We can't have her feeling down like this.
So we should fix things up.
In great, caring, attententive detail to her needs.

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Question her existence?

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Trolling Kotters aside, this seems like a decent option.

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Fuck I don't know.
Offer her a lifetime supply of footrubs if we make it out? I mean, her complaints would be completely understandable if it weren't for, you know, the fucking war of the worlds going on.

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[] Hug her
I still those sexual advances Kotters

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She turns around, ashamed of her outburst. "I know a lot of that is out of your hands, but...it just isn't fair!"

Carefully, you approach the witch. She never quite struck you as someone you could get along with, but...you can empathize. All around you, you saw others around you getting lucky, others having an easier time, witches making use of their special status and just all-around well-off people being...well-off. Meanwhile, you were working hard for your family, just trying to get by. You were frustrated, but you channeled that frustration into getting ahead. Caulders...she can't even do that. Not without your help.

You test the waters a little bit, slowly wrapping your arms around her from behind. When she doesn't resist, you keep going and give her a firm hug. No, you don't much like this witch, but you do like this person. As you hug her, she starts to cry. "I know you two didn't get along...but...Harumi was a good friend to me," she chokes. "We didn't know each other for more than a year, but we connected. Now she's gone." You don't loosen your grip. "It's all happening so fast, you know?" she says, managing a half laugh. "One day, I'm just a girl. The next I'm a witch. The day after...we're at war. And now I've lost a friend and might lose myself. I'm...I'm sorry."

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The rest of the night is uneventful, except for the occasional hiccup and cry from Caulders. She's been through a lot and you're surprised you haven't had a breakdown like this yet, either. You get a solid block of sleep, dreaming of your aunt, the one who told your family to come to America when you were but 5 years old. She was a good woman, but there was little she could do to help during the depression.

You're abruptly awoken by armed guards, you and Caulders unceremoniously tossed to the floor, bound, and dragged out of the room. Confused, you struggle to understand what's going on. Ahead of your "escorts" is a Martian you suspect payed you a visit yesterday, behind the glass. Behind you is a small platoon of armed aliens, all alert and ready to move.

"Kukyendall, what the hell is going on?" asks Caulders as she struggles to get on her feet and walk.

"I have no idea, Socks isn't here or anything."

You're led through a maze of corridors and bulkheads of strange and geometric design. As you pass by a particularly thick wall, voices begin to fill your mind. Abruptly they grow louder and larger in number. Crowding your head, they become so loud you can hardly even hear yourself think. You blink a few times, trying to ignore them, but the voices take no note of your struggle. A thousand emotions, all conflicting, complex, and alien fill your consciousness.

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bury emotions. we have work to do

>> No.19192171

i think now would be a good time to grip our head and start screaming

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Gritting your teeth, you try to bear it, but it's no use. Words you don't understand pound your head with increasing ferocity, causing physical pain. You don't even remember the Martians tying yourself and Caulders to beds in the middle of a large observation room. You struggle against your bonds, but your hands, feet, and head are secured with military precision. How you long to cover your ears in a vain attempt to block them out. You find yourself vocalizing, yelling, screaming to try and drown them out. You writhe, twist, and turn, but you cannot free yourself. If you were a little more in control of yourself, you might have noticed Socks being brought in front of the alien commander through the observation window in the upper part of the room.

Socks initially seems calm and collected, but the moment he glances through the window at your gyrating form he again engages in verbal argument with the commander. You can feel his mind come to the forefront of the torrent of thoughts, giving you relief, however slight, from the onslaught. You try to reach out and communicate with him, but your concentration is broken by the storm of thoughts. Instead, he feels around, trying to ascertain your current state. When he finishes examining you, you feel his rage increase. His argument escalates into a shouting match, booming louder than the other voices. Your mind translates.

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Yes. Do this.

Also, In b4 interrogation

>> No.19192196

Make that In during vivisection

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Experimentation time?

>> No.19192214

>Prepare Our Anus

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I do not like where this is going

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"-and time again, you and your,"-your brain uses the word 'family,' but you know that this isn't entirely correct-"make grave mistakes! It should have been clear from the start that this one would be susceptible! You are torturing one of our only samples, the most unique one at that! How am I supposed to do my job with a broken subject!?"

The commander responds, but so little attention does Socks place on his words that you cannot hear them above the storm.

"Me!? My"-there's that 'family' again-"did not get us into mess! Yours continuously barges in where it is not only unneeded but unwanted! Your family pays no regard to our research and findings unless you think it can be twisted to your own devices! What can you possibly hope to gain from this?"

Again, the commander speaks, but you cannot hear.

>> No.19192282

oh boy here we go

>> No.19192285

"WHAT!? You dare accuse me of incompetence!? I question the competence of not only yourself but your entire family! Immediate war was a mistake! Underestimating these Pseudo-Psionics was a mistake! Bringing them aboard was a mistake! Everything you do screams of incompetence and excessive force! We need not torture this one! I am tired of you. I am an expert in Psionics and Xenobiology, yet you seem to think you military types know better? I am through with you, and through with this project. Get them out of here!" he says, gesturing wildly. The commander speaks and his armed guard moves in to take care of Socks. "NO YOU WILL NOT!" Socks bellows, sending out a psionic blast, knocking the guard and commander to the ground.

At the exact same moment, you release a burst of energy, breaking free of your bonds and denting the table. As you cover your ears, slamming your head into the ground to try and get relief, everyone in the observation room turns to look at you.

>What do you try to do?

>> No.19192298

Shit pants, get money

>> No.19192305

Hate. All of the hate. Right at commander dickbag.
Fry his fucking brain.

>> No.19192320

This is the only answer.

>> No.19192329

Give in to anger

>> No.19192334

Yell profanities at the "Family" of Not-Socks as loudly as we can. Psionically. Their mother-analogues were cheap five-dollar whores and their fathers were cattle. You will rip off their gonads and insert them into their food-intake orifices. Threaten to eat their children if they do not get off our planet. You are horrible people (Except Socks and his "family") and you should all leave us alone!

>> No.19192343

Looks like breakout time is now because we've pretty much blown it wide open. Get on the brainhorn to Kellos and give her the heads up.

Then free Caulders and start brainpunching martians.

>> No.19192361


Free Caulders and GTFO.

She's suffered enough. GET HER TO SAFETY.

>> No.19192367

Also, Pulse Psi-Radar. As strong as we can. Pure screaming Rage. Right at Commander Fuckwad. Right at those fuckers who are invading our planet. Right at those fuckers who probably killed our mother. Right at those fuckers who are killing so many of Earth's sons. Right at those fuckers who are killing civilians.

Take all your pain, and -make them feel it-

>> No.19192397

Fuck you with the force of a thousand solar flares cannot even begin to describe what I mean.

>> No.19192513

You struggle to find the commander that Socks so detests with your mind. It isn't easy. Finding a voice you think is his, you yell back at it as hard as you can, radiating hatred and anger. You can't tell if it's doing anything, but it certainly feels good...and gives you something to concentrate on besides your pounding head. You find yourself in a brief moment of clarity, standing back up and stumbling back to Caulders' bed.

"Kukyendall? Uh, Cleo? H-hey, you alright?" she asks nervously. You're too focused to respond; the slightest distraction might see you fall back into a raging sea of thoughts and emotions. You tug at her bonds, trying to loosen, rip, or unhook them to no avail. Whatever helped you break free isn't helping you now. "If you're going to untie me, you better hurry up," she says impatiently. "Come on come on come on-"

Still struggling with bonds that won't come loose, you ignore the door opening and letting inside a group of guards. They tear you away from Caulders' table. As they attack you, you look back at the commander, sending forth a new wave of pure hate. Again he doesn't seem to respond, but you can feel a little bit of satisfaction coming from Socks. The guards manage to knock you unconscious, a desperately wanted relief from the voices in your head. Releasing Caulders, they take the two of you back to your cell.

>> No.19192567

We are bad at insults.

>> No.19192591

We've gotta Shawshank Redemption this shit.

Find a sewage pipe, bust it open, and crawl through a mile of alien shit to freedom.

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>> No.19192609

You awake with a horrible headache and some bruises. As you stir, you slowly bring your hand to your head, trying to steady yourself. You groan with pain, sleepiness, and soreness.

"Hey there, sleepy-head. You finally staying up?" comes a voice. "I healed the worst of it, but you really did a number on your head with that bang. God, you sounded like you were possessed by the devil."

"I wish it were just the devil, Caulders," you answer weakly.

"Rae. Call me Rae. I think I owe you at least that much."

"Alright, Rae," you say. Lt. Caulders seems to be acting a bit more friendly. "So, what'd I miss?"

"Honestly, I think I should be the one asking that question. The hell was wrong with you? The moment we walked passed that wall, you started going crazy."

You sigh. "It was like...I dunno. You know how Socks can talk to my head?" Rae nods. "It was like that, but...everywhere. A ton of them. All yelling, flooding my head. It...I just hope no one else has to experience that." You shiver as you remember a sliver of what it felt like. "But like I was asking, what'd I miss?"

"Before or after you went Superman and blasted your bonds apart?"

>> No.19192612


"Well, at about the same time Socks did, you also did a thing, breaking shit and denting the floor."

"A..thing? I don't remember that." You try to think back, but you can't seem to recall ever actually breaking free. You were just in bonds, then...not.

"Either way, you did a serious number to all that alien tech. Enough to distract everyone in the observation room. By the way, did you manage to catch any of that? Looks like they had a heated...discussion."

"Oh, yeah, actually. Well, just Socks' side. Apparently that commander and Socks have a big problem with each other. Socks is some sort of civilian researcher and the military is bossing him and his people around."

Rae laughs. "I guess they're more human than I thought."

You laugh too. "Yeah, I guess so. Socks was particularly displeased with the commander bringing us out there without telling him. I think...he knew what would happen. To me, I mean. Not any feat of Superman strength like you're talking abo-"

The wall opens again, interrupting you. Socks walks in, alone, with three large bags. He looks at you and Rae.

>What do you do?

>> No.19192643

Ask him if we broke anything valuable. And if those bags contain food.

>> No.19192645

"Hey. What's the news?"

>> No.19192652


Stay casual. Ask what's going on & what they're planning for you, both short and long-term

>> No.19192687

We can be polite to him at least. He's the closest thing we have to an advocate here.

Won't stop us from killing him on our way out. He knows too much.

>> No.19192717

Playful shoulder punch

>> No.19192721

"What the hell does he want, Cleo?" Rae asks.

"That's a damned good question."

You feel a familiar sensation, the introduction of emotions and thoughts that aren't your own. Thankfully, they don't overwhelm your mind this time, only Socks' coming through. He's tense, nervous, but also determined.

[Socks, what's up? They're not going to...] you trail off, trying to block out the blurred memory of pain from yesterday.

[No. I'm taking you out of here, the commander be damned.]




>> No.19192726

Well I'll be damned, I though Kotters was a lying sack of shit.

TLDR: Dentistry and planefag have been fighting me the past week, expect something tomorrow if I'm not crippled from pain

>> No.19192734

I don't lie.

>> No.19192757

Hmm, can Socks come with us when we escape? I mean, having a friendly Martian is nice.

>> No.19192765


Course, this doesn't make up for all the horrible things they've done, but maybe we can set aside an empty plot of land for dudes like Socks.

Australia or something.

>> No.19192779

And what of the other two witches?

>> No.19192781


>"And what about you? They'll know you had something to do with this. Are you going to come with us?"

>> No.19192791

I never lie!

Have some Sanyan

>> No.19192800

I hate you, you lewd man.

>> No.19192813

Step it up Kotters, the girls should be dropping like the last half of zeta gundam.

>> No.19192817


Don't question. Just roll with it. Socks clearly has a plan.

>> No.19192862

"Hope you've got a plan to get yourself outta here as well."

>> No.19192877

Well good luck with your subwitches, I gotta get ready for tomorrow

>> No.19192882

[]Ask socks why

>> No.19192937


My IRC's dead. And I think we broke /a/ with our...stuff...

>> No.19192960

"What?" echos Rae.

"He said he's here to get us out of here."

"What?" she repeats.

[Socks, what's going on? You mean..."out" out? A full prison break?]

[Yes. I am tired of their arrogance and I will not let him profit from my research by just bringing in another researcher like myself. Perhaps he will soon learn to value my and my family's expertise once he no longer has access to it.]

[Then...the data you collected?]

[I have the only copies] he says, gesturing to his bag. [You will find what is left of your equipment in the bags I have brought. Be quick, they will find that the guards cannot respond to their calls soon.]

[What about the others?] you ask, remembering Miranda and Henrieta. You'd hate to leave them behind yet again.

[We will take them too. If they stay, he will merely restart the project.]

You tell Rae to get geared up, filling her in on Socks' intentions. He waits impatiently, tapping a few tentacles on the wall. "Wait, Cleo, shouldn't we try to do some damage on the way out? I mean, we are in the middle of a Martian base, with no one expecting an attack..." says Rae, always thinking about attack.

>> No.19192978

Damn, there are some serious political problems going on in Martian society.

Unless this is all a ruse, of course.

[x]don't do damage. This is a stealthy escape and if it's genuine, then we can trust Socks to have removed all research anyways.

Destruction will only bring attention to ourselves.

Alternatively, we could ask Socks.

>> No.19192987

We've got a good thing going here. We manage to get out with Socks (and dump his corpse in a ditch somewhere) and destroy the only copies of the data, and we are coming out ahead.

Let's not get greedy.

>> No.19192990

"Can we break things?"

>> No.19192994

"One second." [Um, Socks...] you begin, but he quickly interrupts.

[My feud is with that ignorant commander, not my friends and colleagues. If you harm them unnecessarily, I will leave you to them. Besides, I don't think you could do much damage to something this large.]

[I understand.] "He won't help us if we hurt anyone besides that asshole commander."

"Figures." Rae shrugs, then continues going through the bag, finding a few sidearms, explosives, and the strikers the Martians recovered. "Well, I think we should pop these," she says, setting them up to explode.

[Wait, Socks. What are you going to do?]

[I will come with you. I'll have little choice and will likely be in a reciprocal situation, but it must be done. My people are doomed if they continue to let themselves be commanded by the likes of him,] he says somberly. He must have been chaffing underneath this guy for a long time.

[Well, I can't say I'm glad to have met you, but I am glad to see there's some hope for cooperation between us,] you reply optimistically. Socks doesn't respond to that comment, dismissing it as absurd optimism.

"Well, charges are set. You good to go?" asks Rae.

You look at Socks, who gives you a nod.

>Blow up the equipment and GTFO, letting the confusion distract from the Martians' inevitable chase.
>Set the charges to go off on a timer of 10 minutes and try to stealth your way through

>> No.19192999

I was about to say it's time to fuck shit up, but sadly this is true. Our escape is enough damage.

>> No.19193003


And I thought I was bloodthirsty.

But no, Socks is people now, he can talk. And good people at that. We'll let him be for a bit. Hell, maybe we can learn from him.

>> No.19193011

>Set the charges to go off on a timer of 10 minutes and try to stealth your way through
Or however long Socks says is ideal.

>> No.19193015

2 minutes, run for it.

>> No.19193019


The longer we go unnoticed, the better.

>> No.19193033

[x]10 minutes and sneak out. Socks can open doors and distract guards for us.

Is he coming with us? We could vouch for him and get him a cushy deal. There's not a government in the world who would pass up a Martian working willingly with them.

>> No.19193040

If we take Socks out with us and get him working with a government, we'll be tied to him.

We're the only ones that can understand the fucker.

>> No.19193045

10 minutes.

>> No.19193055

fucking papulu gets me every time

>> No.19193076

Set the charges for 10 minutes. Remember to grab your buddies, though.

Unless they're somehow indoctrinated and go for the Martians now.

>> No.19193077

And cushy government job means -safe-. Means -not dying-. Let's do that.

>> No.19193082

Let's stealthing.

>> No.19193086


Find some cardboard boxes.

Rule of Cool dictates that this will work.

>> No.19193088

>Witches not dying


>> No.19193090

How DO we understand him anyways? Our magic? Something they did to us?

>> No.19193101

Whatever mental link you've managed to establish between yourself and him doesn't use words. It conveys meanings and feelings. The conversations are your brain doing its best to capture what is being conveyed in English, with decent results.

>> No.19193110

I find it amusing that Solidus was the only person to ever not fall for that.

>> No.19193114

We can certainly -try- and notdie. Xenos will probably see Socks as a high-value "retrieve/neutralize at all costs" target, so he's going to need some hefty guarding. Which is another reason for us to stick with him

And a Metagame reason - How can you not like Socks? He's the only martian who actually gives a single flying fuck about us, or so we know.

Also, Kotters - I saw this sympathizer bit coming from the previous thread, about when you showed us Sock's disagreements with High Command.

>> No.19193123


So it's like a Treecat-style telempath kind of thing?

>> No.19193131

I think Socks is less sympathetic towards us and more upset that they're trying to usurp his authority and ruin his family name.

This is less "save the humans!" and more "fuck you guys!"

>> No.19193135


And these guys are mooks, not our long-lost twin. CARDBOARD BOX. YOU DON'T SEE SNAKE.

>> No.19193138

I was planning it from the very beginning. I just was trying to find out how to introduce him and show that he's different without having you guys immediately want to kill him or ignore him. I might have gone a bit too far in the other direction, but at least you guys know he's not blindly against you or anything.

I can't remember enough of how that link worked to say for certain, but from what I remember, that's an adequate comparison.

That's certainly what he's saying.

>> No.19193151


In this situation, either way works to our advantage.

>> No.19193163

From what I understand, Socks sees High Command as full of retards. Witch-on-head retards. Either A) He's jumping ship, B) He's trying to stop this madness, or C) Fuck this, I'm going for the winning team, or D) Sympathizer.

Or E) Cloak and Dagger shenanigans - He goes with us, learns as much as he can, and elopes back to Mars with all our knowledge.

We're going to have to run the risk of E if we want to get out of here, but we need to be aware that any spy that's good at his job won't give you any clues that he's a spy until he's back home with the goods.

>> No.19193201

E won't work, because if he comes with us he'll be doing a lot of teaching and not a lot of learning.

>> No.19193202

"What'd you set them to?" you ask.

"10 minutes. What, you want shorter?"

[Socks, think 10 minutes will be enough on these charges?]

[Minutes?] he asks, searching through your mind for an answer. It's a relief that the only Martian that has managed to so readily pluck information from you is coming along. [Yes, that should do nicely] he says, nodding. You spend a brief moment wondering if that's a natural Martian gesture or if he picked that one up from you as well.

"No, that'll work. Let's go." M1911s drawn, you and Rae cautiously step out of the cell. You can't help but imagine the wall closing as you're stepping through; it wouldn't be the worst luck you've had recently. Clearing the long corridor, you wave Socks out. He scurries past the unconscious guards slumped at either side of the opening.

[This way] he says, pointing. He makes his knowledge available to you, letting you take the lead as if you knew this place like the back of your hand. After about 5 minutes, you come to where Henrieta and Miranda are being kept. Peeking around the corner, you can see that there are two guards about 7 meters down the hall. If you fire, your shots will echo for who knows how far...and that goes for the guards' weapons too.

>How to take them down?

>> No.19193203

Leaving his corpse inna ditch next to a nice bonfire made of his research notes sounds like a pretty safe bet then.

>> No.19193227

Have Socks distract them, then beat them into unconciousness. Or maybe just have/help Socks brainblast them like he did to those other guys.

>> No.19193249


Only answer. sneak and knife/strangle

>> No.19193257

Brainblast sounds like a good idea.

>> No.19193266

Get Socks to do the same thing as he did with the last lot.

>> No.19193268


>> No.19193280

Socks gets them to turn away and we shank them.

And if Socks can read our minds, then he's an incredible threat. He either joins our side, or dies.

And we need to figure out how to guard our brain.

>> No.19193291


Jimmy Neutron. I haven't thought of that in years.

>> No.19193315

Oh fuck I lost it

Also Socks now has Jimmy Neutron's voice.

>> No.19193327


I like this
idea, and unless we've got silenced weapons (a possibility in WWII, but not terribly likely), it's the best way to deal with targets 7 meters away.

>> No.19193329

Socks distracts them, we pistol whip them. Dunno if we have a knife, though.

>> No.19193335

Fucking /a/ quests should go in /a/!
Shit like this should never be allowed here. Fuck you, your waifus and your fucking fetishbait fapfiction.

My /tg/ shall remain pure. My /tg/ shall remain just. My /tg/ is no place for the likes of you!

>> No.19193338

Don't think we have can suppressors on M1911's at this time.

>> No.19193345



>> No.19193346

MSQ is that way -->

>> No.19193350

We should have some kind of kickass diving knife, being magickal scuba divers and all.

>> No.19193356

o u

>> No.19193361


>> No.19193364

So, we probably have KA-BAR's?

>> No.19193366

A knife is indeed included among your items. It's for close-quarters combat, utility, and survival. It's usually secured to your upper thigh.

>> No.19193373

Not yet it isn't.

Why is your hair made of bacon?

>> No.19193383


Can't hear you over the sound of how awesome you're not.

>> No.19193384

Well, we could knife them. Would be funny asking Socks where their vitals are.

>> No.19193400




>> No.19193422

[Hey, Socks?]


[Can you do to them what you did to the other guys?]

Socks walks around the corner, bag in hand. He walks right up to the guards and waits. They turn to the wall, backs to him, and open the door. Before they can turn around, he smashes their heads forward into the geometric patterns. As they fall, he stomps on them as best a Martian can do. Thoroughly satisfied that they are knocked out, he gestures. [The path is clear.] He's fucking right it is.

>> No.19193436

Socks must be pretty damn powerful to control two psionic creatures like that.

Maybe their ranking system has to do with their power?

>> No.19193443

Obtain Yetta and head for the egress.

>> No.19193444


Looking for this?

Also, dayum. Alium Bro is PISSED at his Brassholes, isn't he?

>> No.19193450


The problem with stabbing them in their headbase, or mating tentacle, or what have you, is that we still have to close 7 meters/21 feet. We might be able do it and drop them, especially with magical strength boosts. If I recall, there was some study or other that showed you can probably be lethally wounded by a man with a knife 20 feet away (6.7 meters, ish), before you get your gun out and fire, but they likely already have weapons drawn. I don't know.

So we can't be sure we'll down them before they get off a shot or two. Also Caulders would need to take one, and she might not be up to that right now.

>> No.19193452

Don't think all martians are psions. Probably a similar deal to the incidence of sparkles among humans.

>> No.19193461


Damn I need to type faster.

Oh well, time to no'oop our way out of this place.

>> No.19193468

Idle chatter for filling time in escape:

"Hey Socks, how does the martian society organize itself? I heard stuff about 'families'? Wha?"

>> No.19193485

Well, if we have the drop on them, then that's plenty of time. Then again, they're not commandos.

>> No.19193522


To be fair, neither are we. Just a blue-collar witch and her wounded companion.

>> No.19193543

[I thought you didn't want to harm your friends?] you ask, concerned.

[They are the commander's dogs, not friends of mine.]

Inside the cell, a very confused Lt. Miranda Kellos and Sub-Lieutenant Henrieta Falkowska are cautiously watching the door. Stepping aside, Socks watches the hallway, along with Rae. You enter the cell and the two witches' faces brighten.

"Cleo! I thought I'd never see you again!" yells Yetta, tackling you to the ground.

"Goodness, Cleona, you certainly know how to make an entrance," comments Miranda. "I suppose our friend must have gotten much friendlier, huh?"

You shrug. "In one sense of the word. Come on, we've got to get moving. We'll have a distraction in about two minutes," you say, trying to escape Yetta's grasp. It's great to see her again. You open up your bag and arm your two comrades with their M1911s and utility knives, and zip it back up. "We'll have time to talk later."

You all exit the cell, ready to make your escape. Your group quickly rounds the next corner, coming to the same kind of wall you passed by yesterday. Flashbacks to pain fill your head, and you stop in your tracks.

"What's wrong?" asks Rae. "Oh, wait. Yeah...this is a problem."

[Here.] Socks pulls out a large helmet obviously meant for Martians. [This will block the normal psionic workings of the ship. Just be aware...you will no longer be linked with me with it on.]

>Leave it off and try to force your way through the pain
>Put it on; Miranda's a radio witch, have her link and lead.

>> No.19193562

Share the damn helmet between you and Miranda.

>> No.19193582


>Work through the pain/Other

If interfacing with martian psionics is anything like our radiowitch stuff, Miranda's gonna be boned. She doesn't know what's coming. So we should maybe stick a hat on her, and see about working through the pain. Or at least see if she'll NEED a hat.

>> No.19193609

Leave it off as long as manageable.

>> No.19193611

either have Miranda wear it or share it when the pain gets too bad.

>> No.19193614

None of this is ideal, but I'd say the least not-ideal option would be wearing/sharing the helmet.

>> No.19193620

Ask if Kelloggs would need it. If so, let her use it. At least we know what to expect.

>> No.19193628


Oh, but put on the hat if we need it. Communication is valuable and all, but we can't communicate if we can't stand the pain.

>> No.19193630


Fighting it will slow us down

>> No.19193643


>> No.19193645



>put it on

>> No.19193746

You could try to bear the pain of all that shit in your head, but you'd slow them down if not outright stop them. You could wear the helmet, but you'd be out of contact with the alien that knows this place and potentially leave Miranda out to be swamped by the psionic noise. You could share it, but then the only other person that could potentially get directions out of Socks would also be cut off.

You decide to be smart and test the waters. "Rae, Yetta, step through the wall, checking for enemies." They comply, stopping just a short distance through the hole. "Miranda, be careful but slowly walk through." She looks at you strangely, then proceeds. As she walks through, she shakes her head as if to clear it, then makes as if to get rid of water in her ear.

"Um, am I the only one whose head is feeling woozy?" she asks. Perfect. Now you just need to ask Socks something.

[Socks, can you link with Miranda, too?]

[Not nearly so well. It's a curiosity I hope to examine one day. Why is it that you ar-]

[Then do it. She can lead,] you say, donning the helmet. As you do, you hear an explosion from far off. Looks like those strikers are taken care of.

>> No.19193780

Miranda's eyes widen for a moment, turning back to you and Socks. You give her a nod. "He's linked with you. You should feel like you know this place and where we're going."

"Uh, yeah. I do. I think. Um, this way," Miranda says, pointing. Your group makes its way through the main hallways, dodging Martians darting this way and that. Your explosives seem to have really confused them. "Right through here!" Miranda exclaims after 10 minutes of walking. She quickly turns the corner...and comes face-to-face with 5 armed Martians.

>What do you do?

>> No.19193790

>Fuck, can Socks brainblast that many Martians?

>> No.19193801

Introduce their squishy heads to the soft caress of rifle butts.

>> No.19193802

The ship is in chaos, no need to hold back.

>> No.19193809

It's time for bang-bangs!

>> No.19193822



Bomb's gone off, our cover's blown. Shoot the fuckers. Aim for the head-equivalent

>> No.19193981

"Get down!" you yell. Miranda drops to the floor, popping out a shield at an angle. The Martians start firing their strange weapons, more miniature rocket than bullet, at a startling rate. As they pop and explode against Miranda's shield, you can see that she wouldn't be able to keep it up for much longer at such close range. Unfortunately for the Martians, however, she's not alone. You, Rae, and Yetta open up, not missing more than a shot or two at such close range. One of the guards manages to swing his weapon forward before being taken down, popping off a shot. It goes wide, exploding against the wall. It reverberates with a metallic sound.

"MIRANDA! Be careful! We're on enemy territory!" you exclaim, worried.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It's just that we're so close!" she says. Throwing her thumb over her shoulder, she gestures to the door behind her. "Our way out is in there!"

A quick look around at everyone shows that your group is ready. On the count of three, you all bust through, guns ready. A glance at your new location convinces you you won't quite need to fire just yet. You swap magazines.

"...Where the hell are we, Miranda?" Rae asks, bewildered.

"Um...the main hanger, I think."

>> No.19193983


Assuming these aren't socks' friends, neutralize (quietly if possible) and hide the bodies. It'll buy us time.

>> No.19193990

This expansive room stretches on for nearly 500 meters on its long axis, about 200 meters wide. It is many stories tall, with little obstructing the middle of it. Below you, in the center, is a long set of walkways and docking equipment. Nestled between them, in open water, are small submarines. However, it's not the sheer size of the room nor its contents that makes everyone pause. The ceiling is bright with sunlight distorted by about 10 meters of clear water...and it looks like it's moving.

"What in the world are we on?" asks Yetta.

"...Well, he did say 'ship' earlier..." you say.

Aiming for Monday, 9 PM EST, 8 PM CST. Be there or be unsubmerged.

>> No.19194018


That is a big room. Big big room.

On a related note, good job Kotters. Good stuff this.

>> No.19194023


See ya 'round, Kotters. Good run.

>> No.19194025

Thanks. I enjoyed today's quest.

>> No.19194033

Nice, Kotters, nice.

>> No.19194054


Quick nitpicking: If the Martians are using gyrojet ammunition (mini rockets) then engaging them at close range would be safer. The ammo will pick up speed as it travels, making it more dangerous over distance.

>> No.19194061

It's Martian, I ain't gotta explain shit.

[nospoilersontg]Duly noted for future reference[/nospoilersontg]

>> No.19194085

See you Monday.

>> No.19194108

Where is planefag anyway?

>> No.19194119

Dunno. If you see him, tell him to read his damned emails.

>> No.19194158

>The gas stations he works just exploded
>What's left of him was seen flying above people's houses

>> No.19194165

My life will have no meaning if Planefag dies. Truly, it would be the end of times.

>> No.19194173

Sorry to be off topic, but sauce?

>> No.19194238

This and it are the only two. It's some investigation as to what other characters would look like as witches.

>> No.19194248

Aha, nice.

>> No.19194300



>> No.19194315

here you go.

>> No.19194331


>> No.19194362

More woman than you will ever have.

>> No.19194370

More man than you'll ever be.

>> No.19194408

>implying this is anything but a drawing

Thank god, I don't need half that much women.

>> No.19194458


Say that again within sniping range, pig.

>> No.19194583

If I hide behind her, you'll need a .50 to get across all that fat mass.

>> No.19194597

Not all /tg/ dwellers are virgins who have to thank god if they have the chance to pork a cougar landwhale

also sage for non /tg/ subjects

>> No.19194647


Hey there, samefag. Long time, no see.

>> No.19194659


>> No.19196333

Aw, you didn't kill any more witches! I am disapoint

>> No.19197514

But if he kills them too fast, how is he going to string us along?

>> No.19197844


>> No.19197913

But they're a limited resource!

As are sympathetic martians.

>> No.19198642

I wouldn't call Socks sympathetic.

>> No.19199094

Well, comparatively sympathetic.

>> No.19201753

Still, temporary ally isn't much.

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