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/tg/ i have a question
when you say "marine players" and "marines all that is bad in w40k" do you also mean chaos space marines?

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Yes, but to a much lesser degree. More of a taint by association rather than being innately bad.

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No. They have only one codex, and it's barely playable.

You see, what is wrong with chaos marines is that people love them, care about them, and play them. And that it's justified, because they have a lot of material related to them, and decent codices. Since necrons became playable again, we started complaining about them too. It's not the case of CSM, so, we can't bitch about them.

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W-what's wrong with spess marines? ; ;

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well, what ever is the reason you guyz hate csm, i as a csm player surely havent chose csm for that reason

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They're too mainstream.

That's all. Literally. Whatever excuses marines-haters find to justify their bitching actually stems from this fact. Too mainstream.

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Mostly the guys who play Slaanesh for "hurr cocaine and tits durr", the Khornates who always go Blood for the blood god (those guys are worse then Tau sympatists and IG HUMANITY FUCK YEAH).
People who play Nurglites and Tzeentchians are usually pretty okay.

I play undivided.

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Marines are oly reason that 40k exists.

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will i be less hated when gw allows me to use cultists as troop choice and makes csm elite choice?

you know....csm beeing empowered by chaos gods and stuff

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I see. Since 40k fans hate 40k (at least that's what I've been seeing on /tg/), they hate space marines as a result.

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Pretty much, which irks quite a number of 40k players.

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That, and the fact that there are at least 7 current edition Space Marine codices, counting with Grey Knights and CSM.

How fun is it to keep playing against Marines every time you play?

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Yes. Until using cultists becomes too mainstream. Then everyone will hate you again.

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It's the same fun as the fun you had previously. The fun of a good habit.

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Too mainstream.

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But there are plenty of other games you can play.
How fun is it to keep playing 40k every time you play?

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>Mostly the guys who play Slaanesh for "hurr cocaine and tits durr"

I play Slaanesh CSM, but I treat them more like a ravaging barbarian horde that's really only in it to rape and pillage than a bunch of coked-out 80s Glam Rockers.

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When 7 out of 10 games you play, your opponent is some flavor of marines, you start to get really sick of marines.

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I'd say you're playing them wrong if you're actually able to fluff them, paint and convert them into a raving horde of mongols, but aren't making them glam rockers, because it's a waste of potential, even if in itself, it's pretty cool.

I mean, most guys who believe that Slaanesh=sex and cocaine aren't actually able or even willing to paint and convert their miniatures accordingly, or even in imaginative ways, it just stems from their narrow understanding of the fluff.

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That's pretty much the same thing.
Slaanesh has many aspects, but the only one people focus on is the depravity and sexuality.

I want to see more Slaanesh armies with pure, non-cluttered armor, appealing to Slaanesh's perfectionist side.

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very early slaaneshis, then. The point of Slaanesh is precisely that there's no such thing as "perfect", only "better" until it becomes "too much" and then "fuck it, even more".

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If I were to make a slaaneshi army they would be the spoon collectors. You fucking heard me. They decidated themselves to collecting EVERY kind of spoon they can and then melt their enemies armor down to make more collectable spoons, each hand ingraaved with perfect kerning. If its off the spoon must be destroyed.
When they are not fighting they are organizing their spoons in order of collection, then in order of perfection. Then by order of size.
They exist to collect every possible collectable spoon in existence, even the ones of their brothers. In the end time when they run out of spoons they will turn on eachother in the event of the great spooning.

Each member wears his spoons proudly on his armor, and every time he takes a hit he gains a battle fury comparable to the Blood Angels black rage at the loss of o many perfect spoons.

THAT would be my slaaneshi army

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>>19186786 here. Funny you should mention that. When I started out my army, I was relatively conservative in my use of spikes and trophy racks and anything too intricate. My first Rhino could have easily passed for a Loyalist one if it weren't for a single Slaanesh icon. But as I bought more and more, I really started going overboard on adding things. I even ordered the Forge World doors for the Emperor's Children.

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Of course not, it would be made of TD-inspired OCDONUTSTEEL cybergoth junkies.

It might look interesting, though, if done right. After all the dark eldars are exactly like this.

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Nightlords bro. Skeptics and Aethiests every one of them. Plus their primarch is Batman.

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>I want to see more Slaanesh armies with pure, non-cluttered armor, appealing to Slaanesh's perfectionist side.

I actually converted a box of Sanguinary Guard into Slaanesh Chosen for specifically that purpose. All of the heroic breastplates looked rather "artsy" and pure, but excessively so at the same time. They were easily something that I could see an elite unit of Slaanesh wearing.

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They're not, you fucking 13-y o. They simply don't usually worship the gods. They know perfectly well that the gods exist. And some of them even do worship them.

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pics or didn't happen

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Aren't the Tau the only Atheists/Skeptics in the setting?

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Yeah, i'd like to see them too, they sound awesome.

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Yes, but only because they have little to no warp presence and are totally naive when it comes to the galaxy at large.

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i have a friend who madde sigvald and a squad of terminators like this...they are all so beautiful and perfect.

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People hate space marines because
(1) They are over played
(2) They are over pushed by GW

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Here they are.

I'm still not sure about a proper paint scheme though, so I'm waiting on painting them until I can think of something perfect.

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Because they don't know that the gods are a real thing.

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That works. I like the one with the horns on the left.

Paint them in marble-white.

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the horned helmets look horrible; topknots are fine, but not horns.

As for the color scheme, use pastel tones. rose-tinted marble, for example.

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They think they killed Slaanesh, the god, when they banished a greater deamon/demon prince, and wondered why the Eldar feared him/her so much.

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So if they gained the knowledge of the existence of Gods, what would they do, in your opinion.

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Maybe do an ebony and ivory theme. Have their main color be a sort of white with black details or vice versa.

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End up having a civil war.

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No, they think they killed a warlord, who was a daemon prince, and that this daemon prince was called "Slaanesh". They don't know that he wasn't, and that there's actually a god out there who's called Slaanesh.

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Yer wrong.
The horned head on the right doesn't work imo, but the one on the left looks great.
I would try to find some helmets with sleaker designs, like the Beakie or the ones that Red Scorpions use so many of though, or greenstuff over the grills. I don't like the BA heads, and they really take away from the chaosy.

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keep it under wraps. The information is classified, never filters to most of the population. The Imperium often does that with the Imperial Guard.

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Marble colors sound pretty good. My original plan was to just equip them all with the death masks in the kit, but then they just looked too much like Sanguinary Guard. The horned helmets were all I had on hand to replace them. If I ever get more topknot heads, I'll see if they'd make a better replacement.

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That's the point, they don't look sleek. They look barbarian and grotesque. It's like putting a Barbie doll's head on an Action Man figure. or the opposite. if you want to do this, actually play it straight; add big jagged spikes on the backpack, severed heads, and even more pretty trinkets, as well as ugly trophies and spikes

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Another thing you could do is to try to make a Phantom of the Opera-esque character by trimming a deathmask down of all the fancy stuff (or not, your call) and then cutting it in half then attaching that to half of a normal looking head. There's probably a better way of doing this, though.

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Captain Tycho.

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Huh. Didn't even think of him. Does he have an actual model that a head could be tactically acquired from?

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Fuck yes.

His shoulder pad even looks vaguely like the Emperor's Children insignia, and he's equipped with some sort of melta weapon. Its perfect.

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It's possible, but i doubt they've transfered his model to Finecast. 'Sides, his model is squatty as shit, and the mask looks like it droops down his face in my opinion.

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CSMs have, individually, the most powerful HQs in Fawlty Kay

But everything else is crap, they have to pay for the shit that Marines get free, and they don't get as much of it

And in fluff they're given a balance of wankery and eating crow. On the one hand Chaos is everywhere fucking shit right the hell up, on the other hand they can never fully take Cadia. This is in contrast the the Spess Mahreens, where even when they "lose" they win

So no, not really

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They acknowledge they exist, but they don't consider them gods. Maybe you should pull that stick out of your ass.

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It all comes down to the "propaganda" thesis

Basically this: there is no objective difference between advertising and propaganda, until the viewer feels tricked, cheated, or looked down upon, at which point it moves from the former to the latter and no longer works as advertising

And in the eyes of many GW's push of SMs has gone to the latter (though these people would use the word wankery rather than propaganda).

They feel cheated and looked down upon by GW pushing its biggest brand, without trying to shore up its other brands, and so they reject the push and act against it

Thus, the hate. You can see the exact same thing happened (in a much shorter span) with the "I'm a Mac," commercials. People felt that the Mac was looking down upon them, and so lashed out against it and empathized with the PC.

It basically boils down to GW not being good at advertising or marketing

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>they don't consider them gods

Maybe you should read the fucking fluff, and realize that nowhere does it say that. It would be extremely unusual and worthy of note, since it makes no fucking sense to believe in a god without believing he's a god.

Re-fluff your army as Necoho-worshippers, kid.

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Not the poster, but isn't there a line somewhere about "if it can be believed, someone believes it" in regards to Chaos

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Not the person you're responding to, but they view them as extremely powerful entities, not gods. Take a dang chill pill and relax, kid. Or find a new hobby where you don't have an aneurism every five minutes, boy.

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Maybe in a RoC book. something very old and obscure, in any case.

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Then give me a damn source, baby.
And if it's lexicanum, make sure this statement is followed by an actual source.

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I am the person you're responding to and I'll just leave this here.

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How about you give me a source, fetus?

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I reacted the same way. I started when I was like 12, and got sucked into the whole HURR DURR EMPRAHS FINETS, then grimdark edgy BLORD ANGLES. Finally I realized what was going on, and became a HUMANITY FUCK YEAH guard wanker like the guy earlier mentioned, now I play them because I like tanks and convertan and guard gives me lots of opportunity.

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This is from the 2002 codex chaos btw, only pdf I have on had at short notice.

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I was about to give you this >>19187425, because it's mistranslated and just says they don't worship them.

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>Whatever excuses marines-haters find to justify their bitching actually stems from this fact.

Thats because a game should have variety beyond different colors of power armor.

If GW spent half as much time on the other factions that they do on space marines the game would be funner, more balanced and generally more interesting.

Space Marines need only one codex and that's the truth of it.

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As a marine player, I agree with you.

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Notice how, when the marine circle jerking stopped, everyone went quiet?

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The darkest truths cut the deepest, they realize they ruin their own hobby but don't care as long as their favorite snowflake army gets legitimized.

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