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Dear /tg/,




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Nothing compared to the majestic might of the holy Dreadknight.

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OMG, I can't believe how shitty, clumpy and wardesk this piece of chiseled monkey shit looks.
And what does this tell me about the new codex release?
Are the CSM now supposed to be a shitty mix of skelletor and megatron like vilains, equivalent to the oh so glorious gay knights?

Shitty ass shit, fucking monkey puke, cock, ass, shit, dick warts, herpes, abomniation, crap, shit.

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Looks about average for a 40k model to me, shoulders could be a little bigger though.

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>Are the CSM now supposed to be a shitty mix of skelletor and megatron like vilains

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yeap, the dreadknight still outderps the Pauldronought

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Looks like an unpainted warhammer 40k model.

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It's a forgeworld model, calm down guys.

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Yeah I know... and I feel bad about... you should feel bad about it... and oh my god the fucking piece of shit who wrote that stipid ass shit brain fart should definitely feel bad about it.
I mean, when i first read this back then... I think it was so bad a piec e of my brain melted because it couldn't resist the pure cheesieness of this pile of crap.


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Chaos Contemptors are better

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I think both the Dreadknight and this Pauldronought would look better looted by Orks.

Actually, why is it that most 40k vehicles look better if they've been looted? Hell, it even works for Carnifexes!

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Dear OP,

That's a Decimator, check the file name! :)




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He's feeling pretty good about it.

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ups, tripped :3

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Dear OP,
This is a Forgeworld decimator, and it has been on sale for a long time. Space marines have an equivalent on their page within Forgeworld's website.

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get the fuck out

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>fuck shit cock expletive gay nigger [REDACTED] faggot blah blee bloo blah naughty words so edgy OMG LOL

Don't you FEEL it?

The very air DANCES around us!



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What's wrong with it?

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Hopefully he'll die a painful horrible slow death then.

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And we all know who's responsible.

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That is the feeling of the Ward overtaking you.
Let it happen. It is a good pain.

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>space marines have an equivalent

uh no they don't. Closest thing the have would be the contemptor which is rather different, also there are chaos contemptors as well, so there is no loyalist equivlanet of the Pauldronought chaos engine.

pic related, its an normal dread, the pauldronought and a contemptor

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Newfag detected

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god fucking damnit, captcha you cunt

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Mmmm... Is it the steady exportation of memes elsewhere and increasing public exposure leading to a greater number of posters, and unfortunately more bad than good ones? 1d4Chan accomplishing a similar effect? The Tau Internet Defense Force? /b/ spreading its vile influence?

I've got nothin', mac.

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OMFG why are its pauldrons that huge? Is he using them as closed combat weapons or did GW just went full rewarded -get it?-?
Oh wait... didn't they say something about an aircraft summer?
Is this pile of shit supposed to resemble some kind of missing fucking link? Like the nex step towards full retardation in space?

Cock nigger ass shit, fuck.

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I don't have a valid reason to be upset. It's not THAT bad.

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I like it, but its head makes it look too necron-y to me, give it one of those defiler heads with the horns itd look pretty cash.

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I can't be the only one who see this.

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Subtlety is key!

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So much rage over something that's been out for a while...and someone blaming Ward for it?


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What's the big-headed squattish fellow in the foreground?

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... I think it's supposed to be a space marine, but that can't be right.

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Space Marine.

>> No.19171581


Right it's even worse.
I mean it's the most dysproportionated pile of crap GW or any of its associated companies have ever released.

Not even the Power Ranges Megazord looked as ridiculous as this piece of monkey crap.


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Looks okay to me. Especially compared to THIS >>19171378 piece of shit.

Helmet needs to be a little flatter and more meshed with the lines of the construct as a whole, those two points sticking down really bug me. Also making the connection on the right arm where it meets the elbow a little larger, maybe.

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>This is a Forgeworld decimator
>and it has been on sale for a long time.
Still on the "New Stuff page.. Not what I'd call a long time.
>Space marines have an equivalent on their page within Forgeworld's website.
Really? What would that be, exactly?

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>Still on the "New Stuff page
It will stay on the new stuff page until the page is filled with something else, its been on sale for months.

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I'd say that the Imperator takes the cake for that. It looks a lot like this thing. Except less unholy. And it's the size of Godzilla with a gigantic fortress on its back, with bastions for feet.

Still not sure if you're trolling or just a bit thick, but hey, amusing either way.

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Are people honestly complaining about PAULDRONS on Warhammer models here?

>> No.19171631

No, it's just trolls.

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Hey, Skeletor was Semi-competent.
If murder/manslaughter hadn't been a line he and his forces wouldn't cross he probably would win also.

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Are you blind or something?
Sure I hate the Diaper Knight with the intesity of thousand sons -got it?- but at least it looks to a certain amount, well like someone , in a distant parallell universe, could maybe have thought of actually constructing something that goes remotely in kind of the same direction.
On the other hand this piece of flying monkey crap is so ridiculously dysproportionated that anyone would doubt it could even move one foot... not to mention that it looks like someone took Mad shitty Wards brain, made an extract of it, traveled back in time, ripped pregnant mama Wards uterus outa her body, injected it in meant-to-be-little-baby-Mad Blastula, implanted it in a retarded chimpanse and let the product of this become, after only educating him in He-Man and Transformers, designer on forgeworld.

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it's a deamon engine faggot, deal with it

the soulgrinder looks pretty retarded (40k) too

>> No.19171682


>ridiculously disproportioned

Cool story , bro.

>> No.19171700

> on sale for months.
At what point does "months" become a long time? What are you, 12 or something?

>> No.19171701


Well this is supposed to be a moving sarcophagus so it's supposed to look like a mother fucking coffin on leggs, mr. smartass.
and at least it looks stable.

>> No.19171707

Looks stable? It's utterly incapable of walking due to it's legs being stupidly short. There is zero possibility that it could shift it's weight far enough to take a step.

But you think that's okay and the decimator isn't?

Herpa derp derp.

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>> No.19171716

In the age of the internet, months is a while.

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Are you stubid or something?
Have you ever seen the pauldornator from sideview?

This piece of crab wouldn't be even able to stand still for a second but would outright tumble over.

>> No.19171727


Well doesn't it move forward by rotating the entire leg assembly whilst one leg is held off the ground?

That seems possible.

>> No.19171728

If something has been being posted on /tg/ for months, you should know about it by now.

>> No.19171731


Your argumentative structure is so consistent.

>> No.19171732

arguing something looks stupid in the 40k universe is like being surprised when a russian official is revealed to be corrupt

>> No.19171747


but it does

>> No.19171763

And how, exactly, does it get it's centre of gravity over the foot that stays on the ground?

>> No.19171780

my point was everything else looks stupid too

>> No.19171781


Ever heard of the machine ghost, faggot?

>> No.19171782

What exactly is the Decimator? Just a dreadnought except with a daemon inside instead of a CSM?

>> No.19171784


But it does look morestupid than all of the combined.

>> No.19171787


Notice the enormous width of the feet?

All it needs is to tilt slightly, once the centre of gravity is past the pivot, it can't fall.

>> No.19171789

Bigger, meaner. But in the end, yeah, about that.

>> No.19171793

more or less. except it has nothing to do with marines or dreadnoughts.

its a deamonic piece of engineering, what more description do you need?

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Dreadnoughts don't need to walk, you fools.

>> No.19171799

Daemon Engine built by the dark mechanicus. Living machine powered by the warp.

>> No.19171800

It doesn't.
Plus it's Forgeworld. You'll hardly ever see them anywhere.
No reason to rage, really.
It's like hating on a film you never plan to watch and that isn't advertised for, just because you saw a poster in your local cinema.

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The stunted space marine is by far the most ridiculous model in that picture.

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Thorpe is the Spiritual Liege of all Eldar and Elf players.

>> No.19171941

When it comes to Spiritual Lieges, an Elfdar player takes what they can get.

And I'll be That Guy, this time.
I like the Decimator. It looks menacing, looks durable. I like how it looks, judging from the cabling, like it keeps it's power plant(s) concealed in its gigantic shoulders behind it's heaviest armor plating. That's also in a spot high enough to flummox easy attempts to maul those engines in melee.
I like the spiky cannon-claw right arm weapon. It's got a kind of surgical menace to it.
I like the Warlord less -it looks too generic, too much like a rejected Battletech design. And the Emperor is too round and archaic like they literally built a castle on top of it.
The Decimator's massive digitigrade legs suggest to me that it actually has a powerfully stable balance combined with what's probably a surprising amount of agility. The cables between the joints look like a possible vulnerable spot, but that's somewhat accounted for by the massive thigh plates. Getting a front shot on those leg cables would mean trying to do so from a sharp upward angle periliously close to it's direct field of vision. And it's feet.
So yeah, not so bad. Not necessarily a practical design by normal standards, but that's 40K anyway. It does look like an excellent Terror Weapon design, which is a titan's secondary function anyway.
7/10, would scourge the Corpse Emperor's cowardly thralls.

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The amount of stupidity in this thread is monumental.

People raging over a Forge World daemon-engine, bitching that something in WH40K looks unrealistic or silly, not knowing what pre-heresy SM armour looks like ... either this is a hilarious troll thread or there has been a sudden influx of retard into /tg/.

My opinion: The Decimator is okay, though I would've preferred a Chaos Contemptor sculpt. I wish it looked a bit more like the Defiler to keep some consistency.

I lol'd.

>> No.19171953

Chaos Contemptor is coming, It's mentioned in the Conemptor rules. There is speculation that it might be included in the new Chaos Legions Codex but I doubt it.

>> No.19171963

Hrmm, that'd be okay, though I too am sceptical.

I wonder what they'll do with the sculpt. I'm not sure I'd be too keen on them just covering a Contemptor in Chaos symbols. I reckon I could do that myself.

>> No.19171971

Iron Legionaire.

>> No.19172042

I've got a question though.
Two actually.
First, what weight class is the Decimator supposed to be?
It looks Heavy, but, relating to question two, it packs light.
And second, where the hell are the rest of it's weapons?
Assuming it's right arm is a combi claw/energy cannon that still leaves it with only what looks like a crappy autocannon of the "compromise no one likes" variety. No good against other Titans, and probably overkill on anything smaller...unless that thing is a Shadowblade, at which point it's got an RoF that's too low with an effective range that's too long to be meaningful with a round too small for siege work. Like an assault Rifle scaled up to Titan-size it's the Bradley IFV problem -designed to do everything, actually capable of far less, and ultimately failing at it's actual designated primary role.
Is it a bulked-up Warhound Scout Titan? Cuz that's my best guess at the role it fulfills unless it's supposed to hunt Dreadnoughts or some other over-specialization of dubious utility.

>> No.19172061

Or I could totally miss the point because it's not a Titan at all.
Oh well, GG me.

>>captcha provides: lishoset $40,000
Catalog code and cost, check

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>> No.19172066

here are the rules

>> No.19172091


Dat Butcher Cannon...nice.

Not sure it would be worth it but the idea of one with two Butcher Cannons and the mark of Nurgle makes me happy. Hard to keep down and the deep strike means nothing to shooting.

>> No.19172103

Damn, that thing's a fucking beast.

>> No.19172113

BS 3 tho'.
Or is that typical for this sort of thing?

>> No.19172118

i really want them to put out some themed contemptors. take a look at their different boxnaughts. Yeah. I want that done to the contemptor too.

>> No.19172120


Daemonic possession does that to everything.

>> No.19172129


It's controlled by a Daemon, not a marine. Daemonic Possession means BS3.

>> No.19172133

It's a insane daemon entombed in an ancient shell of unfeeling metal fitted with arcane and unreliable weapons, I'd say BS3 is pretty impressive.

>> No.19172135

it's not really meant to be an artillery piece even though it has plenty of gun options. the thing gets really frightening when dedicated to nurgle though. it just wont go away

>> No.19172166

one thing i wonder is wether or not that butcher cannon would be usuable on a contemtpor body, as a butcher cannon is an option for chaos contemptors as well.

by the looks of it, it is missing one of the key arm joints so not really interested to find out myself...

>> No.19172178

oh dude awesome!

I love Warjacks!

>> No.19172207

So if spiritual/daemonic possession makes things BS 3, does that explain a lot about the Wave Serpent and the Falcon?

>> No.19172212

No, those are being piloted by guardians.

>> No.19172248


But who's piloting the Prism?

Surely it can't be an Aspect Warrior or a Warlock, those have Paths that are very strict about what they can do.

>> No.19172255

Guardians or a neural FCS

>> No.19172279

I actually think its a decent design (as far as dreadnaughts go).
Sure the shoulders are huge, but it's not just the shoulder armor, it wraps over the front as well. And that area has to be protected because thats where the life support is. Plus the legs are almost proportional.

>> No.19172301

Looks like GW got a look at Warmachine's warjacks.

And this isn't a criticism of them, just an observation based on the shoulder armour, the sloped gait and all-round design. It's like the Tyranids/Zerg thing. One borrows from the other, with the other borrowing from the one, and so on and so on.

>> No.19172319

I actually think it looks cool.

>> No.19172454

Silly Warmachine fags think their game is original.

>> No.19172468


Christ i'm so sick of seeing that.

Fucking finish it or stop posting it.

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