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What /tg/ thinks about Dawn of war?

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First games are pretty fun, if imblalanced.

DoW2 series has decent single player campaigns, but terrible multiplayer.

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What he said. They're solid games and real fun if you're into the 40k lore and such.

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I think the second one has much better multiplayer, the first one was just about spamming the same units over and over again while the second one is a lot more tactical as a single squad can make all the difference.

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Dark Crusade - Best tier
Dawn of War, Winter Assault, Chaos Rising on the first playthrough - Good tier
Dawn of War 2, Retribution - Okay tier
Soulstorm - Crap tier

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Except DoW2's multiplayer is about spam and rushing as quickly as possible.

DoW1's multiplayer was at least FUN with a few friends.

Say what you want about base building unfluffy, but DoW2 just felt too slow and small with your HQ being the only thing for you to look at. I mean, if you want to use the no bases logic, then whats a fucking HQ building doing there, either.

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I prefer Pitched Battle, but at least Dawn of War is better than Spearhead.

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>DoW 1
>All about unit spamming
You clearly are basing your ideas of the game off single player. Probably playing Space Marines and making six Tactical Squads.

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Because they are both very rushy games and how can you spam a unit when a full arny at the start normally conisists of only five sqauds at the very most?

Yes you could argue DoW is more fun for you but that does not mean everyone liked it better.

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I had a lot of fun with Dark Crusade multiplayer, but yeah, it is unbalanced.

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There's a mod for Dark Crusade (and Soulstorm as well) called Firestorm over Kaurara for anyone who didn't know. It's a real exceptional overhaul mod with lots of nifty additions and balance changes for all races.

'Closer to codex' as the developers likes to say.

http://www.moddb . com/mods/dawn-of-warhammer-40k-firestorm-over-kronus/downloads/dow40kfok-36-release-candidate-4530

Too bad development has mostly stopped, but even in this beta release it has a lot of cool shit.

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Does it let me play an Imperial Guard army that aren't Cadians?

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Can you tell me what does it change real quick? It'll be an hour before I reinstall my DoW and see for myself.

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>about unit spamming

haha, no. That only happens in two specific matchups. Eldar (spamming) vs. Orks and Necrons (spamming) vs. IG.

If you try it with any other race, you invariably die without other tactics or strategy. And for Eldar you still need to be good at controlling your units.

Necrons are just OP, unfortunately.

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>Eldar spamming

That's one of the things I disliked about the game.

Here's this ancient, dying race, that values every individual member so highly that they'd sacrifice an entire human planet to save ten Eldar...

And to play them effectively, you have to use the Vulpes Inculta approach.

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I kinda wish Sisters had turned up in a better version than Soulstorm. Mainly because my mates don't play Soulstorm, so I can't play Sisters.

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FOC is in effect. Armour values corresponding to TT (you cant hurt tanks with bolters). Many customization options for commanders, sergeants, squads, vehicles.. well, for everything. TT units, TT gear. Mediocre AI (except orks).

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Sadly not, for the most part the models of the IG non-vehicle units are unchanged and they mostly all have the standard Cadian outfit.

One really cool and balancing feature is that you can't reinforce or upgrade (i.e: weapons/leaders) your squads out in the middle of the battlefield--only when the squad is close enough to a listening post or transport.

Other than that, balance changes, new units (with lots of new models) new UI, lots of game customization settings.

BTW: Don't forget to get the map pack somewhere on the Moddb page.

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Oh, and Black Templars as a separate faction.

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>Black Templars as a separate faction
>Black Templars
>separate faction
I came.

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The UI of the mod is pretty poor though. It's especially confusing with all the different units with very similar icons, arrayed in no real order.

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I am seriously glad Relic is making Company of Heroes 2 instead of DOW3.

Now don't get me wrong, I loved DOW1 and enjoyed 2, it's just that CoH is the better game in every way, and I hope to see them improve on that.

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Throwing in my own two cents about FoK.

It's a rehaul mod and they mean this quite literally. Installing it will give you something that is no longer Dark Crusade. It is much, much slower. The term 'deliberate' comes to mind in describing it. You'll get a truckload of new units, especially for the astartes and chaos. It's a pity they're rendered so small, because the character models are top notch as can be seen in one of the posts above me.

If you are like me and enjoy DC's fast combat, you'll probably end up switching back to vanilla DC (with the skirmish AI and camera zoom out mod installed). FoK is totally worth the shot, though.

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Can anyone just give a general list of decent mods to take?

Isnt there one that adds Dark Angels?

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FoK... it looks incredible (it's hard to believe this game is 8 years old) and has a ton of new content, but gameplay is just bad. It's very, very slow, and 80% of units and upgrades are overpriced many times and/or useless. It's also evident that the maps are were not prepared for this style of gameplay. You can't just take values from TT and expect it to work in RTS. I wish someone would make a mod with FoK assets and more or less vanilla DC/SS gameplay.

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Does it count as 'unit spamming' if I played my eldar with a ton of guardians and little aspect support because ulthwé?

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There is one in Russian intertubes. It's called DoW Revised, but it's not yet released in western community because of possible copyright issues with FoK. That said, it's been developed by a former FoK texture artist (so he has access to the newest FoK stuff but as it isn't yet "released"... well) and it ROCKS BALLS. It's just that, SS with FOK assets and DoW tempo, ergo awesome.

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I read this post with the accent and it was glorious.

How big is the mod, and does it only tun on soulstorm?

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I only recently picked up DoW2 after years of tip toeing around it after seeing it played at a friends.

Ive been playing it for about a month now and 2 weeks give or take online when I can and the multiplayer reminds me a lot of games like LoL or Dota. And fuck me the multiplayer is unforgiving.

As a heads up to anyone who wants to play DoW2 online well heres some tips.

Dont let your units die, ever if you can help it, reinforcing them costs less and prevents enemy's from leveling up.

Learn how to use suppression on choke points, and that suppression only really works for tier 1.

There are 3 different tiers during a match. 1: Infantry 2:Armour & Heavy Infantry 3:Armour & Boss's
Most games dont get past tier 2.

Actually play offline with computers till you get the idea of how to play.

ALWAYS use cover.

The only time where rushing is valid is literary within the first 5/10min, Once a enemy has a point you need to be patient till you have the units to take it.

Its a very odd game and not what I expected but once you get the hang of it its really good fun, just expect to loose for a while.

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>but it's not yet released in western community because of possible copyright issues with FoK.
Aren't FoK assets free to use?

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What do I think about DoW?

I like Eliphas, but damn. Either give him a big sendoff or let him win, because being the permanent also-ran has leeched away everything that made him cool.

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its a cool game, DC beign the best with FOK mod

>inb4 dowpro entlited whores come to viral his shitty mod

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I miss Sturnn.

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Didn't he canonically die because lol Eldar dickery?

Also, fuck you Captcha.

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Fifth time lucky, maybe. You'll get there one day, Eliphas.

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I liked Dark Crusade.

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Unconfirmed, but most likely. These are the only mentions of Sturnn in DoW2 and Retribution.

>Unerring Thunderbolt
>When this weapon was used in defense of Lorn V, the allied Imperial Guard General Sturnn dubbed it the “Unerring Thunderbolt” when a missile attack found the weak spot in a massive Daemonic Defiler’s armor and destroyed it before it could rampage through their lines.

>Shield of Sturnn
>This armor belonged to General Sturnn of 412th Cadian, who heroically led his regiment to recover a fallen Imperator Titan on Lorn V.

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Remember those Grey Knights and Blood Ravens in Winter Assault? Neither do I.

>Gaze of Tigurius
>This master-crafted lascannon last saw service with the Ultramarines who accompanied Chaplain Varnus to Lorn V to retrieve the Titan Dominatus. Its moniker is meant to compare the fate of its targets to that of any unfortunate who would anger the mighty Chief Librarian of their chapter.

>Holy Armor of Purgation
>Modified power armor, borne for centuries by a Grey Knight of the Ordo Malleus. Blood Ravens claimed this armor from a Grey Knight's remains after the Necron assault at Lorn V.

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inb4 Diomedes.

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Read the books. Angilos showed up a few days after the game's fighting with a Farseer with an Eldar godsword that took out a Necron harvest ship and killed its Necron Lord, also, his support company was there with several escorts.

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>Holy Armor of Purgation
>Modified power armor, borne for centuries by a Grey Knight of the Ordo Malleus. Blood Ravens claimed this armor from a Grey Knight's remains after the Necron assault at Lorn V.

Wait... the blood ravens *STOLE ARMOR OFF OF A DEAD GREY KNIGHT*? Oh boy, the inquisition is going to have a fucking field day with this one.

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All you need is a lot of red paint.

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Some with the powerhammers, really. Rip off the omega, patch on the raven, done.

Hey, did anyone see that war titan at the end of space marine again?

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Naw naw.

They just took it from the lost and found. There's a big difference.

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Inquisition already declared them all heretics. Also, every blood raven is dead now.

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Get out of here, tyranid retribution campaign!

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It went shit on Dawn of War 2

>> No.19171660


No, that's the canon ending for the blood ravens too.

Commander gets slaughtered, they have almost no people and fewer supplies, they dwindle fighting last few enemies of the Imperium and then disappear forever.

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>Read the books.

>> No.19171667

Could also be the Chaos campaign.

...but we know that's not going to happen.

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Best we can hope for is a massive compromise. Guard, Marines, Eldar and Orks campaigns can kinda co-exist, Eliphas can live to suck another day and the 'Nids can go fuck themselves.

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>that feel when I'll never get to be the Guardsman in a Dark Heresy campaign that gets to make that speech as I holds the line so the rest of the party can get away.

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Y'know there is apparently plans for a dawn of war 3 right? Not immediately, but eventually.

And Games Workshop has shown them some love after the reasonable success with the games.

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>But you, Gabriel... Chapter Master is fitting.

Who rescued Captain Thule and made his return from death possible?

Who stopped Waaagh! Bonesmasha and Idranel's warhost in their tracks?

Who held the worlds of Aurelia against the hive fleet while Jonah and his fellow psykers fought the Hive Mind?

Who beat back the Black Legion from the sector while Angelos and Diomedes argued about the size of their dicks?

Who boarded and successfully extracted from the Judgement of Carrion, a feat that had never before been accomplished?

Who freed Apothecary Galan from Kankeiros and opened the eyes of Captain Diomedes?

Who identified and purged the traitor aboard the Retribution?

Who defeated Araghast, Eliphas and Ulkair?

Not goddamn Angelos, that's for sure.

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No name, no voice, no canon for you.

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You're on a redemption crusade at the Eye of Terror.

Thank your buddy Avitus for that.

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Isn't THQ totally fucked at the moment? Can they even make DoW3 with what they've got?

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THQ just publishes the game, relic is the one who actually makes it.

>> No.19171742

So they've got a new publisher lined up? Good to know.

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Yes, publishers give funding to developers.

THQ has shit all for money right now due to incompetence at the top (("This drawing tablet for video games will TOTALLY be a big seller guys!"))

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Not that I know of, but they might find a new publisher or they might just publish it themselves.

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But Cyrus, Martellus and Tarkus got to stay behind... I bet it's because the first two are voiced by Steve Blum and Tarkus is bald like Diomedes.

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Well, they're making DS2 and CoH2. But if THQ think adding russians to CoH is going to turn their finances around when the Eastern Front mod has been finished for literally years, then they are in for a horrible suprise.

Also, from the sounds of it Dark Millennium got retooled into some kind of Diablo like experience.

Of course if THQ REALLY wanted money, they'd use the DoW2 engine to make a MOBA/ARTS game. Ork creeps on one side, Imperial Guard on the other, THQ have been wanting to crack the F2P market, and this has next to no work required to make it work.

Hell, I'd play it.

>> No.19171804


I think the new CoH will make quite some money. Since not everybody plays mods and lot's of people wanted a good RTS based on the Eastern Front for years the game should sell like jot muffins.
Personally I hope they'll release a DoW3 and a Space Marine sequel at some point.

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Guys just a reminder.


That is all.

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WH40k style dota game?

>> No.19171837

Only if Eliphas wins, and Eliphas exists only to lose over and over again.

>> No.19171869

Why did it have to be Avitus? He was the perfect avatar to express my hatred for Guardsmen with.

Why Relic why!?

>> No.19171873


Guardsmen are awesome and that's why he deserved to die!


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>almost all the Guardsmen you fight in Retribution are cowardly filthy traitors
Avitus was right.

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>outnumber and out gun every other faction combined
>balls of steel
Typical delusional IG fanboy.

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You jelly Eldar..

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I don't play Eldar.

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>outnumber and out gun every other faction combined
>IG has massive numbers, though they are poorly armored and armed.

Isn't that the main trait that the IG have?

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DoW 1 had good single-player, but lame multi-player. /tg/ probably picked up more memes form DoW than any other 40k source.

Dow 2 had lame single-player, but good multi-player. Where the first game's multi was not really that different from most other RTSs (except for the 40k reskin and being worse), DoW 2 really brought something different, and it was competetively interesting.

>> No.19172170

> poorly armed and armored
They're supposed to be, but then you look at what they actually have and realize that their 'massive numbers' also count for their big guns. Sure, they're lower quality than everyone else's, but they make up for it by having ten times more when the best anyone else can manage is twice as good.

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>WH40k style dota game?

I mean, think about it, how little work would it be to do this? Throw in the usual hero rotation unless you pay, and Skins that require IRL monies bulshit and THQ have got a solid and consistant money spinner that they can throw money at in the form of tourneys.
Carve out their own little niche in the E-Sports market, get some /vg/ threads arguing over why Eldrad is so OP and whether or not the Leman Russ Demolisher deserved that range nerf, you know, the whole 9 yards.

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DoW2 is basically Deathwatch/Kill Team-The Vidya. It's cool if you like small-scale RTSs, but crap for anything bigger (not to mention it completely fucked IG and Nids, at least the idea of what they were supposed to be). 40k is about massive battles, not a squad or two at a time running around playing grab-ass with capture points. Also, lolnobuildings, and due to the small scale you can't have a garrison on the points you capture unless you count those piss-ant turrets.

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There's a Tyranid Mod for Dark Crusade I love. Don't know the link though-just type it into Google.

>> No.19172303

I remember playing a much earlier version of it. Fun, if unbalanced (as many additional factions were). It was ridiculous that a fast reinforcement (forgot the proper name of them) Genestealer squad could reinforce faster than a fully kitted out SPESS MAHREEN squad could kill them.

>> No.19172332

Soulstorm is pretty bad, but there are a bunch of mods and it can turn it into fucking awesome to play with friends.

>> No.19172433

>40k is about massive battles, not a squad or two at a time running around playing grab-ass with capture points.

Dude... 40k is ALL ABOUT squad based combat. DoW 2 did an excellent job of capturing the scale of 40K.

Your idea of 40k isn't what 40k is at all.

>> No.19172440

bolters not working as they are supposed to in fluff kinda ruined it for me.

>> No.19172469


40k is about 10+ Rhinos or Chimeras rolling over the evil forces of xenochaos.

>> No.19172922


Basically, his idea of 40k is actually Epic Armageddon.

And to be totally honest with you, I'd like an Epic Armageddon video game.

>> No.19172957

I preferred DOW1's gameplay but DOW2 had better story/narrative. I just wish i could have used commander hairgel in Retribution.

>> No.19172990

FoK won't be updated for another 2 years because everyone gave up on helping the Brony programmer who doesn't release an update after he finishes them.

Also the Ork walkers have more armor than anything because of a coding error that literally took 2 seconds to release but see above why for it not being released.

>> No.19172991

>DoW 2 did an excellent job of capturing the scale of 40K.

Assuming you play games of about 500-1000 points, sure. If you wanted the strategy games to mirror the scale of an average 40k game, DoW1 overshot the mark, while DoW2 undershot it. Either way, they're both very solid games that stand on their own merits. I don't think one is better or worse than the other - they're just different.

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Did not mean to quote you in that sorry.

>> No.19173035

Also since the Blood Ravens were in Space Marine, we know that the Nid ending isn't correct.

>> No.19173138

So what exactly IS the canon combination?

I know that W.A. canon has the eldar win, since all other ends have taldeer kick the wraithbucket. Dark Crusade is the ravens, since Thule is still alive, and Soulstorm isnt, because "The legacy of Boreale."

What about chaos rising and retribution. What exactly happened to the captain and thaddeus, since the others were still there...and is Thule still alive and stomping?

>> No.19173148

So what's the password for this mod?

>> No.19173196

Appearantly Thaddeus (assualt marine) is the canon betrayer of Chaos Rising, since all others return in Retribution in one way or another. Retribution and Soulstorm's endings are still unknown. As you mentioned, Soulstorm is known to be a Blood Raven defeat.

There shouldn't be a password. Where are you downloading your fishy material?

>> No.19173212

The link provided. It's downloading and I need a password to start extracting.

>> No.19173238

(I'm the guy you're replying to, but i should mention i did not post that link)
Hmm, strange. When i downloaded the mod there was no paswrod, but that was a long time ago. It says that the password can be acquisitioned by registering on the FoK forums.

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>> No.19173282

Much preferred DoWI and the expansions to DoWII

>> No.19173299

Avitus is the betrayer. Tarkus up and says the traitor was a fellow marine from the Kronus campaign, but Thaddeus wasn't on Kronus.

>> No.19173310

Ah, sorry, haven't played DoW II for quite some time now. Thanks

>> No.19173311

I also did, but I felt Soulstorm was a little rushed. I guess there wasn't much they could do with the old DEldar codex.

>> No.19173314

Avitus is the canon betrayer. It is revealed in the Blood Raven campaign.

>> No.19173347

The Chaos Rising neutral ending is most likely Canon. According to the official Fluff, the Blood Ravens chapter master is Gabriel Angelos so it means the Blood Raven ending is Canon (This means Ulthwe is gonna get destroyed).

>> No.19173354

This. Great mod, Imperial Guard's AI doesn't work though.

>> No.19173411

>> No.19173617

Kinda echo this.
I've been playing a lot of Dawn of War with a housemate recently, but also got CoH in the recent Steam sale, and it's considerably more in depth.
Probably built on what they did in DoW though.
However, I've never played DoW2, so I don't know what that's like.

>> No.19173739


Is there some sort of connection between the Night Lords and Ulthwe?
I read somewhere that they are the one's who will destroy the Craftworld and found it kind of interesting. Can somebody tell me more?

>> No.19173765

The prophecy in Ret says that the Necrons will destroy Ulthwe.

Maybe the Necrons will team up with the Night Lords to curbstomp the Eldar?

>> No.19173964

Thaddeus: Unknown, not mentioned at all in Retribution.
Vanilla Ice: The hammer he banished Ulkair with is a wargear item in Retribution, however the description doesn't say what became of him, other than that he was branded renegade by Kyras along with Gabriel Angelos.
Thule: Is the boss in the first mission of the Chaos campaign, where Eliphas kills him. In the Space Marine campaign he's only mentioned in the description for a heavy bolter he once used.
Boreale: No one asked, but FUCK YEAH BOREALE. There's an unused line in Retribution in which a dying Cyrus tells him to send for help. Make of that what you will.

>According to the official Fluff, the Blood Ravens chapter master is Gabriel Angelos
He was only named Chapter Master in a WD article years ago. It was most likely a mistake, which Relic just decided to turn into a possible ending. I doubt they actually planned the whole thing out.

>> No.19174321

Would anyone else actually be interested in seeing a 'Codex : Blood Ravens' from GW or has it gotten to the point where there's just way too many space marines codex in general?

Personally I'm a Tau player and kinda feel the pain of not being a SM player... Wish they'd find a way to work tau into dow2 campaign.

>> No.19174405

I wouldn't mind having a special character or two, since they're more or less a codex adherent chapter with a few tweaks. maybe angelos and a couple others.

>> No.19174553


There is a Codex for the Blood Ravens. It's called Codex: Space Marines. End of story.

>> No.19174745

The Blood Ravens are stock full of librarians. Doesn't that mean they can field full librarian assault marines, tactical marines, and terminators?

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