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Together, you and Hisao remain slouched against the wall of your mural, casually taking in the sights and sounds of the world passing you by.
Every now and again, someone stops by to look at your mural and usually freezes like that for a while before going insane and trying to eat the squirrels hopping about whilst foaming at the mouth.
Hisao seems to have taken his position as assistant to heart and dutifully kicks away anyone who falls in front of your mural’s line of sight.
“Thanks.” You say as he kicks someone’s writhing frame down the stairs.
He shrugs. “Art is a lot of work, isn’t it?”
You shrug back. It definitely can be, at times.
As the day begins to lapse into its afternoon heat, you find the grounds themselves emptier than you might have otherwise thought…
Someone screams in agony from the direction of that coliseum attraction.
“This massacre is brought to you by Lenz Law Firm: ‘Proud to oppose you’.” The announcement echoes on the breeze.
You shrug and stretch as Emi finishes her last opponent, taking an opportunity to study Hisao as you shift about a bit.
One thing you’re starting to notice is that he really doesn’t ever seem ‘happy’ – more like varying shades of anxiety or melancholy.
Right now, at least, he seems fairly peaceful, turning a bleary gaze out onto the Yamaku grounds, every now and again letting his eyes wander over across you.
He immediately snaps them away whenever your gazes meet.
Not knowing exactly what to say, this cycle repeats itself for a while.
“So, what do you want to do once you get on your feet?” He asks after a bit.
“Nothing.” You answer honestly. You really don’t have much planned…
“Nothing?” He echoes you. “You don’t want to go have some fun at the festival? It seems mostly empty now.”

>Sanity: 3
[] I’m fine like this.
[] Sure, let’s go.

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[] I’m fine like this.

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Fine like this

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[X] Sure, let’s go.

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[x] I’m fine like this.

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Pastebin Archive:
Both in sup/tg/ and foolz flavors.


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[x] sure, let's go
hehehe captcha said penis

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[x] I’m fine like this.

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>I'm fine like this

Chat up hisao. see if we can get a shot at sleeping on his shoulder

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[x] Sure, let's go


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[X] I’m fine like this.

Nice to have a KY thread again.

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Yup, yup.
Reality quests have been halted for the first time in eons, so I should be able to do these more regularly for a time, at least.
Missed y'all. Let's go.

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[x]I'm fine here
Akira you had me so worried, I've missed you so much. I thought you'd left me! You wouldn't do that, right? Right?

[wittyspoilers]I fucking love trains[arethebestspoilers]

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>[X] Sure, let’s go.

Pleased to see you back and about, Akira.
Let's get it going.

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[] Sure, lets go.

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Back with a brand new collection of shoops, too, I see.

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Oh yeah, that's right.

There's another upload of about thirty new shoops for everyone who likes them:

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welcome back AKIRA-SAMA

[] Sure, let’s go.

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>I'm fine here

Then try to get snuggles from hisao.

maybe ask him about sanity rending books like the AP physics book

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What the fuck is going on in that painting?

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[] sure let's go.

Even though it's 3AM GMT I'm staying for the long haul this thread.

I love you Akira, I wish you nothing buy happiness.

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“I’m fine like this.” You answer, shifting up against the wall a bit.
Really, festivals and parties never have been your thing.
“You don’t like socializing much, do you?” He asks.
You smirk wryly a bit – for once, someone’s asked you a question with an easy answer. “No. I don’t.”
He nods to this, apparently satisfied with your response. “Me neither.”
That’s not the response you were hoping for, but not one you’re about to challenge – you like it when he’s with you.
It’s a warm, tranquil feeling…
You shake your head vehemently… It’s still not quite clear yet…
“Rin?” He asks you.
Clearing your thoughts as best as you can, you turn you gaze over to him.

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[x] sure let's go
Ghosting was perfectly timed, glad your back.
Honestly don't know which choice is right...

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its the sultan's throne room

you should try too look at the harem quarters.

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>Sardanapalus had ordered his possessions destroyed and sex slaves murdered before immolating himself, once he learned that he was faced with military defeat.

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That is both awesome and informative.
Thank you, Anon.

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>Before immolating himself.

Fuck, that's hardcore.

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In Akira’s coliseum, Emi finishes mauling her last opponent and waves his head around gleefully, skipping about the field.
In their private box, the two Satou sisters converse gaily between each other.
“I told you that I could throw together a decent show, didn’t I?” The suited demon asks, sipping a bottle of wine.
“That you did and that you have, Akira.” Lilly answers, savoring the smell of blood.
“M’liege?” A voice comes from her side – one of the students from her class.
“Speak, Mongrel.” She replies without turning her head.
“Hanako… She left the library.”
Pursing her lips, Lilly ponders this. “My, my…”
“Why might she have done that?” Akira asks.
After a moment of thought, Lilly smirks a bit, then rises. “I think I know. I should be off myself, anyways.”
“Aw… You’re leavin’ me here all by my lonesome?” Her sister replies.
Lilly giggles. “My, my, Akira. Don’t hate me just because I’m beautiful, rich, popular, brilliant, busty… Hm, actually, yeah, I’m starting to hate me, too.”

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Tonight I'm soundtracking with Cee Loo Green.

This song, "I Want you" and "It's OK" are a funky combination.

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oh god... a more cocky lily....


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Someone should write "im bored" as the pic goes closer to the sultan face.

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Missed you too, broski

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Shit's fixing to get real.

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>Lilly being a bitch
Love it.

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Shame we'll have to kill her.

Maybe we could just remover her limbs and keep her around as a doll?

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The villain HAS to be a hammy bastard. That's the main reason Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was so tepid.

Well that and the fact that the movie was written completely tepidly and just was an excuse to bring everyone together to earn a paycheck.

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For Hisao.

He seems more open to sinister shit in this reality.

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>speak mongrel
lilly confirmed for gilgamesh.

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We knew this on day one of her route though...

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One of y'all save this on your computer directly and send a copy of the thread to the frood who runs the archives so he can put it up.

"A link or a .zip or something" is what the man says himself, but I dunno about that stuff.

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>Our best friend just killed everyone in a colloseum
So that's how it is going to be then, eh?

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Hisao flits his eyes about as he talks. “Have you always painted a lot?”
You stare at him bluntly. That’s not even a question. “Yes.”
“Like, when did you start?”
You shrug. “I don’t actually remember. It was a while ago, I think?”
He returns a quizzical look. “You don’t remember?”
Freezing a bit, you realize it might have been an odd thing to say…
You hope it didn’t sound weird…
“H-Hisao?!” A voice chirps from behind you both.
Emerging from the shadows behind the trees, you see that bacon-girl, Hanako, step out blinking into the early afternoon sunlight.
“Oh, hey Hanako.” Hisao replies, waving in a gentle gesture.
You can’t help but feel an unpleasant feeling as his attention is diverted.
You’d really rather not be interrupted… But… What to say here?

>Sanity: 3
[] Ask her to sit here and be as boring as possible.
[] Ask her to get some light for an exhibition or something noisy.
[]This is over your head. Let Hisao do the talking.

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[] Ask her to sit here and be as boring as possible.

>> No.19166417


[] Ask her to sit here and be as boring as possible.

but in a way that makes it seem like a reasonable request and not a trying to get hisao to lose interest in you strategem

>> No.19166418


we also got some people to become stark raving mad.

so i say its pretty fair.

>> No.19166425

[] let hisao run it, we don't want to seem like a bitch

>> No.19166430

>Lilly giggles. “My, my, Akira. Don’t hate me just because I’m beautiful, rich, popular, brilliant, busty… Hm, actually, yeah, I’m starting to hate me, too.”


>> No.19166431

[x] Ask her to get some light for an exhibition or something noisy.

^This is the only option that gets her out of the way.

>> No.19166462

[]This is over your head. Let Hisao do the talking.

He seems more interested in Rin

>> No.19166463

[x] boring

>> No.19166484


fluff we're friends and lilly is clearly the best girl but

get out traitor

>> No.19166488

Let Hisao do the talking.

>> No.19166506

[x] be boring


P-p-please step on me more lily-sama

>> No.19166508


How does it feel to have shit taste?

>> No.19166518

Oh sweet, Akira's back!

>[x]This is over your head. Let Hisao do the talking

>> No.19166526




[x] boring as possible

>> No.19166546

Hanako and Emi are tied as the two best.

Deal with it, penis eyelashes.

>> No.19166548

>[X] Ask her to sit here and be as boring as possible.

>gif related

>> No.19166582


good for them

>> No.19166592

>[x] Ask her to get some light for an exhibition or something noisy.
It's important to immediately pick a fight, stake out our turf here, a test of the alpha women, if you will. Hanako is essentially a beta, and will step in line if we assert dominance.

>> No.19166622

Yes, because we certainly want to piss off her allies when she can't flirt worth a shit on her own.

You're stupid as shit, Wheatley.

>> No.19166629

Pst. Hey.
Wheatley gives bad advice so we all know what NOT to do.

>> No.19166644

You say that, but I don't think that's actually the case.

There were times in Lily's route when he sincerely seemed to be trying.

>> No.19166679

Hell there were times when we picked bad ends against his advice.

>> No.19166699

Wheatley recommends bad choices? I'm shocked. Shocked!

>> No.19166724

[x] Ask her to sit here and be as boring as possible.

>> No.19166727

At Hanako’s sudden appearance, you freeze a bit, not really sure why.
It’s not as if you’re actually doing much of anything, but still… Her presence feels intrusive.
Voices whisper on the wind… Telling you to consume her heart…
Maybe later. Not with Hisao here, anyways.
“Um… I-I w-w-was wondering where you were….” She mumbles, glancing up from the ground to Hisao; apparently wanting to see him, but not wanting to maintain eye contact.
“Well, I’m here, I guess.” He says with a shrug.
You waggle one of your arm stumps. “This is an art show.”
She looks at you, then looks around at the writhing bodies on the ground. “Hm… It’s quiet…” She replies with a smile.
Huh… Not what you were expecting. Most people dislike the unconscious and insane…
You shrug. “Maybe you should take art, then.”
“Oh. I-I can’t really do anything artistic…”
Hisao stands up and stretches out. “Nah, you’re better off than I am and I just got roped into the club earlier today. I mean, what about that one porcelain thing you did?”
She glances down a little. “T-T-that w-wasn’t- Wait, what?” Hanako suddenly fixates her gaze upwards. “Y-you joined the art club?”
Hisao’s expression goes tense and he suddenly seems at a loss for words.
Dammit... His previous fragile relaxed state seems to have already been dispersed by this girl...
Also, on the breeze, you can just barely make out a strange sound in the distance… “Wa__a_Ha…”

>Sanity: 3
[] Ask if she’d like to pull up a seat.
[] Say nothing and let Hisao handle her.
[] Tell Hisao it’s time to go pick up Emi.

>> No.19166742

[X] Say nothing and let Hisao handle her.

Do not look at the Drills, that path insanity lies.

>> No.19166752

[] Emi Time.

Ain't no time for the wahahahas

>> No.19166756

[x] Emi

>> No.19166760

[] Say nothing and let Hisao handle her..

>> No.19166770



>> No.19166778

[x] Say nothing and let Hisao handle her.

>> No.19166781

[x] Tell Hisao it’s time to go pick up Emi.

We gotta go nigga.

>I mean, what about that one porcelain thing you did?

That wouldn't have anything to do with... nah couldn't be.

>> No.19166789

[x] Tell Hisao it’s time to go pick up Emi.

god damn the true lilly route is going to take forfuckingever to get to

>> No.19166806

[x] Say nothing and let Hisao handle her.

>I mean, what about that one porcelain thing you did?
Well fuck, next stop is hanako route it seems.

>> No.19166810

I don't want to play as Lily again.

>> No.19166818

[] Tell Hisao it’s time to go pick up Emi.

>> No.19166822

>[x] Ask if she’d like to pull up a seat.
PORCELAINPORCELAINPORCELAINPORCELAINANNNNNN##@!unhandled exception error code 403 overflow. commencing memory dump........100%. Rebooting...

Ah, there we go. She seems nervous. Maybe we should calm her down, get to know her.

>> No.19166837

Yep, Hanako, then Emi, then Shizune. Because nobody likes Shizune.

>> No.19166852

She's ok.

>> No.19166863

Shizune's route sounded badass.

>> No.19166895

I agree with this despite me hating Shizune.
Which is a good thing, or I would have no drive to draw when her route comes around.

>> No.19166918

[] Tell Hisao it’s time to go pick up Emi.

>> No.19167005

>[X] Ask if she’d like to pull up a seat.

>> No.19167008

So... you guys wanna hook up?

>> No.19167068

“Hisao.” You state, also rising up.
“Huh?” They both turn over to you.
“We need to go get Emi – her coliseum thingie should be over by now.”
“T-the coliseum attraction?” Hanako chirps before looking away as she catches her attention. “W-w-was that…. G-good?”
Hisao and you both shrug together.
“No idea. We didn’t go.” You answer.
“Oh…” She trails off, clasping her hands before her a little. “I h-hope… that Akira doesn’t mind that I m-missed it…”
Hisao sighs, then cranes his neck down a bit and looks into her face. “Well, you can come with us, can’t you? I mean, you were gonna go meet up with Lilly anyways and that was the blind class’ attraction, right?”
She looks up and flushes slightly.
You feel a tinge of hatred surge through your toes at the spectacle.
There’s a tenderness to his voice when he’s talking to her…
You dislike that.
“Y-yeah. Ok.”
The three of you set off in the direction of the bloody ampitheatre as the mid-afternoon begins to roll around.
Bacon-girl and you occupy an opposing side of Hisao, seemingly with neither of you really wanting to look at each other.
“So.” You ask as you three walk out into the festival together. “Who’s Akira?”

>> No.19167094


>> No.19167142

I wanted Hanako, Shizune, Emi, Rin in that order of preference, but at least we're getting my least favorite route idea out of the way first.

>> No.19167197

I begin to suspect the best way to go here is to make Hisao white knight the shit out of her and go for a Hanako bad end

>> No.19167222

Or just move art class to the library to fuck with her social anxiety.

>> No.19167231

Having finished the coronation ceremony, Emi skips off gaily through the entrance into the rest of the festival.
From within the shadows of an archway, Akira watches the crowd filter out with a lazy expression.
Mutou materializes behind her. “That was an… ‘interesting’ show.” He decides on.
Akira tilts her head and smirks fondly. “That was just an appetizer. Still, even for small meals, it’s polite to clean up.”
She makes a flicking motion with her hands and suddenly, at least half a dozen points within the attraction explode into crimson flames.
The crowd, most of them still within the now-burning attraction, descends into chaos as they scramble over one another to escape the inferno.
Horrified, Mutou stares out upon the burning amphitheater.
“Good times are in store for the future. Isn’t that what you wanted?” She annotates before taking a swig from a hip-flask.
Trembling slightly, the teacher turns his gaze back onto the psychotic blonde antichrist standing before him. “You… and your sister… Where did you come from? What are you both?”
Akira giggles a bit and then places a hand on either side of his face. “Can you see me?”
Mutou’s internal world freezes as he stares into those horrible crimson eyes. Every muscle in his body tenses as a cold sweat breaks out on his skin.
“What do you see when you look into my eyes?”

>> No.19167265

Welp we killed off Mutou in record time.

>> No.19167268



>> No.19167275

God damn.

>> No.19167295

Hanako route begins with Bacon standing over Mutou's corpse holding a bloody knife

>> No.19167300


>> No.19167352


yeah because this is directly rin's fault somehow

>> No.19167356

A bloody jagged porcelain shard. Half the rest of the story is spent chasing after the tea set pieces the shard came from

>> No.19167378

Sounds like a pretty bitchin' start to Shizune's noir detective route.

>> No.19167430

Shizune! Dearest of all my friends!

>> No.19167435

Hanako was the detective route.

It lost by 2 votes or thereabouts and I'm still bitter.


>> No.19167452

Hanako was the true yandere Monster manga themed route.

Shizune was noir detective vs. Satou mafia route

>> No.19167455

>Max Payne

Oh, God, yes!

>> No.19167476


pretty sure Hanako's route is the actual yandere route

where hanako is going to be the ideal yandere, I can't wait for that one

>> No.19167477

Man, that quote has stuck with me forever, and I don't know why.

"Max. Dearest of all my friends! I was supposed...to be the hero."

>> No.19167487

Still bitter, wanted Hanako.

Hopefully next route though, I guess.

>> No.19167518

Oh, man, looking back, I realize now that the end to that game gave me Feels!
>Hard Mode Ending
...I'm happy for you, Max.

>> No.19167539

I could never make sense of the plot of that game. Nothing in that story involved Max AT ALL except for his weird 4chan style waifu obsession with Mona who had all the personality of a popsicle stick, but at least was almost convincing as a femme fatale

>> No.19167573

Meandering through the festival at a leisurely pace, you, Hisao, and Hanako walk in silence together, all of you possibly for different reasons.
Not that it’s a bad thing. You sort of prefer it this way.
Words are hard… You’d rather avoid them if you can.
You lean up against Hisao’s shoulder a bit as you walk in proximity to him.
“Tired…” You groan.
Hisao doesn’t seem to mind and tilts his head at you. “Ehehe… Well, I’m feeling well-rested enough. So go nuts.”
The scent of smoke and burning flash fills your nostrils, but you’re sure it’s just that weird evil book again.
“HEYY!!” A chipper voice explodes in front of you.
Startled, both you and Hisao glance up to see Emi skipped towards you, splattered with blood and brain matter, grinning broadly. “I took first place, you guys!”
“Yes… I’m told it was a marvelous victory.” A softer, more controlled voice follows in her wake.
Casting your gaze behind her, a golden figure takes shape within the rays of afternoon sunlight.
“Lilly…” Hanako purrs, departing Hisao’s side and rushing over to her arm, which she snuggles against.

>> No.19167608

That's half the point of Vlad's final words.

Max is just a guy who happened to get mixed up in the business, and basically fucked everything up. And beyond his obsession with Mona, he had absolutely no reason to get involved and stay involved.

>> No.19167627


Emi apparently sees this impromptu dash as a challenge to a race and bolts from her position to hug-tackle you, which tears you off Hisao’s arm and nearly bowls you both over.
“Not a good time, Emi…” You mumble into her ear.
Following that burst of activity, all four of you settle into your places around Hisao.
The evil Amazon giggles at her companion’s enthusiasm before turning her attention to him.
“My, my. It sounds like you’ve amalgamated quite the collection of followers today, Hisao.” She smiles sweetly. “Where are you all heading?”
“Um…” He desperately looks over to you, clearly wanting a bailout from this question and being unable to catch the eyes of the others.

>Sanity: 3
[] The roof?
[] The Shanghai?
[] The school gardens?

>> No.19167649

The roof.

Maybe we can shove her off.

>> No.19167658

I was going to say school gardens..

But I like the roof.

>> No.19167680

[x] The roof?
The one place lily does not regularly visit.

>> No.19167683

[x] The roof?

Only one to get rid of people successfully.

>> No.19167684

[x] Roof

It's our turf.

>> No.19167691

[X] The roof?

>> No.19167692


>[X] The Shanghai

>> No.19167726

But Vlad sure seemed intent on killing the shit out of him

>> No.19167728

[x] The roof

Gotta get rid of 'em all

>> No.19167734

>“Lilly…” Hanako purrs, departing Hisao’s side and rushing over to her arm, which she snuggles against.
This is /u/

>> No.19167746

[x] roof

>> No.19167750




>> No.19167758

>[x] The school gardens?
Seems like the most reasonable place for a party of this size.

>> No.19167834

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Max? Why don't you just die? You hate life, you're miserable all the time, afraid to enjoy yourself even a little! Face it, you might as well be dead already. Do yourself a favor, give up!"

>> No.19167864

And Max spent half the time bemoaning that his life was a giant catastrofuck spiralling out of control into hell when really his life was just a pretty straightforward action move story.

That said, Remedy makes this shit entertaining.

>> No.19167908

“The roof.” You answer for Hisao.
He exhales a sigh of relief as Lilly’s sightless gaze leaves him and rests on you.
Beneath that horrid, empty gaze, the horror of insanity within your mind seems to grow tenfold.
The sound of blades being sharpened, of flesh being cut… The screams of the dying and the wounded flow through your soul.
“My, my, Rin.” She says sweetly.
As quickly as it began, it ends.
“I think that’s a lovely idea. I haven’t been able to coax poor Hanako up there since you and Emi claimed our usual spot.”
Hanako tightens her grip on Lilly’s arm at these words.
Your legless friend sticks her tongue out at Lilly – apparently not realizing the futility of this action. “We don’t take up the whole space, and anyways, it’s finders keepers, right?”
Lilly lowers her eyelids. “That it is…” She sweetly purs in reply.
Once more, you feel the horror of Lilly’s dark charisma creeping through your mind.
“Well, let’s all go find it together, shall we?” Hisao cuts in.
Everyone’s attention turns to him.
“Ok.” You reply bluntly.
“My, my. Capital idea.”
“I’ll race you up there!”
With that, your group heads up to the roof – Hisao in the lead, with Emi clinging onto you and Hanako to Lilly.

>> No.19167912

>tears you off Hisao's arm

I first read that as "tears off Hisao's arm" and had a rather intense "shit just got real" moment.

>> No.19167943

These fucking aras are getting to me man.

>> No.19167951

Roof me baby

>> No.19168010


Seconded. So what do we do with Lilly: kill her or (as another player said) cut her limbs off & let Hisao use her as a living doll??

>> No.19168015

This is rapidly turning into a harem route.

>> No.19168036

Rape doll.

T'is the only sensible recourse.

>> No.19168040

I say we cut off her face and replace it with glass. See how charismatic she is when everyone can see her skull.

>> No.19168041

It's the power of lilly's dark charisma

>> No.19168047


Emi is our ally.....for now. Ultimately, even Legless Slut might need to be eliminated, but that remains to be seen.

>> No.19168085


In that case, we should cut Lilly's tongue out as well. So she can't scream...

>> No.19168138

Together, you all traverse the mostly empty school hallways and make your way up the creepy evil stairwell to the roof.
“Did we every figure out who broke the locks in here?” Emi asks.
You turn your head to her. “I thought you did.”
A mutual shrug.
Panting a bit heavily, Hisao reaches the top and pushes open the door with his shoulder before slinking off to the side.
“You shouldn’t be that out of breath just from taking the stairs, Hisao.” Emi says with a small scowl. “We’re gonna need to toughen you up!”
“I… guess…” He replies without looking back.
“Does he get a montage with shitty 80s music?” You ask.
The legless one shrugs. “Why the hell not?”
As you emerge the dying sunlight, two figures come into view.
An aura of unholy pinkness assails your sight before- “Ah!” Misha whips her head around from a gaze transfixed on Shizune, who’s standing just in front of her, staring out onto the school grounds.
You notice a small flush on her face before she lowers her head. “I didn’t think anyone else would come up here today…"
Whatever was going on here grinds to a halt as Shizune turns around and glares past you to the blonde one.
You shrug.

>Sanity: 3
[] (lie) Hisao's idea
[] Doesn't that mean you're here, though?
[] (say nothing)

>> No.19168161

[X] Doesn't that mean you're here, though?

>> No.19168163


[x] (say nothing)

Well fuck. It's been so long since the last thread that I completely forgot they were up here.

>> No.19168167

[] Doesn't that mean you're here, though?..

>> No.19168178

Lunge for Hanako and rip her throat out with our teeth. We've got all the targets together in one place and we should start the battle royale while we still have the element of surprise.

>> No.19168179

[X] (say nothing)

>> No.19168196 [DELETED] 


And then there came to me the crowning horror of all--the unbelievable, unthinkable, almost unmentionable thing. I have said that eons seemed to elapse after Warren shrieked forth his last despairing warning, and that only my own cries now broke the hideous silence. But after a while there was a further clicking in the receiver, and I strained my ears to listen. Again I called down, "Warren, are you there?" and in answer heard the thing which has brought this cloud over my mind. I do not try, gentlemen, to account for that thing--that voice--nor can I venture to describe it in detail, since the first words took away my consciousness and created a mental blank which reaches to the time of my awakening in the hospital. Shall I say that the voice was deep; hollow; gelatinous; remote; unearthly; inhuman; disembodied? What shall I say? It was the end of my experience, and is the end of my story. I heard it, and knew no more--heard it as I sat petrified in that unknown cemetery in the hollow, amidst the crumbling stones and the falling tombs, the rank vegetation and the miasmal vapors-- heard it well up from the innermost depths of that damnable open sepulcher as I watched amorphous, necrophagous shadows dance beneath an accursed waning moon.

And this is what it said:

"Ara, Ara!"

>> No.19168202



>> No.19168207

>not killing lilly first

>> No.19168220

>> No.19168224

She's blind. Misha or Emi will be on her before she realizes what has happened. Then we go for Shizune.

>> No.19168232

we might be fucked. dammit.

[x] say nothing I guess.

>> No.19168234

Say nothing

>> No.19168235

Oh, shit the house is packed tonight.

>[X] Doesn't that mean you're here, though?

>> No.19168270

[] (say nothing)

Maybe if we don't say anything to her, she won't take away our sanity.

>> No.19168282


>> No.19168294

Say nothing. Let our enemies engage each other on their own. None of them consider us a high-priority target, so we should be safe in a free-for-all.

>> No.19168297

[x] Doesn't that mean you're here, though?

>> No.19168407

You shrug, deciding it’s probably better if someone else takes this.
“I’m afraid it’s not as if Shizune owns whatever she desires.” Lilly cuts in, freeing herself from Hanako and striding forth. “That is a privilege only the true sovereign holds, mongrel.”
Possibly not the type of intervention you were hoping for…
Misha signs this back and you observe Shizune’s scowl darken several fold.
The air grows cold as the deaf bitch crosses her arms in front of her.
A sound and a blur off to the side startles everybody as Hisao slams to a knee, grabbing his chest slightly.
“Hisao!” Everyone exclaims in some form.
Emi releases you and charges over to him, as does Hanako.
In a state of mild shock, Lilly and Shizune apparently decide to murder each other some other time.
“It’s fine everyone.” He says almost immediately as scarface and the legless one reach his side.
If nothing else, he at least retained consciousness… “I’m fine.”
As he looks up, your eyes meet his...
It's strange. But they look almost completely unchanged from before.

>Sanity: 3
[] “You’re sure about that?”
[] (say nothing)

>> No.19168432

[] “You’re sure about that?”
Yes, we know...act tough and get bitches.

>> No.19168440

(say nothing) You know what it's like not wanting to talk about some thing.

>> No.19168442


[X] “You’re sure about that?”

>> No.19168443

You're sure about that?

>> No.19168453

[X] (say nothing)

He's not going to want to talk about his condition in front of everyone.

>> No.19168472


[X] (say nothing)

He'll have enough trouble dealing with the other whiny bitches, don't disturb him more

>> No.19168491

>[X] “You’re sure about that?”

>> No.19168507


>[X] (say nothing)

also drive him away with your feet in a calmer place

>> No.19168508

Say nothing.

>> No.19168511

say nothing

>> No.19168528

[x] “You’re sure about that?”

>> No.19168542


>> No.19168569


[X] “You’re sure about that?”
Smooth move Hisao.

>> No.19168602

Say nothing. If he says he's fine, then we're not going to shame him in front of other people by pressing the point.

>> No.19168679

Deciding it would be best to take him at his word, you say nothing and slouch down across from him.
Lilly places a hand on his shoulder-
Get your hands off him, bitch
-for a few moments while he regains his composure.
Shizune makes a move to sign, but then stops and makes some sort of a signal to her drilled companion to have her follow suit.
Hanako is shivering, looking from him to all of you – probably incapable of emoting even if she wished it.
“Sorry… You all…” Hisao finally perks up, raising his head a bit.
“Don’t be.” Lilly replies. “Don’t apologize for what you are.”
“No worries, right?!” Emi finally cuts her own words into to the situation. “Just a little time on the track, and you’ll be good as new!”
He stares at her for a moment, possibly not knowing how to properly express the stupidity of that statement.
You know that feeling.
Emi’s expression is one of determined seriousness, though and after a while, he nods.
He looks back and forth at everyone for a moment…
And then allows his gaze to rest on you.
As you’ve already allowed yours to rest on him.

>> No.19168739



>> No.19168759

This doesn't really have anything to do with the route right now, but I wanted to do something that looked better.

>> No.19168765

>> No.19168849

Have you heard? Rin's in MTG now.

>> No.19168875

A lazy wave of light conversation takes the day as the more talkative ones present babble back and forth to each other about everything and nothing.
You stay fairly silent, sitting next to Hisao…
Time passes in a blur and you realize something as you register the onset of night…
His presence… It makes you feel calm.
A cacophonous roar rips everyone’s attention away from each other up towards the sky.
You’d forgotten the school did those.
The darkness of your precious sky becomes awash with tinted flames.
As the fireworks begin to paint the sky in neon colors, Shizune lunges forward and extends her arms in front of Hisao.
Her slender frame is wreathed by the burning colors for a moment.
He sees it, as you do, but it holds little meaning for you.

>> No.19168889


You let your eyes wander away from her into the blackness where a burst of color died out a moment ago. “I like fireworks.” You say to no one in particular. “Even though… They seem so sad sometimes…” You bow your head. “They vanish so quickly… Like they weren’t even real.”
“They’re real… but fleeting…” Hisao’s voice answers.
You look down to find his eyes locked on yours, wreathed in reflections. “They just… die quickly… Like everything…” He sighs. “It almost seems kind of stupid to waste all that money on something that dies so quickly…”
You almost want to yell at him for this, but then you notice something.
As he spoke those words…. His hand moved over his chest.
It wasn't the fireworks...
You return a genuinely sorrowful expression at this. “Please, Hisao… Don’t be such a cynic.”
Flustered at this, he quickly redirects his attention to Lilly, perched on his opposite side.
“You wouldn’t mind if I took tea with you and Hanako from now on, would you?” He asks.
As if waiting for this, in response, the blind girl places a hand to her face and giggles. “It would be my pleasure, Hisao.”
Something, no, several things, both literal and metaphorical, burn within the darkness.

>> No.19168903


>“You wouldn’t mind if I took tea with you and Hanako from now on, would you?

Shit. This is bad.

>> No.19168907

>lilly has a porcilen tea set in this route but we need to run into the stronghold of darkness
oh shit!

>> No.19168912

We harem route now.

>> No.19168921


Exterminatus soon, fellow cripple girls

>> No.19168928


That's it ladies, our mission's a failure.

>> No.19168943



>> No.19168985


>[X] I won't let it happen

>> No.19169006


After bidding Lilly and her Student Council nemeses goodnight, Hisao heads back towards the dorms with you and Emi.
She’s in high spirits, as always, skipping ahead of you and Hisao as you simultaneously walk together at a deadpan trudge.
After a little, you arrive at the dorms.
“I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning, Hisao!” Emi calls over her shoulder with a broad smile and waves enthusiastically.
“Wouldn’t miss it.” He affirms.
She giggles merrily at this promise.
He seemingly doesn't know how to reply to that.
You wouldn't either.
With that, Emi dashes off, leaving just you and Hisao standing there in the night together.
You stare into his eyes for a moment, savoring a feeling of tranquility for what seems like an eternity, but still isn’t nearly enough.
“Goodnight, Hisao.” You say, finally.
“Night, Rin.”

>> No.19169030


>> No.19169063


>> No.19169107

Without stopping by Emi’s, you head straight back to your room and seclude yourself in the darkness, pondering this strange feeling in your chest.
You think back to your day with Hisao over and over again…
How nice it was to be with him… That sensation of tranquility…
You grit your teeth a bit.
And also how horrid it was to have that harmony shattered by outsiders.
Thinking far moreso than you ever have before, you realize that you truly enjoy being with Hisao.
His presence… It’s soothing… Warming…
You don’t know the word for it.
‘Love’ maybe?
That could be it. You wouldn’t know. You’ve never been in love.
Whatever it is, you need it.
What is certain is that you couldn’t share the feeling.
The other girls took that beautiful sensation and ruined it with their presence…
“If only…” You wonder aloud, letting your mind run free within the darkness.
“If only it were just the two of us… No more…”

[Part 8 End]

>> No.19169130




>> No.19169148

Hey, you guys hear about 4chan sounds being updated?

>> No.19169177


Yandere mode engaged!

>> No.19169194

And that concludes tonight's thread.
Hope you all enjoyed it.

Now that we've hit the Yandere threshold potential, we can really get this show on the road.

Also, as I've said, for the forseeable future - I'll be able to do this more regularly.
I may even be able to start up a weekday thread again. Maybe.

>> No.19169224

Awesome as always Akira. Keep it up.

>> No.19169249

Thanks for coming back, Akira. Great thread as always.

>> No.19169256

And pastebin's updated with a collection of goodies on it, with some more on the way.
Archives are up-to-date and there's new shoops.


Glad to be back.
Night, y'all.

>> No.19169304

Good night. Thanks.

>> No.19169734

>“Does he get a montage with shitty 80s music?”
>The legless one shrugs. “Why the hell not?”

The stage is set for the final boss battle against Emi. Suddenly, this comes pouring out of the PA system in a cacophonous crescendo, preceding the clashes of combat.


To paraphrase Kung Pow: "Beware her songs from 80s movies. She beats you up while she plays them…"

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