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This is your new commissar.

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But I'm just a lowly maid!

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this is your new angry marine

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and his tech priest bro

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>implying that any woman who would dare to try and take command of aggressive fighting men wouldn't get pinned down and raped near instantly.

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unless she rapes them first.

"Oh come on. It's not rape, I'm a superior officer!"

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Wishful thinking from the shivering little beta adepts, while the soldiers do their jobs and do their bitches.

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Powerglove. She strikes last. Plus, -4str times 2 is still negative for a human.


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yep your argument just went out the window

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Well, maybe you would have preferred "pussy", but the meaning is the same, and he's got a point, no matter how buzzword-y his phrasing sounds.

I mean, if you're a self-confident man, why would you relish in submission?

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If you were a self confident man, why would you feel the need to constantly flout your sexual prowess and dominance?

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there's a difference between flouting and exerting, you know. And don't change the subject, it's about you and your femdom fetish.

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>implying a woman has honor

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Nobody did

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>-4str times 2 is still negative for a human.

>not only do i not know how to do simple multiplication, but I also have no clue what .str actualy means
summer in full effect

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It's a joke, you asspie.

Plus, only summerfags believe in summer.

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>only summerfags believe in summer
-Summerfag 2012

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Yep, definitely autismal.

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>Yep, definitely autismal.

- Summerfag 2012

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>"40k totally isn't sexist anon, Marines are an all-male army because fluff"
>this thread
Pick one, you aspie perpetual Jabba the Hutt cosplayers.

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Why is her sidearm crossdraw opposite the power fist? That makes no sense.

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pick one

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Its a woman

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>implying that picture was not drawn by a fat smalldick like yourself

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The woman can clearly only do one of those. Cooking, cleaning and having children.

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Artist error?

Sometimes der commissar likes to have pretty pictures taken of their commissarial personage?

It's not like she's failing to maintain trigger disiciple

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"I don't know it's wise to hire some vapid joygirl and get her to pose as a commissar. It disrespects the uniform."

"But it also gets entire shiploads of randy idiots who think they might luck out and get one of these non-existent commiss-whores for their regiment."

"Eh, carry on then."

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>this thread

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More fitting role for her when the men overthrow the group.

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Scantily clad female commissar with powerfist thread?

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It sure is evident with all the powerful, established, men known for their oozing self-confidence paying big money for women in latex and leather to humiliate them.

Not every Guard unit has a prison atmosphere.

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She's become a lowly maid is fine by me, just like second post.

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N-not really.

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How bout let's widen that to "Commissar Thread" because that increases my amount of pictures to dump by about 10x.

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Continuan' my dump.

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Sittin', shittin' and dumpin'. Haha, I made a funny.

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Fuck you flood detection.

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'Ere we go! Into the pictures actually filenamed "Commissar"!

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#4 appears to be a duplicate file from another thread. Oh well.

Pic related is my Elysian Lord Commissar. She's kind of a badass.

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Have some Mordian Commissar calendar art. Also, if anyone has sauce for the rest of the calendar, I've got March, May and August.

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Got a friend to draw me some noseart for my Valkyrie - enjoy!

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Have some awful Goatboy art from BOLS that is only tangentially related to Commissars. But it's one of his rare, marginally funny ones.

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And of course the best commissar ever.

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>no boobs

It's a trap

...Disregard that, my boner is still compleate

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Dump is drawing to an end. Get it while it's not.

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One more? I'll scrounge around my hard drive but don't expect much.

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Exquisite! I found another one!

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This one was hiding in "Misc" for some reason. Damn you file filing system!

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And with that, elegan/tg/entlemen, I bid you goodnight. Sweet dreams, and don't let the HERESY bite.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe there was some writefaggotry a while back about the Tau finding the Hulk on one of their colonized planets.

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Bump for the rest of the calendar.

I do like jackets over undies.

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>jackets over undies
Shame characters like that are never appropriate for games.

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don't have time to post them, so here is sauce

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I thought this thread was about the repression ,overt sexualisation and submission of women, not an art dump! /tg/, I am disappoint.

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brits cant spell.

Pronounced and spelled in america as Honor

Pronounced as Honor spelt honour in england.


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>>Patronising about spelling.
>>Doesn't capitalise
Uneducated ignorant colonist.

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Gentlemen, the real issue here is that these women actually envision themselves the equal of a man! What balderdash!

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Honour was created from a much larger phrase said by soldiers about courage lying (on-our) bodies which became its own word (honour)
silly americans not keeping the subtext of words because they are to lazy to type "u" .

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