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Harro /tg/! I am in desperate need of some fantasy concept art. Mages or warriors or any combination of the two. Preferably in the style of related picture but anything will do. Think you could help me out?

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always thought this was a cool warrior

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Anything particular you're looking for? Polearm, evil dude, muscle wizard, elf sorceress, chainmail bikini, warrior woman, platemail knight?

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Looking for ones I don't see posted all the time

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>>19159025 Like I said anything will do, preferably someone in combat. Shoulda mentioned that I guess, Thanks <3

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Well, let's see what I can dig up.

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Fantasy female armor that looks... reasonable?

God, I thought i would never see the day....

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Zombie reminds me of that first zombie in the walking dead)
Ill dump some stuff too

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By the way, all of the pictures that I have posted are from my 'settings' folder of pictures that are more evocative of a world than of just a player character. Do you want more of this or would you just like some character portraits?

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That's it for me right now, got other stuff to do. Might return later and dump some more.

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Not OP, but I love evocative pictures.

Thanks for the dump, anon.

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Art bump!

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Can we have some more female art? I liked the dancing girl >>19159104

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Moar art!

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Final bump for cool art.

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Anyone have a Dragon magazine cover with a death knight on it? The one that's mostly brown, with the knight riding a skeletal horse through a swamp and holding a lantern. I've been looking for that for years.

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Dancers? Let's see what I got.

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I'm back and just gonna dump general stuff.

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You...do know that the artist of that piece has forbidden redistribution of his work, right? Delete your post, please.

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Did not know that, no. Got it from image dumps. Deleted.

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if dude doesn't want it shared it should never be on the internet. what a stupid fucker

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Instead of whining about it we should respect the creator's wishes. They give us their art out of the kindness of their own hearts, and we should respect them for it. I, personally, ask permission of any artist before I post work here. It's the polite, right thing to do.

So please, ask permission before posting another person's hard work on a site that offers no attribution of their labors.

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Except you can make stuff non-rightclickable. If someone HAS to show his stuff to the world and doesn't even care about taking precautions, its his own damn fault.
Still, we should credit them more often.

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Another artist who has asked for his work to not be distributed...

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Oh, shut up. Unless you're going to tell him this thread'll be gone in less than a day and nobody will have been hurt.

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Fine, I'll delete it. But there really is no way of knowing when you're just randomly saving stuff off image dumps.

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I already have. One is contacting the administrators and I have yet to hear back from the other.

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Do you have to be such a fag about it?

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Is there even a reason for me to continue or are we going to start finding out which artwork posted without permission is known to you and which isn't? This is 4chan, all images posted here are rarely ever done so with agreement of their authors.

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>Post your work on the Internet
>Hope for it to not be distributed
Full on retard right there.

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Why aren't I surprised? You asshole.

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Could somebody repost the pic that was deleted?


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I'm off to sleep. Don't get worked up too much about the deleted images, now.

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It isn't my fault you have no moral center. Many artists are removing their galleries because of people like you, because of people who instead of spending thirty seconds typing a "Can I post this picture here please?" message on their gallery subsite you decide to rush forth and upload without permission, which is essentially theft.

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>Why aren't I surprised?

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>Angel with raptor claws

fffffuck yes

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I'm just going to leave this here: You self-righteous son of a bitch. Goodbye.

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7/10. You actually sound rather believable.

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Where the fuck do you think you are?

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You're a dipshit


You're a pussy


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And why do they pull their galleries down? Why is their work being shared with the world such an atrocity?

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The internet. And believe it or not the Wild West attitude of the internet is coming back to destroy you. This isn't a lawless hellhole, kid. Just because you're typing on a computer doesn't make you except from basic human courtesy.

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Thank you based anon

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Well that's too fucking bad now, isn't it


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>implying I wouldn't download a car etc etc

Like it was said earlier in the thread, if an artist has a problem with the work being distributed elsewhere, just disable the option to download it. Simple as that.

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Will definately remember to repost that pic in future threads.

Streisand effect motherfucker.

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Their copyright is being violated, as well as their rights as an artist to declare who and what can use their work.

Thank you for posting so I know which post numbers to report to the artists.

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ITT: artist panics about people sharing their art while stealing other people's art

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Okay, seriously, what?

As an artist I dunno what's going on. Are people really this fucking stupid? I've had a few of my pieces posted here and anon, i am flattered beyond belief. But this is why people pull their galleries, not for 'violation' but because of rabid 'artist defenders' like that fuck.

Keep on Keepin' On, anon.

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Assdamaged artist detected.

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Don't worry floppy dude. You'll get more work someday. I'll ask Zone if he needs somebody for Don't Copy this Hentai Flash.

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>implying that sharing art is morally wrong

Sharing is fine. It's spreading the artist's work to more people--allowing more people to receive its message/emotions/whatever else the artist was trying to convey (inb4 "but they're not getting paid!" There's a reason that the impoverished artist is a stereotype, and it's because art is about art. Not fucking money). Taking credit is the only actual theft--you're stealing credit for someone else's work.

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You have autism. There is no other explanation for your bizarre behaviour.

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I'm inclined to come to the same conclusion as this anon.

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Which is what is occurring when you do not properly attribute the artist.

I'm sorry you have no respect for your work. Thankfully, others do.

Name-calling gets you nowhere. Next time, please try forming a logical argument.

Having respect for people does not make you 'assdamaged', as you so eloquently put it.

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I have to say, this would have been a boring thread without you.

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Better go into Museums and start tearing down all the paintings then. Most of the artists did not authorize their work to be seen, much less shared around the world from museum to museum that people could see by paying a minimal cost. They should have to purchase each individual painting at full cost to see it.

Also, you should start writing to libraries. I heard they don't even charge people for all the infringement that goes on there!

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Just as a reminder, the archive saves all images for between a week to some months. Even deleted ones.

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>not attributing the artist = taking credit
>keeping the artist's signature on the images you post = not attributing the artist

How does it feel to be double wrong?

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A signature is not enough.

>> No.19179675

Why, exactly? A signature shows exactly who created the image, should anyone want to seek out more of their work.

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Confirmed for troll.

Thanks for all these pictures, btw guys... I haven't seen most of these and I'm stocking up on character portraits for an upcoming D&D game so these are extremely appreciated.

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A signature does NOT include:
-Copyright attribution
-Internet address for artist's gallery
-Contact information for artist
-Distribution information

So, in all, it is incomplete and thus does not qualify.

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What the fuck is happening in this thread?

>> No.19179730

Aaaaah, sorry. I forgot we lived in a parallel universe in which google and all other search engines never happened.


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Someone is horribly assravaged about copyright on an image board. Neverending source of irony and amusement, in other words.

>> No.19179742

Some shitty butthurt deviantartist sperging out because nobody ever credited his terrible drawings.

>> No.19179778

What the fuck? This thread is the equivalent to an art gallery.

And to the mad deviantarter, you can watermark your images you know. You can choose to fuck up your art just for the sake of HURR MUH COPYRIGHT.

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Wait, the VanHeist guy has a rule about sharing his art? Since when? I don't remember any of his stuff saying as such.

>> No.19179999

Looks like ya'll got trolled.

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Is there even a theme to this thread anymore, or just random character art dump?

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>Wait, the VanHeist guy has a rule about sharing his art?

It's called "United States copyright law."

Which doesn't make it any less stupid. If anything, it makes it worse.

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>I'm sorry you have no respect for your work.

I have never been so angry on 4chan as I have been at this moment.

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If you have any bald characters that'd be nice

>> No.19180093

That's silly. This thread is silly.

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>> No.19180136 [DELETED] 

I find it a bit endearing in its silliness.

The thread, not copyright law.

>> No.19180138

why? I found that statement particularly hilarious.

>> No.19180139

Iron Tarkus?

>> No.19180153

I'm surprisingly short on bald guys

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>> No.19180176

Educational purposes, non profit. Fair use.

>> No.19180194 [DELETED] 

The implications that an artist should be bound to copyright law of their own work, that laws ostensibly put in place to protect the artist must be imposed on artists who don't want or care about those "protections."

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Something simple drawn by a resident drawfag.

>> No.19180579

still more

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>> No.19180726

The sharing of these images in a manner such as in this thread falls under the Fair Use section of the United States Copywright Act.

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Thread's dead with image limit

Lots of cool art in this thread. I stopped clicking reply to give special attention 'round here.

That grey statue in the background is real. IRL the indians of Gautama, influenced by Greek realism, depicted Buddha during his fast.

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that one is pretty cool

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