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Is it possible to 1v1 a bear with a spear IRL??

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How hard can it be?
How much stabs would it take to bring the fucker down?

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Just one, if its good.

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Possibility and probability are very different things.

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One lucky stab...then hope it doesn't fall on you.

Course aren't bears more likely to just run the fuck away unless you surprise it or it is protecting cubs?

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I mean, it depends on the bear. But several kinds of bear can kill you really really easily, and you can only kill them with some considerable difficulty.

It's possible to kill a charging bear of any type with a single spear strike.

It's just not very fucking likely.

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I think if you were an experienced hunter and knew what you were doing with a spear its more than likely.

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If you were an experienced hunter and knew what you were doing with a spear you would realise how stupid it is to fight a bear 1 vs 1.

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I doubt you can get one stab that will just cause it to drop dead.
Even after the stab he will still have enough power in him to bust a claw attack into your face so you will have to leave the spear in him and retreat right away.
That can also cause other problems if you did not kill him, you have no weapons left to fight.

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>Even after the stab he will still have enough power in him to bust a claw attack into your face
Yeah it's just like pokemon dude.

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I... wouldn't bet on it.
They're stronger than you and what little advantage you have due to reach will be nullified when you stab it and it simply snaps your spear like a twig.

If the first stab REALLY counts, ie brain/heart, you could do it, otherwise you're much better of with a bow or crossbow.

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OP here.
I am talking more about a fight or die situation.

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Provoke bear, thrust spear in throat as it charges. Jump to the side.

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No, you're talking about a fight *and* die situation. If you were sensible you would be focusing on avoiding or driving off the bear.

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Leave the spear in and run away? are you insane? you keep a hold of that fucker to help you keep your distance, the spear is definitely longer than the bear's reach. Sure you might not be able to force the bear back, but you can hold the spear so that when he pushes forwards, it pushes you back.

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Sounds easy enough.
Though when you have a giant beast charging at you it wont be as easy.
How intimidated you are can play a giant part in how accurate your thrust is.

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You might not get a choice in this, though.

To OP: it is possible if you're badass enough (ie, not anyone from /tg/, or even all the people here put together), with a little luck. Still not a smart thing to do, of course, unless you're False Dmitry and aim to impress people enough to get them to support you as pretender to the Muscowite throne.

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Now are we talking a boar spear here?

A spear designed to kinda keep the thing that hits it at the far end.

Or just a normal spear, so if the bear is going fast enough it's going to come all the way down the spear and kick your arse.

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I doubt he will just stand there letting you hold on to it.
He will start flailing around and the spear would either break or you will be thrown somwhere and that is not a position you want to be in.

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Lets say a boar spear.

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>Is it possible to 1v1 a bear with a spear IRL??

It all depends on the weapon I'm holding. Thankfully, the bear doesn't know how to effectively, if at all, use a spear. If the bear was trained with a spear, I don't think a human would stand any chance without a weapon of his own.

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I tell you what get a bear and stab him with a spear and we can find out what he does.

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To be honest I don't think a spear is a good weapon for a bear. Sure, they're spelled similarly but a spear is about putting power at a point with a thrust. I think a bear would have more luck with an axe or halberd, I feel it would be better suited to swinging. It's immense natural strength would also make a sword a very suitable choice.

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I know old Siberian shamans and wise men taught that upon meeting a bear in the woods, one ought to greet it and ask it why the hell is it here, since the person did not invite it, and remind the bear that being an uninvited guest is impolite and that the bear should leave now.

(not even kidding; bears that aren't used to hearing human speech are confused by it and confused bears tend to wander off. Doesn't work, naturally, if the person is between a mama bear and her cubs, but then, nothing works if you're in THAT situation without at least a gatling Death Star)

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if it's not a winged spear then at least you won't suffer for as long as if you had tried fighting a boar with it...

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I'm with this guy. What about armor?

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That's why hunting spears have transverse bars that can stop the animal from sliding up the spear.
If it works with boars, it could work with bears

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So we may actually have the advantage, since the bear will be concentrating on (And distracted by) trying to use a weapon that is inappropriate for his build.

Interesting... I think we may stand a chance, looking at it that way.

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That pic....
Imagine an army of those fuckers.

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I don't know, a bear's grip isn't as good as a human's, I think its halberds, glaives, and other large bladed weapons would be best, and far better than any sword in the hands of a bear.

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Armor would restrict a bear's movements, that could be significant. I think a bear could just wear minimal armor to produce it's vulnerable points.

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Well I don't know about bear spears but there is such a thing as a boar spear, which has a heavy tip for piercing think hide.

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Why not a bear spear ?

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Well I'm assuming these bears have mutant hands otherwise I doubt they'd be able to hold any kind of weapon.

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Kodans represent!

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>You now imagine a bear with a metal codpiece
>A whole army of them

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The bear runs faster than you do, and they will more than likely maul you if you prove you're a weaker opponent. You simply become prey. Stand tall, threaten it, call out it's alpha behavior. Throw a few swings at it, cut it a few times. When it's bleeding it will become angry but also very reckless. It will charge at you and attempt to pounce - there is no escaping this inevitability. You need to try and penetrate it's throat while leaping. To do this, you need to keep your knees bent so that you can easily roll backwards and thrust the spear. You will not come out unscathed. The bear has a lot of fight in it left, so slow it down by making it tired and bleed it out. In the bear vs man scenario, the bear wins in every department except tactical intelligence. You can win this fight. But you can't ever doubt your abilities. If you do doubt them, then be at least prepared knowing you will die.

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It'd probably want to protect it's snout from above, as that's as sore a spot as a dog's snout. At the same time, it'd want to keep it's lower jaw mobile to use the bite attack if needed.

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Yeah, those dudes are pretty cool.

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Finally someone with some logic.

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Are you sure the shamens weren't bears themselves?

Fuck what if the bear has wizard levels? Would that mean his AC is weaker? If so, I think we can handle this

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Are you kidding? He isn't wearing any armor anyway, so he'd have the same AC, and now he'd be able to cast spells and summon other bears.

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Even if they did they are still based upon paws, paws have thick scaly skin that is not good for gripping.

Not quite related to this but handedness is only know to exist within humans and chimpanzees, bears are not known to have a dominant hand. So I think that they would either go for a single large weapon or duel wield weapons.

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>throw a few swings at it, cut it a few times

You can't throw swings, you're using a spear.

You can't "cut it a few times", you're using a *spear*.

Assuming the bear is moving towards you (which it is, because it's trying to kill you), moving the spear from side to side will allow it into your reach, resulting in your death.

Likewise, stabbing it in the wrong place will allow it to break the spear and move into your reach, resulting in your death.

The "stab it in the throat" bit is good, although you can't allow yourself to go onto your back because this a) causes you to lose all mobility and b) gives the bear a greater chance of breaking the spear.

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>Bear that summons bears, has a sleep attack, and casts frost magic

My party is gonna hate me...

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I see you've never heard of a hewing spear. Those fully sharpened edges on broad spearheads are NOT for show, scooter.

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Actually humans beat bears in climbing ability. Also bears can't jump around when on two legs, so when the bear is just standing on two legs you have the mobility advantage.

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If you've got the fire in your gut of our ancient ancestors.

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This is like that guy who said he learned how to knife fight through hunting, except way more hardcore.

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Yes, it's very pretty.

No, it won't help you if you've made a cut and the bear has an opportunity to swipe it aside.

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If the bear is running at you and your spear is long enough, and the ground is relatively solid, you could lodge the non-pointy end of the spear in the ground and point it at the bear. I'm not sure how clever bears are, though. If the bear just walks up to you, it might swat your spear aside and thus prevent you from dealing a mortal blow, even if you still hit it. If the bear is trying to intimidate you it might raise itself on its hind legs, which would be probably the best scenario in which you have a shot at actually stabbing the bear, rather than trying to get it to impale itself on your spear.

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However you kill the bear, just don't try to eat the thing's meat unless you want to die of trichinosis.

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True enough, but the blanket statement "YOU CAN'T CUT WITH A SPEAR" is still false.

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I apologise for being unclear. My sentence was "You can't "cut it a few times", you're using a SPEAR. In this case, "it" was the bear.

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Ah, I assumed that meant that you thought spears could only ever thrust. NM, then.

Polite sage for off-topic.

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>fighting a bear

Yeah no, give me a .300winmag and a few hundred yards between me and the bear thank you very much.

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If you cook it good enough, the parasite will just die.

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But if you don't eat it's heart how will you gain it's power?

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>Petersen beat upon the bear's head with a stick
That line made my day.

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>this post.
>Everything after it.

I love you /tg/

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Trichinosis? that stuff that is the reason people don't order pork rare? Yea, just fucking cook it. The real reason for not eating bear is that its fucking nasty.

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>dem brass inlays.


However, thanks for no info on size or a scale or something, fucking Met...

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>you will never be this badass

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Depends on the species of bear. If it's a black bear, I'm reasonably certain I could come out on top because black bears are nowhere NEAR as dangerous as their larger cousins. If it was a Polar, Brown or Grizzly, there's the slightest chance in hell I might survive.

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And the comforting factor, you really shouldn't have to be.

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Actually it isn't that bad. I've had it--it's pretty close to beef, moreso than most other game meat. So unless you don't like beef it's pretty good.

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True, and though op posted a picture of a black bear, I think everyone was thinking about brown or grizzly bears in their responses.


Its hugely fatty, and there is a shitload of gristle. Its like the worst kind of overly fatty beef.

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>his face when

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There wasn't that much gristle on what I had but we prepared it pretty well and gave it a good cooking to protect against trich. So maybe it depends. Might also depend on the kind of bear (black, here).

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>The "stab it in the throat" bit is good

I'm not even sure about that one. The bear has a pretty thick neck and there is a good chance of piercing it without actually hitting the jugular or spine bad enough to kill it instantly. I would probably aim for the chest because there is a bigger chance of still hitting it when the bear actually swats at your spear. If it manages to move the point 10inches to the left or right, aiming for the throat will mean you hit air, while aiming for the chest means you still have a chance. Also you missed the part about bending kness in order to roll backwards...yeah right, because rolling on the floor is a legit option.

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Regardless I hate fatty meat, and no bear meat is lean.

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Holy shit.

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>Its hugely fatty, and there is a shitload of gristle. Its like the worst kind of overly fatty beef.
Oh come now, bear isn't NEARLY as trashy as you're making it out to be. It's true that virtually no meat on the bear is lean, but saying that there's a "shitload" of gristle is reckless exaggeration. It's not something you want to eat in large amounts or unaccompanied, but it's damn good when prepared correctly.

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What if a bear holds this as a weapon? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bear_spear
they should have profinency in bear spears

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What one man can do, another can do.

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Who would win in a fight?
>bear with a spear
>elephant with a bō
>chimpanzee with a sword 'n' board

Note: all combatants are average adult males of their species, are unarmored and their weapons are scaled to their body size.

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Elephant would just trample the other two.

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Chimp would climb on top of the elephant and stab it in the brain.

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Sounds like Riddle of Steel time.

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A bear charges you.

You are a Wizard.

The only spell you have left is Summon Chimpanzee Swordsman.

What are your chances?

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Like he would get the chance, the elephant with the bō would knock him flat if he even tried that kind of shit. It would really come down to whether or not the chimp and bear realize that they need to attack the elephant in its trunk.

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The bear would beat the monkey, since it's fast enough to catch it and strong enough to tear it in half with its bare hands. The monkey would beat the elephant, since it's such a small and agile target for a lumbering giant to hit, the monkey would easily be able to outmaneuver it. The elephant would beat the bear, since it's a much easier target and the elephant is much stronger and sturdier.

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bear_spear here, you need one of these and then some big brass balls. Wouldn't recomend you try it against a grizzly or a polar bear though.

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