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Time for a 40K Modeling/Painting/Conversion thread.

Show us what you got, /tg/.

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Holy shit those are cool.
My friend is starting IG and while he's set to get Cadian models, he doesn't want a "traditional" colored Cadian army. I guess because its been done to death. He's considering painting Cadians in ASL colors (pic related), although, if anyone has any other cool suggestions, I'd love to hear them on his behalf.

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He could paint them like a SWAT team.

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That's actually a pretty cool idea.
I could totally see some "Dominion Tank Police"-eque Leman Russes storming across the battlefield while the SWAT troops get ready to mop shit up afterwards.

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>Dominion Tank Police
>pic related

Also, I think I found out how to paint my own guard force once I get it.

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He's my first mini.

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Holy trigger discipline Batman!

Here is an Ork Terror Krooza I bashed up a year or so ago out of boredom.

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You could try out something like Pic related.

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I would suggest sanding down the nubs and flash before assembling/painting him
also, don't glue the gun in until the torso is painted

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Fuck Yeah!!!! Guardsmen Conversions!!!!

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Flecktarn is an interesting scheme and doesn't seem to hard to do. Or you could do khaki or olive drab and brown for a WWII themed unit.

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Guise, hey, hey guise. Seriously, guise, crazy thought.

Take some necrons. And paint them as crash test dummies.

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How did I not think of that, I don't even...

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all of my what

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Fuck yeah bro.
Those are admittedly really badass. He told me he's planning on doing some MeltaVets with Shotguns, so a riot-squad would actually be a really cool theme to go with that.
That too sounds pretty cool. Pretty good ideas all around actually.

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Sanding? What should I use to do that?

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Bumping, FOR THE EMPEROR!!!!

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Cool ass inna woods Marbo.

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I just finished assembling a guard of Cadians, a Lemon Russ, and I got bored and made a tiny objective marker.

Anybody care to see?

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Last one from me.

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A small hobby file or very fine sandpaper

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a small file, or if you are very careful, scrape it off with a hobby knife
but a small file is the best choice
getting rid of all those ridges and nubs will make the model look 100x better once painted

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SHIT!!!!!! Forgot to post pic.

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Why hasn't anybody actually made a Lemon Russ yet?

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>He could paint them like a SWAT team.

I get that a lot, but its so easy to paint them black and blue, gold for the insignia and some badab black.

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My sides have just exploded. The thought of that image rumbling across the battle field hurts my sides so much.
The only way it could be improved is if someone took an actual (large) lemon and shoved the guns into it.

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Inquisitorial Psykers or Battle Psykers depending if its my inquisitorial regiment or the regular regiment

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for the emperor motherfuckers

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A brit fag gave a few of these out a month or so back. Here is my atempt at making something nice.

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Can't unsee blackface

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WWI Guard

>> No.19143873

Vagina mouth?

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No one expects the Imperial Inquisition!

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Wouldn't it start to rot pretty quickly?

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Oldie, and donated to a local GW... But a model I was especially proud of, nevertheless.

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anyone know where i could get proper shotgun proxies for my vets?

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also since I didn't post a guardsman last time, here's another mini I painted, this time keeping to the thread

my bad /tg/

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A better shot of his banner.

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emperor riddim

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also here's a grot converted from a hobgoblin mini

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The different helmets on top of the flag are fucking sick man, good work.

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Another view, this time of his power plant

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thanks but i meant shotgun bits.

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Yeah, I know. Necromunda had a few metal sprues that were full of weaponry. The more common weapons were more numerous on the sprues, like knives, clubs, lasguns, autoguns... and several shotgun bitz. If you can't find the bitz on GW's site, you might be able to find them on other sites or e-bays.

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Here are some Tyranids of mine, I stopped painting a while ago because of the price... And have regretted it ever since

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Thank you. I actually miss that model. Hopefully the store has kept it in good shape with the rest of the army.

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thanks, i only looked at the models, my bad

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I painted those when I was maybe fourteen, so no knowledge. Thanks for the tip though, whenever I was I was stumbling in the dark. I really need to start again, do you mean cut with water?

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No, you pretty much just use less paint.
Dab it into the pot, then wipe off a bunch of it and start painting.
That's what I do anyways.
You'll figure it out though, just try not to use blobs of paint.

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I still wonder if anybody else notices that the torsos and some of the weapons are space wolf :x

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Be gentle.

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So I accidently bought an 1:72 scale KV1 and I wanted to make it into a vindicator.
I also have this stryker toy car thingy that I plan to build into an ork vehicle. My plan is to make it a rear-wheel steered halftrak, with a bigger gun.

So here's some questions:
>would it be okay if I made it multi-turreted and had the main turret wield a large template gun?
>how much would it max firepower be? I could either make it into an ork landraider with comparable firepower or drop the transport capacity and add more guns to balance

As for lenght it is longer than a landraider. Pointswise does 300pts for an high-profile 14 13 12 armor vehicle sound balanced? Gonna add some anti-vehicle capacity since my ork players have complained how my orks have no anti-armor potential and a defiler cannon.

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i saw a converted space marine a few days ago,that looked like
a sort of celtic dude
please i didnt save the pick and want it badly,anyone got it

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check this place out: http://sciborminiatures.com/. Just do a search on the site for 'Celtic.' They have some neat shit, and I'm using a guy or two of theirs in my own celtic themed muhreen army. If it's not them, then I'd love to see what you're talking about.

You know, it just hit me...Look up the Ravenborne by Mastiff.

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Me again, here's his project page for the Ravenborn.

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> captcha : ofttled advertising

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Mutilated Marines?

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Oh god, mah jimmies!

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Show me.

>> No.19145904

Well it's 1 in the morning now, so I can't really get good lighting.

I'll start a thread tomorrow and dump the pictures I'll take.

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got the apc's cannon replaced with an howitzer and i'm working on making the KV1'tracks movable, also lowered the apc and next I'll work on making a mount for the KV1 turret.

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only real attempt at conversions
Major Lidia Igress

>> No.19147184

I forgot to add" and it sucks In my opinion...."

>> No.19147226

got the turrets mounted, along with the treads.

Gonna need alot of gap-filling and plasticard and greenstuff related polishing. Also gotta figure out how and where to add sponsor-mounted weapons and a dozer blade and maybe even a lookout basket like on old pirate ships.I mean me orkz be freebootaz, god damn it!

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One of my first models, work still in progress.

>> No.19147549


Hahahah change, good one.
The weird thing is free hand is very good but the rest of the vehicle looks, well not good.
Care to explain?

>> No.19147564

only did the painting and repainted the rest of the vehicle a bit with shitty paints.
I bought it used from some guy who painted it by tipping it in the paintbucket.

purple is my basecoat for metal, gives a slightly more realistic shine.

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Okay guys, don't chew me out for this but I have a crazy idea:

Blue Orks.

How would they go, do you think? I'm thinking something similar to the pic attached.

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soon to be painted IF chaplain, parts include death company shoulder pad and legs, space wolf axe and body, black templars head and a grey knights backpack. also hard to see in the photo but it is an urban resin base. Some minor conversion and GS work done on the axe head

>> No.19147604

this maybe, death skulls use blue warpaint

>> No.19147615

Thanks for that, I think I'll do it!

>> No.19147629

warhammer fantasy >>>>>>>>>>> 40k.

seriously space marines are the fuckin gayest shit. and they havent improved them in over 90000 years

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I like it, reminds me that I still have to paint my own looted vehicles

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No one will feed you troll.

Elegan/tgentleman keep on postig minis.

>> No.19147680

side angle

>> No.19147695


Space marines haven't changed since I got into wargaming in 1996. And they look crap. No troll.

>> No.19147720

why don't you start a thread about it then, this one is for painting and modelling

>> No.19147734

>And they look like crap.

That's an insult to the proud men of the Adeptus Fæces!

>> No.19147763


why discriminate in the first place..

>> No.19147783


Yes, why should threads stay on-topic! In fact, I propose we now talk about Pugs With Guns.

>> No.19147792

WIP dreadnought, used the 'wrist' area of the spare arm to make the shoulder

>> No.19147798


Confirmed for faggot.

>> No.19147808

Confirmed for not even trying. 0/10
Polite sage.

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Digging it.

>> No.19147887

cheers. I tried to get a good position without any modelling work done on it and it just look as if it was cheering

>> No.19147901

flat edge looks a bit awkward, try putting some kind of quarter circle price between the shoulder and the "wrist"

>> No.19147964

where do you mean, position 1 or 2?

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>> No.19148047

thanks for pointing that out, it looks like a pile of balls, i'll crack open the bits box and see if anything would do, if not GS it is

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>> No.19148065

good progress, if i could make a suggestion maybe give it a big toothy grin on the front like the stompa faces

>> No.19148071

That was the plan: to add an orky grin to the big turret and to the front.

>> No.19148084

I have the weirdest boner for the bretonnian men-at-arms figures.
Made my Mordheim gang from them and empire bits.

>> No.19148092

>leave my name on
God damn it, apologies
Anyway, here's the rest of the initial gang
I have some pictures of painted/converted miniatures too

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>> No.19148199

Ok, I laughed

Don't forget the rivets, RIVETS BRO! RIVETS!

And now so do I...

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I think this might be currently the only painted miniature worth showing here.

>> No.19148237

Wanted to make a fancy new miniature for the Warrior who got promoted to hero
Funny story by the way, the halberdier who has an eyepatch lost his right eye in his 2nd game.

>> No.19148257

Oh well, I suppose this youngblood isn't that bad.
He's armed with a mace and a buckler but I ran outta maces.

>> No.19148312

oh and that reminds me
So far the new texture paints have been a disappointment

>> No.19148346

I remember seeing instructions for this a while ago.
>Cut off the nozzle, so just the little tube bit pokes out.
>Remove the sights from the top.
>Cut away the triangular bit on the bottom, but leave a section of it on for the pump,
>Cut away at the stock so it looks like the stock on a winchester.
>Remove the magazine and bayonet lug.

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No pics, but I am working on building my Guardsmen with those Pig Iron Kolony Rebel heads.

Building new dudes and converting some of the old ones.

>> No.19148420

>mfw I can't read the OP
sorry again

>> No.19148440

Dread looks like it's lost its balance and is falling over.

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>> No.19148510

Gonna get some of this stuff from Scibor Miniatures and make LANNISTER MARINES.

>> No.19148530

Trying to be handy in the 40k universe?

>> No.19148539

I like the way you think!

>> No.19148558

The sprue bits seem wider than the pauldrons themselves.

>> No.19148639

>Jaime Lannister

Captain! My sides have reached escape velocity.

>> No.19148647

i was going for a 'leaning into the punch' look

>> No.19148693

Do dreadnought arms even bend that way

>> No.19148698

Ignore the egg and the marine on the right, my current on/off project is to create OOP fantasy chaos warrior/CSM conversions, with all chaos iconography filed off, sort of like Thunder Armour marines. The pieces are surprisingly difficult to get to sit together.

>> No.19148756

I like the cell shading, the one on the right in particular.

>> No.19148775

Dear lord... It's been three years since I last painted any miniatures.
Too long.

Gonna dump a couple of my marines, from the Cruel Sons chapter.

Here's a veteran. I painted a ten man squad with different nationalities/ethnicities as it's theme, here's an Anglo-Saxon.

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>> No.19148789

Equador and Elton, venerable dreadnoughts.

>> No.19148812

considering most terminators have no shoulders and this is 40k i'm going to say yes

>> No.19148828

Veteran scout squad

>> No.19148831

i think the starks would have something to say about that... if there are any of them left

>> No.19148843

Tactical squad

>> No.19148845

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>> No.19148889

>> No.19148906

> implying SPESS WUHLVES aren't Starks In Space.


>> No.19148927

There's actually a Metal Slug tank model (technically non-scale, but you could use it for 28mm) out there.

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>> No.19148976


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>> No.19149099

>"The fuck you lookin at dude?"

I like that guy.

>> No.19149259

Ok, admittadly, its not 40k. But its the latest thing on my desk.
Adeptis Rahn from Warmachine, Got pleased with the base and I think the over all look will be great once you get a full force with this look (that I honestly stole from BTP-Shawn).

>> No.19149260


I've a gas mask just like that at home but gray instead of black.

>> No.19149627

a painting thread is a painting thread.

nice work on the armour on the right arm and chest, ar they leaves on the floor or fire?

>> No.19149992

rolled 96, 98, 1 = 195

>> No.19150025

what are they supposed to be

>> No.19150067

Look a little like Diggas.

>> No.19150115

My custom Living Ancestor made from a shaved down Squat recast, Magic Sculpt, and bits of sprue. Probably gonna add smoke to his pipe at some point when I do touch ups and base him.

>> No.19150117

Oh hey, it's my digga boss models, both on foot and in megaarmor.

This actually caught me off guard.

Uhhh, haven't been doing much recently. Currently trying to duplicate some forgeworld terminator legs for using in my Malal chosen squad.

>> No.19150179


>> No.19150387

You know 'ow da blood axes act like oomies? Well dats because all dere thinky bitz fell out dere 'eadz.

Da diggas were oomies who found them, and decided to start actin' proppa.

>> No.19150692

Threadbump for the glory of Slaanesh!

My newly-finished Exalted Champion of Chaos, Lord Monoboob Spikethong, Tongue of the North, Bearer of the Names Most Stupid.

>> No.19150720

Yes, his thong really is spiked.

>> No.19150738

And a close-up. His head is a resculpted Tau bare head with most of the face cut off.

>> No.19150828

You could get a non-sniper rifle Space Marine Scouts box, and take their shotguns and arms for that. Hell, I've seen people use SM Scouts with Guardsman heads and bits to make stormtroopers before.

>> No.19152096

Have you looked into the space dwarves that mantic makes?
The old squats are a bit silly for my tastes, but I'm not sure what you're going for

>> No.19153479

What the name of that modelling clay thats a lesser quality than greenstuff, but has similar properties and is cheaper?
Just got a strip of green stuff but I want to practice with something less expensive first

>> No.19153579

GW's Greenstuff in general is overpriced.

$10 for 20g of GW's greenstuff.
$30 for two Kneadatite Epoxy Modeling Putty Rolls (200g total) from miniwargaming.com.

That much greenstuff should be more than enough to practice with.

>> No.19153651

Oh I bought mine for a good price (mostly just to fill in gaps and such) But I just remember someone having a some other kind of it.
Oh well, doesn't matter too much, was just curious

>> No.19153673

I've seen 'em around but I really liked the classic 40k, played it a lot as a kid, and grew up with Bob Olley, Michael and Allen Perry, and others' models. The newer stuff is what seems silly to me. Taking 40k seriously was big mistake on GW's part.

I use Magic Sculpt, comes in two parts, hardener and resin. Two 8oz containers costs about 15$. I have yet to use even half of the 16oz and I bought it like a year ago.

>> No.19153677

Hey, Got any ideas for a Dino D-Day inspired guard regiment?

>> No.19153740

cold one rough riders, use fantasy dragons in place of tanks, saurus oldbloods as ogryns, this mother fucker

>> No.19153748

i don't know what happened to the pic but this is the mother fucker i was referring to

>> No.19153902

heavy weapons squads are those small ankylosaurus's with cannons on their backs
Baneblades are T-rexes with guns EVERYWHERE
Reaper has some decent dinos, but it'll be hard to find ones that are somewhat realistic (see, GW dinosaur models, though those are better quality plastics)

>> No.19153950

>see thread
>about to say how I'm still waiting on my paints to come in
>doorbell rings
>package at the front door
Also got the wargames factory trenchcoat models, makes me wish I had a reneguard army with all those evil/Cthulhu heads

>> No.19154044

TMNT command squad

>> No.19154152

I'd try to make the cold ones look like the Dilophsaurs, The Styracosaurs could be Leman Russes, pic related looks like a good starting point for a Bane-rex, but what about the veloci and microraptors?

>> No.19154241

Op here.
This thread is still here? Wow.

I'll upload the pics of my Standard Lemon Russ, My slightly modified guardsmen, and an objective marker I made.

>> No.19154242

Contribootan with my Guardsmen's autocannon/s.

>> No.19154297

also, have an Ogryn

>> No.19154324


>> No.19154351

Looks awesome.
I've always wanted to build something like that, but there's no way in hell I'm paying $25 a piece for the empire cannon kit to convert it from.

>> No.19154373

Man, I love ReBoot! That was a great episode, too. :3

>> No.19154418


Whole army is like that, every man, piece of equipment and vehicle is a conversion. So yeah, it certainly gets costly. Spent about 8 months on putting the whole 1750pts together.

>> No.19154454

Kindly "Ahem" yourself and get on my level.

>> No.19154456

Suddenly, Chimera-Russ outta nowhere.

Never underestimate the power of spare bitz and a little imagination. Should note though, this model is incomplete as I also converted the turret later on with an Empire Great Cannon , I lack a picture of it though.

>> No.19155018

How did you make this? I mean, I know where the autocannon came from but what about the rest of the stuff?

>> No.19155019

Thanks for the ideas, what about this little guy?

>> No.19155712

The base probably deserves attention, and the equip for the left chaplain ain't that special, but the model was a beaut, even if it was priced like gold...
Pricehikes are coming! :P

>> No.19155780


>> No.19155985

A right to bear arms bearing arms. Delicious.

>> No.19155999

I love it

first time freehanding anything on a friend's trukk
need to do another layer and clean it up

>> No.19156032

Here's the test model for my Infinity Military Orders army.

Pink tabard to the max

>> No.19156050

need to paint over it and try again

>> No.19156094

any tips for it?

>> No.19156213

yeah man, painting symmetrical shit is hard. So I do the following.

For simple things like templar logos, you can often using things like crosses or basic shapes as guides. Ive got a great guide in a white dwarf somewhere ill try and find

for something like this, use a stencil or use very faint lines or dots to make sure it all lines up right. Its what I did for my old dark angles army

Also, why blue and white for orks? looted smurfs?

>> No.19156252

oh, and for orks, their painting is usually worn and hap hazard. Airbrushing and salting is a good way to get the right battle damaged look

>> No.19156316

I sketched it out and then painted it, but it got lopsided in the painting I guess
Would literally having a cut out with the design and then just painting over that and onto the model work?
When I asked my friend for a color scheme he said blue and I suggested white. Unintentionally sumrfy, I guess

Was just about to ask it, it just looks so bland right now and I have no ideas on how to spice it up
Though I have no idea what salting is, or I may, is that like putting rock salt under a coat of paint and then ripping it out?
Airbrushing is a bit above my paygrade right now, though I want to get to that soon. How hard is it to learn?
(also googling both of those right now)

>> No.19156716

pretty much, on vehicles i cut it out of paper, stick it down and paint or airbrush over it.

Salt is simple, you flick a bit or water onto the undercoat layer and then sprinkle salt paint over it. the specked paint look can be as intense or subtle as you like. You can then go back into it and create other wear on points of contact, using silver and black to show deeper or light scrapes.

the shoulder pads on this model are an example of salting

>> No.19156819

another one

>> No.19156878

will look into it. guess these will be guinea pig models before I repaint my Russes
speaking of which, does simple green take off enamel paints also?

>> No.19156916

>Also, why blue and white for orks? looted smurfs?

Looted in general. Why dark green for Dark Angels? Or Red for Blood Angels? The answer is the same, even if you don't pay attention enough to know what the significance of the Ork sub-factions and their respective color-schemes are.

>> No.19156932

What do you's think of my Grey Knight?

>> No.19156960

Bah. When I crop together the images, the file becomes too big for 4chan, apparently.

Well, here's the objective marker I made.

>> No.19156966


>> No.19156976


>> No.19156995

I dont actually know
The faction colours of preestablished chapters and clans used in the 40k universe are canon and used in the lore.

When making up your own scheme, its better to choose colours that dont already belong to another faction for no reason. Orks are great for stealing colour schemes due to their looting mentality. Otherwise, blue is an odd colour for orks due to their belief system of red fast, shiny luck and yellow power.

>> No.19157010

I think I have my new henchmen

>> No.19157025


Objective markers are usually better when they represent something worthwhile. Ammo dumps, power cores, relics, vehicle parts, etc.

Also, you need to be more sparing with your glue

>> No.19157039

It should be a comissar's base.

>> No.19157047

I would have made it an ammo cache or something of the sort, but I don't have the Bitz for it.
I decided a company standard would be pretty cool, since I run a Guard army anyways.

And I did get a bit too...messy, with the glue.

>> No.19157073

Was this a Tau drone?

>> No.19157110

The Desu Brigade! I'm redoing it as well! Maybe i'll start a thread about it

>> No.19157112

Bottom:Turret hatch of a space marine transport
Middle:Firewarrior gun, necron heavy gauss cannon power core
Top:Finely grit sandpaper is used to shave down a drone smooth.

>> No.19157139

what da fuq

>> No.19157169


>> No.19157174


>> No.19157190

aight, im going to repost my dudes with my plan for the next lot of conversions

heres my first Paladin

>> No.19157205

the magazine box is going to be removed and replaced with free munition belts

>> No.19157215

They're going to be fitted on these bases to fit with my little background story

>> No.19157230

Can anybody identify the gun in this pic? I need dat bit

>> No.19157241

Apocs will be fitted with a totally different head in this style but more modified and fitting with optics and other medical gear. The model itself with have red stripes on it and a while helmet. I plan to load him down with all sorts of medical gear

>> No.19157255

It's from AoBR Warboss.

>> No.19157257

and finally, the dreadknight will be fitted with a sarcophagus front instead of the regular free marine which I think looks silly

thought or comments on how the army is progressing so far?

>> No.19157267

you can get them separately from parts dealers

>> No.19157272

Ohhh, how did I not think of that?


>> No.19157280

I wish I had them but these look like bits to the new Necron walkers/heavies

>> No.19157295

nope, old heavy destroyer gun.

>> No.19157298

Thank you

>> No.19157323


>> No.19157341


>> No.19157356

most of the parts came from the heavy destroyer model, which has been around since forever

>> No.19157369

Looks like its going to be the coolest fucking Grey Knights of all time

>> No.19157384

a little warning with these heads, not too much poseability with the respirators in the way and conflicting with the collar on the torso... but they do look really cool, good luck man, that project looks like it'll turn out cool

>> No.19157396

you could be right, im trying to think of a good way to make my apocs look unique, they all kinda look shitty and bland. I almost want them to be a center piece of the squad

>> No.19157414

paint schemes, unique parts, and dynamic poses tend to be the go-to things for that sorta stuff. alos those ammo belts look awesome, the type of thing to buy THEN look for a purpose

>> No.19157431

at the moment he's headless, and pointing into the distance while sort of bent over leaning on his fist. Made it a bitch to make robes for him

>> No.19157450

heres the dreadknight, not happy with the pose and the sword isnt glued just yet.

>> No.19157457

oh, unique backpacks could help set them apart too, some sort of matching ornament mounted on the top to pull more attention, I dunno

>> No.19157471

what about a converted servo arm, or like the backback from the Fabius Bile

>> No.19157474

Dear god just break the legs if you have to you can't leave it like that.

>> No.19157477


>> No.19157480

heh, yeah the knees could use a little bend or something, the blade placement looks cool, just looks like it could use an extra bit of armor on the wrist past the one already there that sits parallel with the wrist and the blade or maybe find figure out a way to make the existing one do it

>> No.19157489

>thought or comments on how the army is progressing so far?

Sounds silly and overdone to me, but that's just me. Well, that's just me, and that's just what Grey Knights are by default, I guess.

>> No.19157514

perhaps this would be cheaper than getting fabius... well if there are still many of him floating around out there

>> No.19157613

>> No.19157685

Aussie as fuck

>> No.19157723

Post more model gore, please.

>> No.19157735

Did some finishing touches on this guy a couple weeks ago. Pic taken with cell phone, so apologies for focus/quality.

>> No.19157769

let me just open this file...

>> No.19157877

Yeah, I havent glued the legs in or down onto the base, just placed it on the base im making. I hard to position those legs

>> No.19158112

Might be a troll post. Might not be. Your call.

>> No.19158293

Not sure if troll.

>> No.19159318

salamander scout pony. how horrifying

>> No.19160512

good god, a proper ponyhammer army would be the ultimat trolling, especialy if it was done in a way that was legal,
Remember the races are

>> No.19160894


Since my gf is busy studying maths today, I'm working on scratchbuilding pintle mounted weapons and figuring out how to make them movable.
Pic related: twin linked big shootas that have traverse of roughly 90 degrees from their pintle.

>> No.19160983

forgot pic

>> No.19161138

>> No.19162587

Any one have ling to the new how to paint citadel miniatures book?

>> No.19165448


>> No.19168783


Hey,what about, RED ORKZ?

>> No.19171166

Reminds me of Gundam Exia/00. Is this Dreadknight conversion more like a Dreadnought?
>If so then it's SWEET, because I personally think, Dreadknights should be more like much advanced Dreadnoughts.

>> No.19171235

-Bretonnian Men-At-Arms.

-A spare piece from a Chimera kit as the seat for the gunner (hard to describe what the piece is, but its a flat piece of plastic with rivets molded on and a slight slope at one of the edges. Makes a good seat, just hack away at it until its the right size and it fits perfectly.

-A Sentinel pilot as the gunner.

-The bulk of the gun is from an Empire Great Cannon. The cannon's frame leans backwards slightly, so you have to glue the autocannon forwards slightly to compensate.

Pic related, its the same gun before it was painted and from the opposite angle.

>> No.19171296

Last things i painted, think they turned out alright.

>> No.19171304


>> No.19171934

nice, i like the cloaks

>> No.19172855

Amateur painter here, urgently need help with making awesome bases for these nobz and a warboss. For my boyz, I just added sand and painted it with Mechrite Red; it looks painfully bland.

>> No.19172935

I have a concept...so no pictures.
I want to make a diorama entry for this years golden daemon at UK games day.
Basically the Avitus Betrayal bossfight from Chaos Rising; black legion terminator vs a captain, mini tac squad, mini assault squad, some scouts and a librarian.

What do people think?

>> No.19172996

bump with big shoota

>> No.19173286

I like it.

>> No.19174759

Anybody have tips on greenstuffing cloaks for guardsmen?
Looking up tutorials, but any advice helps

>> No.19174891

Make a patty of greenstuff a bit larger than desired, then cut a clean square or rectangle of it out.

Let it sit for maybe 20 minutes or so; enough to still be flexible but not take up every fingerprint and toolmark on it.

Two corners will be your attachment points to the shoulders. Look at actual capes and cloaks for reference. Try not to moosh the upper side of the shape too much, try to go for folds if possible.

For the bottom, try to make the bottom edge into a somewhat s-shape, or whatever curve suits your needs.

>> No.19174983

So first time working with greenstuff, and this happens
I'm assuming the yellow putty isn't supposed to be in dried chunks, is this just bad packing by the manufacturer?

>> No.19175020


if you get the GW greenstuff where its packaged in strips side by side, this happens.

the two strips contacting each other catalyze and harden, and you get those peanut butter chunks in your mix.

you need to cut the middle where the blue meets the yellow out and throw it away, its already hard and useless when you get it.

alternatively, buy the greenstuff that comes in a little tube with a blue and yellow slug packaged separately. you'll never run out and it isn't pre-ordained to fuck up like the already catalyzed greenstuff in strip packaging.

>> No.19175066

ah, well thats shitty as all fuck
also the WHOLE yellow side has a hard coat around it, so theres that
Welp, not making that mistake again

>> No.19175215

FW Mounted Commissar

>> No.19175384

glue some sand to the base and paint it a dark colour of what you want them to be standing on, then work up the shade dry brushing, I'll use my base (pic related) as an example. It's for an ash waste/industrial ruin

1. chaos black undercoat
2. adeptus battle grey dry brush
3. codex grey dry brush
4. fortress grey dry brush
5. badab black wash
6. FW weathering power black soot

the bricks were blazing orange then the FW black soot

>> No.19177381

on a related note the FW weathering powders are hot shit, pic related is the black soot on a tabard and legs

>> No.19177506

here's a before pic

>> No.19177873

Whenever I see threads like these, I want to start Warhammer. But really it's just to paint the minis.
I don't even really know, how the game is played or any of the techniques to make your minis look good. Also, I'm not sure wether to start WH 40K or fantasy, although I'm tending towards fantasy, since it's not just half of the playable races are different colored Space Marines.

Can you guys maybe tell me about the differences in playstyles between 40k and Fantasy?
Also, how long does it take, before your minis look acceptable?

>> No.19177898

My Harker.

Kind of wondering about the cloak. Supposed to be a counts as camo cloak, and while I don't mind that it's a bit too small for that, I'm just not sure if it looks right.

>> No.19177907

Back view.

Cloak is a Sea Dragon Cloak.

>> No.19177988

whats his arm?
and it just looks too cobbled together, the pose doesn't look right
I think its mostly the sword arm

>> No.19178098

40k imagines itself to be like black hawk down, it's really like klendathu drop in starship troopers (the film)

fantasy imagines itself to be like the start of gladiator, it's really like it's really like klendathu drop in starship troopers with swords

40k player age range is roughly 8-30

fantasy age range is roughly 16-40

fantasy is generally more expensive as you need more models

just because half the races are spess mehrines doesn't mean you have to play them, although you can if you want

depends how patient you are with the paints, pic related is my first model painted. I spent a lot of time on it so it's not too bad

>> No.19178190

How come you need more models for Fantasy?
Is there a good place to read up on stuff like races for beginners?

>> No.19178288

it's just how the game is played, 40k is supposed to be more tactical so you apparently need less guys.

here is srs bsns warhammer info

here is lol4chansguide to warhammer

here is a blog saying what is good and bad, although it mainly deals with 40k

>> No.19178326

Differing unit sizes.
The average unit size in 40k is 5-10.
Average unit size in fantasy is 10-20.

>> No.19178327


a 'normal' unit in fantasy is 10-20 models, certain armys can be a lot bigger (I'm looking at you skeleton spam Necromancer army)
W40k units tend to be about 5-10 (obviously with exeptions, 30 strong ork unit etc.)

try http://www.lexicanum.com/ as a starter to give you a feel for the different races, but generally going to a store and seeing what you like is best practice.

>> No.19178377

i'm also going to say, not playing 40k because there are a lot of marine codices is not a good reason not to play. There are a large number of none marine/xenos codices that are good to play with including one of the best (guard), the newest (crons/DE) and the most fun (orks)

>> No.19178818

Thanks. I'll read through some of the stuff on there.

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