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Sup /tg/. Just got into 40k and bought myself a tac squad of mehreens and paint. Problem is, I still have to glue them together, which makes me nervous as fuck. Do you guys try to pose your minis like the image on the box has them, or think up some awesome poses?

Also, paint/mini general.

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do whatever you want. I would have your first guy posed as just standing there, bolter across chest.
If that works, get more adventurous; make him looking the way his bolter is pointing like he's aiming. Then go from there as you feel capable.
Your first guys (and basic line troopers at that) don't need to all have glorious poses.

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Since it is your 1st batch of mini's just try and take your time, cover the basics, and get a feel for the hobby.
After your skills improve you can start worrying about dynamic entries

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