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Sup/tg/ is our backup site, right? Or will we be regrouping somewhere else while we figure out where to go, if this thing goes through?

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... what.

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Probably IRC. Plebs can't IRC.

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Just a friendly reminder not to listen to, like, 90% of professional tech "analysts." From the end of a legitimate-looking newswire story, on a legitimate site:

>Meanwhile, Google continues to work hard to stay ahead, finding new and growing areas to expand into. Most recently the company has begun discussions to acquire the website 4chan which would bring with it a large user base.

First of all, this makes no sense. None. Google is the largest site in the world! Google doesn't need to bring in users bases fro — you know what, I'm not even going to bother. Google is Google and 4chan is 4chan. This reads like a joke.

For kicks, I asked 4chan founder Chris Poole what he had to say:


Then pointing to the writer's slightly... unprofessional-looking contact info:

>Contact Person:
>William T. Knight
>[email protected]

I mean, it's all pretty funny, but it's worth bearing in mind that people make claims like this a lot, and they seem to get away with it. (Sometimes they even convince a few people along the way!) Knight, who hasn't returned a (very recent) request for comment, regularly gets his releases placed on mainstream sites, including the WSJ.

Even "respectable" analysts pull these stunts with regularity, passing off made-up speculation about new Apple, Google and Microsoft products as "insider info." Some publications have joined in, too.

All you can do as a reader is be too savvy to make it worth their while. Never forget: in tech punditry, anyone can say anything, with almost no consequences.

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What a pathetic mug.

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>Most recently the company has begun discussions to acquire the website 4chan which would bring with it a large user base.

Hahahah, they can't be serious. While I find the idea of Google buying up everything related to the internet, I doubt that will work.

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By the way, this joke was made four years ago.

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Why would google buy the asshole of the internet when they won't even add naughty words to the auto-complete list of their search bar?

Y'all niggas is gullible.

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And yours is any better? Stand aside, fool, let me show you how it's done.

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>stops after 4 iterations

Weak. Behold the true power of chaos.

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Who the hell do you think I am?

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A weak fool who dies at the first exposure of true power.

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Your mug is weak, a perfect reflection of yourself. You cannot stand against us.

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Hey, I have that exact same mug. What a coincidence.

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I'm sorry brother, you were saying?

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I'm afraid this mug isn't filled with coffee.

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I was saying, that-


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This one appears to be full of motor oil.

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Chaos? Taking 𝑜𝑢𝑟 mugs? Nonsense.

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Blood Ravens! What's happening? Yyyyyeaahhhhh...

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>mod deletes thread about a guy making a Guard uniform for LARP
>leaves this thread here

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I'm gonna have to ask ya to, y'know, kinda get back to me on those relics that went missing from storage, m'kay?

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I believe we've met before.

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Relics, you say?

Pray tell, what did they look like?

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Who are these "mods" you speak of? We recently had some things gifted to us from this website, I can check to see if they're there.

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The Emperor's Swingline, granted to the Adeptus Custodes of our Highest himself.

Oh! There it is. I'll just, ehhh...GRAB that from ya. There we go...

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Indeed, I shall join you, brother.

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We are in complete control of this image board now.


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We are now one with this image board.

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Fuck you and your relics.

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Glad I got this mug out safe. It was a fantastic gift.

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You get a lot of gifts, don't you?

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>that mug
Let's try to avoid embarrassing the chapter, brother.

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You're doing that well enough already brother.

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What exactly is going on in here?

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Oh, the usual.

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I had a mug like that.

The red made me drink faster.

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You guys I'm in a rush. I need someone to watch my mug for a second. Nobody take it ok? I know I can trust you guys. You guys know how important mugs are.

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Of course we do...

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Yes, I can understand what it feels like to lose something as precious a mug. Especially if it were a gift.

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Archive this shit

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Hey wow, that's a nice mug. Uh... by the way, did anyone see the one I just left here?

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I heard greenskins crawling around here earlier, better check with them.

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But... My mug is empty...

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Found it!

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Seems legit.

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Please, please give me one to clean


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We all know what you do with them...

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All those mugs...

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That's not a mug of the Inquisition. THIS is what a real Inquisitor's mug looks like.

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What's the deal with all these classified mugs? Everyone should be able to see the glorious gifts of the Blood Ravens.

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Good evening, gentlemen. Am I late to the party?

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Not at all, brother. You can have a seat over there.

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Why thank you. I'll just...

Where'd my mug go?

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No idea.

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Any of you fine gents happen to have Turtle Soup?

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