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'ello, /tg/nostics...

I recently watched "Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000" movie.

I actually enjoyed it.

But, I haven't had a chance to read, "Hard Choices 'What happened on Algol?'" which was the accompanying prequel-comic book.

Do any of you have it available for download?

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bump for interest

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me too

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oh god, the stretch marks

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that's right...
and there's far worse where that came from until we get a copy!!

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I bet she smells like a stale pot pie

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probably also taste like one...

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Hell yeah scarred chicks

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>socks hanging in pairs


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Bikko and Balalaika in one thread?

Sounds like an awesome party.

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you ever tried shopping for a single sock?

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or a single bra cup?

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>mfw the waistband on her boxers says "anal"

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Posting more Bally

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Dammit! I want the e-comic!

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do want, dammit

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wait a second... That's not 40k, that's not 40k at all!

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I freakin' love that picture.

Although, you seem to have marked it as 40k.

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heh heh heh.
Yeah. ☺

Any luck on the e-comic?

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who are the Chaos Space Marines in this picutre?

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Word Bearers- see the horned skull on flame logo on the shoulder pad.

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Heresy it is.

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Time to make it extra heretical.

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heresy you say?

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"Hard Choices 'What happened on Algol?'"

Still waiting on it...

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Have some more HERESY....

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Why does everyone draw Celestia as the Emperor when her VA, Nicole Oliver, is Macha and Taldeer?

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Does anyone have that space marine thread simulator?

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Because Luna is the Betrayer.

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"Space Marine Thread Simulator"?

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Nevermind, I found it.

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I can only imagine the holy fury that "that time of the month" brings to His enemies.

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Still -4 STR

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that would mean they have 0 strength. they can't engage anyone in melee combat without lossing. i guess that is what they get for i hope, being drawn by a weeaboo little girl.

if a guy drew that i pray for his immortal soul.

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a little late, wouldn't you say.

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Feel better?

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need more art of nekorons

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There aren't any more, to my knowledge.

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hate to break it to you, op, but it's entirely possible the thing's gone forever.

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that is a pretty accurate fan model. person knows what they are doing.

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loled at the file name

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It kinda helps that the actual models are adorable.

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Changelings are assholes

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Well of course it's a good conversion.

It is [tgdoesnthavespoilers]scriptarius[/tgdoesnthavespoilers] after all

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mfw I post a Pony reaction image in a thread I made with nothing to do with ponies in the actual post and get b& for 2 weeks

this nigger spams a thread with ponies and nothing happens


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this nigger? there are like 2 or 3+ posters making this.

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He should.
it was Sanguinus if memory serves.

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That's who it was. Memory failed me, both concerning the name and the fact /tg/ has no spoilers.

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It wasnt Sang, it was Scripty.

Just look at the primarch models around it.

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there is more than just one "nigga" posting ponies in this thread... i will agree on the mod-part of your post though.

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And I'll finish up with my favorite heresy.

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well I wouldn't say that, he's not in jail and clearly has money to spend on all that stuff, i'd say he's won something...

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at least he isn't like the others who are basement dwelling autists sponging off their parents and government.

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I lol'd

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bumping because I want this damn book

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givez it to me, dammit!

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Grrr. I just want an e-comic.

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How about you give us the sauce to that first, sweetheart?

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You don't recognize Rick Astley?

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OP I think you are out of luck unless you can spend $40 on the collecters edition DVD.

Still more likely then me gettin to see the hidden shrine of tomoachan update for 4e

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>gettin to see the hidden shrine of tomoachan update for 4e

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boredom sucks.
as does not getting the e-book.
so, here's a Pirate Marine.

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That boobmonster is as good as dead.

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Heretics never stand a chance.

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The Tearing Claw Cabal was an exceptionally fierce cabal from Commoragh. They were notorious for launching massive, surprise attacks on poorly defended worlds. The entire Cabal would attack in one fell swoop, overwhelming the defense of the world and carrying off its hapless denizens as slaves. This tactic would prove their undoing, however, when they attacked the Imperial world Aenean Scalamus.
It was a backwater hive world, whose manufactora provided the sector's naval and guard forces with ladders and folding chairs (an essential if inglorious service). The world seemed easy pickings, its defenses consisting only of some twenty thousand PDF personnel, and a small middle aged man with a baby.
Only ten members of the Tearing Claw Cabal survived the assault on Aenean Scalamus. All quite mad, their tales of the attack were clearly nonsense. To this day they provide endless amusement for the Dark Eldar, and some consternation for their torturers. "I've tried everything, but nothing makes them freak out more than holding a ladder and saying, 'I don't want no trouble.' "

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well... this is still more fun than studying

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this picture gets posted so fucking much. what does it mean.

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It means that menstruation can turn an otherwise mundane Sister of Battle into a raging berserker.

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my god, i'm so bored.

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such is fate.

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started off at 1113pm

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Iron within...

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Iron without.

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desu desu desu

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