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k... so...
I'm sick and tired of studying for now, so I'm going to go watch "ULTRAMARINES: A WARHAMMER MOVIE".

I haven't seen it before.
I'll be back in 90minutes. Wish me luck.

>> No.19130022

the only part I legitimately enjoyed was the duel at the beginning.

also Verenor should have been the protagonist. Just sayin'

>> No.19130064

I'll be back.

>> No.19131199

I just finished watching the movie.
It was a little bit... "British"...
but aside from that, not bad...!
Not bad at all!

>> No.19131285

of course... now the real question is... "do I study or not?"

>> No.19131361

So, OP... dat SPESS wooden bridge of the FUTURE. Neat, huh?

>> No.19131390

Yes, well...
they were also walking around on Space Marine statues so I guess a wooden bridge wasn't too terribly out of place either.

>> No.19131660

More Ultramarines chatter!

>> No.19133533

It was never bad, but all of those whiners were expecting a silver chariot of 40K goodness presentet in state of the art 3d technology, which costs quite a few millions more, descending on a cloud of dan abnett bullshit

>> No.19135955

Silver chariot.
Golden throne.
You paint quite an image.

>> No.19135973

You ready for DEEP HURTING?

>> No.19136195

Does anybody have a download of "Hard Choices 'What happened on Algol?'" ?

It was the prequel comic that was supposed to come with the DVD of "ULTRAMARINES: A WARHAMMER 40,000 MOVIE".

I've tried looking around the usual places, but haven't found anything.

>> No.19136307

What do you mean "not bad"?

For fuck's sake man, there is not a single moment in this movie that doesn't have atrocious fluffrape.

My favorite part is when the possessed captain accuses the IMPERIAL FIST CHAPLAIN of heresy.

I lol'd so hard.

>> No.19136358

Sorry, pal. I'm looking at it here now but I don't have a scanner...

>> No.19136367

OP get the fuck back to /b/ or /soc/ or whatever the fuck you piece of filth

>> No.19136521

Chaplains aren't exactly immune to heresy.

>> No.19136672

Oh, you lucky dog...
Alternatively, do you know any place where to download it?

>> No.19137083

bumping this because i want it too

>> No.19137435

It DID seem really British.
I have thought I was watching the BBC at a certain point.

>> No.19137472

Is it just me or has summer come in full force now?

>> No.19137499

What's the problem?
Have you developed a weakness to natural light?

>> No.19138018

I'd love to have "Hard Choices What Happened on Algor" too.

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