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I miss good ol' warhammer threads, i want some 40k some fantasy some lotr stuff, pics army lists, stories, anything warhammer related. fuck even the rping games, I just miss these good convos.
and in turn I'll dump what pics I have and gladly converse with anyone.

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Those Guardsmen seem pretty chill to the unending wave of Tyranids coming at them.

That said, I love count-as and I want to use my newly obtained Arbites Enforcer miniature (along with the Cyber-Mastiff) in a friendly game with my IG. Should I just use him as a Company Commander? Or should the dog be a bodyguard?

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yea no kidding, and idk, it would be cool either way, I myself wouldn't care how it is ran, but I would say commander... of course he need some high ass collars though, in the 41rst millennium rank in determined by the collar!

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Oh, I replaced the head (I suck at painting flesh) with one of the Cadian Respirator heads. Now, between the collar and the apron-armor, he looks like a Juggernaut from Call of Duty. I am ok with this.

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>my face when WD codex

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>>19129639 oooh sick, that must look nice on the table, did you finish painting it? and I know that feel man, can't paint human skin to save my life.
>>19129646 hahaha yea... i personally haven't heard much about the new changes in plan, and you mean the wd sob right?

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>lascannon on an armoured sentinel

I know it's just a picture and all, but not only are there cheaper, more effective ways to get lascannons on the field. Armoured sentinels should generally take advantage of the plasma cannon, or be a nice, survivable autocannon source.

I need to stop playing...

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I know, plasma cannons on scentinels is just too good, none of that over heat worry plus a nice heavy infantry killer.

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I'll sit down to it after I'm finished with this damn essay and have gotten some dinner in me.

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Out of my three Sentinels, the Plasma Cannon one lasts the longest, yet has never killed a single unit.

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They are cadians. They know no fear.

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You actually use sentinals in your army.


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embodiment of slaanesh

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>>19129748 what??? how? str7 ap2 small blast? do you scatter a full double 6 every time?
>>19129735 yea, I still have a full daemon army to paint, finished all my bloodletters but still have about 15 bloodcrushers to do and some other lesser daemons.. sigh...

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embodiment of nurgle

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Found this gem on /hm/.
Censored it tastefully; repostan.

>captcha: vrs. domwork
Yes, this is work for a dom.

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So a thread about random shit with Warhammer.
Would that make this the Warhammer version of /b/?

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embodiment of tzeentch

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>>19129758 you can keep telling yourself that while I keep causing you to take leadership checks

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WIP IF ironclad

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Okay, MOAR.

Also requesting uncensored

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why is everyone shooting his shield and not his face

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>>19129807 I suppose, but less cp, less gore, and more focus on a single topic i.e. warhammer

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I ain't gettin banned just so you can fap.
Just imagine thick, slighty curved dark lavender trap penis.

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They're heretics, they don't know any better.

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>Playing Chaos Space Marines
>Have 5 Daemonic Possessed I recently painted (no camera sorry, too poor)
>Vs. Tau (the guy playing Tau seemed pretty cool. His name was Jay Jay I think)
>My possessed make a B-line for his fire-warriors.
>4 die, one makes it into close combat
>At the start they got power-weapons
>Possessed manages to armour-save his way to defeating an entire squad of 12 fire-warriors by himself.

>On the other side of the board my Berzerkers with Khârn jump out and summon me 10 daemons
>suddenly 19 melee units right next to his Devilfish
>It explodes as soon as khârn nudges it
>His Tau fire warriors have no choice but to end up fighting me in close combat
>They are cowards and run off the table

Everything that could have gone wrong for him happened, everything that could have gone well for me happened.

He was pretty chill about it though.

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Embodiment of Khorne

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>>19129894 I just love kharn, he's my favorite chaos champion, I run him whenever I can

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Im painting my first models this weekend since I have time off. I'm starting with a pack of Night Goblins I got for cheap to practice on then painting my Ogres before going full Ogre army.

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then why isn't he stuck to it himself

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Ogres are fun to paint, play, they look good and aren't very costly. Good choice my friend.
Just remember if this is your first time painting, patience is the key.

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The warp did it.

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>Fun game with friend
>Small game, something like 800 points, Eldar v. Grey Knights
>Guardians with scatter laser are charged by his HQ unit
>Everyone dies but three
>Leadership check
>Scatter laser guy stands his ground
>Last turn of game, each holding one objective, contested objective being held by these Guardians
>He has better initiative
>Swings first, only kills two
>Swing back with last remaining Eldar, Guy On Turret
>Inflicts a wound
>He saves with his HQ
>Rolls a 1
>HQ dies
>Win leadership again because he only inflicted two wounds to my one

And that's how Bob the Baker of Iyanden saved the Craftworld and turned the battle into a bloody stalemate... by beating a fucking champion of the Grey Knights to a pulp with a scatter laser turret in close combat.

I like to think he wasn't murdered messily and went on to become a Striking Scorpion or something. Or maybe he got a jetbike.

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>>19129923 ooo ogers are nasty only need to be 5 wide to be horded, nasty fellas them ogers.

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thats heresy

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couple of tips for you, thin paints and use washes

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Same guy who wrote that story.
I do love Khârn but he is way too much of a wildcard.

I had a game (when i still used to put him with berzerkers) where he managed to kill berzerkers with all 6 attacks (5+charge) then the next turn he killed the last 2 berzerkers.

He ended up killing all the termagants, but as soon as he consolidated he was blasted by a group of warriors.

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because Ceramite is never stated to be a metal? or for that matter be ferrous, and could thus have any number of complex relationships with a magnetic field that isn't attract or repulse?

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Vehicles don't take leadership checks. Bra

You don't wanna 1v1 me id murk you :*(

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I hear that. I've been trying to hone my patience with building them. So far shit is fun. Going to pick up a Tyrant next because my LGS has one for a retardedly low price compared to what I've seen online.

Also, as a slightly unrelated question, are washes something you buy? Or something you make by thinning the crap out of some paint? Because I watched some painting guides to prepare myself on YouTube, but it wasn't very clear

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I tried starting a thread for it, but no one seemed to are enough, so I'll ask once more here.

How would /tg/ chart Soul Drinkes on the alliance matrix? They're my favorite army, but it seems like I'm the only one that cares about them. As the most on the cuff of Imperial/Chaos, it seems like they'd make for some interiesting team-ups.

Or at least post some Soul Drinker art, I've never actually seen any.

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>Kharn, 'zerkers, and demons in CC with firewarriors

Kharn is a pretty swell guy
I wanna do 40k for the express purpose of World Eaters, so I'm waiting on and saving for the new Chaos codex.

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haha I fucking love when that happens,

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And maybe the Forgeworld world eater terminator lord.

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cant remember the terms used but i'd say semi-allies with marines, GKs and IG. hated allies (or whatever the term is) with SoBs. same as marines for everything else

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So that would make today. . .

Warhammer Wednesday?

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I have a better tactic with Khârn now.
I put 5 havocs infront of him, four with flamers and one with a bolter. And consider Khârn an individual character.

Havocs then flame the shit out of the enemy, before a crazed madman comes in and chops them to bits.

If they dont die from that, the leadership roll usually gets em.

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Shaky Alliance

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Soul Drinkers are the ones with the spider librarian right?

iirc they're traitors but not heretics so I'd say they fit into the same slot as normal SM although maybe with SoB and the like having less alliance points with them.

since they still follow the whole chaos is bad thing but dislike the way the Imperium is run but that humanity needs saving etc.

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Well I'll be damned.
That it is!

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>>19129985 I could see them being almost a renegade chapter nt tied down to anything and lost in their goals... and I too would like to see some art, don't have any m'self

>>19129972 well how would you feel about 2 drop pods full of 10 combie melta guns splitting into 2 tact squads on turn 1 or 2? those tanks wont be very happy

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Total dice-fucks are the real joy of this game.

Like one Ultramarines Dread who just WOULD NOT FUCKING DIE in three different games against the same list.

He used the same Dread for all three... And the same Dread just couldn't take anything more than a glancing hit no matter who tried. Lascannons, melta, it didn't seem to matter.

Dat fucking Dread man.

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Actually have been getting people into this game.
One complained that everyone looked too awesome and he couldn't choose an army.
I love it when I spread things.

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In my first game of 40K my dreadnought was charged by wracks on turn 1. Not a single model was lost in that combat throughout the entire game.

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was M. Ward in the sarcophagus?

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I'd be down for making that a thing.

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Nurgle would like a word with you...

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Was playing a match earlier. Shot at terminators, 3 ones on their armor saves. I made sure the firing units made it alive in the end.

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That was a thing, on /b/.

It's sort of how /tg/ came into being.

/tg/ - the more you know.

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That could work

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ha fuck! I just got that!

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only full army is sitting in jars of dettol so I can't play...

my fun has gone...

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Why did it take this comment: >>19130116
For me to understand that?

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nah bro, dettol is shitty.
It eats plastic like a boss.

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>>19130128 cuz it was fucking cleaver

>> No.19130165

trust me when I say it doesn't, since I've forgotten about a jar before and had them sitting in it fro months before finding them at the back of a cupboard.

but I water mine down slightly and it may be a different dettol to the type you've had experience with so I won't say you're wrong overall but I've found that not to be the case.

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Wednesday night warhams? I'm game. Got a question about nids. I love spike rifles. Love 'em. But I'm aware that they aren't the best choice to take. I'm just wondering if there is a situation where they shine. Pic because lictors rule, even though they suck.

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OK, newophyte; listen here.
>/b/ was once overrun with furthreads
>like, bad, way worse than now
>40k bechame the chemo; spamming furthreads with SPESS MAHREEN and glorious exterminatus and purging
>and the Moot-Emperor looked upon it and declared it glorious heresy-smiting, and made /tg/ as a monument to the heroes of the 4Perium
>and so we keep our fortress-monastery clean of the Taint, and on occasion we venture out into the /v/oid, the w/a/rp, the /d/emonworld, and /b/ to cleanse the heresy wherever it may show its cringing, animalistic snout

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I started like 6 months ago and the store owner persuaded me to start with marines instead of tyrannids because they're easier (Read: bland). I've since come to the conclusion that he may have done this to get a new army's worth of money out of me when I got sick of marines.

I've decided not to go with tyrannids and I'm stuck between Dark Eldar for the sadistic space pirate theme and decent codex, or orks for sheer awesome and the freebootaz pirate theme.
I have the orks from AoBR and a haemonculus and squad of wracks that I bought for painting purposes. Which should I go with?

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What's the point of that 6++ save in the tanks of SoB? I don't get it.

>> No.19130248

What's your play style? Full melee rush, range focus, or what?

>> No.19130259

>sensible, up-to-date rules
Pick one.

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>> No.19130266

that's strange, wracks can't hurt a dreadnought PERIOD... and the dreadnought, so long as it had a CCW, should be one-shotting wracks regardless of FNP.

now some tarpit wyches I could understand due to their melee 4++, but there is hardly any reason to engage a walker with wracks

>> No.19130274

honestly just go with whatever you like the most.

DE won't get a codex update for a long while so you're safe as far as army lists/need to buy new models goes.

but Orks will be easy enough to convert to any new codex release, and even then they won't get one until some other races (read Marines) do first.

oh and I may just add that pirate hats aren't as easy to sculpt out of GS as you would think.

>> No.19130280

If I hadn't seen that on /d/ I might not have noticed.
Despite being what it is, that's really badass.

>> No.19130285

"Uh uhuhuh, he said "period"!"
"Hey, Butthead, what's that mean anyway?"
"Uhh... Shut up, dumbass!"

>> No.19130302

So just don't use Freebooterz. I went Evil Sunz, your red vehicles will blend in better.

>> No.19130311

I can't figure out what chapter this guy's from.
The beard tells me Space Wolves, but the armour doesn't give me any hints.

>> No.19130313

And with a pacifier, would it still be badass?

>> No.19130316

I guess I'm more comfortable with ranged but I love charging in and raping shit.

>> No.19130317

But the point is that's the rules in the WD codex, released only some months ago. Maybe that was anticipation for the new BRB?

>> No.19130323


>> No.19130332

brb, going to add one

>> No.19130376

Three Grenadier Vets took down a Grey Knight sergeant in close combat.
Little storytime:
>1000pt IG vs GK
>Dreadknight is making my guys mincemeat
>Vendetta one-shot a Vindicare and did nothing else.
>Leman Russ got flipped by Dreadknight.
>Everyone dying
>Squad of Grenadier Vets in the open facing down GK Terminator Squad (Only three guys left).
>Go balls to the half, shoot at the Termies. Only Sarge left, Vets stand their ground.
>Termies fire. Kill all but three Grenadiers: Sarge, Meltagunner, Shotgun scrub.
>GK assault. Goes Hammerhand for shits and giggles
>Misses all attacks.
>Vets attack. Sergeant has a power weapon. He misses all attacks. Only one guy hits and wounds (I'm sure it was the shotgun scrub)
>Termie fails a 2+ armor save.
>Vets cheer
>Dreadknight fires and turns them to paste.
Lols were had. I don't care that I lose. That game was hilarious.
Motherfucking Dreadknight, tho'

>> No.19130379

Feel no pain.

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I think she's supposed to be a carnifex, nidbro. Can't help ya with your rifle problem, though. Devourers!

>> No.19130432

Beards aren't space wolf territory.

Fun Fact: Lemon Ruff was clean shaven. I think bald too.

Hint: look at the chest, knees and pauldrons. Also the shield. That's where the chapter symbol usually is on mostly codex chapters.

>> No.19130463

>shaved and bald

>> No.19130469
File: 44 KB, 422x600, L8_-_tails_by Roberto_C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah, the tail is definitely a lictor tail

nah, he was never bald. But always clean-shaven. (his miniature, too!)

>> No.19130477

Russ had a red mane.

>> No.19130495
File: 26 KB, 400x315, leman russ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Russ was blonde, though

>> No.19130503

strawberry blonde

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>> No.19130507

It seems to be generic marine, since it would appear that the artist had several opportunities to add a chapter emblem (to the pauldrons etc) but never did.

but I suppose he could be Space Wolves, there is what appears to be runes on his pauldron edges.

>> No.19130569

>that guard

He is shit out of fucks. Doesn't give a skaven's ass about anything.

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File: 1.25 MB, 1300x2015, wittle sister.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here goes.

>> No.19130730

Yes, that's where I had been searching, but the best I could come up with was Emperor's Children, but none of them would dare have a beard, or Thunder Warriors, but I'm pretty sure their armour wasn't that good.

>> No.19130926


Stories about fun games with cool opponents in which entertaining shit happens?

THIS is what /tg/ needs more of. It actually makes 40k sound fun, unlike all the tournamentlistspam Wardrage codexcreep tauhate threads.

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>> No.19130954


Try it buddy.

>> No.19130971


any more on him what state etc?

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File: 852 KB, 1250x2820, 1325986349551.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.19131057

I have been playing for a little over a year. I LOVE THIS HOBBY! The people I play with are bros are were very welcoming, my painting has improved leaps and bounds over the past year only. I have a huge ork army painted and done and I am working on a Dark Eldar army. I just love this so much.

>> No.19131059
File: 181 KB, 800x421, MujuLolcron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

'Crons and Sisters are now bff.
(we pretend like Sanctuary 101 was never a thing)

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File: 149 KB, 600x381, Sororitas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

delicious Sisters...

>> No.19131081
File: 150 KB, 1024x576, sisters animu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if this was a real animu, I would watch the shit out of it

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>> No.19131090

Starting up Fantasy after a few years break from playing any form of Warhammer, last time i played was 3rd edition 40K, never played fantasy in anything beyond a Mordheim campaign at a local GW that closed down.

ANyways, play level for the store is between 500 and a thousand points, figured if i grabbed the battalion and a captian of the empire, i have enough points for that. But i was wondering how to play empire effectively? I like the idea of the detachments, but i don't really understand the max levels of the actual parent unit, it just says 10+ on a lot of them, is the sky the limit or what?

>> No.19131108

This is not the thread for army building advice, primitive.
This thread is for art.

>> No.19131112


I can give you the list i use 2500 tournament list. I win a lot of local tournaments, some even state wide tournaments with my empire(Not being arrogant just setting the scene mengs)and i could give you that list and the strategies i use if you want.

>> No.19131163

pretty sure that this is a general catch all thread from the start, bro
I'd like to see that and know what strategies will work with them, i figured with detachments i can field gunners and cross bows with assaulty units, and vice versa with others to save them from charges, this is also my first time learning WHFB, but the store i'm going to play at is just starting out it's GW buttlovery as well so everyone is at a similar level

>> No.19131178

Yes you can put infinite soldiers in a unit as long as you have enough points, there is no upper unit size limit in fantasy, unless it is specifically stated in the unit entry.

>> No.19131213


Trust me man detachments are shit. I can explain if you want. Here is the list.


Arch Lector (Greatswords)
The Armor of the meteoric iron
Great Weapon
-155 Points

Battle Wizard Lord Level 4 (Halberds x40)

Lore of Light or shadow.
Dispel Scroll
Talisman of Preservation

-270 Points


Captain of the empire (Helberds)
Full Plate Armor

-103 points

Warrior Priest (Halberds)
Heavy Armor

-69 Points

Core Units

Halberdiers x 39

Full command

-264 Points

Halberdiers x 39

Full command

-264 Points

Halberdiers x 40

Full command

-270 Points

>> No.19131227

Special Units

Greatswords x29

Full command
Standard of Discipline

-364 Points

Demigrpyh Knights x3


-184 Points

Demigrpyh Knights x3


-184 Points

Great Cannon

-120 Points

Great Cannon

-120 Points

Rare Units

Cellestium Hurricanum



-2500 Points

>> No.19131241

What makes them shit? now, i'm coming off of playing no table top games other then FOW in the past few years, so how does WHFB work without any ranged units other then the wizard? Also general strategy?

>> No.19131254

Ah, jumped the gun so to speak

>> No.19131263


I mean they are meant to be redirecters or charge support units(supporting fire, being able to charge in the flank etc.) and if your enemy was a bot they would work wonders. The thing is though is that they will just charge the detachments and then overrun into your unit, and if the detachments are too far away to be overran they wont get the special rules your unit gives them so there is no point for them to be detachments anyway.

>> No.19131294


Pretty much the goal of this army is to beat the shit out of them with your 3 blocks of infantry while your cav secures the flanks. Keep your hurricanum within 6" of each of your blocks of infantry and use the cannon to kill stuff the halberdiers cant touch.

>> No.19131373

since this is warhammer general what's the deal with 40k's canon.

I've seen people swear by the "Choose your own Adventure" style canon, truth is what you want it to be.

And people who swear by the solid unalienable canon, every word in every BL novel and codex is the absolute word of god.

>> No.19131393

As a choose your own canon guy, I say it's whichever one you want it to be.

>> No.19131417

It's the exact same thing, actually. every single thing published by GW is equally true about the setting, that is to say, as much as you want it to be.

>> No.19131433

you can focus on or ignore what you like, it won't doesn't affect the way you model, paint or play.

>> No.19131436

I like that idea, i may steal parts of it for my 1500 point list i'll be buying towards once i get out of school this week, fucking finals.

>> No.19131468

This seems to say most people believe in the choose your own canon side of things.

There's a lot of people in my area who will get on your case hard if you contradict anything in a BL book or codex - nevermind that they contradict themselves all the time.

>> No.19131543

>1000 Points
>My Orks, vs His Newcrons
>Super Dakka Overload Army list
>Mass Warriors and Immortals opposite me
>Win first turn
>30 shots
>22 hit
>19 wound
>Shokk Attack gun, dirrect hit S9
>With one unit wipe out big unit of warriors and template scratched adjacent immortals
>Necron return fire
> ones for sight, ones for sight every where
>And not a single ork was lost that turn
>Second turn
>Shokk attack gun rolls double 1 and 6 for distance.
>a shit nuggets
>Lose big mek and all but 1 of my lootas
>battle turns into slug fest once the boys get stuck in
>lose in the end but have so much fun I aint even mad

And that loota stayed to the end. Passed all his moral checks AND armor saves and kept shooting till eventually 8 immortals with tesla guns raped his ass.

>> No.19131622

So be honest guys... I bought a can of citadel spray paint to undercoat my first minis... But can I just use some fucking krylon for a 1/3 of the price and still be good?

>> No.19131702

As long as you maintain the 8 -12 " distance while spraying, while monitoring the relative humidity, and moving the can not the mini ...

>> No.19131881
File: 471 KB, 816x952, img4efe655e891a7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just ignore them, they are all faggots, the moment you treat anything in the 40k universe as the utmost truth then you might as well be comparing it to real life and getting butt hurt when people say that M16s are more powerful than lasguns, abrams could beat land raiders and that chainswords wouldn't work

>implying what i just said is true
>implying it isn't

>> No.19132031

i use 2 dollar walmart car primer and it works flawlessly as long as you follow that other guy's guidelines, one can got through my entire IG repaint and my whole flames of war army

>> No.19132111

As in not very humid? Because its fine out here right now. And obviously don't move the minis when you paint.

>> No.19132179

High humidity can really fuck up primer.
Oh, and avoid Armory primer like the plague.

>> No.19134000
File: 145 KB, 764x1024, cff5e3d4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Decide to give 40k a try now that im done with uni, used to play necrons when I was 15
>finish a grey knights army, start painting them
>bring it into a GW to show a mate of mine. Painted a few models
>Some dude starts having a go at me for running GN, so I told him im just in it for the painting, models and conversion
>Small argument starts about how OP the grey knights are or how easy it is etc
>One of the dudes thinks anyone can beat me and I get challenged to a quick game 1500 point game
>Its a dawn of war map
>it starts in nightfight
>get in close combat by turn 2 thanks to the assault Land Raider
>He gets two unsaved wounds the whole game

>he blames nightfight

>I move the two landraiders around cover, he barely gets to shoot at me
>same thing happens
>he takes out my dreadnoughts
>get in combat
>wipe him out again

Its was a good day

>> No.19134502
File: 276 KB, 800x561, Space_Wolf_Termie_by_Cheburan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>haven't been playing much since gw shut down VN
>went to a club for a while, that ended.
>challenge buddy who got me into the game to MONDAY NIGHT COMBATS
>he hasn't played fuck all since the start of 5th due to feuding with GW manager
>thinks he's gonna own me because my 4th edition list had no answer to winged Tzeentch DPs. (he runs 2, two big squads of CSM with plas, one unit of Thousand Sons, a lone Oblie and a half dozen termies with an AC)
>Decide to be a dick.
>SW list. Not my usual GH + Njal + Slayers one either
>Doggy death star. Two full squads of TW+SS, two squads of BCs with accompanying WG with Ragnar rolling with one squad and Lukas in the other.
>He has no idea what is about to happen to him.
>Gets first turn, cripples a rhino, Lukas + buddies dismount.
>DP is out of charge range.
>Moves DP so it can charge next turn, takes a perils hit casting WT.
>My turn. TW charge DP, knock two wounds off it, take none in return. "Your save is a -wat- invulnerable?"
Other side of the board, other TW hit the other DP with equal success.
>One turn in both his big hitters are getting a kicking.
>Ragnar and homies drive their rhino up to one of the CSM blobs, fire a couple of pistols out of the hatch, kill a guy. Stay in their rhino.
>Oblie cracks the rhino open.
>CSM hose BCs but fuck it up and cause like three casualties.
>Ragnar MORALE CHECKS that shit.
>Charges claws with other CSM squad.
>Countercharge. Ragnar. Shit is slapped. CSM drop out of combat due to Ragnar killing everyone in range of him before they get to swing.

>> No.19134508
File: 103 KB, 768x814, The_Mighty_Russ_by_SamwiseTheAwesome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Next turn. Lukas and his crew are now unentangled from the wreck of their rhino and drop back to the objective. One squad of TWs has killed its DP off so it charges the nearest CSM blob, clears its killzone and drops out of combat. The other is fighting its daemon still but kills it at the end of combat.
>Ragnar and homies murder the oblie.
>New turn, shit is all fucked up for Chaos and they know it. >Everybody pumps as much fire as possible into whatever is closest
>Bloodclaws die
>Not a single fuck is given courtesy of Ragnar.
>TWs take one wound due to bolters failing vs T5 and 3++ saves.
>Next SW turn, TW charge the two CSM blobs on their respective flanks, lefthand break theirs and run them down, righthand break theirs and let them get away, they promptly flee off the table.
>Chaos Termies are all the while heading for Lukas who is popping away with his plasma pistol from behind his dead rhino and the cover the objective is in.
>Ragnar and his surviving bloodclaw and wolf guard sidekicks chase after the termies.
>Next turn, 4 CSM, 9 TS, 4 CTM panic and run in circles as the rape noose tightens, desultory fire is exchanged, no casualties.
>SW turn five, lefthand TW eat the last four CSM, righthand ones hit the TS and kill a couple.
>Ragnar hasn't caught termies yet.
tl;dr, spess yiffs are a trap.

>> No.19134519


Nicely done!

That your model btw?

>> No.19134562
File: 132 KB, 488x788, 1327150403528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know where Drawinganondude posts his art?

>> No.19135495

In FFG publications, duh. Buy a dark heresy/black crusade/deathwatch book, and try to spot his art.

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