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Can we get a heavy weapons/ big guy character portrait thread going.

I am making two characters; a heavy weapons guardsmen in Dark Heresy and a 7ft tall (not sure on race probably Half Orc, Grey Orc, Human) Fighter.

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I'll see what I can do for the Guardsman. Not sure how much I'll have, but there should be a few.

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Cowboy Orc

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Brunner is one cold motherfucker.

Pic semi-related, op, if only for how retardedly hench diglett is.

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So much heresy in this picture, but the chap on the left next to the Kroot, maybe?

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That's about it for 40k. I'll see if I can dig up anything suitable for the Fighter.

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Ignoring the Kroot, Squat, and Techpriest decked out in Tyranid Bones, is that fuckmothering Harlequin Death Jester in the pic

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Over on the right? I don't think so. He looks too broad and brawny for an Eldar.

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I think the techpriest IS the nid.

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Most of these seem a little less fighter and a little more Barbarian, I'm afraid.

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That's about it from me, I'm afraid. I don't know how useful this stuff in, but maybe something'll jump out.

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DL, is there any way to run an infantry-centric Deldar armylist that can remain competetive in the tankfest this game seems to have become?

Also, Is there a way to run Harlies in a Deldar Army in a way that doesn't suck?

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Hey that picture is almost exactly what I need.
I just need to edit him bald now..

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>DL, is there any way to run an infantry-centric Deldar armylist that can remain competetive in the tankfest this game seems to have become?
Yes, there is.
She will explain how.
>mfw DLFG is answering questions, just like I said she would

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>is there any way to run an infantry-centric Deldar armylist

Short answer; no. Dark Eldar were doing all-mech armies before all-mech armies were popular. They don't have the numbers or the toughness to slog it on foot. That doesn't mean you have to spam venoms and use your infantry purely to make them scoring, but you WILL need transports to shuttle your infantry to their destinations alive.

Long answer; sort of. You can do a half-mech, half-foot army by going heavy on Webway Portals and Haemonculus units. You'll still need Raider-mounted Haemonculi and accompanying units to zip forward and open your portals on turn 1, and Ravagers are point-for-point one of the best anti-tank options available, so you'll want a few to open up enemy transports. But you can then go for lots of footslogging Grotesque and Wrack units, possibly Scourges for supplementary anti-tank fire, to pop out of the portals and pounce on the hopefully now vulnerable enemy infantry. It's a bit of a haphazard tactic, and still requires several vehicles, but isn't unplayable.

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>Raider-mounted Haemonculi

Er, transport-mounted Haemonculi, rather. Venoms work equally as well, though I'd still recommend the Raider, as you'll be doing most of your infantry killing in close combat so the extra Dark Lances will come in handy.

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Too perfect opportunity to pass. Pic somewhat related.

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>Short answer: no
Or not....

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And, as I went on to explain, you can do an infantry-heavy army by using several Webway Portals and Haemonculi units, which are tough enough to take a bit of firepower moving from combat to combat. But a pure footslogging infantry army? It's not going to work. Wych units will get gutted at range before reaching melee, while Haemonculus units are too slow and lack credible ranged attacks to get there without being inserted via webway portals. Kabalite units can kick out a decent amount of firepower and you can get a reasonable number on the board, but you're left with an army that's going to get rolled in close combat and lacks reliable ranged anti-tank fire.

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Thanks for the Advice DL. So just to recap:

I'm guessing I should go
For HQ either:
>Double HA's or HA/Succubus?
Fast Attack:
Heavy Support:
>2-3 Ravagers

And with a Raider and a couple of venoms as dedicated transport and to drop webway portals.

Some Questions:
>What should I pad out my elites with besides Grotesques? Incubi/Mandrakes/Trueborn?
>Should I use kabalites? (I wasn't sure if you were saying that kabalites were not worth it, or if I shouldn't rely on them as the backbone of my army.)
>Could I use a pain engine in one of the heavy support slots or would that waste a slot best saved for a ravager?
>If a pain engine is viable, should I go Talos or Chronos?
>Is it worth using up a fast attack slot for 9 reavers, or should I go Scourges all the way?
>Is there a way to use harlies, death jesters, or shadowseers in a Deldar Army that is effective, and not merely a terrible waste of elite slots?

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forgot to post a pic

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So, why does the rat agree with Freud? It must be pretty out there as modern psychoanalysts go.

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Perhaps, he like Freud believes that "Irrational fear of weapons is a sign of emotional and sexual immaturity."

However, more than likely, the under-educated artist is misattributing the common misconception by leftists with an e-degree in pop-psychology that anyone with a rifle is overcompensating for a small penis on the grounds that they are long and cylindrical.

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