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>generate random chapter
>fleet based, fly around doing random events
>met some battle brothers from holy chapter of blood angels
>they request help on nearby planet to stop a rebelion
>in his grand name, we accept
>start purging stuff, turns out they are chaos fallowers
>my leader faces cultist leader, my leader wins but gets damaged badly by psyker abilities of that cultist
>moths later my leader gains new perk: "Hears voices"
>end up in a fight between tau and IG
>kill tau, message comes that local IG commander is heretic
>since my leader was with commander, killed him in few seconds, guardsmen rage
>"Stand down you weaklings, can you not see the emperors mercy we gave to this heretic?"
>they dont listen
>order men to gun down some guardsmen
>it makes them more angry, full conflict emerges
>kill guardsmen, their navy tho destroyed my battle barge and made me trapped on this world
>more IG coming, all die
>finaly capture an imperial ship
>fly with it to local hiveworld, purge it and billions of people on it just as a "fuck you" to imperials
>"you amuse us mortal"
>become possesed, marines turn to chaos
>space wolves come, only in planetfall they kill half of my men
>rest is finished quickly in melee
>my leader starts killing shit including own bodyguards
>leader goes batshit crazy
>"for murdering billions khorne decided to make you his demon prince"
>accept offer
>die shortly after becoming demon prince
>ressurect on some feral world
>locals see me as their god
>colect new army of cultists
>the cycle continues

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>discover underwater hiveworld
>rumors say there are a nurgle cult on it
>depressurize hives
>untold numbers died in few seconds
>no more cultists in whole sector

just another day beeing a chapter master

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>be khorne fallower
>decide to spread my religion and offer blood and carnage to others
>introduce my religion to orkz
>introduce khorne to tau
>introduce khorne to eldars
>introduce khorne to other humans
>introduce khorne to necrons
>none survived

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Ah this threads going to be a good summer detector.

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>decide to create a chapter that will focus more on developing planets rather than fighting
>end up on agricultural world
>after few years it becomes feudal world
>after few decades, a fully fledged imperial world
>nearby eldar craftworld takes notice and comes near
>"we are amazed by your advancments, we would like to settle on this world, in return we will give you our technology"
>"sure, you may live under emperors protection"
>rep with inquisition drops from normal to abyssmal
>inquisitor comes and is all like "y u no kill xenos?"
>try to reach agreement diplomaticly
>my advisor on eldar related things is all like "if you so wish to do harm to my people, then do so openly rather than hiding under politics and statuses"
>inquisitor gets upset and leaves
>declared renegades
>black temaplars come
>"we will erase this stain from emperors sight"
>me: "bitches dont know about my orbital cannons and a craftworld ready to engage battle"
>destroy their fleet before they make planetfall
>tau want to live on my planet too
>become interacial hiveworld with all kind of tech availible in universe
>adeptus mechanicus arm nearby minor chapter with best gear and exterminatus related gear possible and direct their wrath towards me
>intercepted by my tau patrol fleet
>no atacks comming my way, ever

>in grim darkness of the far future, there is peace and prosperity

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Not feeling creative enough to make up a new story, here's an old one I wrote up
>feeling Khornate, roll an imperial fists successor chapter that went rogue
>start with 1k marines in the eye of terror and 0 ships
>spec all out into melee
>assault marines everywhere
>picking fights left and right, attracting followers
>worship demons, load up on favours, recruit from followers
>fucking up some slaaneshi pussies, convert all of their mortals to Khorne
>death guard warband proposes alliance
>slaughter them for Khorne, lose 800 marines and 12k mortals
>call in favours, bring back 300 of my best warriros, now at 700 marines and 6k mortals
>keep fighting, keep attracting followers, keep recruiting
>buy transport to pirate harbour
>rampage all over the place randomly, take a raider-class ship in the process
>stay in port to pick fights and fuck bitches for a week
>time to raid some imperials, fuck yeah
>beat up pirate captain in exchange for a way out of the eye
>fly straight through a warp storm, fighting furies and daemonettes every step of the way
>lose some marines and mortals, gain veterans and recruits in mid-warp
>leave warp in some random system, see signs of combat on one of the planets

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>run in blindly and charge straight into oldcrons
>ruin their shit
>save dark eldar in the process, necrons destroyed their only link to the webway
>...whythefucknot.jpg, recruit them
>gain chaos eldar
>renenter warp, eldar fuck and fight with everything during the trip
>go to next system, find hive world, charge in blindly
>dark eldar sacrifice the shit out of everything we find
>get empowered by Khorne
>Khornate eldar figure they don’t need me anymore
>we get into a threesome fight – us, dark eldar and PDF in a massive free for all
>total fucking chaos all over the planet, everyone fighting everyone everywhere with locals converting to Khorne and forming their own bands
>Khornate eldar come out on top, kill everyone else
>your chapter has crumbled.jpg

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Where can I find this chapter master thing? I would love to play it.

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Now gimme :<

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The joke is that it doesn't exist, newfriend. It's a game that /tg/ made up.

I think someone was working on making it an actual game, but I dunno how or even if that's going.

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That feel when after one or two mishaps that may or may not have involved daemon artifacts, give you declared excommunicate traitoris,

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It's going, they are keeping quiet but every now and then they pop up and tell us how it's looking, last I heard they were fixing up some bugs in combat.

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>give you declared
get you declared
derpity derp derpen derp

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It's ok. Pic related.

Now, relevant:

>Start out as Salamanders successor chapter
>Flamers and meltas everywhere
>around 300 men plus about 2000 serfs
>10 ships, including a battle barge(!)

>Decide to focus on recruiting and building up rep with everyone
>Protect civilians, bro with other chapters, give superior-crafted wargear left right and centre
>Everyone loves me
>Blood Ravens like me enough that they give my Chapter Master some flaming sword kind of thing
>Oh yeah, time to fuck bitches
>Sally forth on a crusade into secessionist sector
>Killin', takin', winnin'
>Slaughter a large secessionist moon base in a single day, Chapter Master personally kills >300 guys
>Mostly civilians, as it turns out
>"Your Chapter Master has been hearing whispers..."
>Immediately go on redemption crusade into deep space, hoping to escape the bloodshed there
>Always find more pirates, enemies, blood to be shed
>Purity meter keeps falling as my Chapter Master becomes more and more bloodthirsty
>Purity meter hits rock bottom
>Sigh, I only wanted to be a bro.

>Khornate daemon in the flaming sword from the blood ravens manifests, fucks up half my ship, kills Chapter Master
>Rest of the chapter manage to kill it, fall fully to Khorne in the process
>Re-emerge into Imperial space
>The Inquisition has heard of our fuckery, and is waiting
>Cue protracted battle with Navy warships, get decimated

Fucking Blood Ravens. Never trusting them again.

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Is the project to make this a real game still happening? The fourm and blog look mostly dead.

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It's slowed down for a bit thanks to various irl commitments, but last time someone claimed it was dead (about 2 weeks ago) one of the people on the dev team turned up and posted progress images, and told us to keep the faith. I wouldn't worry.

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>I wouldn't worry.
I wouldn't hold my breath, either.

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This is the standard "CHAPTER MASTER THREAD" image that the OP should have used.
Read it if you haven't.

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he didn't post it because getting all the /v/ refugees' hopes up only to crush them is really kinda funny.

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The "game" is dead in the water, from the looks of the forum. Sucks.

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