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Assembling, customising and painting Ork Boy after Ork Boy is excruciating at times, same goes for the wide expanse of free hand on a Wave Serpent.

So, what does /tg/ think are the most enjoyable models to assemble and paint?

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Grey knights, because you can just dunk them in grey and gold paint buckets and be done with it.

Chaos allows you creativity, and I'm guessing so does Orkz.
Although Orks probably take a good while to paint because of all the models involved.

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Actually, i quite like doing wave serpents/ eldar tanks in general. Painting up my revenant at the moment, that's quite fun.

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They aren't quiet that easy, but they are pretty enjoyable to paint. The terminators more so because there are more options for them(not to mention easier to pose arms).

Outside of that...I had fun painting a wraithlord with washes once.

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Orks are always fun to paint.
I'm painting dark eldar, and mark 2-6 space marines now.

Space Marines and Orks are probably the easiest to paint.
Chaos Marines are fun if you want to do a lot of detail.

Am considering buying Mantic's new line of Space Skaven.

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Tactical marines

Bland enough that they don't take too long (even with proper highlights and such) to paint, just interesting enough that they aren't boring to paint, and the amount of kits available means putting them together is also kinda fun

The least enjoyable are assault marines. FUCK those jump packs, it's like a second dude strapped to their backs, but with horrible gaps to fill and mold lines (in tricky places) to scrape off.

Characters get special mention as well.. they're usually fun to paint

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Chaos is where I'm currently thinking of turning to for inspiration, unsure what specific models though...

I'd love to have my hands on a Revenant, looks so fun! But I think it's a tad pricey for this moment.

Wraithlords are one of my favorites, so fun to position differently each time, and awesome for paintscheme options!

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I play Guard, but I have a couple squads of Tac Marines (for themed allies games, so I can have a "Drop Pods save the day" moment) and I love painting them. I have an airbrush for my Russes / Chimeras, and I love the lighting effects I can achieve on Marines with it.

That and the kit is just really good, lots of extra bits and they're pretty posable. Solid all-around.

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i won a big pile of cash and just went 'fuck it, i'm buying a titan, that model is fucking sweet'.

Wraithlords are also pretty mice to paint, need to get my hands on a plastic one though, i've just got a pair of old metal ones, one of which is alost unusably broken now...

Does the plastic kit come with a wraithsword not-in-hand, as i wanted to do a crouching brightlance sniper wraithlord with a sword at his hip.

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the wraithsword is an optional bit

to be honest I wish they still had the HAM HANDS of the old metal one. I loved those

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I mean as in, without the hand wrapped around it.

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WHERE'S MY WAD OF TITAN MONEY!? Like above said, the sword is optional, but with a hand attached but it's easy enough to just slice the hand into a hilt.

Those hands are ugly as fuck, and don't suit Eldar constructs, to me.

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yes, that's what I mean too

here, a picture

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bitch, don't make me come over there

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Aww it doesn't... ah well. My alternative is getting one anyway and a forgeworld wraithseer and having them resemble my farseer and autarch (need the seer spear because a) it's awesome and b) i used a banshee executioner for my exarch.
Also wraithseers get motherfucking D-cannons. fuck yeah.

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I loved that wraithlord. Shame I never could assemble my Spirithost though...maybe if they ever come out with plastic wraithguard.

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Anything that can be done entirely with an airbrush and decals.

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I think that's something all eldar players are waiting for... Not sure they realise how well it would sell.

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I don't think so, enjoy your Finecast Wraithguard for £10 each.

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I guess i'll just continue to not use wraithguard then, and not feel the need to expand my army with units i don't have already.

Except forgeworld stuff, because forgeworld eldar is sexy as fuck. Gotta get me a hornet or 2.

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I started my Eldar because of Wraithlords. Now I have 6. Such a wonderful model, large surfaces for freehand, great to highlight, Always looks cool. Good conversion base too.

And 50 wraithguard. My wallet hurts.

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Wraithguard are the only unit besides (Storm) Guardians and Jetbikes that could justifiably be a plastic kit. Given GW's boner over monstrous infantry/cavalry, they're basically a shoe-in

>but aspects cou-
FUCK Aspects. They get enough love already.

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50 of them, god damn. That's a high point army. Now get a wraithseer to lead them.
That's like £400 of wraithguard... i just quickly calculated in my head. fuck.

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/tg/ loves Wraithlords.

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>cats rather than flamers
2/10, wouldn't guide

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625 Euros. Pile of gold and my soul on top.

I have a Wraithseer waiting assembly.

I have a roughly 3000 point Pure Wraithwall. 50 Wraithguard, 3 Wraithlords, Wraithseer, Farseer, Seer council. Fun in Apocalypse.

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Guide would be pretty pointless with flamers anyway.

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You don't have to guide.
All you have to do is love.

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that's because wraithlords are bitchin'

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>implying warlocks cast guide

destructor? i 'ardly even know 'er?

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Also you are a warlock and cannot into guide

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>puny Wraithlords and their faggy elven blades

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I was trying to think of a term for "spiritseer" that I could use in the sentence, but my brain wouldn't cooperate

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Don't be mean. Just be my seer.

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Puny arrogant mammal, come back when you don't die to bolter rounds.

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OP's pic reminds me, I managed to snag a squad of pewter LotD marines. Local store has shit loads of blisters, Since I heard about the finecast news, I've had half a mind to march down there and relieve them of every last box.

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Chaos is great for any ideas you might have. You can do anything and say "chaos did it"

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I still need to pick up the multi-melta/non box squaddies

hooray for ebay trawling

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Just checked myself, nothing of a reasonable price on there at the moment.

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