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earlier today I saw this thing floating around on /tv/ and I noticed, that /tg/ hasn't made an entry yet.

My pick:
Offense: Kain (OWoD)
Defense: Tarrasque
Support: Ursakar E Creed

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Should be /tg/ creations

Offense should definitely be the Angry Marines

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Old Man Henderson somewhere.

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Offense: Old Man Henderson
Defense: ????

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Offense: Kromgol (alt LIIVI)
Defense: Grandpa Dread (alt Taldeer)
Support: Kulhteest! (alt Commissar Conrad Raege)

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Boxcar Joe?

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Why does /a/ utilize no-name characters?
To prevent a shitstorm?

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Defense: emperasque

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Like the other boards could win /tg/ at this. We've all the most ridiculously powerful entities ever created.
I vote Pun-Pun for every slot!

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John Cloud Raven

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Offense: Elminister (use a picture of a creepy bearded pervert guy in a trenchcoat, or other picture that makes it clear how utterly creepy Greenwood and his self insert is).

He's a high level D&D wizard, who in and of themselves are notoriously unstoppable on the offense, and he's an old dude who turns himself into a young girl to have sex with the unsuspecting, and his player is the ultimate /d/M who would seriously, unironic attempt erotic roleplay with strangers of either at GenCon. So he is himself fairly offensive.

Defense: The Unconquered Sun. In a game notorious for retarded invincibility, the Unconquered Sun, so long as he's not sitting on the couch being a lazy asshole, is utterly and permanently invincible. The game itself is one in which the supreme defenses cause time itself to lag, stall, and die. Exalted fans are also amongst the most defensive individuals known to mankind. So he is the ideal master of defense.

Support... okay, Creed or whatever. Don't care.

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I vote for Ward on Offense.

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Well, he surely is offensive.

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That picture is bad people should feel bad for making it!

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Offense should be a housecat.

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Yeah, a variant of Pun-Pun for each slot.

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/a/'s Offense is the Elder god form of Demonbane's co-pilot and their Support is a teenage girl with every skill in existence that is as old as the universe. I don't know who they chose as defense.

We need to include Pun-pun as one of ours.

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Sadly ward is only offensive to us. The others wouldn't probably care.

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I vote CoDzilla for offense.

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I vote to defeat /a/ we have the neckbeard as defense, for no woman can touch those who wear it.

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Offense: emperasque
defense: DEFF BOSS
support: Lady Jessamene Integra Isabella D'Arcelle Dawnshadow,( founder of the golden Aquilas)

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Infinite Wishes Paladin of Pazuzu

Neutronium Golem.

Really, if we wanted extra cheese from +mortal's +andbook, GOD (the DM) is given an actual in game role in one of the books.

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I vote for Lady of Pain as our defense, un-fucking-touchable.

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Need Support?
Why not The Emperor!?

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no the emperasque, it means he can handle himself if he needs to get his hands dirty

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Because he is dead

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aslo, the emperor would make good support

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And starts to smell.

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This..this is really good.
+1 for the Golden Aquilas!

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Pun-Pun on the offensive
Emperasque defensive
A DM as support

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If we were to grab someone from MtG it should be one of the original planeswalkers such as Urza.

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I vote Emprasque for Offense, Lady of Pain or the Unconquered Sun for Defense, and Old Man Henderson or CREEEEEED for Support.

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Offense: Ward he is a very offensive person for /tg/
Defense: Monte Cook he defended 3.x till he got fired
Support: Gary Gygax he is the DM

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There are so many great choices from that handbook. A Great Wyrm Nexus Dragon has a 92% chance of erasing its opponents from reality and they have a 92% chance of simply evading every attack.

And then there's Gargillian who wields a Nexus Dragon like a whip. It's Demonbane-tier stuff.

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Offense: The God Emperor of Mankind
Defense: Urza
Support: Heironeous

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...wait a fucking sec
>/a/ using Al
>/m/ using Demonbane
....man this is gonna be awkward

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Our defense should be a Bloody Path Rogue.

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Pick one ability from this page. Win the battle.

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Offense: Pun Pun
Defense: FATAL Rulebook (Nobody will get near that)
Support: Creed

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>Defense: FATAL Rulebook
My god, that's genius!

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Defense: Lady of Pain
Support: Ao

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And /lit/ has god and we have the DM, so essentially the same person. Because god is the author of all things.

>> No.19110056

Offense: The DM
Defense: The GM
Support The ST

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God is lame-tier considering that we run campaigns that have player characters become more powerful than God on a daily basis.

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Can't we just do LoP - Cain (WoD) - Pun-Pun, not in that particular order, and win at everything forever?

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Nah, I already read it cover to cover and have made characters on /tg/ before.

So, like, we have at least three viable entries for EVERY slot. Why don't we take our most godlikes from all three main categories -- wargames, card games, and RPGs?

That means the Emperor (or failing that, Creed), the Unconquered Sun (from Exalted you scrubs), and Urza.

Unfortunately in the lore of their respective settings, two of those three are already dead.

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I'd still factor in The Unconquered Sun as someone already suggested instead of Cain or Lady of Pain

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wait can we use /tg/ canon if so why don't we use the emperasque, he's basically the emperor, only even more physically dangerous.

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Gork&Mork are more powerful than Emps tbh

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Offense: Emrakul, The Aeons Torn
Defense: The Lady of Pain
Support: Creed

LoP's defenses are perfect, Creed can sneak Emrakul into any position, and when Emrakul attacks OOPS! the other boards have to sacrifice six permanents and they only have three in play!

Check and mate.

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Offense: Gork 'n Mork
Defense: Pun Pun
Support: Urza

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Offense: Phage

>Tap, destroy target creature
>Their entire team is dead in 3 turns

One turn if you make Offense and Defense both Tidewater Minions.

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Oh, I meant Avatar of Whatever.

The one that's T, Destroy Target Creature.

You know what I'm talking about.

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This. We're done here.

>> No.19110130

/v/ rolling on a pretty meh team.

>> No.19110131

Offense: Old Man Henderson
Defense: Fatal
Support: Creed
Substitute: DOOM RIDER

>> No.19110140

I don't care what we pick.

As long as Gork and Mork are on the Offense.

God of Brutal Cunning and the God of Cunning Brutality.


>> No.19110144

>Pun-Pun riding a Neutronium Golem into battle

Can it be done?

>> No.19110148


Too meta.

>> No.19110149

>no Dr. Manhattan

Seems like they missed an opportunity there, but anyone besides the Saint is just overkill anyway.

>> No.19110151

Offense: Angry Marines
Defense: Angry Marines

>> No.19110152


but what if Gork and Mork decide to fight each other instead of the other folks?

>> No.19110155


Pun-Pun. Because he can actually exist within a world and not just in orky imagination.

>> No.19110161


Avatar of Woe. She was a staple of mine.

>> No.19110165

There is just one thing that worries me, guys. How do we counter Chim, which is basically DM powers?

>> No.19110166


If we're lucky the sheer amount of collateral damage caused by their squabble will be enough to make us win by accident.


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The idea of killing the Abrahamic god is full-on retarded. That's like saing that a character that you wrote about attempted and succeeded to attack you.

>> No.19110176

Elesh Norn really shouldn't be on this list, sicne the whole point is to showcase retardedly broken characters from each board. She's a cool ladymonsterthing and I love her dearly, but she's not even close to being one of the top 3 strongest in /tg/, nor Magic for that matter. Fuck, Yawgmoth would be a better fit.

>> No.19110177

I'm actually not all that worried about Chim.

He fits in that slot of 'Reality Warping Assholes' along with Q, God and One Above All. I figure the reality warpers will cancel each other out. The only character I can't think of any counter for is the Saint.

>> No.19110184


With a literal GM as outlined in >>19109964

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>> No.19110198


Well, his guns always kill and never miss, so I think the best plan of action is to try to convince him to shoot himself.

>> No.19110199


I think this is more God outlined in the Bible as a work of literature and less God in reality. And as far as being a deity in a work of fiction, God is fucked.

>> No.19110203

Support : Friend Computer anyone?

>> No.19110206

Would that kill him? I mean, he IS susceptible to mind control, but I don't think he can be killed, and he can definitely instantly kill anything he can point his guns at.

>> No.19110211

I'm putting another vote in for The Unconquered Sun in defence... failing that, lady of pain.

I also liked the previous anons idea of wargames, cardgames and tabletops. So Unconquered Sun covers tabletops, Jace Beleren could cover support and cardgames.

Which means offense would have to be covered by wargames.

>> No.19110213

See >>19110198

Or we get V to run Shepard.

>> No.19110214

I'm sure we can negate the existence of even more powerful characters somehow

>> No.19110226


Why Jace over someone like Urza or Yawgmoth?

>> No.19110232

Fuck, if we assume that the teams are being commanded/controlled by their respective boards, this could work.

>> No.19110234

Support: Any 17th level Wizard.

17th level wizards can cast Wish.

I Wish we win.

>> No.19110244

Who's that time controlling mage from Time Spiral?

Pretty much everyone's got enough broken bullshit to completely wipe out everyone else at the speed of though/sound/bullets, etc.

If we could stop time instantly as soon as the free for all starts we could field a time controller and 2 kobolds and just walk around slitting throats at our leisure.

>> No.19110249

Well, we can pull characters(gods) like The Unconquered Sun who are absolutely unkillable by anything, so it doesn't really even matter.

>> No.19110251

Hey, guys, what if we say the contest presented in his challenge isn't 'battle to the death'.

What if it's '3v3 basketball tournament?'

>> No.19110252

Offense: The GM
Defense: That Guy
Support: GM's girlfriend

>> No.19110258


/v/ wins. They have Charles Barkley.

>> No.19110259

Utility. Jaces mind bending / reality bending effects combined with the traditional roles of blue make him slide easiest into support.

Granted, urza could fill blue too, but jace is *the* mind sculptor

>> No.19110262

Attack: Level one commoner
Defense: Kobold
Support: time controlling mage?

>> No.19110279

I'd say: Max level 3.5 DnD mage or Pun Pun, pretty much anyone that can cast Wish and Time Stop at will.

Then add two characters capable of killing people like Supes Prime, Q or God, and you're good.

My vote is Avatar of Woe.

Then our third character can really be anybody.

>> No.19110285

Let's make our third CREEEEEEEED. That way cards, tabletop, and pen 'n' paper are all represented and we have a way of sneaking all of our shit past any barriers or other sneaky shit they may set up.

>> No.19110287

Old Man Henderson killed an Elder God using nothing but explosives.

I vote him, Gork and Mork, and the Planeswalkers.

No seriously planeswalkers could just kill everything by buffing Henderson to Elder God power levels.

>> No.19110288

Which Shephard?
Trust me, there are plenty in v-space.

>> No.19110299

Offense: Old Man Henderson
Defense: John Cloud Raven
Support: Boxcar Joe the Magic Hobo

Henderson is the perfect soldier, the vast amount he's done in his life means he is ready for ever situation ever.

John Cloud Raven has burdened himself with the silent crusade facing the countless horrors and abominations that lesser minds couldn't even fathom fathoming.

Boxcar Joe has lived endless lives on endless worlds, he is deathless and wise beyond all.

>> No.19110300

Which one?

>> No.19110306

Boxcar Joe the Magic Hobo should be on our team.

>> No.19110309


Urza leveled a continent, created a golem that both time traveled and became a planeswalker, bred a hero, created a device to blow up the ultimate evil of his universe, and literally had an easier time shifting his individual molecules around instead of simply turning his body.

Jace is cool, but he has nothing on old walker sheer craziness.

>> No.19110311

Disregard me, I was sniped.

>> No.19110318

Couldn't we just have platinum angel?

Or something else that doesn't let us lose.

Or the one card that makes us start a new game inside a game?

Basically we force them to fight infinite battles.

>> No.19110327

Fuck they have superman prime, we cant win.

>> No.19110344

Old Man Henderson on the Explosives
The Emperor Protects
Urza on Artifice

>> No.19110366

Okay, there's a ton of elder gods, so we need somebody who's experienced at taking out elder gods. Only one I know is Old Man Henderson. He's best in Offense.
Support is obviously Urza, he's pretty much a god. Elminster could fit here too but Urza is better.
That's someone from RPGs and someone from CCGs, which means the defense should be from tabletop strategy. Obviously, the most powerful we have to field is the Emperor himself, who is also known for protecting, and thus a good submission for Defense.

>> No.19110375

Offense: Kobold rush
Defense: Cthulhu
Support: God Emperor of Catkind

>> No.19110414

Box Car Joe the Magical Hobo
God Emperor

/tg/ Has spoken

>> No.19110427

Unfortunately Old Man Henderson probably wouldn't be able to take on God or Q, so he wont do as offense

I vote PunPun or the Festering Anger Muscle Wizard on offense

>> No.19110432

Offense: Pun-Pun
Defense: God Emperor of Mankind
Support: Jace, the Dong Sculpter

That's my vote.

>> No.19110434

oh, and definitely Urza on support and The Emprah on defense

>> No.19110450


The Emperor's a corpse with minimal mystical powers when compared to some of our other options. Take him off the list completely.

>> No.19110456


What about the various Chaos Gods?

>> No.19110458

On offense, we need someone who can stand up to the gods and supers that the other boards throw at us. While we could try and counter with another super, they'll just pull out another, bigger one. To that end, our Offense must be Old Man Henderson; it matters not to him the power level of who he is fighting, just that they took his wee men.

>> No.19110461

It never said that we need to use them in their CURRENT form (as indicated by some of the other choices)

Therefore we use the emperor when he was at his peak

>> No.19110464

Shame Tzeench won't work as a support. Not in OUR favor anyway.

>> No.19110467

Assume he's in his prime.

>> No.19110477


He's still just a soldier in awesome power armor with some minimal mystical powers. We're going up against GOD here, and then a guy who has guns who can KILL GOD.

Get what I'm saying? We need to bring the cheese up to infinity.

>> No.19110478

>Old Man Henderson probably wouldn't be able to take on God or Q,
I dunno, man. He's pretty tricksy.

>> No.19110485


He permakilled an elder god. He fucking can.

>> No.19110490


A 40k elder god, who are notoriously week to psykers in comparison to the rest of their strengths. Guys, we can find things here that can sunder planets in breaths, quit being such fanboys.

>> No.19110491

I vote Rainbow Dash as support because...

1: She's fast as fuck and probably breaks the sound barrier
2: Everyone will be too busy with killing the pony with unbridled rage and overreaction while someone like Her Serenity or the Emperor waltzes up and makes mincemeat out of everyone.

>> No.19110501

His logic is sound.

>> No.19110504

He was a CoC character, bro. Not 40k.

>> No.19110505

Guys I think /sp/ will win this. They have Ditka AND the 86 Bears.
What the fuck do we have that can stop that?

>> No.19110507

In that case, he's auto-disqualified for not /tg/ related.

>> No.19110511


He's killed a god before, I'm sure he'd do it again.

>> No.19110513


Not /tg/ related and you know it.


Call of Cthulhu, not your silly porn game.

>> No.19110515

>Guys, we can find things here that can sunder planets in breaths, quit being such fanboys.
The muscle wizard can sunder a planet JUST BY FLEXING HIS MUSCLES

And then PunPun, well, he tears down the veil of reality just by thinking about it then proceeds to simultaneously beat EVERY SINGLE ELDER GOD into submission effortlessly until they agree to give him piggy-back rides for the rest of eternity

Yea, PunPun is definitely the best offense we have

>> No.19110517

>Roleplaying game
>not /tg/-related
Man, if you have no idea what you're taking about then why are you talking about it?

>> No.19110520

Another for Boxcar Joe The Magic Hobo.
/tv/ has The Doctor and Q, Boxcar Joe is one of the few characters who can counter those two.

>> No.19110521

Pun-Pun can win DnD.

I think that's worth a mention.

>> No.19110522

Pun-Pun isn't ours, though. He was made by Char-Ops.

>> No.19110524


He means Call of C'thulhu.

Jeez, can't a man get some respect for permanently killing Hastur in his campaign?

>> No.19110529

Bro, none of those character's are those boards' creations either.

>> No.19110530


Yes, I wasn't arguing about them, I was arguing that the Emprah doesn't have what it takes to duke it out with the reset of the roster.


None of the other boards made their characters, why does that even matter?

>> No.19110531

>make image
>4chan doesn't let me upload because too big
Fuck, what do I do guys?

>> No.19110533

Flatten the png

>> No.19110539

Has anyone else mentioned the Lvl 20 Tarrasque wizard?

I feel we should have the Lvl 20 Tarrasque wizard as our support.

>> No.19110540

>He was made by Char-Ops
So? none of the other boards made their characters... they all took them from somewhere else

Besides, hes DnD3.5e, hes at the core of /tg/

>> No.19110543

When Emprah stopped playing around and killed Horus, he destroyed his soul utterly, and then I'd like to mention the huge ass permanent warp storm he conjured up.
Also, seeing as 40k is a huge part of this board, I think he's a very appropriate character for our roster.

>> No.19110544

People. Emrakul on offense. He attacks, the other board is forced to sacrifice 6 permanents, meaning they lose their entire team. Gets around all bullshit powers and "hurr durr nuh-uh" douchebaggery. Doesn't even have to be a successful attack, it just has to attack.

>> No.19110545

So? We can fight with honor even if they don't. Besides, their stuff is from public media and thus common property for this sort of bullshit.

>> No.19110546

>core of /tg/
/tg/ was started because of Warhammer Wednesdays on /b/, bruh.

>> No.19110549

Save it as a Jpg, perhaps?

>> No.19110553

I think it's synonymous that Boxcar Joe be in our roster, he transcends space time because he can, I'm almost positive he was in a Shadowrun game because he was on vacation, plus he has a cou... what about Crazy Hassan. It will be literally impossible for us to lose the other teams will purchase slightly used better than new camels from him and be swayed by his infinite charisma so they'll be unable to even try fighting.

Offense: Old Man Henderson
Defense: Boxcar Joe the Magic Hobo
Support: Crazy Hussan

>> No.19110558


That's not the point of this, though. We're not looking for mascots, we're trying to find the most broken, stupid, cheesiest shit we can find. It's the ultimate "WHO WOULD WIN" with the most hilariously powerful entities in fiction. The Emperor just doesn't make the cut, I'm sorry.

>> No.19110563

I did. I flattened it as flat as it gets. I even reduced it to PNG24 instead of PNG32 and it's still too big. It's at 3.15 megs and I don't know why.

>> No.19110564



>> No.19110569

Use a jpg then.

>> No.19110572

I like the way you think on Offense and Defense, but our Support needs to be some sort of a tactical geniu- CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.19110578


Your image, it reminds me of another image.

>> No.19110579

Offense: Muscle Wizard
>Because punching things WITH MAGIC is the way of /tg/

Defense: Noh
> Nothing can withstand the pure amount of D'awwww

Support: Doomrider
> Do I really need to say more?

>> No.19110585



>> No.19110586

Right-o, we got it taken care of.

>> No.19110589


If I could be arsed I'd dig around the archives for that thread where Crazy Hassan did Creed's job better than Creed.

>> No.19110591

I'm glad this shit finally worked.

>> No.19110594

Offense: Emrakul. Your entire team dies. Twice
Defense: Boxcar Joe the Magic Hobo. If the enemies use their bullshit to be active in the afterlife and come back to kill us, he can take our team there and finish them off.
Support: Pun-Pun. Deal with it.

>> No.19110595


>> No.19110596


You seem to have misspelled Boxcar Joe the Magic Hobo and Crazy Hassan

>> No.19110600

What are you even smoking bro?
/v/ has goddamn Trip on their team.

fucking Trip

>> No.19110602


He's unbeatable. Completely infallible. Can't hurt you much, but you can't move him and he'll keep you right out side of the door. The Emperor just has a fire sword.

>> No.19110604

/tg/ came uo with a Shitton of original characters and this is what we are supposed to roll with? Emperor and Urza Fanwank?

Nope. This thread is now officially shit.

>> No.19110606

Can we agree on this?

>over 9000 hours in paint

>> No.19110609


>Only mastering one type of mana instead of them all.

Man, the kids these days are lazy as shit.

>> No.19110613

The point is to use cheesy powerful characters that represent our board. Something made by another board doesn't represent us, even if it technically falls under the purview of our board topic.

>> No.19110614


No see >>19110553

>> No.19110622

Urza's widely considered a good option to the point that people have stopped arguing about him. But we're still arguing over whether Pun-Pun is a viable choice.

>> No.19110624

Does anyone have links to the threads about this on other boards?

>> No.19110625


We're gonna need more than one thread for this, all the other boards have seemed to agree relatively unanimously over it.

>> No.19110630

You know...why not put Mastermind.jpeg in defense?

There's nothing quite like making Superman Prime (surely the ultimate Paladin) fall and lose his super powers.

I don't have the image anymore, but I'm sure another kind anon has it floating around somewhere.

>> No.19110639

hey guys, I was in the thread for /co/ and /v/'s choices and the OP putting the thing together specifically had two rules:
>popular vote wins
>anyone is allowed, except Pun-pun

>> No.19110641

OK, how about

PunPun on offense (because he was actually was made to kill gods and drink their blood for an afternoon snack, and generally just troll the multiverse)
Boxcar on Defense
Crazy Hussan or Urza on defense (probably Hussan)

>> No.19110642

It looks like we've agreed more or less on Urza, and Old Man Henderson is a popular choice for offense, albeit still contested. We can do this in one thread, no problem.

>> No.19110647

Everyone being from RPGs isn't really proper though, is it? Even if we like our stories it's better to represent things more evenly.

>> No.19110648

Neutrino Golem, Hastur, Canonically invincible being from MTG universe.

>> No.19110649

How the hell is CHIM a person?

>> No.19110651

Silly /tg/, we can use anything!
Because, unlike other boards, the people of /tg/ can make anything /tg/ related.
Jesus? Better betcha someones roleplaying him.
The Doctor? Well I've got a Doctor Who RPG supplement right here!
Anything else, ever? Check out this guys homebrew rules!

>> No.19110658

Urza isn't from an RPG though.
He's from MtG

>> No.19110659

Yeah! Let's make our list God, Superboy Prime, and Yog Sothoth!

>> No.19110663

Are we allowed to take organizations as our representatives? Is there a rule explicitly forbidding it? 'Cause I say unleash Delta Green on these other fucks.

>> No.19110673

you...you have homebrew rules for a One Piece setting?

>> No.19110679


It's not chim it's the pictured deity.

>> No.19110680

well if urza is on support then that gives 2 rpg characters and one TCC character

unfortunately, on the whole scale of things WH40K just isn't powerful enough compared to what we have and what we are going up against (yes I do know how OP WH40K stuff is, but its ONE PERSON that you can choose, not the entire Imperial Guard or Space Marines)

>>anyone is allowed, except Pun-pun
oh, so that's why /lit/ has GOD?!?!??!

>> No.19110681

teams were not allowed for the other boards

>> No.19110686

Look guys, what we some to forget is that we aren't like the other boards. So what if they take ludicrously overpowered characters? That just shows that they lack their own creations. We on the other hand have a shitton of them. Or refluffed Versions of them. Because this is what we can do best: Be creative.

Let's take something we came up with or something with our spin on it.

Offense: Muscle-Wizard, Angry Marines, Kromgol or Henderson

Defense: Flying Tarrasque, Humanity Fuck Yeah, Bob and Gav or Kommisar Rage

Support: Crazy Hassan, Doomrider, Pun-pun or Elder Brain in Disguise

>> No.19110687

yeah, he's not Pun-pun. I don't make the rules.
still, god's not the most powerful guy there.

>> No.19110689


>> No.19110691

Not me personally, but someone out there must!
Or heck, I can whip some up!
Or just use a preexisting system and use the One Piece setting!
Therefore, /tg/ related.

>> No.19110693

Surely we can think of someone more capable of pure damage output than Pun-Pun?
Urza is perfect for support.

>> No.19110695

Offense: Emrakul, The Aeons Torn

Defence: The Unconquered Sun

Support: PunPun

>> No.19110701

Fuck Urza. He's wasn*t made by /tg/.

>> No.19110706

I'd say muscle wizard but I can't vote since I'm with /co/ for this.

>> No.19110707

Offense: Orks
Defense: Orks
Support: wat

>> No.19110714

PunPun has enough strength to sunder the entire universe in two with a simple flick of his wrist

not any god in ANY setting comes even close to being able to do that

>> No.19110720

Except, you know, the one who created it and could unmake it just as easily.
The Judeo-Christian God is SERIOUSLY OP, and it's bullshit that /lit/ can have him at all.

>> No.19110721

Fuck you, he's Urza. The other boards didn't make their shit, and we need a good mastermind/artificer/overall overpowered planeswalker to run support.

Though I am in support of Balloon Tarrasque in either Offense or Defence.

>> No.19110722

The there's auto-removal on offense, invincibility on defence, and infinity in support. Could work.

>> No.19110723

Saw this thread on /v/ earlier.
PunPun is not allowed.
Only outlawed character as far as I'm aware.

>> No.19110724

Support: Mekboyz

>> No.19110728

The other boards didn't make their shit because the other boards don't make shit.
We do, so our champions should be OURS, not on loan from someone else.

>> No.19110729


If /lit/ can have God, we can have Pun Pun.

>> No.19110731

Any chance of a link to the thread?

>> No.19110740

/tg/ has but one choice for offense: A character who always takes the initiative; one who has fought countless battles, and shall fight countless more; a character whose elegance has enraptured scholars for generations.

Gentlemen, I present to you the White King.

>> No.19110741

So, are we good with this?

>> No.19110742

We don't need to wave our dicks around on all three choices.
Might as well take a recognizable character or two.

>> No.19110743

Except 1. God isn't that powerful and 2. We have plenty of other good contenders.

>> No.19110746

>The Judeo-Christian God is SERIOUSLY OP, and it's bullshit that /lit/ can have him at all.
Yea, I guess you are right

Assuming that the creator of the game realizes how much of a retard he was for allowing /lit/ to chose ANY monotheistic god and forces them to repick him then I think our team should be:

Muscle Wizard
Boxcar Joe

All of them are /tg/'s creations, all are masters of the multiverse in their respective systems, and all aren't SUPER UBER ZOMG overpowered like God or PunPun

>> No.19110756

Just because /lit/ chose to be fags doesn't mean we have to.

You do realize that this isn't a real fight and we don't actually have anything of material consequence at stake here, right? We can afford to stand on principle.

>> No.19110757

I say we take crazy hassan, the other teams will be too busy buying camels to see the others swooping in on 'em

>> No.19110761

Oh I'm not advocating us getting PunPun, I'm just bitching that /lit/ was allowed to have something that OP.

>> No.19110763

I'd like to see Muscle Wizard in offense, but I guess Henderson is fine.

>> No.19110771

It looks like it represents as close to an agreement as we'll ever reach.

>> No.19110776

It should be

Henderson on Offense
Boxcar on Defense
Muscle Wizard on Support (sorry, you cant beat 300 level 9 spells per day in terms of support)

>> No.19110785

I find it more hilarious that /lit/ gets Thomas Pynchon for defense.



>> No.19110798

>Offense: Emrecul the Aeons Torn (Alt Ellish Norn)
>Defense: Pun-Pun (Alt: the Omnifiscer)
>Support: The God-Emperor of Mankind (alt: CREEEEED!!!)

>> No.19110802

well, are we trying to WIN or are we trying to share board culture?

i vote we go with /tg/ creations

>> No.19110810

Sharing board culture is winning.

>> No.19110814

Offence: Kharn the Betrayer
Defence: Acererak (and his Tomb of Horrors)
Support: Gary Gygax or Richard Garfield PhD

>> No.19110815

Gork, Mork and Khorne. In that order. The best defence is more offence and the best support is more of that defence.

>> No.19110823

Noh-defense is best defense.

>> No.19110825

Offence: Doom Guy
Defence: Jackie Chan

>> No.19110827

Sorry bro, but it has been trending more towards Urza being out (on account of him being a non-/tg/ creation) an Muscle Wizard in

100% /tg/ creations now, everyone happy?

>> No.19110828

lvl 1 peasant
lvl 1 peasant
and lvl 1 peasant

>> No.19110838

The unconquered sun isn't a /tg/ creation either, though. He's from Exalted. But since it's impossible to beat him at anything, he's our best defense nominee.

>> No.19110841


Our Winners Are Pun-Pun, Henderson, And Creed.

Pretty sure they idealize what our board is about. Banning one specific thing? Pfft, no. Ban something from every board, or nothing.

>> No.19110843

As long as henderson is in, I'm ok. Though CREED! or Drew the Lich or The Empresque should likely go in.

>> No.19110845


Make that Unconquered Sun an Emperasque and we're good.

>> No.19110851

shit, forgot that

never the less, we agreed that Sun should be in our lineup, we wanted more /tg/ made stuff, and that muscle wizard is more powerful then Urza

>> No.19110854

Make muscle wizzard Empresque?

>> No.19110859

If you like.

>> No.19110861

Fuck it, this layout is fine even if the UCS isn't originally by us. Let's show it to the other boards, or whatever it is we plan to do.

>> No.19110872

Muscle Wizard got more votes then Empresque
Sun got FAR more votes then Empresque

And since we all agree that Henderson is offense then unfortunately Empresque cant be included in the lineup

>> No.19110881

I should add, unless we ALL agree that our lineup should be all /tg/

in which case then Empresque would replace sun

>> No.19110890

I would say more /tg/ is always better.

>> No.19110899

My god, people. Let's do purely /tg/ things, to prove for once and for all that /tg/ is best.

Offense: Muscle Wizard
Defense: Emprasque
Support: ...The Multilich. Remember that thread? Each of a skeleton's 206 bones is a demilich. 206 simultaneous Maximized Disintegrates.

>> No.19110906

Do we have an image of the Multilich?

>> No.19110907


Final version?

>> No.19110921


I'd prefer Old Man Henderson for support, but other than that, this gets my vote.

>> No.19110925


Final version. We have the guy who killed Hastur on offence, I'm pretty sure we'll be fine.

>> No.19110932

He got lucky and is still just a squishy human.

>> No.19110935

Just woke up, Why is there no Pun-Pun on there?

And Muscle Wizard only has one Spell Granted, it solves many problems, but casting Fist lacks flexibility, we need someone more like The Emperasque on Support, and put an Invincible Sword Princess on defense... or a Wall of Vapor or something.

>> No.19110937

Now that lineup makes us the only board to enter the contest with only our own creation.

A squishy human with a fucklong backstory that allows him to do anything.

>> No.19110940

He's not on defense, it doesn't matter that he's squishy.

>> No.19110943

Henderson doesn't do support

The choices should be things that the average /tg/er has heard of, and can remember instantly
I can only remember the multilich thread because you mentioned it, and considering that you are the only one who brought it up then I guess it doesn't quite fit what we are looking for

>> No.19110945

Muscle Wizard strikes me as not much of a support character. We could swap him to offense if we had another supporter.

>> No.19110946

why has no one suggested noh on defence...

>> No.19110955

She's not a good defender. Her only strength is moe, and we can't beat /a/ on that.

>> No.19110956

You obviously don't know jack shit about the Abrahamic God. He's literally omnipotent. Not this bullshit "infinite power but can be beaten", he is literally outside all of reality. The ease with which you can just stop thinking about something? It's even easier than that for him to recreate the universe an infinite amount of times over. Saint of Killers? Gone. He does not exist, nor has he ever existed, and there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it. Got someone who is outside reality and is immortal in every way, controlling the very matter of time? Doesn't matter. Gone.

Bitches don't recognize how ridiculous it is to discuss it. God is basically a way to say "nope" to everything. EVERYTHING.

>> No.19110957

>put unconquered Sun in Defense
>Move Emperasque over to support.

>> No.19110962

I did. >>19110823

>> No.19110966

Our best bet is to go for second place.

>> No.19110967

>300+ level 9 spells a day simply by flexing his muscles

There are SHITLOADS of abuse able support spells that the muscle wizard can cast. Remember, support isnt just limited to buffing, you can also slow, polymorph, or generally hinder the opponent and that is still support

>> No.19110969

So, what you're saying is that we need to put "The DM Running This Game" in place of one of our roles?

>> No.19110978

Yeah, so we basically ignore him and call /lit/ cunts for adding him.

>> No.19110980


So....God made sure that Lucifer would fall and cause a load of shit for everybody? Man, God's a dick.

>> No.19110985

Bingo. Let's put him in Support, and move Muscle Wizard to attack.

>> No.19110987

That is the one thing that could beat God in this case, yes.

>> No.19110991

Yeah, Epicurus proved that god is either a dick or not real, millenia ago.

>> No.19110995

Unfortunately yes, but
Is a way we can win, because while God is certainly everything and stuff, if the DM is running the game, and God is just a fictional character within that game, then God is bound by the DM's rules, and the DM becomes the new God.
Omniscient being who transcends time. Not knowing something simple like Lucifer being prideful is silly. Same as the story of the Garden of Eden. He knew.
Might've been his way to give us stuff like booze and bacon without seeming like a hypocrite for forbidding it, I suppose?

>> No.19110997

Sure you can. Heaps of settings have the Abrihamic God being second teir or below.

>> No.19111003

We just let Hitches have at that god of yours. i bet the last man standing will ask for drink and a cigar.

>> No.19111008

>no MTG
>three offensive paragons
Y'all silly bitches. I'm out.
Shoehorning /tg/ OC into slots they don't really fit kinda ruins the idea behind three distinct roles.

>> No.19111011

Well yes, but within those settings, the Abrahamic God is not the same as the one outlined in modern day religion. They're fundamentally different, in that in the settings, He's not, y'know, God.

That argumentation was a false dichotomy, though, but yeah.

>> No.19111016

But /lit/ is using the Abrihamic God from the Bible. He is second to none there. It doesn't matter if Character A is more powerful than the Abrihamic God in character A's setting.

>> No.19111017

Yes, we could do this, but
1 - We are stooping to their level if we include anything that is capable of DeusExMachina like abilities

We are the ONLY board on the list who's lineup was created entirely on that board, lets keep it that way

>> No.19111018

Best Support ever.

Sounds good.
But then we have to kick Emps since he is beyond the power of any GM.

We should make Henderson shooting a priest our first move, to prove god to be not omnipotent.
Bam! Victory through atheism.

>> No.19111025

/tg/ has created plenty of DMs.

>> No.19111026

THAT GM is a /tg/ creation.

>> No.19111036

Emperasque is not offensive. He's offensively potent but he's even more defensively powerful.

>> No.19111037

We could use Awake as our DM? That'd scare the living shit out of me, at least.

God usually doesn't really care about individual humans unless they do something important.

>> No.19111038

Oh god, this is abominable. Let's do it. But we need an image for the slot.

>> No.19111047

Scratch Awake off the potential DM list, we go with >>19111026

Suddenly, Superman Prime is a 12-year old loli catgirl who has yaoi sex with Q that is so passionate, it makes God weep in joy.

>> No.19111054

THAT GM, who is running this game. It can't just be THAT GM.

>> No.19111060

Since we are all bitching about how the Abrahamic god is overpowered and /lit/ shouldn't have been able to pick it in the first place

>> No.19111062

So what? God does not care about this contest by definition.
We simply declare their version of faith invalid and replace it with a new edition.

>> No.19111073

Fair enough

>> No.19111097

If you can't use Pun-Pun just use 'Sarrukh Wizard 1 with Viper Familiar', no?

>> No.19111099

Omnipotent + 1. It's always possible to create a character more powerful in a new setting. Have him be explicitely be more then all powerful, in that other all powerful characters are unable to effect him. Because where we're going you don't need logic.

>> No.19111107

Ok, since there is a lot of support for moving muscle wizard to attack and putting "that GM" into the support role:

Obviously that GM is a flaceless person, so the image will just be text

Should it be something like:
THAT DM, who is running the competition

sound alright?

>> No.19111117

We could just use the Original DM.

>> No.19111122

There is a reason Muslims say "God is greater".
Whatever you can think of. Greater.
Even things you can't think of. Greater.
Got someone who is explicitly greater than God?
God is greater.

God is even greater than himself, by definition.
God is a paradox, which is what makes Him so incredibly silly to bring into these fights. It's like a child going "No! I have infinity infinities! I win!"
And even if you say you have infinity infinities plus one, the first one will say he has an infinite amount of infinities more.

>> No.19111126

They have him on their team so it is implied that he cares enough to involve himself. Maybe he just involves himself like he did in the Old Testament instead of personally getting involved though?

>> No.19111132

Well, then we better retcon that passage out.
Abrahamic Religion 3.0 is so last millennium.
AR 4.1 is the new shit.
Catch my drift?
Hell, most people play 2.0 or 2.5.

>> No.19111134

does this work?

>> No.19111137

The Old testament is him playing the Sims. If he wanted, he could just remake the game to make shit happen how he wants it, or hell, even make a brand new type of computer to play on, but he preferred to play by the rules. Here, it's probably no-holds-barred. Which means it's over before it began.

>> No.19111141

>forgot image

>> No.19111145

Actually, the whole "omnipotence beyond omnipotence" is in 1.x and 2.x too, 3.x just actively uses it in its crunch instead of restraining it to its fluff.

>> No.19111153

We are only going with OC, right?

>> No.19111156


Which addition was it that they nerfed his aggressive tendencies again? I'm pretty sure it's the one where he suddenly turns into three people, but I'm not sure.

>> No.19111162

God plays by a set of rules. He wrote the rules, but he plays by them. If we figure that he is playing by his set of rules here, even if that means maybe losing, then we have a chance.

>> No.19111163

Well, Doublegod is even greater. His entier defining characteristic is to be twice as good as God at everything, except opressing people.

Yeah, it is the childish thing. But surely that invalidates the basis of God as much if not more then Doublegod. Who's to say that their God is any more valid then Doublegod? Doublegod has opressed far less people, and far less people have been oppressed in his name.

>> No.19111166

We better have fucking Elminster on D.

That motherfucker has more contingencies than ANYONE.

>> No.19111168

If /lit/ choose to be faggot we can simply put "the DM" on support.
My choice:
Offense: Emprasque
Defense: Khaine
Support: The DM

>> No.19111170

>> No.19111171

Well, it's not in our homebrew.

Don't we have a pic of a DM of our own?

>> No.19111178

Not henderson? I think we're getting worse. Henderson is more/less the only one that everyone's agreed on.

>> No.19111180

THAT GM plays by a set of rules. He wrote the rules, and he freely changes those rules whenever they become a hindrance to his plot. He will not willingly loose, ever.

>> No.19111181

Might want to flip Gary's portrait across the y-axis.

>> No.19111185

and put him behind a GM screen

>> No.19111186

That is exactly why I said that he is the only way we can beat /lit/ earlier in the thread.

>> No.19111191

God is still better.
That's the entire point, he can just unmake Doublegod, the concept of Doublegod and everything Doublegod has ever done.
Just like that.
I'm telling you, it's bullshit, which is why /lit/'s retarded for even bringing it up.

>> No.19111194

Yep. Only way we can beat /lit/ is if the DM runs the game.

>> No.19111195

Looks good to me.

>> No.19111198

Well, if we want to stick with original characters then I say dont go with that GM/DM and stick with this one (that gm/dm isnt strictly a definable character, and only the name is OC to /tg/)

If we want to be childish then we use this one

just remember though, we are the ONLY board that is using characters that were made here, we should keep it that way; also, /lit/ is the only board who chose an omnipotent character, so they probably wont be able to keep God as one of their choices anyway...

my vote is for this version

>> No.19111199

Nuh uh!

>> No.19111203

Good idea.

Stop the fanwank.

>> No.19111205

We could use this image... even just the first frame from this .gif would make a good "that GM" pic.

>> No.19111207

This is the one we should go with.

>> No.19111213

Or we go the whole nine yards and put the entire .gif in.

>> No.19111217

Pun-Pun on the off, Tarrasque on the D and Elminster on support
let the heavens tremble

>> No.19111224

Offense: Old Man Henderson
Defense: Emprahsque
Support: That DM/ Pun-Pun

>> No.19111226


Seeing as Pun-Pun got banned, scratch him. Otherwise I think we're good.

>> No.19111231

Anyone got photoshopping skills to make a good THAT DM picture?

>> No.19111232

Wait, why are we using fan content characters?

>> No.19111237

Because we're that good.
Because we make our own gods and they are much cooler than anyone else's.

>> No.19111245

Nope, that's dumb as shit. It's pretty clearly intended to be established properties. I like storytimes and /tg/ characters as much as anyone but this is fucking retarded.

Just take a big shot from MtG, D&D and 40k. Those are the biggest games on the board.

>> No.19111250

This with Henderson in support and Muscle Wiz in offence.

>> No.19111258

"THAT DM, who is running the competition" is meta as fuck, so it fit quite much /tg/.

>> No.19111269

Read the thread, we basically agreed that we should use /tg/ created characters as we realized that it was MORE then as mere competition, it was a inter-board cultural exchange

Also, it was because we have HONOR (no, not that 'honor', or our 'other' 'honor', but REAL honor)

Of course, it kind of broke down a bit when we decided to include THAT DM as our support, but it still stands

>> No.19111276

/tg/ putting it's own characters has zero relevance to anyone else.
It only takes a little research on anyone elses part to see what already established character are capable of. They'd have to scroll through all kinds of bullshit and old threads to even get an idea of what the /tg/ characters are.
My vote is on God Emperor for offense, Gary Gygax/The DM on defense, and Urza on support.

>> No.19111291

I'm not agreeing, so you can't have "agreed". That's really really dumb.

>> No.19111294

Yeah, THAT DM is not exactly a defined person but a concept.
On the other hand, so is god.
Anyway. But he's meta as fuck and thus represents how we think.

They wouldn't know established chars either.
I know none of the chars from the other boards.
Except /lit/.

>> No.19111301


It doesn't take long to search for who those two guys are.

>> No.19111313

>disputes "They'd have to scroll through all kinds of bullshit and old threads to even get an idea of what the /tg/ characters are."
>links to bullshit and old threads

>> No.19111320

Kamina Mc rape person.(Pic)

>> No.19111345

The Emperor is weak as fuck, stop being fanboys

>> No.19111433

offense: Kharn
defense: Emrakul the Aeons Torn

>> No.19113462

False Prophet on offense, when he dies everyone stops existing.

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