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Just bought my first space marines. But which chapter should I paint them as. I'm having a hard time choosing between the blood angels, salamanders, and dark angels. So far I'm leaning toward the sons of Sanguinus.

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bump for the emperor

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Going with DA is bad idea right now, they are outdated right now and should be getting new book late 2012 (along with new models and greatly changed rules).

BA are solid choice. Recent book, solid rules, nice models, variability.

Salamanders are cool chaps in lore (especially for black guys), but don't have their own book, they are just "Ultrasmurfs that can get one special rule if you field Vulcan".

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Blood Angels RIP AND TEAR.

Salamanders are generally though of as the nice guys of the Mehreens.

Dark Angels are all traitors.

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This chapter.


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Is there any one you particularly like the fluff of?

Lamenters and Blood Angels are my favorite chapters, but because I change my mind a lot my army is a hodgepodge force. What I eventually decided to do was make a sternguard squad for Deathwatch with a Blood Angel, Raven Guard, Dark Angel, Black Templar, and Salamander, and an Imperial Fist dreadnought.

Blood Angels is the "best" codex and if you plan on apocalypse there's a formation that makes Land Raiders Fast.

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Be real man of Terra (your homeworld) and paint them to be Imperial Fists. Then watch how how much time you will spend admiring awesome sauce.

Pic related: If it doesn't look like this... your probably still doing it right but not perfect.

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so how many chapters have their own codex?

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Oh hai.

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Iron warriors you say?

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I think we have a winner, but good luck masking all that off

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>not having 3000 points worth of Emprah's Nightmares

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You mad after the Iron Cage where it was proven that Dorn is a psychotic fuckwit who can't into siegecraft?

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The models are fucking official and made of resin, why haven't you bought 20?

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I like them too, what do they specialize in in anything?

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Personally, I favor the Salamanders. Admittedly I'm a little biased, but...well, let me break down who the Salamanders are for you.

First off, the Salamanders are just about the most independent chapter in the Astartes. But not in the same way as the Ultras and their little empire. See, when a Salamander needs something done, he doesn't send a thrall or a servitor to do it; he gets off his emerald-armored ass and does it himself. Alone among the Astartes, the chapter builds all its own weapons and armor. In fact, they mine the damn metals and rare minerals needed for their weapons out of their own planet and then use them to build their own gear, then sell the rest to the Mechanicus for the one or two things they actually can't build themselves, and presumably to pay tuition for the shit-ton of guys they send off to Mars for techmarine training.

Secondly, the 'Manders are the most bro-tier of all Space Marine chapters. They come from a volcanic planet, a place of trial and hardship, where for millenia the closest thing to a ruling government was the odd band of Eldar pirates dicking with the populace for sport. They know what it is to be weak and scared and to have your back put against a wall by something immensely more powerful than you are. So they do their best to ensure that any citizen of the Imperium they come across finds that the wall behind them is eight feet of green ceramite aiming a bolter into the darkness. On multiple occasions they have volunteered for the most dangerous and inglorious of duties; clearing enemy reserve bases near population centers, escorting refugee caravans, and the like. Why? Because it needed doing, and damned if their vainglorious brothers in the Blood Angels or Ultramarines were going to do it.

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You got a problem with the Screaming Eagles boy? You some sort of commie? That's worse than being a heretic.

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They have a pretty awesome Apoc formation that gives them a void grenade.Other than that...they're the only chapter allowed to recruit from Terra.

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They're yellow. That's their fucking specialty.

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O hai

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Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Black Templars and Space Wolves each have their own book (plus Grey Knights do, but they are not literally a chapter).
Then there is one book for "other loyalists" with Ultramarines being their flagship ( the others are White Scars, Raven Guard, Iron Hands and Salamanders).
Then one book for all Chaos Space Marines, with Black Legion being most prominent one.

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Third, and related to point the first, the Salamanders do shit their own way. They don't hold with fast vehicles like warbikes or land speeders. In fact, they don't hold with being fast in general. No, they take things slow. When they go into battle, they're like blacksmiths working the imperfections out of a blade; one step at a time, applying just the right amount of force right where it needs to go. Side note, their way of doing things usually involves fire. Like, a shit-ton of it. Where other chapters hand out flamers and meltas at the company level, it's a poor squad of Salamanders indeed that hasn't got at least one or the other.

Finally, the Salamanders are just plain badass. I mean, I could probably have just skipped all this and said they're a chapter of blacksmiths from a volcanic planet who hunt fire-breathing dragons across rivers of lava for kicks, and that would've been all that needs to be said about them. So yeah, that's significant as well.

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"The Grey Knights are a Space Marines Chapter and the Chamber Militant for the Ordo Malleus. The Chapter specialises in the hunting and extermination of Chaos daemons."

Or so the Lexicanum says.

Also, I felt the Chaos Marine codex is very Chaos undivided feeling. They have champions and cult marines for each god, and from most of the initial traitor legions.

The vanilla marine codex on the other hand is practically Codex: Ultramarines.

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Also, these guys. They still have a few hanging around in the armory.

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It's okay chaos troll. Lysander has been more then making up for that one defeat by destroying fortress after fortress of iron warriors.

U mad when an entire garrison couldn't defeat an unarmoured Lysander?

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Is it ever adequately explained why the Salamanders haven't replenished their numbers enough to create new chapters in the 10000 years since the heresy?

Yeah yeah I know about how the Storm Giants and Black Dragons are hinted at being their successors... but seriously why cant they get their shit together?

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Siege Warfare, do you need to be told. And if your taking game wise Lysander and his s10 ap1 - 1 to roll against armour, hammer. With eternal warrior +2 armour +3 invul fucker is an army by himself.

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space sharks or mantis warriors imo

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Fucked if I know. Maybe after the Black Dragons and whatever they just got put off the idea. Of course they also keep volunteering for the grunt duties on Armageddon, so maybe that just keeps dropping their numbers.

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>lose the defense of Terra
>losing most of your legion and being rescued by Ultramarines at the Iron Cage
>lose your Primarch
>have a codex limit on your strength
>lose your 3rd Company at Hydra Corditus
>brag about one hero
Stay classy, loyalist scum

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Could be worse. They could have lost their entire first company and most of a titan legion to some bugs.

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Imperial Fists are a strange case of the fluff glorifying the heroics of their successors more than themselves.

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Cuz the parent chapter just won't stop fucking up.

Though admittedly it's hard to top the Lamenters and their whole, "cursed but unyielding," angle.

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Lose defense of Terra? The imperial fists pretty much stopped and routed 4 legions by themselves.

After the iron cage the imperial fists spent the last 10,000 years... the next 10,000 years, destroying your legions fortresses.

Black templars come from imperial fists so you could technically add their achievements to their own.

>Brag about one battle and then bullshit

Stay on the losing side heretic.

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I like the Iron Warriors...but the fists have got you there man.

Iron Warriors are one of the worst cases of a Chaos Legion sitting on their arses doing FUCKING NOTHING.

The Night Lords have always been active and fragmented, trying to find their own path of life in exile. The Alpha Legion have been quietly seeing to their own background machinations and schemes all right under the noses of the Imperium. The Word bearers have been at the forefront of spreading heretical doctrine to the Imperium. The Black Legion have been the prime motivators of all out war against the Imperium (even if they're not very good at it). The god aligned legions all have the excuse of basically being driven completely mad in their servitude to the chaos gods.

Iron Warriors? They're literally described as just 'fortifying' their planet. One of the coolest chaos legions got left with perhaps the lamest fate post-heresy.

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cough...Honsou's attack on Ultramar...cough.
True, IWs don't get a lot of coverage from Black Library, which is sad.

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In the 40k universe you have Guardsmen dig fucking trenches, build bunkers out of concrete and shit, and they just rock out some earthshaker mortars and shit. I mean hell, in one of the Gaunt books they were helping out some fuckers who'd been fighting the SAME CULTISTS for the SAME 300 YARDS for like 10 Years.

That's concrete and shovels. Imagine having a legion of 10 thousand men, enduring backbreaking labor, with damn near all of them being roughly equivalent to a baccalaureate-doctorate in mechanical engineering (I'd guess after about a thousand years building em, ya get pretty good.) for Ten. Thousand. Years.

Yeah, the Iron warriors don't need to fucking go anywhere, because eventually, everyone else is gonna get fucked up. And then they're gonna come after the IW's. And that's not going to be pretty.

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>Lose defense of Terra? The imperial fists pretty much stopped and routed 4 legions by themselves.
Uh... Hate to break it to you, but the Iron Warrior successfully breached and toppled the Imperial Fist's precious little Imperial Palace. The the IFs were assisted in their defense by the "Totally Not Based Off The Mongol Hordes"-Marines, and "Twilight Marines".

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>Iron Warriors? They're literally described as just 'fortifying' their planet. One of the coolest chaos legions got left with perhaps the lamest fate post-heresy.

They did set up a colossal Troll-Fortress to bait the Imperial Fists, and slaughter them by the hundreds with barely a casualty to themselves. It took the Ultramarines and Girley-Man to come in, and drag Dorn out kicking and screaming from the death-trap. In the end, they locked him in his tower of solitude for a few hundred years so he could recover. And that's saying nothing of the events leading up to the Eye of Terror Campaign... But that's all been retconned away now, so the sacrifice of 1/3rd of the stored Gene-Seeds probably means nothing now (events from Storm of Iron).

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But it is stated in fluff that the Imperial fists were the primary means of defense and bore the brunt of the battle. And once again, i have reiterate this correction, the imperial palace never fell if it did there wouldn't have been a battle on horus's ship and he wouldn't have been killed. And then you wouldn't have been driven from the brink of victory to total defeat.

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If your gonna make shit up then... go fuck yourself perhaps? It was not retconned, the palace never fell, and IW spent over 9000 years getting their asses kicked.

Can't deal with it too bad not my problem.

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No, the Imperial Palace's defenses fell to the Iron Warriors. Perturabo swore that he could tear down anything that Rogal Dorn built, and he did. Granted though, the walls were breached while the Emperor and Horus dueled (unless they retconned it all, which would not be surprising given that GW loves to have their loyalist-stues 'NEVER LOSE'). But per the fluff as it was, the Iron Warriors breached the defenses, the Blood Angels bore the brunt of the invading assault, and the White Scars rode out of the gates to meet the remainder of the invading chaos legions in the field. There's even a giant fucking diorama of the whole event, with a chaos titan and imperial titan squaring off (build before the days of Forge World).

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>They did set up a colossal Troll-Fortress to bait the Imperial Fists

I said AFTER the heresy

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I hope IWs get a special character in the new Chaos Codex.

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>IW spent over 9000 years getting their asses kicked.

Yeah no. Read the Index Astartes articles on the Imperial Fists and the Iron Warriors. The Iron Warriors setup the ultimate troll.

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Storm of Iron book is best Chaos Marines book!

Honsou Warsmith is best Warsmith!

We totally need our bionic arms back in the next codex.

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That WAS after the heresy, you fucking idiot! That colossal Imperial-Fist kill-zone was the event that raised Perturabo to Daemon Prince status!

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>this thread
>everyone points out that since the whole trap fortress incident the IW have done jack shit
>everyone attempts to rebutt this by citing the IW's laying that trap as an example of their achievements


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>this thread
>loyalist-fuckheads argue that since the heresy the IW have done jack shit

Fixed that for you.

I also love how one of the least popular chaos legions is immediately assumed to have done fuck-all since the Heresy by the loyalist-fags. Yet they quickly jump on the bandwagon about a shattered legion like Raven Guard being very active when they were even less developed, and actually did fuck-all.

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Well sure, but it only happened pretty much immediately after the Heresy had finished.

since then the IW have done nothing but jack each other off.

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Storm of Iron - IW kick the shit outta one of the few fortress worlds that are allowed to hold geneseed

Possibly involved with the creation of the Obliterator virus

Creators of the Deamonculaba, which create new chaos space marines

>>>yup, looks like the IW sure aren't doing shit since the Iron Cage

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>least popular
>Iron Warriors

What the fuck? IW are one of the most beloved legions on /tg/. Don't try and play a phony underdog card.

If anything you should be pissed because one of the most awesome Chaos Legions never gets to do a fucking thing because GW cant stop ejaculating over Huron and Abaddon.

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Yeah, if by "immediately" you actually mean "an unspecificied amount of time". Nowhere in that story does it say "The IW then immediately left terra and decided to go to 'planet nowhere' immediately, and set up a trap while the Imperial Fists were right on their tail". The 'trap' was not an 'immediately after' event. It wasn't recent by any means (considering the primarchs were still active), but it certainly wasn't 'immediately after' the Horus' defeat.

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Do you not read?
>ONE OF the least popular

Despite /tg/'s raging hard-on for all chapters of muhreenz, and some legions of chaos, the IW only got a *very limited* spotlight during the 3.5 codex... And even then, they still weren't as popular as the "big 4". World Eaters, Thousand Sons, and Death Guard have typically been the most popular Chaos Legions, followed closely by Black Legion's 'bland-ness', and Emperor's Children.

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Idiotic bickering between the two nerds who take the fluff-cannon too seriously, Iron Warriors are a pretty boss Legion. And hazard stripes are awesome.

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>this thread
Sons, I'm proud

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All I see is (typical) idiotic bickering between spess mehreen fanboys. Seriously.... go back to bolter and gay-sword, you power-plot-armor fagball loving cunts.

>> No.19109825

You're also a raging muhreen faggot. You self-righteous marine-fucktards should do the world a favor, swallow 200 feet of barb-wire, and FLOSS YOURSELF TO DEATH!

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>>Black Legion's 'bland-ness',
Wow. Just how severe does someone's brain cancer have to be to put the _Black_Legion over the Iron Warriors?
That's some shameful shit, GW.
The EC aren't _great_, but at least they're the Token Slaaneshi Traitor Chapter.

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-3/10, I laughed pretty good at FLOSS YOURSELF TO DEATH!

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dunno, it seems to me that the most discussed and loved legions are precisely the 4 "secondary" ones.

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do the right thing run blood angels

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