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OK, /tg/ so your current character(s) are being hunted down by one of these groups. They must fight, run from or hide from, or negotiate with them all. They only have the rest of your party for potential backup. Which do you think you could handle from most likely to least likely. How would you go about it?
> The entire blood and crip nations, also the gangster disciples
> The entire latin kings, MS-13's, and mexican mafia.
> Every single islamic militant on earth
> Whole entirety of the Italian, Irish, Russian, and Israeli mafias and Australian organized crooks. British gangsters and yardies
> Every last skinhead, Neo-Nazi, Aryan nation, etc.
> The entire Yakuza worldwide
> Every last triad and tong.
> Entire Indian mafia
> All Brazilian militias and Columbian FARC
> All Sierra leone RUF, Somali pirates, Tuareg rebels from Azwad.

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I choose the Africans. They have no influence here and would just have to fight the cops if they came.

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Half-elf bard with +45 to diplomacy.

I think he could talk his way out of most of those situations.

Unless of course he failed one roll, then he's fish food (built completely towards diplomacy, so he sucks at combat)

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>Magical girl who is more worried about killing bystanders by accident than any danger they might pose to her
I think that these enemies are a bit low-powered compared to most sorts of PCs, OP.

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My that guy senses are tingling

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>A Serbian War Criminal IN SPAAAAAAAACE

I will hide in Space Bosnia. All of these are equally easy to avoid, because none of them speak the language or have influence in the hideous depths of the space-Balkans.

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We're playing Magical Burst, bro. It's expected of the system. Also my randomly rolled wish is "I wish everyone I killed were alive again" so it makes sense that I'd want to avoid wholesale slaughter.

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It's all strength in numbers. The biggest issue is finding the group you would be able to reconcile with the best, since your odds of fighting those insane quantities are usually pretty low.

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I am Ging the FO. To Space Bosnia. Spaceajevo is pretty great this time of year. Or maybe to Starbotica? Voidvodina has its charms.

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Send them all. The More Zombie bodyguards/laborers the merrier.

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The Africans easily. Disorganized pants-on-head retards that stick out like a sore thumb. Easy to avoid, easy to fight. For my location by far the worst is the Latin Kings. Those fuckers are everywhere out here.

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I have an attack which damages all enemies present, which can be used once per scene. Mortals have no HP-analogue and are always killed in one hit in this system. Seriously, nobody who isn't magic can even stand a chance.

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It's your PC, kiddo, not your actual self

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I said character(s), my good sir

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He's a rogue psyker so he'd get the Africans on his team with real fucking magic, they love that shit. I'd like to see the rest of the fags on that list get to him when every militant on the continent has his back.

Infact he'd probably get a chaos cult set up and try to take over the world. Fuck the rest of the party, they'll just get in the way or out right backstab him.

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Dude, that is so metal.

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I'm just gonna go with the fact that my character is an ten year old girl and hope they're not cruel enough to hurt a child.

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Well, we're a Rogue Trader crew, and all of those problems can be solved with orbital bombardment.

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Well I play D&D so none of them are a threat to me. I'll wade through all of them at once and be done in time for tea and crumpets.

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My last party consisted of 5 Grey Knights, 2 assassins, and an Inquisitor.

Do I have to hunt them down myself, or will I have to wait on them to come to me instead?

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Well considering my character has worked for all of the mafias listed I think I'll choose them. He has the trust and respect of the higher ups so he can just talk his way out of it. But if things go wrong the party is pretty much the A-team so we could handle it.

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Wait, are they transported into setting I last played, or my character is pulle into our world with big "Kick Me" sign on his back?

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Well, I hope the british gangsters would enjoy the sob stories from a changeling

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Your character is pulled into our world

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Of all the missions to not bring extra ammo to...maybe the inquisitor can cut a deal with the local AdMech branch called...Smith and Weston...strange name for techpriests, but maybe they can get us more bolter rounds.

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>implying all Africans would be on his side
He would be able to establish a large warband, but there would still be plenty of Africans that would see him as an enemy and strive to kill him. They do believe that the magic of their enemies is as real as their own, you know. Although your psyker would obviously be perceived as a powerful wizard, he would not be considered undefeatable because of it.

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They'll join him or die.

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Unknown territory, strange people speaking unknown language, magic, probably, doesnt work too, all those knowledge ranks dont do didley in this situation and contract overseer for my battle-form left in another world. He's royally bonked even without crowd of angry dudes wishing him dead.

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Jeod Longshanks, Cleric of Fharlanghan will show them the way. Either to Salvation or Hell, never one to strike first, his full plate Adamantium will shed off most attacks, and his party will ride with him into battle.

The world is fucked, but it'll be awesome to watch it happen.

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Only if he's got Death Star.

Has he got Death Star?

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My godly guitar solo will show the islamists.

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Sadly no, unless he could get one by opening a warp portal.

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Shit son, they have how many members? 50.000-100.000? Literally kills someone for looking at them wrong? I stay the fuck away from the americas.

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My current character can fly at mach 72, lift 400 tons, survive nuclear blasts to the face (Depending on yield, she can either be unfazed, or unconscious), can fire energy beams capable of damaging bank vaults, can generate a variety of effects, including an armor-piercing blade of force, a blade of plasma, a wall of energy, manipulate things at long distances with incredible power, a personal force field, can see in most spectrums of light, and she's a robot with all the defenses that entails.

Bring them all on, she's going to bring them all to justice, preferably with words, she doesn't want to get violent.

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Your naiveté is adorable

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Arbitrator with full carapace, and a knack for turning hordes of enemies into sploot with his combat shotgun. Also, a metal hand with a hidden knife installed, and a shocky bit. I think he can handle all them scrubs.

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Oh god, I'm in a level 1 party.

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rolled 2 = 2

Bitch, I'm the Dungeon Master! It doesn't MATTER which pissant gang of NPC criminals tries to step! I'll obliterate them through sheer force of PLOT!

Although, I suppose if you wanna get technical.
>low-level human barbarian, fairly vanilla, but has points in survival and took the track feat at first level.
I'd probably try to lure them into the wilderness, then take them out in onesies and twosies Rambo-style.

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>All Sierra leone RUF, Somali pirates, Tuareg rebels from Azwad.
>Somali pirates

Bring it on: I play a sniper.

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It looks like I rolled cholos for my preferred enemy. They shall fall like wheat before my blade.

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We are talking about hundreds of thousands of criminals. You'll run out of ammunition, proteins, fat, carbohydrates and fate points long before they are all dead.

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My character already took down a mafia made entirely of demons. All these mortal groups would just be light practice for his next adventure in fisticuffs.

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>900 year-old, 4th Generation vampire who fought beside Richard the Lionheart

They can all have a go. The Sabbat have been trying to kill this guy since the mid-1400’s and over the course of six campaigns, and they’ve used the equivalent organizations of each time period in many of the attempts. He will clasp his hands together and pray to God Almighty that the most competent and worthy of them come after him. Killing the Islamists would be pretty dope in account of the nostalgia factor.

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Me gusta que este hilo se va

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Well seeing as how my RT character is pretty much the Punisher I think he'll be good. I don't think any of these guys are prepared for a belt feed heavy bolter goodness. Failing that I have two gun locker servitors so I'll find something to do the job

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>DF focused practicioner

Basically this guy without the autism,bring it on criminal scum.


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Rock'n roll

>> No.19103998

We got Death Star.

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I'm GMing deathwatch, this should not be a problem to even take on all of them.

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I have what's basically an arachnomancer. The real question here is, which of these groups fears spiders the most?

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D&D shadowcaster/ monk dark creature template Drow.i have a hide of +50 and move silently of +30. i can hide from scent, tremor sense, blindsight, and blind sense. and i have a ring of non detection and thought shielding. i can hide. oh gods i can hide

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It begins....

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I'm playing 7th Sea. Assuming the groups were limited to the tech present in the game, or our characters were allowed modern technology, the average gangbanger would be a Threat Level 1 or 2 Brute.

That is to say, entire groups of these guys would be the faceless, nameless mooks that swashbuckling heroes cut down by the dozens.

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I'm a jewish jedi, come at me Nazis.

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PC is a former Gangbanger turned Vampire with ties to pretty much every single Latino and Black gang in his home city and some pull with the Italians due to to some very high risk coke deals .
Even if he can't convince them to help him he could at least get them to look the other way and give him some weapons . The bastards optimized for combat so no worries there and his best friend and fellow PC has a knack for bringing politicians to her point of view so theres that .
Also MS-13 , Latin Kings , and the Gangsters discplines have a kill on sight policy on Skinheads .

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Me gusta a donde este hilo va, putos!

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>> Every single islamic militant on earth
I played an Islamic militant space marine. And I played him to past the final Rank in Deathwatch.

I'd fucking LOVE to see what happens when these two forces collide.

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Arch-Militant in Lathe Forged Heavy Power Armour with Ballistic Cloth Surcoat and Impact Gel Cells, using a Power Longsword with Stormfield and a Best Hellgun linked to his armours power supply, that is looted from a space marine...

I think i got this...

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The characters in my party are getting ready to go toe to toe with Orcus, Demon Prince of the Undead in two or three sessions.

I wouldn't be worried

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>A lvl 2 summoner with a water-focused Eidolon

I choose the Blood / Crip Gangsters. Everyone knows negros cannot swim.

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>supervillain with a god complex
>damn good shot, can blind and injure people with solar blasts and fry anyone who dares close into melee range

He's kicked the shit out of an alien garrison force so far and can melt holes in a tank. Bring it on.

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